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Today's Belize News: October 10, 2015 #508158
10/10/15 05:44 AM
10/10/15 05:44 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Drumming- A must try!
There are so many reasons to love Belize, and as a Belizean it makes me beyond proud to hear travellers say “The snorkelling was great BUT- my favourite part of Belize would have to be the people. They’re so friendly.” The truth is our wildlife, marine life and tour activities are great, but there is unexplainable warmth that radiates from our people. And in no way or form is this an act, in fact- it’s our culture! We’re a small country with a “small town” feel, everyone knows everyone in most towns, and we still greet each other the time of day with a smile. So when guests visit Belize, it is in this same regard that they’re treated-Like long-time friends being reunited :-) I’ve always been a fan of experiencing cultures, Belize is indeed a melting pot, and my existence alone attests to that as I came trickling down from a family tree of Kriol and Lebanese heritage.

BTB hosts Village Arts and Craft Expo 2015
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) hosted the fourth annual Village Arts and Craft Expo. The Expo was held at the BTL Park on Saturday, October 3rd between the hours of 10AM to 6PM. This year’s event saw the participation of 123 artisans and 41 communities from all the districts of the country, showcasing local products for the general public to experience and sample. Featured products included local jewelry, such as earrings, chains, and bracelets. Slate carvings, wood works, embroidery, paintings, clay pottery, sewn and crocheted dresses, local chocolates, pepper sauces, recycled products and lots of art were on display in a breathtaking show of talent and beauty. Organizer of the event, Director of Destination and Planning Cruises at the BTB, Valdemar Andrade, stated that the event is mandate for the BTB to provide socio-economic development for the communities across the country. “The idea of the event was born four years ago from our village outreach program, where we reached out to communities to develop their capacity and bring their products and services into the tourism sector. We create routes where they can come and sell their products. Every year, we bring them in order to meet their distributors, the shop owners so they can see how the products have improved. We encourage everyone to use the Belize brand which is trademarked, so people are able to buy authentic Belizean products and not just products that are marked “Belize”.

NEBL Champs San Pedro Tiger Sharks to participate in COCABA Champions League
After claiming back to back National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) Championship titles, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks are heading to El Salvador to face their toughest challenge yet. The Tiger Sharks are scheduled to participate in the 2015 Confederation of Central American Basketball (COCABA) Champions League from Wednesday, October 21st to Sunday, October 25th. Our mighty ballers are looking to bring home the first place prize for the first time ever. The tournament will see the participation of national league champions from Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Participating teams will play a series of matches to determine the top three finishers who will then move on the Centrobasket Tournament which will see the participating of Mexico and the top three teams from the Caribbean Basketball Confederation. The Centrobasket Tournament is a qualifier for the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Americas Champions which sees the participation of teams from both North and South America.

Media training on domestic violence and human trafficking
In an effort to raise awareness on the topic of domestic violence, human trafficking and femicide (a crime involving the violent and deliberate killing of a woman) in Belize, a media workshop was held on Friday, October 2nd, at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City. Hosting the workshop was Belizean writer, journalist and producer Kalilah Enriquez, who focused on sensitizing the media and providing training on the best practices to report on violence against women, femicide and trafficking in persons. The workshop also touched on the background of the BA1 Project, which deals with the same issue and which was created through the Central American Integration System and approved by the Central American Security Strategy. This approach helps create a safer environment for people and promotes sustainable human development.

BRS Standard Bearers’ Debate set for October 19th
A Belize Rural South (BRS) Standard Bearer Debate between party candidates has been scheduled for Monday, October 19th at 7PM. The debate is organized by The San Pedro Sun, in partnership with Reef Radio/TV. The event will be held at the Sunbreeze Hotel Conference Room and free admission to the debate will be determined by tickets equally distributed to all candidates and community stakeholders. The debate will also be broadcast live on both Reef Radio and Reef TV. All three candidates running for the General Election in BRS, incumbent Manuel Heredia JR (UDP), José “Elito” Arceo (PUP) and Robert “Bobby” Lopez (BPP), have been invited to participate.

Ambergris Today

Why Belize Loves The Chicago Cubs So Much
Cubs Flags are raised on verandahs and mega fans are seen wearing their jerseys, caps and t-shirts. They also flock to the nearest bar or gather at home in groups to cheer for the “Cubbies”. But why are Belizeans such HUGE fans of the Chicago Cubs? The affinity to the Cubs is highly attributed to the fact that when cable was introduced in the country, WGN TV Station was one of the first (of few) channels that Belizeans could access. The Chicago network station is big in promoting its baseball team and we found ourselves engulfed in everything Chicago Cubs. The station fed us Chicago news, sports and programming all day long; how could we all not fall in love with the Cubs? They are also one of the baseball teams with the largest fan base across the United States, and abroad if you include Belize. I remember having my large television set with a dial to change the channels. There were no remote controls; you had to get up to change the channel. Cable was introduced in San Pedro around the early 80’s. Mr. Pete Salazar of Coral Cable Vision had one satellite dish in a yard across my house. We were amazed at the site of such technology back then. LOL!!

Oh Sargasso!
How we all missed you. NOT!! Just when we thought it had gone away, it's back; fresh new sea weed. But at least it's not everywhere, for now.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

BRS Standard Bearers’ Debate in Caye Caulker
The San Pedro Sun and Reef Radio/TV are excited to announce that plans are underway for the first ever Belize Rural South (BRS) Standard Bearer Debate in Caye Caulker. The debate is scheduled for Monday, October 26th at 7PM and is being organized by The San Pedro Sun, in partnership with Reef Radio/TV. The event will be held at the Iguana Reef Inn Conference Room and All three candidates running for the General Election in BRS, incumbent Manuel Heredia JR (UDP), José “Elito” Arceo (PUP) and Robert “Bobby” Lopez (BPP), have been invited to participate. The Standard Bearer debate format will be based on prepared questions that will be solicited from the community. Participants will be presented with the questions at the time of the debate. Each candidate will be allotted time for an opening statement. Debate answers will be limited to a specific time and each candidate will also be given the opportunity for a brief, timed rebuttal. Candidates will also have the opportunity to directly question each other. At the end of the debate, each candidate will be allowed a timed closing statement. Absolutely no participation from the audience will be permitted.

Bartending Training in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace Introduction to Bartending Date: October 14th -17th Time: 9am-1pm Cost: $500 0 experience needed Advanced Bartending: Date: October 19th- 22nd. Time: 9am -1pm Cost: $600 3-5 years experience needed or have to take Introduction to Bartending. Spaces are limited. Note: We help in job placements for qualified trainees. Inbox or text 664-1515 or 626-7518.

Seed & plant exchange today
Empyrean Art Center is hosting another seed & plant exchange on Saturday! It's happening again! Hope to see you & your plant babies this Saturday 12:30-2 @ Empyrean Art Center

Water Slide at Caribbean Villas opens Sunday
The Rumours are True - our Water Slide opens Sunday Morning! Come down on Sunday during the day and ride El Diablo!

Press Release – World Standards Day 2015 in Belize

BNE Health and Safety Fair
Belize Natural Energy had their Health and Safety Fair. They had quite the line up of participants. "A few more pics of BNE's Health & Safety Fair. Thanks again to the participants and BIG thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it a success: BCVI, Belmopan Active Youth, Belize Medical Associates, Belize Red Cross, Kidney Association, Belize Family Life Association, Department of the Environment, Road Safety Project, The Health Store!"

Doing the final touches on the Rudy Miguel cycling story on the Belizean Legends video documentary series to be aired soon. An amazing story of triumph and perseverance never told before no where else in the world. Celebrated as one of Belize's rude boy champions of Belize's cycling world in the 1960's and 70's, the youngest of the Miguel brothers, Rudy Miguel who dominated Belizean cycling in the early 1960's and 70's, rose to become one of the best Belizean cyclists of all times.

According to Belize's cycling legend and National Belize Cross Country Ccyling Champion, Rudy Miguel, it was the great Belizean cycling legend, Duncan Vernon, who identified that Miguel was going to be an outstanding cyclist in Belize, and encouraged the youngest of the Miguel brothers to build on his strength and power as a cyclist who had the tenacity for the distance of the Holy Saturday Cross Country in Belize. In this classic photo, Rudy Miguel leads Vernon and another rider in the 1970 Belize Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic at the National Stadium known as Horse Track at that time. A big time respect to Trevor Vernon. Belizean Legends will be bringing you soon the story of Belizean cycling great, Duncan Vernon.

A big time respect to the two Belizean cycling brothers, Rudy Miguel and Jonito Miguel. There is still this curious question among Belize's sports enthusiasts that is still asked up to today as to who was the best among the two, which of them was the true KING OF ROAD. Let's hear it from you, and cheers to them both. Que viva to the The Miguel Brothers!

