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Today's Belize News: October 6, 2015 #508053
10/06/15 05:45 AM
10/06/15 05:45 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

Ambergris Today

Camp Starfish Extends Thank You's to Community
On behalf of the entire Camp Starfish team and the 27 Special Needs individuals you helped with your generosity, we say it again: THANK YOU! Providing food, drinks, supplies, transportation, and a even a float, the following businesses made Camp Starfish an overwhelming success. These corporate citizens exemplify the best of what teamwork can accomplish. So we say: THANK YOU

Flashbacks - The Historic Belize City Swing Bridge
San Pedranos vividly and with nostalgia remember the Belize City swing bridge. They used to cross underneath it with small skiffs and used to patiently wait for six in the morning to pass and go beyond the bridge. In the evenings when the bridge was swung, they lined up to return to the east side of the bridge and up the river to the open sea. Reasons to cross to the west side of the bridge were to load up for ice or gasoline or to seek safe harbor in the approach of a hurricane. In 1923 April 11th, at a cost of $84,000.00 this new swing bridge across the Belize River was officially open. It was the first swing bridge in Belize. This metal swing bridge replaced a wooden one that had been built since 1818 and again in 1859. This makes the first wooden bridge 197 years old and the metal bridge still in use 92 years old. Judging from the models of cars in the city, this Flashback takes us back to around the 1950’s. We also remember large crowds of people stopping by to enjoy the spectacle of the bridge being swung manually by a team of six men using a metal bar.

25 Years Ago - The Filming of Mosquito Coast in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Twenty five years something really exciting happened in San Pedro. It was the Mosquito Coast. Today people talk about Mosquito Coast though knowing very little about it. Well, see if you can discover exactly what it is. In 1986 San Pedro was chosen to be the site for the filming of the hurricane scene for the movie Mosquito Coast. The particular site chosen for the shooting was Holliday Lands just south of Victoria House, about 3 miles south of San Pedro Town. Belize was selected for the filming of this movie after considering Jamaica, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil and West Africa. The actual filming of the movie began on mainland Belize on February 3 1985 at various places including Gracie Rock, the mouth of Sibun River and the Manatee River. The filming of the hurricane flood scenes commenced on April 2 in San Pedro.

Pic of the Week - Extreme Selfie High Above Ambergris Caye, Belize
Belizean photographer Jose Luis Zapata shows us how amazingly fun his job can be. He "WOW's" us with this selfie on board Astrum Helicopters during one of his most recent assignments high above San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Needless to say the shot is epic, giving us some perspective as to the adrenaline rush he was feeling while taking pictures.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

12th Annual Saga Spooktacular Oct 25th
Get those spooky costumes ready and brush up on that favorite pet trick. The 12th Annual Saga Humane Society Spooktacular Halloween Party and Costume Contest is Sunday October 25th at Carlo & Ernie's Runway Bar and Grill. Spook you all then!

This Thursday at Crazy Canucks! 2p.m be there for some fresh splashing! ; ). Will create the event when I'm around my laptop.

Maya House of Cacao and Chocolate Museum
The Maya House of Cacao and Chocolate Museum is a three year project funded, predominantly, by the European Union. We are coming up on our second year and are proud to announce that the majority of our work packages have already been completed! This will give us more time to concentrate on the construction and design of the museum. We are excited to create this museum/ cultural learning center in order to educate students about cacao and its importance in the Maya culture as well as bring more tourism to Toledo. The second year of this project will be very exciting. It will include the ground breaking of the museum and the beginning of construction. We will be hard at work designing the museum, hiring a curator, and training future employees. We will be finishing the value-add processing work package by bringing in expertise from Trinidad and Tobago to train 50 women. You may find their handcrafted products sold at the museum! Our new planned opening date will be early 2014 and we look forward to seeing you!

Power interruption 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midday Wednesday, October 7, Dangriga
Ecumenical Dr, Melinda Rd, Benguche Area, Wagierale Area, Commerce St, Market Square, Church St and Sisters of the Holy Family St. BEL to energize high voltage line extension, reroute high voltage lines and replace utility poles carrying high voltage lines in the area.

BTIA Tourism Discussion
The Cayo chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association and the Sacred Heart Junior College are inviting everyone to the SHC auditorium on Wednesday night for a discussion about the new Belize Tourism Board rules and regulations. Find out how the new rules will affect your business.

Magic Shows at Octavia Waight Centre
Tonight there will be a magic show at the Octavia Waight Centre. The shows are fundraisers for Rotary so they can give scholarships to local students in need. Thanks, Rotary!

Fight Night Highlights
The big boxing match between Fres Oquendo and David Ferraez was last week, and the 501 Boyz got tons of great pictures from the event. Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Galery 4.

Channel 7

Social Security Workers Protest Countrywide
Social Security employees staged protests all over the country today. The workers are demanding financial compensation because they haven't gotten their new uniforms - those have been delayed for 10 months. Now, the agreement says that the workers should receive their uniforms every 18 months but that period expired last year December and now the workers say they want compensation for all those months without the uniforms. Today when we went to the Social Security office in the city, the employees had nothing to say but President of the Christian Workers Union Audrey Matura Shepherd spoke on their behalf. She says they are all entitled to compensation. Audrey Matura Shephard, President, CWU "What happened, they took their lunch time and for half hour in protest and disapproval of management's decision not to pay them their clothing allowance. They united and came out together to show management that they are not satisfied with their decision. Now don't think that they didn't just decide to get up and say we are not satisfied. There has been a process and there have been attempts and discussion and negotiation to get management to come around to accepting that let the present CBA, the protocols and procedures already established if you do not give the employees their uniform every 18 months as you should, then you need to give them a clothing allowance. This is an agreement.

