PUBLIC ADVISORY Update on Water Systems

The Ministry of Health hereby notifies the public that a number of water systems were affected with the passage of the recent flooding. To date, water services have been restored to all affected water systems with the exception of Sarteneja which needs extensive work.

As the country advances the recovery stage in the affected areas, it is important that your drinking water source be monitored to make sure it remains safe. Take note that if your water appears discolored, has a foul odor or an odor of chemicals, it is contaminated and unsafe for drinking. If such circumstances occur, you are hereby asked to notify your nearest health authority, the Belize Water Services and/or your local Water Boards. In the interim, you should stop using the water and use water from other safe sources.

Remember safe water must be used for:
Washing dishes, cooking surfaces, raw foods, or rinsing food
Drinking water for pets
Washing your hands before eating
Brushing your teeth
Preparing other drinks that need water such as tea, coffee, juices, baby formula, etc.
Making ice

Any use where the water will be ingested internally.
Please remember if your water is questionable you can boil or chlorinate to make