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Today's Belize News: September 27, 2015 #507820
09/27/15 05:29 AM
09/27/15 05:29 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: What are the plans for the upcoming tourism season?
Dear Editor: Well, Belize it or not, another tourist season just around the corner. I know that to many it certainly doesn’t feel like it but September is almost gone and October will fly by and it will be back to business as usual here on the island. We are all excited that Southwest Airlines will be starting flights to Belize as early as Oct. 15th! The question that remains is what changes will we see based on last season’s tourist complaints? Anything? Or are we living like the turtles, burying our heads in the sand in hopes the issues will be gone and no-one will bring them up again. Talking about it NOW makes it a PRO-active situation and not a RE-active one that is often too late. 1) The Sargasso is everywhere, have we learned anything from our neighboring countries and how to contain it? We all drive around with bandannas over our faces or holding our noses but what in reality can be done? Mexico is working very hard to keep their beaches clean AND building new beaches or extending existing ones by using sand to fill over the nasty smelly stuff. Are we?

Belize participates in 2nd Annual Bart’s Bash International Regatta
After an excellent performance in the 2014 Annual Bart’s Bash International Regatta, Belize had its sailing reputation to defend! And on Sunday, September 20th at 9:30AM, 26 sailing vessels manned and crewed by Belizeans were at the line when the horn sounded the start of 2015 Bart’s Bash Belize in the waters off Caribbean Villas Hotel in San Pedro. The day saw superb sailing action, even in the unfavorable weather conditions. First launched in 2014, Bart’s Bash Regatta is a legitimate international sailing race for sailors from all over the world and in every kind of sailboat. On a designated date, sailors take to their home waters and sail courses that have been designed via computer program at the hands of the Bart’s Bash Committee. The Guinness Book of World Records recorded last year’s inaugural Bart’s Bash as the largest sailboat race in history. Created to commemorate a champion sailor and philanthropist, Andrew “Bart” Simpson and to support the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, Bart’s Bash is a unique sailing regatta that unites sailors from all over the world. Bart lost his life at age 37, practicing aboard Sweden’s 72-foot America’s Cup catamaran that cartwheeled in preliminaries on San Francisco Bay, California on May 8, 2013.

Letter to the Editor: Ambergris Caye to into a living nightmare
Dear Editor: Fulfilling a five year goal of living the dream on Ambergris Caye, turned into living a nightmare! Your tourist numbers are declining and will continue to decline. Assuming you arrive at your San Pedro destination safely in any of your disgustingly dirty unsafe taxies will no doubt suffer upper respiratory sickness from the unbearable Sargasso on your already minimal beaches. I am leaving San Pedro and will not recommend this as a vacation destination to any of my travel friends. Your taxi drivers have run me off the road several times during my stay here. I have also been physically injured by a four inch protruding broken arm rest while entering a taxi at night.

Project Director Mastry explains why Sunset Boardwalk is not functional yet
Since the completion of the project, the facility has been underused, with no indication when it will be fully operational as originally intended. However, the reasons as to why the infrastructure has not been put to proper use for almost two years now may finally give people a better understanding of what is really happening. According to Christy Mastry, Projector Director at Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) the issue is more of an operational management and legislative one, especially when it comes to the relocation of the boats from the east side of the island. “In this project, all of the piers were allocated through the pier owners. It is up to the municipal authorities to start setting up plans to start collecting revenues. The issue with the terminal is mainly legislation, whether they move the boats from the front of the island or not. However, the boat owners do not want to move their boats again, like I said that is a legislative issue. They claim that they need more depth in the water around the Sunset Boardwalk area, however, at the place where they dock in Belize City is far shallower than the Sunset Boardwalk. So it’s all about coming together and having the will to relocate them; the municipality and the ministerial level have to make a decision. But the project is completed and ready to operate,” stated Mastry. She remarked that the installations are very spacious, in great condition and with all the necessary facilities to be fully operational. In the future there will be additional investments to make the terminal better accessible by taxis, but before this is done, the legislative issue with the boat owners needs to be solved.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

On 25.09.15 around 7:50p.m., police responded to an Aggravated Burglary at a house located on Lion Street, San Pedro Town. 29-year-old Paul Jex of the DFC area was found sitting on the ground. Alden Augustine of same address reported that around 7:30p.m. he arrived at home and a Jex entered his apartment and pointed a firearm at him and demanded his belongings. He stated that a struggle ensued and he managed to take away the firearm from Jex and with help of some friends he subdued him. Paul Jex was detained pending charges of “Aggravated Burglary” and “Kept Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition without a Gun License.”

On 25.09.15 at around 10:45 a.m. police responded to a report of a double murder in a cane field in the San Roman area where they saw the bodies of two male persons with gunshot wounds to the head. They were later identified as 58-year-old Vicente Cayuno of San Andres Village, Corozal District and 42-year-old Rogelio Rancharan of Paraiso Village, Corozal District. The Initial investigation revealed that while Cayuno, Rancharan and another male person were fertilizing the cane field; someone came out of the bushes and fired shots at them causing the fatal injuries while a third male person fled uninjured. Both bodies were transported to the Northern Regional Hospital.

Sarteneja Alliance For Conservation and Development. The River & Coastal Clean-up 2015 in Sarteneja Village
Thumbs up to the Sartenja Baptist High School students that showed up this morning to take part in this countrywide activity. It is always a pleasure to see our youth taking action in such event that benefits Mother Nature and all of us! Keep the good work students from SBHS and keep the interest and motivation of making a change in our community. A special thank you to Claudia Matzdorf, Marc Fruitema, and Annalisa Sevaly!

Sept. 13th - Sept. 19th, 2015 Belize Fishing Report
Some of the best fishing of the year is in the summer nd fall here at El Pescador. It is just more likely that a person from the northern half of the US is going to visit us during the winter rather than now. So even though the fishing is at its peak we only had a few boats going out daily. Wow, three international travelers brought their A-Game this week! We get to award a rare Super Grand Slam today (9/18/15) to Ari, Martin (from the UK) got a Grand Slam on Monday and Andy (from the UK) got s Grand Slam on Thursday.

National Garifuna Council election
I will not say I am disappointed with the National Garifuna Council election that was held today in Dangriga, and the shady way the Council conducted the election, because everything they did was expected. Especially with the “family”, the top Garifuna family it seems, and their puppets decided that the lady elected in the August election was not going to operate in a way beneficial to them, so being that they seem to be all powerful they decided to have a secret elections, unknown to the Garifuna people whom name they enrich themselves on, I found out about the elections while going to the store this is because the NGC centre is one street away from my house. The “family” selected their representative today, they will continue to their self-enrichment and control of the Garifuna Council. While this organization was built to develop and unite the Garifuna people, all the “family” is doing is dividing the community. With all this said Garifuna Settlement Day is only a month away and we are more divided now than yesterday.

