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Today's Belize News: December 1, 2015 #509573
12/01/15 05:56 AM
12/01/15 05:56 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Tour Guide Association Meetings
The San Pedro Tour Guide Association are inviting all tour guides and the public at large to participate in a general meeting to be held on Wednesday, December 2nd at the Lions Den starting at 7PM. The meeting will entail discussion on the association and tour guide practices in San Pedro. Another meeting will also be held on Tuesday, December 10th on the importance of manatees and how to proper protocol for conducting manatee sighting tours. Everyone is invited to attend this very important meeting also to be held at Lions Den at 1PM. Everyone is invited to attend booth meetings as they aim at prompting sustainable tourism practices in Ambergris Caye.

BTIA outlines plans for Ambergris Caye
The San Pedro local chapter for the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) seeks to celebrate its revival with the upcoming celebration of their 30th anniversary to be held on Saturday, December 12th. The celebration is scheduled to take place at the Central Park where everyone is invited to a fun evening. Some of the activities that will take place at the event will be the exhibition of local paintings, a bartending competition, and a ceviche contest. There will be raffles and lots of prizes to give away.

NEBL scheduled to tip off on January 2016
Belize’s top basketball teams are gearing up for the third annual National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) Tournament. Scheduled to start on Friday, January 15, 2016, the tournament tests the skills of Belizean basketballers in hopes of winning the NEBL championship. According to NEBL Commissioner, Karim Juan, six teams out of the seven who participated in the 2015 NEBL Tournament have already signed up for the upcoming tournament. These teams are Belize City No Limit, Belize Hurricanes, San Pedro Tiger Sharks, Belmopan Red Taigaz, Cayo Western Ballaz and Dangriga Warriors. Of the seven teams, only Orange Walk Running Rebels has not confirmed its participation in next year’s tournament. NEBL also announces that Independence Thunderbolt will be a new franchise in the league as they won the new team bid.

Xanadu named Americas Best Relaxation Retreat
Xanadu Island Resort has won yet another prestigious international title: America’s Best Relaxation Retreat. Xanadu was among the awardees at the World Boutique Hotel Award Ceremony 2015 held on Friday, October 30th at the Montcalm Hotel in London City, England. The ceremony brought together an array of boutique hotel owners, travel and lifestyle press and travel industry influencers from all corners of the world to celebrate the top boutique hotels in the industry. The World Boutique Hotel Awards is the first and only international awards scheme exclusively dedicated to recognizing unique excellence among luxury boutique hotels. Nominee hotels are evaluated personally by a member of the judging team, ensuring that all winners are capable of truly delivering on the title they are given. The San Pedro Sun congratulates Xanadu Island Resort on such an incredible recognition!

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks - A Different San Pedro
There are several things that are quite different from this Flashback of San Pedro to our San Pedro of today. For one thing, you do not see small residential homes in the downtown; you now see a business space almost everywhere in the town core. Secondly you do not see those patches of grass along the streets where villagers traditionally congregated to chat.You do not see laundry on the verandah; now the laundry is either at the laundromat or in the dryers at home. Now let’s focus on people. Today you will not see young girls walking about the streets of San Pedro so informally in short pants and no shoes. No, today you see them in some sort of office uniform going to the workplace. Now take a good look at the man in the photo, Mr. Rudy Nuñez. Most men walked around the village without a shirt, without shoes and if they wore pants it was rolled up half way up the calves. They wore shorts or more often their homemade underwear. Don’t laugh but if they were to do so today, they would probably end up being arrested. This is a wonderful Flashback of our beautiful village life in San Pedro. Gone are the days of beautiful village life.

The Goose is on the Loose Birthday Bash
Local Belizean/Sanpedrano dentist Julio Lara brought in his 32nd birthday on Friday, November 27, 2015, in what has been deemed 'the party of the year' by his invited guests. It was a Grey Goose themed party, filled with party favors, music, delicious food by local Chef Jennie Staines of Elvi's Kitchen and even a fireworks display. "The Goose is on the Loose..." sums up all the celebration of the evening in honor of Julio Lara. Happy Birthday Julio!!

The Caribbean Sea is My Filter
Marie-Pier Doiron said it best with her photo caption "The Caribbean Sea is my filter" as she vacationed in Belize and shared this one picture of her underwater adventure. She holds an Arrow Crab in her hands while she explores the underwater beauty of the Great Barrier Reef of Belize with Discovery Expeditions' Sea Trek tour. No need to be a certified diver, just strap on a 'bubble helmet' and walk on the sea bottom floor. Always a unique adventure in Belize.

Island Students Invade San Pedro Town Council Offices
On Friday, November 27, 2015, the San Pedro Town celebrated 31 years of achieving its township back in 1984 under the leadership of Mr. Gilberto "Chico" Gomez. This year, the San Pedro Town Council took an educational approach to its township celebrations and held an Open House day inviting island residents and visitors to the offices of the town council to witness the renovations that are taking place, including the daily operations of the staff. Upper-division students of all schools were invited to participate in the Open House where they learned interesting facts about San Pedro and its founders. Both teachers and students were very amazed at what once was the town's water tank is now the Town Council's file room, design and print room. (P.S. like 20+ years ago, the town council had a built in water tank, made of concrete, that used to supply water for the entire town back in its days.)

The Truck Stop Opens
There's a new hot spot in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Opening this past weekend, The Truck Stop was teeming with activity as customers visited the eatery, bar and ice cream joints all tucked neatly in shipping containers arranged in one big yard. Congratulations to the Truck Stop! We will be back for the full experience.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Government of Belize Press Office

Belize Progressive Parties issues a release regarding the arrest of COLA members during Saturday's protest.
During the visit by Guatemalan President-Elect, Jimmy Morales, like all Belizeans, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) bore witness to the blatant abuse of power, against peaceful protesters, as demonstrated by the security forces. The BPP denounces this patent act of aggression and demands an explanation. We call on Prime Minster Barrow and the Minister of National Security to answer the following questions: (1) Why were peaceful protesters treated in such fashion? and (2) On whose orders were the security forces acting? These questions must be answered because upon last check of the Constitution, Belizeans are guaranteed the right to freedom of expression. The blatant, irresponsible and potentially illegal actions carried out by the security forces are a clear indication of the intentional militarization of our Police Department, which is misguided, especially given the existential threat posed to our sovereign territory, which is being carried-out daily by way of the illegal: poaching, fishing, cultivation and misuse of our natural resources by Guatemalans. The manner of force exhibited has no place in domestic law enforcement, in particular, when dealing with unarmed-peaceful protesters!

