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The San Pedro Sun

Public Workers partake in First Response Training
San Pedro’s public workers took part in a two day first response training hosted by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). The training began on Tuesday, October 6th and was led by District Emergency Coordinator at NEMO, Jeromey Timrose Augustin Cayetano with the assistance of Martin Dawson. Participants learned valuable first response skills, vital in times of national emergencies or disaster situations. Among the trainees were members of the San Pedro Town Council, San Pedro Branch Labor Department, San Pedro Post Office, San Pedro Branch Election and Boundaries as well as other government offices. Some of the skills taught at the training including Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, handling victims with fractures, sprains or broken bones, dealing with open wounds and even the type of first response that can be issued to children. By the end of the training participants were well equipped with the skills and knowledge to act during times of accidents and disasters.

EU gives Belize €13.5 Million for renewable energy
A €13.5 Million grant from the European Union is funding a project to map Belize’s capacity to develop a renewable energy policy. The project is implemented by the European Union’s Energy Initiative, The Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF). Belize’s Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities (MESTPU) launched the project at the conference room of the Ministry of Works in Belmopan on Tuesday, September 29. MESTPU engineer Ambrose Tillett explained that Belize would like to become more energy self-sufficient to the point where we export not only petroleum but also electricity to the regional grid. To put this in context, Tillett presented statistics showing the country got almost a quarter of its energy needs from biomass – bagasse, and another quarter from diesel, with gasoline accounting for 19.15%, and hydroelectricity and wood fuels providing 7.11% each. Belize got another 6.47% of its energy from Mexico’s Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) while 4.56% came from kerosene and 3.90% came from crude oil.

Flooding impedes access to Holy Cross Anglican Primary School; raises health concerns
Another major concern for school administrators is the well-being and health of their students, since some of the septic waste from the neighbouring houses near the school is also affected with the rising tides. “The sewage water from the neighborhood is being lifted along with the tide, and it drains back into the school compound. We are aware that these areas are pretty low, but we also realize that the more you have the area filling up, the more sewage waste we have coming to the school,” elaborated Griffith. He went on to suggest that a short term solution is getting solid material to fill in the entrance to the school and more material (sand) to dump inside the school compound so it’s higher and suitable for the students. According to Griffith a letter was sent to the SPTC petitioning for help, which has yet to be answered. The San Pedro Sun contacted the SPTC regarding the matter, and was assured that they would look into the issue and render assistance as in previous occasions. However, SPTC’s administration did not make any further comments on any action plan to be taken to solve the situation at the school, since Mayor Daniel Guerrero was out of the country. Upon his return, the matter will be discussed with him to find ways to address the issue.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Ocean Academy hosts Egyptian themed open house
Social Studies Department's Open House: Ancient cultures of Egypt, Indian, China, Ethiopia and India.

More pics from yesterday's exhibition at Ocean Academy
Sorry for the late post! Some pictures of yesterday's successful exhibition day at Ocean Academy! My students did a wonderful job! Thanks to all parents and the public who came to see and support the students!

Optimist Ranking Regatta, Caye Caulker Sailing Club
3 of our very own island kids will be sailing!!! Come out and show your support!! Our island sailors are Glenford Barrera, Kam'ron Jenkins and Harrison Cadle Jr. BBQ Chicken will be on sale!

Another fun beach and street clean up
Another fun beach and street clean up today. Really big thanks to three groups today. Blue Water Grill - San Pedro, Belize for raising and donating $662 for expenses for this and future clean-ups. Melody S Wolfe for her generous $100 contribution that was part of that. And the SPHS girls softball team. Great to see really thoughtful and community minded young people who want to make a difference and give back where they live. Thank you for your continued support each week.

BTIA and BTB Meeting
Cayo's Belize Tourism Industry Association had a very successful meeting where Dr. Metzgen explained the Belize Tourism Board's rules and regulations. The BTB was there to answer all the questions. It was a great meeting, and even a blackout couldn't stop the momentum. "The Cayo BTIA met with the Belize Tourism Board, and many stakeholders, at the Sacred Heart College auditorium last night. Dr. Metzgen's presentation went well, and went forward even with the power outage."

