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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Declares November 29 “ Small Country Sunday ”
Small businesses often struggle to stand out when they’re up against big-box retailers, and small countries—like Belize—can feel the same effects. With the busiest travel and shopping season ahead, the Belize Tourism Board is putting an exotic twist on shopping local and encouraging travelers to book like they buy: small. As a result, Belize declares that Sunday, November 29 will mark the inaugural “Small Country Sunday,” a day to honor small nations and encourage travelers to book their adventure somewhere new.

Wolfe’s Woofer: A Better Married Life
“Hey, Mr. Dennis.” “Hey, Jose. How are you doing?” “Not too good,” Jose said. “Especially when I’m out like this, buying tacos for nine children plus me and my wife. It gets expensive” “Nine? The last time I saw you there were only eight.” “Since then God blessed us with another one.” “Maybe you should ask him not to bless you again.” “Maybe so. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for five years. I love to sleep in late on Sundays but every time those babies wakes us just when I’m dreaming good.” “Perhaps it’s time to quit having children.” “No worries about that. Me and the wife, we’re not romantic anymore.”

Guest Editorial: Talkin’ Trash
By: Robert J. Hawkins Hawkins is a retired newspaper and online journalist/editor and media relations specialist who blogs about his life in Belize, and sometimes writes freelance stories for global publications. Mary Wells, a Houston real estate agent, and her family came to San Pedro recently in search of a second home. They brought a dozen trash sticks with them to donate to our First Friday Tres Cocos Trash Pickup group. Ironically — and sadly — they chose to take a pass on Belize as their second home. It was, in Mary’s words, just too dirty. Trash everywhere. As she recently wrote to me, “Your blog today reminded me too clearly why I cannot move there. The trash and all its sources are beyond my accepting. If I could think that with efforts of locals, government, and people from other countries, it can be alleviated…not totally resolved … but slowed (so that people like you and Rose and your group can start the cleanup and your efforts will have some lasting effect), I may have been able to see the natural beauty again having a fair chance…. but I don’t think this will happen in my life time (20 years?). “It was extremely distressing to me.” I regret that Mary could not see how pristine the roadway north of the bridge looked this past Friday after our group of 20 wrapped up two hours of cleanup. Her trash sticks were especially handy with the high water beside the road, from recent rains. The sticks are a welcome addition to our war on trash. (And we need more, dear readers, if you are planning to visit Ambergris Caye soon!)

Doctor Love: Misunderstood and Good Friend
Dr-LoveDear Doctor Love I have a girlfriend for six months and I am serious about our relationship. What I don’t like is that we argue sometimes. I know this is normal but when we argue she gets sarcastic and her tongue is sharp like a knife. English is not my first language so a lot of times I don’t even understand what she is saying until it is too late to come back with a good answer. Because of this I have a lot of opinions that never get said. I am wondering if she is not the right girl for me. Right now I don’t have any other girls in mind so I’m not sure what to do. Can you help? /s/ Misunderstood

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize’s financial regulator warns against NewTradeFX
The International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) on Friday published a warning against Forex and CFD broker Financial Strategy Holdings Ltd., operating as New Trade FX (NewTradeFX) via The regulator wishes to inform investors that the business entity in question is not licensed by the International Financial Services Commission or any other competent authority in Belize to conduct any trading business. All persons concerned are warned to exercise extreme caution. The watchdog asks any person who is contacted by a representative of Financial Strategy Holdings Ltd. to contact the IFSC by e-mail [email protected] and to provide detailed data of such representatives.

Mr. Fidencio "Don Fido" Cabañas passes away
Expressing our sincere condolences to the Cabañas family & friends on the passing of Mr. Fidencio "Don Fido" Cabañas. May his soul rest in peace.

Sashing Ceremony of Miss Garifuna Contentants 2015
Monday, November 16 at San Pedro House of Culture. The contestants for the Miss Garifuna Queen Pageant have been matched with their sponsors and what has quickly become an annual part of a cultural pageant, the sashing ceremony, will be held on Monday November 16, 2015. During the event, the 2015 sponsors for the Miss Garifuna Queen contestants will be announced and the delegates who have been attending workshops in areas such as etiquette, public speaking, grooming and make-up application will be officially sashed. The five beautiful and talented young garifuna women vying for the Miss Garifuna crown exude charm, intelligence, beauty, poise and energy, and each of the contestants is extremely confident that they will certainly win the coveted crown. The coordinators of the Miss Garifuna Pageant expressed that an excellent production is in store for the public including Jankunu dancers and drumming and none of it would have been possible, without the assistance of the kind sponsors of the contestants and the Pageant. The sashing ceremony will be held at the San Pedro House of Culture, as part of the activities of the Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations. The event will be at 9:00 pm on Monday November 16th, 2015.

Monday, November 16at 7:00pm, Roadkill Bar San Pedro. Roadkill Bar Presents Minute to Win It. Based of the hit TV show contestants compete in seemingly simple challenges with everyday items in hopes of skipping elimination and moving on to the next round. The $10bzd entry fee gets you a free travelers rum drink and a donation to the charity of the night. Prizes are donated from many local businesses. Come on by Monday's at 7pm and take a Minute to Win It for charity!