Uniforms? It's About Uniforms?
So now what is the Social Security Board's management saying on this issue? Well, they definitely aren't taking all the blame for the delayed uniforms. When we spoke to Chairman of the SSB Doug Singh he told us that the committee responsible for confirming the style and other details of the uniforms comprises of 3 union members and 2 members of management. But apart from that, the management says the workers are NOT entitled to any financial compensation because according to their understanding of the agreement - it does not say anything about compensation. Singh told us today that it has to with a difference in interpretation. Doug Singh, Chairman, Social Security Board "It is my understanding, I mean t wasn't clarified until today when I asked the CEO to meet with the chief of steward of the union, Ms. Flowers and ask exactly what the action was based on. Other than that we would been guessing. And they indicated that it was on the uniform issue and when I saw uniform issue, is they wrote a letter to Social Security asking for compensation for a clothing allowance payment in accordance with their interpretation of their collective bargaining agreement. We responded to that letter indicating, the CEO responded that we did not interpret the clause in the collective bargaining agreement as they did and that there was not a financial entitlement.

Worker Says It's About More Than Uniforms
So as we told you SSB employees protested all over the country during their lunch break. We have an interview with SSB member from Belmopan courtesy our colleagues at PLUS TV. They told Plus TV it's more than the uniforms: Employee - SSB "We had our first protest this morning, the first sign that members are unhappy and the CEO called us in and basically dismissed us with nothing. Our members will not have it, we have sat by quietly and be good for too long. We need to pay attention to us." Reporter "What sort of intimidation are you talking about?" Employee - SSB "Intimidation, telling us that because we are working for the people and it's the people's money, that people will not be on our side - we don't have the support of the public. We are begging for anything. We come to Social Security every day and we give our hard work and we expect to be treated with respect and dignity that is due to workers."

Former PUP Mayoral Candidate Chacon Defects To UDP, Disses The Blue
Tonight there is a high profile defection from the PUP - and one that is making the UDP giddy with excitement. He is Jose Chacon - who ran as the PUP's Mayoral candidate in Belmopan 7 months ago. But now, Chacon says he is through with the PUP; he's resigned from the party and has thrown his support behind the UDP's John Saldivar. And for maximum effect - Chacon - who is also a reggaeton artist - was made to record a statement underscoring the reasons he left. He pointed to disillusionment with the party which he formerly embraced with such zeal:... Jose Chacon, Former PUP Mayoral Candidate - Belmopan "When I sought elected office to be the mayor of Belmopan under the PUP banner earlier this year, I sincerely thought that the PUP had changed. I have come to recognize the truth, that the PUP has not changed and that this PUP is the very same party with the very same leaders whom from 1998 to 2008, over saw the most corrupt government in Belize's history. But the more I saw of this PUP, the more I was exposed to its leaders, the quicker I came to realize that the PUP was only a vehicle for the enrichment and power of a few individuals.

What Wilfred Said
On Friday night we played you a small portion of Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington's speech at the United Nations - where he spoke about climate change. And indeed, in his 18 and a half minute address that's mostly what he spoke about. But his critics say that instead of talking about that - he should have been talking about the Belize - Guatemala issue - and telling the UN about Guatemala's acts of aggression on the Sarstoon. But, in fact, those critics say, he only glossed over the amendment to the special agreement with Guatemala. Here's what Elrington said. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "Earlier this year, we signed a protocol the special agreement between Belize and Guatemala to submit Guatemala's territorial insular and maritime claim to our country to the International Court of Justice. We expect that this will facilitate and speed up the process to finally and definitively put an end to the unfounded claims that have plaque us and our region for far too long."

PUP's Former Foreign Ministers Inveigh Against Elrington
Today the PUP pounced on that very brief reference. Not satisfied with a press release which they sent out on Friday evening - today the party brought together four of its former Foreign Ministers: Said Musa, Eamon Courtenay, Godfrey Smith and Lisa Shoman to put Elrington on mass blast. The 40 minutes press briefing was held at party headquarters where Shoman led the assault on Elrington:.. Lisa Shoman, Former Foreign Minister "The People's United Party is deeply concerned, not only by what is contained in that delivery of that speech at the United Nations by Foreign Minister Elrington. But more importantly we are concerned by what it does not contained. We know that climate change is critical and important, but right now Guatemala and the unfounded claim is a bigger existential threat to Belize than is climate change right now. We are doing our work on climate change. The climate change center of the Caribbean is here. We did not need only one minute and nine seconds of addressing Belize and eighteen minutes of climate change. The foreign minister goes to the biggest world stage that there is, the biggest annual world stage and delivers one minute and nine seconds of basic inconsequentialities."

