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Today's Belize News: November 4, 2015 #508813
11/04/15 06:17 AM
11/04/15 06:17 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Belize- Natural beauty at its finest!
They say a picture says a thousand words and when it comes to Belize, this is very true! We often tell people about the vast beauty of the Jewel, you hear about it from your friends that have visited, and you read about it in travel magazines but sometimes not even a million words can do a place any justice! Belize is truly Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret, from savannas, to wetlands, lush jungles and beautiful waters the charm of this natural beauty can make absolutely ANYONE fall in love. So this time we’ll use less words, as we let our lens do the talking! Here are 13 shots of Belize that truly capture the beauty of this hidden gem.

Students use art to Make a Noise about Bullying
In an effort to raise awareness on bullying, San Pedro High School (SPHS) observed Anti Bullying Month throughout October. The act of intimidating, mentally abusing or physically assaulting others has become a major issue in today’s society. The “Make a noise about bullying Assembly” held on Thursday, October 29th was one of the main events of Bullying Awareness Month and saw several students using their talents to raise awareness for the cause. Events held throughout the month were organized by SPHS student councilor, Alexis Guerrero. “On behalf of the SPHS, I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all persons who assisted us in making our bullying awareness month, under the theme ‘Make a Noise about Bullying’ a success,” said Guerrero. The activities were aimed at getting the students involved in the anti-bullying movement by educating them of the consequences of bullying.

Ambergris Today

Finados Exhibit at San Pedro House of Culture
The Celebration of the Day of the Dead commenced at the dawn of November 2 with a celebration referred to as the “Matam Ppixan”. At five in the morning, villagers gathered at different homes to say a rosary and offered prayers on behalf of dead ancestors. After the prayers, everyone was invited for breakfast that included pan de muerto and chocolate milk. At noon, every family prepared a special meal and it was usually the favorite meal of the deceased. During the afternoon, families would go to the cemetery to decorate relatives’ graves with fresh flowers and other offerings. The cemetery visits were also intended to encourage visits by the souls of the dead so they would hear the prayers and comments of the living directed to them. The last activity of the day was a night procession through the streets of San Pedro with the villagers carrying lighted candles. The procession ended at the cemetery where prayers were said for the deceased. (Many of these traditions and customs are celebrated in the same manner in present day)

The Abandoned Serpon Sugar Mill Takes You Back In Time
It is not one of the most popular, talked-about or photographed attractions in the country of Belize, but a visit to the Serpon Archaeological Park takes you to a very fun and interesting glimpse back in time when the sugar industry was booming in southern Belize. Trees stand tall where factory buildings once stood in 1863 and although there are no remnants of the structures, you are left to use your imagination how each factory building connected to each other as you gaze at the rusty abandoned machinery left behind. Heavy metal withstood the hands of time and you find yourself walking around the premises, in and out of the heavy sugar cane grinders, boilers and even remnants of a railway track/machinery that was used to transport cargo. The elements have carved their way into the metal and mother nature has crept on the machinery leaving this eerie atmosphere under the shade of the giant trees that have canopied the site. There is a small visitor’s center where large posters on the walls give you a brief history of the sugar mill with some light reading and great images to help you get an idea of how the mill looked like.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Restrictions of the sale of liquor on election day
All Liquor License Holders please take note!

Belize Fishing Report: October 16th – October 25th, 2015
A family from Germany was here documenting Martins quest for a bonefish, tarpon and permit. What makes this remarkable is that Martin is in a wheelchair with very limited hand movement and no finger movement. With the help of some ingenious glove like devices he is able to grip the rod and strip line El Pescador is the starting point for a documentary with a working title of “30 Reasons” which makes me think Martin is looking at 27 other species after he masters a bonefish, permit and tarpon!

Corozal House of Cultures Hanal Pixan
Images from Corozal House of Culture (NICH)'s Hanal Pixan, traditional Maya ceremony in honoring those departed held October 31st, 2015. A heartfelt thank you to participants and attendees of the 1st Annual Hanal Pixan Presentation this past Saturday. It was an honour to raise awareness and revive the tradition of Hanal Pixan, All Souls Day and Dia de los Muertos. All three have become interwoven and define our rich cultural heritage. A gracious thank you to our participants; Corozal ITVET, Department of Youth Services-Corozal, Xaibe Nicte Ha Children's Group, the Corozal Community College - Official -students, Mr. & Mrs. Villamil, Pat King, Efren Guzman and Miss Ayonie Briceno. As well, thank you to Genara Cano and Maria Villamil for preparing the delicious authentic Maya cuisine!

Spashers Painting group
Here is our subject this week. This Thursday at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar 2p.m.

Power interruption 6:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday, November 8, San Pedro
Entire Pescador Dr, San Pedrito, Elliot Subdivision, San Pablo & DFC Area & entire Southern portion of San Pedro including entire Coconut Dr & surrounding areas. BEL to repair & perform maintenance & testing of equipment at San Pedro Substation.

BOLEDO DRAWING Tuesday, November 3, 2015: 09

Belmopan Art Fest 2015
The Belmopan Art Fest will be on Saturday, November 28th, at the Belmopan Civic Center. You can register now if you are interested in participating. Contact the Belmopan Active Youths at 822-1545 for more information.

Celebrated today as Belize's most accomplished and skillful football goalkeeper of all times, Orin 'Coco' Orio who now lived in California in the United States, was a spectacular sight to watch at the 1970's Belize football tournaments across the Belize, from north to south and east to west, wherever Belizean football was played. Belizean Legends athlete of the month is Orin 'Coco' Orio. We appreciated your skills with the ball big man!

Amanda Margraves at Belize Bird Rescue
We would like to thank Amanda Margraves for all the hard work she did during her recent stay at BBR. Whether she was crawling through a roof, being drenched on a boat or treating a stray dog her passion for saving animal lives is an inspiration to us all. Looking forward to your next visit with us!

Dia de los finados - la comida de las almas
A sneak peek of another spectacular event from San Pedro House of Culture. Thank you to everyone involved. What a wonderful tradition. Those who attended were treated to an assortment of yummy traditional foods which were donated by Leonor Rosado, Jennie Staines, Letty Garcia, Eriberto Vasquez, Brenda Henkis and Socorro Vasquez and wine donated by Eloyia Herrera.

Placencia Breeze November 2015
Pg 3 BTIA news Pg 6 Placencia Humane Society news Pg 9 Secret Garden Day Spa and Youths at Marathon Pg 10 The Wallen’s history/ Miss Louise Wade Pg 11 Fresh Produce/ Goss Chocolate Pg 12 Point of View – Pizza/Southwest Airlines Pg 13 Placencia Village Plaza/SEA events Pg 14 Placencia wins Best Beach award Pg 15 & 18 Placencia BTIA members Pg 16/17 Placencia Peninsula Map Pg 20 House Hunters in Placencia Pg 23 Placencia Peninsula Happenings Pg 24 Events & National Holiday Calendar/save the date Pg 25 Rotary Ladies Night/ Blood Drive info Pg 26 Cricket/Placencia Tour Guide Listing Pg 27 Classifi eds/Church Information Pg 30/31 Paid Listings

Channel 7

Another Cayo Killing, This Time A Friend Pulled The Trigger
Last night we told you about the murder of a 20-year-old man in front of Blue Angels Night Club in the heart of San Ignacio. Well, there was another murder this morning after 8:00 in that western town. 26 year old Darwin Guerrero was doing construction work on Bella Vista Street when a man - Jimmy Rivas drove up on an ATV and shot Guerrero. Reports are that when Guerrero saw Rivas with the gun he turned to run away but Rivas caught him in the back. This morning police told us that they got information that Rivas was in the Bullet Tree area so they went searching but found nothing. We also spoke to Guerrero's supervisor who was near him when he was shot. Here is what the supervisor Mario Pineda and Guerrero's family had to say: Insp. Reymundo Reyes, Deputy OC, San Ignacio Police "This incident happen this morning. Sometime around 8:40am San Ignacio received a call pf a shooting incident on Bella Vista Street, San Ignacio Town. Police immediately visited the scene where on arrival, all we were able to see were 5 expended shells and a pool of blood.