Vicitms of the system and fire: 16 year old Shadisha Arnold, 16 yearold Anna Carlos and 14 year old Elizabeth Mckoy
At 2:29p.m. on 28.11.15, police responded to a fire at the Princess Royal Youth Hostel located at mile 21 on the George Price Highway where they saw a green wooden building engulfed in flames on the compound. Initial investigations revealed that at 2:00p.m., three female inmates who were inside the building ( 16-year-old Anna Melinda Carlos, 14-year-old Elizabeth Mckoy and 16-year-old Shadisha Arnold) when one of them reportedly lit a pillow where the fire got out of control and engulfed the building, trapping them inside. After personnel from the Fire Department extinguished the fire, the charred remains of the three females were discovered.

WPC Stanford Officer of the Month
Congratulations, WPC Stanford! She is the Officer of the Month. "One of our great community policing officers has again won officer of the month. Congratulations WPC Stanford"

Rotaract Christmas Food Drive
The Rotaract Club of Benque is accepting donations of food for their annual Christmas Food Drive. Any non-perishable food items are being asked for. If you can't donate food, or money, you can always give the gift of food on your own. Thanks, Rotaract! "Tis the season of giving! Contact any of our Rotaractors to make your donation."

6th International Festival of Culture
The 6th International Festival of Culture kicks off this Friday December 4th to Sunday December 6th, 2015 in Benque Viejo Del Carmen.

US Embassy's 8th Annual Artisan Fair
Don't forget to come visit the Embassy's 8th Annual Artisan Fair today!!!

Caye Caulker Children's Fun Drive: Christmas Toy Drive
Parents please remember to come in and pick up your tickets. Unfortunately this year I am unable to go around house to house. You can stop by at Step By Step Tutoring Center to pick up your tickets.

Caye Caulker: Arms of Love Mini Christmas Fair is coming up. Save the date
If anyone wants to donate any prizes towards our games you can call 610-1822 or 632-9599. Or inbox me and I will pick it from you. Thanks very much.

11th Annual Permaculture Design Course
We are pleased to announce that we have received a commitment for funding from the LUSH Fund for 16 Belizean students to attend the 11th Annual Permaculture Design Course, to be held from the 22nd of February to the 7th of March, 2016. Applicants must be Belizean, with a preference for farmers, extension officers and community leaders. Of the 16 scholarships, a minimum of 8 must be female. Interested persons must be nominated by an NGO, Community Based Organization, school village council or town board. Thanks to LUSH Cosmetics for their continued support.

Caye Caulker: Live Music with Valentino
Live Music with Valentino at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill from 6pm-9pm!Location : Barrier Reef Sports Bar, Front StreetStart Date: December 1, 2015End Date: December 1, 2015Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Youth Week
Department of Youth Services launches Youth Week this past Sunday November 29th. Both youth from Corozal and Orange Walk participated in an Ecumenical Service, Youth Parade and Fun Day in Corozal.

Emergency power interruption, 9:00am to 11:00am, Tuesday, December 1, Stann Creek
Entire Dangriga Town and Sarawee Village. B.E.L to replace broken utility pole carrying high voltage lines.

Husbandry upgrades at Belize Bird Rescue
Husbandry upgrades are our favourite moves, and today we made a much-anticipated one. With the heron released, it opened up the long flight aviary which had been earmarked for the next step for this year's white-front intakes. I have never seen such joy in a flock! Some of them were panting so hard it was 'Oh wow, I flew so much I can't breathe'

Channel 7

Three Girls Perish: Families Devastated
Three girls perished in a fire at the youth hostel on Saturday - and tonight, we're all still grappling to come to terms with the tragedy. It's the second serious fire there in eight months - and the third in five years - but this one is different because three girls, one 14 and two 16, were burnt to death inside their small room. We'll have every detail on the fire tonight, and a breakdown of all that went wrong that led to their cruel deaths - but first we turn our attention to their families. 14 year old Elizabeth Mckoy, and 16 year old Shadisha Arnold and Anna Carlos were in the hostel as troubled girls - but their families never could have expected their lives to end in a burning dorm building. Today, Courtney Weatherburne spoke to the mothers of the deceased:... Courtney Weatherburne reporting It is among all this scorched debris that the young girls' bodies were found huddled in a corner. The beds they once slept in are now blackened iron frames stacked against each other. The clothes they once wore are now tossed on the ground - tattered and singed. And the Science and Math Books they once read and studied from are now ripped apart and frayed.

Why Were The Girls Locked Inside? Why Did One Of Them Have a Lighter?
So, now to the sequence of events that led to their deaths, and the various breakdowns in procedure that resulted in three girls padlocked in a room with a lighter. The three girls were part of a group of four who had escaped the day before and were recovered by Hattieville police. When they were taken back to the hostel, they were confined for 24 hours to their dorm room, and denied privileges. On Saturday two female guards were in charge of 30 girls: one was supervising recreation and the other was in the dorm building - the same one with the girls that burnt down. That wooden building - which is a temporary structure has four small rooms and the common area. The other girl who had escaped, a 12 year old was in another one of those rooms, while the security guard was in the common area. That's the background to the disaster that unfolded around 2:30. Jules Vasquez was on the scene:... Jules Vasquez reporting At 2:29 pm - Hattieville police received notice of a fire in progress at the youth hostel. When Police got there 10 minutes later, the building - a wooden female dorm - was already engulfed in flames. The Fire department arrived just before 3:00 pm - but could not get their pumps working.

Police Managed To Get Out Three Sets Of Remains
But, that's later - right now the families are preparing to bury their loved ones. But they have no intact bodies, just burnt remains. Fortunately, police and the forensic examiner have been able to piece together whose body is whose. Superintendent Romero explained: Supt. Hilberto Romero, OC CIB - Eastern Division "We have recovered 3 bodies which was taken to the morgue. Presently the doctor is working with the families to try identify the bodies and we have conducted a full and thorough investigation. We have formulated a task force. We are recording statements, conducting interviews and a file will be put together to determine if anyone is to be held accountable."

