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Today's Belize News: October 1, 2015 #507949
10/01/15 05:52 AM
10/01/15 05:52 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

30 Day Belizean Treats Challenge: Day 30
We are finally done! Yup, that’s right guys we made it. We took you through a 30 day journey of some of Belize’s best eats.

Letter to the Editor: You will get what you seed
Dear Editor; Most of the island and tourist related problems have already been addressed before, by others and online. As repeat vacation guests we’ll have to fully agree and also submit our warnings about the downfall of the island: * San Pedro has become unfriendly, unsafe, too noisy, dangerous and hectic for tourists. * Large construction trucks, pick-up trucks and other noisy vehicles like Polaris take away from any tranquility and serenity tourists seek during vacation. Traffic in general is out of control. * Beautification, character/style requirements for buildings, height limitations and cleanliness is clearly not of anybody’s mind. There are even buildings in town who board their windows to accommodate advertising signs. How disgusting is that! You have clearly missed the choice to present town and island in a professional and tourist friendly style. “You will get what you seed” and the loss will be felt in everyone’s pocket. /s/ Samara & Micah, New York

Rosita Baltazar honored at Tribute to the Belizean Patriots Award Ceremony
On Thursday, September 17th a group of pioneers in the Belizean community were honored as part of the September Celebrations Tribute to the Belizean Patriots Ceremony. Each year a number of Belizeans are bestowed honors for their work towards the betterment and development of the country. Held at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City, the awards are presented by Governor General of Belize Sir Colville Young. Among the 21 recipients for this year’s award ceremonies was none other than former dance instructor for the San Pedro Dance Academy, Rosa Rosita Baltazar. Two awards were issued at the event: the Meritorious Service Award and the Order of Distinction. Both awards service to recognized outstanding citizens who have provided their services in different fields towards Belize and its people. The event is part of the National Honors and Awards Act passed on August 16th, 1991. 19 persons received the Meritorious Service Award, while only two received the Order of Distinction.

Hip Hip Hurray, San Pedro continues to celebrate!
We all know that we can never celebrate our country too much. And here in San Pedro we prove that time and time again. So would we let a little bad weather completely stop us from celebrating our Independence Day? NO WAY! After giving La Isla Bonita’s biggest parade a rain check last week, everyone came out in full force to celebrate on Sunday, September 27th. After all it is always better late than never! And let me tell you, islanders pulled out all their glitter and sequins for this one day. With soca music blaring from behind golf carts, pick-ups, trailers and even a couple of big trucks, revelers followed in tune, winding and grinding to the contagious beats. Of course, everyone was decked out in either patriotic outfits or colorful elaborate costumes. I’m telling you, the Independence Day vibes just cyant done!

Hyperbaric chamber holds informational training for divers
The Hyperbaric Chamber adjacent to the Ambergris Caye Hope Clinic conducted a chamber operating training from Monday, September 21st to Friday, September 25th for local divers. Dive personnel from different dive shops on the island were taught about the operations of the Hyperbaric Chamber, where divers are treated for dive related injuries. At the training, participants learned mainly about the physics of hyperbaric chamber pressure changes and how it affects the body in certain air spaces such as the lungs and ears. This type of training will equip the local diving experts with the knowledge necessary when encountering issues with decompression sicknesses from their clients. Conducting the training was Roger Garcia, who is a certified Hyperbaric technician from Florida, USA. “This is the second time I am here conducting this type of training. We went over the treatment of complications known as arterial gas embolism, decompression sickness, embolism and as well as to distinguish decompression type 1 and type 2. In the first one, the patient will normally just feel pain in the joints and elbows, while in type 2 it involves pain but follow by numbness, and rashes around the body. In situations like this, before the patient is brought into the chamber, we administer 100% oxygen. In the training I also showed them how to use the different systems in the recompression chamber, such as the air system, the oxygen system, the suppression system, and as well how these systems are supposed to happen, and most importantly how you take the patient from the front door into the chamber and perform the treatments,” said Garcia. The training involved theory and practical classes and had satisfactory results according to Garcia.

Belizeans officially heading to the polls on November 4th!
The Belize electorate is gearing up to go to the polls once again, as Prime Minister Dean Barrow has announced that General Election will be held on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. The announcement was made on Monday, September 28th during a press conference in Belmopan City. Barrow had petitioned Governor General His Excellency Sir Colville Young to dissolve the National Assembly in order to proceed with the nomination, campaigning and election process. Friday, October 16th has been set as Nomination Day when each of the contesting parties will present their slate. The Governor General has since issued a Writ of Election. Polls will open at 7AM and close at 6PM on Wednesday, November 4th countrywide. Section 57(1) of the Representation of the People Registration Rules states “The persons entitled to vote at the election of a divisional representative shall be those persons whose names appear on the register for that division as existing on the Nomination Day.” Only persons who are registered on or prior to Thursday, September 10th are eligible to vote in the General Election. The Registers for each of the Electoral Divisions are posted at the Elections and Boundaries office countrywide.

Ambergris Today

Oceana Announces Belize’s 2015 Ocean Hero Award Winners
Oceana has celebrated Ocean Hero Awards since 2009 as a way to recognize and honor leaders in ocean conservation, education, and advocacy from around the world. On Saturday, September 26th, at a ceremony held in Caye Caulker, Oceana recognized two Belizeans for their selfless commitment to Belize’s marine environment. Oceana Belize is pleased to declare Biologist Miguel Alamilla and Captain Romauldo Badillo as the 2015 Ocean Heroes.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of September 20th – September 26th, 2015
The family Dozier were tarpon machines as they all produced at least one tarpon each. John Sr., John Jr., Jefferson and Uncle Scott seemed to have the tarpon’s number despite the nasty rainy weather. Robert ( of permit fame above, landed 2 tarpon on his last day out on the water. Ari added three more tarpon this week, but his real claim to fame was the super grand slam of last week. One of our day fishing guests Kent landed 4 tarpon in 2 days of fishing. Branon & Josh landed a tarpon apiece after working it for several days getting more and more determined, then the next day they got 3 tarpon to the boat. Isaac made the best of his only day on the water with a sweet tarpon ( every tarpon is pretty sweet, right?) Harvey capped his week with a ninth inning tarpon to make it all worth while! Coleman has been working the tarpon on a fly thing for years and I am so happy that his quest became reality

Prime Minister's Business Forum: "Partnership for Growth and Prosperity"
It is with pleasure to announce that the Honourable Dean O.Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, Minister of Finance and Economic Development cordially invites you to the Fourth Annual Prime Minister's Business Forum, under the theme "Partnership for Growth and Prosperity." This event will be held on Thursday, October 8th, 2015 at 8:30am-1:30pm at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza, River Hall Room, Belize City, Belize. We look forward to your vibrant participation.

