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The San Pedro Sun

Holiday Ahead
So there’s a holiday tomorrow, Pan American Day! MBB recommends making the most of the day by having a fun filled day at the beach…which beach you may ask? Well any beach,missed having family days at Boca Del Rio well,great news! The sargasso is all gone :-) So fill up a cooler and pack a picnic and head that way!

Ice Cream Adventures
So we’ve given you the best places to get your coffee fix while in San Pedro… we bring you one of my absolute favorites…you know “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! Oh yeah we are talking about the good stuff. There are praise worthy places we recommend you visiting if you’re a fan of frozen dairy goodness! From classic recipes by small family owned ice cream parlours, and fancy gelato to large scale ice cream producers…These are a few places well worth stopping in for a scoop or two of dairy gold!

Ambergris Today

Passing of Mrs. Cecilia Lara
Ambergris Today joins the community of San Pedro in extending deepest condolences to the Lara Family on the passing of Mrs. Cecilia Lara. Just one month shy of reaching the milestone age of 101, we celebrate her 100 year and 11 months of life. May her soul rest in peace.

Pic of the Week - Gone Fishing in Belize
It's a picture perfect post card from Belize that says it all - gone fishing! It's a way of life in Belize: a happy past time or a way of living. The sea provides plenty for every Belizean from income to recreation, adventure, relaxation and excitment. Picture here is young Elijah Eiley who lives in Placencia Village in the Stann Creek District of Belize. Needless to say, he loves fishing.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Fisheries Department boat intercepted by the Guatemalan military
Confirmed report is that a Belize Fisheries Department boat was coming down the Sarstoon River and was intercepted by the Guatemalan military. My concern is why is it that this is not headline news and why is it that our government has not protested the fact that Guatemala continue to harass our people. I must say that I am proud of the Fisheries Department officer who told off the Guatemalan military and came back home safely.

See & Taste Belize in Miami — at FIU Kovens Conference Center
A fundraising event for the Neonatal Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the KHMH; showcasing the cultural appeal of Belize!

Painting turtles this week!
This week at Crazy canucks! Follow the link to sign up click the bright green button that says book!

Biggest Halloween Party inside Holiday Hotel
Save the Date!

Poets Corner: Foreclosure
By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Bankers are blood sucking vampires Nothing but gangsters Venture capitalist in Belize widespread Familiar with peoples’ business, in their banks They take advantage instead Directors illegally buying out customers’ businesses Using monies from the bank! We only have the PUDP fih thank Legislation could have regulated these banks But just to not affect their offshore patrons They preferred to make millions And postpone offshore regulations Perusing the Amandala and Reporter So many homes are up for foreclosure

Vote for Belize's Miss Costa Maya 2014, Miss Elisa Espinoza to become ‪MissF1Mexico
Dear Friends of Costa Maya, please vote for Belize's Miss Costa Maya 2014, Miss Elisa Espinoza to become ‪#‎MissF1Mexico‬. She is truly deserving. Thanks for helping make our beloved Elisa Espinoza Miss F1 Mexico.

My coming across this outstanding young man in the Belizean-American Community and diaspora in Los Angeles was most astounding. Through the kind courtesy of my brother and good friend, Orlin 'Proxy' Lewis, who prompted me on the dynamic youth achievement that this promising Belizean-American young man was contributing to his community, family and people, yours truly was moved by such rare sense of consciousness in our young people today, not to mention Aaron's incredible academic achievements, having to come straight out of South Central Los Angeles. Aaron Francis is the son of Belizeans, Robert 'Pele' Francis, and Desiree Francis, whom have raised this brilliant young mind to sore the heights of achievement regardless of whom and where he comes from.

FCD closes another year of scarlet macaw bio-monitoring together with Scarlet 6 team
This year there was a zero poaching loss and 7 macaws fledged from their natural nests. For an update report write us.

