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The San Pedro Sun

A preview of awesomeness at The Truck Stop!
It’s an outdoor food court, featuring two distinct food containers/restaurants, one ice cream shop and a really cool bar with an amazing mural (painted by the island’s one and only: Papo, the master) that is ALREADY becoming the new must-photograph item while on Ambergris Caye. When we arrived at the site, finishing touches were being placed, including the painting of the Cool Cone (ice cream shop) exterior. Ben has promised 14 flavors of ice cream courtesy of the Ice Cream Shoppe, including Maple Bacon, Salted Caramel, Guinness, even Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’d spoken to Chef Hasni about the plans for this container the night he invited us to the tasting, and he described the plans for Malaysian street food. I didn’t really know what to expect, but figured street food equals delicious naughtiness, and I was right! Arepas – I’ve heard of them, I’ve not really figured out what they truly are. The second food truck is primarily Latin American, and Arepas the specialty.

San Pedro Fire Department and NEMO hold emergency drills
The San Pedro Fire Department (SPFD) along with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) conducted a series of fire and emergency preparedness drills at various schools on the island. The drills began on Monday, November 16th, with lectures given at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School and Ambergris Caye Elementary School, and continued on Tuesday, November 17th at The Island Academy and the New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School (NHSDAS). The main purpose of the exercises at the educational institutions was to educate the children on safety procedures and to know what to do during emergency situations, such as in the case of a fire or flood. The last drill of the week took place at NHSDAS, where at 2PM children were surprised when they heard the siren and the fire engine truck entering the school compound. Jeromey Timrose Augustin from NEMO and Fire Station Chief Officer Newton Lennan paid a visit to the school to speak about safety measures. Augustin spoke to the children about the dangers of flooding. She explained what to do in case of being caught in a flood and why is so important to stay away from stagnant waters after heavy rains. The children listened attentively as Augustin indicated the dangers in flooded areas such as electric cables that may linger under the water, broken glass, and the transmission of potential deadly diseases. At the end of her presentation, Augustin tested the children with questions regarding safety plans to take during a flood and many responded with the right answers.

Football Tournament coming soon!
With the Volleyball tournament approaching its end, a new sporting activity is being organized for the island. The San Pedro Sports Council, in collaboration with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture is putting together an 11-aside Football Tournament. The competition will include two categories, male and female, with games been held during the weekends. The event will officially kick off on December 18th at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex. After the registration of teams, there will be a meeting with the teams’ captains and owners on Tuesday, December 1st, with Hector “Tito” Alamilla, Councilor in charge of sports. “At the meeting we will discuss the details of the tournament with team members. Some of the things that will be covered at the meeting will be, the requirements, the schedule of the games, and what prizes will be given at the tournament. The more teams we have signing up, the bigger the prizes will be,” said Alamilla. According to him, the SPTC will be improving the lighting on the pitch where the matches will take place. “The Town Board will also be assisting us with the illumination of the sporting arena and fixing up the play ground so that we can have the games running smoothly. At the same time, we will be working on setting up seating areas for the football fans that will come out and support their favorite teams,” ended Alamilla. He also mentioned that prior to the official competition; there will be a football marathon on Friday, December 6th which will be open to any team.

70-year-old woman reports brutal attack
A 70 year old woman reported to the San Pedro Police Station that on Monday, November 16th, around 9:30PM, she was heading home when she was violently assaulted. The incident occurred on Coco Plum Street in the San Marcos area, where the victim told police that a male individual dragged her into an empty bushy spot where he began attacking her. She received punches to her face and legs, and she lost consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, she noticed her blouse was torn and her underwear missing. According to Officer in Charge at the San Pedro Police Formation, Sandra Bodden they cannot confirm yet if the woman was raped, since they are waiting for a medical examination to confirm it. Initially she was treated at the local polyclinic where medical personnel declared her status as aggravated assault, and further checkups will take place in Belize City.