PUP Alleges Proxy Fraud, But Fails To Prove
Last week Thursday, we told you how the PUP accused UDP Chairman Alberto August of abusing proxy forms in an attempt commit election fraud. They accused the Chief Elections Officer of being complicit in getting August, quote, "hundreds of blank proxy forms". Both the Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai, and the UDP Chairman August have flatly denied and condemned those allegations as political mischief. Tamai did write to PUP Secretary General Myrtle Palacio informing her that if she and the PUP would like, they could get a supervised visit to the Elections and Boundaries Office to see the proxy voters list for themselves. They took that opportunity this afternoon, and when they exited about 45 minutes later, Palacio and the PUP's legal advisor were not satisfied. But, neither could they point to any instance of proxy voter fraud waiting to happen tomorrow. Here's what they had to say:

Council Of Churches Doesn't Play Politics
Also, in the few hours left before the General Elections, the Chief Elections Officer and UDP Chairman Alberto August are not the only ones whose integrity has been called into question. The Church has come under fire, and it forced a reaction from them today. Sometime between late yesterday and early this morning, the Breaking Belize News Organization published an article, which brought pressure on the Leaders of the Belize Council of Churches and the Belize Evangelical Association of Churches. Now, we should mention that the content produced by Breaking Belize News is prepared by independent news bloggers who use Facebook as their main marketing tool to reach their followers and readers. The article purports to quote from some mystery press release that the Churches sent out following their meeting with the Leader of the Opposition. Of Course, the PUP sent out their own statement last week to note this meeting. But, in this purported press release, which the Church flatly denies having any connection to, it suggests that the Leaders of the two religious organizations are campaigning for the PUP and suggesting to their Christian followers to vote against the ruling UDP Government.

Pen Road Closet Combusted
There was a fire on Neal Penn Road around 4:00 this afternoon. No one was injured, but neighbors tell us it was a close call because the fire spread quickly. It started from a closet on the lower flat of a two story concrete building and a first responder told us he had to help:.. Ashton Lamb, First Responder "From the time when I and the guy got into the place trying to out the fire, that was when the fire and everything just blaze." Monica Bodden "Now for you to stop and render assistance, that was something very brave of you to do - to help this woman and her kids." Ashton Lamb, First Responder "Yes ma'am. Life is a funny thing. It could have been me or it could be you."

Magazine Road Shooting Story
There was a shooting in the city just before midnight last night. It happened on Magazine Road. According to police, Nigel Augustine was walking on Magazine Road when an individual approached him and opened fire. Augustine was shot in the abdomen, left shoulder and back and was rushed to the KHMH where he is listed in a stable condition. Police say they are looking for one suspect. Sr. Supt Chester Williams - Commander, Eastern Division Southside "I don't know if he is a critical condition. I know he is in a stable condition. That incident took place last night sometime after midnight. One Nigel Augustine was walking on Magazine Road in Belize City when he was shot at by an individual unknown to him. He received gunshot wounds to the abdomen and the left shoulder and the back. He was taken to the KHMH where he was admitted in a stable condition." Reporter "What's the investigation showing so far as to the motive behind this shooting?" Sr. Supt Chester Williams - Commander, Eastern Division Southside "At this time we do not have a motive, but we are looking for one person who we believe will able to assist in this investigation."

UDP Pulled A Huge Crowd
Last night, we showed you the PUP's pre-election rally for the Belize district. By our estimate, at it's height, the PUP managed to bring out around 3,000 people. Well, political operators from the UDP are boasting that they managed to bring out 3 times that amount last night when their 12 standard bearers spoke with the voters. Footage we've seen indicates that the crowd was massive, and the UDP Candidates made sure to ride the wave of all that energy. Here's what they had to say to those who showed up: Both parties are taking the night off - and greasing their campaign machinery for tomorrow.

UB Staff, Faculty Say
In September and October, you heard about the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association who were asking for a salary adjustment. The Prime Minister brushed them off, saying that their negotiation was going at its own pace and he wouldn't intervene just because the election was approaching. But Minister of Education Patrick Faber did meet with UB Faculty and Staff Representatives last week Friday. But the Association sent out a press release today to say it was not impressed. They say in a press release, quote, "Faber has been misinformed regarding our justification for a salary adjustment." End quote. The release notes that the employees of the University of Belize, have received no salary adjustments since 2005 - while other statutory bodies have received increases in line with public officers and teachers.

PSU Celebrates Voters
Tomorrow close to 200,000 registered voters will have a chance to choose their leaders in the general election. And to make it all happen hundreds of public officers will man the polling and counting stations. They are the gears in the democratic machine - actually administering the election, and today the Public Service Union sent out a press release pep-talking those officers, quote, "entrusted with conducting and supervising the general elections" end quote. It tells public officers, quote, "this is your time to shine…while for some the hours may be long and the fervor is strong, rest assured that we will…ensure that you are...compensated in a timely fashion." End quote.

Stole From Salvation Army?
20 year-old Juan Bardalez, 19 year-old Charles Middleton, and 44 year-old Elmer Linarez have been found guilty in the Magistrate's Court for the theft of $25,000 worth of goods from the Salvation Army Primary School. In the trial, the prosecution had evidence that on Thursday July 28, 2011, they recovered 3 items that were stolen from Salvation army primary school when they searched Linarez's warehouse, located on Euphrates Avenue. The items were a Dell computer and monitor. These were part of a group of items - including 13 computers - which were stolen from the school on July 8, 2011. After all the evidence was presented, Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer found all 3 men guilty. She sentenced Bardalez to 2 years in jail for burglary. Middleton, who is on remand while he awaits trial for murder, was sentenced to 3 years for burglary.

Cayo Politics Contentious
Right now there are tents, banners, posters and flags set up near all the polling and counting areas in the country. For the different political camps, these are the final details in the election preparation process - the day is finally here. Now it's just to bring the voters out tomorrow and wave those red or blue flags until the results come out right ? Well, not necessarily, for a few divisions these same posters and flags are creating serious tensions between the PUP and UDP camp in Cayo. Omar Figueroa's UDP camp took up all the space on both sides of the road in front of CET, leaving no room for the PUP camp to set up their flags. Well, police had to be called out to try and defuse the situation yesterday. Today Inspector Reyes told us more about it. Insp. Reymundo Reyes, Deputy OC, San Ignacio Police "What we are facing at CET is that after the 100 yards, it is the campaign managers of both political parties that should reach an agreement as to which side of the road they would like to use to place their tents, banners and so forth. But what we saw yesterday is that from the beginning of Victor Galvez Stadium up to the side where the 100 yards mark was, the red, blue and white banner was placed on the whole side of the street. On the other side where the Mormon's church is, likewise.

