Rock/Metal isn’t exactly the driving cultural music force in Belize, but what Verge has created is a sound so unique it can’t help but BE Belize. So, after being blown away by their lyrics and sound, then meeting everyone and being a part of their video filming, there was no way I would miss out on the grand premiere!

Held at Thirsty Thursdays, and sponsored by Digicell, Belikin and Traveller’s Liquors, the party featured an eclectic mix of people who clearly shared one thing in common: a love for rock!

Oh my goodness, what a cool video! Everyone around me was cheering as they watched themselves and the main characters onscreen…I particularly enjoyed the concept of the video, split as it was into the various temptations facing each band member. Of course, Cricel Castillo, Belize’s top female bodybuilder, was starring in her role as the temptress and head assassin…

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