Guidance Seminars held for SPHS Students
The students of San Pedro High School (SPHS) participated in a guidance seminar on Wednesday, November 18th. Organized by On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) and Developing Tomorrow’s Men Today, the seminar saw four speakers presenting in two different forums. In order to better achieve the seminar’s goal, the male and female student alumni participated in different forums aimed at targeting individual gender related issues. While female students participated in the “Being a Woman of Excellence” forum lead by OEWM, male students participated in the “Being a Man of Virtue” forum led by Developing Tomorrow’s Men Today. Female students gathered at the Angel Nunez Auditorium at 1PM. Their event started with a short invocation by Pastor Clive Welsh of Lighthouse Christina Radio Station and Board Member of OEWM Belize. Following the heartfelt prayer, Mistress of Ceremonies, Michelle Nuñez took over the stage welcoming those in attendance. Alida Sharp then entertained the audience with a special song fit for the occasion.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

SAGA Top Chef Cookoff Fundraiser Dec. 8th
At Island Time

UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women
From 25 November to 10 December, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women will “Orange the World” to raise awareness and inspire action on the issue. This ‪OrangeDay‬, find out how you, your organization and your community can join us at U.S. Embassy Belmopan and start organizing to be a part of this global campaign.

World Culture Band at the Soul Project
The World Culture Band played a special show at the Soul Project this week. They had a new singer, and she harmonized well.

Wine House Thanksgiving
The Wine House is doing a special Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, November 27th. Great food and amazing wine to go with it. "All invited to join us in celebrating Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2015 at Cost Less Wine House from 6:00pm to 10:00 pm... Smooth wines and soothing music (no life music for this event). Complimentary Thanksgiving Buffet to The Wine Club members! Non members $15.00 per person. The Wine Club membership is per year $50.00 for two person + a lot of benefits...come join! The Thanksgiving Buffet includes: Turkey, Ham, and some awesome trimming! Needless to say, wine is on hand for sale....

Youth Week 2015
Youth Week is almost here. The Department of Youth Services will be having events all over the country, starting on November 29th. "The Department of Youth Services will be observing youth week on November 29, 2015 through December 4, 2015. Different activities have been planned through our out district offices for the youth of Belize.. Visit the nearest office in your area for more information."


Two Northenas Arrested For Stealing Underwear
Two women from the north are tonight behind bars after they were accused of stealing more than 200 underwear from a store on Orange Street in Belize City. Reports are that on Tuesday 35 year old Donela Smith from Orange Walk Town and 26 year old Johny Netty Lopez, a resident of Ranchito Village, Corozal District were captured on surveillance camera stealing 150 assorted adults underwear valued at $1,050.00 along with 75 assorted children underwear valued at $187.50 belonging to Ingrid Perez, businesswoman and owner of Siloe Store located on Orange Street, Belize City. A report was made to police after the women left and the video footage was handed over to the cops for evidence. When the two women were taken to the police station, Perez and one of her employees were able to positively identify the women as the two who entered the store and stole the panties. After viewing the video footage, police visited the bus terminal and detained both women who fit the description of the alleged thieves caught on camera.

Cruise Arrivals Give Good Numbers To The Jewel
There is no doubt that Tourism in Belize has grown considerably recently, and it is now the second largest industry in the nation, but despite tourism has positively affected the agricultural, commercial, and finance industries, as well as the construction industry, there are times when figures of tourist arrivals fluctuate. This fluctuation was seen during the second quarter of 2015, where a lower number of tourists were arriving in Belize. The fluctuation was then blamed on poor weather conditions. While these fluctuations tend to make the tourism industry be affected, there are times when the results for Belize's tourism-driven economy are significant as the jewel has been welcoming almost one million tourists in a calendar year for the first time in its history since 2012. Since then there have been mostly good figures as is the case of the third quarter. A recent release from the Belize Tourism Board shows that tourist arrivals are on the rise as overnight arrival for the third quarter from July to September 2015 has shown a significant increase of 6.9%, when compared to the same period in 2014.