Cayo Central Gunplay?
And while that face off played out today, last week there was a Cayo confrontation after a mundane traffic accident. It seems a vehicle connected to the Rene Montero UDP campaign caught in a fender bender. That's when pup operatives sprang into action and started taking pictures. The UDP crowd started to come up on them - and that's when one of the PUP supporters allegedly pulled a weapon. San Ignacio Police second in command Inspector Reymundo Reyes told us more: Insp. Reymundo Reyes, Deputy OC, San Ignacio Police "Information that we have is that the young man Silva, I believe was the one who was close to where the incident happened and he was taking photographs. When allegedly he was approached by 3 or 4 other individuals and it appears that he claiming that they were going to beat him up because of the snapping of the pictures and that is when it is allege that a firearm was pulled out by the said individual and then he left the area."

Police Won't Play On election Day In City
And the same thing is happening in Belize City - where police are taking all measures to ensure an incident free election day. Today, officer commanding EASTERN DIVISION southside Chester Williams told us what role his police will be playing: Sr. Supt Chester Williams - Commander, Eastern Division Southside "I must say first and foremost that in Belize City, we still have it better than those in the north and the West. While we may see some persons in Belize City behaving aggressively as the approach closer to the day of the election. In terms of incidents that are a result of political campaigning or political affiliations - we have not had much of those and in terms of the signs being vandalized and so forth, we are not having much of those either.

The Public Has To Play By The Rules
And while police will be playing by the books, the public also has its job to do: there are rules for the public as well. Williams went through them one by one. Sr. Supt Chester Williams - Commander, Eastern Division Southside "For members of the public, the importance of ensuring that when you go to the polling station or polling stations, if you are the holder of a license firearm, firearms are prohibited within the polling station. If anyone goes to the polling station with a firearm, if it is license, you will not be allowed to enter the polling station with the firearm. So, our advice is to ensure that these firearms are left at home in a safe and secure location. Secondly, as it relates to the consumption of alcohol, again the law prohibits the sale of alcohol on Election Day until the close of polling stations. After polling stations are closed, yes the stores can open to sell alcohol. But the intoxicating liquor licensing act still applies. In the sense that public drinking is still an offence and it will be enforced. So anyone who is caught public drinking on that day, again they will be dealt with."

Major Mex Fugitive Caught In Belize
A man wanted for major financial fraud was caught in Belize today. He is David Nanes Schnitzer, the president of Stanford Group Mexico, which defrauded thousands of investors in that country. He was caught in San Pedro this evening, we have confirmed. Nanes Schnitzer - who had been on the run for months - was found with the help of Interpol and US Marshals. We'll have more on his arrest on Thursday.

The Big Political Picture
And so that ends the news - this last newscast before the big day - when for us in Belize, it will seem as if the world stands still while 16 of 31 divisions dominate the nation's attention. Tomorrow we'll team up with KREM TV and Radio to have all day, all night coverage - but to get you warmed up - here's a pre-game teaser. 196 thousand, 587 voters from Corozal North to Toledo West will vote at about 150 polling stations countrywide. Numerically, the largest division is Belmopan, with over nine thousand voters, while Stan Creek West and Belize Rural South are second and third. In terms of area on the map, the largest division is Belize Rural South, followed by Toledo East and Orange Walk South. The smallest in size are Mesopotamia, Pickstock, Queen Square, and Fort George.

Channel 5

PUP Allowed 1 Hour Access to Proxy Register
It is the countdown to the 2015 national elections and within twelve hours, one hundred and ninety-seven thousand voters will head to the polls for the most important elections. On [...]

Secretary-General Dismisses Allegation of Political Hysteria
The back and forth between the P.U.P. Secretariat and the Elections and Boundaries Department has been ongoing, caused by serious allegations made against that department and against Chief Elections officer [...]

Council of Churches Pulls Back from Political Fray
On the eve of the 2015 national elections, the Belize Council of Churches has come out swinging in an attempt to stay above the political fray. Led by Reverend Roosevelt [...]

Group Condemns Irresponsible Reporting by Online News Source
In support of the Council of Churches, Pastor Howell Longsworth, of the Belize Evangelical Association, also calls to question the recklessness by the reporter on the social media site in [...]

A Final Call to the Electorate
By this time on Wednesday the polls will have closed and counting will be taking place to determine who will form the next government. The U.D.P. is asking for an [...]

Police Investigate Brazen Daylight Murder in San Ignacio
The death toll went up by one in San Ignacio where as recent as Sunday morning; a Guatemalan national was stabbed to death as he exited a popular nightclub. That [...]

Party Supporters Square Off Outside Polling Station
Also in San Ignacio, there was a near-rumble on Monday night following a standoff between supporters of both mass parties in front of the Center for Employment Training. Reports are [...]

Police Break Down Citizen Security Guidelines for Election Day
Across the country, final preparations are underway before the opening of polls on Wednesday morning.  Among the many responsibilities the police department is tasked with is citizen security.  Officers from [...]

Belize City Youth Riddled with Bullets
A lso on the crime blotter…just before midnight on Monday, shots rang out on Magazine Road, in proximity to the Raccoon Street Police Station in the city. Another youth had [...]

Belize City man Charged for unlawful sex
Tonight, a Belize City resident is accused of having unlawful sex with a foster child from a child care home in the City. Nineteen year old Guillermo Silva, of Antelope Street [...]

Stevedores Resolve Dispute with PoB Limited
At the Port of Belize, business is back to normal where stevedores had been demonstrating for retirement benefits since Friday night. Late on Monday, a number of benefits were agreed [...]

Police Ramp Up Vigilance on Election Day
There has been escalating tension in the days leading up to the 2015 General Election. There’s the vandalism of signs, aggression by supporters from both parties and then there are [...]

Young Belizean Wins Entrepreneurial Award
Youth entrepreneur Crystal Samos is the recipient of a pair of regional awards, following a recent trip to Grenada where she participated in a competition for young businesspersons.  Samos is [...]

Police Mourn Loss of Sgt. Orlando Cruz
On Sunday morning, police officers attached to Precinct Four of the Belize City Police Department responded to the scene of a fatal traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway, just [...]

Weekend Sports Warp up with James Adderley
Good evening I am James Adderley and this sports Monday. Verdes FC returned to its PBL schedule yesterday inside the Norman Broaster Stadium looking to re-establish its national dominance after [...]