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Belize Country Director Wildlife Conservation Society
Summary of Position Position: Country Program Director, WCS Belize Division: Global Conservation Location: Belize City, Belize, with travel to WCS work sites Position Objectives • Provide conservation and management leadership to WCS conservation activities in Belize; • Elevate and promote WCS’ work across Mesoamerica; • Lead on the establishment of program priorities, strategy, and approaches for conservation initiatives in Belize; initiate projects and provide technical guidance and management oversight to project development and implementation;


Mark Villanueva Speaks On The Night Of His Attack
Fifteen days after he was brutally beaten and alleged tortured by his employer and cousin, 42 year old Mark Villanueva was able to relate his story. Today he spoke to us from his home and tried to remember as much as he could of what he describes as his worst nightmare. According to him, the last thing he remembers is being dragged for about quarter of a mile from his farm while tied behind a vehicle. “I was with this guy Beto Hall and I work with him and it look like he got high that night and he accused me of a weed eater and money and I left him at his camp and I went to my camp and I went to sleep and when I got up I just felt that somebody just club me on my head with something hard and from there I don’t remember nothing else until I felt he grab me again and drag me behind a car and tied me up on my hands and took me by the camp and put some weed eater beside of me and told me that I stole his weed eater and then he knocked me out completely this time and when I recall again I am at Belize hospital and all my hands are scarped up all over on my head and back and forth and I did take nothing from him God knows I no take nothing from him, the guy probably was drunk or sniffed up something.”

UDP Village Council In Paraiso Village Denies The Use Of Park
The 29th of September will mark the 65th anniversary of Belize’s oldest political party, the People’s United Party. And while it is an occasion for much celebration, there is dark cloud hanging over the activities scheduled to take place in the Village of Paraiso which falls under the Corozal North division. According to the former Chairman of the Paraiso Village Council, Reinor Castillo, the current UDP Village Council are not in agreement that the activity in commemoration of the P.U.P’s 64th anniversary take place at the Baltazar Vasquez Park. Castillo says that a letter requesting the use of the venue was sent to the Village Council but the response was unfavourable. But even so he remains optimistic and hopes that at the end the P.U.P Committee of the village will be allowed to use the park.

Corozal Police Investigates Double Murder
Two more murders have been registered in Corozal and police have launched an intensive investigation into the recent homicides. Corozal police report that they received information around ten forty five this morning from a fifty four year old man who went to the station to make the report. Police say the man said shots were fired in the San Comal Area located some three and a half miles northeast of Corozal Town. Police investigated and when they arrived at the area they found two men lying face up in a cane field, each with a gunshot wound to the right side of their heads. Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, says the person who informed them of the shooting was reportedly with the men when they were ambushed. "At about 10:45am this morning, a 54 year old male person came to the police station and made a report of shots being fired in the San Roman area. That's 3 and a half miles north east of Corozal town. Police visited the area and upon arrival saw two male person lying face up in a cane field with what appears to be a gunshot wound to the right side of the head. Whilst the person came to make the complaint on the two deceased were scattering fertilizer in the cane field. Apparently someone came out of the bushes and fired shots at them. The two persons stayed there and the other person got away and he was the one who came to make the complaint."

US Sex Offender Charged For Sex Assault
Yesterday we told you about police in Belize City preparing a file to lay charges upon a registered US sex offender who was living in the Lake Independence Area of Belize City. And today around 1:45pm, Kenrick Bowman of a Police Street Address was read a single charge of sexual assault. The charge says authorities stems from mid-January of this year where Bowman "Engaged in a Sexual act in the presence of a 15 year-old child".


Young boy paid “2 noodles” for sex act?
A forty-two-year-old man who has allegedly been targeting young boys on Police Street in the Lake Independence area is in police custody tonight, and it is expected that he will be charged with a sex-related offense tomorrow, Friday. Amandala has learned that the man is a convicted and registered sex offender in the US, and has been living in Belize for the past two years. Late this evening, Amandala spoke to Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, the Commander of Eastern Division Southside, who told us that he will brief the media tomorrow. Williams refused to release any information about the suspect’s identity, only confirming that he is in police custody and that the police are conducting an investigation into the matter. Even though the matter had been brought to the attention of the police since Saturday, the police had not made any report about the incident in their sitrep (situation report) as of press time tonight, Thursday.

FOB will be built on the northern bank of Sarstoon River, says PM Barrow
The Sarstoon River and the island in its midst (Sarstoon Island) have become a dangerous flashpoint in the territorial dispute between Belize and the Republic of Guatemala, which is now saying that the entire Sarstoon River, including the island, belongs to them. As a result, the Guatemalan navy has been maintaining a constant presence in Belizean waters, and has been insisting on enforcing its claim. This was demonstrated forcefully on August 16, when the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) led an expedition to Sarstoon Island and faced a blockade of Guatemalan navy boats. The resulting Guatemalan aggression against the unarmed BTV catapulted the Sarstoon Island incident into the national spotlight and led the Government of Belize to issue, in the words of Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow, “a strongly worded protest note” to the Guatemalan government. Guatemala responded with a diplomatic note of its own, saying that they do not recognize Belize’s borders and that they “escort” Belize Defence Force (BDF) patrols to and from their base at Cadenas “as a matter of courtesy for which Belize should be grateful.”

“Gapi” and “Monchie” slander case continues
The slander lawsuit brought by Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar “Gapi” Vega against his political opponent, Ramon “Monchie” Cervantes, Jr., continued in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin today. Vega brought the lawsuit against Cervantes and Fiesta FM, claiming that a broadcast from that station, which the Cervantes family aired, slandered his reputation. The allegation is that in the broadcast, Vega’s name was mentioned by Manuel Castillo, who is wanted by police for allegedly masterminding the murder of the senior Cervantes, in a phone conversation with Cervantes, Sr.’s widow about the murder of her husband, Ramon Cervantes, Sr. From the beginning, Vega has denied all involvement in the matter. At the trial today, Cervantes took the witness stand and told the court that it was his family who decided to air the broadcast, and that they did so without telling him, since they did not want him to relive the memory of his father’s decomposing body.