The only Belizean politician who made history in Belize defeating the long reigning Belizean Prime Minister, George Cadle Price in the 1984 Belize general elections, was the former United Democratic Party (UDP) Belizean politician, and a former Minister of Education, Derek Aikman. Aikman rose to national acclaim in Belize after his victory in the 1984 general elections defeating Price in the Pickstock Divisison in Belize City. He continues to speak out against the Guatemalan Claim of Belize, and had recently revealed on the Hubert Pipersberg Show in 2014, some serious betrayal of Belize's sovereignty and territorial integrity since the coming to power of the 1984 Esquivel administration.

The eloquent socialist Belizean thinker, scholar, and former Foreign Minister, Assad Shoman, whose political work at the United Nations (UN) championing Belize's independence that was won in 1981, remains uncontested by any other Belizean Foreign Minister in the history of politics in Belize, has been questioned today as whether he has actually abandoned his socialist ideology and has moved more to the middle as a centrist of Belize's political spectrum. Shoman, who now lives in Cuba, appears from time to time as a consultant with Belize's Minister of foreign Affairs, Wilfred 'Sedi' Elrington, on the Belize / Guatemalan Dispute.

The Peoples United Party (PUP) appears to have abandoned their social justice platform that was once practiced by the its founder and the so-called Father of the Nation, George Cadle Price, whose mantra in the 1960' and 70's became social justice for all Belizeans and the policy of the mix economy. Most PUP politicians like Jane Usher, the sister of Belize's longest reigning Prime Minister, George Price, who ran under its social justice banner of caring for the poor and underserved in the Belizean society countrywide in the 1960's and 1970's, won back to back general elections, and captured the majority of electoral votes among the Belize electorate.

The 1984 Belize Prime Minster, Manuel Esquivel making his victory speech at the Belize City Court House, after the United Democratic Party (UDP) victory in 1984 general elections in Belize City. The Esquivel administration that came to power on the slogan of 'pro-west and pro-U.S.' policies, drastically moved away from the former George Price government philosophy of social justice and the mix economy, to one driven by the so-called 'magic of the marketplace' and free market economics. Since the United Democratic Party government has transferred power to its predecessor, the Barrow Administration, not much has changed from its neoliberal policies and drastic move towards more privatization as its mantra and philosophy for development in Belize.

When Belize City's gang warfare erupted in the 1990's with the senseless murders and black and black crime within Belize's black youth population, the only organization that continued to expose the malady as a means of black genetic annihilation was the United Black Association for Development (UBAD) and its alliance in the Belizean diaspora, BREDAA. Nuri Akbar Estrada addressing Belizeans in Belize City in 1992 as the keynote speaker, at the 25th. anniversary of the UBAD organization ceremony at the Bishop Sylvester Memorial Center. UBAD became Belize's only black power resistance movement in Belize, and became a progressive organization in the 1960's and 70's in Belize, championing the rights of Belize's predominantly black population at that time. It was led by its revolutionary leader, Evan x Hyde, who is presently the publisher of Belize's largest distributed newspaper today, the Amandala.

After their first ever general elections victory in 1984, the United Democratic Party (UDP) government visited the Los Angeles Belizean Community in Los Angeles, California, at the invitation of Friends of The UDP, a powerful Belizean diaspora lobby organization that organized fundraising campaigns for the political party, and was an important player in the 1984 general elections victory of the Esquivel administration at that time. The 1984 Belizean government Foreign Minister, Dean Barrow, with his clean cut persona and eloquent speeches, was no doubt an instrumental player in that first UDP victory, and continues today to drive the passion of the party, becoming its Prime Minister for two terms already, and perhaps heading for his third straight consecutive general election win despite all the odds.

Channel 7

Election Officer Assaulted
An election officer from the Benque Viejo Office of the Elections and Boundaries was assaulted last night while she was working late. Now, viewers are very aware that the General Elections are only 25 days away, and since this is the fourth one for 2015, the Elections & Boundaries Department is once again under pressure to make sure that the process goes off without a hitch. So, right now, all the public officers within the department are working overtime, some remaining activated for 16-hour days on average. They are engaged in that kind of feverish activity to get every single detail right, because if an officer makes one error, it could cause an election petition to end up at the Supreme Court. Against that backdrop, fanatics of one of the political parties assaulted an officer in Benque. Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai shared the disturbing details of the incident with us this morning:

Getting Ready For GE
But, with all that disturbing behavior, the Elections and Boundaries Department still has to diligently prepare for the biggest election of 2015. As you would imagine, the logistics for a countrywide mobilization of the voters is no easy task, and there are scores of variables. So today, the Department hosted a meeting with the agents and representatives of the different political parties to lay down the usual ground rules. The Chief Elections Officer told us that she and her staff - like the rest of the country - suspected that the General Elections were close, and so they started to make preparations before the Prime Minister announced the date: Josephine Tamai, Chief Elections Officer "We had sent out an invitation for political parties prospective candidates to attend meeting. It is something that is traditional. Whenever we going into an election we sit and we do basically like a refresher training for them, so that they understand the processes. Because in this we are all stakeholders and we need to ensure or remind persons of the laws as it relates to an election. We need to inform them of what policies, what practices will be in place on that day. We finalized the list of nominations stations, polling stations, counting stations. We explain that counting will be done simultaneously, because we want to get the results out. The number of agents that would be allowed in the polling and counting stations and how they are appointed and other matters we discussed this morning."

COLA Pulled Out 75
Last night, Grassroots Organization COLA held it's public meeting in the open lot on New Road adjoining Smiling Meats. 75 persons showed up to hear public speakers Russel Roberts, Moses Sulph, Delroy Herrera, and Murphy "Jihad" McLaren. All of them spoke passionately against Wilfred Elrington, try to convince Pickstock voters to vote for anyone other than the two term representative. Their campaign is based on the logic that if Elrington is rejected at the polls - he cannot be made foreign minister again - which, while fanciful, is misguided, because he can, of course be brought in through the senate. Nontheless, the speakers took the rostrum and heaped condemnation on the Foreign Minister, describing him with words like "traitor" and "tyrant". They referred to the Government's handling of the ICJ push, Elrington's comments in relation to the Belize-Guatemala Territorial Dispute, and the unresolved Forward Operating Base on Sarstoon Island.

Cops Foiled Crazy Murder/Robbery of Minors
Last night we told you about the foiled robbery in Ladyville. Well we have more on it tonight - turns out it's also a foiled murder! In fact, if police hadn't caught up with the minors, one of them, or possibly both would have been shot and killed. As we told you, two minors came off a bus in Ladyville and walked up to two persons inside a Jeep Liberty that was parked close by. The driver gave one of the minors a gun to hold up Low's Supermarket, but the minors refused to do it. That's when another minor came out of the Jeep and there was a confrontation among all 3 during which the minor that came out of the vehicle pointed a gun at the other two who were trying to run away. But that's not all - the driver of the Jeep then ran over one of the minors who was trying to get away. Today Sr. Supt Edward Broaster and the Rural Response Team held a press conference and they told us how they managed to disrupt this crazy operation. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander - Eastern Division Rural "Yesterday we had our rural rapid response and an active operation where they were conduction surveillance in the area of LOWS and SKY CITY. Based on our intelligence mechanism we had information of a plot to commit a robbery where we had our officers doing active surveillance."

FCIB Staffers Take It To The Street
Early this morning before 8:00, and again this afternoon for the lunch break, employees of the First Caribbean International Bank at the Belize City main branch took to Albert Street for a small protest. According to their Union Representatives, they are frustrated that once again, the negotiations with the Bank's management have once again stalled. As has been widely reported, First Caribbean is pulling out of Belize, and its 60+ employees will lose their jobs. So, they want their soon-to-be former bosses to grant them an exit package which they believe is fair to all the workers. Both sides are trying to negotiate that, but once again, another issue has gotten in the way of these discussions. Audrey Matura-Shepherd, the designated spokesperson for the workers told the press that it's because they have announced to the bank that they plan to strike if the negotiations fail. Here's how she put it:

FCIB Criticizes Matura-Shepherd
And so, with all this union agitation, today, First Caribbean Bank - which says it doesn't like to negotiate in public - released a statement criticizing Audrey Matura Shepherd's and the CWU's conduct during the negotiations. The Bank opens its first press release on the subject by saying, quote, "the union through Ms. Matura shepherd continues to tarnish its reputation...we can no longer sit silently and allow this to continue," end quote. It says, quote, "the Bank feels it has a duty of care to ensure that our employees are treated fairly…(but) our efforts to negotiate and a fair and reasonable package for our employees have been thwarted by the unreasonable actions of the union leadership." The release goes on to detail at some length the attempts to have meetings with the CWU leadership, or to forward proposals which they say have been frustrated. The release makes out that the union has been intransigent, unavailable or non responsive.