Love FM and Love Television Gear Up for Election Coverage
Love FM and Love Television are two media entities under the umbrella of RSV Limited. Over the years, the two companies have been known to carry out in-depth coverage of national events ranging from flood situations, hurricanes, elections and the likes. General Elections 2015 is no different as the company prepares for nationwide coverage come […]

Unreported Incident in Ladyville Leaves Two Minors Injured
In mid-last week there was an accident in Ladyville Village, Belize District that went unreported and that had left two minors seriously injured. Yesterday, whilst at the station, Inspector Juanito Cocom spoke of the incident that left two female minors, ages six and nine, seriously injured. The striking thing about this incident, is that the […]

Political Rallies End Election Season
In the days leading up to the General Elections, the two main political parties have been holding rallies across the country, attracting men and women, even children, who cannot vote were seen donned in their party colours. But the two major political events were held on Sunday for the People’s United Party and on Monday […]

Trio Found Guilty of School Burglary
Three of five persons charged in connection with the of burglary of Salvation Army Primary School in which 13 computers were stolen, were found guilty and sentenced today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are 20-year-old, Juan Bardalez, 19-year-old, Charles Middleton and 44-year-old, Elmer Linarez. Bardalez was sentenced to 2 years. His sentence is to […]

City Shooting Lands Man in the Hospital
Twenty three year old Nigel Augustine is in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being shot last night. It happened at around 11:30 on Magazine Road. Police say that one man lurked up on Augustine and blasted the near fatal shots at him. Today, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South, Senior Superintendent […]

Council of Churches Sets Record Straight with Media House
The Belize Council of Churches and the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches called a press conference to clarify what they say is an erroneous report by a Facebook blog written by Chrisbert Garcia, a correspondent for Belize Breaking News. The article speaks of the meeting that representatives of the churches had with PUP Leader, Francis […]

Investigation Under for Daylight Murder in Western Belize
San Ignacio Police are investigating the murder of 26-year-old, Darwin Guerrero. Guerrero was shot whilst on Bella Vista Street just minutes before nine o’clock this morning. He was rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Today, the Commanding Officer for San Ignacio, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez told us that investigators believe […]

Party Workers Get Into Scuffle Over Tents
There was a physical confrontation between supporters of the United Democratic Party and the People’s United Party last week in western Belize. Reports are that supporters of the two political parties got into a scuffle over where they should place their flags and tents despite being told where in a meeting where both parties were […]


FCIB workers return to picket line
Time is winding down on the settlement of assets between CIBC First Caribbean International Bank and Heritage Bank of Belize Limited, and the workers of the former are yet to negotiate their exit packages as they will not be retained by the new owners. First Caribbean and the Christian Workers’...

UBFSA, The Way Forward on 14 Percent Increase
The University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association after being formally re-registered as a legally recognized body continue negotiations on a 14% salary increase. Earlier this month, executive of the UBFSA wrote to the President of the University requesting that he make contact with Government a...

COLA comments on national issues
The organization COLA also commented on a number of national issues during the course of their time on the street today. First are the Prime Minister’s statements concerning Jimmy Morales’ election as president of Guatemala and his stance on reclaiming Belize as Guatemalan territory. COL...

BPP presents “Progressive Plan” for Belize
Don’t call it a manifesto. That word, especially around election time, is distrusted and often despised. Instead, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) has presented a series of progressive plans for Belize, addressing the gamut of key issues. The centerpiece of the social agenda of the BPP, acco...

Our Lady of Guadalupe is Drug Free
As a part of the red ribbon week, the Our Lady of Guadalupe Highschool hosted its second annual anti drug campaign to sensitize students about the hazards of drugs. Evita Palma, head of the business department, is the coordinator of the drug awareness week for the students of OLOG. She gave us more ...

Taxi man stabbed by co-worker
A man is today recovering from multiple stab wounds after he was attacked by an assailant wielding a knife like object. According to authorities, police responded to a scene on Krooman Road in Belize City yesterday sometime around 9:29 pm where they saw a dark complexion male person with what appear...

Interdicted cop freed on assault charges
Police Constable Linsdale Blease, assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit but presently interdicted on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and discharging a firearm in public, was set free after it was determined he did not have a case to answer. Court prosecutors had to throw in the towel a...

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11/04/15 06:18 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


BZ$300,000 towards demarcation of Maya homeland
–In a struggle spanning decades, the Kekchi and Mopan Maya communities of southern Belize continue to push for roughly 800 square miles (or 500,000 acres) to be designated as their homeland—and if the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) goes according to the letter of the consent order of April 2015, they should have that homeland demarcated by December 31, 2017. A landmark CCJ ruling handed down Friday morning has ordered unprecedented reparations to the Toledo Maya for a breach of their constitutional right to protection of the law. That money won’t necessarily be cash-in-hand for the communities, though, as the CCJ has declared that the BZ$300,000 awarded in reparations is for a specified purpose, as set out in section 3 of the consent order which the court handed down 6 months ago, in April. Pablo Mis, spokesperson of the Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA), which is one of the 25 claimants in the case, told reporters that the CCJ ruling is “…an affirmation that a historical injustice has happened against the Maya people…

Viola Pook sentenced to 8 years for manslaughter
Today, Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas sentenced Viola Pook, 57, to eight years for manslaughter. Pook’s sentence came about after her murder conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal, her life in prison sentence was quashed and a new trial was ordered. Pook, instead of going through with the murder trial, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. Since she entered the criminal justice system, Pook has been diagnosed as suffering from battered women’s syndrome, a defense that was effectively raised in the Lavern “Anti-Christ” Longsworth case, which bears many similarities to Pook’s case. Longsworth was convicted of murder and was sentenced to serve a life sentence, but upon appeal, her life sentence was lifted and she was sentenced to serve a shorter time in prison.

Lavender Street man remanded on attempted murder charge
A resident of Lavender Street, located in the Lake Independence area, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison today after he was arraigned on charges of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and grievous harm. The charges are in connection with a stabbing incident that occurred on Friday, October 23, 2015, that has left one man hospitalized in a critical but stable condition. Ignatius Williams, 21, a resident and laborer of 4047 Lavender Street, did not have to enter a plea when Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer arraigned him on the three charges, because his case will be heard on indictment at the Supreme Court after a preliminary inquiry is held at the lower court to determine if there is enough evidence against him.

88 horses at the starting gate!
Almost 200,000 electors have the power to decide on Wednesday, November 4, 2015, whether they will give the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) an unprecedented third term in office or whether they will return the Musa-Fonseca administration, booted out of office in 2008, to another 5-year term on Independence Hill. A rushed political campaign has sparked desperation in some camps, and Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai reported that armed, masked men had gone to her home in an apparent attempt to intimidate her in carrying out her electoral duties and rumors were abuzz that she had been kidnapped—a backward turn of events in post-independent Belize. Tamai has also been under pressure from the Opposition People’s United Party over allegations that she had authorized the signing of blank proxy forms for UDP chairman, Alberto August – allegations which she has vigorously denied.

