A newly improved Victor Galvez Stadium, located in San Ignacio Town, has been opened to the public. Over one hundred persons were freely enjoying the well lit facilities on Tuesday night under good weather. The well done work to the Victor Galvez Stadium came under the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), a public company established by the Government of Belize for the design, construction and management of capital projects.

The Victor Galvez complex, which has been traditionally used by runners, will now be opened from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. There will be two persons on shifts to maintain the facilities.

Previously runners had to go over a track that had been run over by a small stream at the Victor Galvez. But now runners can go over a clean 0.33 mile track that has proper drainage.

A newly constructed ‘Buckingham’ Plaza can accommodate some 200 persons at specific times when there are municipal fairs, trade exposition and other special activities. There are now two ticket booths and properly constructed entrance and exits at the stadium.

Additional features of the Stadium includes bleachers that have been built near a 3/4 sized football field.

“Let’s enjoy. It’s the Peoples Stadium. Let’s cherish and take care of it,” states Juan Polanco, who was an architect for the just improved facility.

The Victor Galvez Stadium is being seen as another promise fulfilled by Dr. Omar Figueroa, who seeks to become the Representative for the Cayo North Division on Election Day of November 4th 2015.

The Guardian