Channel 7

Big Fire, No Water
There was a big fire on Monday morning in Belize City. It started at around 6:00 am in an old wooden two-story house on Handyside Street - and by the time it was done 90 minutes later, 4 buildings were destroyed or substantially damaged. But how much of that footprint of destruction is owing to the fact that two fire pumps broke down- and the waterless firefighters had to watch on as the fire consumed the structures? We have amateur video of the fire from the very first minutes - right up to when they ran out of water. Here's the story:... Jules Vasquez reporting This was how the fire looked at 6:09 am - when police and fire crews just arrived - the building at #37 Handyside street was already engulfed. By 6:12 AM the fire department was already in position - but the fire was already in free burn - and you could hear the embers splitting and crackling: within a few seconds - you could see the fire expanding - and the fireman pick up his hose.

BDF Soldier Killed In OW Bar Brawl
Tonight, family, friends and colleagues continue to mourn the untimely passing of 31 year-old Rafael Abel Rivas. The career BDF Soldier was stabbed to death in Orange Walk town on Saturday night in what appears to be a bar brawl. Right now, there are two drastically different reports of how he was fatally stabbed. The first is that he was acting as peace keeper, and he was trying to stop a fight when the man armed with the knife turned his rage on him. The next is that he got into bar brawl where his attacker pulled a knife and stabbed him several times. So which is it? That's what we tried to find out from his brother, Hilberto Rivas, on Sunday afternoon. We found Rivas at the cemetery in Carmelita Village where they were already preparing a grave for Rafael's burial. Here's what he had to say:

Convicted Husband Killer Viola Pook Pleads Down
In July of 2011 Viola Pook was sentenced to life in prison for setting her husband on fire. Well now she might not have to serve that tough sentence because she today pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. She was supposed to have a retrial - ordered by the Court of Appeal, but today she surprised the court when she pleaded to the lesser charge. New evidence which shows that she was a victim of domestic abuse, pushed the DPP's office to accept her plea. And she gave that guilty plea after the facts of the 2011 trail were read to her - specifically that she doused her common law husband, 42 year old Orlando Vasquez in gasoline and then set him on fire. Pook's attorney Lliana Swift accepted the facts as read to her.

Career Criminal Accused Of Sodomy
47 Year old Basil Willis - known as "ET" - has a long and colourful rap sheet with as many as 50 offences - but today, he got a first added to that list: he was accused of raping a grown man. This morning before the Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, Willis was read a single count of committing an unnatural crime. The specific allegation is that on Saturday, October 10, in Belize City, Willis sodomized a 23 year old male - allegedly by force. The incident is said to have occur at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. The allegation is that the 23 year old was asking Willis about the Marion Jones Sporting Complex - and that's when Willis took him to the stadium and sodomized him. The victim alleges that it was non - consensual, while Willis reportedly told police it was. No plea was taken and the Chief Magistrate only asked him if he understood the charge read to him. Bail was denied and he was remanded to prison.

Man Stabbed To Death In Ladyville Left For Dead
There was a murder in Lord's Bank Village over the weekend. According to police it happened just before 3:00 am on Saturday morning. Police found 25 year old Ervin Franklin sitting in a drain about 10 feet from the junction with Talawala Street with stab wounds to the lower back and armpit. Franklin was rushed to the KHMH but died three hours later. Neighbors told police they heard loud cries at the time of the incident but did not come out to see what was happening. So far police have 2 individuals detained - one of whom they say has admitted to stabbing Franklin. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander - Eastern Division Rural "On Saturday October 4th, Ladyville Police Precinct received information of a male person in the Lord's Bank area who was stabbed. When police went there they found the lifeless body of Ervin Franklin, 25 years of a Lord's Bank village address. Initial investigation indicated that he received a stabbing to the back and to the right arm pit. He was transported to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Investigation thus far to date, we have two suspects in custody, one of which is confessing to the stabbing death of the individual and we have other witnesses that we have recorded statements from in regards to this incident."

