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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Patrick K. Stiley on islands state of being
Dear Editor: Count this as my vote to continue the San Pedro practices of litter and trash everywhere, price-gouging “gringos” ($70 cab from Tropic to Palapa), local government with no transparency, uncontrolled traffic, unschooled drivers, rude taxi drivers with substandard vehicles, overpriced meals with poor service. Why not resist the progressive ruin of our tourist industry on La Isla Basura? Simple: Those of us who live here, unless supported by our major industry (not for long), will positively benefit. There will be less traffic, lower prices, better service, less crowds, etc. When I spoke with tourists in the 80s and 90s, virtually all said their next vacation would definitely be in San Pedro. Now, very few. Keep up the good work, everyone.

Town Council building undergoes renovations
When asked about prioritizing cosmetic work to the building, Guerrero pointed out that it all depends on who is leading the Town Council. “I believe that the priorities will depend on the individual that sits here. I can be here and these are my priorities to say, I want to do something to impress, for the benefit of our people and island. People have different views, the Opposition, but what we need to know is that we are working for the people, and people will always welcome positive things,” stated Guerrero. Guerrero indicated that the Town Board does work with a budget and reiterated that San Pedro is the only municipality in the country that has the freedom of spending because the island generates lots of revenue. “We have a budget which we presented [July 22, 2014] at the Lions Den when we do our financial report. But, let’s not forget that a budget is just a guideline as to how you should operate, it is either less spending or more spending. However, it is not just spending from the Town Council; we do get a lot of donations as well that help us do the many activities people see around town. ”

Letter to the Editor: Dianne Lawrence responds to all the negativity about the island
Dear Editor I would very much like to respond to the folks who wrote negatively about our island community. I feel very bad that you did not enjoy our community on your last visit, and thank you for taking the time to raise your complaints in a public forum. I’ve only lived here (full-time) for nine years and have seen many changes. When we were a smaller island, garbage was issue; we now have public trash bins on all major roads (thanks to Dr. Lala and his crew of student volunteers). But garbage remains an issue and the school system has a curriculum that impresses upon the next generation the importance of putting garbage in its place. We now have a proper garbage treatment center AND a bottle recycling center at Belikin. While we grow as a community, please be patient. We are no longer the hidden gem of the Caribbean in your eyes, but we call it home. Please remember that on your two-week vacation. We know our community is not perfect, but we are trying. Some examples follow below. The Sargasso seaweed has inundated the Caribbean for almost a year now. We can’t change that. Our beach cleaners move hundreds of tons of the smelly stuff each month in hopes of making the beaches nice for your visit; but the tide brings it in twice a day. Sometimes it is so thick that it can’t all be moved in one day.

Saga hosts Central American Cuisine cook-off
After a delicious feast with lots of raffle prizes and live music in between, votes were cast for the best dish of the evening. Both El Fogon’s Rice and Beans with stewed chicken and Nancy Nida’s (Sotheby’s) Nicaraguan Pulled Pork with a twist walked away with 3rd place prizes. Rosemary Smith and Judy Allen’s Mexican Enchilada Pie took the 2nd place. Walking away with the grand first prize was Letty Hernandez’ (Sew What’s) Enchiladas from Honduras, since everyone just could not get enough of it! Saga thanks everyone that came out and supported the cook-off this month. Special thanks go to GMC International Band comprised of Mar, Gonzo, Charles Sr., and their special guest Chip, for serenading their guests; El Fogon Restaurant and their entire staff, Banana Beach, Sotheby’s, Pineapple Restaurant, Sew What, Terry and Michele Colbert, Judy Allen, Sandbar, Black Orchid Restaurant, Lone Star Grill and Cantina, Palapa Bar, Top Notch, Latitude’s Café, Premium Liquors, Kristy Pisarczyk, Judy and Duane Allen, Dr. Don Tummons, Mary and Frank Maykuth, Judyann and Tom Horton, Brenda and Bruce Breen, Beth Rogers, Mary Troup, Susie Tsinka, Karyn Larko, Cindy Kyles, Aimee Fearneyhough, Tori Fearneyhough, Jane and Paul Hohne. Saga would also like to acknowledge volunteers Dawn Locascio, Iliana Paj, Heather Smith, Eileen Jamison, Hayley Baer, Bill Milstead, and Sandie Eisenberg-Betz.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Andy Palacio music festival fundraiser in Barranco Village
SAVE THE DATE! This is the FIRST EVER music festival fundraiser in Barranco Village to celebrate the legendary Andy Palacio’s legacy. This effort is intended to be an annual event and will help provide the resources to bring to life Andy's dream of music education in his hometown of Barranco. This is a family-friendly affair! The main event will feature a number of live performances from Garifuna music favorites. Other acts will include comedy, poetry and a talent show.