Fire Department Says Girls Perished While Conscious
And while police have their work to do - to hear most people tell it - the fire department just didn't do theirs. In fact, in our story we said their pump wasn't working. Well, the fire department disputes that. The pump on two trucks did work - four about four minutes - to get the fire under control. But, the Fire Station manager says that by the time they reached the scene at 3:05 - it was too late:... Orin Smith, Station Manager, BNFS "On arrival at the scene at 3:05pm the roof of the structure was observed already collapse and the fire was in a free burning phase. We got into operation to extinguish the fire. The fire was later brought under control and extinguished." Jules Vasquez "Now sir the criticism is the inevitable arises that you all arrived late. That you all took an hour to arrive after the fire started. Explain to me the tight sequence." Orin Smith, Station Manager, BNFS "We responded at the time of the call." Jules Vasquez "Which was?" Orin Smith, Station Manager, BNFS "2:34pm. between here and Hattieville, there was an approximate 13-15 speed bumps. The truck has to slow down at each of these speed bumps. Otherwise it will burst the tanks holding the water and when we arrive on the scene, we will just have a truck. It took us about half an hour from here to arrive on the scene and the time of arrival the roof of the structure had already collapsed and the fire was in the free burning phase."

YaYa's Coney Drive Surprise Was No Joke For Jimmy
he other big story which happened this weekend was the very first visit of Guatemalan President Elect Jimmy Morales. He hasn't officially taken office as yet, but he's already well-known to Belizeans. That's because during his election campaign, he called it "deplorable" that Guatemala was quote, "about to lose Belize" and said Guatemala should quote "fight for that territory or part of that territory." So, when the Government confirmed on Friday evening that he was indeed making a courtesy call on the Prime Minister, Belizeans closely following the territorial dispute took a keen interest to see how it would play out. Daniel Ortiz locked in on the Morales mission from Friday night at nine, and stayed locked until Saturday at noon. Here's his story:

PM's Meeting With Morales was Cordial, Cool
While President Elect Morales' arrival had a hostile greeting on Coney Drive, the atmosphere inside the Prime Minister's Office on Saturday morning was friendly and courteous. A Press release from the government says, quote, "they both congratulated each other for their respective recent victories at the polls. Prime Minister Barrow and President-elect Morales discussed the bilateral relations between Belize and Guatemala, including a way forward in respect of resolving our historical differences. They agreed to continue along the path set out in the Framework Agreement and Confidence Building Measures of 2005…" End Quote. That's a lot more passive and diplomatic when compared to Morales' pre and post campaign trail comments concerning the territorial claim. On Saturday, Prime Minister Barrow told the media that he made the point to Morales that as the next president of Guatemala, he must foster the progress in friendly relations that both countries have worked so hard to cultivate: Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "It was very cordial. We spoke about the nature of the bi-lateral relations. He indicated that he is committed to working the process. I told him that I appreciated that. He must understand that the pencil of God has no eraser. We are going to be geographically contiguous - we are going to be neighbors forever. There are mechanisms in place.

PM Catalogues All That Went Wrong With Nanes Schnitzer
While we were on the topic of diplomacy, the media took the opportunity to ask the Prime Minister about Mexican American Fugitive, David Nanes Schnitzer, who has apparently managed to escape from Belizean law enforcement. His case has caused Belize to offend Mexico, it's most friendly and cooperative neighbour to the north. Overall, it's a major black eye for Belizean law enforcement because it took the cooperation of the US Marshals and the Belize police to capture Schnitzer. He was living on San Pedro under an assumed identity made possible by national identity documents he managed to get through fraud and falsified information. But, this weekend, the Prime Minister revealed just how serious the multi-agency screw up was. He told us that a few months ago, the Mexican Government made an extradition request for Schnitzer. He explained that the Extradition Treaty Agreement between the two countries was faulty which meant that Schnitzer could not just be handed over by this avenue. From there, everything else went wrong:

Two Teenagers Charged For Businessman's Murder
On Friday, we told you about the 2 teenagers police arrested for the murder of 47 year-old businessman, Ruben Perez. Their capture was made possible by tips to the police after surveillance footage of the robbery turned murder was aired on 7News. Well tonight, those 2 accused: 18 year-old Dangriga resident Keon Dennison, and 19 year-old Belize City resident Tyrone Reid, are at Belize Central Prison. They were arraigned today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers, who did not take any plea from them, and neither could she offer them bail. They were remanded into custody until January 29, 2016. As we showed you, Ruben Perez was inside his business place last Thursday afternoon. He was sitting behind his desk playing with his phone when 2 young men barged into the establishment. There was a struggle, and the jumpy gun-wielding robber shot him in the neck at close range. That injury was fatal.

Another Fatal On Southern Highway
On Friday we told you about the death of Emerson Burke on the Southern Highway and tonight there is another fatal accident to report. This one happened Friday afternoon, where 55-year-old housewife Nelly Lopez was flung from the back of a pickup driven by her 19 year old son. He told police the brakes in the Mazda pickup failed and he swerved to avoid a collision. His mother Nelly was flung from the pan of the truck unto the pavement. She received serious head and body injuries and was transported to the Southern Regional where she succumbed to her injuries. And there was a serious collision over the weekend in the Corozal District where luckily no one was killed. Six persons, including two children, had to be treated for minor injuries after the head on collision between miles 72 and 73, which is between San Narciso and Louisville Villages.

The GSU got a gun on the northside this weekend. Based on intelligence, they went to search at home at #5655 Gentle Avenue, and saw 33 year old Naturalized Belizean Nayef Khodr AGHA, stepping out. He was then escorted back inside where a search was conducted. He volunteered to police that he had a firearm inside a drawer behind the door. Police looked inside and found a chrome .22 pistol containing a magazine with one live round. Agha had no license for it, and so he was arrested and charged for the offence of Kept Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition.