A Harvest In A Time Of Drought
For the past months, we've been showing you the drought ravaged corn fields in the north. It's devastating for farmers who stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the drought. The drought affected farmers in the west as well but it didn't hit them as hard. And they ended up with enough to give away to a worthy cause, the Harvest for Kids Initiative. Courtney went west on Saturday to see 10 combines in concert: Courtney Weatherburne "Usually the Spanish Lookout farmers would be harvesting these 40 acres of corn for sale. But today's harvest isn't about short term profit. It's about a long term investment involving urban kids in agriculture." Courtney Weatherburne reporting 80 kids and their parents poured into Central Farm on Saturday afternoon for the corn harvest. For most of these city kids, This swathe of corn stalks swaying beneath the lush hills of the west. And these monstrous machines lined side by side like war tanks in a battle, is an unfamiliar scene. But this visit to Central Farm isn't just a field trip or an exhibit, it's a chance for the kids to learn about harvesting.

Psychiatrist: Keyren Tzib Bi-polar
After waiting an entire month, Keyren Tzib, the Coast Guard Officer accused of fatally stabbing her common-law husband, has finally had her bail hearing in the Supreme Court. She'll only have to wait 4 more days to find out whether or not Justice Troadio Gonzalez will allow her to go home while she awaits trial for manslaughter. Dr. Richard Alovera, a psychiatrist working with the Ministry of Health in Belmopan, was asked to take the stand today and he clearly outlined for the court what the state of Tzib's mental health is. The doctor diagnosed Tzib with bipolar affective disorder, which basically means that Tzib suffers extreme mood swings ranging from happiness to intense depression or irritability. More serious than that is the revelation from the doctor that Tzib may not be able to control her emotions. So, what is the source of her illness? Well, the doctor, after giving Tzib a mental assessment, said to the court that her mental instability comes from being raped. Viewers will remember that she accused a fellow officer of sexually assaulting her in the workplace in 2011. But, the DPP's Office could not take criminal action against that male officer because there was no evidence to support it.

PUP: We The North
There are eight seats in Northern Belize - and for the PUP to have any chance of winning the general election - conventional wisdom says they must hold unto the five seats they have in the north - and pick up at least one more - too offset the UDP's stronghold in the city. And so that's why the party put its all into a power to the people rally in Orange Walk on Sunday where the party showed muscularity and mass support - Daniel Ortiz was there:... Daniel Ortiz reporting On Sunday afternoon in Orange Walk Town, THOUSANDS of supporters - mostly from the north - shut down the town's main street of the town. It was only a rally, but by the sheer numbers and the celebration type mood of its supporters, you might have thought that the PUP had become the next Government. But, the party was only - as they put it - "energizing the base" there in the north. All around the Leader and the PUP 4 from Orange Walk, the crowd swarmed and followed them into Central Park. When it was time to take the rostrum, there was a lot of chest beating, and berating of the Incumbent UDP's 2 terms in Office.

UDP's Marshals Southern Support
And while the PUP pulled a crowd in the north, the UDP did it in the south. The ruling party had two major rallies in the south this weekend: one in Dangriga, the other in PG. The one in Dangriga turned out to be not so major - as only a few hundred supporters showed up. But, the party made up for it on Sunday night in PG when an estimated three thousand supporters showed up for a rally in Punta Gorda's Central Park. Presently the PUP controls both seats in the Toledo District, and the UDP is hoping to capture at least one. Party Leader Dean Barrow was plain spoken about which he has his eye on.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Seeing so many people in the central park in Punta Gorda Town and I have no doubt Peter Eden Martinez will be the next area representative for the Toledo East constituency. Without a doubt the United Democratic Party is going to become the first 3 term government in the history of this country. We will do this with or without Toledo West."