The Reporter

Belizeans show their talent: Village Arts Expo comes to Belize City
Over 120 artisans and other entrepreneurs gathered at the BTL Park on Princess Margaret Drive on Saturday, for the Belize Tourism Board’s 4th annual Village Arts Expo. The expo showcased a myriad of locally made products, including: wood carvings, jewelry, bags, glass wares, baskets and paintings. Forty-one communities countrywide were represented at the expo. Small businesses selling products such as jams, chocolates, juices, rum, and pepper also presented their items at the event, held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Valdemar Andrade, director of destination planning and cruise for the BTB, explained that the initiative originated from the village BTB’s outreach program, where the BTB works to build the economic capacity of villages across the country. The expo, Andrade explained presents an opportunity for participants to market their products to distributors, hoteleers, and the public at large,

First ever Belizean nominated for Commonwealth Youth Council
Andrew Munnings made history this week by becoming the first Belizean to ever be nominated to the post of Caribbean and Regional Representative on the Commonwealth Youth Council. Munnings, a Youth Advocate Officer with the Department of Youth Services in the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, will compete against 19 other nominees in November at the Commonwealth Youth Forum, to be held in CHOGM Malta. Nominees will compete for nine posts, representing four regions. If successful, Munnings will represent a total of 1.2 billion people under the age of 30. Munnings has begun a series of special trainings with the DYS, in areas such as oral presentation to prepare for the event. “I want to be able to show the other countries in the region what Belize has to offer, and the value that my Belizean heritage can add to the Council”, Munnings said. “Looking at the forum’s theme, Belize is small but not too small to add global value, and I want to show that we can do that.”

The Belize Times

People’s United Party Leader Francis Fonseca calling on standard bearers to fight for Belize at an energetic meeting of all 31 standard bearers and national executive[/caption] Belize City, September 29, 2015 The People’s United Party is ready to work for a better Belize. The blue machine has been moving in steady gear for the past months and is ready to rev things up with the announcement of early elections on November 4, 2015. PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca has been leading the Power to the People tours countrywide and the formulation of progressive policy ideas that have kept the Party in touch with Belizeans across the country and in tune with their concerns. Speaking to media houses on Monday afternoon, the Party Leader explained that the countrywide visits have “energized” the PUP base.

PUP will enforce the 13th Senator! – Belizeans will decide on November 4th elections
November 4th 2015 is the date set for general elections, but the day will also be one of unofficial referenda on important issues affecting our democracy and sovereignty. One of those issues is the implementation of the 13th Senator – a proposed feature of good governance and a strengthened democratic system which Prime Minister Dean Barrow has rejected over and over despite promising it in their election manifesto seven years ago. The 13th Senator would allow the balance of power in the Senate to shift from the Government Senators (6 Senators) to the Opposition (3 Senators) and Social Partners (Union 1, Business Community 1, Churches 1) by adding a Non-Government Organisation representative. This would give the Senate real powers keep the Government in check and carry out its functions as a watchdog against wrongdoing by public officials. As it stands, the Senate is controlled by the Government, which also appoints the President who acts as a tie-breaker when votes are in a deadlock. Over the past three years, the Senate has attempted to exercise its powers to pass motions to strengthen the Public Accounts Committee, to inquire into the Immigration scandal involving corrupt UDP Cayo North East area representative Elvin Penner, and to investigate Petrocaribe spending. All attempts were blocked by the Government Senators, led by the so-called champion of reform, Godwin Hulse.

