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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: The Art Business
“Ronnie, I want to go shopping,” said the good-looking blonde at the next table. The middle-aged, balding man sitting with her reached into his wallet and handed her five $100 U.S. bills. “Take your time shopping, honey,” he said. “Remember, my lawyer is supposed to be on the next flight and I want some time to talk to him.” After the young lady left Ron and I were the only ones on the deck at the Holiday Hotel. He asked if I live here and we got acquainted as we sipped our coffee. “What business are you in?” I asked. “My wife and I have an art business. We buy and sell and I’ve made a lot of money doing it. Right now I’m trying to buy some Mayan art which everybody says is illegal to own. My lawyer is coming to Belize to help me negotiate with the government.”

Blue Water Grill donates to New Horizon Primary School
The monthly donation program sponsored by the Blue Water Grill (BWG) saw the New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School as beneficiary for the month of October. Every month, BWG raises funds in order to support different organizations in San Pedro. New Horizon educates 500 children and was the recipient of a contribution of $1,928.50 which will assist the school with fans and much needed repairs. The donation comes from both BWG and The Phoenix Resort who joined the initiative a few months ago. The customers at the BWG donated $555.25 which they matched, while The Phoenix Resort collected $409.00 from their guests, which they also matched. Unfortunately, this time, there is some bad news to report. The swings on the swing set that they donated/constructed at the Central Park back in April have been broken and vandalized. Blue Water Grill has decided that for the month of November their aim will be to raise funds to get new swings for the playground set. Any funds left over from the donation will be used to buy toys for The Phoenix’s Annual Holiday Toy Drive, which is held for underprivileged children on the island.

Doctor Love: Stepsons and Mother-in-laws
Dear Doctor Love, A year ago I met a woman that I fell head over toes for. We decided we are getting married so we moved in together and we get along great but there is a problem. The problem is her son. She has two boys; one is nine years old and the other is thirteen. The nine year-old and I get along well together but the thirteen year-old is a problem. He won’t even talk to me and he always causes problems when the family goes out somewhere. Is this going to be a deal breaker for me? Can I do anything? /s/ Substitute

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize PM sworn-in for third term
Dean Barrow was on Thursday sworn in as the prime minister of Belize by the Governor-General Sir Colville Young at a brief ceremony held at Belize House in Belmopan. This is Barrow’s third consecutive term in office and the third time serving as prime minister, after leading his United Democratic Party (UDP) to a 19-12 victory over the Peoples United Party (PUP) in last Wednesday’s general elections. The other elected members of Barrow’s administration are expected to be appointed and sworn-in this week.

Food Security and Maya Land Rights: Crafting paths of ‘Development with Identity’
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), food security is generally defined as occurring when everyone has constant access to healthy and safe food to live an active life. Food security occurs when food is: available, easily accessible, the supply is stable, and is properly consumed. The growing concern is that indigenous people’s food security is being increasingly threatened by climate change. Changes in weather patterns, temperature, and precipitation can wreak havoc on production systems consequently causing fluctuations in food supply, availability, accessibility, and utilization. Increased drought for example, can reduce productivity and extreme weather can interrupt the transportation of food hence increasing cost, reducing availability and accessibility. Food insecurity predominantly threatens vulnerable sectors of society— those who in many ways contribute the least to climate change. People who are unemployed or underemployed for example, are particularly affected by food-price increases. Even if nutrient-dense foods are available it might be inaccessible due to high prices resulting in the overconsumption of heavily processed foods.

Musical classes will soon be available for the children of Caye Caulker
Offering violin, recorder, guitar and piano lessons. For more information please contact me at 605-5904. Or you can visit me at Step By Step Tutoring Center corner of Estrella Street and Avenida Mangle."

Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015
Cayo's Entrepreneurship Symposium will be on Tuesday, November 17th, at the University of Belize. Contact [email protected] for more information about the event. "The SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE along with University of Belize and partners presents the Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015. You can receive more details at [email protected] or through tel: 223-3195!"

T.R.E.E.S is now ready for the 2015-2016 season
After a well deserved break T.R.E.E.S is now ready for the 2015-2016 season. We are proud to start this season hosting the 2015 NABC bird banding workshop. As we now have received our resident banding permit, we are banding both neotropical migrants and residents this year. We are very excited about this. We are averaging about 60 birds a day, with a few more resident captures than migrants. Migrant highlight so far is Golden Winged Warbler and resident capture would probably be Collared Aracari or Barred forest falcon, tough choice.