Father, son and uncle shot in Salvapan
Two men and a child are recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after they were shot by two masked men at about 8:30 Saturday night while socializing in their yard on Suriname Street, in Salvapan, Belmopan, by two masked men. Elvis and Josel Godoy, 27-year- old twin brothers, and Elvis Godoy, Jr., 5, are the victims. Josel was shot in the arm, the stomach, hand, and foot; while the 5-year-old was shot in his hand, upper right arm, right side, and upper leg, and his father was shot in the chest, right thigh and the left side of his pelvis. They were rushed to the Belmopan Western Regional Hospital, after which they were rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they have been admitted in a critical condition

What “Confidence-Building Measures,” Belize?
In the wake of the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ expedition to Sarstoon Island on Sunday, August 16, 2015, when unarmed Belizean civilians were aggressed by Guatemalan Navy boats, Prime Minister Dean Barrow held a press conference and told the nation that the BDF has been under constant threat from the Guatemalan military. Indeed, our BDF are routinely challenged by the Guatemalans and frequently told to turn back. Our soldiers never retreat and are never deterred by these standoffs. They always complete their mission, even when under threat. The Prime Minister, however, did not say exactly when these threats had started, nor did he say how long the Guatemalan military has been asserting control over the Sarstoon River. For an extended period, the Government of Belize has been content to play by the rules of the Organization of American States-brokered, so-called “Confidence Building Measures,” and has refused to take the necessary diplomatic offensive to protect and defend Belize’s sovereignty.

Regular season of BECOL Basketball Tournament concluding
The BECOL Basketball Tournament resumed games on Friday night, with Belmopan Shock defeating SHC, via forfeit, in the Female division. With the loss, SHC has been eliminated from playoff contention. In game 2, R.C. Special Effects defeated Eagles, 67-48, in the Over 35 division. R.C. Special Effects was led by Artan Tucker, who had the game high with 33 points, Karon “Civic” Neal had 17 pts, and Eddy Rowland netted 11 pts. The top scorers for Eagles were Lupito Acosta with 20 pts, and Elvis “Tigre” Usher with 13 pts. In the nightcap, Falcon Ballers handily defeated Benque Power, 71-53, in the Senior division. Falcon Ballers’ top scorers were Marlon Andrewin, who had the game high with 22 pts, Jamie Carbajal with 18 pts, and Anfernee Young with 17 pts. Benque Power was led by Brando Flowers, who tallied 18 pts, and Roberto “Mosho” Castellanos with 13 pts. On Saturday night, MicRoe Light and Peace got the win over Spartans, 55-42, in the Under 23 division. MicRoe Light and Peace was led by Deon Roches with 18 pts, Ian Augustine, Jr. with 16 pts, and Jamaal Augustine with 10 pts.

Belize District U-15 Football Tournament Week 1 results
The Interim Committee of the Belize District Football Association kicked off its U-15 football tournament yesterday, Sunday, November 2, at the MCC Grounds. Nine (9) teams are participating in the tournament, and 4 games are scheduled for each week, with 1 team getting a rest. In game 1 yesterday, City Boys dropped Carlston Strikers, 4-1. Akeem Sutherland struck twice for City Boys, with Jalen Babb and Denroy Lopez adding 1 each for the winners; while Cron Augustine got the lone goal for Carlston Strikers. Game 2 saw Collet Strikers edging Ladyville Jaguars, 2-1, with a goal each from Wayne Ford and Tyrel Estrada, while Lyndon Flowers scored for Ladyville Jaguars. In the scheduled game 3, Berger United won by default over Ladyville Rising Stars. And in game 4, Smart Brown Bombers and Hattieville River Side Boys played to a 2-2 tie. Eshak King got both goals for the Bombers, while Jadon McGregor also struck twice for Hattieville.

BDF clips Verdes, 2-1; race to PLB playoffs heats up
The race to the 4-team playoffs in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) Opening Season 2015-2016 is heating up. With the end of Week 7 games over the weekend, only 3 weeks of regular season games remain, along with a back match between Placencia Assassins and Verdes FC. And with the BDF defeat of Verdes yesterday, BDF is now very much in contention for a playoff spot. (See standings at bottom.) Two games were played on Saturday night, although one of them, the Police United vs Placencia Assassins match, was previously announced for Sunday afternoon. At the Norman Broaster Stadium on Saturday night, visiting Placencia Assassins got on the scorecard first through Luis “Baaka” Torres at the 1st minute of play; but the Police United squad came back strong with goals from Byron Chavez (15’), Trevor “Burger” Lennen (24’), Darren Myers (29’) and Carlton “Fubu” Thomas (42’), for the 4-1 final score. Meanwhile, at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium, a short staffed Wagiya FC team was able to keep the visiting Belmopan Bandits FC scoreless in first half; but in second half, the Wagiya defence wilted under Bandits’ pressure, and goals came from Elroy Smith (61’), Jerome “Jarro” James (74’), Randy Padilla (77’) and Khalil Velasquez (86’), for the 4-0 Belmopan Bandits victory.

Editorial: “ … Belizeans second …”
Despite their visibly well-oiled electoral machinery, it is possible for the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) to lose Wednesday’s general elections. Were the UDP to lose, this newspaper would view the national vote as an expression of the Belizean people’s dissatisfaction after two consecutive terms of UDP rule. Prime Minister and UDP Leader, Hon. Dean Barrow, is calling Wednesday’s elections sixteen months early, which is to say, he could have extended his party’s term of office until March of 2017, and beyond that. The present UDP was elected to a five-year term of office in March of 2012. For the record, the Manuel Esquivel UDP, in a disturbing display of pique and spite, apparently because they believed the Belizean people were itching to vote them out of office, extended their term of office two months beyond five years in 1998. Mr. Barrow was Deputy Prime Minister in that UDP administration. Now, in the quest for a third consecutive term, unprecedented in Belize’s post-independence era, he comes to the voters sixteen months early.

Did you lose this dog?
Dear Editor, During the recent floods a beautiful young female German shepherd, approximately 1 year old, wearing a blue collar, was found frantically running along Princess Margaret Drive, King’s Park, Belize City. She took an exit near Creole Wagons. She was immediately taken to the Animal Medical Center and has been there for almost a week. She has now been released into my care as a Belize Humane Society foster care. She is one of the most gentle, friendly little girls we have ever had and is very eager to find her original owner which we think is somewhere in the King’s Park area. If you have lost your dog, please contact me: Belize Animal Rescue, 6306737, or 6306738. Or private message me on BAR Facebook Page. She desperately wants to return to her home. Thank you.

Election eve discussion by Beryl Young
Dear Editor, It is election eve as you publish this, if indeed you see fit to do so. I’ve been writing this letter since the day of the launching of the UDP manifesto when the Honorable Foreign Minister declared that not the PUP and not even the people are making an issue out of the Guatemala Sarstoon situation. I had been puzzled myself by the how cool Belizeans were – were they under some form of collective hypnosis, magical thinking, even collective unconsciousness? Were the PUP being cowards, afraid of being accused of politicizing a national issue as had already been suggested? Was it even some unspoken collective wisdom along the lines of the saying “discretion is the better part of valor”? Guatemala had made it public and official that it had MILITARILY SEIZED Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River! There, I’ve said it. MILITARILY SEIZED – the dreaded words everybody has been avoiding! Yes, we’ve been calling it everything but: aggression, violating our territorial integrity, chancing us, etc., etc. Yes, pure and naked MILITARY OCCUPATION of Belizean territory! That couldn’t just be left hanging out there! I kept thinking of 1948 when Guatemala shifted from diplomatic channels and negotiation and displayed force by a troop buildup at the border to which Britain responded with dispatching troops and warships to the area.

