Some people just make an impression. Michelle Nuñez was Miss San Pedro 2014-15, and during her year, managed to catapult that title to the highest of heights. She created S.H.I.N.E. – a program for girls 13 – 16 years old, with the goal to empower and motivate girls to grow into, and live out their full potential. Her passion for community made her a role model to many, both the young and young at heart.

Her efforts and kindness caught the eye of a particular community member, who was so amazed by her selfless acts and giving nature, that a Secret Santa idea was born. On December 1st, Michelle posted her Christmas wish list on Facebook, and the Secret Santa was impressed that her requests were so simple and in essence, so Michelle: a blender, a tea seat (!!!), cupcake pans, an apron, wine (of course, a girl after our hearts) and candy.

Secret Santa proceeded to ensure that the lovely Michelle would indeed get her wish and bought the presents, and The San Pedro Sun was happily enlisted into playing the role of Elves. Prancer, Dancer and Dasher (aka, Tamara, Mary and Monique) each carried a wrapped present and took them to Michelle’s place of work.

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