An Overview to Belize's Fast-Growing Popularity and How It Is Becoming the Next Destination Capital
More and more airlines are recognizing the need to establish new routes to Belize. As Belize is starting to be recognized around the world and increasingly becomes the fast-growing region in Central America, traffic has increased over the time and many flights have also been increasing. This only proves that many more airlines are now beginning to want to establish their own presence in the country's most popular destination today. As Copa Airlines have announced the launch of their service to the Belize's International Airport, this only shows that Belize's reputation of becoming the fastest-growing commercial hub in the world have been cemented with yet another airliner that adds to Belize routes. Although, this is not the only improvements that help Belize to build their future, but it still opens up new possibilities and opportunities in terms of investments and business. Copa Airlines have opened up new possibilities that people of Belize can enjoy as well as ex-pats living in this region.

Poets Corner: Dean dah noh no Goldson!
By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. There are some aspiring to get into the political race But they have not been blessed with God’s grace The truth is that God still runs this place We must turn and seek his face If you heed not his warning, yours will be the ultimate disgrace We must walk in faith He will keep your cause noble He removes from you every obstacle The only price is that you remain humble Or you will be replaced by someone he deems suitable Recent cases in point Derrick Aikman and Hutchinson When they turned from God’s face they learnt their lesson They were able to remove two giants in the eyes of the people Politicians once thought infallible Belize’s politics is always filled with optimism Aikman beating Price was unthinkable But without God’s grace that would be impossible The voice of God is the vote of the people There is no politician that is unbeatable Goldson’s humility made him a living spectacle

Cayo Cancer Walk 2015
The 2015 Cayo Cancer Walk will be on Saturday, October 24th. It starts at 5:00am at Running W, and ends at Macal River Park. They have t-shirts at the Shell gas station for just $20.. "Our 3rd Annual Cancer Walk is just around the corner, t-shirts are already available and you can also start registering for the walk as well!!!"

Cayo Officers Awarded for Professionalism
Congratulations to officers Stanford and Valencia! They were awarded for their professionalism. Keep up the great work. "Two police officers attached to the San Ignacio formation were today singled out for the way the carried themselves, their neat uniform and shoes and overall professionalism displayed. Congratulations to WPC Joan Stanford and Corporal Ricky Valencia. Keep up the good work."

Dr. Eddie Laing was the late Belizean scholar who wrote the bylaws for the formation of the Consortium for Belizean Development in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. The Harvard University law professor who taught the present American president, Barak Obama in law school, rose to become a skillful scholar of international law that Belize was fortunate to have been able to tap into in terms of consultancy on issues relating to Belize's bordering dispute with Guatemala, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and many other constitutional law matters affecting the Belizean diaspora, as well as matters of significance in the Belize constitution. It would have been a blessing to have had him develop a constitutional amendment in terms of resurrecting the Seventh Amendment that the Barrow administration appears to be having serious misgivings in regards to placing the Belizean diaspora to its rightful place for Belize's development.

The passing of CFS Brown, one of Belize's most outstanding citizens who lived a great part of his life in the Belizean diaspora in Chicago, Illinois, has been a big time lost for Belize in terms of the body of knowledge that he took with him, but was not documented. The many narratives that this giant of a Belizean had to tell would compile volumes in terms of Belize's sports history and its political and social accomplishments. My meeting of CFS Brown occurred in 1985 during the formation of the Consortium for Belizean Development in Los Angeles, California. Sir Brown visited L.A. from Chicago where he resided as a Belizean living in the diaspora but continued to work for Belize and Belizeans in organizational activities that sought to transfer knowledge to Belize from the Belizean diaspora. As he participated in one of the most historic Belizean initiatives to help and develop Belize at that time, CFS Brown was flanked by Belizeans from all walks of live who attracted to him like flies. His larger than life sports memorabilia that he compiled in action as well as in purpose is known throughout Belize's sports world that made him became respected by many of the legendary Belizean politicians and leaders of his time.

Channel 7

One Day After Strike Threat, BEL Union and Management Sign New Deal
The BEL union won’t strike. A deal was reached this afternoon – after a tough night of negotiation at the ministry of labour in Belmopan. It got so tough that one side walked out – and the other ended up staying until three in the morning. And even after all of that – they still didn’t sign the agreement! The General Secretary of the union told us about it today:… Marvin Mora, General Secretary - BEWU "Eventually I think management walked out; or the person that they had there representing walked out, we're not sure what happened. But the agreement was in essence between the government of Belize and the trade union; the government of Belize being the owner in a sense of the company. That’s where we stand. We thought that at that point in time that it would be better to have that than to have nothing at all and come back empty handed and start at square one. This morning we believe that we should have some sort of compromise coming from the government as well in regards to what the board intends to do with it. It is there, we will know for sure that what we pen down last night will be accepted because it has to go to the board. Once it is agreed by the board then we have an agreement in essence. Everything after that will just be formalities." Jules Vasquez "So you all have signed to it?"

Staff At UB Also Want Raise
And so the Electricity Workers got the across the board salary increase that they had been negotiating for months – and no one can doubt that being just five weeks from a general election sped things along. And it seems others are following that lead – starting at the University of Belize. Staffers have written to the President – saying that they want a salary re-alignment along the lines of the KHMH. You may know that UB – like the KHMH – is a government statutory Board. They say they also work for the Government – and have been on a salary freeze since 2005. So how much are the university staff asking for? Their letter tells the president, quote, “We consider that a 14% raise is a viable threshold form which you can start.” Their letter was sent on September 24th and they asked for an answer within two weeks – which would be October 8th.

Will Social Security Stage Sickout?
And the employees of the Social Security Board could also be getting ready to rumble in this election season. We are told that they are planning to stage a sickout on Friday. As we’ve reported, they are in the process of negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with management – but seem unhappy with how things are going. And so, with the election deadline putting all politicians and political appointees under the gun – it seems the Social Security Workers want to use that opportune time to bring things to a head. We are told the workers may have grievances with the fact that management has not responded to their request for an increase.

