The San Pedro local chapter for the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) seeks to celebrate its revival with the upcoming celebration of their 30th anniversary to be held on Saturday, December 12th. The celebration is scheduled to take place at the Central Park where everyone is invited to a fun evening. Some of the activities that will take place at the event will be the exhibition of local paintings, a bartending competition, and a ceviche contest. There will be raffles and lots of prizes to give away.

According to the Chairperson for the San Pedro local chapter of the BTIA, Melanie Paz, one of the main issues they will try to address on the island is the traffic situation. “One of the main concerns we are planning on dealing with is the situation with the taxis and the traffic conditions. We want to be checking on licenses on the taxis and police records to assure everything in order and make things better for tourism on the island,” said Paz. She also expressed disappointment on the fact that Ambergris Caye has so many businesses and only about 30 members are part of the local chapter. “If we want to do something for the island, it’s a bit complicated since we don’t have that much support in terms of membership to function like how we would like,” stated Paz.

At the day of the festivities, interested businesses or individuals can find out more about how they can become members of the organization. There is a need for new members as they initiate a new journey towards the well-being of the island’s tourism industry.

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