UDP turmoil in Alberts – Traitor Mark Espat to replace Tracy Taeger
UDP sources are indicating that Tracy Taeger’s days are numbered as Standard Bearer in the Albert Division. This is because the UDP does not believe she can put up a challenge to the PUP’s hardworking standard bearer Paul Thompson. Our sources indicate that the UDP is considering pulling Taeger out and putting in the great despot himself, Mark Espat, who sold out the PUP for a few pieces of silver and who has been advising Barrow on how to trick the people of Belize for the past three years. UDPs such as Patrick Faber, Gaspar Vega and John Saldivar are not happy with this consideration. They do not trust Mark Espat. They know of his ambitions and his loyalty to anything but himself. The next few weeks will be interesting in the Alberts and we will keep our eyes on things.

“Daddy” & “Son” in Trouble at BTL
Like a pig wearing bright red lipstick, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has tried to paint a pretty picture of his secret travels, private meetings and dreadful deals with the man he once called the devil. In an attempt to quell a wildfire against his administration, the lip-glossed pig rushed to meet with the workers of BTL on Wednesday September 30th afternoon, after the employees’ union issued a stinging release indicating their “disgust” with the Prime Minister and his arbitrary actions and decisions over BTL. The Belize Communications Workers’ Union were incensed that six years after he snatched away Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) from its previous owners, on the basis that his Government and the people of Belize could not afford a prolonged legal battle, Barrow returned to Ashcroft, cap in hand, to settle the dispute and agreed to outrageous terms that will see the Government, the company and taxpayers pay hundreds of millions more than it would have had the dispute been settled six years ago.

Think About It
The People’s United Party will win the general elections. The people of Belize deserve better than what the UDP has been dishing out to them. Lies, deceit, incompetence and corruption have become the hallmark of the UDP government. When a government reaches that level it is time for it to go. Matters of substance which are important to a nation have remained at the same low level for the past eight years of Mr. Barrow and his motley crew. Take the issue of Guatemala. It is now clear that no serious thinking has taken place regarding how Belize could best protect its territorial integrity. It is almost as if some foreigner is suggesting how our government should conduct itself and our government is blindly following wrong advice. Where has it gotten us? Barrow and Elrington in 2008 (the same year they won the elections) signed a secret compromi agreeing to go to the International Court. They refused to consult the people of the country. They were all gung ho to go to court. They did not even consider if that course of action was in our best interest.

On the mark…
So the date is set, the horses are in the gate and the silly season is declared open. From now until November 4th, which is the date declared for our next General Elections, Belizeans will be subjected to incessant political ads and gimmicks. Politicians that would not even look your way for the past four years will now greet you by first name and stop long enough to listen to the smallest details of your every concern. For the next month, our cities, towns and villages will be transformed into a circus of political flags, banners and colorful billboards. Young men who were idle and practically naked for the entire time of this government’s term in office will suddenly be busily engaged hanging signs and looking sharp in their brand new tee shirts bearing name and image of whichever politician gets to them first. It is an amazing phenomenon to behold. On Monday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced to the nation that he had advised the Governor General to dissolve parliament and set November 4th as the date for General Elections. It will be the fourth time that Belizeans will be going to the polls this year, having gone through two by-elections and a municipal election. This one, the general elections and grandest of them all, will be held a full 15 months ahead of its constitutionally due date.