Southside Crime Down Sharply
The Police Eastern Division was split into three parts on July 7th - and, since then - the new structure has been effective at curtailing crime, especially on the southside. Now it's perhaps a little too early to call it a trend, but today Southside Commander Chester Williams held an outdoor press briefing to celebrate a September that saw zero murders on the southside. He discussed it within the context of the three months since he took over:.. Sr. Supt Chester Williams - Commander, Eastern Division Southside "Belize City south side was averaging between 4-5 murders per month and the efforts that we have put in since July of this year to present have seen major reduction in the murder rate. For the month of July, we had a total of 5 murders. Our efforts to fight the scourge of crime on south side Belize City continues. And in the month of August we recorded 1 murder. We were not satisfied with that. We met, myself and the management team, we discussed and we say we need to have a month without a murder on south side Belize City and gentlemen and ladies, the month of September was that month. The month of September recorded zero murders on south side Belize City. That is unprecedented. In recent memories we cannot recall a month where south side Belize City have gone without a murder. So that is a huge accomplishment. Since this administration came into effect on the 7th July 2015, Precinct 1 have not recorded not one single murder in 3 and half months. That again is unprecedented."

Cops Do Crime Pattern Analysis
And while they don't do crime prevention - the southside does do Crime Pattern Analysis. They just started in September - but it's an important new thrust for policing - which does more than just put more boots on the ground; it puts them where they are most needed. As part of a mini open day Williams took us to the newly christened Crimes Analysis office where Corporal Jane Usher explained how they use data to analyze crime patterns which keep you safer: And so far the Analysis office has come up with an interesting finding: you're most likely to get stolen from on a Tuesday, and most likely to get shot on a Saturday:..

CJ Rejects Butchy
Earlier this week we told you about Errol Butchy Haynes - who was transferred from Mexican jail to Belizean jail in May. He says he's being held based on a bogus three year conviction that happened when he wasn't here. He took that to the Supreme Court for redress, and, today, the Chief Justice dismissed his application. The CJ dismissed his application for what is known as "habeas corpus" and advised him to seek judicial review instead. Today the Government's representative, from the office of the Solicitor General's office Trennia Young and Agassi Finnegan presented their case. Young who submitted that they were in possession of copy of the magistrate court book, and warrant which shows the reason for his detention and coincides with conviction by the Senior Magistrate.

Found More Avian Influenza - Fixed It
A month ago, we told you how the Belize Agricultural Health Authority announced that the health officials had gotten the low pathogenic avian influenza - which devastated the poultry industry - under control. Well, BAHA is announcing tonight that through their vigilance and public cooperation, they've stopped another outbreak from taking hold in that industry. BAHA says that they detected 4 suspicious outbreaks in backyard poultry farms in Red Bank and Bella Vista in the South and Fireburn and Sylvestre in the north. The early detection and rapid response allowed for authorities to exterminate the birds affected by the virus. This has ensured that it will not spread. They are also waiting on absolute confirmation that these birds were indeed infected by avian influenza. Samples have been sent to for testing in the United States. BAHA is also congratulating the backyard farmers who informed them in time, and they ask that the public continue to remain vigilant.

A Rally Against Bullie
Bullying in school has been around forever, but with the explosion of social media and mobile communications, it often takes on a sinister edge - which is difficult for children to cope with. That's why our neighbors at Wesley Lower School held an anti-bullying rally today. It's the conclusion of a series of activities held this week culminating in a balloon release today. The principal told us how symbolic the balloon release is and the overall message she wants the kids and the community to get. There is also a program at the school that targets high risk students for intervention.

Lego Mi Land!
Tonight a Belize City couple is concerned that their piece of land in the Lake Independence Area will be taken away from them. This evening the couple took 7news out to the area near the CB Hyde Building where works are being done on their property - they say without their permission. It has been going on for a while now. According to Darren Helmsley and his wife Tricia, the Chinese business owner who's building nearby - and whose property adjoins theirs had offered them money for their land which they refused. They have visited the Lands Department in Belmopan and in Belize City, in hopes of getting a stop order. But they say work has not stopped. They told 7news they are worried that things might get worse - and so they are sounding the alarm publicly before it does. Tricia Hemsley, Land Owner "The problem is that this is our land. The land is for my husband. This lady who have the block factory, she wants the land. She called and asked me and I told her no, because I need the land. She must have said that she called me and I didn't want and now I got it through the minister. The thing is it looks like Mark King took some papers to Belmopan, but it didn't published. So now they are pushing us around because at first he told us that he only wants access to come in and fill the rest of land, but now he knocked down our fence and he filled the land. I don't think it is fair. My husband is a sergeant in the Belize Defence Force. We are born Belizean. No way anybody can go to China and get a piece of land. This is politics."

Cocom New Top Cop In Ladyville
There's a new top cop in Ladyville: Inspector Juanito Cocom has taken over the Ladyville precinct from Inspector Fredrick Gordon. Today he told us how he plans to maintain the peace in the biggest and most violent village in Belize. Cocom took over on Oct 1st.

BPD Plan For BRC
So elections are only 25 days away and as we have been showing you politicians have been busy campaigning in their constituencies. But the politicians aren't the only ones gearing up for elections. The police also have an elections plan. Today Inspector Juanito Cocom told us what they will be doing in Belize Rural Central: Police also have plans in place for next Friday's nomination day.

Rivers Recants
Yesterday when he launched his candidacy for Collet Division under the BPP banner, Raymond Rivers also used the platform to apologize to the president of his union: Audrey Matura Shepherd. He had publicly lambasted her for dragging her foot on the negotiations with the Port of Belize - but yesterday he changed his tune. Here's what he had to say and how she reacted at her own press conference later in the day:.. Raymond Rivers, Collet - BPP "I and Miss Audrey Matura-Shepherd went a little cross way because of my work and me fighting for the 150 workers at the port of Belize and she was dragging her feet. I want her to know that I Raymond Rivers apologized to her if she thought I said anything bad to her and I am asking her to please come a long with the BPP and bring the people who you have behind you, the finance you have behind you. Because I know, I have been to your house, I've been talking to you several times and we need you to lead our country into a better country."


Ladyville Police Has New Commanding Officer
In early August last year there was a change at the Ladyville Police Station as the then officer in charge, Assistant Superintendent Christopher Noble was moved and sent to head the Vehicle Fleet of the Belize Police Department whilst Inspector Frederick Gordon was moved from Orange Walk to Ladyville to take over as the Commanding […]

CIBC First Caribbean Says Audrey Continues Attempt to Tarnish Bank’s Reputation
Employees of First Caribbean International Bank staged a protest this morning. Protests were held in front of the Belize City Branch as well in Orange Walk Town. The employees protested today to denounce the way that CIBC First Caribbean has approached negotiations which is their last since CIBC First Caribbean is selling out to Heritage […]

Elections and Boundaries Department Under Attack
Elections have been set for Wednesday, November 4. It appears that things are heating up as Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai has told the media that her department is being targeted. JOSEPHINE TAMAI “When she heard the knock she mentioned to me that she thought it was the police officer patrolling because even though you […]

SSB Chairman Says Recommendation for Pension Increase Has Been Drafted
And while the clothing allowance is one issue, there is also the issue of the demand for a pension increase for the employees at Social Security Board. PUP’s Major Lloyd Jones also weighed in on this matter, saying that SSB should be about the people and that while he believes that, he also believes that […]

Police Has Operational Crime Analysis Unit
Since September 2015 the Crime Analysis Unit at the Belize Police Department has been operational. The unit, which is operated by three police officers, was created by Senior Superintendent Chester Williams with the goal to collect data, analyze it and establish crime patterns. Today the media got a firsthand look and how it works as […]

PUP’s Major Jones Criticizes the SSB Uniform Issue
The clothing allowance and monies spent on the cost of uniforms for the Social Security Board workers have created a flurry of emotions ranging from support to harsh criticisms. One aspiring Area Representative from the Opposition party who commented on the matter was Belize Rural North Standard Bearer, Major Lloyd Jones. Jones not only commented […]

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10/10/15 05:44 AM
10/10/15 05:44 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


“Careful … you have skeletons in your closet!”
Today, a press conference was held at the Christian Workers Union (CWU) office, located at 107B Cemetery Road, where the Social Security Board’s staff opened up about the alleged mistreatment they say they have been receiving from the Social Security Board (SSB). Yesterday, the CWU sent out a press release which stated, “Christian Workers Union, in conjunction and in solidarity with its members from the Social Security Board (SSB), denounces the recent conduct of the SSB Chairman, Doug Singh, who seems intent on raising public sentiment against the workers and providing misleading and inaccurate information.” Audrey Matura-Shepherd, president of the CWU, had harsh words for Singh, saying, “I am throwing it out there to warn the Chairman, careful what you say, because you have skeletons in your closet. Don’t attack the staff as though they are the final decision-maker. The staff has kept quiet for a long time, signed a confidentiality agreement and kept things confidential … If you have a problem with how your Social Security fund is being managed, it is not the staff that tells them to put the millions of dollars where the politicians tell you to put it, or appoint the politically appointed people. Instead, the staff has to follow; they are the last one in the chain.”

