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The San Pedro Sun

Belize claims Top Prizes at 2015 World Travel Awards
On August 6th, 2015, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announced that Belize had been nominated in 4 categories of the prestigious World Travel Awards for 2015. Votes were limited to one per person, per category. The winner for each category was the one with the most votes. The deadline to cast votes was on August 17th.

15 island girls embark on a SHINE journey
After a successful pilot program, SHINE founder Michelle Nuñez has started a new session with a new group of young ladies. SHINE, which stands for Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment, is a youth enrichment program for young girls with aims of aiding them in their growth and development. The participants gathered at Banyan Bay on the first day of the program for a short orientation. “The girls met for the first time, we had snacks and drinks and decorated their folders, which will be used throughout the course. The participants for the second installment of SHINE were selected by San Pedro High School Councilor Alexis Guerrero. The program will last two months, with graduation day scheduled for Saturday, November 28th,” said Nuñez. She was also glad to announce the participation of SPHS Councilor Alexis Guerrero and Miss San Pedro 2015-2016 Iris Salguero, who will be assisting in the program. “I’m excited for the two months ahead. It’s going to be another beautiful journey. I would like to once again thank Alexis Guerrero for her participation and welcome to the team Miss San Pedro Iris Salguero. I’m sure that the girls will learn so much from them both. It’s all about Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment.”

Caribbean Villas adds water slide fun to La Isla Bonita
The latest addition to the fun at Caribbean Villas was unveiled on Sunday, October 11th, to a crowd eager to finally test out the newest watersports activity on the island: El Diablo. Peter Lawrence was proud to present the newest toy available for enjoyment at Caribbean Villas. Built by the skilled people at Captain Shark’s, El Diablo is a 50-foot water slide designed for thrill-seekers looking for that quick adrenaline rush. From the top of the two-story slide tower at the end of the resort dock, one can get on the slide, following quick and clear instructions from the guide, and if necessary, a quick push from him will have you sliding down and making a spectacular splash into the Caribbean Sea! The inaugural day saw many eager patrons paying the $5 per turn fee to try out this thrilling contraption. Spectators enjoyed delicious barbeque and other delicious nibbles from Amber Beach Bar & Grill, while DJ Debbie spun the tunes for the day. El Diablo is open to the public, at $5 per turn, or $25 for unlimited fun. Those under 18 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Waivers must be signed and of course, all necessary precautions must be adhered to.

Editorial: Proactive messaging is a sure way to be ahead of the game.
Editorial-ImageTHE ISSUE: We recently came across The San Pedro Town Council’s handout titled “Please Excuse Me”, which addresses the issue of Sargassum seaweed on our beaches and what they are doing about it. WE BELIEVE: Proactive messaging is all about being ahead of the game, and this approach is one of the best ways to address an issue. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Contact us via email at [email protected] Proactive messaging is all about addressing potential problems before they may occur, and it is a great way to say, “Yes, we are aware of the problem/issue and here is how we are dealing with it.” By addressing the topic before someone else has the opportunity to point a finger, or make accusations that an issue is being avoided, the messenger comes out on top of the game by being the first to bring it up. When taking proactive measures the messenger demonstrates that they are taking charge of the situation and are dealing with it.

The San Pedro Town Council holds Child Friendly Workshop
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) held a Child Friendly Initiative Workshop on Friday, October 9th. The program is an initiative of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Belize Mayors Association and the Ministry of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, National Emergency Management, Immigration and Nationality. The meeting took place at the SPTC conference room, and saw the presence of different members of the public sector including The San Pedro Sun. The seminar’s main purpose was to bring a group of people together who play a role in the lives of children in San Pedro and complete a plan of action as it relates to the Sustainable Child Friendly Municipalities initiative. According to organizer Jorge Aldana, San Pedro has been behind in terms of forming a steering committee and the Child Advisory Body (CAB), since it was hard to get the members together during the summer. “What we did was to invite the various stakeholders together to educate them on what the initiative is all about and to get them to understand that their role is to move forward. That led to a healthy discussion about some of the challenges that the island is facing as it relates to issues affecting children. Then finally, we came up with certain activities that will help address our indicators that will now form the pillars that we will work on in the coming months or years,” said Aldana.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belmopan Humane Society Upgrade
The Belmopan Humane Society is being upgraded. Looking good. "Resource center all cleaned up! Thanks go out to the people that came out and worked all day two Saturdays ago to transform the Belmopan Humane Society clinic and resource center."

Low cost spay and neuter clinic in Santa Elena
There is a low cost spay and neuter clinic in Santa Elena next Saturday. Call 669-1468 for more information.

Heavy, Continuous Rain
As of 10pm Saturday, 17 Oct 2015, heavy rain is expected nearly continuously until Wednesday. Chance of precitpitation is near 100%, and accumulated amounts are already near 7 inches Saturday (with an inch more expected), 5 inches Sunday, 3 inches Monday, and 2 inches Tuesday. This has already caused a lot of flooding, and is likely to cause more. Both Belize and Mexican emergency organizations have issued warnings.