Santa Cruz Mayans’ court case adjourned once again
On October 27, the 11 Santa Cruz Mayans accused of being involved in the illegal detention of Rupert Myles in their village re-appeared in the Punta Gorda Magistrate’s Court for the fourth time only to have their case adjourned once again, to December 16. Their attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, pointed out that the prosecution has failed to grant the defense disclosure, despite four months having passed since the arraignment. The next adjournment will mark six months since the 11 Mayans have been coming to court after being arraigned on June 24 without any progress being made in their case. The Mayan defendants are accused of detaining Rupert Myles, a man of Creole descent who had moved to Santa Cruz Village, on June 20. The villagers claimed the cause for their detention of Myles, who had moved to the village to live with his Mayan wife, a resident of the village, in October 2014, was that he destroyed sacred structures in Uxbenka for the purpose of building his home.

Maya court decision opens way for reparation
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has made a landmark decision ordering that the Government of Belize pay “reparation” for centuries of wrong done to the Mayas of Belize. It has ordered that a special fund amounting to $300,000 be set up to serve the Maya community of the Toledo district. After winning a decision in April where the CCJ ruled in favor of upholding the Maya Land Rights the Mayas additionally sued the Government for damages. The Court last week ruled that instead of “damages” that a special fund be set-up which seeks to address the centuries-old injustice against the Mayas. The claim of the Maya was for compensation for centuries of injustice by successive governments, including those from colonial times. “They did not award damages to the Maya. They awarded what they called ‘reparation’ for the centuries of discrimination that the Maya have suffered”, said attorney for the government, Senior Council Denys Barrow. This is where the decision of the CCJ becomes interesting. While the decision is specifically on the Maya case it also sets a precedent for reparation for other groups in and out of Belize.

FCIB still not yielding to staff demands
Today the latest in a series of protests by the workers of the First Caribbean International Bank was carried out on Albert Street from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., and another was held during the employees’ lunch break from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Prior to this, the disgruntled employees had staged a protest on October 9. According to a press release dated October 29 that was issued by the Christian Workers Union, to which the workers belong, the reason for these protests remain the same – they are clamoring to ensure they receive “salary increases, severance pay and an exit package given the impending closure of the bank”. The press release in referring to the progress or lack of the negotiations between the employees and the bank, stated, “The Bank’s approach towards the proposals of the workers has been to either make no genuine efforts to counter-offers and remains repetitive in their response, refusing to make any attempt to reach compromise.” Further the release stated that the Bank seems unwilling to address the requests of the workers. Also, the workers have reportedly not yet been informed of the Bank’s exit date, which adds to the uncertainty of their future.

Chinese community assists city residents impacted by floods
The Chinese Community of Belize, led by the Belize Chinese Association chairman Edmund Kwan, assisted city residents impacted by the recent low weather system that passed over the country and caused widespread flooding and storm damages in the city, with over $15,000 worth of food and groceries. Kwan told Amandala that packages containing groceries were taken to four different locations in the city, including the Gungulung area in Lake Independence, the Jane Usher Boulevard area, Antelope Street Extension, and Belama Phrase 4. Kwan said that they (the Chinese) are a part of the community and the food distribution initiative is a way of assisting the people in the areas that were most impacted by the flood. The donations were made on Saturday.

The Reporter

Elvin Penner mixed up in land-grab scandal?
Three documents from the Lands Department have surfaced showing disgraced former Minister Elvin Penner and his parents being leased and sold acres of land for a fraction of the market value cost. The documents show land in the mountain pine ridge area and one on Turneffe island being leased and sold to Penner and his parents, Lena and Edward Penner. According to the document in the former minister’s name, he was leased a 36.17 acre plot of land in the Mountain Pine Ridge area in 2012, valid until June 2019. The annual rent on the 36 acres was set at $108.50. The purchase price for the 36-acre plot was set at just $9,404.20, far below the market value. According to real estate experts, the market value of an acre in the Pine Ridge area can be valued anywhere from $5,000-$10,000. At the very least, such a plot should have sold for $100,000. GOB, of course, reserves the right to subsidize any plot of lan. However, the client in question and undervalued price has caused many to question the transaction.

PUP vs Elections Chief
A number of exchanges between the People’s United Party (PUP) and the Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai last week, resulted in the Party requesting more time to review the proxy register and a demand that it be made available for scrutiny to all parties. The exchange began last week, when the People’s United Party (PUP) requested to view the Proxy Register. Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai agreed, offering them one hour to do so. But the PUP was not happy with the response and made their demands. In the letters to Tamai, the PUP stated that their demands were grounded on reports of irregularities it had received. Those reports claimed that proxy forms were being arbitrarily approved by the Elections and Boundaries Department. This, the PUP argued, proved the need for scrutiny. The opposition party added that anyone contesting the General Elections should be allowed to study the register.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

OW lottery vendor clings to life after beating
Tonight a family in Orange Walk town is demanding justice as one of their loved ones is hanging on to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). 24-year-old Kevin Salazar, a well-known lottery vendor, is tonight hospitalized at the KHMH in a very critical condition. Belize Media […]

Eamon Courtenay says PUP will make election close
It’s not quite a promise of victory, but former PUP campaign manager Eamon Courtenay says the People’s United Party will be in play to form the next Government of Belize. In responding to an article written in The Economist magazine, which predicts that Dean Barrow and the United […]

The 2015 General Elections are here!
In approximately 13 hours, as many as 190,000 voters will head to the polls to elect a new Government. This election was largely unexpected – the administration of Prime Minister Dean Barrow was expected to last until 2017 and no more than a month before calling the election, the Prime […]

Stevedores reach agreement after strike
The Christian Workers’ Union continues to negotiate the collective bargaining agreement between the stevedores and the Port of Belize Limited. However, events beginning on Friday night both partially overtook that negotiation and sped it up. Members of Gang Six led a strike at the Port compound that was […]

PUP unsatisfied with list of proxy voters
This morning, the People’s United Party (PUP) sent its officials on the invite of the Elections and Boundaries Department to view the proxy register of voters for Wednesday’s general elections under its supervision. There has been a back and forth on the veracity of the proxy list between the PUP’s General […]

Churches say they did not endorse PUP
A now-removed article from this website written on Monday incorrectly quotes statements from what we have found to be spam email attributed to the Belize Council of Churches and Evangelical Association of Churches jointly that criticize the outgoing administration and encourage Belizeans to vote for the People’s United Party, whose leader Francis Fonseca […]

Breakup causes broken eye and jail time
Breaking up is hard to do. But when one fed-up woman broke the news to her soon-to-be-ex last week, the resulting fight cost her a cell phone, possibly an eye, and sent him to jail. Kamisha Yorke told police that at around 6:30p.m. Monday, October 26, 2015, she […]

Teen boy charged for sex with girl minor
A 19 year old boy has been accused of having an unlawful sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl who resides in a child care center in Belize City. Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith denied bail to Guillermo Silva, a farmer and resident of Antelope Street Extension on […]

Viola Pook on verge of freedom after most of sentence deducted
Having served nearly seven years in the Central Prison on a conviction of murder that was overturned by the Court of Appeal, Rancho Dolores housewife Viola Pook is expected to be out of jail within the next year. She was sentenced to eight years in prison after taking […]

BELTRAIDE presents investment magazine
The fourth edition of the Invest Belize magazine published by the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) was launched in Belize City Monday morning. It concentrates on the tourism sector and the wealth of growth that industry has brought to Belize, and according to CEO in the Ministry […]