Bare-faced thieves identified by surveillance camera
Two thieves who did not wear masks on their faces held up and robbed a store in Trial Farm, Orange Walk District, at about 9:30 Saturday night, but they were captured on footage filmed by a surveillance camera in the store, and their faces were broadcasted to the public on television news. Belize City police who saw the video recognized the thieves and arrested two men from Taylor’s Alley, and returned them to Orange Walk Town, where the men were arrested and charged with robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm. Jarreth Crawford, 30, of Racoon Street, Belize City, and Albert Wagner, 21, of Lords Bank, Ladyville, both known to police and said to be associated with criminal elements in Pregnant Alley in Belize City, were taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court this afternoon, where they were arraigned on the offenses, after which they were remanded to the Belize Central Prison until December 16.

Rita Gilda Duncan, of Partridge Street, passes at 83
Rita Gilda Duncan, the towering, gentle matriarch of the Duncan family of Partridge Street, has passed, but the family-togetherness that she inspired in her seven children will live on in the coming generations of her family. When the Duncan family moved to Lake Independence in 1967, they were among the early pioneers. There were no real streets – the last street ended at Central American Boulevard. Stephen Duncan recalled that their father was employed at Escalante Bakery, but, referring to what happened after the bakery was destroyed in one of Belize City’s historic fires, he said, “my father had to find a new job and we couldn’t afford to continue living at our home on Wilson Street, so we came to live with our grandmother on this street.”

7 more candidates for BPP
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP), a newly formed political organization that will contest numerous seats in the November 4 general elections, held a press conference this morning at which it introduced seven more of its candidates. Master of ceremonies Charles Leslie, BPP’s National Campaign Manager, said that after 34 years, “We cannot afford to let out people down.” Leslie stressed that the BPP will adopt a policy of zero tolerance for corruption. At its first press conference last week, the BPP candidates, when declaring their candidacy, also pledged to declare their assets and liabilities in conformity with the “Prevention of Corruption Act.” Elizabeth Dena, the first candidate to be called, declared her candidacy for the Freetown constituency. After making the pledge that she would serve without fear or favor, Dena said that she is tired of the talking: “It’s time to act. We are at the bottom of the barrel,” she said.

Cameron’s 360 mn pounds more important than reparations: PM Barrow
Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted the Fourth Annual Business Forum today, Thursday, October 8, at the Best Western Belize Biltmore in Belize City. The forum was attended by representatives of the business community, government officials and the media. The theme of the Forum was “Partnership for Growth and Prosperity” and it reviewed the status of the reform actions discussed at the previous forums, which included initiatives introduced by the public sector as well as issues tabled by the private sector. An Economic Development Council (EDC), which operates out of the Office of the Prime Minister, was formed four years ago to give energy to the reform initiatives which are the result of an on-going dialogue between the members of the Public/Private Sectors. The EDC is co-chaired by Kay Menzies, former president of the Chamber of Commerce, representing the private sector, and Mike Singh, former CEO of BELTRAIDE, representing the public sector. EDC operates out of the Office of the Prime Minister.

PUP promise healthy Belize; launch health reform agenda
The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) launched its Health Reform Agenda this morning at its Independence Hall headquarters, where a number of medical practitioners were in attendance for the Party’s manifesto on health, dubbed “Health Care for the People.” Presenting the health manifesto were the PUP Leader Francis Fonseca, standard bearer for the Freetown constituency; Dr. Francis Smith, the Pickstock standard bearer, and Dr. Lesbia Guerra Cocom, the Cayo West standard bearer. Fonseca told the Independence Hall attendees that one of the greatest failures of this government of Dean Barrow has been the absolute neglect and abandonment of our health system. Our people are dying, literally dying because of the incompetence of officials at the Ministry of Health, starting at the very top, Fonseca commented.

FFB re-thinks endorsement election plans
Some heavy football politics has been occurring behind the scenes lately, and a lot has come to light this week via leaked emails to our sports desk. It is FFB policy to keep things within the football family, and we have tried to comply with that approach, for the better image of the sport. But football fans are also part of the family, and there are some things we need to share. In a letter yesterday to members of the football family, former national team player and former national team manager Dean Flowers clearly articulated the problem: “…In clear defiance of its own statutes and codes, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) General Secretary and President have quietly and secretly called for an Electoral Congress across all seven football districts without serving adequate notice and advice to the football family in Belize. As was done under former FFB President Bertie Chimilio, Ruperto and Blease actions seek to have endorsements rather than open democratic elections at the District Associations level so as to ensure Ruperto’s re-election in March of next year. If it wasn’t for an alert member of a team of the Belmopan Football Association, the alarm of the country wide elections would have not been sounded. When queried about the elections, FFB remaining Executives (Marlon Kuylen, Cruz Gamez and Sergio Chuc) revealed that they had no knowledge of any such process and could not comment on the matter….”

National Track and Field Championship in November
The Belize Athletics Association (BAA) invites all athletes and track enthusiasts once again to be a part of a National Track and Field Championship event. The event will be hosted at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on November 14-15. All athletes 16 years and older can participate in the events. Registration forms can be obtained from and returned to the BAA via email ([email protected]) or from our Facebook page (Belize Athletics Association). Registration forms can also be obtained from and returned to the National Sports Council’s offices throughout the country. Please be advised that registration forms should be submitted no later than Wednesday, November 11; no late registrations will be accepted. Cost of registration is $10.00 per athlete. Events will include: 100m; 200m; 400m; 800m; 1500m; 5000m; 10,000m; 4x100m; 4x400m; Long Jump; Triple Jump; High Jump; Javelin; Shot put; Discus.

FFB on Male U-15 training for UNCAF November
Belize will participate in the UNCAF Male U-15 Tournament that will be held in Nicaragua from November 23 – 29. The following players are to report for training on Friday, October 9. Training will be from Friday to Monday, October 12, midday. Players are advised to bring along toiletries, sheets and blanket to cover at night. Players are to bring their passports. (Players are) – Enfield Arzu, Richard Hines, Jalen Smith, Alexis Chan, Glen Tillett, Andir Chi, Amir Herrera, Jamario Torrez, Tarike Muschamp, Michael Deshield, Jadon McGregor, Shaguelle Matutue, Ian Pou, Wilson Cruz, Thaj Aeid, Elton Gordon, Ansleigth Perez, Curry Gomez, Jalen Budna, Angelo Cappelo, Edmond Jones, Shamar Ingram, Henry Monterroso, David Marshall, Hassan Serrano, Guy Sutherland, Zerrick Cabral, Kyle Lozano, Daren Apolonia, Gabriel Ramos, Joseph Ramirez, Reyner Santoya, Romario Martinez, Sergio Herrera, Owen Sosa, Julio Castellanos, Edward Ayala, Oscar Sosa.

Easy Does It wins Belize Rural Female Softball Championship
The Belize Rural Female Senior Softball playoff and championship games were held on Sunday, October 4, at the Lords Bank field. Six (6) teams participated in the tournament: Lords Bank Sunrise (Lords Bank), UB Jaguars (Belmopan), Double Head Cabbage (Double Head), Willows Bank United (Willows Bank), Easy Does It (Flowers Bank), and Country Rose (Rancho). Four (4) made it to the playoffs: UB Jaguars, Double Head Cabbage, Easy Does It and Lords Bank Sunrise. The playoffs followed the Page System, and here are the results: In the opener, UB Jaguars defeated Double Head Cabbage, 15-12; winning pitcher was Amber Wade, while Herlett Clarke took the loss. Next it was Easy Does It, 12-5, over Lords Bank Sunrise, with Margaret Hendy the winning pitcher, while the loss was charged to Karen Hilton. Easy Does It then won, 22-7, to eliminate Double Head Cabbage and secure a spot in the finals. Margaret Hendy was again the winning pitcher, while Herlett Clarke suffered her second playoff loss. And in the championship game which followed, Easy Does It was again successful behind winning pitcher Margaret Hendy, as they defeated UB Jaguars, 24-16, with Amber Wade getting the loss.