UDP Tries For An Upset in OW East
The PUP control three of the four seats in Orange Walk District - and Orange Walk East is one of them. But, unlike the other two in Orange Walk Central and Orange Walk south, the area representative in Orange Walk East is not going for another term. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez stepped down as standard bearing in 2014 - and nine months later he was accused of child molestation. So he's disappeared from the political scene and for the UDP his controversial departure has put the seat in play. On Sunday Daniel Ortiz heard from both candidates:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting On Sunday, Afternoon, Elodio Aragon Jr., a career police officer turned politician, walked streets of Orange Walk East, greeting the voters - something which he claimed to have been doing since he became a standard bearer almost 2 years ago. Elodio Aragon Jr. - UDP Candidate, Orange Walk East "It's been one year - eight months that I have been here as the official UDP standard bearer for the United Democratic Party."

Mover Over Cancun!: Belize Claims Tourism Awards
Belize has won its first award ever World Travel Awards ever. Belize won two major titles: Placencia got the Mexico and Central America's Leading Beach Destination title while Ambergris Caye got the Mexico and Central America's Leading Destination. It is the first time in 22 years that Belize has won two Travel awards for the continent. Acting Director of Marketing and Industry Relations for the BTB Karen Pike told us about the significance of it. The Award ceremony took place in Bogota Columbia. Cancun has held these two major awards for years.

Mother Killed in Fatal Accident
There are two fatal traffic accidents to report tonight. The first happened on Friday night in Orange Walk at 8:30 when 29-year-old mechanic Ruben Vasquez was driving his motor cycle on Santa Familia Street in Orange Walk Town when he lost control and crashed head-on into a chain link fence. He received massive head injuries and died on the spot. Authorities say Vasquez lost control of his motorcycle and slammed into this cement chain-link fence. And, a young mother lost her life in the south at Maya Beach near Placencia. Last night, Driver Giancarlo Vega lost control of his vehicle and flew off the road. His common-law wife, 21 year old Kyria Krystelle Campos, was trapped in the vehicle, and died from her injuries. Vega and his twin three months old babies were also injured and are in the hospital.

Channel 5

Early Morning Fire Guts Iconic Fenders Nightclub
An early morning fire in Belize City on Monday has left several persons homeless.  Sometime around six o’clock, personnel from the National Fire Service were called out to Handyside Street [...]

Residents Lose Everything in Towering Blaze
Alan Gotoy, who has lived in one of the homes since childhood, told News Five today that there was very little he could have done to save his belongings.  Everything [...]

Was Courtship the Reason Why a Lord’s Bank Resident was Stabbed to Death?
Twenty-five-year-old Ervin Franklyn was stabbed and killed in Lord’s Bank Village over the weekend.  The fatal incident happened sometime around two o‘clock on Saturday morning.  According to Ladyville police, they [...]

A B.D.F. Soldier is Killed at a Nightclub in Orange Walk Town
A B.D.F. soldier was killed over the weekend in Orange Walk Town. By all accounts, Rafael Rivas was socializing at Panda’s Bar next to the Central Park when he got [...]

Mother of Young Twins Perishes in Road Traffic Accident
A terrible traffic accident on the Placencia road early this morning claimed the life of nineteen-year-old Kyria Krystelle Campos, mother of three-month-old twins. News Five has confirmed that at around [...]

On the Campaign Trail in Orange Walk Central
As promised, News Five has been taking you out on the campaign trail where candidates from the two mass parties, the newly formed Belize Progressive Party and independents are working [...]

Is G-11 an Issue for Johnny B in Orange Walk?
Briceño is confident of victory at the polls, and as a veteran of consecutive successful battles there is some justification for that confidence. Still, there are issues which certainly must [...]

Denny Grijalva on Being Born in Guatemala
Just as Briceño will inevitably face questions about the G-eleven, his opponent will have his own to answer. The U.D.P.’s Denny Grijalva was born in Guatemala, and that fact, especially [...]

Still No Bail for Keyren Tzib
Twenty-four-year-old Keyren Tzib, on remand for manslaughter, will have to wait until Friday for a decision on her bail application status to be handed down. The bail application hearing has [...]

Basil Willis on Remand for Sodomy
Meanwhile, Basil Willis, who is currently out on bail for a number of matters before the courts, was remanded to prison today until December twelfth, 2015 for a most despicable [...]