A Trio Of Weekend City Shootings
There were several shootings in the city over the weekend. The first happened on Saturday night on Antelope Street - where police saw 24 year old Devon Bailey suffering from 2 gunshot wounds- one to his left calf and one to his right thigh. According to police Bailey was standing beside a fence inside a yard at #10 Antelope Street when shots were fired from a black car travelling from the direction of Central America Boulevard. Bailey remains at the K.H.M.H in a stable condition. Police have since detained one person and are seeking another. The other shooting happened last night on Supal Street around 9:30.19 year old Travis Williams was shot to the right leg. Williams told police he was standing on the street side when a lone gunman on a bicycle fired about four shots in his direction. Williams has been released from the KHMH. No one has been detained for the shooting.

OW Police Ask: Do You Know This Man
Orange Walk police need your help to find a gunman who held up a Chinese store in sugar city. It happened on Saturday night - and it was all caught on security camera. Police say they have the gunman's face but no ID. Second in command Nicholas Palomo explains:... Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk "A Chinese establishment Yen Store that is located on Belize/Corozal Road also in Trial Farm Village was robbed and stolen was $2,000. At this point the Chinese grocer has not come to make a report but the police have visited the scene and there is a footage that shows the two robbers. They went in barefaced with a 9mm pistol and the footage shows them very good and we would like to ask the assistance of the media to show the faces so that we could identify these culprits."

Looking For "Paraquat's" Killers
Keeping it in Orange Walk, last week we told you about the vicious beating of Carlos Griffith. He was brutalized on the 28th September by two men who were fighting him for a stool he was sitting on. They fractured his skull and smashed his face. He died on Friday night at 8:15. Orange Walk police say they have one person detained - and he is from the city. Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk "Since then, police investigation commence and we have one person detained where we are awaiting the conclusion of the identification parade, we will know if we will arrest and charged the persons or release the persons we have detained at this time." Reporter "The persons detained, I understand they are Belize City men." Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk "Yes, they are Belize City people and investigation and assistance from the public lead to the detention of these persons."

Another OW Home Invasion
Belize City suspects are also wanted for the home invasion of DJ Gaby's home and business on the Belize Orange Walk Road which happened last week. Police say the suspects are two men from Jump Street, or Wagner's Lane in Belize City. And there was another home invasion on Saturday at 1:00 pm in the san Lazaro Area of Orange Walk. Police told us more:.. Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk "Mrs. Vangeline Chan, a Belize business woman of 9 Dolphin Street, San Lorenzo Housing Site visited the police station and reported that about 1pm, she was at a residence when two male persons came in. One of the male persons held her down and pointed a 9mm at her and started to search the house. They stole $900 and jewelries and a cell phone. All amounting to a total of $4,600. She managed to take off one of the assailants mask, because two of them wore mask and now we are looking for two persons. We have one person detained right now pending investigation."

Human Remains Found
Human remains were found in Cayo's remote Spring Field Community on Thursday morning - and Belmopan police suspect foul play. The remains were found in a sack 6 miles south of the community between 2 large rocks. Inside the sack police also found a long grey jeans and a brown shirt. Now, police believe that it may be the remains of 75 year old Francisco Reyes Ruiz who went missing in that area on September 22nd but when we spoke to them a couple minutes ago, no report has been sent to them as yet, so no details or identity have been confirmed as yet.

Convicted Sex Offender Gets Free
28 year-old Artie Myers, a resident of Gales Point Manatee who was in jail serving 12 years for a carnal knowledge conviction, is at home tonight. That's after the Court of Appeal handed down a significant ruling in his favor. His conviction was quashed, his sentenced was set aside, a retrial was ordered, and he was granted bail. Myers was convicted on March 21 of last year in the Belmopan Supreme Court, in a trial conducted by Justice Antoinette Moore. He was accused of having sexual intercourse with a 12 year-old girl in Punta Gorda Town on November 6, 2012. In that criminal trial back in March, Myers was unrepresented. The complainant, who was 13 years-old at the time, took the stand and told the court at that time that the statement she gave to police accusing Myers was a total and complete lie. The prosecutor on the case treated her as a hostile witness, and her original witness statement was admitted into evidence. At the end of the trial, the jury found him guilty, and Justice Moore sentenced him to 12 years.

Harvest Caye Cometh
10 Days ago, we gave you a look - albeit from a distance - at the ongoing development on Harvest Caye. That's where Norwegian Cruise Line is building its 100 million-dollar cruise port and docking facility. That project will bring mass cruise tourism to Southern Belize, and the official deadline for its opening is February 2016. So, is NCL still on schedule with that timeline? This weekend we asked BTB's Destination and Cruise Tourism Director about it - here's what he said: Daniel Ortiz "Are we still on schedule for February 2016 opening of Harvest Caye?" Valdemar Andrade - Director, Destination Planning & Cruise, BTB "Yes. As far as the last conversation I had with the director of port operations Mr. Colin Murphy from NCL, yes. We are still on target for February of 2016. I think all the aspects on the island are on target. We are also working with the tour operation side of it. We are now having the detailed discussions as to what kind of tours they will be having there and being able to get those on target as well. So from our side and in terms of the cruise calls we have secured from that port, yes, everything is set for February 2016."