Girl, 8, dies in George Price Highway accident
Kaylene Luceli Mai, 8, a student of Benque Viejo Del Carmen Town in the Cayo District, died after suffering massive head and body injuries during a road accident when her mother lost control of the vehicle in which they were travelling and the vehicle overturned. Mai was taken to the San Ignacio Town Hospital, where she was declared dead shortly after her arrival. Her body was transferred to the morgue, where it will undergo a post-mortem exam to certify the cause of her death. The incident occurred at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon, between Miles 68 and 69 on the George Price Highway, in front of Rumors Resort. Police reported that Evelyn Kuylen, 31, a clerk of Churchill Street, Benque Viejo Town, was travelling in her Mazda Tribute SUV from San Ignacio Town towards Benque Viejo del Carmen, along with her three children, when she lost control of the vehicle and it flipped over.

Con-artist posing as a car dealer scams victim of $10,300
A man posing as a car dealer scammed his victim out of $10,300, and has since disappeared. The man was paid $10,300 for a car in February, and has since disappeared. Dalila Osorio, 50, told police that on February 2, she contacted a car dealer to buy a vehicle for her in the United States, and gave him BZ$7,000 cash to carry out the purchase. She said that the man told her that the vehicle would be delivered in two weeks. Osorio told police that the man contacted her again and told her that he needed more money to ship the vehicle to Belize and to pay a broker. Osorio reported that she paid him an additional $3,300, thus giving him a total of $10,300.

Where is Sharon Lamb’s Belizean passport?
Sharon Lamb, a 50-year-old nursing assistant and mother of two who lives in Parks City, Illinois, USA, visited Amandala to tell us of the challenges she has faced in her efforts to collect her renewed Belizean passport from the Belize Immigration Department. Lamb said that she had applied for the renewal of her Belizean passport in 2011 while in Belize for her mother’s funeral. Unfortunately, she had to leave before getting it, and she had not returned until her arrival on September 2 of this year, for the September Celebrations. Upon her return, she visited the Immigration offices both in Belmopan and Belize City in the hopes of getting her passport, but she has been given the runaround, said Lamb.

2015 Bart’s Bash Regatta in San Pedro
On Sunday, September 20, at 9:30 a.m. prompt, 26 sailing vessels manned and crewed by Belizeans were at the line when the horn sounded the start of 2015 Bart’s Bash Belize in the waters off Caribbean Villas Hotel in San Pedro. The skies were murky grey, and the skippers tried to find and catch the mere puffs of wind that rose and died from varying directions here and there along the course. The fleet was so becalmed that it took a few frustrated skippers more than 10 minutes just to cross the start line. The windlessness lasted well into the race, but at long last one of the squalls approaching from the northeast arrived, and with it winds up to 25 knots. The course circuit that had taken one Hobie Wave over an hour to complete on its first lap took 14 minutes to complete the 2nd and last time around.

Parents showcase Deon McCaulay souvenir pictures
A few days before the Belize World Cup Qualifiers against Canada, David “Manu” McCaulay and Muriel Neal, the proud parents of Belize’s number one striker, Deon McCaulay, dropped by our sports desk to show off souvenir pictures they had prepared for sale to fans of Deon. The framed pictures are in two sizes, with the larger (8″x10″) going for $30.00, and the smaller (6″x8″) selling for $15.00. And key holders are also available at $5.00 each. Interested fans can contact them at 600-7164 or 637-0948.

Redemption! Respect Verdes, respect Belize!!
After their 8-0 loss to Queretaro at high altitude in Queretaro, Mexico (over 7,000 feet above sea level) last week Thursday, September 17, Belize’s national champions Verdes FC was for all intents and purposes out of contention for a spot in the quarterfinal round of the 2015 CONCACAF Champions League tournament. But, as Verdes manager Ian Jones has said, this team is built with a 5-year plan, and there is no room for despair, despite the terrible setback. And last night at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan, the Verdes club took Belize across another hurdle on the international football stage, when they posted their and our first ever Champions League win, 2-1, over San Francisco FC of Panama, which also included our first ever goal scored in Champions League play. Back in 2008, Verdes had lost a pair of Champions League matches by identical 6-0 scores to Cruz Azul of Mexico. And in the recent series against Queretaro, although Verdes had held them to a 0-0 draw at the FFB Stadium, they failed to score again in the return match in Queretaro, Mexico, where they lost, 8-0. So, the 2-1 victory over San Francisco FC was a big step forward for Verdes and for Belize football.

PLB clash of undefeateds, Verdes hosts Police United
Fresh off their impressive 2-1 victory over Panama’s San Francisco FC in the first leg of their Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League series, Verdes FC will be tested on the home front by joint league leader Police United FC this Sunday in San Ignacio. Both teams are presently undefeated after 4 games in their 10-game Opening Season schedule. (See standings below.) Only 1 PLB match was played over the weekend, a back match between Police United FC and Placencia/Texmar Assassins down at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village on Saturday night, and it was the visiting Police United coming away with the 1-nil win, courtesy of a 15th minute strike by Devon Makin. Devon was also the lone scorer in Police’s 1-0 win against BDF the previous weekend, so the budding striker will be closely watched this weekend.

Editorial: PUDP
Around this time in late September each year, both of Belize’s major political parties, the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) celebrate the anniversaries of their foundation. The PUP was established in September of 1950, while the UDP was established in September of 1973. The origins of the UDP do go back to 1951, when the National Party (NP) was organized to oppose the young PUP. In 1958, the National Party and the Honduran Independence Party (NIP) came together to form the National Independence Party (NIP). It was that National Independence Party which combined with the People’s Development Movement (PDM), founded in 1969, and the Liberal Party, organized in 1972, to establish the UDP. The surpassing relevance of the two major political parties derives from the fact that they are national organizations which are completely indigenous, completely Belizean. Belize’s is a population of multiple ethnicities and different religious beliefs. The major political parties represent the most important permanent organizations which absolutely emphasize Belizean nationality above all else, such as ethnicity and religion, the reason being that it is Belizean nationality which decides an individual’s eligibility to vote. And it is that vote in which the political parties are interested. A majority of such votes on general election day will enable the political party garnering same to form a government.

From the Publisher
Usually one of my daughters reads our editorial aloud to my dad, who can’t see well enough to read any more. For some reason, however, last Friday afternoon it was I who did the honors. When I’d finished reading, my dad said he was glad that I was courageous enough to say the things that I’d said. No, dad, I said, actually there are important things I need to say for which I don’t have enough courage. Belize is a small place, and there are sacred cows here. If you touch these sacred cows in print, even if you believe that you personally are strong enough to withstand them and their worshippers’ retaliations, you will endanger your children, your grandchildren, and your generations yet unborn. Your innocent ones will feel pain. Serious! If you look at the republics around Belize, republics which gained their independence from Spain in 1821, such as Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Salvador, it is for sure that you can identify oligarchical eras in these nation-states. I think Honduras and Guatemala are still very much oligarchical, but it is said that there have been some changes in Salvador.