Time for a real bridge for San Ignacio and Santa Elena, Cayo
The bridge isn't lowlying, it's 'river level' so it will flood everytime.

Southern Highway near Deep River Bridge
According to Wil Maheia, the road is flooded but not the bridge.

Bullet Tree Falls Elder Passes Away
We lost the eldest Elder and one of the last Yukatek grandfathers of Bullet Tree Falls, Don Isidro Poot better known as DON PASCUAL POOT. He was born on the 4th of April 1920. At his 95 years of age he was still an outstanding “milpero” and excellent storyteller. He was the last Alcalde of Bullet Tree, appointed in 1959 by consensus to govern the village. Tonight we're having a wake at his home in Bullet Tree Falls and a funeral service will be held tomorrow Saturday 14th at 11.00 am at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Don Pacito as he was affectionately called by many, leaves behind 3 daughters- Evarista Balan, Irma Chan, Ida Galicia; 2 sons- Emanuel Poot and Leopoldo Poot; 38 grandchildren, 62 great grandchildren and 1 great, great grandchild. Grandfather Pascual, today we bid you farewell and send all our positive energies so that the immense light of the Universe guides you on your path through the sacred Saq'bé. May you travel and rest in peace!!!

Costs of rice
Rice is a staple food for most of the countries, consumed twice daily, hence the reason price is controlled and supposed to be the cheapest product on our Grocery List. Unfortunately it is not so in the Beautiful country of Belize. Apparently a pound of rice pays more than a Soft Drink in some parts, otherwise Retails for Bz$ 1.15 / LB. Being a responsible Belizean and Businessman connected to International market didn’t took long to complete “Cost of Production” research on 10 rice producing countries. Result were shocking and figures will surprise you all. Do you want to know why prices for rice are SO high in Belize? It's very simple reallt. In other nations rice growers, and farmers, are subsidised by the governmet in one way or another! If you look at milk the same thing is happening. Did you know it is cheaper to import milk than to produce our own milk? For example Canada subsidieses dairy products by more than 40%. There are many private companies in Belize who get MASSIVE tax breaks, and duty free fuel, while all our farmers have to pay import duties on all their equipment, they have to drive full duty fuel, and pay taxes on all crop inputs to plant a crop. If this nation would for just a moment shift their focus from tourism to agriculture we could could build an economy more than twice as powerful as tourism.

Battle of the Drums - Food & Fete 2015
Two nights of Garifuna cultural celebrations!

Channel 7

Nina Barrera Perez is safe
News 5 was able to confirm late this evening that 2 year old Nina Barrera Perez is indeed safe in the custody of the Human Services Department. According to Ministry of Human Development CEO Judith Alpuche, the child was taken into custody because she was illegally removed from Guatemala and brought to Belize by her mother, Belizean Analiz Gutierrez. Alpuche says that in Guatemala the matter is being treated as a child abduction, and all the paperwork is completely in order. Furthermore Alpuche says that the mother does not have sole custody of the child as that matter is still before a Guatemalan court. CEO Alpuche says the Ministry is appalled at all the allegations being made against the social worker who she says was "only doing her job." That social worker is reportedly receiving threats, and a picture of her and her daughter have been circulating in social media channels. News Five will have all angles of this disturbing story on Monday's newscast.

The Reporter

Popular meat preparations may increase cancer risk study says
A new study published in the Journal of Cancer, suggests that pan frying, grilling or barbecuing meats may increase kidney cancer risk. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, reported that charring meat by these methods produces two carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals. Those chemicals: 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenytimidazo (4,5-b) pyridine (PHIP) and amino 3,8-dimethylimidazo (4,5-f) quinoxaline (MelQx), were found even when charring chicken instead of red or processed meats. The study compared the diets of 659 cancer patients with the diets of 699 people who were cancer-free. Researchers compared not only the type of food they ate regularly, but also how it was prepared. Those who ate the most grilled, barbecued, or pan-fried meats were found to have higher risk of contracting kidney cancer.

Orange Walk resident look for missing two-year-old child
An Orange Walk mother is asking the public to help her learn the whereabouts of her two-year-old daughter. Anliz Gutierrez explained that on Friday a woman purporting to be a social worker approached her and informed her that she came to take her child, Nina Barrera Perez. She said the social worker, escorted by a police officer, explained that she did not have legal custody of the child. Gutierrez says that since they took her baby, she cannot determine her child’s whereabouts or well being. She told the Reporter that she filed a complaint with the Orange Walk police, who have been uncooperative to help her. The local media have since reported that the child is safe and in the custody of the Department of Human Services. The Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Human Development Judith Alpuche was quoted as saying that the child’s removal was lawful and followed due process.