Life After Third Degree Burns For Three Year Old
For the past 3 months, 3 year-old Dylan Pop, and his mother, who live in Big Falls, Toledo, have been in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. He was receiving specialized medical care at the Shriners Hospital for Children. He arrived there with 3rd degree burns to 40% of his body, injuries he suffered in late June, when he accidentally fell into a pot of boiling water that his mother was preparing lunch with. The burns he suffered were already life-threatening, but in Dylan's case, he was born with multiple cardiac complications. The burns made his case far more complicated because they were putting stress on his already compromised heart. So, the Burn Victim Mercy Fund and the Gift of Life, Belize teamed up to get him and his mother from the KHMH to Shriners Hospital in Boston where he arrived in a frail and fragile state. The doctors gave him a 50% chance of survival, but with their expertise, and a stroke of great fortune, he received care for the burns, and life-saving surgery for his congenital heart defect.

Darren Banks, Schizophrenic
On March 26th 2012, the Notorious Darren Banks, said to be the leader of the PIV gang back then, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for 26 and a half pounds of marijuana which was found on top of the roof of his Oleander Street home. At the time of the search at Bank's home, police say they found an AR-15 rifle, twenty nine 5.56 live rounds of ammunition, and thirteen .223 live rounds of ammunition. Banks was charged with kept prohibited firearm, kept prohibited ammunition and drug trafficking. It's been over 3 years now since Darren Banks has been locked up and things have only gotten worse for him and his family. Banks was diagnosed with Schizophrenia - a long-term mental health condition that causes a range of different psychological symptoms. According to his family, his rights are being violated at the prison due to his mental condition.

Capital Cops Catch Timroy
Police finally caught Timroy Neal. Neal was caught on Saturday in Belmopan after eluding police since September of last year. He is wanted in connection with a number of murders over the past months. He also faces other charges from robbery to attempted murder. Viewers may remember that Neal along with another suspect were wanted in connection with June's gruesome double murder in Teakettle. The victims were Americans Julian Christopher Jones, and Paul David Signorino.

A Marketplace Of The Unique
On Saturday over 100 artisans from all 6 districts gathered at BTL Park in Belize City, for the BTB's 4th Annual Arts and Craft Expo. It's an opportunity to see all the neat stuff that Belizean craftsmen and women produce from jewelry to jams, purses to pepper sauce. But more than just a showcase, it's also a chance to get their products seen by potential new customers: Andrade told us this afternoon that this year's expo performed about the same at the BTL Park as it did at the other locations where it had been hosted in the past.

Channel 5

P.U.P. Condemns Statement and Stance of FM Wilfred Elrington
The Foreign Minister’s speech to the United Nations in New York on Friday is causing a firestorm.  While it is not the first time that Wilfred “Sedi’’ Elrington has come [...]

Fonseca Says Belizeans Must Consider Nation’s Sovereignty on Election Day
Is the People’s United Party attempting to capitalize on what is being described as the foreign minister’s blunder?  General elections are just a month away and whatever can be used [...]

Former P.U.P. Mayoral Candidate Defects
The U.D.P. sent out a release this morning which was followed by a response from the P.U.P.  The U.D.P. release announces that the former defeated mayoral candidate in Belmopan, Jose [...]

S.S.B. Employees Protest over Clothing Allowance
Today, employees of the Social Security Board from all branches countrywide protested for half an hour during their lunch break. The organization provides its employees with uniforms every eighteen months, [...]

CWU President Says S.S.B. Management Ignoring Rules
Matura-Shepherd says that the reason the employees waited to receive their uniforms is because it is only at that point that they could calculate how much they believe they are [...]

S.S.B./CWU Negotiate Employees’ CBA
When we spoke to CWU President Audrey Matura-Shepherd in the wake of the S.S.B. protest this afternoon, she emphasized that the protest was not over the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Still, [...]

S.S.B. Chairman Says Board is Cooperating Fully with CWU
Singh says any question of salary should not hold up the process since the framework places discussions on non-financials first. The CWU has condemned the S.S.B. for what they say [...]

OW Man Succumbs to Injuries Sustained in Vicious Beating
According to our records, since the start of the year, there have been five murders in the northern municipality of Orange Walk. On Friday night, that count went up by [...]

Skeletal Remains Found Near Springfield Community
There is another case of murder that the police will have to crack. Over the weekend, the remains of man were found stuffed in a sack in a community on [...]

Guinea Grass Man Chopped for Money
But back to Orange Walk where twenty-four year old Jose Antonio Zepeda Junior of Guinea Grass Village was chopped to the forehead last Friday. Zepeda Junior claims that after nine [...]

OW Police Try to Identify Robbers Through Surveillance Video
Just before ten on Friday night, two thieves, believed to be Belize City residents pounced on a Chinese Grocery Shop in Trial Farm, Orange Walk. While the robbers have not [...]

COLA Takes Aim at Elrington…AGAIN
Since delivering a lengthy address before the UN General Assembly on Friday, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington has been raked over the coals for failing to properly address the Belize-Guatemala dispute.  [...]

COLA President Urges Pickstock Voters To Sack Elrington
COLA’s endgame since going on the offensive a few weeks ago is the removal of Sedi Elrington as Belize’s Foreign Minister, but that is a moot point because elections are [...]