Sixteen-year-old Minor Shot in Roaring Creek
A teenager was injured during one of two shooting incidents that occurred in other parts of the country over the long weekend.  The sixteen-year-old came under gunfire in Roaring Creek [...]

Belize Wins Big at 2015 World Travel Awards
Belize has picked up a pair of prestigious honors as an ideal tourist destination at the 2015 World Awards.  The Jewel won both Mexico and Central America’s Leading Beach Destination [...]

Sports Tuesday with Sportscaster James Adderley.
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. Quiet as it has been kept, the Premier League of Belize has been undergoing growing pains as evidenced by the [...]


Mother Of Twins Died In Dreadful Accident
A well know family from the Orange Walk District is tonight mourning the loss of their loved who died as a result of traffic accident. CTV3 News understands that 21 year old Kyria Krystelle Campos, her common-law-husband, 19 year old Giancarlo Vega and their twin babies were heading back to Placencia after spending the weekend here in Orange Walk when the accident occurred on the Maya Beach Road, just outside of Placencia Village. The couple reportedly left Orange Walk around 7:30 and the accident occurred after midnight. Reports are that Vega apparently lost control of the vehicle which overturned several times. While Campos was trapped inside the vehicle and died instantly, a seriously injured Vega managed to make it out of the vehicle and somehow took out the twin babies who were also wounded.

Women Caught Stealing At Chinese Store
Last week we reported that surveillance footage obtained from Mr. Yan’s Store in Trial Farm Village was crucial in putting behind bars the men responsible for an armed robbery. The video which we posted received over fifty thousand views and with the help of the public, police were successful in making an arrest. Well tonight, we have another surveillance footage to show you in hope of identifying two women with apparent sticky fingers. The owners of Dickerson's Supermarket located on Cinderella Street are pleading for help from the public in identifying these two women in order to bring them to justice since a string of unreported robberies have been plaguing local businesses and Chinese stores across the North.

Sembrando Amor, Inaugurate New Building
Nutrition plays an important role in child survival and at a global level it has been estimated that malnutrition explains 54% of child mortality. The impact of malnutrition is often mediated through weakened immunity to fight opportunistic infections and exacerbating the severity of common conditions. Stunting, the physical outcome of chronic malnutrition, is the most common form of malnutrition in Belize. Many factors contribute to the development of malnutrition, most of which are related to poor diet, repeated infections and inappropriate care practices. In an effort to combat Malnutrition in the Corozal community, the 7th Day Adventist Church located in Altamira Corozal open its doors on Saturday to assists all those who have financial constraints and cannot provide a descent breakfast to their children.


Victim of Domestic Violence Pleads Guilty to Setting Spouse on Fire
In March 2014, the court of appeal ruled a retrial for Veola Pook. In July 2011, Pook was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. The new trial was to begin today however when she appeared before Justice Adolph Lucas, Pook pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. The court accepted Pook’s guilty […]

Early Morning Murder – Robbery or Jealousy?
A resident of Ladyville Village, Belize District is dead and the family is in mourning as they prepare to put their family member to rest. 25-year-old, Ervin Osbert Franklin met his death in the wee hours of Saturday morning after a night of socializing. Investigators are saying that the motive may be connected to a […]

President of UB Association Resigns; President Slusher Writes of Financial Woes
Today, the faculty and staff of the University of Belize began a go-slow which we are told should result in a sick out on Thursday and a meeting on Friday. In addition, the President of the recently revitalized University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association, Fermin Olivera has resigned from his post. As we showed […]

Belize Ranks 17 Regionally on Economic Freedoms
The website, is an online hub where reports on countries around the world are published regarding their collected data on the economy of each nation. Belize is one of the one hundred and eighty six countries that the website delivers a report on and when it comes to economic freedom, the website has ranked […]

Young Mother of Twin Babies Dies in Traffic Incident
A traffic incident has claimed the life of a young woman from Orange Walk Town. The incident occurred this morning just before two o’clock between miles ten and eleven on the Placencia Road. According to reports, 20-year-old, Kira Campus was traveling with her common-law-husband, 19-year-old, Giancarlo Jose Vega and their 3-month old twin babies when Vega […]


Harvest for kids reaps 40 acres of corn
Belize Camping Experience (BCE) is a Christian ministry which has been working with children mainly from Southside Belize City since 2012 by hosting summer camps for them. One programme of BCE is Harvest for Kids, an initiative spearheaded by Alexander Perez. Perez approached farmers who donate la...