Recommendations from Rosales
Dear Editor, 1. Congratulations are in order to our Prime Minister, the Hon. Dean O. Barrow, for explaining in detail, at our country’s 34th Independence ceremonies, his Government’s very “transparent and accountable” programme for infrastructure development, salary increases, the advancement of employment as well as the elimination of debt by our unfortunate and poor to our government hospitals. I also through this medium offer my congratulations to the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Francis Fonseca for advocating “unity” of purpose by the Belizean public. Let’s hope that we as a people can discard our pettiness in politics and carry that message to fruition. 2. I ask the Prime Minister to continue his good work by reviewing the areas of medicine and foodstuff that currently carry 12.5% in sales tax and endeavor to eliminate most if not all of those taxes. 3. There are retirees and seniors who are receiving funds from Social Security, but who are at the very minimum scale or, as we say locally, “at the bottom of the barrel”. I ask for the Prime Minister’s indulgence in recognizing the need to increase the amount to those people. After all, Social Security has millions of dollars invested in its coffers that should not warrant an increase of the contributions currently paid by workers and employers.

Independence Day message of Opposition Leader highlights governance reform
The Opposition People’s United Party leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca, in his brief Independence Day address, spoke about national unity, sovereignty, and the challenge of independence, as defined by the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price, Belize’s Father of Independence. “Belize has claimed its place in the global community as a proud, sovereign nation deeply committed to justice and equality for all people,” Hon. Fonseca said. Hon. Fonseca, whose party has lost all elections since 2008, and is faced with early general elections, used the national platform his Independence Day address afforded him, to highlight governance reform. Before making the call for governance reform, however, the Leader of the Opposition said, “Nation- building is not about wishful thinking; it is about hard work, commitment and participation. Each of us, as citizens of our beloved Belize, has a duty and obligation to be engaged in its growth and development. This, after all, is the central message of independence. One nation, one people, united to build a strong society in which hope and opportunity abound.”

PM Barrow’s Independence Day address
On Monday, September 21, 2015, our nation took time out to celebrate thirty-four years of Independence and to honor our forefathers whose struggle and determination brought about the freedom we celebrate today. In attendance at the official ceremony of the Independence of Belize, which got underway in the nation’s capital, Belmopan, on Monday were the Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow; Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Francis Fonseca; the Governor General, Sir Colville Young; the Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin; the Mayor of Belmopan, Khalid Belisle; members of the clergy, and many other government officials, dignitaries and ambassadors who came from near and far to celebrate this festive occasion with us. In his address, Prime Minister Barrow said, “September 21, this year, arrives to the accompaniment of an even greater than usual celebratory course, and the multiple positive developments occurring during the first three quarters of 2015 have appeared to reach a flood just in time for Independence Day …” One of the main issues the PM addressed was that of the wind-up of negotiations for the settlement of the acquisition of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and Belize Telecommunications Ltd. (BTL). He said that the settlements for the two utilities are “vindication of our nation’s patrimony” and that these utilities “are ours to have and hold forevermore.” He also added that small shareholders will get seats on the boards of both BTL and BEL, and that 10 percent of the shareholdings of both companies will be offered to the Belizean public

Union pickets over BTL settlement
Five days after Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow announced that he had personally negotiated a settlement with the Ashcroft alliance over government’s nationalization of Belize Telemedia Limited, the Belize Communications Workers Union staged a protest of the settlement in the downtown area of Belize City today. This afternoon’s protest comes one day after the BCWU (Belize Communication Workers Union), which represents Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) workers, lashed out at the Barrow administration in a fiery press release for the Prime Minister’s unilateral settlement of the BTL issue. About 70 BTL workers carrying placards walked in an orderly fashion from the company’s Church and Regent Streets offices through Albert Street, making a circle around Regent Street between Brodies and Battlefield Park, as they picketed the Barrow BTL settlement agreement. The BTL workers, who reportedly have been banging on their desks at the company offices as a sign of their discontent for a few days now, are upset about being left out of the settlement negotiations.

Woman, 65, needs 5 pints of O-negative blood
Maria Dolores Castro, 65, was knocked down by a motorcycle as she was walking home from work at Mile 2 on the Philip Goldson Highway, and she suffered massive bodily injuries, including fractures to two of her arms, and one of her legs. Castro was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), but doctors there said that they must perform surgery on Castro to repair her fractures, and 5 pints of O-negative blood must be obtained before they can proceed with the surgery. Castro has since been released from the KHMH, and she is at home awaiting the blood so she can proceed with the surgery. The family is now appealing to friends and the public to donate the blood.

CWU and FirstCaribbean agree to negotiate exit package
The National Assembly passed the FirstCaribbean International Bank Vesting Bill into law, allowing for FirstCaribbean to sell its assets to Heritage Bank, at a date to be announced. This transaction, however, will leave 60 employees of FirstCaribbean Bank without their jobs and now, for their sakes, it is urgent that the bank and the Christian Workers Union (CWU), which represents the bank’s employees, iron out an employees’ exit package. Representatives of the CWU and FirstCaribbean Bank held a three-hour long meeting this afternoon at the Labour Department, where Labour Commissioner Ivan Williams acted as a mediator in brokering a scheduled negotiation between the parties. Following the meeting, CWU president Audrey Matura Shepherd told reporters, “We had a very productive three-hour meeting and the Labour Commissioner served as mediator, I would say. We ironed out certain details and the good news is that now we are preparing to actually start negotiations. We won’t go into discussion on details what our difference is, but rather that we actually plotted a way forward and that we are looking forward to genuine good faith negotiations, especially since our employees are still adamant about knowing where they stand.”

The Reporter

BEL, BEWU may settle Monday, Labor Minister hopes
Negotiations between the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) over an eight percent salary raise may be settled as early as Monday, Labor Minister Godwin Hulse said he hoped for. BEL management and the BEWU are set to meet on Monday and Hulse said he expects that they can settle the negotiations then. He said the two parties are not that far apart and he doesn’t believe any industrial action will happen, as the Union had threatened to strike. According to Hulse, the negotiating teams were unable to meet this week due to a death in the family of one yof the union negotiators. BEWU Vice President Marvin Mora told The Reporter on Thursday, however, that the Union is of the opinion that BEL has repackaged the original proposal and presented it differently.

Oceana stages coastal clean-up
Oceana Belize, in conjunction with the Belize Scouts Association (BSA), held a coastal clean-up effort on Saturday morning in observation of Oceana Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean-up. According to Celeshia Guy, Oceana Belize district field representative, there were over 100 volunteers who had signed up to clean the Marine Parade stretch. The rains, however, kept some people from participating, but a little more than half of the expected number showed up to still volunteer. She added that there were also other groups and clubs scattered throughout Belize City participating in the event. Guy said this year, for the first time, the group started cataloguing the types of garbage collected so they could later analyze and determine which types of garbage are the most commonly discarded items and most problematic. The event went up until 12:00 p.m. and a final tally in regards to the total amount of garbage collected will be available later in the week. Last year over 1,700 volunteers participated in the event and collected over 11,000 pounds of trash along coastal areas. The objective is to rid those areas of garbage which would eventually end up in the seas and rivers and pollute marine life.