CWU/POB Agree On CBA Framework
Port of Belize Limited and the Christian Workers Union have reached significant accord in the framework to negotiating the CBA governing stevedores. That’s good news in a negotiating process which [...]

CWU President Says FCIB Operating in Bad Faith
Where the negotiation with First Caribbean International Bank is concerned the news is not as good. Matura-Shepherd told News Five that the bank continues to operate in bad faith, so [...]

Football, Basketball and Cycling Updates on Sports Monday
Good evening I am James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Yesterday’s PLB matchup between the Champions Verdes FC and Police United inside the Norman Broaster Stadium proved to [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: October 6, 2015 [Re: Marty] #508054
10/06/15 05:45 AM
10/06/15 05:45 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 71,914
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Case Of Carlos Griffith's Upgraded To Murder
Since Monday of last week we have been reporting on a vicious attack suffered by one of Orange Walk’s very own, Carlos “Paraquat” Girffiths. Over the weekend, Griffiths, who sustained a fractured skull and large cuts wounds to the face, succumbed to his injuries at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. But there seems to be a lot of questions on the way the police handled the situation and the department has now come under intense scrutiny from the public. We drilled the Deputy Commanding Officer, Inspector Nicolas Palomo on the incident to get answers…. “The 2nd of October, 2015 at 8:15pm, Carlos Griffith was pronounced dead, he succumb to his injuries, as we speak right now a post mortem is being conducted on him since then police investigation commenced and we have one person detained where we are awaiting and assistance from the public lead to the detention of this person. It is police protocol when a person is either injured or suffering from gunshot wounds it is either the BERT personnel that move them.”

Opposition Lashes Out At Elrington For Comments Made At The UN
Last week the PUP condemned the Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington’s statement at the United Nations’ 70th General Assembly in New York City and was back in the media spot light again today in a press conference to reiterate their distaste towards not only his statement but more importantly, the UDP administration’s handling of the Belize/Guatemala dispute. Former Senator and former Minister of Foreign Affairs herself, Lisa Shoman, began by saying that Guatemala, in a diplomatic note to Belize in August made statements that should not have been ignored and omitted by Foreign Minister Elrington in his address at the UN. “On the 24th of August 2015, the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala sent a diplomatic note to Belize in response to the Diplomatic note #551 of the 19th of August of the Government of Belize. The government of Guatemala stated that it categorically rejects the diplomatic note of Belize and the affirmations made therein by the government of Belize in respect to what they call an incursion...

PUP Condemns Wilfred Elrington For Incompetence
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington has fallen under repeated criticism as it relates to the Belize/Guatemala dispute. Other groups such as the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, have been very verbal about their discontent to put it lightly on Elrington’s handling of the negotiations with Guatemala. And while many have called for his removal from that position, which has been ignored by UDP leader Dean Barrow, the PUP say it is not his personality that’s regrettable. Lisa Showman – Former Minister Foreign Affairs: “No the problem is not the personality if Sedi Elrington, the problem is the management of this UDP administration of a strategy and policy that has been faint staking crafted and carried out, there was as you know a bi partisan commission which was dealing with matters and what we saw that after the Guatemalans actually dropped their promised to proceed to referendum from there we saw a series of steps that was taken which did not lead to better relations and which in fact as the past year and a half have shown have embolden the Guatemalans to increasingly act aggressively toward Belizeans civilians and even Belizean military, I have been in the bi-partisan commission and before me Eamon Courtney and we can tell you that the briefs in the past four years from the national security council has been nonexistent, ...”


PUP says “we have lost on the ground and we have lost on the diplomatic stage.”
Wilfred Elrington for the, what PUP refers to as weak and inaccurate comments made in New York last week, the criticisms has now been extended to the administration when it comes to the Belize/Guatemala issue. The People’s United Party, for some months now, has been campaigning on the platform that Elrington is an inadequate representative […]

Opposition People’s United Party takes objection with Foreign Minster’s address to the United Nations
Last Friday saw the release from the People’s Untied Party condemning and criticizing the presentation made at the UN’s General Assembly by Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington. It is a case where Minister Elrington, for whatever reason, gave the impression in his speech that going to the International Court of Justice was a done deal […]

Police Investigate Cases of Robbery and Burglary in OW
On October third, a Belizean business woman of Dolphin Street in Orange Walk Town reported that while in her kitchen, three male persons entered with their faces covered with black stockings. One of them reportedly went inside the kitchen and took all the money that she usually keeps there. While the other assailant had what […]

Police Woman Dies After Not Being Able to Afford Healthcare
A 24-year-old police woman is dead, leaving a three month old baby behind. Shanique Roca-Terry was a first time mother but ever since she gave birth to her son on June 24, 2015, she has been in the hospital for the most part after she was diagnoses with pulmonary edema, cardiomyopathy, vein thrombosis, an enlarged […]


Man charged for Belmopan Burglary
There was a burglary in the North Piccini area of Belmopan on Friday night. Quick police work led to the detention of a suspect and his subsequent arrest. Superintendt Howell Gillett told us what the home owner reported to police. Sup. Howell Gillett, O. C. Belmopan Police: Between 8 and 12, 8am and...