Johnny Zabs Can't Meet Payroll; Maya King Farm Will Lay off 600
John Zabaneh, He’s not been in the news for almost a year and a half since he granted an interview to 7 News in which he complained that the Drug King Pin designation that the US Government placed on him in August 2012 was destroying his businesses. Well, it appears that his prediction is slowly coming through. Mayan King Banana Farm, his mother’s banana company, located in South Stann Creek, is one of the largest Banana operations in the south, and it hires anywhere between twelve hundred to 2 thousand employees in the high season. But, right now, the company is struggling, and the drought, has been destroying their banana crop as well. The company would have normally been able to weather this storm and keep all its employees paid by an overdraft facility - but, you can only get an overdraft form a bank, and because of the Kingpin designation, no bank will do business with Zabaneh.

PM Meets BTL Staff
Thirteen days ago the Belize Communication Workers Union sent out an irate press release. They accused the Barrow Administration of quote, “acting from the same script as the Musa Government,” and saying that in the BTL settlement – the Barrow administration had done worse than their PUP counterparts by, quote, “saddling all Belizeans…with a whopping $162 million plus of Belizean sweat dollars.” They concluded, dismally, quote, “there is no difference between the PUP and the UDP. Both Musa and Barrow have failed us and now we are forced to wonder all over again ‘If we change monkey fu black dog’”. Yes, very strong words, and today the Prime Minister went to a general staff meeting of BTL employees At The Esquivel Telecom Center on St. Thomas Street to explain the settlement which he negotiated. 7News was not allowed into the compound for the meeting – even though we did send a request to the Public Relations Department – it was rejected. But last night at the BTL Annual General Meeting, both the chairman of the board and the chairman of the executive committee discussed the release and the aftermath:…

BTL Earnings Up, Profits Down
That was only one controversial issue raised at the Phone Company’s Annual General Meeting last night. The other had to be the huge, 98 million dollar debt that BTL is left to pay as part of the settlement with the Ashcroft Alliance. It originates from a 45 million loan that Ashcroft’s British Caribbean Bank had with BTL when government took it over. For 6 years, BTL and government resisted paying the loan – but they lost at every court – and when the bill with interest came due – it was almost a hundred million dollars. How will BTL pay? That’s what they explained last night: Jules Vasquez Reporting…. BTL shareholders gathered at the Biltmore Hotel conference room expecting to take a hit – 98 million dollars’ worth to settle an outstanding debt with the British Caribbean Bank. But instead they got news of only a 48 million dollar low impact low interest: Nestor Vasquez, Chairman - BTL "The details are not yet finalized but the prime minister has informed us that BTL will have to service treasury notes in the amount of 48 million dollars, that 48 million in Belize dollars by the way; which I understand to mean favourable terms allowing BTL a legally authorized period of delay for the repayment of the entire loan."

Election Interferes With Court Cases
Election changes everything! Just ask those workers groups who are agitating for salary increases. And it also changes things in the Supreme Court. The PUP today had to postpone two of their major lawsuits against Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Today was supposed to be the day where Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin would have started hearing the case where Francis Fonseca is suing Barrow because he hasn’t brought the 13th senator online. That would have been a lengthy trial, but because the general elections will be held on November 4, both sides agreed to postpone the case. The PUP is hoping that it will be elected to office, where they promise to bring the 13th Senator into effect. If they lose, then PUP will press the case forward. After exiting a case management conference, Eamon Courtenay, Fonseca’s attorney, explained the rationale to us: Eamon Courtenay, SC - Attorney for Francis Fonseca "It was set for trial today but it has been adjourned by agreement because the date for the election has been set. Therefore it has been adjourned to the 30th of November when we hope by then with a new prime minister we will have a 13th senator appointed; and then the claim would be withdrawn. In the event that, that does not happen then the chief justice will set a trial date at that point in time."

King Has a Solution for Chetumal Street Squatters
About 100 squatters in the Gungulung area will have their own parcel of land. We have reported extensively on these squatters especially on those on Chetumal Street. Many had to dismantle their houses and relocate, others were removed from the premises. Now, the last time we reported on them, UDP Area Representative Mark King told us he would secure land in Cotton Tree for some of the squatters. Well, now, King has another solution that he says will have a greater impact on their lives. He told us about it today. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake Independence "As you know there is the squatters in the Gungulungs area who; fought me pretty well because I've said they were associated with rumours from the PUP that I was going to move them. I made very clearly on the television publicly that I did not lie to these people, that I was looking for land for them and I was trying to help them; but they were also illegally squatting. And so my only thing was to help them get a parcel of land. Nevertheless I have been talking to all the big parcel land holders, for example the Bradley estate, the foam factory estate and other estate land holder that holds acreage and acreage of land on the highway within the foam factory area, within the Chetumal street area, within the river side area of Lake I. We have some very good news, we have gotten almost all of the estates to soon come to an agreement with us to give back some of their land as a good faith to the government and to see how they can also assist the community in developing business on their land to hire the same Lake I people."

PUP Wants Election Observers
The Leader of the Opposition wants international observers from CARICOM, the OAS or the Commonwealth to witness the November 4th election. Fonseca says this is because the date for the election was announced only days before the process for the annual review of the electoral lists. So, the Leader of the opposition argues, the list will be bloated since they will not have been revised for 2015. The letter is dated two days ago – and there is no word of reply from the Prime Minister.

Ugly Inter-family Rape In Cayo
There is a very chilling rape case to report: A 13 year old girl was raped by her cousin twice. The 13 year old reported that on Thursday September 3rd around 6 in the evening, her 26 year old brother told her to have sex with their 21 year old cousin, she refused but then he came back again around 12 midnight and took her to their cousin’s room where the cousin raped her. It happened again that Saturday the 5th: Her brother woke her up again that night at 11 and guided her to the cousin’s room where the cousin raped the little girl again. It would have happened again on the 27th but when the girl’s father got up that night to give his wife medication, he saw the his daughter lying beside the cousin and the brother. That is when the girl told her parents about what had happened. When we spoke to police today they told us that the parents don't want to proceed with the case and they only asked for both the cousin and the brother to leave the house. But police still have both men detained for questioning. The Department of Human services are also involved in this case.

Faith Paying Off
Things continue to normalize at Faith Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio. When we spoke to General Manager Raymond Sheppard today he told us via text that close to 100% of the student population attended today. This is in line with the release that was sent by parents and teachers stating that “all parents should be encouraged to permit those children, to return to classes on Monday, September 28th. But it continues by stating firmly, quote, “this does not mean that parents and teachers have stopped or will stop advocating or agitating for change.” So although there is still tension between parents, teachers and principal Pech – the majority of the kids are back in school. Now attempts are being made to schedule after classes for students to catch up on what they missed.