The Future is Francis & the PUP
An election in a proper, functioning democracy should never be about who can buy and bribe poor voters to cast their ballots for a few dollars more. That is the Dean Barrow, UDP way. The proper, moral thing that an election should be about is the caliber of the candidates and the quality of their ideas. Hon. Francis Fonseca and his team for a better Belize has invested many hours listening and consulting with the people of Belize. From this honest and humble democratic exchange has emerged a clearer view of the kind of country and the type of government the people of Belize are hoping for. Here are some of the ideas to which the Hon. Francis Fonseca and a new PUP government are committing itself to do. The false belief that democracy in Belize only takes place once every five years when the people vote and thereafter have no say in the running of their country will be radically changed. The law making body- the House of Representatives will be wired to the internet to be able to communicate with the citizens and students. Any recommendation or proposals from any quarter of society receiving more than ten thousand supporters will have to be introduced for debate and possible policy or legislative action.

“Technical difficulties” interrupt vital services at KHMH
A leaked memo distributed to the Heads of the Medical Departments at the largest public referral hospital, Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, warns that the hospital has discontinued surgical services to the public because of “technical difficulties” at the hospital’s Central Sterilizing Unit. According to sources those “technical difficulties” are serious equipment failures. As a result, the hospital has cancelled all elective case and can only admit emergency services and C-Sections. Missing in all of this is the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, who instead of ensuring that our hospitals and clinics are properly equipped, has left them abandoned to infections, rats and snakes.

Pope Francis has just completed his visits to Cuba and the United States of America, to tumultuous welcomes and enthusiasm and much to the delight, no doubt, of Roman Catholics the world over. Last week Sunday it was brought to my attention that the music of the Cuban orchestras at Pope Francis’ Masses in Havana and Holguin was absolutely exquisite. I did get the opportunity to watch and hear the repeat of the Havana Mass, and I agree that you just cannot beat the Cubans for beautiful indigenous music in whatever format and for whichever forum. There are two (perhaps more, but I will focus on two) outstanding themes that I have gleaned from his sermons and speeches during his visits to our two sister nations. And I was very cheered to hear Father Leslie reiterate these two vital messages delivered by Pope Francis during his Sunday Mass sermon at Our Lady of the Way Church in Ladyville this past Sunday.

He told us so!
Darrel Bradley defied the basic rules of infrastructure development as Mayor of Belize City by spending $40 MILLION on streets without building new drains. His true work can be seen every time there is a light shower on the city and pedestrians, motorists and cyclists have to wade through unsanitary knee-deep water to get to their homes. Darrel Bradley turned Belize City streets into drains.

Veteran Journalist Sues Malpago Mayor
My last encounter with that wretched mayor, Darrell Bradley, was on Monday, August 31. He had gone to the magistrate court to represent a man who was charged with 54 counts of forgery and forgery related offences. He was accompanied by his secretary who works at his law firm, Lavender Chambers, located on Regent Street. Aldo Ayuso, a brother-in-law of the accused, was also present. I decided that this was a good opportunity to confront the mayor and let him know in no uncertain terms that I was going to sue him. When I told him of my intention to sue him he assured me that it will not be necessary, that he was going to save himself the embarrassment. He admitted that over 2 months have passed and that payment was long overdue. He told me that I should go to Lavender Chambers the following day, Tuesday, September 1, at 2 p.m. and I will be paid. I told him that we could make things quite easy, that if I don’t get there by 2 he could give his secretary the money to give me. He assured me that he would do so. All of this was said in the presence of Ayuso and the mayor’s secretary. Of course, based on past experience I had difficulty believing the mayor. But I decided to go anyway, even if only to prove him a habitual liar.

BTL Profits Down – Shareholders concerned about $97m liability to Ashcroft
For a second year, the government-owned and managed Belize Telemedia Limited has reported lower profits to its shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday night in Belize City. The BTL Board headed by Nestor Vasquez and Anwar Barrow informed shareholders that the company’s profits dipped by 2.1 million dollars in the 2014-2015 financial year to a total of $17 million. In the previous financial year (2013-2014), BTL saw a 7% reduction in profits, from $21 million to 19.6 million. One of the controversial issues raised by shareholders was the enormous liability created by Prime Minister Dean Barrow who, after taking over the telecommunications company, refused to settle a $45 million dollar loan with the British Caribbean Bank. Over the past six years, the non-payment caused the interest to increase. The debt to BCB is now $97 million because of one man’s wrong-headed decisions and BTL will be footing the bill.