Female bar owner charged for sex trafficking of a minor
Authorities in Belmopan are investigating a case of child prostitution. According to reports, between the period of 9th of February to the 9th of March, 34 year old Arely Castro, a Salvadoran Naturalized Belizean, harbored a minor at a bar in Las Flores that she owned for the purpose of child prosti...

No candidates for VIP in this election?
In more political news, Vision Inspired by the People has not introduced any candidates to run in this upcoming general elections so far. We do know that there has obviously been a parting of ways with VIP by some of its key members who have now amalgamated into the newly formed Belize Progressive P...

Former PUP Mayoral Candidate is now UDP
It’s political season and campaigning is on in full swing. The UDP team in Belmopan, John Saldivar’s camp, has gained new support and via a press release today, announced that former PUP member Jose Chacon, who just ran as PUP Mayoral candidate in March of this year, is now a UDP member. The release...

PUP promise consultation, condemn UDP handling of Guatemalan claim
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday in New York City has drawn condemnation in political and activist circles, more for what it apparently failed to do than what it did – offer a short update on Belize-Guatemala relations. Accordin...

Did police find remains of missing 75 year old?
75 year old Francisco Reyes, a resident of Salvapan, Belmopan, was reported missing in mid September after his family said he went to his farm near the community of Springfield Village, Cayo, and never returned. We shared with you the heart breaking plea of his daughter to have police assist in the ...

SSB workers protest over Clothing allowance
The Social Security Board Workers, most of whom are represented by the Christian Workers Union, staged a protest today: one during their midmorning break and another during their afternoon break. According to the placards which the 40 add protestors wield, the workers called for “Fair Play of ...

U.S. advises musicians on travel visas
The U.S. Embassy will this evening in Dangriga meet with members of Belize’s entertainment industry, represented by the Music Industry Association of Belize (MIAB) and the newly formed Belize Association of Producers & Promoters (BAPP) to discuss arrangements for travel visas to the United States to perform. Soca Queen Ernestine Carballo was the victim of visa revocation last month when she traveled to New York City for a performance, only to be stopped on landing in the United States and told that her visa had been revoked. She blamed the promoter, but the fact remains that artists and entertainers are granted a different class of visa than ordinary visitors as they are there for a specific and special purpose. Carballo’s ordeal prompted 2 private citizens, promoters Barbara Norales and Cornelius Cayetano, to call on the U.S. Embassy to discuss arranging a session on visa applications for those in the entertainment industry. The presentation will be made by Vice Consul at the Embassy, Matthew Hughes. Norales, who also promotes some local musicians, spoke to our colleagues at KREM News via telephone today.

World Archaelogical Congress concerned for Belizean Maya
The executive committee and counsel of the World Archaeological Congress has written a letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow expressing concern over the treatment of the Mayas in Belize in their struggle to protect their material and cultural heritage and exercise their legally established land right...

Odor at Guanacaste gone
Residents of Belmopan may have noticed that the distinctive foul odor at the Guanacaste park junction is no longer there. If you were to take a closer look at the stream than runs below the junction, you’d also notice that the distinctive red color is also gone and the water appears somewhat ...

Sexual Assault of Woman in Wheel chair
A 77 year old woman confined to a wheel chair says she was sexually assaulted by her own son-in-law. On October 1, the 77-year-old woman of San Joaquin village, Corozal District reported that the day before, she was at home at around 10 o’clock in the morning. She says he was in front of her house i...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Jose Chacon, ex-Bmp. mayoral candidate, leaves PUP for UDP
The United Democratic Party (UDP) announced on Monday that former People’s United Party (PUP) mayoral candidate for the City of Belmopan, Jose Chacon, has resigned from the PUP and endorsed the UDP and incumbent John Saldivar. A statement from Chacon accompanying the Party’s release says he that thought […]

PUP promise consultation with people on Guatemalan claim
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday in New York City has drawn condemnation in political and activist circles, more for what it apparently failed to do than what it did – offer a short update on Belize-Guatemala relations. According to the People’s United […]

SSB workers protest over withheld allowance
Today a nationwide protest was staged by staff of the Belize Social Security Board and the Christian Workers Union has stepped in. According to CWU president, Audrey Matura Shepherd, there is a lot of dissatisfaction at the SSB and the union has been doing its best to calm […]

List of General Election candidates to date
The candidates for the upcoming General Election in each constituency are as follows: 1-Toledo West Juan Coy-United Democratic Party (UDP) Oscar Requena-People’s United Party (PUP) Belize Progressive Party (BPP) 2-Toledo East Eden Martinez-United Democratic Party (UDP) Mike Espat-People’s United Party (PUP) Will Maheia-Belize Progressive Party (BPP) 3-Stann Creek West Walter […]

Benque Police seize 16 pounds of weed in drug bust
Benque Viejo police, responding to reports of a suspicious male person walking with a schoolbag on Churchill Street, made a huge drug bust on Sunday night when they found a bag containing 16 pounds of cannabis inside a pink and red canvas bag. The male person had already fled the […]

Body found in Spring Field, feared to be that of missing elder
A search party looking for a missing person made a grim discovery near the Spring Field Community on Saturday morning, October 3rd. Police were called to the area around 11:45 a.m. and saw skeletal remains believed to be human, between two rocks, inside a sack. The search party was looking […]

Police find box of weed in Western Paradise
While conducting patrols in the Western Paradise area of Hattieville on Sunday October 4th, police searched an abandoned lot and came across a cereal box containing 286 grams of cannabis. Since no one was in the area at the time of discovery, it was labeled as “Found Property”.