CEO Wants Answers
Answers about the rat. That’s what the CEO of the Ministry of Health wants from the Regional Manager for the West Melinda Guerra, and the Hospital Administrator Bernadette Seaver. 7News has confirmed that Allen has written to both women asking them why disciplinary action should not be taken against them for the rat in the incubator incident. He is asking them for their side of the story in writing – and we are told it’s procedural so that he can say in the future that he gave them the opportunity to defend themselves. We’ll keep following this story…

Brought The Hilux Home
In other news from the Ministry of Health, 7News has confirmed that they have gotten back the Hilux which was stolen on September fourth. As we told you, an onboard GPS system traced the truck to Melchor – after it was stolen. The ministry also disabled the ignition with that anti theft device. Since then, there’s been a bit of back and forth with the Guatemalan bureaucracy but tonight we can report that the Hilux has been returned to Belize and is securely parked at the Benque Viejo police station.. We’ll have more on this tomorrow..

Northside Has Needs Too
Many times on this newscast we’ve featured police touring their neighborhoods – but it’s mainly been on the Southside – which is home to most of the crime in the city. But northside cops have also been doing their outreach and that continued today. We caught up with the cops on Vasquez Avenue:..

King Will Help With Collapsed House
Earlier on we told you about Mark King’s solution for the Chetumal Street squatters. But he says he’s also helping with a fallen house in Lake Independence. On Sunday Lichelle Dixon’s wooden house caved in and her family lost all its belongings. Before the fall, Dixon had been asking Area Rep. Mark King for help to repair the house but it never came until it finally collapsed. Today King gave us an update on that incident and told us he is already working on building a new house for the family. Construction work has already started.

Channel 5

B.E.W.U. Signs Memorandum of Understanding with B.E.L. Management
There were no blackouts today and B.E.L. employees were on the job, despite threats of a nationwide strike. Disaster was averted because of a last minute intervention by Prime Minister [...]

Union Gets Less Than it Bargained For
The MOU was signed at around five this evening, but that doesn’t mean that the management of B.E.L. is happy about it even though the union got less than they [...]

N.T.U.C.B. President Weighs in on Election Lead Up
Marvin Mora is the spokesperson of the BEWU, but he is also the President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize.  That umbrella organization was increasingly vocal on a [...]

Marvin Mora Criticizes Trade Union’s Inability to Support Social Issues
Mora also, interestingly, condemned the inability of trade unions to stand up for the people of Belize. It’s a criticism that’s certainly been expressed in different sectors, but coming from [...]

Industrial Action Looming at S.S.B.?
Even as the Prime Minister has stepped in to pour water on the sizzling coals at B.E.L., he may have to think about doing the same at the Social Security [...]

U.B. Faculty and Staff Demand 14% Salary Adjustment
From the B.E.W.U. to the S.S.B. to U.B. …where we are told faculty and staff have given President of the institution Alan Slusher one week to respond to their demands [...]

P.U.P. Requests Observers for General Elections
Prime Minister Dean Barrow formally announced the date for the upcoming general elections on Monday, sixteen months short of his five year term in office. The snap election is causing [...]

B.T.L. Loses $2 Million in Revenue in 2015
Steadily declining profits, stagnant revenues, declining dividends….That’s what shareholders and senior management at Belize Telemedia Limited are facing six years after the utility company was nationalized.  On Tuesday night, at [...]

B.T.L. Shareholders Receive 23 Cents per Share in Dividends
Shareholders received twenty-three cents per share in dividends, down one cent from last year. Chairman of the B.T.L. Executive Committee, Anwar Barrow, has completed one year as the company’s effective [...]

How Will B.T.L. Defray Outstanding B.C.B. Loan?
Also hanging over B.T.L.’s head is the twenty-two point five million-US-dollar loan facility acquired from the British Caribbean Bank during the first acquisition in 2009.  B.T.L.’s board had refused to [...]

Brother Forces Teen Sister Into Being Raped by Cousin
There is a bizarre story of a minor being coerced by her older brother into being raped by her cousin which is making headlines tonight.  A thirteen-year-old student of Santa [...]

Stolen Ministry of Health Hilux Recovered in Guatemala
Two weeks ago, a Toyota Hilux parked at the Ministry of Health compound in Belmopan was stolen. Today, that vehicle was recovered across the border. Working together with Guatemalan authorities, [...]

Landy Habet Versus Chief Elections Officer to be Discontinued in Supreme Court
The Supreme Court has postponed one case and discontinued another as a result of the announcement of general elections on November fourth. The case of P.U.P. Cayo Northeast standard bearer Orlando [...]

Case for 13th Senator Postponed Until After General Elections
In the other case, the Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, was taking on Prime Minister Dean Barrow over the thirteenth member of the Senate. Today, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin [...]

Shannon Smith Charged for Dangerous Harm in Stabbing of Earlin Butler
Twenty-five year old Shannon Smith, a resident of Mahogany Heights, Belize District, who is accused in an alleged home invasion, was back in court today. In March 2015, a man [...]

S.I.B. Releases Consumer Price Index for August
The Consumer Price Index for August 2015 indicates that the costs of goods and services were point six percent lower last month than for the same period in 2014.  The [...]

Maya Leaders Alliance Win Equator Prize 2015
The Equator Prize 2015, a prestigious international award acknowledging exceptional local achievement in improving sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities, has been won by the Maya Leaders [...]

National Library Hosts Fourteenth Annual Book Fair
The Belize National Library Service and Information System today held the fourteenth annual book fair at the Leo Bradley Library on Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City. It encourages youths [...]

B.E.L. Employees Threaten to Strike
Will there be nationwide blackouts in the jewel on Wednesday? It seems to be a possibility, since B.E.L. employees who are members of the Belize Energy Workers Union will be [...]

Will There be Nationwide Blackouts on Wednesday?
A ccording to Mora, the strike has become necessary only after a protracted attempt to find middle ground with B.E.L. management. With that option seemingly off the table, the union [...]

Santa Cruz Thirteen Back In Court… Uxbenka Denuding Continues
The Santa Cruz Thirteen, including outspoken Maya activist Cristina Coc, were back in court today where they appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner.  The group has been back and forth before [...]

P.M. Barrow Says Force Cannot be Used to Evict Rupert Myles
While the Mayans of Santa Cruz await their day in Court following another adjournment, one man who hasn’t been before a magistrate is Rupert Myles. That’s because the man who [...]

