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Today's Belize News: November 24, 2015 #509398
11/24/15 05:49 AM
11/24/15 05:49 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

CARDI Conducting Activities to Assist Belizean and Caribbean Coconut Industries
The European Union is financing a project (“Coconut Industry Development for the Caribbean”) through the Geneva-based International Trade Centre (ITC). The project is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of small-scale coconut farmers by identifying market opportunities, creating synergies between national and regional programmes and improving access to advisory services for improved coconut production. Stakeholders have welcomed this initiative for its potential to improve income and employment opportunities, food security, and the overall development of the Caribbean coconut sector. The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) is contracted by the ITC to implement the project activities in nine CARIFORUM member countries. CARDI scientists are presently in Belize and have been interacting with key stakeholders in the coconut industry in the conduction of activities in mapping and characterization of local coconut plantations, strengthening producer and processing groups and, developing appropriate technological packages for intercropping vegetables and fruits and rearing cattle and small ruminants under coconut trees.

Ambergris Today

Letters to the Editor - Can Belize Keep Up with Tourism’s Harmful Footprint? Environment Weeps
Dear Editor, In agreement with the current promotion of diabetes awareness in Belize, I take this opportunity to examine the growing illness of our society and environment from the impact of cruise tourism, a condition sickening the nation of Belize. I note the recent appointment made by the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Mr Yashin Dujon as CEO of the Ministry of Tourism. Mr Dujon holds a Masters in ‘Responsible Tourism’, a term which leaves much to be clarified. Ecotourism was first promoted by the United Democratic Party during its term of office from 1993-98. At that time, many workshops were held to educate and encourage the development of sustainable tourism endeavors and give clear focus and guidance for the fledgling tourism product. At one such workshop I attended at the Rio Bravo Station of Programme for Belize, participants from both the public and private sector from various Caribbean islands shared their valuable experience in mass/cruise tourism and the regrets they had after seeing the rapid and severe deterioration of their natural resources and sensitive habitats. All participants including representatives from local government ministries, Programme for Belize and the private sector, were strongly admonished to take up the challenge of making Belize a leader in this new approach for the region and to heed the warning given by our Caribbean partners.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The Role of Budgeting Workshop
Workshop Date: November 26th, 2015 Time: 9am to 12pm. Learn to create an accurate operating budget that helps your company achieve its goals. Your Immediate Takeaway Gain tools and insights to develop a realistic budget Get hands-on practice perfecting a budget Use budgeting to help determine strategic direction Being responsible for the budget means you're playing a vital role in your organization's future. Your budget enables you to pinpoint critical variables that impact profit so your company can successfully pursue its goals and continue to grow. Who Should Attend: Managers and anyone with budget responsibilities who are interested in developing or improving their budget planning skills. Presented By: Mr Omar Castillo, Sr. Business Adviser, SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE Includes a light snack and refreshment. PRICE: $40.00 Workshops are now held at out BTEC Building on ITVet compound, Belize City.

Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015
The University of Belize hosted this year's Entrepreneurship Symposium last week. Great to see that they had a full house.

Panama's 12th Birthday Party
The Belize Zoo is having a celebration for Panama's 12th birthday. The Harpy Eagle will be having a meet and greet session, where he'll gladly stare at you while take pictures of him, starting at 10:30am. There will also be fun and games for the kids, and a special visit from the Belize Raptor Center. "Come join our education team this Wednesday as we celebrate Panama's 12th Birthday at the Belize Zoo. We will have a special meet and greet with a few of our avian ambassadors and prizes for people who know "What makes a Raptor" Raptors Rule!! Looking forward to seeing everyone!"

November 1st – November 14th, 2015 Belize Fishing Report
Many thanks to Pete for his leadership as the Orvis host for the 2 events, A mixed bag of weather didn’t help the results but overall it was very successful.

Be sure to check out this month's Belizean Traveller deals!

Ocean Academy Christmas Gala
We are very excited about our first every Christmas Gala to be held on Saturday, December 5th 2015!! Thank you to our wonderful business sponsors and to all who are supporting out fundraiser! We are very excited to start of our December with this event and with one of the best entertainment bands SUPER FURIA!! Pay $10 at the door to watch the show and dance with the band!!!

Metal Haven 2015
Metal Haven is this Saturday in Benque. What a lineup! "Confirmed bands for Belize are IN BLOOM,ALMOST 7,VERGE OF UMBRA and ASCENTHIUM from Guatemala - THE AVERSIONIST&THE BLACK PORTRAIT and last but not least from Mexico -ICNOS"

MANA in Cancun 2015 ....Booyahhh!!!!!
Gracias Mexico lindo!!! awesome concert!!