Fire sweeps through Belize City neighborhood
An early morning fire totally gutted a two story building and damaged three others on Handyside Street in Belize City yesterday. Members of the public are up in arms because, according to them, the National Fire Service was – for lack of better words- ill equipped to handle the situation. Businessm...

Home Invasion in Camalote
There was a home invasion in Camalote Village, Cayo District this morning . The home invaded is that of Pastors Robert and Pam Caldwell, the leaders of Step of Faith Church in Belmopan. Police were not willing to give any information or interviews today but could be seen processing the scene at the...

Woman loses life on Placencia Road
A woman lost her life on the road to Placencia early this morning as a result of a fatal traffic accident. Harry Arzu has the story. Harry Arzu; Dangriga Correspondent: 20 year old Kera Campos, who was a passenger ina vehicle that was heading to Placencia in the wee hours of this morning, lost he...

Judge reserves decision on Keyren Tzib bail
The bail application for twice-accused Coast Guard officer Keyren Tzib, accused of attempted murder and manslaughter, returned to the Supreme Court of Justice Troadio Gonzalez today. But there is no decision, as Justice Gonzalez reserved his ruling until Friday, October 16. “Because I must give very...

Repeat offender charged for male sodomy
A 23 year old man accuses a man twice his age of committing forcible male sexual intercourse or sodomy on him during the holiday weekend in Belize City. The accused is 47 year old Basil Willis, who has been before the court as many as 49 times for various offences ranging from theft to robbery to d...

16 year old shot in Roaring Creek
Roaring Creek Police have arrested one person in connection with the shooting of 16 year old Ivan Choc, a resident of Roaring Creek. The incident occurred sometime between 6:20 pm and 6:30 pm on Saturday October 10th. According to reports, Ivan was travelling on the George Price Highway between the ...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Fire sweeps through Belize City neighborhood
An early morning fire totally gutted a two story building and damaged three others on Handyside Street in Belize City yesterday. Members of the public are up in arms because, according to them, the National Fire Service was – for lack of better words- ill equipped to handle […]

Police investigate wild-west- shootout in Corozal
Corozal police are currently investigating a ‘wild-west’ style shoot out late Monday night. Around 11:33 Monday night police visited the Santa Maria Street, situated on Halls Layout, in that municipality where they saw a blue 1993 VW Jetta car with apparent bullet holes. After further checks in the area, police also saw a white freight […]

Viola Pook pleads to manslaughter after new evidence
Found guilty of murder of her common-law husband Orlando Mai Vasquez by a jury in 2011, Rancho Dolores housewife Viola Pook was handed a term of life imprisonment. But she appealed to the Court of Appeal and won a retrial. Today that retrial was set to have begun. […]

Judge reserves decision on Keyren Tzib bail
The bail application for twice-accused Coast Guard officer Keyren Tzib, accused of attempted murder and manslaughter, returned to the Supreme Court of Justice Troadio Gonzalez today. But there is no decision, as Justice Gonzalez reserved his ruling until Friday, October 16. “Because I must give very serious consideration […]

Repeat offender charged for male sodomy
A 23 year old man accuses a man twice his age of committing forcible male sexual intercourse or sodomy on him during the holiday weekend in Belize City. The accused is 47 year old Basil Willis, who has been before the court as many as 49 times for […]

Shoplifters caught on camera in Orange Walk
Several Chinese Establishments in Orange Walk Town have been hit by thieves posing as customers. The latest incident was recorded around 1pm from within Dickerson’s Supermarket situated on Cinderella Street. Two dark skinned females are seen pacing the aisle and acting suspiciously, then shortly after, they are […]