Wildtracks Update
We made it to the Sarteneja Flood Relief Fund target of CND$8,000!!! THANK YOU!!! - all of you - those who donated, those who have made a difference!

The Reporter

US students preserve Belize’s heritage with former Archaeology Director
Northern Arizona University students are credited with helping to preserve archaeological sites in Belize and as a result, supporting the country’s tourism economy, as part of a field study program with former Archaeology Director Jaime Awe. Fifteen undergraduates and four graduate students spent the summer months in Belize doing excavations, which included a structure at Xunantuknich. “This work not only conserves cultural heritage, but it also creates jobs, contributes to national identity and is educational”, said Awe, who currently serves as an assistant professor of archaeology at the university. In addition to the archaeological tenets of excavation, the students learned about preservation. The Maya built with lime plaster, a combination of water and lime, which deteriorates when exposed to rain and algae.

PM to announce official Cabinet list
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is scheduled to make the official Cabinet announcement at a press conference on Monday; however, following his meeting on Saturday with his team, early reports indicate some changes in the former Cabinet’s configuration. Most notable of the unofficial reports is that Barrow has taken the Ministry of Natural Resources portfolio from Gaspar Vega, leaving him with the Ministry of Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Forestry and Fisheries. Dr. Omar Figueroa has reportedly been named his Minister of State. The Ministry of Natural Resources has reportedly been given to Godwin Hulse who also reportedly retains the Ministry of Immigration with Beverly Castillo as his Minister of State. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reportedly still entrusted to Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington. Tracy Taegar has reportedly been given the Ministry of Economic Development.

CDB and European Investment Bank partner for Caribbean climate issues
Officials from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), have formalized their intention to work together to address pressing issues relating to climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Caribbean. The signing took place on Thursday at CDB’s offices in Barbados, and was part of a two-day visit to the island by officials of the EIB, including its Vice President, Pim Van Ballekom. Dr. Warren Smith, President of CDB, said: “The Letter speaks to strengthening support for the sustainable economic development of our region and, more specifically, to supporting climate adaptation and mitigation initiatives in Caribbean countries. It, therefore, represents another phase in the strengthening of a long standing partnership and a deepening of cooperation between our two institutions that has produced four loan operations, to date.” He noted that the Letter of Intent formalizes a relationship between the institutions which began in 2011 when EIB agreed to provide a US$65.3 million Climate Action Line of Credit to CDB to be used to finance public or private sector climate action projects, including energy efficiency; renewable energy; transportation; low-carbon technologies, development and innovation and adaptation.

Backlash in UK over “tax haven” aid to Belize and others
British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing backlash in his country after an investigation found that the United Kingdom (UK) subsidized over 45 million pounds to so-called “tax havens”, including Belize. According to British newspaper the Independent, an investigation conducted by that newspaper revealed that in 2013 the British government made substantial aid contributions to 13 countries included on the European Commission’s (EC) “tax haven” blacklist. “Tax havens including Belize, Anguilla, and Panama have such high poverty levels that they qualify for substantial UK development grants”, the article said. “UK aid funds have been directed to build an airport in Montserrat, and funds have been set aside to pay for roads and ports in Belize, Antigua & Barbuda, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines,” it further revealed.

SBDC providing Product Branding for Creative Industries training
The Small Business Development Centre Belize (SBDCBelize), of BELTRAIDE in partnership with Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), is coordinating a five-day Business Lab, focused on Intellectual Properties and Commercialization of Creative Industries. The workshop will be held November 9th to the 13th at the Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC) Building at the ITVET Compound. The objective of this workshop is to provide skills training to institutions that implement economic development programs. It will also focus on providing participants with hands-on training and helping them acquire tools that will aid them in the development of innovative ideas and their implementation.