Editorial: Need and greed
Some people say that all men are born equal, but it’s not true. Ideally, all human beings should have the same rights and opportunities, but all human beings are not born equal. In any field of endeavor, some humans will surge ahead of others, and that is because of intrinsic inequalities in gifts and talents. No matter the intrinsic inequalities at birth, all human beings are headed towards the same destination. Human beings have the same needs during their mortal lives, and much the same desires. In Belize, as all over planet earth, there are many citizens whose needs are not being met, and these Belizeans are suffering. In Belize, as all over planet earth, there are people who have much more than they need, and for some reason such people are seldom satisfied: they are driven by greed. There are far more Belizeans who are in need than there are those who have in excess of money and resources and still want more. To repeat, the needy are more numerous than the greedy. In a democratic election setting, then, where all registered adult citizens have the same franchise – one man, one vote, it should be that the needy are able to impose their collective will upon the greedy. After all, in Belize, we have free and fair elections, to the best of our knowledge.

From the Publisher
Last week Ya Ya Marin Coleman told me of a religious high school here which was still seeking to glorify the man Christopher Columbus. My first reaction was to become a bit angry, but after all these years I understand my country and I have to accept my country the way my country is. After all, I am a minority. Belize is a heavily Christian country. Institutionalized Christianity basically began moving from European countries, such as Spain, Portugal, England, France and the Netherlands beginning in the middle of the fifteenth century when the Portuguese began to sail along the West African coast. Columbus’ first voyage to the Americas took place in the latter part of that fifteenth century, in 1492. And it was on October 12, 1492 when Columbus, an Italian in the employ of the king and queen of Spain, first landed in the so-called New World, what we now know as the Caribbean but what Columbus completely mistakenly believed to be the Indies – lands to the east of Europe which featured silks and spices and teas and precious jewels.

Do the right thing
Dear Editor, The highway entering San Ignacio from Benque is very busy with large trucks and vehicles. As they approach the populated area, they are moving fast and there are no warnings or speed bumps to alert drivers to slow down. This spot is an area where children are crossing the highway to get to and from school. There is also a blind curve. We have tried to get speed bumps on the road for ten years. We went to the Town Board (both PUP and UDP), town meetings, met with the CEO of the Ministry of Works, contacted our Area Representative but have yet to get results. The CEO told us they did not want to put in speed bumps as the road was being redone from Belmopan to the Border and it was costly and would not make sense to put them in just to take them out. That was almost 3 years ago.

What is the meaning of 10 – 10 – 15?
This Saturday, October 10, 2015, is the twentieth anniversary of the Million Man March and Honorable Louis Farrakhan will deliver a historic address at the Washington Mall in Washington DC, titled “Justice or Else”. The address will be aired live on KREM Television beginning at 11 a.m., local time. The first Million Man March was in October, 1995, and the theme at the time was the necessity of Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility, and in particular, the need for Black men to appeal for God’s pardon for their failures to be the men that they hoped to be, and ought to be. That was a magnificent and important day and appeal to the divine Supreme Being, who brought us through a time of great trouble.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) in Taiwan conducting free clinics
A team of three doctors and three nurses are here in Belize from Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) in Taiwan and will be conducting free clinics for four days at the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) and Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). The team includes specialists in ophthalmology, E.N.T. (ear, nose and throat), and nephrology. The Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize, Benjamin Ho, said that the visit is possible because of an agreement between Taiwan and the Ministry of Health which was signed earlier this year. Carla Musa, Executive Director of BCVI, a non-profit organization which carries out comprehensive eye services, said that the ophthalmologist will be performing cataract-removal surgeries on at least 20 of the BCVI’s patients. Meanwhile the ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist and nephrology doctors were assigned to the KHMH (Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital). A nose surgery is scheduled to be performed by the ENT specialist, Dr. Chia Hung Chen, but the number of patients who will receive care from Chen has not yet been determined.

4th Village Arts & Craft Expo
The 4th Village Arts & Craft Expo was held this Saturday at the BTL Park. One hundred and thirty artisans participated in the expo, which is an initiative of the Belize Tourism Board. Among the items which were on exhibition were woven bags, bracelets, and chains; earrings made of cohune; necklaces made of jade; baskets made of jippi jappa; soy wax candles; and oatmeal soaps. The items are being marketed under the brand “Unique Belize”. Jackie Castillo, Creative Industry Officer of NICH, told Amandala that Unique Belize came out of a project known as MTBCAAS (Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeology Sites), which was funded by the European Union. Castillo said, “Unique Belize is a phase of the project that focuses on product development; it took some of the products that were market-ready and improved on it. There were three to four months of training in business development, marketing, identifying trends and prototype development.” Castillo further mentioned, “We were able to develop a brand of unique, authentic Belizean crafts that can be marketed both locally and internationally.”

Tezzrah Diamond Thompson, 11, gone too soon!
Tezzrah Diamond Thompson, 11, a student of St. Matthews Government School, who lived in Mahogany Heights, died after she was knocked down by a cargo truck as she was crossing the George Price Highway after she came off the school bus at about 4:30 Monday evening. The incident occurred at the junction of the Mahogany Heights Road and the George Price Highway. Thompson was hit by a cargo truck that was travelling to Belmopan, and suffered massive head and body injuries. She was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but she died on Tuesday. On Monday evening, police immediately detained the driver of the cargo truck, Jose Carlos Rodriguez, 44. He was charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention.

Guinea Grass resident chopped in the head for being broke
A Guinea Grass resident, Antonio Zepeda, 24, told police that he was chopped in the head by a fellow villager, Adan Meza, 38, because he was broke and could not buy rum for him in a bar in Guinea Grass on Saturday night. Zepeda was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital, where he was admitted to ward in a serious but stable condition. Meza was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and grievous harm. Adan Meza was taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until December 16. Zepeda told police that he was alone in the bar having a few drinks when Meza walked in and demanded that he buy drinks for him. He said that when he indicated to Meza that he did not have enough money, Meza took out a machete from his pants and chopped him in the head and forehead.

PUP promise healthy Belize; launch health reform agenda
The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) launched its Health Reform Agenda this morning at its Independence Hall headquarters, where a number of medical practitioners were in attendance for the Party’s manifesto on health, dubbed “Health Care for the People.” Presenting the health manifesto were the PUP Leader Francis Fonseca, standard bearer for the Freetown constituency; Dr. Francis Smith, the Pickstock standard bearer, and Dr. Lesbia Guerra Cocom, the Cayo West standard bearer. Fonseca told the Independence Hall attendees that one of the greatest failures of this government of Dean Barrow has been the absolute neglect and abandonment of our health system. Our people are dying, literally dying because of the incompetence of officials at the Ministry of Health, starting at the very top, Fonseca commented. Fonseca pointed out that Prime Minister Barrow is on record as saying that Minister of Health Pablo Marin’s victory at the election polls is more important to him, Barrow, than Marin’s performance as Minister of Health.

The Reporter

Murders down on south side Belize City since July, says senior police officer
Murders on the south side of Belize City have gone down since July, says Senior Superintrndent of Police Chester Williams. Williams told the media on Friday that there have been five murders total recorded in July, August and September on the southside since he introduced […]

SSB employees won’t back down
Social Security Board (SSB) employees have turned up the pressure on company management, this week, staging protests, a sickout and refusing to relent from their position on a clothing allowance and other issues related to the their pending Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), but Prime […]

FCIB employees protest, dressed in black
About 60 employees of the First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) protested in front of their place of employment in Belize City and Belmopan on Friday, in their ongoing plight to try to get reasonable exit packages from their employer before the bank closes for business […]

San Pedro Red Cross holds blood drive
The San Pedro Red Cross held a blood drive this past weekend as part of its continuing effort to build the Ambergris Caye blood supply for residents and tourists. The drive, which was organized in collaboration with Belize Blood Services and the San Pedro Cancer […]

UWI and Japan’s Sophia University sign new research agreement
The University of the West Indies (UWI) and Japan’s Sophia University, this week signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed at enhancing bilateral relationships in research and education at each institution. The agreement is also expected to expand the spectrum of academic collaboration and […]

Accused rapist charged as parents agree to testify
The Ministry of Human Development explained this week that the parents of a 13-year-old girl rape victim from Santa Familia Village have decided to press charges against their nephew and son who allegedly committed the act. Chief Executive Officer in the ministry, Judith Alpuche, explained […]

11 year-old girl killed in road accident! Truck driver charged .
Jose Rodriguez, 54, a Honduran truck driver, has been charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention, for a road traffic accident on Monday evening that claimed the life of an 11-year-old schoolgirl. Tezzrah Thompson, […]

Taiwan doctors offer free medical care
Hundreds of Belizeans received free medical care for their eyes, ears, nose, throat and kidney problems this week, from a visiting team of three doctors and three nurses from the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) in Taiwan The team visited Belize from Monday to Thursday, […]