Channel 7

GSU: High School Vice Principal Did Crack Deal At School
He's the vice principal of Wesley High School, but police say Melvin Hewlett is also a drug trafficker. The 35 year-old career educator was caught in a sting set up by the GSU. Our information is that GSU busted a small time drug peddler who offered to lead them to his main supplier in exchange for some leniency with charges. So, last week Friday, before Midday, a team of officers followed this informant to the Wesley College on Yarborough Road. There, they observed him making an exchange with Hewlett, who had been identified as the main supplier. They then immediately closed in on both men. That's when Hewlett - according to GSU - spotted them coming, and he threw a piece of crumpled white paper into the Wesley College compound. The officers immediately detained him, and escorted him to where the paper had landed. When they retrieved it, and opened it up, the officers found 2 transparent plastic bags containing suspected crack cocaine. When they weighed it in his presence, they found out that the two bags contained a total of 14 grams. Now, anything over one grams is treated as drug trafficking under the law. So, the officers had to move swiftly to charge him with drug trafficking - because we are told they experienced major push back from higher ups. This is because Hewlett's is reported to be politically well connected - and that alone slowed police down from searching his home.

16 Year Old Ivan Choc Killed By Friends
Two men were charged this weekend for the murder of 16 year old Ivan Choc. On Friday the 13th Ivan Choc and his family were having dinner in their Camalote home when two masked men stormed in. The men shot Choc who was hiding under the table pleading for his life to spare. But the gunmen executed him right in front of his parents. Well, the two men who were charged are Camalote residents Damian Velasquez and Justin Banner. But they aren't just random shooters - they were friends of Choc. Belmopan Police told our colleagues at PLUS TV today that it was a very bitter fall out between the 3. Howell Gillett, OC - Belmopan Police "We immediately launched an investigation and based on that investigation we were able to locate a shotgun not too far from where the incident occurred and subsequent to that we also found some ammunition in a hotel room. Two persons were arrested for those ammunition. One of the two persons have been charged this weekend, along with another person separate from the one who was charged for the ammunition. Those two persons who were charged this weekend for Ivan Choc's murder are Damian Donovan Velasquez Bodden and also Justin Geovanni Banner. It seemed based on the investigation that the crime occurred as a result of retaliation. A shooting happened in the month of September and this is a retaliation to that shooting."

Human Traffic:
Those who've been around know it's happening all over the country in various forms, but law enforcement has had a hard time nailing the traffickers. But this weekend Orange Walk Police got lucky when 27 year old Guatemalan, Dania Paredes Contreras made a report blowing the lid on an alleged human trafficker running Dominguez Bar on Otro Benque Road in Orange Walk Town. Paredes told police that this woman, 33 year old Guatemalan Rosa Anita Garcia was running the bar - and twice forced her to have sex with patrons. The compliant is compelling: she tells police that she and her 48 year old mother Ana Contreras de Paredes were tricked into coming to Belize when Garcia told them that they would be employed at a fast food restaurant. But that was just a ruse, because they ended up having to work as waitresses at the Dominguez bar, which is when Paredes says she was forced to have sex with patrons.

Man Charged For Traffic Death of Mother of 3
Tonight, 25 year-old Earl Pitts Jr., a resident of Belama Phase 2 Belize City, is out on bail after he was charged for manslaughter. Police say that he was behind the wheel of a vehicle which crashed, killing one of his passengers. On Sunday, November 1, Pitts was the driver of a GMC Yukon SUV, and he had 33 year-old Sharmaine Humes, and 2 minors, ages 10 and 17, as his passengers. They were traveling between miles 24 and 25 on the George Price Highway when Pitts lost control of the vehicle. It careened to the shoulder of the road where it flipped 3 to 5 times, before coming to a complete stop. All persons inside the vehicle suffered varying degrees of injures, but Sharmaine Humes, a mother of 3, was critically injured to the head and body. She was hospitalized for 12 days, but didn't make it, and passed away ten days ago.

6 Days After Cruise Tourist Death, Still No Answer From BTB
On Friday we told you about the drowning death of 61 year old cruise tourist Karl Edwin Simmons. Simmons and his wife Esther had arrived on the cruise ship Norwegian Jade and went on a tour to Shark Ray Alley in the Caye Caulker Village Marine Reserve. Simmon saw his wife Esther drifting away and went to save her - but drowned. It happened 6 days ago, but still the Tourist Board they have no update into the investigation of what went wrong on the tour led by h2o Tierra. It was on a guided tour - and, regulations state that both he and his wife should have been under the close watch of tour guides. And while the BTB is mum, we have been contacted by a guest on that same tour who said that there was mass disorganization and inadequate snorkeling and safety equipment - as well as no medical equipment on board. Tour operator, Tom Wilson who is the owner of H2o Tierra told us he could not comment.