Will heads roll at WRH?
After learning of a rat biting a newborn inside the incubator at the Western Regional Hospital, the Ministry of Health has begun the search for who will be held accountable. Chief Executive Officer in the MOH, Dr. Peter Allen explained this week, that the ministry has started the process by writing letters to both the Regional Manager, and the Hospital Administrator, requiring them to explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against them. The letters, Allen added, have been copied to the Ministry of Public Service in accordance with the ministry’s regulations. “We’re trying to make sure that while we do hold people responsible and accountable, we also have regard all the time for due process”, Allen said. Pending the response of those letters other members of staff may also need to explain themselves to the ministry. After a very detailed process, outlined within the public service regulations, the officer or officers deemed to be responsible, should the investigation reveal any, will face disciplinary action.

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Unions Awaken! – “You have taken us for fools Mr PM and we are disgusted” – Belize Communication Workers Union statement
Late last week, a series of press releases issued by three powerful unions and a civil society partner, shook the ground beneath Prime Minister’s Dean Barrow weakening legs. The statements were issued by the Belize Communications Workers Union, the Belize Energy Workers Union, the Belize Christian Worker’s Union and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Collectively, these groups represent some of the most vocal sections of non-government. In the release, the four groups revealed their serious discontent with the Barrow Administration and increasing rancorous relationship with the Government. But it was the BCWU’s release that came like an 8.0 earthquake, shaking up the UDP Government and possibly forcing Prime Minister Barrow to defer his announcement of elections, reportedly already scheduled for Wednesday October 21, 2015. Barrow’s Independence Day speech was all about politicking – with sweets and treats here and there – but his plans were derailed. What the BCWU has exposed is that the Barrow Administration is on a deadly collision course with the Unions. After years of keeping silent, Union leaders are now stepping out speaking about the disrespect showed to them by the Government. In the case of the Belize Energy Workers Union, the disrespect to their members/the Belize Electricity Limited workers has come from the Government-appointed Board led by the Chairman who is the law-partner of Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

U.S. Sex Offender under Police investigation
42 year old Kenrick Bowman, a Belizean-American national convicted of sexual offences in the United States, is under Police custody and investigation following allegations that he lured young boys into his home. Bowman was detained on Wednesday night by Belize City Police. Neighbors allege that Bowman lured young boys to his home on Reid Street by promising to give them food including Ramen noodles in exchange. Poverty and hunger are rampant among many families in Southside Belize City. Neighbors say that dozens of young boys were known to “hang out” at his home.

Rat scandal draws international shame
The shocking discovery of a large disease-ridden rat biting on a newborn baby while inside an incubator at the Western Regional Hospital has gone from a national scandal to international disgrace as news agencies from all over the world have focused their attention on the substandard state of Belize’s health system. Over the past week, no less than four major news outlets on television and print/internet have reported on the disturbing incident that occurred on Friday September 4th 2015 at the main referral hospital in western Belize. “Rat caught on camera inside incubator after biting premature baby fighting to stay alive”, read the news heading printed in The Irish Mirror newspaper. This story, which was also published on the web, has sparked major interest on social networks and was shared on Facebook by 1,938 users in just a matter of hours. The Daily Mail UK, which attracts millions of readers in the United Kingdom alone, also reported: “A parent’s worst nightmare: The horrifying moment a RAT is found in a hospital incubator – after it had already bitten a newborn baby”.

National Service Day 2015
Friday, September 19th, 2015 was observed as National Service Day in Belize – a day which the People’s United Party has declared extraordinarily special, in memory of the life and service of the Father of the Nation, Rt. Hon. George C. Price. In the morning, the Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca, supporters and members of the Price family paid tribute to Mr. Price at a wreath laying ceremony at the site of his burial at the Lord Ridge Cemetery. The event was attended by primary school children who listened intently as the Price family remembered their loved one, followed by comments by PUP leaders who recognised Mr. Price’s selfless leadership and his undaunted commitment to Belize throughout his life. Following the wreath-laying, the Party, through its leaders and members, carried out various acts of service to commemorate the day.

Think About It
BELIZE IS IN TROUBLE: The 34TH anniversary of our independence has come and gone. We learnt no lessons. We shared no vision. We have no plans to move forward. We did not recount how we reached this destination following a long, hard journey to where we are. While there is much about our people and our country to be thankful for; there is much cause for concern concerning those things that are going wrong in our land. The Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech was just another mini budget presentation with the usual “I will spend millions on this and millions on that”. There is an absence of strategic thinking and a failure to tackle the real issues at the core of our national existence and our national well-being. For eight Septembers now we have been subjected to these Independence Day speeches while our country continues to worsen and our future becomes bleaker instead of beckoning. To be critical and blunt, the Prime Minister was helping us to hide our heads in the sand and coaxing us to deceive ourselves. It was also his poorest independence day address and his energy level was low.

Back to Reality!
I listened intently to the Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech because I figured that I would base this week’s article on the content thereof. I was sure that there would be enough in there to warrant critique but alas, I was wrong. After listening to the entire speech, I was reminded of an old commercial done for the American fast food chain Wendy’s. Therein, a little old lady bought a hamburger and asked a question that has since become a catchphrase for anything lacking substance. That phrase aptly fit the moment for the only thing that came to mind was, “where’s the beef?” Not only was the speech lacking in substance, but this year’s presentation by the leader maximus was unwontedly civil and lacked the usual venomous responses to comments by the Leader of the Opposition. For his part, the Leader of the Opposition was mostly reflective and his remarks were confined primarily to the issues of governmental reforms, oversight and forward thinking. The Prime Minister is evidently at his best when provoked to quarreling and the progressive address by Mr. Fonseca seemed to have caught him off guard and threw him completely off his game. Many people were expecting an announcement of the date for general elections but there again, we were left disappointed in the end. The PM did confirm that this would be the “last Independence Day address” before those elections, but stopped short of giving us a date. It is still widely believed that elections will be held this year and even as early as November. With the PUP now finally united and in full fighting spirit, one can be sure that the man might be having serious second thoughts. I still think that it is high time that we eliminate this whole guessing game and have a fixed date for our general elections.