Murder in San Ignacio Town
A little after 9:00 this morning San Ignacio Police officers were dispatched to an area where gun shots rang out breaking the silence of the morning. Information is yet sketchy but BMG was made to understand that a male person was fatally shot multiple times. Officers are at the scene […]

Updated BMG polls still show close election race
Recently, an on-line poll conducted by BMG indicated that the November 4th general elections will be extremely close as the final results of that poll showed the United Democratic Party (UDP) beating the People’s United Party (PUP) by just one seat. At the time over 1,000 people had participated in […]

Should Belizeans living in the diaspora be entitled to keep their dual nationality just as any other dual nationals in order to hold high office?
By Hubert Pipersburgh Should Belizeans living in the diaspora be entitled to keep their dual nationality just as any other dual nationals in order to hold high office. Should they be denied rights? These are legitimate public policy questions. Section 58 (1) and 63 (1) of Belize’s constitution relates to Belizean […]


With less than 50 hours before the polls close on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015, and the counting of ballots cast in the 15th Belize General Election 2015, the air is thick with tension across the length and breadth of the Jewel. There are predictions galore but most seem to be leaning towards the Peoples United Party forming the next government of Belize. After days of constant analysis and non-stop review I too have come to the conclusion that the PUP will win Wednesday poll 18 seats to 13, with the possibility of perhaps 3 more. My analysis indicates that the PUP will win 6 in the North, 6 in the East, 3 in the West and 3 in the South. I am predicting that Florencio Marin, Abelardo Mai, John Briceno, Said Musa, Julius Espat, and Oscar Requena will be re-elected. I think it is very likely that Francis Fonseca, Dolores Balderamos, Michael Espat, and Rodwell Ferguson will be re-elected. Cordel Hyde, Francis Smith, Daniel Silva and Orlando Habet will be elected. It is likely that Elito Arceo, Josue Carballo, Gregorio Garcia and David Castillo will also be elected for the first time. It is unlikely that Anthony Sylvestre, Dorla Vaughan, Lloyd Jones, Lesbia Guerra, Patrick Andrews, Gilroy Usher and Yasmin Shoman will be elected. Kareem Musa, Paul Thompson, Ramiro Ramirez, Ramon Cervantes, Michel Chebat, and Anthony Sabal are all in races that may go either way.

The promises of a better future …
So I’ve been reading the manifestos for both the PUP and UDP parties and have some items I want to cover, hopefully I can get to it all before election day… From the UDP Manifesto “Completing the Norwegian Cruise Line cruise port in southern Belize” I thought it was Norwegian Cruise Line that was investing in that Island. When did GOB start investing in international companies, private business and tourism? Here are three more: “Adding 1500 new hotel rooms” “Sustaining annual overnight tourist arrivals growth of 8%” “Sustaining annual cruise tourist arrivals of 10%” “Develop a “free range” poultry industry under proper bio-secure condition, but aimed at small-scale farmers.” I like how they actually made sure that free range was in the double quotes.. You know, like when you say something that was not true so you do the quote gesture with your fingers… How do you keep rodents and other potential risk out of free ranges? You can’t…

Under the Sea in Belize
The engines revved as we left the harbor, our bodies got into the rhythm of the boat slicing through the waves and the salty wind and spray covering our faces. Belize is paradise. And when you are in paradise, at the top of the list of things to do in Belize is to get out on the water – preferably, get under the water. We took a Belize snorkeling day trip with Splash Dive Center to the outer reef cayes that lie between Placencia and Belize’s Barrier Reef – second in size only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Marco, our snorkel guide, gave us snorkeling tips as we headed out to the Silk Cayes. The Cayes are a string of tiny (and I mean teeny-tiny!) islands formed by fisherman dumping their conch shells in one shallow are of the reef. Sand eventually built up around the conch piles and slowly Mother Nature turned it into a little island. As we pulled up to anchor I gazed at the tiny slice of paradise with its light blue water, white sand, and 4 little palm trees. I wanted to be stranded here forever. The island was actually a small park with a little grill, restrooms, and a few picnic tables. Dive boats and locals came to the park island for a day in the sun.

Adventure Travel: Caving It In Beautiful Belize
As we made our way through the caves, I imagined that I was inside a giant, wandering through his veins. Everywhere you look there’s another option, another turn, another dark tunnel. Caving is the ultimate maze with no real guarantee of finding a way out except retracing your path in. Luckily, my niece and I weren’t left to wander aimlessly in the Belize Caves, I had a guide. And most importantly the guide had a light and knew his way around these labyrinths. Without him I would’ve been lost in the giant forever. Much of Belize is actually hollow in a way – beneath the surface can be found some of the most extensive cave systems on the planet. Caving in Belize is a way to experience the adventure and the culture of Belize at the same time. Caves were the entrance to the Mayan underworld; the portal between the tangible human world and the invisible world of gods and spirits. The Maya performed their most sacred rituals in caves. And it seemed that they preferred to not simply go into the mouth of the cave, they went deep inside the cave – sometimes miles and miles inside. Exploring inside the caves is a way to learn about a mysterious ancient Maya civilization and the geological processes that shaped the region. - See more at:

Caracol in Belize: The Rise and Fall of the Country’s Biggest
The Caracol in Belize Maya ruins are the biggest you wll find in the country. Know about ths history of El Caracol Belize and the sights that you can expect in this place. The Mayan ruins of Caracol in Belize are the most extensive in all of Belize. Following a victory over Tikal in the 6th century, Caracol flourished, rising to become one of the biggest Mayan cities. Following its decline, the city lay hidden in thick, high-canopy jungle for centuries up until a native logger came across it in 1937. One year later, two archeologists visited the ruins. The named the site Caracol, which is Spanish for ‘snail’ because of the big number of snail shells they found. The ancient Maya name of the city was Oxwitza or ‘three hill water.’ Excavations of the ruins did not start until the 1950s while most of the work took place since 1985. The excavations have uncovered royal tombs, monuments, dwellings and ball courts. The earliest habitation of Caracol happened between 900 BC and 600 BC, while the first Mayan temple called the Temple of the Wooden Lintel, dates from around 70 AD. The Caracol royal dynasty was founded in 331, and the city rose to power over the next two centuries. At first, Caracol was an alley of Tikal witnessed by the appointment of a new lord over Caracol by the king of Tikal, Double Bird, in 553 AD. However, the relationship between the former allies turned hostile when Caracol switched alliancs from Tikal to Calakmul. An angered Double Bird declared war against Caracol and defeated it, although not decisively.

Palapa Bar’s landlord adds nasty signage, has neighbor arrested — hell of a morning
I pulled up to Marbucks coffeehouse here on Ambergris Caye this morning to see one of the owners, Rob Eykelbeysh, being escorted down to the police station. I asked him what was happening and he smiled and said it is all good. But it isn’t. The little man who lives across the street, let’s call him Kyle From Texas, had posted two particularly nasty signs on his property, aimed at his tenants in the iconic Palapa Bar and Grill, Scott and Jodi Harnish. The signs replaced the ones the government of Belize had recently ordered removed. The ones announcing a four-story condo project on the site. Apparently the signs were way ahead of the official approval process. And you can’t do that. People claim that Kyle has been waging an unholy war against Scott and Jodi all year, since he bought the property, to get them to vacate the bar before their lease is up December 31st. I don’t believe it. No one is that stupid.

