Goldson House of Governance, Democracy, and Patriotism

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National Hero Philip Goldson has been posthumously honored with the creation of the Goldson House of Governance, Democracy and Patriotism. The inauguration was Monday, and it is located on Orange Street in Belmopan. Galen University was there to participate and get some great pictures of the event.

The inauguration of the Goldson House of Governance, Democracy and Patriotism took place on Monday, September 28, 2015 in Belmopan City. This House will serve as a museum dedicated to the life of a Belizean National Hero, Philip S.W. Goldson's, achievements and contributions to our nation. Galen University was represented by Ms. Sherry Gibbs (Dean of Arts and Science), Mr. Wilfredo Galvez (Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship) and students from our Faculty of Arts and Science. Those in attendance got the opportunity to be a part of a historical event honoring one of Belize's National Heroes.