Corozal has a functioning operating theater - and that was proven today when a team of doctors from Mexico performed a minor surgery. It comes just in time for health minister Pablo Marin - who is in what can surely be called a battleground seat in Corozal Bay. He told the government press office why Corozalenos should be happy:..

Pablo Marin, Minister of Health
"What we are doing right now is we are working along with the Mexicans. As you can see its Mexicans working along with our people from Orange Walk operating theater team and we are doing 9 operations in total. Starting from yesterday we did 4 and today we did 5. We are doing minor operations which is hernia. With the operations that are happening now we have a team of Mexicans working along with our group from Orange Walk and that is the first step that we are doing. We are starting to look at every month having a team coming down from Mexico and doing these kinds of minor operations, that we can schedule at that particular time."

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