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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Walking
“Hey, Dennis. Have a seat.” “Hey, Stuart,” I said. “How is the ankle? I see you’re still on crutches.” “It’s painful. The doctor says I’m going to be on crutches for four more months. However, I did learn that I’m too old to play football because you can easily break an old ankle like mine. What brings you to Belize City at night?” “I have a late evening appointment with my own doctor for a six month check-up,” I told him. We finished our meal at the Riverside Tavern and Stuart said, “Being a cripple is killing me and I’m ready to walk. There are two visiting ministers in town that supposedly do faith healing. Ride over with me tonight while I try it out.”

Letter to the Editor: Joanna responds to Doctor Love
Dear SP Sun Team, I usually read the Doctor Love column with enjoyment. There’s often a splash of humor, some honest talk, and, most importantly, a message of empowerment to the women who write in: encouraging them to get out of broken relationships, value their own happiness, and take the high road. And so I was shocked to read the response in the October 1, 2015 edition of The Sun, in which a victim of child abuse (named Traumatized) wrote in seeking advice on raising her own children. Dr. Love recommended she call her abuser and thank him for the “good job he did”. He recommended that instead of the counseling she desired, but could not afford, that she would have to “do it herself” and use the bible. He ended by suggesting she keep her own children “locked up at home” so that they don’t become “mischievous brat(s)”. It was misogynist victim-shaming at its very worst.

Doctor Love
Dear Doctor Love, My sister has been married three years after living with her man for two years. When they got married she knew that he spent his free time drinking. I talked to her about it before she got married but she said she was sure he would change. Now she is not so sure. Instead of getting better he seems to get worse. Before she got married she used to suffer from anxiety attacks that would put her in bed sometimes for three or four days. I am afraid that she will start suffering again if she does not get out of this situation. I warned her about this before she got married and now I keep telling her she needs to get out before it is too late. She keeps saying people can change but anybody can see this guy is not going to. How can I get through to her? /s/ Big Sis

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Blue Water Classic Fishing Tournament
The Belize Game Fish Association has been promoting the sport of offshore fishing in Belize since 1987. During this time it has hosted numerous competitions that have seen anglers enjoy some of their best fishing experiences, all of which has helped to build the camaraderie of the Association’s members and forge lifelong friendships. Over the past 2 years, the BGFA has set a new goal to bolster its sustainability impact on the sportsfishing industry of Belize and has started by introducing a release system into its tournaments for billfish.

"Los Pachamama" from Tabasco in Concert
Wednesday, October 14th at the George Price Center, Thursday October 15th, Bliss Centre. Since its beginning in 1987, the musical work development of "Los Pachamama" has been aesthetic, unique, innovative, and experimental as well as beautifully conceived, and over the years it has turned into an artistic proposal that synthesizes the dreams and aspirations of several generations with fine sensitivity. The musical genealogy of "Los Pachamama" goes back to the ancient roots of Latin American folklore; their harmonious and sound creations are born from that inexhaustible source. Time and contact with the contemporary world have opened new musical horizons to the band, so its scenic proposal today reveals a wide range of sounds, textures, rhythms, melodies and harmonic polyphonies that make possible this unique combination, very difficult to separate. "Los Pachamama" is a band that experiments and blends their Latin roots with elements of jazz, Afro-Caribbean music, and traditional Mexican music such as "son jarocho", and that manages to develop melodies rich in sound forms with simple instrumentation.

Temporary Job Vacancy exists at Centro Escolar Junior College
Temporary Job Vacancy exists at Centro Escolar Junior College (CEJC) in the Corozal Distict. The Board and Management of CEJC announces a job vacancy for a Temporary Communications Studies Lecturer. Qualifications:- A Bachelors degree in related field. Experience is an asset. Salary:- Government Pay Scale based on qualification/experience. Letters of application accompanied by resume, two letters of recommendations, transcripts and copies of diploma must reach the following address by Octob

FCD gets ten year long term agreement for Las Cuevas Research Station
Sustainable Development. FCD's aim is to make this station a vibrant center for core research and learning.

The Reporter

Dominica’s prime minister says Tropical Storm Erika has affected that country’s revenue stream
Tropical Storm Erika has dealt a major blow to Dominica’s revenue stream, said that country’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit in his address to Dominica’s this week. Skerrit said the impact has already been felt in Value Added Tax (VAT) revenues. “Government revenues are down; expenditure is on the rise and revenue has fallen considerably,” Skerrit said. “Just to give you an example of the impact of this disaster, VAT revenues for the month of August was EC$10.3 million (US$3.8 million); for September, VAT revenues originally projected at EC$11.4 million (US$4.2 million)stood two days before the end of the month at EC$4.2 million (US$1.5 million). That scenario is replicated across government’s revenue stream.” Skerrit explained that as a result of the impact on the island’s revenues, government could not realistically grant tax and duty waivers to every investor.