The family and friends of Austrian Politician Josef Trajer continue to worry about him after he left his country to vacation in Belize. It's been a month since he was supposed to return, and since then, he has not contacted anyone back home. Reports to 7News are that he traveled to Belize from Vienna On October 12 or 13 where he was supposed to have stayed in a lodge in a jungle camp in Southern Belize for 2 or 3 weeks. He is believed to have arrived on schedule, and sometime later, one of his friend's back home received a worrying call. Our information says that an unknown German speaking man called this friend to say that Trajer had been hurt, and that his return would be delayed. He hasn't been answering any of his phones since that call. Since then, a Belize City based law firm has been making contacts with the lodges and hospitals in Toledo and with the KHMH, but there is still no other information about Trajer since.

32.9 Million Dollar Civic Is Coming
The Civic Center was dismantled two years ago, there's been no move to start work on the multi purpose sports facility that's supposed to replace it. But today, kind of out of the blue, Belize Infrastructure Limited sent a press release saying that a contract was signed two months ago for 32.9 million dollars. The release omits to mention when work will starts, but once it does, it should go on for two years. The contract was awarded to the local joint venture of Medina's Construction and International Environments Ltd. The release says it will be called the new "Belize City Center Arena and Cultural Complex" and will feature 3 inside practice basketball courts, and one FIBA grade professional center court. It will seat 4000 for games and 5000 for indoor entertainment events. The Center will be fully air conditioned and have parking underneath the building. Outside, there will also be two outdoor basketball courts, one 5 on 5 soccer field, and skateboard parks.

House Topples In Belize City
On Sunday afternoon, a Belize City family on Neal's Pen Road got a very unpleasant surprise when their house fell down. The upper floor home was on stilts which suddenly gave way around 1:30, and it all came tumbling down. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the woman of the house was shocked. We spoke to Sherol Brooks:.. Anyone wishing to help the family can do so by calling 207-1050 or 620-6022.

Hostel: The Deeper Tangle
At the top of this newscast, we spent about 20 minutes talking all about the Youth Hostel - and the many breakdowns on Saturday that culminated in three girls perishing in a dorm fire. And while all the attention now is brought to focus on how the hostel was managed and what they did and didn't do, the fact is, that place is in constant crisis - not so much because of management but because the children that are sent there are themselves in crisis. Overall, the Department of Human Development manages about 300 children who are in state care - and each case requires special attention. Today at a Racoon Street police station press conference, Director of Community Rehabilitation Starla Bradley had to take all the questions - including one about whether she would resign:.. Reporter "Would you feel the need to resign?" Starla Bradley, Director Community Rehabilitation Department "I feel that the easy thing to do might be to resign and put all of this behind me. But there is still the work to do. The work still continues. The Youth Hostel in general, the population that we served, we've seen over the years they becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Just the issues that they come with. The level of aggression, the level of trauma, the level of mental and psychiatric issues and it always seems to like we are racing against time to try to fix a system, an old system to catch up to their needs, their present issues and needs. For us over the past few years we did an assessment of the entire system and we realize that we had to do more than just warehouse these children. The system was completely broken and if you had seen the facilities previously - there was a lot lacking and so for the past few years we've been working very hard to try to strengthen the facility itself, like wooden doors that we think would be indestructible - these children somehow find a way to break a part. So we graduated to metal doors."

Fire Suppression System For Hostel
And "fixing" the system also means preparing for the worst. At the hostel that means fires; Saturday's was the second major incident for the year. CEO in the Ministry Alpuche told the media they are looking to invest in a Fire suppression system: Judith Alpuche, CEO - Min. Of Human Development "It's about a $154,000 investment and we just got the go ahead from IDB, because the loan is an IDB loan. That was not at all a feature of the loan agreement. But they have agreed with us that that is an essential piece and so that is currently under construction at the Youth Hostel." Reporter "When do you expect to see it out?" Judith Alpuche, CEO - Min. Of Human Development "I would really need to check to see when that, but it certainly has to be completed within a month or two because that's when the loan closes."

PM Laments US Blacklisting
Last week, we told you about how the Obama Administration blacklisted Kremsont Commercial Inc, an offshore company registered in Belize for alleged ties to Syria and Isis. The accusation from the US Department of Treasury was that 4 individuals, Kremsont, and another entity, were allegedly backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Although it is most likely a shell company where it's registered owners probably never set foot here, Belize is being loosely associated with an "Islamic State" terror group. When the Prime Minister was asked about it this weekend, he told the press that he is hopeful that there are no lasting negative effects: Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I want to be careful because we all know how touchy this sort of thing is, how sensitive. But this is one isolated instance of this company engaging in activity that's a violation of US law and sanctions requirement. I don't see how the jurisdiction, Belize as a jurisdiction will get into any trouble as a result of that. I think its limited to the particular company." Reporter "To those of us who don't understand as much. Why would a company like Kremsont register in Belize? What would they gain by that?"

PM supports Shyne In Mesop, Sista B in Queen's Square
And, we also asked the Prime Minister if he supports his son, Moses Shyne Barrow, in his political aspirations. As we told you, Shyne wants to run as the next UDP standard bearer for the Mesopotamia Division, where he would replace his uncle, Michael Finnegan. The Prime Minister told us that he supports Shyne on this venture, and he also revealed that his sister, "Sista B" will replace him in Queen Square when he steps down: Reporter "Shyne has indicated that he will run in Mesopotamia. He has indicated also in an interview that he has your blessing. Could you confirm or deny that?" Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Yes he has my blessing. He is my son and if that's what he chooses to do I will of course support him." Reporter "He has also said that "Sista B" will take over in Queen Square."

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12/01/15 05:56 AM
12/01/15 05:56 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Three Female Minors Die in Blaze at Youth Hostel
Three female minors, one-fourteen and two-sixteen years old lost their lives tragically in a fire at the Youth Hostel on Saturday at Mile twenty-one on the George Price Highway. Tonight, [...]

Three Persons Placed On Leave Pending Investigation Findings
The news of the tragedy spread like wildfire across social media as families and friends of Arnold, Carlos and McKoy expressed outrage at the senseless loss of life. Residents are [...]

Former Family Court Director to Lead Investigation into Deadly Fire
As we said, there are many unanswered questions, but a criminal as well as an independent investigation are currently underway to determine if there is negligence in the death of [...]