Where in the World Is David Nanes Schnitzer
Where is David Nanes Shnitzer? The international fugitive known in Belize as David Banes got Supreme Court bail on Friday - and according to sources - has not turned back up in San Pedro - where he had multi million dollar holdings. Shnitzer's Belizean passport was revoked on Wednesday November 18th when it was gazetted that, quote, "David M Banes, known as David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer…who was registered as a citizen of Belize as evidenced by certificate of registration dated 17th. November, 2012, was so registered by means of fraud, false representation and the concealment of material circumstance and by mistake." But that so called "cessation of citizenship" was never presented in court - and when the DPP's office asked for an adjournment to gather evidence, the Judge refused and granted bail citing Banes' various assets in Belize. Mexican authorities allege that Nanes Schnitzer headed the Mexican arm of Stanford's Ponzi scheme which allegedly defrauded investors in that country of 42 million dollars. Mexico has a 2011 arrest warrant for him for unauthorized securities transactions. Tonight, no one can say for sure where he is.

Is Southside Still Safe After A Pair Of City Shootings
There were 2 shootings in the city over the weekend. Yesterday morning at around 7:00, Liston Myers and his friend were walking in Antelope Street Extension area on Pitter Street when 2 men shot at them. Myers was hit to the abdomen while his friend escaped unharmed. Today Senior Superintendent Chester Williams told us that Myers wasn't the target. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, Commander, Eastern Division Southside "In relation to the matter with Mr. Myers, that incident took place yesterday morning around 7am. And it actually took place on Antelope Street Extension, not Orange Street. Mr. Myers was walking in that area in the company of another male person when they were shot at by two male persons. One of whom is already in our custody. We believe that the other person whose company he was in was the intended victim. But that's the motive we have." Reporter "Is that person known to police as being affiliated with any gang? Why would someone want to target that person?"

Faber's Road Gunfire
The other shooting incident happened on Fabers Road yesterday morning after 6:00. 27 year old Herman Ramsey and 35 year old Clive Arnold were socializing on Fabers Road when their friend Trevor Guy walked up to them and shot at them. Senior Superintended Chester Williams told us this one was not gang related and it was fueled by a feud among the men. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, Commander, Eastern Division Southside "Yes that incident took place after 6am Sunday morning and Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Arnold were in the company of another male person and apparently there was a dispute between the trio and that dispute resulted in one of them, Trevor Guy actually took out a firearm and fired shots at both persons. They received varying degree of injuries and are currently admitted in the hospital in a stable condition. We are currently pursuing Mr. Guy and I will say that that incident is not gang related. These people are friends, they are family members and when things like that occur, it's not the thing that the police can do anything to prevent because could never know what is brewing between people who are friends or who are families. So the matter as I said is being investigated by the police at this time."

Cops Talking to Taylor's Alley
Police are trying to defuse internal beefing within one of the city's major gangs. It came to public attention on Saturday morning when there was a fight or some sort of misunderstanding between the well-known street figure, Kenneth "Big Tom" Flowers and a few other men. Police have confirmed that there was no shooting but say they still had to organize an emergency intervention session. Senior Superintendent Williams told us more about this effort. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, Commander, Eastern Division Southside "The police, we are looking into a situation and I will say that this morning myself and Mrs. Finnegan, we had a lengthy intervention session with factions from the Taylor's Alley group as well as Big Tom. As you would know that they were one gang - they were all associates. But apparently something went wrong between them and that sparked one incident over the weekend and police were on top of it I must say. The police were in the area and responded very quickly. The parties involved were apprehended by the police and both parties are not requesting any court action. So in terms of pursuing the matter to court we are unable to do so.

A 38 at 3:15
On Saturday afternoon at 3:15, police found this .38 pistol with 3 live rounds in an abandoned lot in the St Martins area. No one was around and it was labelled as found property.

Woman Alleges Police Brutality
Tonight 29 year old Albert Ramirez is in the KHMH hoping that he won't lose an eye. The Belize City resident was beaten at a bar on Orange Street named Picasso on Saturday night - and he claims it's an off duty policeman who did it. His mother, Inez told us that her son had gone into the bar to sell something:.. Inez Ramirez, Mother of Beaten Man "He went into this bar to sell something. When the police came, they ask him what was he doing there. 'I am the police, you have to respect me.' My son said sir I am not doing anything. The police say 'don't tell me anything.' The police had a Belikin pint in his hand and he whap my son in his face with the pint. Now my son eye is damaged. My son is lying in bed at the hospital. We don't now yet if will lose his eye. But I pray to God for my son not to lose his eye. How the police would have felt if it was him. How his mother would have felt if he was laying down in a hospital bed right now. The police abuse people. Before they protect us, they abuse us. But please stop it because you hurt lots of parents out there. Please I beg."