American National Drowns While Snorkeling
An American National has lost his life after he attempted to save his partners life whilst snorkeling at a popular dive site near Caye Caulker Village. According to authorities, on Tuesday November 17th, about 12:55pm, Caye Caulker Police visited the Polyclinic where the lifeless body of a Caucasian male person was seen apparently dead. Initial police investigations revealed that at 12:05pm on the 17th, 61 year old Karl Edwin Simmons, American Security Officer of # 450 Baywood Street Shoreacres Texas and his wife, 56 year old Esther Simmons, went snorkeling in Shark and Ray Alley located in Caye Caulker Village Marine Reserve when the sea current caused Esther Simmons to start drifting away.

Family Members Say Loved One Was Raped, Doctors Say Otherwise
Tonight, there is a disturbing report of an alleged rape and further allegations of police inaction. Due to the nature of the allegation, names cannot be called so as to protect the identity of the victim. According to relatives and friends, in late October a group of campaigners who were doing ground work behind Santa Familia Street in Orange Walk Town, found a female visibly unconscious near the steps of a residence in the area. From what we have been able to gather, the female was seen with a large gash to the back of the head and red ants all over her legs and thighs. The police were called in but allegedly did not respond in time and so the neighbors took action and transported the female to the Northern Regional Hospital for a medical check-up. A formal report was made at the Orange Walk Police station where a video from the victim’s phone had a recording of the night in question and revealing who she was with at that time.

BSI/ASR To BSCFA - There Is No Room To Increase First Estimate Price
On Wednesday we told you about the letter written to the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize Gaspar Vega by the three cane farmers associations. In the letter, the heads of the associations express concern with the first price estimate of $41.56 submitted by BSI/ASR and are asking for the company to review the assumptions which they used to reach that estimate in order for it to be increased including improving the TC/TS from 9.5 to 9.0. Apart from other proposals, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, Corozal Sugar Cane Producers and Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Associations are also asking Government to review the current price of sugar sold in the local market and for it to be increased by 25 cents. Basically, the three associations made the same proposals to BSI/ASR outlined in a letter dated November 12th. While the associations are yet to receive a response from GOB, they have obtained a reply from BSI/ASR and from all indications it is not a positive one. In the letter dated November 19th, BSI/ASR reiterates its own disappointment with the cane price estimate which fell by 21% compared to last year but also indicates that at this point in time there is no room to increase the cane price. Despite the fact that the company has considered the arguments put forward by the associations, they believe that the assumptions which led to the cane price estimate are considered realistic.

Prime Minister Leaves The Country
Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced his departure from Belize to the United States for personal reasons. According to a release issued by the P.M’s office, the trip will last four days. During the Prime Minister’s absence, Minister of National Security John Saldivar will act as Prime Minister from Thursday, November 19th to Sunday, November 22nd, as the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega is presently out of the country. Upon the DPM’s return, he will act as Prime Minister from Sunday, November 22nd to Tuesday, November 24th when the Prime Minister is expected back in Belize.

Baby Nina To Be Placed Under Foster Care-Mother Allowed Visitation Rights
Tonight marks seven days that two year Nina Perez will be spending without her mother as she remains in the custody of the Department of Human Services. As we reported, the mother of the child, Analiz Perez, claims that last Friday evening, a social worker accompanied by a police officer arrived at her home on George Street claiming that they were there to take custody of her two year old daughter, Nina Perez. The intervention from Social Services was the outcome of a decision taken by relevant local authorities acting on a formal request made by their Guatemalan counterparts through Nina’s Guatemalan Father. The matter was filed under the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction concerning the wrongful removal of this two-year-old Guatemalan child, at least, that’s according to Human services Department.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