Sex Offender Kenrick Bowman is Out on Bail
After four nights on remand, sex offender Kenrick Bowman, is out free from the Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance. Last Friday Bowman was arraigned for a sexual [...]

Lincoln Hemsley Junior Acquitted of March 2012 Murder
There was also a murder acquittal in court.Twenty-three year old Lincoln Hemsley Junior, walked free of the March 2012 murder of twenty-one year old  David Alberto Hernandez after being on [...]

P.M. Wards Off Criticism from BTL Employees
Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced on Monday that general elections will be held on November fourth, 2015, that is only three years and eight months into his second five year [...]

Is U.D.P. Machinery Well-oiled Ahead of Upcoming General Elections?
With general elections thirty-six days away, both parties will be scrambling for money, and both have taken money from the only man with the ready cash to be a game-changer [...]

P.M. Barrow on Guatemalan Presidency and Territorial Dispute
C omedian turned Guatemalan politician Jimmy Morales shocked that nation by winning the first round of elections in early September. He will be facing Sandra Torres in a second round [...]

Elections & Boundaries Commission Confirms Election Day 2015
Coming on the heels of the announcement for early elections on November fourth, the Election and Boundaries Commission has confirmed October sixteen as Nomination Day for candidates of all political [...]

Mercury Above Acceptable Level in Fish Found in Macal River
Traces of mercury have been detected in fish from the Macal River.  An analysis in which twelve species were caught from the waterway indicated that six of them tested positive [...]

Seven NGO’s Receive CARSI Funding
The US Embassy today awarded grants to seven organizations from around the country under the Central American Regional Security Initiative. The US Ambassador, Carlos Moreno says that the awards were [...]

House Collapse in Lake-I Leaves One Family Homeless
Another Belize City family residing in Lake Independence is tonight homeless after their home collapsed over the weekend.  Lichelle Dixon, her mother and grandmother were living in a dilapidated wooden [...]

A Museum in Honor of Phillip Goldson
On Monday the National Institute of Culture and History held the formal opening of Goldson House, a museum and research and education institute dedicated to the life and legacy of [...]

P.M. Attends Launch of Goldson House
Prime Minister Barrow was at the opening of Goldson House, and told News Five that the tribute to the great statesman and national hero is important to the U.D.P. and [...]

Miguel Alamilla and Romi Badillo are 2015 Ocean Heroes
For the past five years, Oceana has been recognizing leaders in ocean conservation, education, and advocacy from around the world. In Belize, Biologist Miguel Alamilla and Captain Romaldo Badillo were [...]

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Conch Season Declared Open
Seafood lovers rejoice for the return of the Queen Conch! Today the Fisheries Department announced the opening of the much anticipated Conch Season on Thursday October 1st. This season’s rules have not changed but were modified. A release from the Department indicates that no person or establishment shall have in their possession any diced conch meat. The market clean conch meat and fillet conch meat weight should exceed 3.0 ounces and 2.75 ounces, respectively. Of note to fishers is that the Queen Conch shell length should exceed 7 inches. The public is reminded that the department hereby makes a special appeal to fishers and the General Public to uphold all Fisheries Regulations, and urges all responsible citizens to call the Department at 224-4552 / 203-2623 to report any infractions. The season runs until June 30th or until the National Quota is realized.

Energy Challenges To Be Addressed With Grant Awarded By EU
As the country embarks upon a development process and the modernization of the economy, it needs to address energy challenges. Belize is abundant in energy resources, particularly biomass which is forestry, hydroelectricity, solar and wind. Although these resources could play a central role in sustaining development, the nation remains highly dependent on imported energy sources. In addition, access to energy in rural areas is inadequate and public awareness regarding energy efficiency is low. It is in this light that the Capacity Development in Renewable Energy Policy and Mapping in Belize was kick started. With the help of the European Union working along with the Government of Belize, a grant of 27 million Euros has been secured for this project. Ambrose Tillett, Energy Director within the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities, says improving energy access in rural areas would play a pivotal role in poverty reduction.

Fourth Annual Run For The World Takes Place On Saturday
Did you know that there is a number of scientific evidence that proves that regular exercise, running in particular, has health benefits that extend well beyond any pill a doctor could prescribe? Studies have shown that running can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some cancers, and a host of other conditions. What’s more, scientists have shown that running also vastly improves the quality of your emotional and mental life, and even helps you live longer. Bearing in mind the importance of running, the Corozal Community Youth Children and Sport group held its third annual run for the world marathon. The marathon is scheduled to take place on Saturday. Humberto Juarez Principal San Joaquin R.C. School: “The activity Run for the World has been an annual activity and we have been doing it for the past three years and it is about promoting health awareness and we want to encourage our students to be engaged in activities that promote healthy lifestyles and we want to do that through engaging them in participating in sports and running is one of the activities that involves a lot of people so that is why we want to bring it once again this year to our community and we have over five hundred participants are expected, there are twenty schools that have been invited and we are requesting form them a minimum of twenty five students participants but of course that is the minimum but if they bring more than the event will be bigger.”

Opposition Leader Demands That Electoral Observers Monitor Election Process
The sudden announcement of general elections by Prime Minister Dean Barrow has proved to come along with several inconveniences. Important court cases have been postponed and according to the PUP, there is another, bigger problem. The PUP sent a letter to the Prime Minister on Monday in which it insists that the Prime Minister bring in an electoral observer for the November fourth election. The PUP says that the announcement comes only days after the annual transfer period of voters and days before the commencement of the process for the annual revision of the electoral list. The later says the PUP will not be possible due to the limited time to elections. So, continues the PUP, for a free and fair election to take place it requests an observer from the OAS, the Commonwealth or CARICOM to monitor the process on November fourth.

General Election Date Affects Major Cases At Supreme Court
The announcement of elections has forced several changes, among them the case of the PUP against the Prime Minister Dean Barrow on the appointment of the thirteenth Senator. That case which is before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin is postponed to November 30th. The matter on the thirteenth senator began by a proposition by the very people in government now. The UDP had included this in their 2008 manifesto but even after making amendments to the constitution the PM has refused to enforce them. Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay spoke to the media on the matter. Eamon Courtenay - Senior Counsel: “The Prime Minister and the Attorney General considering the 13th Senator and what happened is that it was set for trial today but it has been adjourned by agreement because the date for election has been set therefore it has been adjourned for the 30th of November when we hope by then that with a new Prime Minister we will have the 13th Senator appointed and then the claim will be withdrawn, in the event that that does not happen then the Chief Justice will set a trial date at that point in time.”