Youth Threatens to Jump Off Building in Wake of Fire
The terrible, senseless deaths of three young girls entrusted to the care of the state are tragedy enough. No matter what any investigation indicates, or reveals, the primary victims are [...]

Protest of Guatemalan President-Elect Crashed by GSU Officers
News Five has extensive coverage tonight of the very under the radar visit of Guatemalan President Elect Jimmy Morales. Morales is on a whirlwind round of country visits prior to [...]

PM Barrow Says Discussion with Morales Was Cordial
Against that backdrop of little protest and big guns, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Guatemalan President-Elect Jimmy Morales met for about thirty minutes, for discussions and the usual photo op. [...]

COLA President Geovanni Brackett Released Without Charges
COLA President Geovanni Brackett, one of five persons who protested on Coney Drive, was released at around midday from the Queen Street Police Station, without being charged. He told News [...]

Two Teenagers Charged for Brutal Murder of Belize City Businessman
Tonight, two teenagers age eighteen and nineteen years old, are behind bars for the murder of businessman, Rueben Perez that occurred on November twenty-sixth at his business on Vernon Street [...]

PM Barrow Says Decision to Grant Fugitive David Nanes Bail Worrisome
The curious tale of international fugitive David Nanes Schnitzer is one of those things that make you go hmmm – repeatedly and very loudly. Wanted by Mexico for fraud to [...]

Why Didn’t Police Conduct Surveillance of David Nanes?
Bail for such a fugitive as Nanes is one thing…one very strange thing. But then there’s the matter of Police scrutiny. How is it that Nanes was allowed to just [...]

Immigration Investigation Determines Nanes Documents Were Fraudulent
Then there’s the fact that when Mexican-American Nanes Schnitzer was apprehended, he had more Belizean ID on him than the average Belizean. The Prime Minister pulled no bones in citing [...]

BTV’s Wil Maheia Says Sarstoon FOB is only Rhetoric
Last week, during the tenth anniversary celebration of the Belize National Coast Guard, Minister of national Security announced that on December ninth ground will be broken on the new and [...]

Woman Dies in Tragic RTA
A traffic accident has claimed the life of a housewife from the south. On Friday afternoon, fifty-five year old Nelly Lopez from Steadfast Village tragically died when she was flung [...]

Teenager Stabbed Multipe Times in Armenia
A near-fatal assault during which an eighteen-year-old was stabbed multiple times in Armenia Village has left one person hospitalized.  Sometime before nine o’clock on Saturday morning, Daniel Edaldo Esevado was [...]

PM Barrow Says US Sanction of Kremsont Commercial Should Not Affect Belize
Late last week, we aired a story about Kremsont Commercial, a company operated by Syrian born Russian national Mudalal Khuri and registered in Belize. The US sanctioned Khuri and Kremsont [...]

Shyne to Mesop…Sista B to Queen Square…
And from matters of state to matters of party politics – rapper turned politician Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow announced last week on his Facebook page that he would be running in [...]

Christmas Cheer This Year…Remixed and Reduced
For many Belizeans, perhaps a sad testimony of our times…Christmas isn’t Christmas without Christmas Cheer. It’s a program in which politicians hand out money to some of their constituents to [...]

Calabash Caye Field Station Officially Opened
The University of Belize is playing an integral role in the management of our natural resources, terrestrial and maritime, through its Environmental Research Institute.  Since officially launching the program a [...]

Desperately Seeking Missing Austrian Josef Trajer
The Austrian Embassy in Mexico is asking the assistance of the Belizean public to locate forty-seven year old Austrian national Josef Trajer. Today, News Five was contacted by an attorney [...]

Weekend Sports Wrap Up with James Adderley
We open tonight’s show with the showdown in Central Secondary Schools Sporting Association Male Basketball play featuring the 2 powerhouses from inside Belize City—Wesley College and St. John’s College, two [...]


COLA Welcomes Jimmy Morales With Protest
Guatemalan President Elect Jimmy Moralez arrived in Belize via the Northern Border after ten on Friday night. Belizeans were not officially informed by Government about Moralez’s visit until after 3:00pm and this was after the news broke on Social Media. Moralez and his entourage arrived at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize under tight security. There, the media was waiting for him but only managed to get a glimpse of the President elect. Moralez was in the country to pay a courtesy call on Prime Minister Dean Barrow as part of a visit he is making to all Heads of State and Government of SICA member countries and Mexico. On Saturday morning, he visited P.M Barrow at his office on Coney Drive. We’ll tell you what was discussed during the reunion in a few, but before that, we report on the protest that was taking place outside the P.M’s office that even led to the arrest of President of COLA Geovannie Brackett.

Julius Espat Withdraws Candidacy For PUP Leadership
The People’s United Party Deputy Leader Julius Espat, is no longer contesting the post of Party Leader. The Cayo South Area Representative was one of the five candidates vying for the post alongside former leader John Briceno; Kareem Musa, son of former two-time Prime Minister Said Musa, Lake Independence Area Representative Cordel Hyde and Senator Lisa Shoman. According to the Reporter Newspaper, Espat has confirmed his position. He is quoted as saying “Yes, I have been encouraged by some of my colleagues, but at this time I will concentrate my energies in my constituency.” He continued by saying quote “I think this time I need to spend a lot more time with them and fight their issues, which are really important issues.” End quote.

Dean Barrow Speaks On Case Of International Fugitive David Nanes Schnitzer
International fugitive David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer, aka David Banes, wanted by the Mexican Government for defrauding investors of forty-two million U.S. dollars, got bail on two separate charges of possession of forged documents, despite the gravity of the case. Upon receiving bail, Nanes Schnitzer wasted no time and skipped town. Tonight, no one knows where he is and many people are upset about his escape, including the Mexican Government. The fact that Nanes Schnitzer received bail is raising eyebrows and has placed the country’s Justice System under scrutiny. On Saturday, the Prime Minster was drilled about the case and he told the media that while he has his own views on the issue, he respects the court’s decision, but something just doesn’t add up.