The Top – I Just Conch Get Enough
On Caye Caulker there are numerous open deck restaurants and I’ve been a client of most of them. This new restaurant has a certain “Je ne sais quoi” about it and should be experienced in person. No matter how I describe it, my words cannot do it justice. Where am I talking about? The Top – An Island Bistro. The Top is located above the Lazy Lizard bar up at The Split. I was invited Friday evening by the owners Jim and Dan and I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. That sounds insulting, but, being brutally honest, The Split and the Lazy Lizard were never known for their culinary skills. It was a daytime bar with loud music and strong drinks. People came to swim, sunbathe and drink copious amounts of bright green drinks. The Top is infinitely different and nice red wine graces your palate instead. If you don’t believe me about The Top, then I suggest you try it for yourselves. Chef Reynaldo has created a wonderful destination for dinner. Not only is he a really nice friendly guy, he has skills that I can only dream of. With respect to Chef Reynaldo’s culinary skills, not once, throughout the entire evening, did anyone from our table reach out for the salt or pepper. I actually forgot they existed during the meal because they were that far from my mind. Make a reservation, book a table or just show up. The Top is open from 6pm – 9pm Tuesday thru Sunday. There is also a full lunch menu 7 days a week.

The Reporter

Kareem Clarke memorial described a success
Michelle Leiva, a student of Edward P. Yorke high school in Belize City is the first place winner of the first ever Kareem Clarke essay competition. Leiva’s prize-winning piece was featured during the Kareem Clarke’s first-ever memorial on the occasion of his birthday on Saturday. Second place went to Kyle Rodriguez of St. John’s College, and Kaylene Sedasey, also of E P Yorke rounded out the top three finishers. First prize was an Acer brand laptop; second prize was a tablet, and third prize was $500 cash. The event had a slew of local performers and DJs and drew about 100 persons. It raised about $5,000 in donations to go towards the St. Joseph’s primary school feeding program and the ‘Dara’ Robinson feeding program. Chairman of the Kareem Clarke Trust Fund, Alexis Milan told his media colleagues that while there were a few technical kinks along the way, the show was a success and the Trust Fund’s executive board plan to make the entity s legally registered one by next year, when it is also expected to be expanded into a bigger event.

Prime Minister pledges “significant amount” towards payment of TV Ramos bust
As part of his address on Garifuna Settlement Day in Dangriga, Prime Minister Dean Barrow pledged on behalf of the government,to pay a “significant amount of the outstanding balance for the bust of Thomas Vincent Ramos. In making reference to thr piece of art, delivered one year ago to the Dangriga town council, the Prime Minister said: “It seems that there is some difficulty in finding the funds to pay the sculptor for his work. The Government of Belize will be pleased to make a significant contribution towards the balance of Mr. Okeke’s fees.” Last weekend, social activist, Abdul Nunez led a three-hour long radio telethon during which he received over $6,000 in edges from at home and abroad to pay for the bust. Prior to that, sculptor, Stephen Okeke had collected an initial amount of $5,000. The Prime Minister explained that the only reason why the government will not pay the full $27,000 balance for the sculpture is because the government is also pledging another sizeable amount of money towards the Gulisi Primary School, an institution in Dangriga whose mission is to preserve the Garifuna language and culture.

The Belize Times

The People Will Decide – National Convention would see 2,793 delegates cast votes for a new Leader and National Executive
In the upcoming days, the People’s United Party will enter another intriguing chapter in its outstanding history. A new leader will rise from within the ranks of the Party at a national convention to be held on Sunday, January 31, 2015. Following the Party’s loss by a close-margin in the November 4th general elections, Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca, who has been at the helm since 2010, announced that he will be stepping down and will help to guide the process of electing a new leader. On Wednesday, November 11th, the Party’s National Executive met at Independence Hall and gave support to the holding of a National Convention which will place key posts in the Executive up for election, as stipulated under the Party’s Constitution. As a result of this, the posts that will be up for voting are: Party Leader, Deputy Party Leaders (4), Party Chairman, Legal Advisor, National Communications Director and National Campaign Manager. Candidates for the posts must be nominated by a unit of the Party in writing to the PUP Secretariat.