BEWU And BEL Reach An Agreement, Strike Avoided
BEL and the Belize Energy Workers Union have reached an agreement and signed on it. The process however was not easy for BEWU. BEWU saw steps towards a resolution last night in a meeting with the Prime Minister who intervened in the negotiations yesterday afternoon. In that meeting were also representatives of BEL’s management, and the Minister of Labor. A memorandum of agreement was in fact signed last night between the principals of the Ministry of Labor, Minister Godwin Hulse himself and the union’s General Secretary Marvin Mora. Mora told the media however, that even before that agreement was reached, BEL’s management representatives walked out. “The agreement was signed mainly between the government and the Union in a sense because management for some reason or the other had left the building by the time we decided so in essence we can say that we have an agreement with the owner and now it is up to the owner to basically translate that at the board, I believe that her was a lot of flexibility on everybody’s behalf and the Union has been flexible like I explained to you guys from the beginning of the negotiation and that I believe was captured in the agreement the last time.”


PUP Deputy speaks on what the PUP would do on Belize/Guatemala issue if they were in power.
The Barrow Administration has gotten much criticism for the way they have been dealing with the territorial issue and the many incursions being done by Guatemalans, particularly in the south. The opposition party has been at the helm criticizing the Government and campaigning to the Belizeans on voting no to the International Court of Justice […]

Social Security Workers Demand Raise
Now that the BEL workers have come to an agreed salary increase and are now looking forward to the signing of a Collective Bargaining Agreement in the coming weeks, Love News has received reports from various sources that the workers at the Social Security Board are now making their demands for a salary increase as […]

Police News
San Ignacio Police have two persons detained following a report by a thirteen year old girl of Santa Familia Village in the Cayo District. The teenager in the presence of her mother reported that on September 3 her brother told her to have sexual relation with one of her male cousins but she refused. The […]

PUP Calls for Observers in General Election
Opposition leader Francis Fonseca has written to Prime Minister Dean Barrow. In his letter the Opposition leader is requesting that electoral observers be invited to witness Belize’s election process on November 4. According to Fonseca, the announcement of the election date only weeks after the close of the annual transfer period for electors and days […]

Elections Affect Court Cases Brought by Opposition
With the announcement of Election Day come disruptions in various sectors. One area where this was seen today was at the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of Belize has made the decision to postpone one case discontinue another as a result of the upcoming elections. There is the case surrounding the Cayo Northeast electoral decision […]

Toddler Recovers from Burns at Shriners Hospital
There was no official report reaching our newsroom and it is unclear as to when exactly in July, the incident occurred but there was an update published on a US news station involving a Belizean toddler who had received second and third degree burns. That 3-year-old child, Dylan Popp is now recovering in Boston after […]

Belize Electricity Limited and Belize Energy Workers Union sign agreement
Yesterday they were announcing strike action as they called the media to the Belize Electricity Limited’s compound at around midday. Now, tonight the workers of BEL and the Belize Energy Workers Union are somewhat appeased as they are getting their salary increase and the Collective Bargaining Agreement is expected to be signed shortly. Today, BEL […]

Belize Boxing Federation Sends Strong Message to Underground Organizations
The Belize Boxing Federation is setting the record straight via a press release directed at all boxing coaches, judges, referees and athletes. The essence of the release was a reminder that the Federation is the only legal entity responsible for the governance and regulation of boxing affairs in Belize. The release stated that the BBF […]

Accused Murderer Walks Free in Trial Without Jury
23 year old Lincoln Hemsley Junior, accused of the crime of murder in the 2012 shooting death of 21 year old David Alberto Hernandez, is a free man after Judge Adolph Lucas upheld a no case submission and ordered that Hemsley Junior had no case to answer to and acquitted him of the capital punishment […]

Traffic Accident on Major Thoroughfare Leaves Family Injured
A traffic accident occurred at mile eight and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway at around four this evening, just after Sky’s Grocery store in Ladyville. Thirty nine year old Ruth Meastre who lives less than half a mile from where the accident occurred, was reportedly leavinge Sky grocery store and heading home when […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

SIB reports lower prices, trade slowdown in August
Monthly economic statistics from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) say that while Belizeans are paying less for goods on average this year over last year, trade has slowed down. Belizeans paid 0.6 percent less in prices, due to decreases in prices for fuel and LPG or butane […]

Conch season opens
Fishing season for the Queen Conch opens tomorrow, Thursday, October 1. It remains open until June 30, 2016 or the national catch quota is realized. The Fisheries Administrator warns all fishermen and the general public that no person or establishment can hold any diced conch meat. Market-cleaned conch meat and […]

BTL plans for future despite current challenges
Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) met with shareholders for the Ninth Annual General Meeting Tuesday night at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The company’s ownership has only recently been settled and the company is looking forward to developing its network and continuing to build its customer base as well […]

BEL workers reach agreement on major points in Collective Bargaining Agreement
It was supposed to be a routine signing; most of the details were said to have been hammered out over the course of Tuesday afternoon, evening and into the wee hours of the night and early this Wednesday morning. But after arriving just before 3:00 this afternoon at […]

Disturbing incest rape incident in Santa Familia
Two male persons of Santa Familia Village in the Cayo District are currently in police custody after disturbing reports involving a younger female relative. The two men, a 26-year-old and a 21-year-old, have been arrested after their 13-year-old relative reported that her older brother, 26, and cousin forced her to […]

GSU operations in Santa Elena yield less than a pound of weed
Shane Thomas, a 29-year-old resident of Carmen Street in Santa Elena Town, was arrested yesterday evening for the offense of “Possession of a Controlled Drug”, by members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) on special operations. The operation was originally to search for firearms and ammunition at #13 Carmen Street […]

Benque resident busted for over four ounces of weed
A 25-year-old resident of Said Musa Street in Benque Viejo Town, Reginaldo Morales, was charged for the offense of “Drug Trafficking” yesterday, after a police mobile patrol on the Arenal Road stopped and searched him, leading to the discovery of 130 grams of cannabis in his boots. Morales was subsequently […]

15 year old fined for Drug Trafficking
A 15 year old boy, one of 3 persons charged with drug trafficking, pleaded guilty to the charge when he was arraigned today by Magistrate La Donna John. He was fined $10,000 and he was given until September 30, 2016 to pay. If he defaults on payment he […]