BTL partners with consultants to improve phone service
Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), this week announced a partnership with international telecom consultants, Parcus Group Inc., which will see BTL improve customer service and product quality through training and consultation on product management. “We needed a credible and skilled partner to support our growth […]

SSB employees protest over uniforms
Social Security Board (SSB) employees, this week, expressed their dissatisfaction with SSB management, by organizing a series of countrywide protests outside their respective branches during the lunch hour break. They demanded that a problem regarding uniforms be resolved among other things According to Christian […]

UK: “Let’s move on”; Caribbean: “Run the reparations”
United Kingdom Prime Minister, David Cameron, is asking the Caribbean to look past the call for Reparations for slavery and focus on future cooperations with his country. However organizations within the region are not deviating from their stated goals. Cameron, on a visit to the […]

Dental services being offered to the public
The Ministry of Health and the Belize Dental Department, in collaboration with the Hiossen Implant Company, will conduct a dental implant course next week, providing training for professionals and services to patients. The training course with the Hiossen Implant Company will run from October […]

Stop The Foreclosure Game
Both the PUP and UDP have failed to provide usury laws that will protect home owners from excessive interest rates, that result in mortgage foreclosures and lose of homes. But the Belize Progressive Party plans on providing such laws that will protect home owners and save their homes. High interest […]

Guatemalan jailed for sexually assaulting elderly woman
A Guatemalan man was sent to jail this week, for sexually assaulting his 77-year-old mother-in law, who is confined to a wheelchair. Rubio Castro appeared in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, to answer to one count of “Harm” and one count of “Sexual Assault.” […]

D-Day is here!
The PM has finally done the inevitable and called the next General Elections. This is not the first time that early general elections have been called in the nation’s young history, but it is the first time it has been called this early. They did it for one basic reason, […]

No one has approached the Reporter to ask for clarification of its editorial published last week, October 4, but the paper will gladly provide one to end any confusion or misgivings our editorial comments may have caused. The first point we want to make is this: an agreement on confidence-building […]

UB teachers protest!
Singing the popular union song, “We Shall Not Be Moved”, and chanting the words: “equal treatment, equal pay”, close to 100 teachers and staff members of the University of Belize (UB) Belmopan campus protested on campus last Friday. They have been demanding a 14 percent […]

PM hosts business forum Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Integrity Commission are priorities, he says
Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted the fourth annual public-private sector business forum on Thursday at the Best Western Belize Biltmore hotel under the theme, “Partnership for Growth and Prosperity”. He met members of the private sector and discussed ways to strengthen Belize’s business climate. […]

BPP says support is growing
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) produced another round of candidates who have offered themselves for various constituencies in the November 4th General Elections. The new entries bring the BPP’s total to 23 candidates. The party is looking to announce more next week. BPP’s National […]

The wage bill is a ticking time bomb, says Business Senator
Increasing Belize’s already high wage bill indiscriminately through salary adjustments will eventually have a negative economic backlash, declared Senator for the Business Community, Mark Lizarraga, this week. Lizarraga explained that providing salary adjustments with the economy in its current condition will send the public debt […]

The Belize Times

Dean Barrow, the tyrant who has ruined Belize will be kicked out of power on the 4th November. That is the message coming from every nook and crany of the country. From the streets of Belize City and every town and village, the people are saying it. They have had enough of this no-good, arrogant Prime Minister. The biggest issue which is the cause of concern for the vast majority of Belizeans is the Guatemala issue. Belizeans know that something is very wrong with the way Guatemala has been allowed to ride over this UDP Government. They are suspicious of why the Prime Minister has been hiding vital information coming from Guatemala which is damaging to Belize. It is now a confirmed fact that since 19 August Guatemala has informed the Prime Minister that they have taken away the Belize portion of the Sarstoon River and the Sarstoon Island. This is a brazen violation of the 1859 Boundary Treaty and a breach of international law.

The BELIZE TIMES has been received a set of documents which were leaked from the Companies Registry. The document show that there are several high ranking or notorious UDP’s that have created private companies to carry out things that they don’t want to be done in their own name We know of the infamous one, Mytheon Solutions, which is connected to John Saldivar and his UDP “run boy” turned mayor Khalid Belisle. We know of the telephone love fest all the way to the bank. But these new three companies tell of another bizarre secret. The explanation behind the companies we at BELIZE TIMES will save for the up coming issues of this newspaper but the Companies themselves will cause the Belizean people to start asking all the right questions. First up is a very active company which calls itself BISHCO CONSTRUCTION it is registered to a 7238 New Brighton Beach, Belize City address. The eyebrows are raised because on the face of it who is BISCHO? When you look behind who owns the company it is one Otto Joel Bishop. We all know that this is one in the same person as Boots Martinez’s “bag man” as he is called.

Sedi Elrington is a disaster of a Foreign Minister and a politician. Even is brother, appropriated and affectionately known as “Crazy Glue” referred to Sedi and his UDP colleagues as a “bunch of idiots”. The BELIZE TIMES weighs in on the propaganda swings by Channel 7 and Jules Vasquez. See in Belize for a long time Barrow and his UDP had tricked us into believing that his agents, minions and legions were “independent”. BELIZE TIMES can list without credible objection: Association of Concerned Belizeans (ACB), Zeniada Moya, Godwin Hulse and a host of other implants who when the PUP were in office posed as independents.

PUP Will Fix Broken Health System
There is a very clear difference between the PUP and the UDP. Never has it been so easily able to be differentiated. On Wednesday, October 7, 2015. The People’s United Party unveiled another chapter in the designed policy papers. On Wednesday, the Party Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca, flanked by two Standard Bearers, detailed an impressive Health Care Policy Paper. Dr. Lesbia Guerra, Cayo West, and Dr. Francis Smith, Pickstock, represent two of members of the competent team of the People’s United Party who are contesting the next general elections which are only days away. The policy paper which is headlined as Health Care for the People: The Plan to Fix a Broken System was presented and a summary of the detailed policy was present with nine main points.

Our worst fears have come true. It is true that Guatemala told the Government in writing that they have taken over the Belize half of Sarstoon River. And the Government has said not a word to the people of Belize. This is a very serious matter. Our Government was officially informed in writing in August 2015 and the Government has refused to notify the people of Belize. It is very likely that our Government did not even respond against Guatemala’s assertions regarding our national territory. The people of Belize have every reason to be suspicious and annoyed with the behavior of the Government.

Decision ‘15
Corruption is the enemy of development, and of good governance. It must be got rid of. Both the government and the people at large must come together to achieve this national objective. ~ Pratibha Patil Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we’re tired of hearing promises that we know they’ll never keep. ~ Ray Davies November 4th is fast approaching and Belizeans will be faced with a very important decision. Do we maintain the current status or do we shift gears and do things in a different way. Do we re-elect those who currently hold office and ignore all the wrongs that have been done or do we clear house and hire new people to handle our affairs. The choice is ours to make.

This is the closest the PUP has been to forming government in three years. If you look at the waste in propaganda or just banners, plastered across the country by the UDP, you will know that they are panicking. The UDP are scared to be exposed. Elections, by their nature, expose outgoing governments. You only learn the truth when Governments change. Many sleepless nights will be between now and November 4, 2015. As frightening as it may sound to the blood hungry vampires that Barrow has assembled and protected, time is counting down. The sun is coming up and the shadows will be conquered by the power of the people. For most, including a very cautious media, the relevant time ends on November 4, 2015 when the results are announced. The value of our attention is limited to November fourth – maybe rightfully so.

It is indeed only a matter of time for the PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East, Josué Carballo, to be crowned as our new Area Representative for Orange Walk East. The many qualities that our young candidate brings to the table are certainly very appealing and convincing to the electorate of this division who have clamored for a continuation of excellent representation that has been cemented by Hon. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez. During the short time that Josué has been the PUP standard bearer of Orange Walk East, he has achieved countless small projects and youth activities, especially, in the rural areas that include Chan Pine Ridge, Santa Martha, Carmelita, Palmar, and Tower Hill notwithstanding the lack of Petro Caribe funds that the UDP so arrogantly and maliciously refused to use to uplift the area.

Dear Coworkers of the Lands Department, I take this time out to get your attention and to ask you to open your eyes, your mind and think: Think of the way you feel working here at the Lands Department under the UDP Administration. Are you being treated with respect? 2. Do they show you appreciation for the tremendous work you are doing or have done? 3. Do you feel welcome, comfortable and happy working here? 4. What’s the feeling you get when so many cameras are being installed to monitor your every action? 5. Is there fairness across the board? 6. Don’t you feel that the political appointees (Johnny comes lately) have more rights than you? 7. Don’t you feel helpless?

