Regarding the abundance of wildlife on San Pedro worth protecting, this video was taken by a security cam in 2013 on the road far north of San Pedro Town. This has been confirmed as a puma. With the development rapidly coming to the natural reserve on the north of the island, it's imperative that the conservation community works to protect this habitat.


We have seen a puma and ocelot in our backyard in Basil Jones, N. Ambergris. We border on the Bacalar Chico Reserve and Park and see many animals.

Remember years ago collecting skat on northern caye and confirming I think 3 species of cat.

It's up to Forest and Fisheries to protect the reserve. Right now, only Fisheries has any presence and that is to protect the marine reserve. Please contact the Minister of Forest and Fisheries to let them know you want this reserve properly managed and protected.