We are just rolling out our services and will be booking starting Dec. 1st for privates . If your resort is interested in a Set time/day for a yoga class on site you can PM me here or send a message to [email protected]

We are a team of professional licensed yoga and wellness instructors & service providers offering private and on site classes and wellness services for individuals, resorts, and corporation interested in the health and wellness for their guests or employee’s

We will be holding standing classes at Caribbean Villa, San Pedro Fitness Club, Dock at Banyan bay and more listed soon. Stay tuned for dates and times on our website
coming very soon an app that you can download to your smart phone for all the healthy events and activities in San Pedro.

You can book a one time class or service or we can set up a weekly or bi-weekly class at your place.
We have practitioners in fitness, aesthetics, beauty, meditation, health coaching and nutrition.

Our providers walk with you on your path to wellness.

Pathika: pa/tha/ka. n. traveller, wanderer, wayfarer, guide,
Going on a road, knowing the way.

Go Yoga, travelling to you and with you.


Noele Sutherland McLain

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