The Maya House of Cacao and Chocolate Museum is a three year project funded, predominantly, by the European Union. We are coming up on our second year and are proud to announce that the majority of our work packages have already been completed! This will give us more time to concentrate on the construction and design of the museum. We are excited to create this museum/ cultural learning center in order to educate students about cacao and its importance in the Maya culture as well as bring more tourism to Toledo.

The second year of this project will be very exciting. It will include the ground breaking of the museum and the beginning of construction. We will be hard at work designing the museum, hiring a curator, and training future employees. We will be finishing the value-add processing work package by bringing in expertise from Trinidad and Tobago to train 50 women. You may find their handcrafted products sold at the museum! Our new planned opening date will be early 2014 and we look forward to seeing you!

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