Taste The Taco
What makes Orange Walk Tacos so darn nice? It's a tough job - but someone had to find out, and never one to pass on a story with…shall we say….food incentives(?)…Daniel Ortiz went north yesterday to the fifth Tacos Festival to find out. He found out that tacos are more than just the common man and woman's culinary delight, they have a culture and mystique unto themselves: Daniel Ortiz reporting When we arrived at the Banquitas House of Culture, the 5th Annual Tacos Festival was in full swing. Hundreds of people had come out, all sampling the creations of different vendors, who were all hard at work. And, as you would expect, it was the mecca of tacos, vendors making them, people lining up to buy, and still others eating and enjoying all the different flavors and styles. For the organizers, it worked out once again just as they had envisioned it.

Cops Playing Favourites?
Are police holding back on charging a man because of his political connections? We can't say his name yet, because he hasn't been charged, but the former driver of a UDP Minister of State, is under scrutiny after a father and son complained that he threatened them with a firearm. It turns out that it was only just a pellet gun, but observers say that he should be charged with aggravated assault, since he passed it off as a real handgun when he threatened them. 58 year-old Francis Lewis and his son, Demrey, reported to police that at around 6:20 yesterday morning, they were at home on Gibson Street when the man threatened them over a domestic dispute. Both father and son say that the man staggered out of the vehicle, appearing to be under the influence of alcohol. He then pulled out a black weapon, pointed it at them, and threatened them. When father and son made the report to police, they detained the suspect, who handed over the weapon he said that he took with him to the Lewis home, which turned out to be pellet gun.

Police Try To Increase Peace
In our last segment we told you about the shooting incidents in the city that left 3 men injured. Now we have been consistently reporting on the community policing initiatives in the Southside that are geared towards turning these vulnerable communities away from crime and violence. In fact the Eastern Police Division held another community event yesterday in the Mayflower area. But are these initiatives working? Senior Superintendent Chester Williams admits that their efforts alone can't completely eradicate crime but they can at least minimize it. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, Commander, Eastern Division Southside "It was a fun day for kids. They partook in several sporting activities and they were awarded prizes, medals and so forth for different categories of sporting events that they partook in on that day. I must say that the event was well attended and there are a number of persons who participated in the different disciplines and sporting disciplines. So I think it was a success and we will continue to do things like this in the various hotspots. Because what we want to do is to show these young people that you know there is an outlet rather than to be caught up in gangs or criminal activities."

Counsel To Cops
In most cases, police officers are highlighted only when they are accused of brutalizing someone or abusing their power. But there is so much more to a police officer's job. The work load and the violence they are exposed to on a daily basis takes a toll on them and so today Belmopan police installed a chaplain - Ronald Hamilton of the New Beginning Church of God 7th Day International. Hamilton will serve as a counselor to police officers in Belmopan and in the Cayo District. OC Howell Gillet posted on his facebook, quote, "Too many times we see officers resort to drinking, neglect of their families, beating on people in their care and the list goes on. Well we are hopeful that with this new appointment all these and more will go away with time." End quote.

Channel 5

Camalote Duo Arraigned for Execution-style Murder of Teen
A pair of Camalote men have been arrested and charged for the execution-style murder of sixteen-year-old Ivan Choc who was mercilessly shot and killed inside his home on November thirteenth [...]

Where is David Nanes Schnitzer? He’s a No-show at San Pedro Precinct
Where is international fugitive, David Nanes Schnitzer tonight? He is wanted in his home country of Mexico for his role in defrauding investors of millions of dollars, as much as [...]

Another Daring Attempt on Big Tom’s Life
After a relative calm, there were three shootings over the weekend in the city. The first was a brazen daylight shooting on Saturday afternoon on Orange Street near the entrance [...]

Sugar Prices Key Agenda Item During B.S.C.F.A.’s Annual General Meeting
Three major sectors in the agriculture industry are in deep trouble. In the shrimp industry, thirty million dollars has been lost due to a bacteria that has infected upwards of [...]

Caneros Seek Increase in Cost of Locally Sold Sugar
The B.S.C.F.A. held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday where key agenda items included the passage of a resolution to seek an increase in the cost per pound of sugar [...]

Did Gapi Keep His Lavish Office at Cohune Walk Building?
Has former Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega surrendered his precious office space to his successor at G.O.B.’s Cohune Walk Building?  News Five has been reliably informed that the erstwhile [...]

Wesley College Vice-Principal; is He a Pusher?
The vice principal and a teacher of Wesley College, thirty-five year old Melvin Newton Hewlett, is in plenty trouble with the law tonight. Last Friday morning, the Gang Suppression Unit [...]

Guatemalan Woman Investigated for Human Trafficking in Orange Walk
There is a report of an apparent case of human trafficking in Orange Walk Town. On Saturday, the Quick Response Team visited Dominguez Bar which is located on the Otro [...]