Robbery in Orange Walk
On Saturday afternoon, a business woman of Dolphin Street in Orange Walk Town reported to police that she was held at gunpoint and robbed by three male persons while she was in her kitchen. The assailants’ faces were covered with black stockings and one of them pointed a firearm at […]

Another shooting in Belize City
An 18 year old resident of Pickstock, Belize City, was grazed on his left elbow and left side of the hip by bullets after a gunman fired three shots in his direction on October 1st. Stephan Goff told police that he and his friend were sitting under a house through […]

Guinea Grass resident chopped to the head
A resident of Guinea Grass Village has been arrested and charged for assaulting a fellow villager over the weekend. A situation report from the police reveals that on Saturday morning around 10:00 a.m., police visited the Northern Regional Hospital where they saw 24-year-old Jose Antonio Zepeda Jr. […]

Salvadoran 18th Street gang member arrested in OW
Orange Walk Police have detained a man who was considered dangerous because of his affiliation to a Salvadoran gang and have since expelled him from the country. According to authorities in the North, on Sunday September 27th, Police detained Carlos Enrique Alvarado Lopez, an unemployed Salvadoran of […]

Guatemalan Human Smuggler arraigned at the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court
A Guatemalan, accused of being a human smuggler, has been arraigned at the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court for human trafficking offenses. According to authorities in the north, on Thursday September 24th about 12:00 p.m., acting on a tip, they intercepted a group of 13 individuals at the […]

PUP blames Foreign Minister for “mismanagement” of Guatemala issue
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and the UDP Government have mismanaged the issue of the Guatemalan claim to Belize, according to the People’s United Party. The PUP have condemned the statements of Elrington at the United Nations where he failed to thoroughly advocate Belize’s position or ensure […]

Andrew Munnings vies for post on Commonwealth Youth Council
Andrew Munnings made history this week by becoming the first Belizean to ever be nominated to the post of Caribbean and Regional Representative on the Commonwealth Youth Council. Munnings, a Youth Advocate Officer with the Department of Youth Services in the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, will […]

Village arts and crafts expo held
Over 120 artisans and other entrepreneurs gathered at the BTL Park on Princess Margaret Drive on Saturday, for the Belize Tourism Board’s 4th annual Village Arts and Crafts Expo. The expo showcased a myriad of locally made products, including: wood carvings, jewelry, bags, glass wares, baskets and paintings. […]

Carlos “Paraquat” Griffith dies of injuries in fight
Orange Walk police say that Carlos Griffith, also known as “Paraquat”, died of injuries sustaining in a vicious attack earlier this week in the center of town, and they are now investigating his death as a homicide. The 63 year old succumbed to his injuries on Friday night, […]

Journalists trained on reporting issues of violence and trafficking
The International Organization on Migration (IOM) and local Government agencies in Belize on Saturday concluded a two-day workshop for media practitioners in Belize on awareness and reporting on violence against women, femicide and trafficking in persons. While participation was low, those who attended had their eyes opened about […]

Policewoman and new mom dies unexpectedly in hospital
A young mother and police officer is dead and her loved ones are asking a lot of questions. 24 year old Shanique Roca Terry died Saturday morning after four after being hospitalized at the KHMH for complications following the birth of her first and now only child in June. Terry […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins
Church services were held this morning in Belize City at All Saints Anglican Parish Church to open Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As part of a full month of activities, this year the Society says it will include awareness activities on Prostate Cancer, a leading cause of death […]

Family pleas for return of teenager taken by mother
A family from Independence, Stann Creek District, needs your help to locate a missing teenager. 13 year old Katia Mejia was last seen heading to Independence High School to begin classes on Thursday. But according to her older sister, Leidy, she never showed up. Leidy spoke to us this morning […]


Return of the roseate spoonbills
So pretty in pink, the roseate spoonbills returned to the island with the rain and subsequent boom in tadpoles, larvae and mosquitoes. These foragers were photographed in our front yard, right near the main road. Normally a grassy — if rough — lawn, the area turns into a rather large pond this time of year and draws scores of different species of birds, the most fascinating to me being the spoonbills. My favorite island birds — the roseate spoonbills are back. Pretty great when you just need to walk out into your front yard to photograph them.

Remembering Belizean Patriot Dr Eddie Laing
Dr. Eddie Laing was the late Belizean scholar who wrote the bylaws for the formation of the Consortium for Belizean Development in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. The Harvard University law professor who taught the present American president, Barack Obama in law school, rose to become a skillful scholar of international law that Belize was fortunate to have been able to tap into in terms of consultancy on issues relating to Belize’s bordering dispute with Guatemala, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and many other constitutional law matters affecting the Belizean diaspora, as well as matters of significance in the Belize constitution. It would have been a blessing to have had him develop a constitutional amendment in terms of resurrecting the Seventh Amendment that the Barrow administration appears to be having serious misgivings in regards to placing the Belizean diaspora to its rightful place for Belize’s development.