Just Di Wonder
Just di wonder about dem over 200 voters illegally transferred in to Freetown by the UDP. Desperate to prove a point UDP? Nobody knows Carla. Carla who? Noh worry, Francis built on a strong foundation, the People of Freetown know he dah fu we. And really who votes against a future Prime Minister? Who does not wish that their area rep was the Prime Minister? . Just di wonder, there are a lot of UDP banners . Lot. Pretty plastic ones, look expensive. If only those plastic signs could vote but just di wonder how much of our tax payers money you think gone into di massive flags and massive canvas banners that they will never use again? Yuh check out Mark King ones. Cordel does have not even a single flag flying. This means that the UDP are panicking. They are like drug dealers with lots of money who are paranoid and looking out the window for the police to come or for someone to steal their drugs. Keep calm, money can buy board, clothe and pain but can it buy integrity and dignity?

Dean Barrow is a sick man and when we say sick, BELIZE TIMES does not only mean it in the colloquial or urban meaning, we mean that his health is not good. Sources deep inside the disgruntled UDP camps have shared with the BELIZE TIMES that Barrow health is far worse than he is disclosing to the public. We at BELIZE TIMES are sure that Barrow is unhealthy. He admitted that he makes very frequent trips abroad to deal with “health issues”. We know that one of those illnesses is his back as we saw him use a walking stick in the Cayo North Bye Elections, but this is not the only health issue Barrow has.

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Breaking Belize NewsPJ

COLA begins anti-Sedi campaign
Some 200 Belizeans of all political persuasions attended Thursday night’s public meeting on New Road hosted by Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), in what they say is the first step in their plans to see Pickstock area representative Wilfred Elrington removed from his office by the voters. Elrington […]

FCIB employees take to the streets
They will not be employees for much longer, but the workers of First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) across the country have had new fear pressed into them by the response of their employers to their actions in the last few week. Today, while they still remain employees, they […]

Police make history in Belize City – no murders in September!
If it seems we haven’t been reporting as many murders in Belize City as we used to, there’s a reason for that. All of the Old Capital, but particularly the South-side, has seen a serious transformation of policing with the re-organization of the mammoth Eastern Division into three […]

BAHA says bird flu threat eradicated
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) recently conducted a depopulation of birds infected with Avian Influenza H5N2 in four areas, namely, Red Bank and Bella Vista villages in the south as well as Fireburn and Sylvestre villages in the north, where suspected outbreaks were reported in backyard poultry. Earlier today, […]

BAHA continues to fight the Avian Influenza
A press release from the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) is declaring that on September 9th 2015, Belize regained its free status from the Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N2. The release states that BAHA has been working along with the Poultry Industry to depopulate infected birds and continues to implement […]

Former Orange Walk Mayor joins Belize Progressive Party
With less than a week from nomination day, former Orange Walk Mayor, Philip De La Fuente has thrown his name in the political race under the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) banner. De La Fuente’s name will be put down on the ballot sheet to run against John Briceño the PUP […]

Football superstar Lionell Messi accused of tax evasion in Belize
International football icon and arguably the best player in the world, Leonel Messi, who currently plays for the Barcelona Football Club, is in the midst of shocking allegations involving tax evasion in Belize and is set to stand trial in Spain along with his father. This comes after it was […]

Man shot while playing basketball
A shooting incident at a basketball court in Roaring Creek village last night around 10:00 p.m. left 22-year-old David Cruz with a bullet lodged in his right leg. Police visited Cruz at the Western Regional Hospital where he told them that while playing basketball, a male person wearing a mask […]

Police recover stolen SUV
Police in Roaring Creek managed to recover a stolen Ford Escape SUV shortly after it went missing on Wednesday morning, October 7th. Edwardo Cortez, a 76-year-old resident of the Kings Park Area in Belize City reported that sometime between 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening and 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, […]

Worried mother seeks police assistance to find missing daughter
Belize City police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating a 15-year-old female student who was last seen by her mother, Leonie Williams, on Wednesday October 7th. Shayanta Shanice Williams is a resident of Iguana Street Extension in Belize City and is described as being about 5 feet, 6 […]

PM Barrow is confident that Corozal Bay and Pickstock will be won by the UDP
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is confident of a UDP victory in the upcoming general elections, but nowhere apparently more so than in Corozal Bay and Pickstock, the homes of two of his under-fire Ministers, Pablo Marin and Wilfred Elrington. Both men have won two terms and are seeking a third. Barrow told reporters that while “very unfortunate” the rat incident is not something that he sees doing any harm to Marin’s chances in Corozal Bay.

Rat “planted” in Western Regional Incubator?
While insisting that it was not his own opinion, Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that the infamous rat which was videoed in the incubator at the Western Regional Hospital a month or so ago was, in the opinion of “knowledgeable” persons privy to the situation, placed there, perhaps intentionally. The theory […]

Dangriga police find another gun
Another search conducted by Dangriga police on Tuesday resulted in the discovery of a firearm and ammunition, this time in the New Site Area. Officers searched an abandoned lot in the area around 6:15 p.m. and found a 9-millimeter pistol containing two live, Lugar brand rounds. No one was in […]

It is going to be close! Recent electoral opinion poll shows unprecedented results: Opinion Poll shows either PUP or UDP can win General Election on November 4th
A recent online election poll conducted by Belize Media Group (BMG) indicates that the November 4th general elections will be extremely close as the final results of the poll show the United Democratic Party (UDP) beating […]

Police Caught Kids Trying To Rob Sky Supermarket
Two minors are detained and police seek two others including an adult following a bizarre incident in Ladyville Thursday evening. Around 4:00 p.m. the Eastern Division (Rural) Rapid Response Team were in the area of Sky Supermarket on the Philip Goldson Highway when they observed two boys coming off a bus and meet a […]

Mental Health Day celebrated
Dignity and respect for mental health patients: that is what health professionals are asking of the community. Today the Central Health Region organized a students’ march through the streets of the city to get that message across. The march featuring students from Wesley and Palotti started at Cleopatra White Health […]

Miss a kick, win a trip to Belize!
From the creative minds of the Belize Tourism Board comes another Belize promotion, this one targeting struggling kickers in the U.S. National Football League (NFL). For non-followers of American football, kickers are the men who come out to kick the point after touchdown (PAT) or field goal which is worth […]


The 15th Belize General Election: Economics … Part I
According to the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia, the celebrated US author Mark Twain popularized the saying “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” in his book “Chapters from My Autobiography”, published in 1906. “Figures often beguile me,” Wiki reports he wrote, “particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.'” Over the last several years Facebook discussions, debates and arguments have convinced me that for the most part, there are some things that the Belizean electorate does not like to know. I say this in the context of what two German sociologists wrote in analyzing a statement by United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who answered a question at a U.S. Department of Defense news briefing on February 12, 2002, about the lack of evidence linking the government of Iraq with the supply of weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups by saying: “Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”

My Week in Belize on Instagram
I still love Instagram – I can post snapshots during the day that would have nothing to do with a blog and I can follow people from around the world, viewing Petra or climbing to Macchu Picchu or stomping down the runway in Alexander McQueen or just spending their days at uber-luxe Cayo Espanto just a mile or two from here. If you are not a follower – here are some of the very cool things I’ve seen this week – from others and from me. If you’d like to sign up or you are already on it, here’s where you can find me. Here you go, a bit of a pictorial hodge-podge. I can start with photos from my day in Belize City.

It’s almost that time again Belize
Pretty soon someone will start visiting your homes, spreading cheer and giving gifts. No, I am not talking about Jolly Old Saint Nicholas; I’m talking about your local politicians. The problem here is that they come bearing small gifts in turn for huge returns once they get into office. Basically a ton of bullshit to get your vote. This time around, let’s do things differently and step back from party fanaticism and think about the issues affecting Belizeans both at home and in the Diaspora. I was born and raised in a UDP family with family friends in PUP, but as soon as I was able to comprehend the dirty game of politics I became an independent thinker.. I had the chance to vote in one election before leaving Belize and I abstained my vote.. Why you ask? Because I grew up in the system, I saw things happening on both ends of the stick and I refused to support criminals that use the stolen largess of the people to line their pockets and that of their cronies and families and just as I would not tolerate common criminals, I refuse to support criminals in suits that pass themselves as honorable.

Belize Recipes: A Taste Of Belize’s Conch Season!
Conch season in Belize officially opened last week October 1st and goes through until June 30th, 2016 or until the national catch quota, about one million pounds, is realized. Of course we couldn’t wait to share with you some Belize Recipes to try out with this delicious Belizean favorite! Dates and quotas are set into place to prevent overfishing of the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) Species. Conch, pronounced CONK, is a staple meat source here in Belize and several other countries in the Caribbean where it is also harvested and exported. Conch fritters, Conch soup or chowder, conch steak and conch ceviche are the most popular dishes in Belizean cuisine prepared with this sweet calm-like flavour white meat. It is normally marinated in lime or pounded thin and lightly sautéed for that soft and tender taste.