PUP leaders says PUP will appoint 13th Senator within 100 days of taking over government, if it wins
The People’s United Party (PUP) will appoint the 13th Senator within 100 days of taking office if it wins the November fourth General Elections, says PUP Leader Francis Fonseca. At one in a series of public rallies dubbed Power to the People, taking place currently in front of several thousand people at the Central Park in the Orange Walk Central, Orange Walk town, Fonseca said a few minutes ago “We will appoint the 13th Senator because we are not afraid of oversight.” Fonseca added that the PUP will set up an agricultural fund for cane farmers to access loans at two percent interest rate, and will set up a committee that will ensure the farmers can acquire farming equipment. The PUP leader also criticized the United Democratic Party (UDP) government for the way it has handled matters of national interest and apoke against corruption, and failures in the health and educational systems.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

BCE Harvest for Kids reports successful corn harvest
Belize Camping Experience (BCE) has supported its Christian ministry to kids of the inner city since 2012 by working with farmers and agro-businesses in the North and West of the country. The result is Harvest for Kids – an initiative that plants agricultural crops and sells them, using the proceeds […]

Cayo man wanted for underage sex; victim pregnant
Police are seeking a man from Santiago Juan Layout in San Ignacio town pending charges for unlawful sexual intercourse which resulted in pregnancy for a 15 year old girl. According to police, the minor, a Guatemalan, reported that approximately seven months ago around March 7, 2015, she was at home […]

Soldier stabbed to death in Orange Walk Bar
Police believe they have in custody the person who attacked and killed a member of the Belize Defence Force in Orange Walk Town on Saturday night. The dead soldier has been identified to us as one Private Rafael Rivas, who was socializing inside Pandas Bar located across from Central Park in town […]

Elections and Boundaries reports attempted intimidation
On Friday the Elections and Boundaries Department hosted a meeting with agents and representatives of political parties to present the ground rules for the upcoming general elections on November 4. But before we tell you about that meeting: Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai reported on two incidents that are suggested to be […]

Belize collects 2015 World Travel Awards
Belize has won two World Travel Awards from four nominations at the ceremony held in Bogota, Colombia. Placencia in the Stann Creek District was named leading beach destination for Mexico and Central America, while Ambergris Caye was nominated in that category and won the category of Mexico and […]


Finn Kardashian Takes THE Full Moon Party: Episode 5.0 Southern Thailand
From the party capital of the world – Koh Phangan, we are staying in Haadrin, Thailand. Main objective is to PARTEEEEEEE. let me tell you this town is like no other, everyone flies to this island for the fete. Its the first time for Finn Kardashian – so lets get our neon glitterati ON! We leaving Bangkok to Koh Phangan and the route consists of a over night train AGAIN and a two hour boat. Just 4 Belizean’s ready to throw it out the window.

Belize Game Fishing and The Big November Tournament
When you think big game fishing…I’m not sure you think Belize. Fly fishing YES! Always Belize. Check out this article about 11 of the World’s Best Fishing Spots. Belize is right there but for our “inshore slam” – the permit, the tarpon and the bonefish. But we have deep waters – just after our reef, depths drop thousands of feet. Here is a pic of an impromptu fishing trip just outside the reef I took with the Seaduced catamaran – the water was churning with sardines, larger fish, bull sharks and then birds… Belize DOES have game fishing. We are not as well known as places like the Pacific coast of Mexico and Guatemala but there are fish out there! Like dorado (one of the oddest looking fish around)…

Todos los ingredientes se licuan hasta integrar, se vacían a un molde engrasado y enharinado y se hornea a 180 grados por 40 minutos o hasta que al introducir un palillo en el pan y que salga limpio este.