Child accident victims in dire need of assistance
Two girls who are sisters, one six years old and the other nine, are in dire need of financial assitance after an accident last week caused severe physical trauma to the two. According to their mother, Marla Encalada, the accident which happened on October 28th, has left the nine year-old with second degree tire burns on her back and the younger girl with medical complications in her pelvic area. Anyone interested in helping can make a donation to Belize Bank account number: 230822. The mother can be reached at 633-0829. Encalada detailed the graphic extent of the six-year-old’s injuries caused by the accident and an alleged botched procedure at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). She said at the time of the accident her children were walking back from a shop in Ladyville when a driver in a Ford F150, driven by 39 year-old Edward Bennet, ran over the nine year-old and when the younger girl ran to her aid the truck reversed over her, crushing her pelvic bone.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Godwin, Carla in new Cabinet; Sedi, Pablo hold position
It appears there is a major replacement at the Ministry of Natural Resources, which had been headed for the past two terms by Deputy UDP leader Gaspar Vega. But on the heels of statements by Prime Minister Barrow that this Ministry has become a hotbed of corruption, Former Senator Godwin Hulse has been appointed Minister there to lead the reform effort. It is not clear where Vega has been placed. Following her narrow defeat in Freetown to PUP leader Francis Fonseca, Dr. Carla Barnett has been named a Senator. She has extensive background in economics and is expected to assist Prime Minister Barrow in that portfolio. Both Wilfred Elrington and Pablo Marin are to hold on to their portfolios in Foreign Affairs and Health, respectively. The full Cabinet will be named on Monday in a press conference to be called by PM Barrow.


Experience the Jungle in These 10 Belize Accommodations
After all the touring and exploring the jungles of Belize, cap off your day with a relaxing rest at any of the Belize accommodations. We have a list of recommended Belize jungle lodges. After a long day of exploring the rain forest of Belize – hiking, caving, birding, wildlife-spotting, canoeing, zip-lining, climbing Maya ruins, mountain biking and horseback riding – you deserve a good rest in Belize hotels. At one of the jungle lodges in the country, you can look forward to a tasty meal, good company, internet connection and a comfortable bed. Below are 10 of Belize’s best lodges.

Parmesan Chicken Tenders
Preheat oven to 350. Combine all dry ingredients. Line a shallow pan with foil. Melt butter in a shallow dish. Dip each piece in butter then roll in seasoning mixture and place in pan. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until chicken is done.

Top 10 Things to Eat in Placencia- from a Hungry Man's Perspective...
1.) Doyle's Delight from Barefoot Bar. I think it has cheese, bacon, eggs, all that stuff. Not the actual burger, but one of their burgers I could get a picture of from their facebook page...add egg and bacon and then have an antacid. 2.) Cozy Corner's chicken burrito. It is the size of your head. Read this review! Guy thinks it is enough for 2-3 people. 3.) Rumfish's pork chops. The most generous portion on their menu. What a surprise. This guy also made a fuss over the pork chops. 4.) Turtle Inn's 16 course Indonesian dinner. Because who has a flat stomach after 16 courses? 5.) Brenda's (near the pier) coconut macaroons. Don't put them down on your shorts as you are eating. 6.) Lobster grilled cheese from Barefoot bar-even I have to admit this is just bliss. Huge, cheesy, buttery. 7.) Chicken Egg Foo Yung from ENE - Chinese restaurant. Huge portion and this really is good (at least it is low carb?) 8.) Chicken Burritos from the "Mexican Belize Food" stand near the police station. They are like $2 each, so he orders about 5 of them. 9.) Radi's BBQ chicken. It's like 1/2 a chicken. (stock bbq chicken pic, but that's what you get!) 10.) Stewed chicken from Mim's. I can attest he eats this meal about every couple days.

International Sourcesizz

As I observed the underwater world of fish and plant life, I was completely dumbfounded by a nearby scuba diver that played with a sea lion pup. He taunted her with his spare snorkel dragging it back and forth in front of her, as though he was playing with a domesticated dog. The pup, frustrated by the game, quickly changed course and gave the man a nip that left him doubled over in the water and my friend and I chuckling through our snorkels. We couldn’t help but think he'd just been given a well-deserved dose of karma. Once, in Belize and Guatemala, we witnessed howler monkeys, with massive razor-sharp teeth, badger tourists for food. The howler monkeys only wanted more of the handouts they’d received—and became aggressive toward the very hands that fed them. Some of the tourists might have considered the monkeys cute or harmless at the time, or part of the tour through the Mayan ruins we explored. But for the rest of us, it was another stark reminder why it’s a bad idea to feed wild animals. It’s natural to want to connect with nature. But there’s also a peace that comes from observing wild animals from a respectful distance. We are left in awe, keenly aware of the elements wild animals must conquer for their continued survival. Exposed to Mother Nature’s every whim, they survive the cruelest conditions, and are often forced to compete with their own species while hunting for their daily sustenance.