The African-American professor of History and Black Studies from the University California State, Dominguez Hills, Ron Wilkins, has been living in Belize for the past seven years, and has contributed tremendously to the formation of the Belize Reparations Movement. Wilkins who has become one of the foremost scholars of Black Mexico, and has helped fostered unity between black and Latino people in South Central Los Angeles over the last 15 years, was also one of the foremost political activists of the Watts Riots in Los Angeles, California in the 1960's. Belizean Legends honor this very significant adopted Belizean brother, and appreciate the work that he has done in bringing history, education, and awareness to Belize's importance and role in the liberation movement, his work for unity among indigenous peoples of Central America, and his work for progress and unity among black and Latino peoples worldwide. Respect Professor Ron Wilkins. You are appreciated.

Today October 10, 2015, marked the second anniversary of the formation of the Belize Justice & Reparations movement in Belize. The organization held its second convention on The Initiative for Justice & Reparations at the Belmopan Civic Center. According to Nuri Muhammad who was the keynote speaker of this year's convention, the event was well received.

Fever grass is good for you
USES OFLEMON GRASS: one shot glass of Lemon grass juice daily is all you need.

The Reporter

Financial security for older persons a big deal for NCA
Ensuring financial security for Belize’s elderly is an area of immediate priority for the National Council on Aging’s National Strategic Plan for Older Persons 2015-2019. The strategy, launched on International Day of Older Persons-October 1, identifies short, medium and long term targets geared towards improving the financial status of Belize’s elderly, including advocacy for a sustainable national pension program. The NCA’s indicators for this goal include: establishing an advocacy group for the creation of Non-Contributory Pension scheme, defining criteria for its creation (inflation, cost of living, poverty rate, age, gender) by the end of 2015, and holding discussions with the private sector on older persons’ issues and funding for a universal pension scheme. The NCA also aims to increase awareness for the younger, self-employed population to contribute to Social Security by 2016, and to create the NCP by 2017.

US-Belize tax probe centered on Ashcroft owned entities
The United States (US) Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) recent tax evasion probe into financial institutions in Belize is centered on business interests all owned by Lord Michael Ashcroft. A well-known personality in Belize and the United Kingdom, Ashcroft has recently come under more public scrutiny after the release of his unauthorized biography of British Prime Minister David Cameron. The Belize Bank, Belize Bank International and Belize Corporate Services, all of which belong to Ashcroft’s BCB Holdings Limited, are subject individually to the IRS’ “John Doe” summons issued several weeks ago. Under the summons, the IRS is authorized to access all accounts belonging to American citizens and look for those who have not declared their assets. Ashcroft’s name has been gaining more notoriety in the international media since the release of Cameron’s biography, which includes a scandalous allegation against the British PM. The book was released this week. In the book, Ashcroft, who conceded to being a life-long conservative party supporter and campaign financier, claims that during his college years, Cameron performed a lewd act in which he inserted a certain part of his anatomy in a dead pig’s head.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Scattered showers throughout the day
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny skies with cloudy spells today and cloudy at times tonight. A few showers and thunderstorms will affect mostly the interior this afternoon, then mainly the south and coastal areas tonight and tomorrow morning. Winds will be blowing from the East to Northeast at […]

BDF Soldier brutally stabbed in Orange Walk Town
Reports reaching our newsroom are that last night around 9:00 p.m., a BDF soldier was brutally stabbed to the chest inside a game entertainment center in Orange Walk Town. Information is still sketchy but we were made to understand that the soldier succumbed to his injuries and police have detained […]

Local Reparations Commission hosts convention in Belmopan
The Belize Commission Initiative for Justice and Reparations is hosting its second national convention today in Belmopan. The Reparations campaign is intended, in the word of guest speaker Nuri Muhammad and vice chair of the Commission Cesar Ross, to make the European colonial powers understand the wrongs they committed in […]

Why some constituencies in Belize don’t get fair representation
With elections fast approaching political aspirants are in a frenzied scramble to try to secure their seats. Some, of course, need to work harder than others in constituencies that are considered ‘battle-grounds’. Some constituencies, however, in terms of the voting populace are double the size of others, yet get only […]


-Tamiza (cernir) la harina, la miel de maíz, el polvo para hornear y la sal en un bol. -Tip extra: procura quitar todas las semillas porque una vez procesadas, desprenden un sabor ácido muy fuerte que no querrás que arruine tu torta casera. -Licua la cáscara de mandarina junto con la pulpa. -Incorpora el aceite, los huevos y el azúcar, y licua nuevamente. -Forma un hueco en la preparación seca del bol y vierte la mezcla de la licuadora. Bate hasta homogeneizar y coloca en un molde para torta. Debe estar previamente enharinado y enmantecado. Lleva el molde a un horno a 200º C por 35 minutos y ¡listo!