How Did International Fugitive Obtained Passport With False Information? Immigration Department Being Investigated
David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer was living in Belize since 2012 and during that time he obtained a number of documents under false information including a Belizean Passport which was revoked after his arrest. The fact that the international fugitive was able to obtain those documents under another name and other false information, raises huge concern, says Prime Minister Dean Barrow. “When there are things that make clear that there is obviously a level of collusion not to say corruption on the part of public servants I don’t mean just civil servants am talking about everybody in the public service including ministers when anything happens that demonstrates that things can be done to circumvent the law in consequence of the collusion of persons in authority that is very distressing it is very upsetting of course we are never ever going to have a Simon pure society but it leave me very distraught.”

2015 Hurricane Season Ends With No Threats To Belize
Today marks the end of the 2015 Hurricane Season and it is safe to say that our country did not face any threats this year. And this is because the season was below average, says Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez. Dennis Gonguez Chief Meteorologist. “This season was just below average during this year hurricane season there were eleven named systems f these eleven four became hurricanes and out of this four two were major hurricanes, that is in category three, four and five so in a typical season though there will be twelve named systems so this eleven is a bit below the twelve there is one left on the twelve and in a typical season we have six hurricanes this year we only had four there are two to three that become major hurricanes this year we had two major hurricanes this so it was a bit below average season.”

BPP Expresses Concern Over Death Of Fire Victims
While many Belizeans are saddened about the unfortunate incident and the untimely passing of the three young girls, others are questioning the true reason behind the fire. The Belize Progressive Party issued a press release today expressing their dissatisfaction with the incident and are demanding to know, one: If it is true that the young women were in an altercation before being locked away? If this is so, why were they put in the same room? Two: Why did authorities need to break the door? If these young women were locked in a room, and thus the door would have been locked from the outside, why wasn’t a key used to open the door? Three: Who is responsible for the keys to the rooms that are used to lock away youths at this hostel? Did one of the young women lock the door from the inside? And four: Was this an unfortunate murder suicide?

Guatemalan President Elect Pays Courtesy Visit To PM Barrow
There is no doubt that Moralez’s visit left a sour taste in the mouth of many Belizeans especially after his comments made during his campaign, when it comes to Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute. But that is all in the past says the Prime Minister as Moralez has backtracked from his comments. So what was the discussion about? According to the P.M, while it was very cordial, the bilateral relations between Belize and Guatemala, including a way forward in respect of resolving our historical differences, was discussed. Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize: “We spoke about the nature of the bilateral relations he indicated that he is committed to working the process, I told him that I appreciated that, he must understand that the pencil of God has no erasure we are going to be geographically contiguous we are going to be neighbors forever, there are mechanisms in place, the professional relationship I think is good between the militaries, between our foreign ministries, the people to people interaction is good, there are trade ties, there are ties of commerce, there are educational exchanges we spoke about the children from Melchor who come across to go to school in Benque.”

Three Persons Placed On Administrative Leave After Fire At Youth Hostel Claims The Life Of Three Young Girls
Over the weekend tragedy hit the Old Capital as a building located inside the compound of the Princess Royal Youth Hostel caught fire on Saturday and claimed the life of three females. After the blasé was extinguished the charred remains of 16 year old Anna Melinda Carlos, 14 year old Elizabeth McKoy and 16 year old Shadisha Alma Arnold were removed from inside what was left of the building. Reports are that the three girls had been placed on lockdown after they attempted to escape from the facility on Friday. Investigations revealed that one of the females lit a pillow with a lighter and that is when disaster struck.


Barrow Isn’t Worried About US Sanctions Against Registered Company in Belize
Last week we reported that the United States of America had black listed several persons and companies for aiding the Syrians. One of those companies is registered in Belize. The US Treasury has imposed sanctions on three Cyprus-based companies and a Belizean firm for allegedly assisting the Syrian government in money laundering activities. The article […]

Prime Minister Endorses Shyne for Mesop
Shyne Barrow, the son of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, has decided to be a politician. He wants to run in the Mesopotamia constituency in the next general elections. He has been walking the streets of that division already. In an interview conducted over the weekend, PM Barrow Barrow expressed his support for his son. DEAN […]

Teenagers Charged with Businessman’s Murder
Two teenagers were charged with the murder of 47-year-old businessman, Ruben Perez when they appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. They are Keon Dennison, a construction worker of Rivas Estate, Dangriga and 19-year-old, Tyrone Reid, a construction worker of Western Avenue, Belize City. They were remanded into custody until January 29, 2016. Perez, the owner […]

Guatemalan President-Elect Comes to Belize
According to a release, in a cordial atmosphere Prime Minister Dean Barrow and President Elect Jimmy Morales congratulated each other for their respective recent victories at the polls. They discussed the bilateral relations between Belize and Guatemala, including a way forward in respect of resolving our historical differences. According to Barrow, they agreed to continue […]

Prime Minister Finds Judge’s Decision Disturbing in Fugitive’s Case
Authorities in Belize are still trying to locate Dave Nanes Schnitzer. Nanes is wanted in Mexico and police here managed to arrest him on Ambergris Caye. He is also the man who managed to slip away and subsequently avoid extradition. Today, his whereabouts are not known and the Mexican government is not happy with Belize. […]


Coast Guard graduates 45 recruits on tenth anniversary
November 28, 2015 will mark the tenth anniversary of the formation of the Belize National Coast Guard (BNCG), the youngest of Belize’s uniformed services. As part of that celebration, the Coast Guard today welcomed 45 recruits into the ranks as Seamen Apprentices, increasing its strength to 320 tota...

As we told you earlier, today we got to speak with the Project Engineer for the Road Safety Project in Belmopan. In that interview, we asked about the status of the works on the Roundabout at the Guanacaste Park Junction. A contract to build the roundabout was signed with RJB constructions limited ...

NEMO On Belmopan Floods
Yesterday we told you about the incessant rains that flooded many homes in the outlying communities in Belmopan. One family in particular that we visited found themselves knee deep in about 2 to 3 feet of water. Today we sat down with the NEMO District Coordinator for Belmopan Clare Moody who spoke ...

Sugar price raised
The first estimate for prices of raw sugar cane was released earlier this month. Producers American Sugar Refining/Belize Sugar Industries Limited ASR/BSI) have estimated a price of $41.56 per ton, with some 1.225 million tons of cane available from which BSI expects to mill 129,000 tons of sugar. O...