Herman Ramsey and Clive Arnold Injured in Weekend Shootings
Two shootings on Sunday occurred within minutes of each other in Belize City on the heels of the attempt on the life of Kenneth Flowers, aka Big Tom. Just after [...]

Gunmen Take Aim at Liston Myers
Meanwhile, police has one person in detention for the murder attempt on the life of Liston Myers. While it is not believed that he was the intended target, around seven [...]

Clive Jones Freed of Lengthy Burglary Sentence
The court set free today Belize City resident Clive Jones; Judge Adolph Lucas made that ruling in an inferior case in the Supreme Court. Jones was convicted of burglary and [...]

Theft Charges Against Former Brodies Employee Struck Out
A former employee of James Brodies, who worked as a cashier at the supermarket, is also free tonight after the company requested no further court action in a theft charge [...]

Earl Pitts Jr. Charged for Manslaughter after Fatal Road Traffic Accident
Charges have been brought against the driver of a vehicle who hit and killed a mother of three children on November first, 2015 between Miles twenty-four and twenty-five on the [...]

Leonardo Cano is New B.S.C.F.A. Chairman
Seasoned canero Leonardo Cano is the newly-elected Chairman of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association.  He succeeds Ezequiel Cansino as chief presiding officer of the largest group of cane farmers [...]

Cohune Walk Police Substation Reopened
Residents of Cohune Walk are tonight resting easy and are a little safer with the opening of a police substation in their neck of the woods.  The housing community has [...]

Chester Williams on Community Policing Efforts
But the Eastern Division South Region of the Police Department is not fazed by the recent shootings in its jurisdiction. As a part of its continued community policing initiatives, on [...]

Football, Basketball, Cycling and Table Tennis on Sports Monday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   We open tonight’s show with the showdown in Central Secondary Schools Sporting Association Male Basketball play featuring the 2 [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: November 24, 2015 [Re: Marty] #509399
11/24/15 05:49 AM
11/24/15 05:49 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Bar Owner Being Investigated For Human Trafficking
A woman from Orange Walk Town is tonight behind bars waiting to be tried for Human Trafficking. On Saturday 21st November 2015, acting upon information received, Orange Walk Police conducted a raid at Dominguez Bar located on Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk, where they located Rosa Anita Garcia, Guatemalan National and owner of the bar. Also present at the establishment were two other females also of Guatemalan Nationality. The mother and daughter, ages 48 and 27 respectively, reported to authorities that on the 12th of November 2015 they were brought to Belize by Garcia under the pretense that they were going to be employed in a fast food establishmen but instead Garcia put them to work at the bar and forced them to sell beer and drink with clients. One of the females also reported to the cops that on two occasions Garcia forced her to have sex with strangers and when she refused to do so Garcia threatened to kill her mother and her two children who are in Guatemala.

Orange Walkenos Get Tested For Diabetes
Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. Most importantly, the disease is known as the number one killer in Belize. In an effort to bring awareness to the community about the disease and its causes the Rotaract Club of Orange Walk held a Diabetes fair on Saturday 21st of November at the Orange Walk Central Park. Community Service Director, Shanelle Lizarraga, told us why the club holds the event every year. “We currently have approximately fifty thousand Belizeans living with diabetes and so it is a very serious matter, it is a silent killer not many people are aware that they actually have it until probably it is too late and they don’t get tested the way they should so we are the Rotaract Club of Orange Walk want to take a stand against the disease and also bring awareness to the public in general so that was our main objective.”

BSCFA Seeks To Change By-Laws
Yesterday cane farmers belonging to the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association held their annual general meeting at Escuela Secundaria Mexico. While a number of items were on the agenda, on the top list of priorities was the presentation of the Flo-cert Corrective Measures and Objective Evidence and the presentation and ratification of the 2015/2016 Fair Trade Budget for premium plan. Oscar Alonso- CEO, BSCFA" “One of them has to do with the corrective measures that FLOCERT have accepted in relation to the none-compliances found in the audit that they did in June, and we presented that to them and they have approved the objective evidence which we be going to send also an important aspect was to have them approve a policy on the sue of the Fair Trade premium, we recall that last year and early this year they had made a decision to distribute 1.5 million dollars of the premiums that we received last year and the way it was done it was not in accordance with the criteria of Fair Trade ...”

CARDI To Launch Coconut Project In Belize
Representatives of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute, CARDI, are currently in Belize interacting with key stakeholders in the coconut industry in the conduction of activities in mapping and characterization of local coconut plantations, strengthening producer and processing groups and, developing appropriate technological packages for intercropping vegetables and fruits and rearing cattle and small ruminants under coconut trees. All this falls under a project funded by the European Union called “Coconut Industry Development for the Caribbean” through the Geneva-based International Trade Centre (ITC). The project is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of small-scale coconut farmers by identifying market opportunities, creating synergies between national and regional programmes and improving access to advisory services for improved coconut production. Stakeholders have welcomed this initiative for its potential to improve income and employment opportunities, food security, and the overall development of the Caribbean coconut sector.

