Tedx comes to Belmopan

TED x, a locally organized version of the larger international Ted Talk events, was held today at the UB Jaguar Auditorium in Belmopan for thvlcsnap-2015-10-01-19h17m02s90e first time ever. TED Talk, a thought provoking, inspirational and motivational conference has become a global sensation. With over one thousand Ted Talk videos online, in a variety of topics, Ted Talk continues to inspire people around the world. Jeanelle Mencias, licensee and curator of TEDx Belmopan was one of the main organizer of the event. She tells us more about the birth of the idea to bring TED x to Belmopan

Janelle Mencias, Organizer, Tedx Belmopan: The idea came about when the other curator, Justine Nicholas, we are old collage friends and she posted on her Facebook that she would be attending tedx UF. And I was like wow that’s so cool, I’m jealous, I wish we could bring that to Belize. So after that, we continued talking and we ended up looking into the idea and so we found out that we had to apply. We applied, and it was bit of a tedious process because it’s a lot of back and forth and we finally got our license approved in October 2014.

Five speakers graced the stage at the first ever TEDx Belmopan conference today. They are: Oceana Belize Vice President Janelle Chanona, Belizean Caribbean Journalist Kalilah Enriquez, Female rights activist Lisa Shoman, Photographer Tony Rath, and Belizean Art Pioneer Yasser Musa. Janelle explained the main theme of today’s Tedx conference.

vlcsnap-2015-10-01-19h17m27s75Janelle Mencias, Organizer, Tedx Belmopan: About different topics that people were talking about and we said you know what, we’re having conversations but maybe what we needvlcsnap-2015-10-01-19h16m56s19 is a change in the conversations that we’re having. And that’s pretty much how we came up with that theme, and then under that we had sub themes. So we choose “preserving Belize, environmental culture, the impact of media, and women in leadership.” Because we believe those are areas that, like I said, we’re having conversations but the conversations aren’t meaningful enough and we want people to change the aspect that they were focusing on.

Janelle Mencias says that it is her hope that they will get the opportunity to host this event again in 2016.