Free Zone businessman executed in Chetumal
Ernesto Alonso de Miguel, a Mexican national known as “El Espanol” who operated a business inside the Corozal Free Zone, was shot dead in an execution-style attack along the popular Chetumal bay, just before midnight on Saturday, November 14, 2015. Miguel was at the “El Emporio” restaurant, having dinner with a group that included a Commandant in Chetumal’s Police Force, Augustin Guevara Martinez, another Police official, an unidentified Belizean who was his driver and two women, when a motorcycle stopped on the street and a gunman alighted, firing in their direction. Martinez was also fatally wounded in the attack, while the others survived by diving to the floor. The news of the murder has sent shockwaves in Chetumal and Corozal Town. For many years, Miguel was allegedly involved in nefarious business out of the Free Zone. He was accused of smuggling contraband liquor into Mexico via secret routes along the border with Belize.

Barrow Threatens Channel 5, Plus TV and Kremandala
“…we won despite the media who campaigned against us…I’m talking about that ‘wutless’ Channel 5, that ‘wutless’ Plus TV, and that ‘wutless’ Kremandala” Those were the menacing and hate-filled words that came out of Dean Barrow’s mouth as he delivered his “victory speech” in front of his Party headquarters on election night, Wednesday November 4th. Barrow, apparently filled with adrenalin from the news that his Party had successful tricked enough voters to give them a third term, felt he was truly Belize’s emperor who deserved to be revered and adored by the media, and that no one should dare to criticise him. Barrow made it clear that he was gravely upset with the manner in which the media handled his Government, and appeared to be riling up his supporters to turn against those media houses. If anyone is ‘wutless’ it is Dean Barrow himself.

Human Services strips away 2 yr. old from Belizean mother at the “request” of Guatemalan authorities
The Human Services Department has had to go on defense mode, following strong public outcry over their decision to forcibly remove a two year old baby from her mother, a Belizean national, at the request of Guatemalan authorities. The child’s mother, Analiz Perez, turned to Facebook over the weekend to express deep pain and sorrow over a situation that transpired on Saturday, November 14th at her home in Orange Walk Town. Perez said that she was awaken that morning to the news that a woman who claimed to be a Social Services Officer of the Human Services Department and a Police Officer turned up at her house requesting to speak to her. Upon meeting the visitors, Perez was told by them that they were actually there to execute an order for her child, Nina, to be removed and placed in custody of Social Services. Perez said the woman identified herself as “Asin Sury”, which has turned out to be a false identity.

The great songwriters and singers of modern pop music, the Beatles, sang “Money Cant Buy Me Love”. This may or may not be true. But money can buy votes. That much is true. In Belize, money even buys voters. Or more precisely, money buys some voters. The recent general elections were basically a clash between power of money and the power to the people. This time money won. The lesson-much work needs to be done in informing and educating voters on how to turn the tables on wicked politicians who corrupt the democratic process by using money to swindle votes. The elections started to go corrupt three years ago when two important factors were introduced on a huge scale. The transfer of voters into targeted constituencies and the transfer of public funds into the hands of UDP politicians. Both are illegal but the UDP government and the corrupt UDP officials are one and the same so they got away with it.

Talk is cheap, votes aren’t
The 2015 General Elections are over and done with and in an ideal situation, the people would now close ranks, rally behind their leaders and forge ahead with the task of nation building. This is not an ideal situation. For that to happen, the winning party would also have to accept that they are a government for everyone and consider each and every citizen equal when dispensing goods and services. Not going to happen because we all know that it just does not work that way under our current system of governance. While it is a common sentiment that both parties, when in power, victimize members of their Opposition, (and while to some extent that is true), never has it been done so blatantly or acceptedly. Former Lake I representative Mark King put it succinctly when he openly proclaimed that in making considerations for anything, it was “UDP first, Belizeans second and PUP last”. In any other society, anyone affiliated with King’s party would have immediately distanced themselves from such a comment for to not do so would be tantamount to political suicide. Not only did anyone in King’s party condemn the comment but when confronted with the remarks, the Prime Minister seemed to give sanction to the statement. One would have hoped that the Prime Minister would have refuted the comment and rebuked King but when asked, he had only this to say, “Well, I wish he hadn’t said it but let’s not be hypocritical…” In other words, “It bees that way!”