PUP Leader Calls for Observer Missions in November Elections
Prime Minister Barrow, Today, you announced that you have advised the Governor General to dissolve the National Assembly and to fix Wednesday November 4, 2015 as the date for the next general elections, and Friday October 16 as Nomination Day. The decision comes only weeks after the close of the annual transfer period for Electors and days before the commencement of the process for the annual revision of the electoral lists. The election date of November 4, 2015 will not allow for the electoral lists to be revised for 2015, which is vital to an already bloated list. For this and other concerns for a free and fair elections, we insist that Electoral Observers be invited to witness Belize’s election process on November 4, 2015. I therefore anticipate that you will invite the OAS, the Commonwealth or CARICOM to be present in Belize as independent monitors for this upcoming General Elections in Belize.

Liad Barrow
Dear Editor, They say when you tell a lie, your nose grows longer and the more lies you tell, the longer and longer it grows. Remember the story of Pinocchio? They also say that when you start telling lies, you will continue to tell more and more lies. I want the Belizean voters to remember what Barrow said in a speech he made some years ago, before he became Prime Minister. He said that he will get a machete sharpened on both sides, and at the slight whiff of corruption he will cut its ugly head off. I am still waiting for him to start cutting off those heads. I guess they are so many, he is now confused.

Good Governance NOT Election Gimmicks!
Dear Editor, On Independence Day, exactly one week before he announced that the date for the general election is November 4th, 2015, Prime Minister Barrow wrote off the debt owed by the public to the KHMH in Belize City and the public hospitals in the districts. Many of those debts were for small amounts of $200 or less. The relief to the poor was good, but it was also an election gimmick to divert the people’s attention from the crumbling state of the public health service. Under this administration with a billion dollar national budget and millions of dollars from Petrocaribe, 13 innocent babies died at the KHMH as a direct result of unsanitary conditions in the neonatal clinic. Not a single person was punished for that unnecessary tragedy.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Father asks for help finding missing 13-year-old daughter
A father is tonight pleading to the general public for assistance in locating his 13-year-old- daughter, Katia Mejia. The teenager is of Hispanic descent and ran away from her home on Thursday of last week. According to information received just now, the teenager was last seen with her mother. Relatives […]

Sheep thieves cost farmer $900
A sheep rarer and farmer of Belmopan City, 74-year-old William Tillett, reported to police that around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 1st, he traveled to his farm and fired a single shot in the air to scare off sheep thieves that killed four of his animals and stole another two, […]

Police await post mortem results for 63-year-old
The lifeless body of 63 year old Carlos Griffith is currently awaiting a post mortem examination after the elderly man was injured and pronounced dead last night at around 8:25 p.m. Griffith had no fixed address or place of residence.

Police seize 221 grams of weed
Corozal police searched an area yesterday morning around 7:35 a.m. and discovered a black plastic bag containing 221 grams of cannabis. The bag was found underneath some garbage near a creek and labeled it as “Found Property” since no one was in the area at the time of discovery.

COLA, PUP bash Elrington’s UN address
Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington gave potentially his last statement in that capacity at the United Nations’ 70th General Assembly in New York City this week. His 19-minute address touched topics ranging from natural threats including climate change to activities happening in Belize at […]

BMG launches Part 2 Poll on Belize General Elections
Part 1 of a Belize Media Group (BMG) sponsored poll on SurveyMonkey concerning the 2015 general elections has received overwhelming support and response. Now Part 2 is up, featuring the remaining 15 constituencies and their candidates and a general question on who voters think will win the election. To participate […]

Belize: The 5-Week Election Notice is Demagogic and Undemocratic
Belize law gives the Prime Minister full discretion to call general elections at any time, with only 30 days notice. The Father of the Nation, Hon. George C. Price, used to say, “do not write a law while in government that you cannot live with while in opposition”. The […]