Francis, the better leader
The mighty blue machine has started to become its real self again. From proud Rio Hondo to the Sarstoon; from Benque Viejo to Half Moon the people are coming home to the People’s United Party. The timing is auspicious, even portentous. The people of Belize are calling out for a new direction, new Government and new leadership. About eight years of Dean Barrow and his corrupt, incompetent government have brought the country to its knees. There will be no going forward under Barrow. There is no future under his Government. The shameful legacy being left behind is that of a tiny country buried under a mountain of dent with nothing of substance to show for the billions that have already been squandered. That legacy is underscored by the Petrocaribe loan law which trampled upon the Constitution and the Finance and Audit Act. These laws were/are in place to safeguard public monies, and to require governments to account to Belizeans in an open and transparent manner. Dean Barrow is a huge let down. He is the ultimate con artist, politically speaking. Ask the Unions, ask the public officers, ask the ordinary citizen in the streets. Ask the student what they think of him. Ask the thousands of innocent Belizeans who have been victimized out of jobs, scholarship and land.

Belize, Young School & Vibes Alive win in O.W. U-12 football
In the Under-12 8-a-side football tournament, Belize, Young School and Vibes Alive teams posted wins. Blackwater conceded to the Belize team by forfeit. Meanwhile, Young School enjoyed a 3-1 win over Juventus in the second game of the afternoon. Calvin Reid struck the first goal for Young School, but Zidane Escalante soon equalized 1-1 for Juventus. Esmir Vasquez scored a second goal to give young School a 2-1 lead at intermission. After the break, Allen Castillo put the game on ice with a third goal for the 3-1 win. Vibes Alive enjoyed a 2-0 victory over the Centaur Minions in the third game of the afternoon. Carlos Canelo and Luis Sosa Jr led Vibes’ attacks, supported by Jose Ico, Keeshan Sheppard, and Dyene Smith at midfield. Sosa Jr. succeeded in blasting home the first winning goal past goalkeeper Justin Lopez to the left corner of the net, for a 1-0 lead at intermission.

Guinea Grass, Yo Creek & Chan Pine Ridge win in penalties
Guinea Grass, Yo Creek and the Chan Pine Ridge All Stars had to go to penalties to post wins in the 2nd Round of the Orange Walk Town Sports Committee’s 8-a-side women’s football competition at the Orange Walk Technical High School (O.W.T.H.S.) field on Sunday. The defending champs, the Chan Pine Ridge All Stars, out-gunned the Orange Walk Strikers 1-0 in a penalty shootout after a 1-1 draw in regulation period. Shamili Cal had scored for Chan Pine Ridge while the Strikers equalized 1-1. In penalties, only Chan Pine Ridge goalie Arelli Torres scored: 1-0. The Yo Creek Gladiators won 3-2 against the Atlantic Bank girls, after a nil-zip draw in regulation. In penalties, Miriam Villamil, Myra Miranda and Noemi Magana scored for Yo Creek, while only Aaliyah Leiva and Eloisa Moreno scored for Atlantic Bank.

FC Verdes shocks Panama’s San Francisco FC 2-1 – Belize to play CONCACAF Champions league rematch in October
Belize’s top striker Deon McCaulay added 2 more international goals to his tally; as he and Verdes FC of Benque Viejo stunned Panama’s champions, San Francisco FC from Balboa 2-1 in their first encounter of the CONCACAF Champions’ League at the FFB stadium in Belmopan on Tuesday night. McCaulay and Brazilian import Alcides Thomas led the Verdes’ attack, with the help of another Brazilian import Yoras Silva and Nahjib Guerra on the wings, while Mexican import Jesus “Chui” Patino and San Leobardo Mendez supported their attacks at midfield. The Panama squad had watched the Gallos Blancos steam-roller Verdes 8-0 at the Corregidora Stadium in Queretaro last Thursday, September 17. San Francisco FC came to town expecting to do likewise, as they had stomped the Queretaro squad 2-1 at the Maracana Stadium in Panama City on August 26. They already had 3pts from that win, and the game plan was to advance to the next round with 9pts, over Querataro who has no more games to play and only 7pts from 2 wins and a draw with Verdes in Belmopan.

10 things that derailed Barrow’s election plans
Key sources within the UDP have indicated that Prime Minister Dean Barrow diverted from his plans to announce the date of elections in his Independence Day speech on Monday. Three weeks ago, during a special Cabinet/UDP caucus the area reps voted on a preferred date but were ultimately warned by their political boss that the decision is his to make and they should prepare for October. Interestingly, during that episode Corozal Bay’s Pablo Marin pleaded to his Party leader and colleagues that he felt totally ill-prepared. This is the same Marin who is currently the source of major political embarrassment for the UDP. Barrow apparently pulled out his crystal ball or tarot cards on Monday morning and saw a sign that made him uneasy about sticking to the script and calling elections in October. There is a lot of uneasiness in the UDP today, despite being in full-fledged campaign mode as a Government for the past seven years. Things are not going well for them. Here are ten reasons why Barrow’s election plans were derailed: Worse health care system ever. The recent discovery of a rat biting a newborn inside a baby incubator at the Western Regional Hospital is indeed causing political headaches for the UDP Government, but this is only the start of the failings of a poorly managed health care system.

Independence Day Message by Orange Walk Town Mayor His Worship Kevin Bernard
Thirty-four years ago Father of the Nation George Price led Belize to independence on September 21, 1981. Google defines political independence as freedom from control by another government. From the start of the British settlement in 1638 up to a few months before independence, Belize was controlled by mother England, which exploited our land and its people mercilessly. Pre-independence Premier Price told the people that independence would mean more development for all Belizeans because for the first time we would fully control our destiny as a nation. “With independence we would have the power to use the many resources of the country for our advantage,” said Price. With nationhood our people rightly looked forward to good paying jobs for every person whose is willing to work. Today with over 12% of the employable population facing unemployment, thousands of people can’t find jobs to provide the needs of their families. And getting a job with the government, which is the largest employer in the country, is becoming more and more dependent on political connections rather than qualification.

Reality Check!
Thirty-four years ago Father of the Nation George Price led Belize to independence on September 21, 1981. Google defines political independence as freedom from control by another government. From the start of the British settlement in 1638 up to a few months before independence, Belize was controlled by mother England, which exploited our land and its people mercilessly. Pre-independence Premier Price told the people that independence would mean more development for all Belizeans because for the first time we would fully control our destiny as a nation. “With independence we would have the power to use the many resources of the country for our advantage,” said Price. With nationhood our people rightly looked forward to good paying jobs for every person whose is willing to work. Today with over 12% of the employable population facing unemployment, thousands of people can’t find jobs to provide the needs of their families. And getting a job with the government, which is the largest employer in the country, is becoming more and more dependent on political connections rather than qualification.