The more things change…
The United Democratic Party has won its first third consecutive term in Government. But there is no euphoric feeling among Belizeans for our people know what a third UDP term means for the country. Just a few hours after learning that the UDP had ‘scraped’ a win, their leader was heard on live radio verbally attacking the media for daring to challenge his Government with the reporting of facts and true stories. Dean Barrow must have been referring to the scandals at the Immigration Ministry, or the reports of hustling at the Lands Ministry, the deaths of babies due to infections from poorly kept hospitals, or the discovery of rats at others – all pointing to corruption, mismanagement and incompetence throughout the eight-year, stunted two terms in Government. Barrow came off as if he was waging war on three media houses in particular. He has been allowed to get away with this kind of arrogant and manipulative behaviour over the past eight years, but in their third term it cannot be allowed to continue. A few minutes after learning that he had won in Belmopan, John Saldivar, a leading contender for UDP Leader in the next two years, was caught on camera practically wrestling away Police Officers who were about to detain one of his cronies, who in celebrating UDP victory lost his senses and shot his firearm into the air.

SCA’ historic championship streak Volleyball champs – 8 years in a row
The St. Catherine’s Academy girls won a historic 8th championship title when the 2015 secondary schools volleyball championships were held in Big Falls, Toledo district over the weekend of November 6-7. SCA will represent the jewel at the 2016 CODICADER Central American Scholars games in Honduras. SCA and Belmopan Comprehensive School volleyball teams clashed in the finals. The Western regional champs, Compre girls, dominated the Northern regional champs, Muffles College, 25-18, 25-7, 25-17 to advance to the finals. Meanwhile SCA made short work of the Southern regional champs, Stann Creek Ecumenical College, winning in three sets 25-13, 25-14, and 25-10 to advance.

Galen Eagles win 3rd ATLIB basketball championship
The Galen Eagles won their 3rd Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) national basketball championship, defeating the Sacred Heart Junior College Scorpions team at the Sacred Heart auditorium last Saturday. The Galen Eagles won 51-33; leading through the match: 1st qtr: 11-3; 2nd qtr – 17-9; and 3rd qtr – 34-24. Jarrell Velasquez scored 14pts, while Edgar Mitchell added 11pts for the Eagles. SHJC’s Jeffery “Turtle” Carrillo, Elvert Ariola and Nigel Martinez scored 7pts apiece and Jamie Carbajal added 6pts. The Most Valuable Player trophy was awarded to Jarrel Velasquez.

Nazarene defeats E.P. Yorke 70-37
The Nazarene High School boys ran over the Edward P. Yorke High school boys 70-37 as the 2015 high school basketball tournament continued on Tuesday, November 17th. Shakeen Valerio scored a monster 32 points for Nazarene high, while Chervin Theus put up 10pts and Gregory Theus and Winston Anthony added 9pts apiece. Ronald Crawford and Julian Luna tossed in 6pts apiece. Ashton Cleland and Johnny Andrews led E.P.Yorke with 8 pts apiece; while Nigel Myvette added 5pts, and Mordecai Lewis and Nicholas Philips chipped in 4pts. E.P.Yorke’s big star center Nicholas Phillips had been hurt in the first quarter and sat out the rest of the game.

UDP Humpty Dumpty’s Farewell
The UDP’s Humpty Dumpty, an irrational and immature politician who landed in Lake Independence by mistake three years ago, has been rightfully ejected by the power of the people. In keeping true to his silly behaviour, Mr. Humpty Dumpty decided to say farewell to the people of Lake I in a very strange manner after the elections. Check it out for yourself in the attached image as the wanna-be politician known for suicidal comments such as “UDP first, Belizeans second”, took to Facebook and accepted his political funeral but claimed that he will rise from the dead.