Central America Trip
This trip ended up being 343 days and 16,000+ miles through the back-country of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. 11 rigs started the trip, within a week we broke into three smaller groups for ease of traveling. Only myself and one other rig went the full, pre-planned route. All the others dropped out for various reasons. All returned safely to the United States. I’m planning to show these photos, more or less, 10 a day, whenever I’m not doing something else deserving a blog entry. FINALLY, it must be remembered these photos are prior to my switching to digital in 2006. The films were developed during our trip and the lack of quality control sometimes is plainly evident.

Clearing Fog On CCJ
The superficial nature of the debate on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), especially in the Senate - the Page 1 editorial in the Observer of Friday, October 23, 2015, 'CCJ: How dare you appropriate the people's rights unto themselves', and Ronald Mason's column in The Sunday Gleaner, October 25, 2015 - has forced me to reconsider. Mason proceeded to make some outlandish claims. Two examples should suffice. One: "The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States ... has its own court. Why is it impractical or impossible for us?" The implication of this statement is that the OECS has its own final appellate court. This is untrue. The OECS, in collaboration, has a single appeal court, equivalent to Jamaica's Court of Appeal or Supreme Court. The individual members still have the Privy Council as final court, with Dominica at an advanced stage of decision to move to the CCJ.

Exercise Mayan Warrior
The British - BATSUB - are back. They are carrying out maneuvers around Belize, and the Chiquibul. The BDF are working with them. Thanks for helping to Protect the Chiquibul! "Approximately 400 foot guards from 1st Battalion the Coldstream Guards have swapped their ceremonial duties to test their jungle warfare skills in Belize as they take part in Exercise MAYAN WARRIOR. 1st Battalion the Coldstream Guards (1CG) have been working and training together on Ex MAYAN WARRIOR. The exercise is named after the ancient Mayan people and culture that had previously inhabited the region. The Guards have been deployed deep in the heart of Belize’s rainforest, learning how to fight in the jungle, and perhaps, more importantly how to navigate and survive amidst the dangers that lay beneath the canopies. It is the first time that 1CG have exercised in Belize and conducted jungle warfare training."

BSOLT Medical/First Aid Program
The Belize School of Outdoor Leadership Training is teaching first aid skills at many of the Cayo schools during November. They've posted some great pictures that tell their story. Thanks, BSOLT! "Medical/First Aid Program provided to Primary and Secondary Schools around the Cayo District Rural Areas for the entire month of November. This Program will entitle FREE Medical/ First Aid Classes to teachers which covers topics such as Burns, Splint, broken bones, asthma, Patient Assessment etc.. Teachers will learn how to handle a situation and know the steps to control and apply a Solution to the problem. BSOLT would like to thank all the Principals and teachers who participated by taking time off their busy schedules."

Ageing in Belize Documentary
VOICE Belmopan along with the National Council on Ageing will be showing the Ageing in Belize documentary at the George Price Centre on Thursday, November 12, starting at 4:00pm.


  • The Great Blue Hole, 11min.

  • Flying over the blue hole, 2min.

  • Belize 2015 Alec and Erin, 17min.

  • Belize Ambergris caye Shark Diving , 2min. Ambergris Caye / Belize Gezimizdeki GoPro ve Drone görüntülerinden derlenmiştir. Drone görüntülerine katkısı için Deniz Hotamışlıgil'e teşekkür ederim.

  • Scuba through a crevasse in Belize reef, 3min. Diving in a crevasse in Belize Barrier Reef.

  • Belizean youths to compete in Malaysia, 3min. Antonio Recardez and Blanca Velasquez will be competing in the ISAF Youth World Sailing Championship in Malaysia. There will be 5 days of racing December 29 thru January 3rd.

  • Zipline Belize 2015, 8min.