Vice Principal Of Wesley College Busted With Crack Cocaine
A teacher from Belize City has been charged for possession of controlled drugs with the Intent to supply to another after he was busted with crack cocaine. He is no other than 35 year old Melvin Newton Hewlett, a teacher and vice principal of Wesley College. Reports are that Hewlett and another individual only described as a known drug peddler, were seen standing on the street side in front of Wesley College. That is when Officers of the Gang Suppression Unit decided to search the drug peddler but as the GSU approached the individual, Hewlett was seen throwing away a piece of white paper into Wesley College’s compound.


Two men shot on Fabers road
Another shooting occurred on Faber’s Road shortly before seven o’clock on Sunday morning. Herman Ramsey and Clive Arnold were reportedly walking when Trevor Guy took out a gun and shot them. They are both in the hospital in a stable condition. Senior Superintendent Chester Williams says the shooting was not gang related. Chester Williams: That […]

Man hospitalized after early morning Sunday shooting
A Sunday morning shooting in Belize City left one man hospitalized. According to reports, Leston Meyers was walking with a companion about seven o’clock yesterday morning when he was shot by two male persons. Meyers is in a stable condition while one of the shooters is in police custody. Senior Superintendent Chester Williams gave details […]

Teacher found with cocaine on school campus
The vice principal of Wesley college has been charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs with the Intent to Supply to Another. The thirty five year old Vice Principal, Melvin Newtown Hewlett, was busted last Friday by officers of the Gang Suppression Unit who were carrying out operations on Yarborough Road. A release from the […]

Two men charged with Ivan Choc’s Murder
Two men have been charged with the murder of a teenager from Camalotte Village. We got the details from officer in charge of Belmopan, Superintendent Howell Two men have been charged with the murder of a teenager from Camalotte Village. We got the details from officer in charge of Belmopan, Superintendent Howell Gillett. Voice 1: On the 13 of November we received information of a possible murder in the Camalote area and we did confirm that the victim was one Mr. […]


PM Barrow takes post election 4 day leave to USA
Following his speech at the Gariguna Settlement Day Official Ceremonies in Dangriga Town. Prime Minister Barrow departed the country on a four day personal leave. He returns to the country on Tuesday, November 24th but in the meantime. Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar will act as Pr...

Okeke responds to GOB Ramos Bust donation
Yesterday during the Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations in Danriga, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the Government of Belize would make a substantial contribution to the outstanding payment price for the TV Ramos bust sculpted by Stephen Okeke. While the amount has yet to be disclosed to...

Former journalist joins Bar
Ivy Pitts is back in Belize after several years away studying law. Today she was formally made a member of the Bar of Belize and appeared in the Supreme Court before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. She spoke to us after her monumental accomplishment this morning. Ivy Pitts, New member BAR Assoc. Bze...

Belize City Businessman hurt by armed robber
A businessman was spared his life this morning during an armed hold-up in the heart of Belize City just before the lunch break rush. His wife had just left at around 11:30 to walk their dog and so Sunil Balani was alone inside MC Collections, one of three stores located within Little India Stores on...

Women accused of stealing panties from Belize City store
A pair of women from the North are accused of stealing over 200 panties from an Orange Street, Belize City store – and they were caught on surveillance cameras. 35 year old Donela Smith of Palmar Road, Orange Walk Town and 26 year old Johny Netty Lopez, a resident of Ranchito Village, Corozal Distri...

David Schitnzer given second charge but out on bail
47 year old Mexican-American David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer has been charged again with possession of a forged document which was issued legitimately, it appears, by the San Pedro Town Council. However, he is accused of providing false information to obtain the document. Still, he was granted bail of ...

BSI responds to letter from Sugar Associations regarding sugar price
A press release from ARS-BSI earlier today states that the company wrote all three cane farmers Associations yesterday, explaining the rationale behind the first cane price estimate for the 2015/16 crop. The Associations had written BSI requesting a review of their published first cane price estimat...

Police making Progress in 16 YEAR OLD’S Murder
On Friday night just before 8 o’clock witnesses say armed men entered a home in Camalote village and opened fire, killing 16 year old Ivan Choc. Choc was at his home on Young Bank Road having supper with his parents and siblings. The men were heard entering the yard and when the father opened the d...

Cop Knocks Down Man, Kills Him
47 year old Salvadoran Lucas Ayala was the victim of a fatal Road Traffic Accident yesterday when he was knocked down from his bicycle on the Humming bird Highway by an incoming vehicle driven by an off duty police constable attached to the Belmpoan Police formation. Emanuel Pech has more Emmanuel P...