PUP leader calls for firing of Health Minister
Leader of the Opposition Hon. Francis Fonseca, has brought pressure on Prime Minister Dean Barrow to fire Corozal politician Pablo Marin as Minister of Health. Under Marin’s watch, the Ministry of Health has been dragged through all sorts of scandals throughout the entire term of the Barrow Administration. There have been scandals involving pharmaceutical hustling, missing equipment, infection outbreaks due to poor maintenance, and stealing of hundreds of thousands of dollars. There have also been tragedies including the death of 13 babies at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, about a dozen maternal deaths due to improper care at other hospitals, all causing pain for Belizean families. The most recent fiascos, the discovery of a rat biting a baby in an incubator and the sudden death of a mother shortly after giving birth, have hit new lows.

The dictionary defines a scapegoat as a person or group that is made to bear the blame for others. According to the Old Testament, on the day of Atonement a priest would confess all the sins of the Israelites over the head of a goat and then drive it into the wilderness, symbolically bearing their sins away. Another definition is a person who is used to lay blame on for all that goes wrong, regardless of the contributions of others. Interestingly, in Spanish the term for scapegoat is “victima propiciatoria.” To propitiate is to appease. There is a great short story in modern literature by Anatole France named “Putois.” In French putois means skunk, but in this short narrative Putois is a mythical person to whom the townspeople ascribe everything unexplainable or evil. The author in a humorous way is able to make sharp commentary on the human propensity to find a scapegoat to explain away the experience of evil. For instance, in the story a confirmed spinster suddenly became pregnant. No one ever saw her with a man, yet she was definitely with child. Of course the people whispered that it was Putois who impregnated her. Putois was conveniently blamed for everything, with one intelligent character ironically informing the people that they must think twice before concluding that Putois did not exist, as this would have deprived them of an important article of faith.

Joe & Fonso turn rat experts
It is most times comical to see how the two UDP mascots, Joe and Fonso, bend in all directions to defend the corruption and gross incompetence of their government ministers. This week, they spent a lot of time fuming on the Belizean public and denouncing “attacks” on their dear Pablo Marin for the scandalous rat attack at the Western Regional Hospital. Right on cue from lead UDP mascot, dutty mouth Michael Finnegan, Joe and Fonso claim that Pablo couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the rat. “I cyant see how dem blame di Minista,” bawled Joe. The Wave dirty duo spends their day coming up with ways to launch smear campaigns on Belizeans especially strong women like Audrey Matura Shepherd, Dolores Balderamos Garcia and Lisa Shoman. This week, they turned on the nurses at the Western Regional hospital.

Independence Day Address by Francis W. Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party
The Governor General His Excellency Sir Colville Young and Lady Young Prime Minister Honorable Dean Barrow and Mrs. Barrow My Lord Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin and Mrs. Benjamin Our Most Reverend Bishops and Members of the Clergy Members of the National assembly His Worship the Mayor of Belmopan City Mr. Khalid Belisle Members of the Diplomatic Corp Our Public Officers and Members of our Security Forces Invited Guests, Friends My Fellow Belizeans, Today we celebrate our 34th anniversary of Independence.

An Alternative to the ICJ
What is the single most important change Independence brought to a small nation like Belize? Under colonialism as British subjects, we were obligated to them. As Belizeans, we are now responsible for ourselves. This I.C.J. Proposal in its intent and purpose should be as important as the very soul of our independence because that is what is being questioned. Yes sir, Belize IS an independent nation and has been so for 34 years! This is no time for misinformation, half-truths, or deception. The smallest mistakes can and will change what the past 33 years have been known as. For those of you who say you were against the “Heads of Agreement” but yet you embrace the “Compromis”, you stand on double standards. So what concessions did Guatemala make for us in the Compromis? What concessions are we asking from them now? And do you realise that going to the ICJ means we are willing to give up something, if it comes to it? There is no difference with this and its predecessor in its intention “to remove us from our homes”. When will somebody who goes abroad as a representative of this nation stare, not return like a puppet, to parrot what has been said, what they were told, and what they are to say to us. Do any of you even know what we deserve?

Belize Chamber of Commerce calls for transparency of the BTL “Settlement”
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) stands by its position made six years ago that it was not necessary for the Government of Belize to expropriate BEL and BTL. Despite our reservations regarding nationalization, BCCI recognizes the efforts made by Fortis and the Government to arrive at a common agreement for the settlement of BEL. The ownership of BEL is no longer in question and the final cost of the settlement was made public to the Belizean People in clear and transparent language. The BCCI is most concerned at the method of Prime Ministerial Governance displayed with regard to the BTL settlement. The Prime Minister unilaterally negotiated and bound our country to make a $162.7 MM payment with the possibility of yet further payments due at the conclusion of the still outstanding Dunkeld arbitration case.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

GSU bust Cayo resident for weed
A second male person was arrested and charged for the offence of “Possession of a Controlled Drug” in the Cayo District yesterday morning around 7:30 a.m. While on special operations in Esperanza Village, members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) on the strength of a search warrant, visited a house […]

San Ignacio man charged for drug possession
Alexander Rios, a 29-year-old resident of the Santiago Juan Layout in San Ignacio Town, was arrested and charged for “Possession of a Controlled Drug” on Friday, September 25th, after police on an anti-drug operation searched his home on the strength of a warrant and made the discovery of 38 grams […]

Motorists avoid death in PG accident
Several people are lucky to have escaped serious injury after a Toyota 4-Runner they were traveling in flipped in the New City Area of Punta Gorda (PG) Town a short while ago. Reports are that about 5 persons were inside the vehicle driven by a Belize Defense Force […]

Three avoid serious injury in accident
Three persons are lucky to have escaped with only minor injuries after being involved in a traffic accident on the Stann Creek Valley Road yesterday evening, September 25th. The accident occurred at mile 21 around 4:15 p.m., when Keith Emmanuel, a resident of Belmopan City, was travelling from […]

San Ignacio police celebrates officers of the month
The San Ignacio Police formation held its monthly general meeting and inspection yesterday, September 26th, where four officers of the month were awarded as opposed to the standard two and another two officers were awarded by the selected inspector, Mayor Earl Trapp, for being immaculate during the inspection. The four […]

Moist and unstable conditions prevail
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting cloudy skies with some showers, thunderstorms and periods of rain, mainly in the North and over the sea today. Showers and thunderstorms will continue tonight, mainly along coastal areas. Winds will be blowing from the Southwest this morning, then from the South-Southeast […]