NEMO issues another flood advisory
The following is the latest advisory from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) on the flooding across the country:

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Popular businessman killed in Mexico
A businessman from the Commercial Free Zone, identified as Ernesto Alonso De Miguel, aka “El Español” was reportedly killed Saturday night in Mexico. According to Mexican press reports, while De Miguel enjoyed dinner with his family and friends at “El Emporio” in Chetumal Quintana Roo. a lone gun man walked […]

Early morning fire guts building in San Ignacio Town
Information reaching the BMG newsroom is that fire fighters are currently trying to control a fire that has a neighborhood in panic in San Ignacio Town. Currently, BMG has dispatched a reporter in the area to garner more information about this incident. An eye witness sent the pictures […]

2 months old baby drowns in Toledo flood
Reports reaching our newsroom are that a two months old infant drowned in the Toledo District. Information is a bit sketchy but BMG was made to understand that the baby and the mother were heading home in the Santa Cruz area when the mother stumbled while crossing the […]


Dangriga, Belize: Hey White Gial!
“White Gial, you headed to the cayes?” – was the call I heard again and again as I walked around Dangriga. Like almost every town and village in Belize, it’s a different world from San Pedro. Almost every inch of this country has an identity and a culture all its own. With only about 9000 residents, Dangriga is the largest town in Southern Belize. Dangriga is officially cultural capital of Belize and the capital for the Garifuna people. It’s funky, it’s very “un-touristy” and “white gials” aren’t expected to stay long….making our ways out to the cayes, like gorgeous Tobacco Caye…for a softer, more “vanilla” vacation. The history of the town is a fascinating one from railroads to oranges.

The Numerous Belize Mayan Sites You Can Visit Today
There are so many Belize Mayan sites that you can explore in this beautiful country, with some even yet to be discovered. Know some of the best ruins in Belize that you can visit now. Belize is home to more than 600 ancient Mayan sites. Archaeologists believe that, at one time, Belize was the center of the lowland Mayan Empire. It is possible that, during the time of Christ, a million people could have been living in what is present-day Belize. Most of these sites still remain buried and unexplored, ranging from small mounds of ceremonial caves, that are still being discovered up until this day. Of the sites that have been discovered, there is a list of major sites that are available for tours today. Mayan tribes inhabited Belize from 1,000 BC onward. This civilization was quite primitive until around the fourth century. The Mayans of Belize flourished between 300 and 900 during what is dubbed as the Classic Period and the Mayan Golden Age. Around this time, principalities and kingdoms of the Maya gave rise to huge cities and ceremonial sites. The fertile climate and location of Belize along the coast of the Caribbean Sea made it an important hub for Mayan development.

International Sourcesizz

Belizean born Evan Perez goes from Wall Street to CNN
Nov 15 - Belizean born Evan Perez goes from Wall Street to CNN. Congratulations Evan! It is heart warming to see what some Belizeans have achieved abroad. Evan Perez joined CNN as a justice reporter in 2013. In his current role, he regularly writes for and appears across the network's programs to report on his findings.

FREE ZONE CONTRABAND ZAR “El Espaňol” is executed in Chetumal yesterday
According to various Mexican newspapers, Ernesto Alonso de Miguel, alias “El Español”, allegedly known for contrabanding liquor and merchandise from the Corozal Free Zone was executed inside the popular “Emporio” Restaurant near Chetumal’s Bahia Boulevard, along with Agustín Guevara Martínez, a lone commandant police officer from that Ministry, Witnesses state that a lone gunman jumped out of a small car and opened fire inside the restaurant where “El Espaňol”, his Belizean driver, commandant Martinez, and two women were sitting. Ernesto Alonso de Miguel “El Espaňol” and Commandant AugustÍn Martinez were shot. Both were taken to the General Hospital where they succumbed to their injuries. In 2011 General Carlos Bibiano Villa, secretary of Public Security, stated that a police officer from their “Police Preventative State”, Jorge Amir Flota Matos was fatally shot by friendly fire while in pursuit of “El Espaňol”, considered the zar of contraband liquor and merchandise from the Corozal Free Zone in Belize. It is alleged that “El Espaňol” had established residency in Chetumal since the early ‘90s. He dedicated himself to illegally transporting and the contraband of liquor and merchandise across the Rio Hondo. In 2003 the infamous drug cartel “Los Zetas” made an attempt to kidnap him and since the attempt failed, he decided to move and live in Belize where he continued his illegal operation of contraband. Corozal Daily's Note: Credible sources have revealed to us that “El Espaňol” or “Spanish” as he was known inside the Free Zone circles, was the only person operating a business inside the Free Zone who had been allowed to live in there and establish physical residency since 2003. We keep asking at this corner , is this the end of the Corozal Free Zone? Reports both anecdotally and in the Mexican media is that businesses in the Corozal Free Zone are closing down at a rapid pace. Sales have been battered by the devaluation of the Mexican peso. The Mexican economy, like Canada and Venezuela, has been battered by low oil prices, the country’s primary export. Businesses in the zone had already been largely negatively impacted by the loss of corresponding banking relationships, increased scrutiny due to allegations of money laundering and rampant counterfeiting and decreasing investment.


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  • Flooding - Macal River, 4min. Like many waterways in Belize, the Macal River has risen quickly since this morning. Please pray for our communities and the many families who are affected by the rain.

  • UNCW Communication Studies in Belize, 3min.

  • Orange walk town Belize... at night!!!, 12min. Orange walk town from village to the town at night....takes about 15 minutes from village to orange walk town!!!!

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