Here’s Why You Should Explore Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in Belize
The ATM Cave is part of the Belize landscape. Tucked deeply underground beneath the Mountain Tapir Reserve, you’ll need both your mind and your gear to be in tip-top shape as you follow trained guides into the jungle and then plunge through 12 feet of water at the mouth of the cave to reach the treasures and spectacular sights that fill chambers and ledges throughout the vast cavern’s interior. Our advice? Wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes as you trudge through some of Mother Nature’s most pristine terrain to reach this secret place. As you explore the ATM Cave, you’ll begin to catch glimpses of artifacts left behind by the Mayans thousands of years ago. This was, in fact, a sacred cave where incantations, divination, human sacrifice and ritual worship brought spectators, victims and warriors alike to this holy place for mysterious ceremonies. Some returned repeatedly over time to continue religious traditions within the cave’s interior. Others never left. Also called the Cave of the Stone Sepulcher, the site’s original name was lovingly restored by archaeologists and anthropologists conducting pioneering excavations into the interior chambers. Only when the National Institute of Culture and History of Belize and government entities intent upon rehabilitating and showcasing the treasures left behind by two Maya occupations–AD 300-600 and AD 700-900—was the cave finally opened for public visits.

Award winning Placencia!, Tutti Frutti and Tranquilo are back open, Tiger Falls, Yoga and updates from the end of slow season in Placencia...
Placencia is extremely proud today--for the first time ever, PLACENCIA was chosen as the TOP BEACH DESTINATION of 2015, as voted by a large number of countries, at World Travel Awards!! Here is more details on the award....we were up against some stiff competition! Let's just take a moment to explore a few reasons Placencia is awesome. Our beach has been picture perfect for weeks now, the weather has been spectacular, and Tutti Frutti opened back up today! Tranquilo also reopens this week! Here are a few pics from the last week or so, it has been amazingly beautiful. The whole village is getting ready for high season. There is so much construction and updating going on, and we have been doing our share here at Caribbean Beach Cabanas. We took a little time off of having guests to do some updates, and here are the latest pictures of the upgrades we have made!

International Sourcesizz

'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Annie & Trent' Season 5 Episode 2, 'Fear the Unknown
n an all new episode of Discovery's Naked and Afraid, Annie Foley and Trent Nielsen brave the jungle of Belize as they strip down bare to see if they can survive in episode two of season five. Annie Foley is a 38-year-old married female from Essex, Illinois who is looking to test her limits in the jungles of Belize. Annie (No Facebook) is pretty excited to start the challenge but the being naked idea seems to make her very nervous. You can see the nerves almost get the best of her when she arrives at the destination and has to take her clothes off. Annie (No Instagram) finally decides to go ahead with it as she sets out to find her partner. According to her Naked and Afraid bio, Annie's (No Twitter) skills are "shelter, spear fishing, wild edibles and flint fires." "Annie is a mother of four, a farmer's wife, and photographer who currently lives in Essex, Illinois, but is truly from a little bit of everywhere. Growing up, her family moved a lot, from once to twice a year. Moving so much in life, the only thing that stayed familiar and felt like home was being in the outdoors," according to Discovery.

Southwest warns Monday travelers to plan ahead after delays
Southwest Airlines said hundreds of flights have been delayed by technical issues and warned passengers flying Monday to arrive two hours early and print boarding passes before coming to the airport. The Dallas-based company said it was using back-up systems around the country to check-in travelers lacking printed or mobile boarding passes but technology problems that began Sunday morning were continuing. Southwest said about 450 of the 3,600 flights scheduled for the day had been delayed. Representatives for Southwest did not say what caused the problem or how long it would take to resolve. Spokesman Brad Hawkins said there was "absolutely no indication now" that the problems were the result of hacking.

Southwest Airlines customers encouraged to arrive 2 hours early
Southwest Airlines requires its biggest leap however in global service this week when it adds daily flights to Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica from its new $146 million terminal at William P. Hobby Airport. A nationwide glitch in the Southwest Airlines computer system forced ticket agents at LAX to manually process and hand-write tickets on Sunday, leading to long lines for passengers. Technical issues are causing delays and long lines Sunday morning for Southwest Airlines passengers. While teams work diligently to enhance the performance of our technology, our airport-based Employees are working with Customers on their individual itineraries. In other cities, passengers took to Twitter to vent their frustrations that flights departed while they waited to check-in.

When We Fumigate Flies and Mosquitoes, Are We Poisoning Ourselves?
We arrived at the Las Manos border between Honduras and Nicaragua at nightfall. Our 24-person permaculture group had already been sitting in a van for nearly 24 hours, cruising the Pan-American Highway - the world's longest "motorable road" - from Guatemala. As we slowed to a stop behind a long row of cars, we spotted a man with a handkerchief over his face and scant other protective gear. He was curved forward, holding a metal hose and spraying the lower parts of each passing vehicle. "Poisonous Gases Fumigation Area" was written in Spanish on a looming billboard. Questions flooded into my mind: Why wasn't the man wearing proper safety equipment like an oxygen mask, overalls, boots and gloves? What were they spraying on the vehicles, specifically the wheels? Did insects really hitch rides on tires? If so, which ones? As someone who suffers from an autoimmune condition and is extremely sensitive to chemicals, this site freaked me out; it all seemed dangerous and foolish. "We're [#%!] to the max," one of my fellow travelers, a former deputy district attorney from Colorado, announced. We were not warned. We were not advised. And we were not asked whether we wanted to vacate the vehicle during this sick rendition of a car wash.