Sargassum is gone! Rain is here, but slow season still has a lot of fun going on!
The big news at Caribbean Beach Cabanas recently is that Sue and Carlos are officially our new managers!! They have moved in on site and we have been very busy finishing up the main house. Dave and I will be renting out the 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment upstairs, and it turned out absolutely amazing. After a few more touches pictures will be up. We will live in it part of the year and rent it part of the year, and I KNOW the guests that stay there are going to be amazed!!! Sue and Carlos are SO GOOD that recent guests have written me personal emails to tell me what a wonderful job they did. We are thrilled to have them! Although the rain has picked up, especially at night, it has been spectacular here. The Sargassum is gone!! It was so pretty today that Victor and Jacobo, and Carlos took a break from working today to throw a line in the water.....they have been hard at work getting the new house done, we are 90-some% of the way there! Pictures to come soon. But check out this water!!! The rain has finally come in after a mini dry season in August. It has been raining off and on during the days, but mostly at night. There is still plenty of sunshine and breaks from rain to totally enjoy your vacation, and although a lot of places close in low season, there is plenty open. We had a great time last night at Rick's Cafe, and then found a lively group at Tipsy Tuna. There was a huge party at Yoli's last night, and plenty of other activities to keep you as busy as you want to be!

International Sourcesizz

US congratulates St. Kitts, Belize on independence anniversaries
The United States has congratulated St. Kitts and Nevis and Belize on their respective independence anniversaries, saying that their partnership and bilateral work in the region “can only serve to strengthen our relationsh­ip.” “On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Belize as you celebrate the 34th anniversary of your nation’s independence on Sept. 21,” said Secretary of State John Kerry. “When he spoke at midnight on the day of your independence, the Rt. Hon. George Price committed Belize to preserve and promote the peace, stability and prosperity in the region of the Caribbean and Central America,” he added. “The United States is proud to work alongside you in these noble endeavors,” he continued. “Our partnership and bilateral work in the region can only serve to strengthen our relationship – a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.”

Don Bohning, who spent 3 decades as a Latin America correspondent, editor for the Herald, dies
Don Bohning, who spent three decades building up the Miami Herald’s Latin American coverage, died early Saturday after a long battle with cancer. He was 82. From the mid-1960s to the turn of the century, there was scarcely a war, coup, revolution, massacre, assassination, volcanic eruption, hurricane or other act of political or environmental mayhem that Bohning didn’t cover. And when he couldn’t get there himself, he was editing copy from an all-star cast of reporters he assembled that won two Pulitzer Prizes under his command. “In the early 1980s, when the country suddenly woke up to the importance of Latin America, the Herald’s Latin Desk was a Murderer’s Row of great correspondents: Guy Gugliotta. William Montalbano. Juan Tamayo. Bill Long. Sam Dillon,” said Tim Golden, a Herald foreign correspondent of that era, ticking off a list of reporters who were the elite of American foreign correspondents. Gugliotta discovered just how highly esteemed Bohning was in the eyes of Caribbean politicians one morning when George Price, the eccentric but charming prime minister of Belize, popped in without warning at the old Herald building on Biscayne Boulevard, having flown to Miami and then taking a bus to see Bohning for an impromptu chat. Minutes later, two harried Secret Service agents burst into the Herald lobby, frantic that their charge had wandered away. Bohning was nonplussed neither by the arrival of Price nor that of the distraught agents. His patience and tranquility in the face of maddog dictators and penurious publishers were legendary. He stayed calm even in the face of the serial catastrophes that marked his attempt to cover the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983.

The enduring class panto behind the Cameron biography
ike any self-respecting avenger, Lord Ashcroft believes that to settle a grudge with an act more grievous than the initial affront constitutes entirely natural and defensible behaviour. Perhaps, to judge by his bold advertisement of grievance, Ashcroft even hopes his implacability will raise him in national esteem, while his enemy, David Cameron, comes crashing down. In his preface to Ashcroft’s Revenge, as the sarkily entitled Call Me Dave should, for accuracy’s sake, be subtitled, our embittered citizen of Belize chronicles the slights that – according to Senecan convention – now justify the sacrifice of his dignity to character assassination. To sum up: Ashcroft gave the Tories tons of money; Cameron didn’t offer him a decent job in return. For those who elect to live and die by the honour code of the non-dom, this appears to be pretty much up there with the abduction and ravishing of a chaste and beloved daughter. But if his colossal load of resentment is ever to bear fruit, Ashcroft must persuade readers that the prime minister’s offences go far beyond this private betrayal of a man not many people care about. Hence – for all that it rests on evidence so non-existent as to threaten the entire enterprise – the sensational pig story that opened newspaper extracts. Of Cameron’s numerous crimes the one that dominated last week’s charge sheet, perhaps because it exercises Ashcroft most, is that of insufferable, spoiled privilege. And for any readers who, prior to Call Me Dave, believed Cameron to be a comprehensive-educated meritocrat, endowed equally with modesty and the common touch, the news must have come as quite a revelation.

Five Best Songs From Shyne’s Self-Titled Debut Album
Former Bad Boy Records rapper Shyne is the the poster child of infamy and rap. Born Jamal Barrow in Belize on Nov. 8, 1978, Shyne’s mother would move to the U.S. when he was three years old, sending for him to come live with her in Brooklyn, N.Y., at the age of eight. A product of a single family home as his father, Dean Barrow, a successful attorney who is now the current Prime Minister of Belize, was barely a presence in his life, leaving Shyne and his mother to fend for themselves in East Flatbush’s notorious Vanderveer Estates apartment complex. Taking an interest in rap, Shyne began to hone his craft by rhyming and battling until a fateful meeting with DJ Clark Kent in a Brooklyn barbershop. Impressed by the young spitter’s talent and vocal similarity to the late Notorious B.I.G., Kent took Shyne under his wing and introduced him to key players in the music industry, who were also enamored with Shyne’s potential, resulting in one of the more infamous bidding wars in rap history. Among the suitors were included Elektra, Def Jam and Interscope, but Shyne would ultimately sign with Bad Boy Records and began recording his debut album.

Cuba is getting ready for mainstream American tourism
According to, Cuba has been a tourism giant in the Caribbean for years, catering to mostly Europeans and Canadians, but now is emerging as a leisure destination for Americans as well. Cuba offers the best of the both worlds, the hustle and bustle of Havana, the country’s vibrant capital rich with nightlife and incredible cuisine, and Varadero, a region stocked with some of the most undeveloped beaches in the world. For Latin America specialists, think Ambergris Caye in Belize. Many agents and operators have seen the writing on the wall and have also been legally selling Cuba already through the People-to-People Initiative, which requires Americans to take part in various cultural experiences in Cuba, essentially, as the name implies, putting them in direct contact with the people of Cuba with hopes of learning about the way of life in the country.


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