Cop Knocks Down Man, Kills Him
47 year old Salvadoran Lucas Ayala was the victim of a fatal Road Traffic Accident yesterday when he was knocked down from his bicycle on th

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize City teacher charged for crack possession
Belize City high school vice-principal 35 year old Melvin Hewlett was arrested and charged on Friday for possession of controlled drugs with the intent to supply to another after he was busted by members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). Around 11:35 Friday morning on Yarborough Road, GSU members were on operations […]

Two non-fatal shootings in Belize City
Police are investigating a pair of separate, non-fatal shooting incidents in Belize City on Sunday morning which happened only minutes apart in different areas of Southside. In the first, Police are seeking a man identified as Trevor Guy for shooting two Belize City men; whom are now hospitalized […]

Police intervene in Taylor’s Alley dispute
Officer Commanding Eastern Division (South), Senior Superintendent Chester Williams would not divulge information regarding the weekend detention of several members of the Taylor’s Alley faction and known gang associates, the word on the street is that it was caused by an “alleged shootout”, in which no one was injured. […]

Man charged in fatal traffic accident
Mother of three Sharmaine Humes was killed in a fatal traffic accident on Sunday, November 1, between Miles 24 and 25 on the George Price Highway. Today, 25 year old Earl Pitts Jr. of Belama Phase 2 was read charges of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and […]

Female bar owner under investigation for human trafficking
Orange walk police have detained a Guatemalan woman after allegations of human trafficking were reported. According to authorities, on Saturday, acting on information received, the department’s Quick Response Team visited Dominguez Bar located at Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk town where they found three women. They were identified as […]

Nissan Frontier stolen in Santa Elena
35-year-old Phillip Emelio Sosa’s four door Nissan Frontier pickup truck was stolen from his garage at his home in Santa Elena Town on Friday, November 20th, while he was at work. Sosa told police that around 5:30 a.m., he left for work and upon returning at 8:00 p.m., he noticed that his […]

Cayo police find weed in abandoned lot
On Friday evening, November 20th, the police’s Special Branch Tactical Response Squad was conducting operations in the Cayo District, when a search in an abandoned lot led to the discovery of a transparent bag containing cannabis. The find was weighed and amounted to 80 grams, which was labelled as “Found Property” […]

Cashier walks off theft charges
Former cashier at James Brodie and Company Limited, 22 year old Alfonso Marin, is free of multiple counts of theft after his old employers dropped the charges against him. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser struck out the five counts after being informed of the company’s decision in court this […]

Belize City police find .38 revolver
While conducting a search at an abandoned lot in the St. Martins Area of Belize City on Saturday, November 21st, officers discovered a .38 revolver pistol and three live rounds of ammunition. The firearm was deposited as “Found Property” since no one was in the area at the time.

Accused burglar wins appeal
This morning Justice Adolph Lucas set free labourer Clive Jones from a charge of burglary heard as an Inferior Court Appeal in the Supreme Court. Jones, represented by Anthony Sylvestre, had served 21 months of a seven year prison sentence on a burglary charge. He was accused and […]

UDP Mesopotamia Committee confirms Shyne’s interest
The United Democratic Party’s (UDP) Mesopotamia Committee, this morning, confirmed to BMG that Moses “Shyne” Barrow has indeed expressed his interest in running for electoral politics in the area and has started walking the area. According to UDP Mesop Committee Chairman Rodney Lord, Shyne has indicated to them that he is […]

Weak cold front to increase moisture over next few days
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny skies with cloudy spells today and mostly cloudy skies tonight. A few showers will affect mainly Southern and some coastal areas this morning and Northern as well as inland areas this afternoon. A few showers and periods of light rain will […]


5 great options for starting a new Holiday tradition
One of the most common things people say about Thanksgiving aside from how delicious the meal was is all the time and energy it takes to make it happen. Why not start a new Tropical tradition for Thanksgiving and let someone else do the cooking? Most Americans associate Thanksgiving with cooler temperatures over swaying palm trees, majestic rain-forests and historical Maya temples. In an effort to take the work out of the Holiday many resorts and restaurants are helping make both American and (to a lesser degree) Canadian Thanksgiving unofficial Belize Holidays.

Belize in December - What to do?
December is a great time to be in Belize; the weather is great and it’s the start of the high tourism season. Take advantage of the cool breeze, sunshine and clear blue skies. During this month you will find Belizeans in a festive mood as they prepare to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Christmas eve is a great day to visit the downtown core of whichever place you are to see Belizeans running around doing errands and buying last minute Christmas gifts. There is loud music everywhere and nonstop firecrackers exploding in the background. Christmas Day is a national holiday and most restaurants and stores are closed except for hotel restaurants. On this day locals have backyard family BBQs and stay home all day, however, the younger crowds usually go out with friends at nighttime. Boxing Day: The day after Christmas is also a holiday and most Belizeans head to the racetracks for a day filled with happy cheering and lots of drinking. The biggest horse racing event takes place in the village of Burrell Boom near Belize City but in the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena there is also a lively smaller event.

