Prime Minister Dean Barrow in his announcement of his third Cabinet since his initial victory in 2008 has appointed the first female ever to serve in the capacity of Belize’s Attorney General. According to PM, the appointment of Attorney-at-Law, Vanessa Retreage will ease the responsibilities of Wilfred Elrington, who previously held that seat.


“We are very pleased to bring in somebody from the private bar as Attorney General and in fact, in effect, Minister of Legal Affairs and that is Attorney-at-Law, Ms.Vanessa Retreage. In terms of the Foreign Minister as you see we’ve tried to lighten his load and that is why we brought in Vanessa and achieve this historic accomplishment having the first woman Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs.”

As the Attorney General, Retreage will be act as the primary legal adviser to the Government of Belize. Retreage has been practicing law in Belize for about ten years now. She is currently a partner at Reyes Retreage; is a member of the Bar Association of Belize, a Director at the Central Bank of Belize and Corporate Secretary at the Belize Telemedia Limited. Retreage obtained her legal education at the Norman Manley Law School in Kingston, Jamaica. Past Attorney Generals in Belize are Vernon Harrison Courtenay, Said Musa, Hubert Elrington, Dean Barrow, Godfrey Smith, Eamon Courtenay, Francis Fonseca, Wilfred Elrington, Bernard Q Pitts and Wilfred Elrington.