The petro Caribe buck will also be used to construct the much needed Forensics lab that seeks to better the conviction rate and over 35 million dollars will be invested in Phase 2 of the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project. The PM believes that by creating more jobs and reducing the poverty line, crime will dwindle.

“Start now, of the 30 million U.S. Cabei loan. As has been detailed, the monies will assist the police, the BDF and the Coast Guard. The improvement in forensic capability that is part of the deal, should, together with improved policing, lead to a better crime solving and conviction rate. The community outreach of the police especially on south side of Belize City will combine with a second serge in hope and improved living and job conditions that the commencement now of south side poverty alleviation phase II represents. Under that program a total of 37 million dollars is being spent on south side constituencies, the money funds improve streets and drains.”

With all of this, the Prime Minister said, the arguments of those who suggest Belize is on the brink of collapse are shown to hold no water.