“Something Old, Something New” (Part Two) Estel’s Dine By the Sea, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
In the previous edition I tried to give you a taste of the work that the ‘E Team’ ( the Estel’s Dine By the Sea team) have been putting in to renovate and revamp this extremely popular beachfront dining spot on Ambergris Caye. When I went there on Wednesday it was obvious that they still had a massive amount of work to do but I’ve got to admit that I was surprised (perhaps “worried” is a more appropriate choice of word) that they were still working yesterday evening when I drove past around 18.30 hours. It was then that I started to panic- in fact I started to sweat (and it had nothing to do with humidity levels) – that they might not be ready for the rescheduled 9 October re-opening. But there was nothing I could do to influence the outcome. It would be what it would be. So … I got up this morning, made my mug of coffee – black and unsweetened – and took it and my iPad out on to the veranda, the western, lagoon facing one, and hoped . I just hoped. And then I saw. The door was open. But … were they open? I mean, really open. For food? My stride (yes, OK, amble) slowed somewhat. The door was open but it was obvious, so painfully obvious, that there would be no breakfast there for me today. I was gutted, absolutely gutted.

1.Se calienta el sartén y se derrite la mantequilla sin que se queme. 2.En seguida se acitrona el ajo, y se añaden los camarones con la pimienta. 3.Cuando los camarones cambian de color, se le añade la salsa inglesa y el jugo magi. 4.Se dejan hervir por unos minutos y finalmente se incorporan la salsa catsup y la salsa huichol. 5.Deja hervir unos 3 minutos más para que agarre el sabor de las salsas y listo que los disfrute,

International Sourcesizz

A new Belize episode of Naked and Afraid premieres Sunday night at 8PM on Discovery Channel!
Screw It! In Belize, Annie and Trent meet each other for the first time with varying levels of comfort with nudity. But instantly, they bond and jump right into the 21-Day challenge.

The Belize Tourism Board Has a Very Chill Offer for Struggling NFL Kickers
This NFL season is different from all of those that came before it for one reason. Extra points are no longer gimmes. Ever since the NFL decided to move the PAT kick back from 20 yards to 33 yards, the previous "easiest play in football" has gotten a whole lot harder. Kickers are missing left and right, and teams are searching for answers. Well one has now emerged from a surprising place. Namely, Belize and their tourism board have a proposal for the NFL's frustrated kickers. One, I want to play this in the background of everything I do from now on. How can you be stressed with that music and that tone of voice? It's the best. And two, the video stars Belize soccer defender Ian Gaynair successfully kicking soccer balls and it's hard not to think that sending every potential Pittsburgh Steelers kicker there might result in them kicking American footballs just as well, or at least a whole lot better than they have been. Not that that's saying much.

An Eco-Tour of Guatemala’s Rio Dulce Region
My teenage daughter and I had just trekked up a rocky trail carved into a palm-enshrouded stairway along the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, just a few miles from the country’s Caribbean coast. Our guide that day was Carlo Caal, a wiry farmer turned eco-guide from nearby Barra Lampara, a Maya community that had banded together to protect the glimmering, mystical caves and hot springs that we were about to explore from construction workers hauling off rocks and wood. For a $2 entry fee, Lulu and I were soon bonding over an unexpected eco-predicament in this tiny, impoverished Central American country that is increasingly turning to green tourism as a way to preserve one of the world’s most biodiverse zones. We were midway into our weeklong trip when we descended into a subterranean, mineral-fed lake rippling in the caves. It’s easy to miss Guatemala’s Caribbean coast, a speck of about 90 miles on its eastern border, book-ended by Belize and Honduras. But its allure is not the white-sand beaches of its neighbors but the undulating rain forests dipping to the sea. After all, Guatemala’s name in the ancient Mayan-Tolpec language means the land of the many trees.

Let yourself free and go in nature!
Are you bored with your routine life? How about doing something adrenaline-boosting? Online travel assistant has listed incredible destinations from all over the world that will take you on exciting adventures. You can cross mountains on a bicycle, dive with millions of fish, skate over sand hills or wander through jungles where you might encounter an elephant. There is a saying that big things are made up of little things. This is very true for Belize, a country on the eastern coast of Central America. Belize has some of the world's most adventurous diving points as well as other exciting sports activities. Along with its beaches, rain forests, trekking platforms, inns and wild life, Belize is where tourists can see Mayan ruins. The world's longest barrier reef for diving is available in Belize. The region's popular diving points are Ambergris Caye, where you can swim with different fish species, Blue Hole with a depth of 135 meters, atolls with 80-kilometer reefs and Stann Creek, known for its white whales. Belize offers a wide variety of diving options.

Long Beach man teaches the blind to ‘see’ the way bats do
Kish created and spearheads the global nonprofit World Access for the Blind dedicated to teaching the visually impaired to use acoustic sounds — echolocation — to help perform and navigate through daily life activities. It was how he got around before he realized how he got around. WHAT IS ECHOLOCATION? Commonly associated with bats, echolocation uses sounds to mark out a landscape. It can be passive or active. An example of active location is when visually impaired people rapidly move their tongue onto the roof of their mouths to create a clicking sound, said Brian Bushway, an instructor at the nonprofit, who is also blind. “Not everyone wants to hike. Some just want to learn how to navigate through daily life,” Bushway said. “So we teach them what they want to do.” Bushway said they’ve taken kids hiking at Mayan ruins in Belize and even mountain biking. One of the activities used to teach students is “flash sonar.” Students go through exercises in which an object is near their heads and they have to identify it with clicking. This aspect adds perception to movement, Kish said. As students begin to grasp sensations of objects, more complex objects are added until an individual can walk and find their way around.

Mysterious Ancient Maya Mural Keeps Its Secrets
Archaeologists have uncovered some inexplicable finds in a rare case involving the discovery of a Maya wall painting, or mural, at a shrine complex at the ancient site of Tulix Mul in northern Belize. Buried anciently under a fill of large uncut stones at the beginning of the Maya Late Classic period, a vaulted room within a monumental structure features a plastered wall that hides two successive wall paintings, an unusual find for archaeologists investigating Maya remains. The discovery was first made in 2013 as a team of archaeologists, students and volunteers under the Blue Creek Archaeological Project with the Maya Research Program (MRP) and the University of Texas at Tyler began excavating a structure that showed intrusion by a looter's trench at the site of Tulix Mul, which is associated with another site known as Nojol Nah, a site where MRP has been excavating for years. Although excavations at this structure revealed the plastered, vaulted room, the biggest prize was the evidence of the wall painting, hidden beneath the plaster.

CARICOM Committed to Food Self-Sufficiency in the Caribbean
Agricultural officials from the 15 member-states of the Caribbean Community concluded Friday a two-day meeting in Georgetown, Guyana’s capital, to gauge progress toward making the region self-sufficient in food. The agriculture sector needs modernization and an infusion of younger workers, CARICOM Assistant Secretary-General for Trade and Economic Integration Joseph Cox said in a statement. “It is pointless for us to be seeking to compete in industries which are almost totally mechanized and technology-driven while we continue to be heavily reliant on manual labor,” Cox said during the conference.


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  • Rise and Shine Morning Show. Guest: Lisa Shoman on Guatemala PART 1, 40min. Guest: Senator Lisa Shoman discusses her visit to Sarstoon Island and the Exchange of diplomatic notes beween belize and guatemala on that historic day.

  • Rise and Shine Morning Show. Guest: Lisa Shoman on Guatemala PART 2, 60min. Guest: Senator Lisa Shoman discusses her visit to Sarstoon Island and the Exchange of diplomatic notes between Belize and Guatemala on that historic day. (PART 2)

  • 9th october, 2015 RiseNShine Part3 Alvarine Burgess 1 PGM, 57min.

  • CARACOL RUINS, Belize 2015 Part 4, 16min. This is our 3rd Mayan ruins in country. Having a great time traveling around Belize all week. It's an easy country to get around in.

  • 2015 Gaines Dive Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Song 2015 - Cocono Bwai, 8min. The youngest brukdung musician in Belize City, Belize; Cecil Jenkins Jr. paying a tribute to the ""King of Brukdung"" Mr. Wilfred Peters, and Pass leaders and patriots of our country!

  • snorkling belize, 4min. Snorkeling/ freediving in Belize/ san pedro/ caye caulker.

  • Cave Tubing in the Rain Forests of Belize - GoPro, 8.5min.

  • St. George's Caye Resort - Belize Belize City, 2min. Offering an outdoor pool and a spa, St. George's Caye Resort is located on a private island 12 km off the coast of Belize City.

  • Quest Block in Belize, 15min. Highlights from a Quest course on sustainable community development in Belize! Four weeks of incredible experiences, hard work, stress, and so much fun!

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