The winds of change are in the air on Ambergris Caye
The other day I watched a taxi driver park, run down to the Palapa Bar for a cold beer and then just placed the Belikin bottle on the ground beside a telephone pole, before speeding away. There were no trash cans in the area and I’m sure he couldn’t be caught with empty beer bottles in his cab — so I sort of get it. I can see a day when trashing the island will become a cultural taboo. It is too beautiful to not take pride in the island and show her the love she deserves. Maybe in next year’s Independence Day parade we’ll mount a “Stash that trash” float with a precision marching drill team of volunteers, each with a black plastic trash bag and a trash stick . . . . hey, and a King and Queen of Trash! We can even clean the parade route and hand out candy to kids who bring us their trash. Hmmmmm. You in? As always, out trash cleanup ends at Marbuck’s where Marlene and Sylvia had ice coffee and cookies waiting for us and Rose brought out chilled eucalyptus-scented towels to cool us down. A great way to wrap up a messy job! That west wind has flattened the sea, too. Gloriously flat and clear. The water over the reef is calm, just begging for me to paddle out in a kayak and go snorkeling. Low (or Slow) season is nearly over and a lot of our favorite restaurants are getting ready to re-open. It is exciting to bicycle around town and see the improvements being made to shops and eateries in anticipation of a new season. For example, Estel’s is installing an inside/outside bar and will offer saloon seating for single diners. Candle Garden, a busy flower and gift shop on Caribena Street has moved around the corner to Pescador Drive, and in the expanded quarters Barbara Brown has added a little coffee shop.

Pedro World: A Large Water Slide and More Coming to Caribbean Villas Resort
See what caught my eye? The strange “look-out” tower that’s going up on the end of the dock. As you get closer, you can see the beach being reclaimed, lots of sandbags and guys in the water – which appears to be getting much deeper. Here is the word of the street on this project: Yes, it is going to be a water slide and no, though the work under the palapa LOOKS like a bar, it is merely a spot to sit around and enjoy beers or cocktails (that will be purchased or delivered from the Amber Beach Bar), it is NOT a bar. Water World. So…let’s get back to Pedro’s World. (Peter aka “Pedro” is a owner of both Pedro’s Inn and Caribbean Villas Resort.) I hear that they are going to have this water slide, a water trampoline and more water toys. And that you can buy a bracelet for the day…to use the “rides” as often as you want. Perhaps at a price of $20-25bzd. OR…if you want to go on the water slide, you will be charged a per ride fee – perhaps $5bzd.

International Sourcesizz

Two banks owned by Lord Ashcroft at centre of major US tax evasion probe
Two banks owned by former Tory Party vice-chairman Lord Ashcroft are at the centre of a major US tax evasion investigation. Authorities are probing whether wealthy Americans have been using the banks, based in the Central American tax haven Belize, to shelter funds offshore. Billionaire Lord Ashcroft is the majority shareholder of BCB Holdings, which owns Belize Bank International Ltd and Belize Bank Ltd. The US Internal Revenue Service served a summons last month to retrieve information on US taxpayers who hold accounts at the banks, with the Department of Justice warning them: ‘The time to come clean is now – before we knock on your door.’ The court order also gave the IRS permission to seek records of Belize Bank International Ltd and Belize Bank Ltd’s correspondent accounts, maintained on their behalf by Bank of America and Citibank in the US.

Lord Ashcroft: Author of controversial biography on David Cameron embroiled in tax avoidance investigation
Two Belize banks belonging to a company controlled by one of the Conservative Party’s leading donors have become part of a wider US tax probe. Lord Ashcroft, co-author of a controversial book about David Cameron, has become embroiled in a tax avoidance investigation, it has emerged. Two Belize banks belonging to a company controlled by one of the Conservative Party’s leading donors have become part of a wider US tax probe. Investigators are trying to discover the identity of US clients of Belize Bank International Ltd and Belize Bank Ltd. Both banks are controlled by a Belize company called BCB Holdings Ltd, in which Lord Ashcroft is the leading shareholder. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) say in Florida court documents that US taxpayers have revealed at least 23 previously undisclosed accounts at the two Belize banks as part of a voluntary disclosure programme, according to Bloomberg News. The IRS is trying to discover the identities of more US clients. According to Bloomberg, a spokesman for the peer said he has no operational role in the banks. Lord Ashcroft grew up in Belize, where his father served as a diplomat.