Teen shot in Roaring Creek
Gunshots rang out in Roaring Creek Village on Saturday night shortly after 6:00 p.m., when a 16 year old male was shot near West Star Gas Station. Police responded to the call at 6:23 p.m. and found the minor at the Western Regional Hospital where he was taken to receive […]

Three to be charged for robbery
Swift police work in the Stann Creek District led to the arrest of three men who face charges of robbery, after stealing items valued at a total of $3,500 from a Chinese businessman in Hopkins on Monday, October 5. Around 6:00 p.m., the three men entered N&C Restaurant, held the […]

Mother dead, family in hospital after traffic accident near Placencia
A truly tragic accident on the Maya Beach Road, just outside of Placencia Village, has left a family in despair and financial debt. Driver Giancarlo Vega apparently lost control of the vehicle he was driving for yet unknown reasons last night. Vega’s common-law wife, 21 year old Kyria […]

Man busted for stealing log-wood
Thirty-five-year old Marco Tulio, a resident from the village of Armenia in the Cayo District is facing the long arm of the law. According to 58-year-old Henry Reimer, a Belizean farmer and resident of Spanish Lookout, on October 11th at around 1:30 p.m., he was informed that a white cargo truck was […]

Fatal traffic accident in Orange Walk Town claims one life
On Friday, October 9th around 8:30 p.m., police responded to a fatal traffic accident on Santa Familia Street, Orange Walk Town where they encountered a blue “Cool Boy” motor cycle lodged into a fence extensively damaged.

Police investigating murder in Lord’s Bank Village
On Sunday, October 10th 2015 around 2:53 a.m., police visited Edwin Park Street in Lord’s Bank Village, where they saw 25-year-old Ervin Osbert Franklyn of Lord’s Bank Village, Belize District with what appeared to be apparent multiple stab wounds to the lower back and armpit.


What is the most affordable way to get to Ambergris Caye Belize?
There’s no shame in admitting that you’re a bargain hunter. It’s a noble hobby that’s fun and a wise way to enjoy twice the number of vacations others take because you take advantage of sales, bundles, and vacation deals that—well, save you a bundle. Whether you’ve been to Belize or you’re planning your first trip to this Caribbean nation, we’ll help you get here with enough cash left in your pocket to live large after arriving! The most economical way to get to Ambergris Caye in Belize—which is so close to Cancun, it’s a shame not to visit there first–is to take the four hour ADO bus ride from Cancun to Chetumal and then grab the 1-1/2 hour ferry boat directly to Ambergris Caye. Alternately, you can take the regularly-scheduled night bus to Belize from Cancun, arrive in Belize City at 7 a.m. and then hop in a ferry to Ambergris Caye. The ADO bus system is an air conditioned ride—some complain it gets downright chilly, so bring a sweater—that shuttles between Cancun and Belize City, so you wind up in close proximity to your final destination by enjoying a leisurely, eight-hour bus ride.

Se pone la sartén con un poco de aceite y se echan los ajos cortados por la mitad sin pelar, se dejan que se frían (no demasiado) y se reservan. Salpimentar la carne, dorar un poco, agregar orégano, romero, la cerveza y los ajos; dejar que reduzca y listo. Se acompaña con arroz blanco.

International Sourcesizz

Guatemalan presidential candidates debate future plans at British Embassy’s forum with universities
The candidates for the Presidency of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales and Sandra Torres, offered to boost employment, education, health and transparency in their first face to face forum hosted by the British Embassy jointly with Guatemala’s largest newspaper Prensa Libre. The event was broadcast live by TV cable channel Guatevision throughout Guatemala and audiences in Central America, USA and Canada. The forum was the first of its kind since Morales, from the Front of National Convergence (FCN-Nation), and Torres, of the National Unity of Hope (UNE), made it through to the second round of the General Elections due to be held on 25th of October. “A Free Dialogue with the Presidential Candidates” provided an opportunity for the two contenders to answer questions from students representing the five largest universities in the country, and to share their plans for government with special invited guests that included members of the private sector, civil society, the clergy and representatives from the countryside. The candidates also responded to inquiries from the social networks using the hashtag #YoCuidoMiVotoGT.