The Reporter

Checkpoint lift causing security concerns out near border
There has been much concern over the Police Commissioner’s decision to lift all checkpoints country-wide and now one San Ignacio resident claims Guatemalan bandits were almost able to get away with his vehicle on Friday night because of it. According to Nigel Espat, he was socializing at the Sunset Bar in San Ignacio with a group friends around 7:00 p.m. when they exited the establishment and as he approached his 2007 Isuzu D-Max a Hispanic man ran up to him and pushed a nine-millimeter pistol in his face. Espat said the man demanded his keys and his phone so he gave up both. As the man with the gun got in, Espat said, two other came running from across the street and got in the truck before they sped off. After the bandits fled in the truck, Espat got into another one of his friend’s car and the group set chase, calling the police as they did so. According to Espat, the bandits drove towards Bullet Tree, where there is usually a checkpoint set up but since the Commissioner’s orders, the checkpoint has been removed. He said, though, that eventually police mobiles caught up with them and helped to pursue the D-Max along with them.

NEMO issues public flooding advisory
The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has issued a public advisory encouraging all residents in low-lying, flood-prone areas to remain vigilant and to become familiar with emergency numbers in the event of an emergency situation. NEMO has also advised that more flooding is expected. People on the cayes, those who live along rivers, creeks, water ways, low-lying areas, farmers and fisher folks, are cautioned to heed the advisory and take the necessary precautions to save life. Drivers are asked to slow down and put on their hazard lights when driving through rain. According to NEMO, three families, a total of 15 people in Stann Creek have been rescued by Belize Association for Search and Rescue (BASAR) and are now safe and dry in the Hope Creek Methodist School Shelter. They were returned home after it stopped raining and the water receded in Hope Creek, Sarawee and Dangriga.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Truck stolen by Guatemalans in San Ignacio, no checkpoints to help
The police memo ordering all checkpoints to be inactive until after election stirred up many conspiracy theories regarding political motivations behind the order from the Commissioner of Police. Since those orders have been in effect, several crimes have been reported that could be attributed to a lack of checkpoints, the […]

Outbreak of violence in Southside Belize City claims two lives
Police have confirmed two deaths and another person injured in three separate shooting incidents reported in the span of less than six hours in Southside Belize City. As we previously reported, an older man now identified as 56 year old Edward Robinson was fatally shot on North Creek […]

Minor flooding reported in Corozal
Earlier today the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) asked the public to pay close attention to weather reports as some areas have been flooding and it is expected that more areas will be affected. Eye witness in Corozal Town sent us a view of some areas affected in that District. […]

NEMO issues flood warning
A release from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has asked the public to pay close attention to weather reports as some areas have been flooding and it is expected that more areas will be affected. This is said to be because of a broad area of low pressure that […]

Murder in Southside Belize City
Police have confirmed that there was a fatal shooting incident around 8:30 this morning in Belize City. Details are few at this time but we can report that the victim was an older man living on North Creek Road. A second person believed to be the intended target was shot […]

Moist and unstable conditions persist across the country
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting cloudy to overcast skies with some showers, a few thunderstorms and periods of rain mainly over northern areas and some coastal areas. Winds will be blowing from the East at 10 to 20 knots, becoming gusty near showers and thunderstorms. The sea […]


Better Late than Never
We've had an almost non-existent rainy season. But then Mother Nature decided to pay us a visit and let us know she hadn't forgotten about us. This is our weather forecast for today, courtesy of Weather Underground: That red marker in the middle of the purple blob is Corozal. The rain started last night, continued non-stop, and it's still coming down. At the moment, the extended forecast calls for 100% chance of precipitation all the way through Tuesday and projections for about 5 1/2 inches of rain over that time period.

International Sourcesizz

16th century Mexican church re-emerges from underwater
The ruins of a 16th century colonial church have re-emerged from a reservoir due to the lack of rain in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. This year's drought has gripped the Grijalba river, which feeds the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir, dropping the water level by 75 feet. It is the second time the church has emerged from underwater. In 2002, the water was so low visitors could walk inside the church. The church, in the Quechula locality, is the work of a group of monks headed by Friar Bartolome de la Casas, who arrived in the region inhabited by the Zoque people in the mid-16th century. The church is 61 meters (183 feet) long, 14 meters (42 feet) wide and its walls rise 10 meters (30 feet). Its bell tower reaches 16 meters (48 feet) above the ground.

Tropical Threat Heightens Risk for Flooding and Mudslides in Mexico, Central America
A tropical wave currently over Central America will move westward into the eastern Pacific Ocean this weekend. The combination of moving over warm ocean waters and farther from land will allow for slow development into a tropical low with a high likelihood of eventual organization into a named tropical system to the south of Mexico early next week. In the meantime, showers and thunderstorms will be widespread from western Nicaragua through western Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize this weekend.

A trip to the Caribbean
Photo gallery of Belcampo Belize Lodge



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