Christmas Is Coming: Have I Got the Most Beautiful Ambergris Caye Gift for You!
I may have turned you off with the title. Christmas seems one zillion miles away, but I assure you, it is coming. And the display at the Macy’s of Belize, Mirab’s in Belize City, can prove it. Look at this photo taken last week. By the time it is all set up…it is QUITE the display. The idea all started before our trip to Beaver Island, Michigan this August. BEAUTIFUL Beaver Island for a 50th anniversary party – 1900 miles almost directly north of Ambergris Caye, Belize. So we asked…can you make us one for Ambergris Caye, Belize? And…with a bit of discussion….here it is! And available at the shop. LOVE! Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever. for the Ambergris lover. And I know how many of you are out there… Here is the print.

International Sourcesizz

Is This the Greatest Scuba Diving Site on Earth?
When we see sinkholes on the news, they're usually disastrous and frightening, swallowing up Australian campgrounds and Florida used car lots with abandon. But let's not forget the fun, chill kind of sinkhole: the underwater kind! The Great Blue Hole off of Belize, for example, is not just the most obviously named place in the world (tied for #1 with Australia's Great Sandy Desert). It's also a bucket list destination for just about every scuba diver on the planet. Before it was blue, it was still great, and a hole. Like other sea-holes or "vertical caves," the Great Blue Hole in Belize's Lighthouse Reef actually formed on dry land, during a past ice age when the sea level was a lot lower than it is today. The ground collapsed due to water dissolving limestone (your garden-variety eating-a-Florida-backhoe type of sinkhole) forming a big circular pit that was eventually submerged by the rising Caribbean. The striking contrast between the shallow, coral edge and the seemingly bottomless center gives these blue holes their colorful name.

New World Oil & Gas continues negotiations with Belize Government over project
New World Oil & Gas is in continued negotiations with the Belize Government over the termination of its Blue Creek Production Sharing Agreement. The company had previously announced the deal would come to an end by October 12 of this year unless an additional well is spudded before that time. However additional legal advice has shown the definition of a term for the contract is a period of eight years. It means the contract deadline which began in 2007 will come to an end on October 31st of this year instead.

New World Confirms Termination Date For Belize Production Agreement
New World Oil and Gas PLC Tuesday said the termination date of the Blue Creek production sharing agreement with the Belize government will be October 31. The company had previously reported that the agreement, which is in respect of its Blue Creek project in Belize, would terminate on October 12 unless an additional well was spudded before that time or unless it was extended by agreement with the Belize government. On Tuesday, New World said that the actual termination date will be October 31. New World added that it will be discussing options on continuing its participation in the licence during the course of this week with the Belize government.

New World Oil & Gas continues negotiations with Belize Government over project
New World Oil & Gas is in continued negotiations with the Belize Government over the termination of its Blue Creek Production Sharing Agreement. The company had previously announced the deal would come to an end by October 12 of this year unless an additional well is spudded before that time. However additional legal advice has shown the definition of a term for the contract is a period of eight years. It means the contract deadline which began in 2007 will come to an end on October 31st of this year instead. New World said it will be discussing its options on continuing its participation in the licence during the course of the next week with the Belize Government. A spokesman said there was “no certainty” the Blue Creek PSA will be retained.

The Speaking Cross
In 1848, the rebelling Maya, after having advanced to the gates of Mérida and Campeche, fell back and retreated eastward before Yucatecan and Mexican forces. Driven into a region of forests with no significant towns, largely unknown to the government authorities — roughly today’s state of Quintana Roo — the Maya hung on tenaciously. Although demoralized by defeat and loss of leadership, they clung to their independence, and the misnamed Caste War continued its murderous course. Then, at a time when final defeat must have seemed imminent, new leaders revitalized their movement, transforming it from a rebellion into a religious crusade sanctioned by supernatural forces. One of the new leaders, a mestizo named José María Barrera, retreating after yet another defeat, made his camp beside a small cenote in the wilderness. The cenote offered reliable water, although it was mostly hidden in a cave-like cleft in the rock. Barrera found a small cross carved on the trunk of a mahogany tree beside the cenote, so he called the place Chan Santa Cruz. In a typical combination of Mayan and Spanish words, the name means Little Holy Cross.

CARICOM and Cuba to meet in Havana
The ninth meeting of the Joint Commission under the Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement between the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Cuba will take place in Havana, Cuba on 6 – 7 October 2015. The meeting will primarily focus on the conclusion of market access negotiations which gathered momentum in 2014. CARICOM and Cuba have been seeking to expand preferential access to their respective goods markets beyond what is currently provided under the Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (TECA), which was signed in 2000.


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  • BRFP Belize Rural Finance Program Infomercial 5 Oct 5, 11min.

  • UNTOLD STORIES OCTOBER 1, 2015, 36min.

  • Caye Caulker Carnival 2015,3.5 min.

  • "Welcome To Belize" Tariq Avilez ft. All Year Summer X Edwin Diaz X Waluco, 4min. Welcome To Belize. Summer time jam inspired by the beautiful weather, people, and spirit of Belize. It only took a week for artists from Punta Gorda and New York City to vibe and record some music together. Enjoy. Like we did. Bless.

  • Belize- Caribbean Mayan Adventure, 9min. 3 Weeks, 2 Girls, 1 Paradise- Beautiful Belize!

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