Interesting November 4th Election Stats:
The PUP lost majority seats by a difference of 371 votes only. The PUP got 47.29% of the total votes, or 67,566 total votes. The UDP had 50.01% of the total votes. The PUP lost in three constituencies by less than 80 votes. The three divisions were rigged with illegal voters who registered during the transfer period. The date to challenge the transfers was November 10th, six days after the elections were called. The PUP lost Cayo North by 159 votes on November 4th. In the January Bye Election, the PUP had lost by 1,316 votes. The PUP lost Dangriga by 320 on November 4th. In the July Bye Election, the PUP had lost by 637 votes. The PUP regained Lake Independence with Cordel Hyde winning by 1,999 votes. The PUP regained Caribbean Shores (lost it in 2008) with Kareem Musa delivering the biggest upset in the elections.

Woman injured after falling into man-hole downtown
A city resident sustained serious body injuries after she fell into a dangerous, unsealed man-hole. Witnesses heard the woman scream and saw when she suddenly fell into the man-hole. She sustained deep cuts on her feet and scrapes on her hand and body. The accident occurred downtown, along the usually busy, popular-for-shopping Orange Street. Drain man-holes left unsealed and unattended pose a serious threat to pedestrians. There are many of these reckless traps throughout the city; just waiting for an elderly citizen or a child to suffer a serious accident. Ensuring that these man-holes are properly covered is the responsibility of the Mayor and Councillors at the Belize City Council. But the Mayor is busy licking his wounds at his Lavender Chambers law firm while the Councillors are busy living flashy lives.

Male student alleges sexual assault
On Saturday 14th November 2015, at 11:52am, a 14year old male student of Benque Viejo Town accompanied by his mother reported that on Saturday, 14th November, 2015 at 7:30am, whilst sleeping in a sofa in the hall; he was awaken by someone touching his penis. Upon opening his eyes, he saw his step father nude and sitting on the sofa next to his foot and with his right hand touching his penis. He also stated that between the 24th and 31st October, 2015, during the course of the night while he was sleeping in the bedroom his step father went to his bed and also began touching his penis and gave him five dollars. Police detained the 40 year old step father pending charges of sexual assault.

Port Loyola: the New Battleground Division
In the November 4 general election, I lost the Port Loyola division to the three consecutive term Area Representative Anthony “Boots” Martinez by a mere 76 votes. That happened although my opponent outspent me at least 10 to one and had extensive access to government resources for the last eight years. That’s a spectacular performance, considering the 2012 defeat by 800 votes to Martinez. That was when I was green to electoral politics. On election night the media had no one posted at the Custom Department to cover the counting in Port Loyola. Like a number of political pundits they had already concluded that the exercise would result in another UDP landslide in the division. They did not know that as a result of the massive neglect of the division, the Area Representative was sitting on a powder keg that would eventually explode. There was a ground swell of support for my candidacy in Port Loyola. Upon visiting the homes in the division, I saw firsthand the hardship families are experiencing and under the theme: “Time for a change; we deserve better” my message addressed the concerns of the people for land, proper housing, jobs, and other basic things to improve their standard of living.

Garifuna Settlement Day re-enactment in Belize City
On Thursday November 19th, Belizeans celebrated the 213th anniversary of the arrival of the Garinagu people to Belize. This day is celebrated as Garifuna Settlement Day, and is a national holiday. On November 19th 1802, the Garinagu headed by national hero, Thomas Vincent Ramos, arrived in Belize seeking refuge, having been driven away from Honduras. While the main celebration activities are held in the culture capital, Dangriga, other towns and cities throughout the country have made it tradition to commemorate the day with special activities including a re-enactment of the arrival of the Garinagu.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Orange Walk hosts Tacos Festival
If you are passing through Sugar City, Orange Walk Town, on Sunday, you have every reason to stop off for tacos, a staple of that municipality. But on this particular Sunday, there will be all you can eat, as the town hosts its fifth annual Tacos Festival. Every possible […]