Plan de gobierno de presidenciables FCN - UNE
VIDEO: El candidato de FCN Nación, Jimmy Morales y Sandra Torres de la UNE presentaron su plan de gobierno en el foro #DiálogoLibre con los presidenciales organizado por Prensa Libre y la Embajada Británica. (Video Prensa Libre: Gabriela López)

The Best Airfare Deals For Winter 2015
The odds are in your favor this winter, as these warm-weather destinations are offering historically affordable airfare thanks to airline competition and new cultural attractions. With the launch of Southwest Airlines' international routes this year comes fresh, affordable options for reaching the blue waters of Belize as well as both the volcanic central region and surfer-favorite Pacific coasts of Costa Rica. These new routes--to Belize City, San Jose, and Liberia--increase competition and bring fares on rival airlines down to the "whoa, that's incredible" level, making a spontaneous tropical trip over the winter totally doable. There's never been a better time to make that bucketlist journey to snorkel or dive the Great Blue Hole or play in Costa Rica's bohemian surfer towns.

Mexico performs first Mass in indigenous Nahuatl language
The first Mass conducted in Mexico's most prominent indigenous language has been held in the country's most important church. Roman Catholic Bishop Felipe Arizmendi said during his homily Tuesday at the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City that rather than accept and respect the culture of the country's original peoples, they have been scorned. He pointed out that Nahuatl was the language of Juan Diego, the first indigenous saint, who Catholic tradition says saw the Virgin of Guadalupe nearly 500 years ago. Pope John Paul II canonized Juan Diego in the same basilica in 2002. Arizmendi spoke in Spanish and his words were translated to Nahuatl. He told the congregants that God wants to speak to them in their own language.

Mérida Expo Trade Fair 2015: to promote trade and create business alliances
With the participation of 500 exhibitors the “Expo Feria del Comercio 2015″ (Expo Trade Fair 2015) will take place from Thursday to Sunday Oct. 15-18. This year, the event is expected to draw more than 300,000 visitors to the Siglo XXI Convention Center during the weekend. The main goal of this annual event is to achieve company-consumer proximity, whereby each participating company can put every single one of their products and services at hand for consumers; promoting trade and creating business alliances. According to the organizers, this edition will be the 17th and will feature improvements and innovations, as well as a large exhibit of products and services available in the state. Jose Manuel Lopez Campos, president of the Merida Chamber of Commerce, reported that the special guests this year are the chambers of commerce of Veracruz, Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche, Quintana Roo and Belize.

‘Soca Warriors’ Dominate
A SUDDEN thunderstorm halted play on the pitch in the tournament finale, but it failed to dampen a weekend of beach soccer action among some of the best teams in the region. #Trinidad and Tobago emerged as the top team in the Lucayan Cup after the game was halted due to weather with the beach version of the “Soca Warriors” clinging to a 5-3 lead over the Bahamas midway through the third period. The Bahamas got two goals from Lesly St Fleur and another from Kyle Williams. #The Trinibigonians opened with a score on a free kick before Williams added the equaliser. #Headed into the second period, the “Soca Warriors” went ahead 3-1 before St Fleur volleyed the ball to himself and scored a strike to bring the “Rake and Scrape Boys” within one. The CONCACAF Beach Soccer championship had a record 16-team field comprising hosts El Salvador, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, United States and US Virgin Islands.


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  • Ancient Wisdom, Modern Practices: Three Decades of Studies with the Plants & People of Belize, 86min. On June 19, 2015 Drs. Michael J. Balick and Rosita Arvigo hosted a lecture at The New York Botanical Garden, where they discussed and reflected about their time and work in the country of Belize.

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