Mother’s charges for stabbing upgraded
Resident of Mahogany Heights, Belize District, Shannon Smith, is now accused of dangerous harm rather than grievous harm in the stabbing of 42 year old Erlin Butler, Sr., which took place in March. The 24 year old is alleged to have stabbed the older man in the chest […]

Man pleads guilty to found cocaine
Pinks Alley resident Anthony Neal made the mistake of picking up crack cocaine from the ground in the sight of police on Tuesday. But he took responsibility and will now have to find $10,000 in fines to pay the court. 59 year old Neal pleaded guilty to charges […]

Common-law-wife of Manuel “El Pelon” Castillo is back in Belize
27 year old Avicela Duran who was wanted for questioning and believed to have absconded from authorities with common-law-husband, Manuel “El Pelon” Castillo, a fugitive who remains on the run; visited the police station in the company of her lawyer to clear her name a few weeks […]

Elections overtake major cases in Supreme Court
The Supreme Court has postponed one case and discontinued another as a result of the announcement of general elections in November. Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman confirmed in speaking with us via telephone this morning that the case of PUP Cayo Northeast standard bearer Orlando Habet versus the Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai, is to be discontinued with no order made for costs. She explained that events have now overtaken the case, making the exercise now academic. Former representative Elvin Penner is no longer a member of the House of Representatives and was disqualified from standing for election for the United Democratic Party. The other case was to have featured preliminary arguments pitting the country’s Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, against Prime Minister Dean Barrow over the issue of the appointment of a thirteenth member of the Senate, before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, but it was postponed until November 30 for report.

Belize: analysis of the current political situation
Belize celebrated its 34th anniversary of Independence on September 21, 2015. There are two major political parties, the People’s United Party (PUP) and the United Democratic Party (UDP). Since Independence, they have had 17 years each of governing Belize, with the UDP currently in power. The ruling UDP […]


Climate Change and Belize
Scientists have concluded that global warming is “unequivocally occurring” (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2015) and that human activities have exacerbated the effects primarily through emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). The IPCC stated that global temperatures are increasing, sea levels are rising and polar ice is melting. The IPCC warns that if emissions of greenhouse gases continue unabated the effects of climate change jeopardize sustainability of social, economic and ecological systems throughout the world. Tropical islands and coastal areas face acute risks of flooding, coastal erosion, drought and loss of ecosystems. Like many other low-lying coastal nations, Belize is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Its geographical location leaves the country exposed to the risk of rising sea levels and increasing frequency and intensity of tropical storms. In 2013, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued an assessment based on a consensus of international researchers that stated global sea levels would likely rise from 1 to 3 feet by the end of the century. New research available since this report suggests the higher end of that range is more likely, and the question remains how that range might shift upward. The data reveal the height of the sea surface is not rising uniformly everywhere. Regional differences in sea level rise are dominated by the effects of ocean currents and natural cycles such as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). But, as these natural cycles wax and wane, they can have major impacts on local coastlines.

Fin Kardashian Takes SouthEast Asia 3.0: Chiang Mai, Pai and Lots of Elephants
Hello World, From Beautiful Thailand, Sorry for not blogging any Kardashian Scoops lately but being on the road for the longest makes it really hard to blog. Plus I had been twerking while it was raining and I got really sick. Currently in Chiang Mai. CHIANG MAI I LOVE YOU Chiang Mai is north of Thailand on the way to the Laos border – it’s freaking far. The first thing that I want to do is Sleep been on a over night train ride and it was COLD and bathrooms smelled like HattieVille – got my own bed lots of tourist heading to Chiang Mai which is a city rich in culture. Left Bangkok at 4pm to arrive at 7am. Traveling with 2 friends from the UK, Yasmin and Sam, and Beth and Grant are there already. Am so excited yet YAWWWWWnnnnnnnnnn Tired. Found a cute hotel with a large pool for 400 Baths a night like 11 USD.

How Often Do You Have to Make this Decision? Ted Talk or Gothic Cruise in Belize
For some reason, October 1st is a very busy day in Belize. Sure it’s the opening of Conch Season…and that is great. But two big events are happening. One, I have been looking forward to for MONTHS and one, I found out about relatively recently but really REALLY wanted to attend. What would you choose? A Tedx Talk in Belize. The very first of its kind. Topic: Changing the Conversation. And I LOVE the hash tag. #MekWiTalk Over the last few weeks, they have announced speakers that I admire greatly…like photographer and writer of some powerful blog posts about important issues, Tony Rath and feminist, lawyer and politician Lisa Shoman. Here is the line-up. I would love to attend. And through asking…often…I received an invite. Another event I would love to attend is…brace yourself…the GOTHIC CRUISE 2015!

Food Explorer - Cayo Belize
So I recently spent a bit of time doing more inland exploration. Cayo is an amazing district! I absolutely love it. Our time was spent 60/40 between San Ignacio Resort Hotel (from here out known as SIRH), and the ranch at Banana Bank. Details on the resorts and the amazingness of the stays will come in future posts - today is all about the food on the trip. I struggled a bit with structure here. Should I go best first or saved for last?! I didn't want people to fall asleep before the good part - but no one wants to end with a sputter either. Finally I decided the best way was to order the meals as they were eaten through a day - not necessarily by day mind you - but lunches (cause I had no fabulous breakfasts worth talking about), snacks, dinner, desserts. Let the highly professional (not) assessment of Cayo food offerings commence! Do you see what I see? I said "sure, add some bacon" when asked by the waiter. His manager would be happy with the upsell, and let me tell you - I was more than happy with the MOUNTAIN of bacon that showed up; thick cut heaven on a bun. SIRH wins an award for best bacon upgrade I've ever can barely see the meat under that stack of bacon.

Sundown in San Pedro
Last night at dusk, Rose and I sat on the edge of our dock with glasses of wine and watched these guys deliver a load of lumber to a neighbor who is rebuilding his pier and restaurant. The sailboat brought in the lumber and off-loaded it to the skiff, which was then poled into shore across the shallows. Man, that was hard labor. The water was uncommonly still, as was the air. Even the constant murmur of waves tumbling over the barrier reef was muted. Meanwhile, pelicans were diving into the water around us, like kamikaze bombers in pursuit of the sardines so thick that, for a brief moment, the sea looked like it was coming to a boil. These birds are the most graceless hunters I have ever seen.