Belize Vacations: Top 5 Reasons to visit in 2016!
We know many of you are because we have been receiving many emails asking for suggestions on where to go and what to do in Belize this coming year. When you think about it, it does make perfect sense to start planning next year’s vacation since its right around the corner. There are many good reasons to visit Belize in 2016. Here’s a few:

Holiday Halloween Mashup
My night started out with pre party. Kendall had invited Lisa, Ronnie and a few others over. I donned my costume and was going to called my new regular taxi driver when Cowboy Doug texted me to come to Banana Beach and I then I could score a ride to town. The annual Holiday Hotel party is always a chart topper and this year, while the general public did not go as all out as usual, Jurassic park made the night. When Eiden announced a late comer, Jurassic theme music started to play and a 15 foot or so Dinosaur complete with scientists and guards holding ak47’s came through the door it was a jaw dropping show stopper.

Finn Kardashian Takes SE Asia: Episode 7.1, I LOVE YOU VIETNAM
I want to make this blog extra special for that extra special country in Southeast Asia – the beautiful country of Vietnam. Been traveling for over 2 months our flight was from Bangkok to Hanoi just expecting “SAME SAME” but Vietnam is just extra special. We landed at 3pm and got to our HOTEL (ASIA STAR HOTEL) at 5ish, The owner of the hotel Tony Hoang was right there waiting for us and boy, he is just the most hospitable and charming man you could ever meet in this town. Natasha’s friend Scott Hay, the writer of the book –Bleeding Hearts -met us and took us to what was the first best night in HANOI. Food galore in tiny chairs with the never ending flow of beers is just what Finn Kardashian needs after that long ass flight.

International Sourcesizz

The Mexican press has linked United Democratic Party (UDP) candidate for Orange Walk South Guadalupe Magaña and her mennonite husband with organized crime. They further allege that he is financing her campaign with proceeds from organized crime. The Diario Respuesta is alleging that Magaña’s husband, Nyco Dyck is working with Emerlindo “Melin” Vasquez in the production of methamphetamine in a clandestine laboratory in the jungle in the San Carlos/Indian Church Village area. “Melin” Vasquez is currently in prison since his arrest by Mexican authorities in February 2013 for possession of 45 kilos of crystal meth along with six others. Vasquez still runs his illegal business from his cell, claims the Diario Respuesta. The article makes mention of a record dated September 8th from the Belize Police Department that shows the investigation into this operation has been ongoing for a long time. It goes on to make bold allegations of how the entire operation is carried out by Nyco Dyck. Dyck is reported to run a highly guarded operation in a lab in the jungle in the San Carlos/Indian Church Village area, receiving supplies from an alcohol distillery in the area, which is not named. Three miles from that lab is an airstrip from where the drugs are reported to be shipped out to the United States. The money from that operation is being used to finance Magaña’s campaign says the report, and should she win, that she will facilitate the continuation of organized crime. Authorities in Orange Walk are muffled in the alleged investigation of Magaña and say there is no such operation.

Ponzi scheme fugitive arrested in Belize
A key player in the Ponzi scheme orchestrated by disgraced financier Allen Stanford was arrested Tuesday in Central America, according to sources briefed on the matter. David Nanes Schnitzer was captured by authorities on a resort island in Belize, with assistance from Interpol and the U.S. Marshals Service, sources in the U.S. and Belize said. Nanes is wanted by authorities in Mexico for allegedly helping defraud thousands of investors while serving as president of Stanford Group Mexico. Stanford is serving a 110 year sentence for orchestrating the $7 billion fraud, one of the largest in U.S. history. Prosecutors charged that Stanford sold billions of dollars in certificates of deposit administered by Stanford International Bank Ltd., an offshore bank in Antigua, ensnaring thousands of victims.

Alarming Threats on the Eve of Elections in Belize
Belizean chief elections officer Josephine Tamai said Monday that the people threatening her and her family should stop, with her comments coming two days before the national elections. “I actually felt threatened and my family has been threatened,” Tamai told reporters. Tamai has complained of “political mischief” and said police have been providing her with round-the-clock protection. “I won’t get into much details because of security issues and, like I said, issues with my family, but I found it very alarming when I had masked men showing up at my house … one with a ski mask and one with a stocking pulled over his head,” Tamai said.


  • Holiday Halloween Mashup, min. Although it was a bit dark for video and the sound was not great I made a short video mashup for you of the party. Just under 2 minutes of fun from the Holiday Hotel Annual Halloween Party.

  • Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize, 3min.

  • Lighthouse Reef Atoll Belize pt2, 2min. Short vid of my weekend at Belize's Lighthouse reef which has the great blue hole and half moon caye.

  • Belize: A Young Country/Belice, un país joven en busca de prosperidad, 5.5min. Notimex released another great video about Belize. They talk about gaining independence, and show an interview with George Price too. "Después de independizarse en 1981, Belice sigue trabajando para garantizar la paz y el bienestar de su gente

  • Why Should You Protect Belize's Marine Environment?, 3min. Video by Oceana Belize

  • Garifuna Settlement Day - Dance, 80min. Garifuna Settlement Day is a public holiday in Belize, celebrated each year on November 19. In this video you will see Garifuna Artist from Belize such as Guwie Possie, Chico Ramos and Garif celebrating the Garifuna Music and traditions away from home. In this video you will see punta rock dance, garifuna drums and attire. The Garifuna Settlement Day holiday was created by Belizean civil rights activist, Thomas Vincent Ramos, in 1941.Garifuna Settlement Day was recognized as a public holiday in the southern districts of Belize in 1943, and declared a national holiday in 1977. The Garifuna Settlement Day holiday celebrates the settlement of the Garifuna people in Belize after being exiled from the Grenadines by the British army. The major festivities for the Garifuna Settlement Day occur in the town of Dangriga, including parades, street music, and traditional dancing.

  • 2015 Belize, 17min. Scuba diving

  • Fly Fishing the Flats of Ambergis Caye, Belize for Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit, 7min. Fly Fishing the Flats of Ambergis Caye, Belize for Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit. Lodging at El Pescador.

  • Hand feeding bonefish Belize, 2min. Hand feeding bonefish from a local dock in Belize with sardine.

  • 5 Years of Partnership for Literacy in Belize, 13min. A partnership between the Placencia Rotary Club (Belize) and the Rotary Club of Edmonton West (Canada) has been very successful and an learning opportunity for all involved. This is an update on this wonderful partnership.

  • Links
    Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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    Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
    Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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    White Sands Dive Shop - 5 Star PADI Dive Facility - Daily diving, SCUBA instruction and Snorkeling
    Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
    We manage a variety of homes, apartments, condos and commercial properties here on Ambergris Caye. Our minimum lease on ALL properties is six months.
    Click for Ian Anderson's Caves Branch, Welcome to a World of Adventure
    Lil Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
    Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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    Cayo Espanto
    Click for Cayo Espanto, and have your own private island
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    Click for exciting and adventurous tours of Belize with Katie Valk!
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