Police capture suspects in Ruben Perez murder
Businessman Ruben Perez was murdered on Thursday afternoon in Belize City, the victim of a robbery which escalated when he refused to cooperate with his two assailants. This evening police announced that those suspects had been captured. Here is Superintendent of Police Hilberto Romero, officer comm...

Highway Accident involves bus, truck, and Mennonite house
There was a traffic accident this afternoon at mile 24 on the George Price Highway. That incident involved a public transport bus for James bus line, a dump truck , and a Mennonite house being transported on the highway. The passenger bus was headed to Belize City and the trailer with the house ...

Massive pot holes on Constitution Drive
The recent rains have done much more than send people living in low lying areas in Belmopan running for shelter, they have hampered the progress on one of the major road development projects in Belmopan, more specifically the Road Safety Development project Lot 4B which encompasses the Ring Road and...

Jimmy Morales visits Belize
Social media was buzzing today with reports that Jimmy Morales is to visit Belize within the next 24 hours. Original reports from Guatemala’s online newspaper “La Presna Libre” indicated earlier this week that Jimmy Morales is to make a diplomatic tour through Dominican Republic, Mexico and the Cent...

">Deadly accident on Southern Highway
44 year old Belmopan resident Emmerson Burke realtor and former Chief Appraiser at the Development Finance Cooperation DFC, succumbed to his injuries received during a fatal traffic accident this morning. The incident occurred around 6 am this morning on the Southern Highway.Pictures of the scene th...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Six injured in weekend road traffic accident
Yet another traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway over the weekend, resulted in six persons, including two children, being taken to the hospital for injuries sustained, each to various parts of their bodies but nothing life threatening. Police dispatched to an area between San Narciso and Louisville Village where […]

Punta Gorda artist releases new song
Belizean artists; there are so many of them with talents parallel to those of any international artist, but the fact of the matter is that most Belizeans would rather support a Jamaican or American artist before attending the concert of an up and coming local singer, rapper or […]

Belize Infrustructure Limited (BIL) ready to build Civic Center
Medina’s Construction Limited will build and International Environments Limited will design the new Belize City Center Arena and Cultural Complex to be located at the former site of the “Civic” on Central American Boulevard. The total cost of the contract is BZ$32, 940,261.34 for 24 months, to include civil works […]

Julius Espat out of PUP leadership race
Deputy Leader of the People’s United Party (PUP) has gone from a tentative “maybe” to a definite “no” on whether he will vie to become the next leader of the party. Espat has told the Reporter newspaper that while he has been encouraged to run, he wants to concentrate his […]

Human Development Ministry investigating fire at Youth Hostel
Shock, grief, disbelief and then inevitable outrage gripped all those who heard the news that three teenage girls perished Saturday afternoon in a fire at the female dormitory at the Youth Cadet Corps Facility at Mile 21 on the George Price Highway. The outrage came from the report that the […]

18-year-old clings to life after being stabbed to the neck in Armenia
Daniel Edaldo Esevedo, an 18-year-old resident of Armenia Village, clings to life as he is listed in critical but stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after he was stabbed to the neck and lower right side of the back on Saturday morning. Police visited Esevedo at the Western Regional Hospital at around 8:45 a.m. on […]

Four time Mr. Belize Champion makes headlines in Mexico
On Saturday, November 28th, Rigo Vellos, Mr. Belize, participated at the Mr. Maya Body Building competition in Felipe Carrillo Puerto in Mexico. At the end of the night, Mr. Belize was crowned as Mr. Maya Body Building Champion 2015.

One dead in traffic accident down south, Belize
To add to the long list of traffic accidents that happened over the past week across the country, another one was reported on Friday November 27th, this time in the Stann Creek District, which unfortunately ended in tragedy as 55-year-old Nelly Lopez lost her life after falling out of a […]

Self-employed businessman jailed for unlicensed firearm
Thirty- three year old Nayef Agha, a self-employed of 5655 Gentle Avenue, became an inmate of Belize Central Prison today when he was arraigned by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza on charges of kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Agha pled not guilty to the charges. He was […]

Teenagers charged with businessman Ruben Perez murder
Two teenagers were charged with the murder of 47 year old businessman Ruben Perez when they appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. They are 18 year old Keon Dennison, a construction worker of Rivas Estate, Dangriga, and 19 year old Tyrone Reid, a construction worker originally of Western Avenue, […]

Questions linger surrounding Youth Hostel fire
The charred remains of 16-year-old Anna Melinda Carlos, 16-year-old Shadisha Arnold and 14-year-old Elizabeth Mckoy, were found inside the Princess Royal Youth Hostel on Saturday after the blaze was extinguished by fire department personnel. Police responded to the scene at around 2:29 p.m. and saw a green building […]

Two detained for uncustomed goods
Two persons have been detained by police and are pending charges after they were linked to uncustomed goods found on a passenger bus in the Ladyville area on November 24th. While conducting a search on the bus at around 5:20 p.m., officers found 10 bags of tomatoes and eight cases […]

Government of Belize and Caribbean Development Bank review Road Safety Project
A press release issued by the Government of Belize and Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), served as a year’s review on the Belize Road Safety Project. The project began in 2013 after GOB received a US $7,248,000 loan from the CDB to help finance initiatives that have since contributed to a […]

Prime Minister says he wanted to extradite Nanes Schnitzer but had to follow due process
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, this weekend, said he wanted to get wanted fugitive, David Nanes Schnitzer, extradited to Mexican authorities, the principal investigators in a case against him, but he was obliged to follow due legislative process. “We have a legal process that we must follow. And in the course […]


A New Start And A New Life On The Caribbean Island Of Belize
After enjoying a Belize sunrise from my bird-song serenaded porch with a cup of locally grown coffee, a trip to the gym or walk on the beach is a great start to my day. Then I may catch up with friends on the internet, read international news, or spend time tending to plants on the veranda. The decision to move to Belize was not taken lightly by my husband Anthony and I, yet was achieved with a light heart. Mourning a deceased relative motivated us to try something different. Belize was top of our list of English-speaking countries for our new adventure. Anthony has family history and relatives in Belize, so a dozen years ago we went in search of the roots to his mother’s background. We were welcomed so warmly by relatives and residents that it was the natural choice for our relocation. In 2007 we took the plunge, holding such a massive clean-out sale in our beloved Seattle that we even sold my car from the front yard. We bought a top-floor condo on Ambergris Caye in a lagoon-facing neighborhood populated by a mix of Belizeans and expats.