I’ve begun my initial review and analysis of the 15th Belize General Election. I will not have the time to review and analyze each constituency individually before the poll on Wednesday Nov. 4th. As a result I will have to divide and conquer, literally perform literary triage, and reduce the whole to bite-size sections for consideration, digestion and reflection. That said I am firstly going to divide by districts, and then look within each district at the races I find interesting. I am starting near to home with the Belize District which has the largest number of seats – 13. As a rule the party that wins the majority of the constituencies in Belize District has the best shot a forming the next administration. Broadly speaking there are some races that my initial analysis has concluded are near foregone conclusions as to their outcome. In the Belize District for the incumbents, Fort George, Queens Square, Mesopotamia, and Belize Rural South appear near locks, or “safe seats”. It is very likely that the incumbents will win in Collet and Port Loyola and it would appear at this point that the incumbent is most likely to win in Belize Rural North. The incumbents are strongly challenged in Freetown, Pickstock, Belize Rural Central, and Lake Independence.

International Sourcesizz

One in three natural World Heritage sites threatened by oil, mining: report
Almost a third of natural World Heritage sites are threatened by mining and oil exploration, according to a report that said companies and investors face reputational and legal risks by backing such activities. As many as 70 out of the 229 natural World Heritage sites are at risk from extractive industries, the research from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and asset managers Aviva Investors and Investec showed on Thursday. That includes most of Africa's 41 natural heritage sites, designated by UNESCO as areas that have outstanding natural beauty or have ecological significance. Areas listed as under threat from resource extraction activities include Spain's Donana (Donyana) National Park, the Selous Game Reserve in Africa and the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System in North America.

Oil Prices And The Future Of Petrocaribe
On June 2005, upon the initiative of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the governments of Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Venezuela agreed on the creation of Petrocaribe, a Cooperation Agreement to strengthen energy security in the Caribbean and Central America. Today, 19 countries are part of this regional initiative, as five nations joined Petrocaribe in subsequent years: Haiti (2007), Nicaragua (2007), Honduras (2008), Guatemala (2012) and El Salvador (2014). Since its creation, Petrocaribe has served as an important financing mechanism for oil-importing countries in the region. It introduced a lending scheme for oil purchases from Venezuela where conditionalities adjust to price fluctuations among predetermined thresholds. As a result, if the oil barrel falls below US$40, up to 30 percent of the bill will be financed by a 17-year loan, with a two-year grace period and an interest rate of 2 percent. Similarly, when the barrel exceeds US$40, the term for payment is extended to 25 years, with a two-year grace period and the interest rate falls to 1 percent. Member countries may also offer goods and services to pay off oil shipments.

MOT, NAS and BNT Partner For World-Class Bird Watching Training Workshop
The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (BMOT), the National Audubon Society (NAS) and the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) recently held a special bird watching training workshop in Central Andros to help train persons looking to get involved in this new, lucrative niche market. The $2.6 billion project – funded by the Inter-American Development Bank – partners with local NGOs in Belize, The Bahamas, Guatemala and Paraguay to utilise the bird-watching market to create sustainable jobs in communities while simultaneously protecting biodiversity and natural resources. According to officials, The Bahamas has the perfect sites for bird watching to take advantage of the $82 billion industry, which is growing at approximately eight per cent a year with an expenditure of $17 billion. Director of Industry Training in the Ministry of Tourism Ian Ferguson said MOT is extremely excited to be a part of the programme.


  • Capt. Romi Badillo - Ocean Hero 2015, 8.5min. There are no words that can express the profound sense of loss felt by the passing of Captain Romauldo Badillo. Romi’s friendship, leadership and seamanship has impacted numerous Belizeans. As Oceana organized this tribute, so many people had a different story to tell; everyone wanting to help saying, "This is the least I can do for Romi." His time with us was cut short but his list of accomplishments is long...and there is no way anyone could do proper justice to them all. He gave so much of himself to Belize via the Fisheries Department; the tourism industry; support for scientific research; and in channel marking and navigation

  • Miguel Alamilla - Ocean Hero 2015, 8min. Since 1997, Miguel Alamilla has been managing one of Belize’s most popular marine protected areas, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. As a part of his responsibilities, Miguel has also been leading a monitoring program in order to protect the highly vulnerable marine turtles that live and nest on the shores of Ambergris Caye. Officially declared a reserve in 1987, in February 2015, Hol Chan was expanded, largely in part from Miguel's lobbying efforts, from 21 square kilometers to include more than 131 square miles of reef, shoals, sea, lagoon and wetlands. Like the charismatic creatures he works to protect, Alamilla has been silently toiling behind the scenes in dedicated service to conservation and country. Today, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is recognized internationally for its efforts in management, education and advocacy.

  • Maya Day in Belize, 13min.

  • Honeymoon and Family Vacation May 2015, 9min. Royal Caribbean cruise to Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras.

  • Belize: This Morning's Monkeys, 1min. Poor camera control but brief 'hello' from howler monkeys in the trees outside house. Shot from kitchen/garden 30 Sept 2015

  • Wild Instinct Outdoors - Belize Fly - Season 1, Ep. 13, 22min. Witt joins friend and fellow fishing guide Will Flack in the pursuit of tarpon, bonefish and permit in the crystal clear waters of San Pedro, Belize.

  • Inspection Robotica with CTV3 NEWSCAST in Belize, 8min. Surveying Technology in Belize

  • GoPro: Sailing around Belize coast, 1.5min. 3 amazing days spent with captains Ish & Chilo on Raggamuffin Tours catamaran, filled with discovering corals and islands, eating fresh sea food and enjoying the smooth ride...

  • mergulho em Blue Hole - Belize, 16min. O Blue Hole, localizado a quase 100 km da Cidade de Belize, foi descoberto por Jaques Costeau. Tem a forma de círculo perfeito com pouco mais de 2km de largura e alcança 145m de profundidade. Normalmente os mergulhos descem até os 45m, a água é gelada. É comum avistar diversos tipos de tubarões rondando a cratera.

  • Stephen Fry in Central America Season 1 Episode 2 *Belize to Guatemala*, 58min.

  • Underwater World: Mexico and Belize, 2.5min. here is a little taste of my highlights in Mexico and Belize!

  • Trip to Guatemala and Belize 2015 HD, 4.5min. A video made using GoPro Editor showing some highlights of our 2 week trip to Guatemala and Belize, where we covered 800 miles from Pacific to Caribbean passing through Beaches, Jungles, Colonial Towns and Ancient Ruins. A brilliant adventure!

  • World banking explained in less than 2 minutes..., 2min. An animated interview of IMF whistleblower John Perkins, author of 'HoodWinked' and 'Confessions Of An Economic Hitman'

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