The Best Hotel in San Pedro Belize: Xanadu Island Resort
The tender bobbed in and out of the water as I stepped off of the hour long water-shuttle bringing us to the docks of San Pedro Belize. Both locals and travelers alike had chosen to take the shuttle out…however, we weren’t expecting the waters to be as choppy as they were when we first arrived to San Pedro. Thankful to be on dry land, and putting the queasiness of being sea-sick aside, we took the 5 minute shuttle ride to our pre-arranged accommodation through downtown San Pedro and made our way to the hotel that was arranged back in my home-base of Denver, Colorado about 2 months prior to my visit. As we dodged the mud puddles in the road and locals walking around the quaint streets, we arrived to Xanadu Island Resort where I was quickly greeted by some of the friendliest staff I’ve seen along with a much needed, and strong, glass of rum punch. Thus began a fantastic start to our stay…

Ultimate List of The Best Hostels in Belize
Home of abounding terrestrial and marine species along the Carribean, be mesmerized and plan your stay as we guide you through the ultimate list of BEST HOSTELS IN BELIZE – includes rates, location and great reviews that will surely help you with your travel!

A Recipe for Ex Pats in Belize, who miss Whole Foods...:)
That Ex Pat would be me--I miss the convenience of stopping at a healthy place and getting pre made, cut up healthy stuff for dinner. Since I made a recent blog about male-oriented food on the peninsula, I wanted to follow up with a healthy option for those who eat more like me :-p While the vegetables and fruits in Belize are mostly healthy and organic, and cheap!, there is NO PRE MADE ANYTHING TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE....unless you buy from a restaurant, but I do enjoy cooking and I like to know exactly what is in my stuff I'm eating. I came up with a recipe that turned out great, that I can keep in the fridge for several days, and eat out of instead of having to cut up and cook every time. I have been accused of using a LOT of ingredients and this one is no exception--if you are going to cook, and it is cheap, why not? You get more nutrients that way! :)

International Sourcesizz

Out of Mexico: Mennonite farmers leave as water supplies dwindle
On the edge of a high plain fringed by craggy sandstone hills, Johan Friesen’s small farm is a testament to the rural providence of his Mennonite people. Neat fields of onion, soybean and yellow corn stretch behind his concrete and adobe house. In the farmyard, a few dozen cows stand in a corral, ready for milking, and a canary-colored reaper awaits repair. But beneath this valley of orderly farms in the center of Chihuahua state, the picture is less than serene, officials and farmers say. Underground reservoirs have been drained by thirsty crops, like corn, that are the mainstay of the Mennonites’ success, they say. Competition for groundwater – which officials have warned could run out in 20 years – has strained relations between the pacifist, Low German-speaking Mennonites and other farmers and, on occasion, incited violence.


  • Into the crack, 5.5min. Diving a crack in the reef off San Pedro Belize. It was a big stirred up from the diver ahead of me.

  • Belize Expedition, 7min. Jungle survival expedition with Ian Anderson Cave Branch. Four days of catching your food, filtering your water, building your shelters, and oh not changing your clothes. Followed by Altun Ha Mayan ruins

  • Santander Group, 3min. We've been a little quiet lately, but there's a good reason for that! Check out a virtual tour on the progress of the Santander Farms and Sugar Mill. Getting ready to start operations in February 2016. Built on integrity and responsibility and with productivity, development, job creation and community well-being at the forefront, The Santander Group is a privately held group of companies dedicated to the efficient and high quality production of sugar and its derivatives.

  • Go! Ranik 6 - Leben in Belize, 6min. Ranik travels around the world and takes us on his journey in his new German Vlog "Go! Ranik" :

  • Un"belize"able!!!, 4min. Our 2015 trip to Belize.

  • Belize 2015 Diving w/ Turneffe Island Resort, 4min. Nov 1st, 2015 - 1st day diving 3 different dive sites. Diving buddies included Judy, John, Dian & Tom. We saw Trunkfish, Lionfish, Lizard Fish, Spotted Moray Eel, Spiny & Atlantic Lobsters, Decorator Crab, Nassau Grouper, Queen Triggerfish, & Scorpion Fish.

  • Belize Style Lobster, 7min. This hilarious, self filmed, produced, directed, edited and distributed video shows "Cooking with Kenny" Chef Ken Barrick teaching you how to cook a lobster Belize style - just the way he learned on his trip to Belize. Just be careful you don't laugh yourself into choking. The food is delicious and the delivery will make you laugh so hard you'll cry.

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    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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