13 Reasons Ben and Liz Were Thrilled to Honeymoon in Belize!
When Ben proposed to Liz, the two busy executives barely had time to plan a wedding, much less a honeymoon, so when a friend suggested Belize, the pair blinked and said in unison: “What’s Belize?” Their friend didn’t work for the Belize tourism board but after she described this Caribbean paradise, they were so intrigued, they did some research and never considered a second destination. Here’s why: 1. When Ben learned that Belize’s first language is English, he was sold. Upon arrival, they spotted so many laughing, smiling Belizean faces, they realized that friendly, helpful people are the rule, not the exception. 2. Liz realized that their favorite carrier—Southwest—could fly them to Belize since they recently added routes to compete with American, Delta, United and local airlines. Southwest even gave them a wedding gift: frequent flyer miles.

Make Your Dollars Go Further in Belize With This Retiree Program
Earl and Gail Johnson have lived in the Corozal District, a retirement haven in northern Belize, for eight years. Corozal is a small town, set on the vast Corozal Bay and just nine miles from the Mexican border. It has a close-knit expat community, with plenty of clubs and social activities. The town itself is fairly low-key, but with everything you need for day-to-day life. “My wife always wanted to retire in a foreign country,” says Earl. “Corozal is retiree-friendly. You can’t say any place is crime-free, but it’s certainly safer than Fort Worth. When we came here it was probably the best-kept secret, but not so much anymore. There are lots of expats here.” The Johnsons can make their retirement dollars stretch much further here. They have a house on the water on Four-Mile Lagoon, which is 10 minutes from Corozal town. They have a maid who comes in one-and-a-half days a week, a yard man who comes three days a week, and a gardener for five hours a week. They could never have afforded this luxurious lifestyle in Texas, says Earl.

International Sourcesizz

Belize’s regulator issues warning, cease and desist order against FX firm Grizzly Limited
Belize’s International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) on Monday published a warning notice and cease and desist order against provider of Forex services Grizzly Limited. The company operates via, where it claims to be regulated by the IFSC. The regulator notes that Grizzly Limited is not licensed by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize or any other competent authority in Belize to engage in any type of trading business. All those concerned are urged to take note and exercise extreme caution. Any person who is contacted by the representatives of Grizzly Limited is asked to get in touch with the IFSC by e-mail [email protected] and to provide full details of such persons.

Exorcism reportedly leads to young woman's death in Belize
A 22-year-old woman has reportedly died after her family attempted an exorcism. Her parents alleged that she was possessed by demons.

Belize - Farmers lobby government for higher sugar price
Cane farmers have asked for an increase in the price of locally produced sugar to help fill the void that falling international prices will bring about this crop season. The 1,100 members of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA), who attended...

20 Top Travel Medical Tips... From Experience
Thirty years of extensive travel have left me with a wealth of wonderful memories, and a wealth of medical "experiences" and near crises. This is not an exhaustive list of medical tips, but a personal one. Some are standard and well-known but some will be new. Here are my top tips... 1. Get a flu shot. The worst flu I ever had was after a transatlantic flight. 2. Don't pet stray animals -- they are sweet and Instagram gold, but they also carry ringworm. Happened to me in Italy. 3. Beware of packs of dogs. They may be gentle when alone but dangerous together. I had to jump on the back of a truck passing by to escape a dog fight between packs on Kadavu in Fiji.

10 national animals that are rare, unusual, endangered or completely nonexistent
If Benjamin Franklin had had his way, America's national animal would be the same bird responsible for all those extra trips to the gym starting in late November. The same bird that many of us find even more delicious the day after, slathered with cranberry sauce and mayo and served cold between two pieces of potato bread. Yes, if Ben Franklin had had his way, America's national animal — or national bird, at least — would have been the turkey, an animal, "a true original Native of America," he believed to be a "much more respectable bird" than that "rank coward” with "bad moral character" otherwise known as the bald eagle. Snap. Baird’s tapir, a weird-looking beast (think the odd-toed lovechild of a pig, a horse, an anteater and a hippo) that produces some seriously cute babies is both the largest indigenous land mammal in Central America and the national animal of Belize. It's also an endangered animal with less than 5,000 individuals estimated to be surviving in the wild. The threats against Baird's tapir — aka the "mountain cow" — are not atypical: habitat destruction and poaching, which is illegal but not always enforced. And extremely low reproduction rate haven't helped to boost declining population numbers. In Belize, Baird's tapir enjoys a certain degree of protection within the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, a more than 6,000-acre reserve co-managed by the Belize Audubon Society that's home to a wide range of fauna, some of which, like Baird's tapir, are threatened.


  • St. Andrew's Day - School Hymn, 1.5min. The students and teachers of St. Andrew's School join in singing their school hymn, "We Build Our School on Thee, O Lord" by Sebastian William Meyer.

  • Zip lining in Belize 2015, 5.5min. We went zip lining in Belize on our cruise on Nov 2015. This was with a organization called ButtsUp and we were also supposed to Cave Tube but the caves had been flooded because of heavy rains. The fun part about this was it was raining so it made braking a challenge. We still had a blast !!

  • Belize Rope Swing River Adventures, 2min. Diving of rocks and swing in my backyard, in Belize.

  • Discover the wonders of ‪Western Belize‬ and be a Belizean Traveller, 1min.

  • Mariko Wallen - Snorkel Guide & Coral Restorer from Placencia, Belize, 4min. #‎unbelizeable Mo speaks about her work in Placencia, Belize. Released on the opening of the 21st COP to remind us that there are some climate warriors who walk amongst us. Thanks to Lisa Carne and Fragments of Hope (coral nurseries in Belize) for introducing us to this whole new world in Belize.

  • Old plane Cessna. Horrible flight from Guatemala to Belize., 3min.

  • Beautiful Belize | Black Hole Drop, 10min.

  • Caribbean Villas Belize..., 1.5min. My favorite place to stay on Ambergris Caye... You'll see why...

  • Belize 2015, 3min. UNCW Spring Break 2015 trip to Belize with the Communication Studies Department.

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