Edward P. Yorke student wins Kareem Clarke essay competition
Michelle Leiva of Edward P. Yorke High School is the winner of the essay competition sponsored by the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund and received an Acer laptop courtesy of various donations. Second place winner Kyle Rodriguez from St. John’s College (High School) received a tablet courtesy Go Wireless Direct […]

Baby Nina goes to foster parents
Reports to BMG are that the Human Services Department has arranged to move two year old Nina Charlotte Barrera-Perez, the child at the center of an international custody battle, into the care of foster parents in Orange Walk Town. Her mother, 22 year old Analiz Perez Gutierrez, agreed […]

First Kareem Clarke Memorial
The first Kareem Clarke Memorial, organized by a group of local journalists, will be held this afternoon at the BTL Park from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 pm. in memory of the late slain reporter. The event will feature an award ceremony for the winners of an essay competition, held earlier […]

Will Moses Barrow replace Finnegan in Mesop 2020?
Moses “Shyne” Barrow indicated via his Facebook page Saturday morning that he intends to run for electoral politics in the Mesopotamia constituency in the next general election expected to be held some time in 2020. According to Barrow, when his uncle, current Mesop area representative Michael Finnegan, retires, he looks […]


A Gorgeous Day To Walk The Beach…Somethings Never Change
This blog post is mostly about how beautiful the beach looked on my walk northward to the bridge on Thursday afternoon. But inevitably…it turns into one about changes. People that visit Ambergris Caye once a year (there are many of them) have been bowled over by this year’s changes on the island. Perhaps it was the paving on the road north that kicked off an onslaught of building all over the island. And then to the old Sandy Toes Bar. Apparently there was a lease dispute and Sandy Toes has moved right next door…and has a new name. The old Sandy Toes Bar is now Playa Bar & Grill. And Ishmael has moved right next door – built and opened “Time Out”.

1) We start making this choripollo, we slice the chicken in half inch strips, peeling the skin and making a few cuts in the flesh. Season the chicken parts with pepper, cumin, chicken broth and a little salt. 2) Cut the tomato and dice the onion; separately slice the green onions in 1/2 inch sections. Pour some olive oil in a pan and heat it up, then, at medium setting fry the onion bits until brown, but careful not to burn them. Once the onions are browned add the diced tomato. 3) Press in the garlic and simmer everything together for 1 minute. Now place the seasoned chicken parts to start cooking them, making them simmer about 30 minutes or so, until cooked.

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CARIBBEAT: Caribbean Life newspaper’s Impact Awards honor selflessness in Caribbean community
The latest edition of the Community News Group’s Caribbean Life newspaper features the 2015 Impact Awards winners and the gala presentation event. They come from varied backgrounds and fields of expertise, but the recipients of the 2015 Caribbean Life newspaper’s Impact Awards share certain attributes — selflessness, determination and passion. The awardees, whose common traits include support for community concerns, are being recognized at the Impact Awards Gala on Thursday in Brooklyn at the Paradise Catering Hall, 51 Avenue U (between W. 11th and W. 12th Sts.). A portion of the event proceeds will help fund scholarships for Caribbean American students in New York City.


  • Belize Cancer Run 2015, 4.5min. The Belmopan Cancer society along with Our lady of Guadalupe High School held a Cancer Awareness run from Belmopan to San Ignacio.

  • Belize Trip 2015 Pt. 1, 17min. Molly, myself and some friends of ours took a week long trip to Hopkins, Belize. This is some of the footage we captured. Thanks!

  • Sharks and stingray excursion Belize, 24min. We moved around a lot from the area where rays and sharks were. We saw lots of barracuda and even a lion fish.

  • Whitney and Neil SCUBA Belize, 36min.