UAE, Belize sign bilateral trade deal
The UAE said it has signed a bilateral trade agreement with Belize that will serve as a foundation to catalyse private sector investments from the UAE, as well as government-to-government funding. The agreement will also act as a catalyst for investments from the UAE and boost Belize's position as a Central American and the Caribbean regional energy leader, said Ali Alnaqbi, the founding chairman of Middle East Business Aviation Association (Mebaa). These trade agreements will serve as a foundation to catalyze private sector investments from the UAE, as well as government-to-government investments.

Belize warns of ‘potentially intractable, catastrophic’ phenomenon of climate change
As Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries continue to express deep concern about Climate Change, Belize has warned of the “potentially intractable and catastrophic” phenomenon. Addressing the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred P. Erlington, said, at the founding of the UN 70 years ago, the world was not confronted by the issue. “The accelerated phenomenon of climate change giving rise to the inexorable melting of the glaciers, the rising and warming of the oceans and seas, the spawning of super typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, droughts, desertification and the indiscriminate igniting of conflagrations of gigantic proportions, are, increasingly attributed to anthropogenic interference with the climate system,” he said. “In its 70-year history, the United Nations has made notable inroads to combat climate change and to promote sustainable development,” said Erlington but added that there is still work to be done.

Consular Fees to Change
The Department of State is publishing an interim final rule that makes changes to the passport book fees and fees related to the relinquishment of nationality. In addition, on October 4, 2015 the Department will lower the processing fee for the Border Crossing Card (BCC) for Mexican citizens under age 15 whose parent or guardian has or is applying for a BCC, because a surcharge on the nonimmigrant visa fee will sunset on that date. Effective September 26, 2015 the Department of State is lowering the passport book application fee by $20 and raising the passport book security surcharge (enhanced border security fee) by $20 to more accurately reflect the cost of each aspect of the passport book service. The amount paid by the customer for a passport book will not change. The application fee includes the costs of passport issuance and use that are not included in the passport security surcharge, such as the cost of providing emergency services for U.S. citizens overseas, and initial data entry through a lockbox service. The passport security surcharge includes costs associated with passport application processing that support enhanced border security, such as the secure book and card materials, passport printers, and compensation associated with passport adjudication, including fraud prevention.


  • Pa La Discoteca - Blondy D Melody Ft. Cholin el Pirata, Josh "The Code" Y Myro "El Foundaish, 4min.

  • Derniers jours au Belize, 2min. Pour apprécier le Bélize autrement que par ses cayes, nous décidons de nous retirer dans les terres pour visiter le site maya de Lamanaï. Il nous faudra tout d'abord prendre le bateau pour rejoindre la terre ferme, un taxi pour la gare routière et enfin deux heures de bus local pour rejoindre la ville d'Orange Walk. Les bus locaux ne sont autres que des bus scolaires américains qui, une fois repeints ont une deuxième vie sur les routes bélizéennes. On se sent toujours un peu seuls dans les bus locaux parce qu'à l'évidence, nous ne nous fondons pas dans le décor. Il nous faudra un peu de temps pour comprendre le concept: on paie dans le bus en fonction de la distance, on monte et on descend à sa guise. Le bus s'arrête donc parfois 10 fois de suite tous les 100 mètres. C'est long mais c'est aussi du service de proximité.

  • Belize Part 1, 6min. Eating termites while hiking in the rainforest, tubing through caves, and ziplining over the jungle.

  • Belize Moondance 2015, 8min.

  • Ceu do Belize, 5min. Sacred Farm.

  • Snorkeling, Hol Chan- Belize, 3.5min.

  • Belize Sandpit, 7min. Entering the pine ridge in Belize to load my Peterbilt truck.