Two Tree Banh Mi, The Sandwiches I LOVE!

Now we have VIETNAMESE sandwiches right on the beach…and my LOVE of cilantro (I wrote a whole ode to it) and even deeper, NJ born and bred love of subs…hoagies…SANDWICHES…it was meant to be.

Two Tree Banh Mi, Simple stand, right on the beach in Boca Del Rio. A small menu, a simple stand and fresh flavorful deliciousness. Cori has been on the island for 6 years and knows what she is doing. And the view as you wait for your pork meatballs to be grilled? Spectacular.

The neighbors to the south are Sandbar Hostel/Bar/Restaurant and then Melt Cafe.

The foot-longs. Peanut chicken satay… And my favorite. The pork meatballs. The meatballs alone so flavorful…but with veg and picked jalapenos and basil mayo and…all that cilantro. OH MY.

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