“Worth It” The wait that is for Estel’s Dine By the Sea to re-open in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
I arrived in ‘Town at exactly 06.45 hours – I know that they open at 06.00 hours but I didn’t want to appear to eager, too needy. I parked and then padlocked the ‘cart, grabbed my bag and strode purposefully (and optimistically ) towards Estel’s looking for a sign of ‘life’. Any sign. And then I saw. The door was open AND the shutters had been removed from the bar, the NEW bar that is. There was Mark and Sam and I could hear noise coming from the kitchen. Only one thing to do. Take my place at MY table . It’s not really my table- table 11 that is- but I like to think of it that way. And you know what? I was the first person to eat there after the re-opening. A commerative T shirt occasion? Talking about the bar, it got its first customer at 07.14 hours precisely when I heard the immortal words ” A regular please”. And the honour went to Lesley ” Shaggy” Lisbey. Back to the changes. There’s a changed internal layout.

Estel’s Re-Opens: Familiar, Delicious but With a Few Upgrades
Well…just a few days later than originally planned, they are open. Today was the first day. And a few days ago, I showed you a construction zone…after working until midnight last night, they were ready to open. And manager and son of the founders Estrella and Charlie looked very happy indeed. Here’s Charles. He said he’s been dreaming of this bar area for about 6 years. The area used to hold the “family table” basically one large dining room table where anyone could sit. But a bit confusing to newbies. This huge bar area is much more inviting… And Charles now says he is able to stay open like a bar…until midnight. He’s thinking dinner…maybe a few nights a week…but he’s not making any promises. Yet.

International Sourcesizz

Good Works in Foreign Places: Why U.S. Expats Become Involved in Worthy Causes
The U.S. shared first place in the World Giving Index 2014, according to the Charities Aid Foundation. It is the only country to be ranked in the top 10 for all three charitable behaviors covered by the organization's index. Given this, it is not surprising that expat Americans would get involved in charitable and volunteering activities when living overseas. What is surprising, based on interviews with 500 expats for the website, Best Places In The World To Retire, and included in the study Expats: Expectations & Reality, is how central these charitable activities have become for expats. It is also surprising how significant the impact many of them are having. Kelly German, who lives in Ambergris Caye, Belize, explained that there is also a social aspect to volunteering. As expats move to a new home, they look for organizations to belong to as a way to meet others. But she said that they are also looking to help provide resources that local government is not large enough to offer -- resources that are taken for granted in the U.S. "From my experience, expats generally congregate around good works," German said. This perpetuates an American trait of doing social good.The French historian Alexis de Tocqueville noted as much when he visited America in 1836. He described how Americans spontaneously formed associations to jointly pursue different endeavors.

Southwest Airlines requires its biggest leap however in international service this week when it adds daily flights to Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica from its new $146 million terminal at William P. Hobby Airport. “This is the year of Houston,” CEO Gary Kelly mentioned throughout a media preview of the 5-gate terminal Thursday. He said Houston, one of Southwest’s three original cities and a geographic no-brainer as an international hub, will be the airline’s focus for “fairly some time.” “This will be a priority for us,” Kelly said. Executives hinted that a handful of new cities south of the border could be added next year from Houston but have been mum beyond that. Phoenix passengers, who already have a flurry of non-cease flights to Latin America on US Airways/American, won’t see non-quit international flights on Southwest anytime soon, if ever, but can book a single-cease flights via Houston or Orange County, Calif.


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  • Palenque au Chiapas, 1.5min. Après notre incursion au Bélize, nous voilà de retour au Mexique et plus précisément à Palenque dans l'état du Chiapas. Nous y avons consolidé nos connaissances sur les temples Maya en visitant notre 6ème site. Ce qui nous frappe à chaque fois, c'est la diversité des sites qui ne se ressemblent jamais et présentent chacun des spécifiques incroyables. Le site de Palenque a été occupé pendant près de mille ans avant d'être complètement abandonné pendant à nouveau 1000 ans. Il a été redécouvert il y a 300 ans. Situé au milieu de la jungle, seul 10% de la surface est actuellement accessible.

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