This year has seen a number of high-profile initiatives aimed at improving the capacity of T&T’s music industry and putting our music on the international scene. With the help of entities like MusicTT, there’s been a buzz about how the music community can pull together and grow. The T&T Guardian spoke to people from many levels of the music industry to hear their views. Today, in the final of a seven-part series, we hear from Jacob Edgar, a music critic, ethnomusicologist and talent scout. He also runs his own World Music record label, Cumbancha. Jacob Edgar’s artists on his own Cumbancha label include The Garifuna Collective (soulful Afro-Amerindian music from Belize), Omara “Bombino” Moctar (a rock- and blues-influenced, folk Tuareg guitarist/songwriter from the Sahara), Daby Toure (a genre-defying musician, singer, lyricist and composer of Senegalese roots), Idan Raichel (an eclectic Israeli singer, songwriter and musician who mixes electronics, Hebrew lyrics, Arab and Ethiopian music), Ska Cubano (a happy mix of

El Chapo Puts $100 Million Bounty on Donald Trump Dead Or Alive!
Mexican lord Joaquín Guzmán is offering a $100 million bounty for anyone who can bring him Donald Trump, dead or alive. Known as El Chapo (The Shorty) because of his small stature, is infamous for his multiple prison breaks and involvement in the Mexican cartel. El Chapo was recently incarcerated February of 2014 after being on the run for over a decade from his first prison escape. While incarcerated, El Chapo escaped again last week on July 9th. There is currently a bounty set for El Chapo at $60 million MXN or $3 million USD. So far seven prison employees have been arrested in connection with El Chapo’s escape.

Oligarchy in retreat: Guatemala's election
Guatemala appears to be, for better or worse, entering the denouement of a climactic year for its ongoing corruption investigation, which saw its peak just weeks ago when the Guatemalan National Congress voted to strip former President Otto Perez Molina of his political immunity. Molina is now facing trial for his suspected involvement in the custom house bribery scandal known as “La Linea.” At least 28 officials within the national customs group called SAT collaborated to collect bribes in exchange for lowering the tariffs that were legally required to be levied on corporations, and included various importers, lawyers, and even a former intelligence agent. All told, the ranks of the guilty swelled to 64. To keep the scam from becoming too blatant, importers still paid 40 percent of what sum was expected, paid 30 percent to the corrupt officials, and pocketed the other 30 percent as savings. The Guatemalan people were defrauded $328,000 weekly in this scheme, or the equivalent of the minimum daily wage for 1,682 industrial laborers.


  • Garifuna Culture in Belize: Preservation & the Use of Technology, 3.5min. Learn more about the Garifuna Culture in Belize

  • Diving the Labyrinth. Blue Holes / 1080p, 81min. Belize blue hole - BBC documentary 2015 HD - great barrier reef The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It lies near the center

  • Sculptor Steven Okeke talks of Belize hero TVRamos, 3min. Steve talks with Tony Wright, J.C. Arzu and recording artist Colville Murrillo thu8oct2015

  • Sleeping Giant - Belize 2015, 3min. Here's the Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge in Belize about an hour south of San Ignacio right off the hummingbird highway. This video was in no way sponsored by the lodge.

  • Sharks, Sting Rays & Barracudas - Reef Exploration in Belize, 6min. On our cruise, one of the excursions included a walk through a 'shallow' reef where sting rays, nurse sharks, and lots of other sea creatures like to hang out. The barracuda followed our group because the guides have food - and those were the scariest part!

  • Belize 2015, 13min. This is a compilation of video shot off of Ambergris Caye Island in Belize. Thanks to Belize Pro Divers for giving us a great week of diving. I used a Go Pro with a red filter. Most video was shot between 60 and 80 feet.

  • Sunday Evening 10/11/15, 53min. Pastor Vic Hernandez. Toledo Faith Outreach Christian Center, Punta Gorda, Belize

  • Earth Expedition Belize II Tobacco Caye - La Isla Bonita, 4min.