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Today's Belize News: December 9, 2015 #509792
12/09/15 05:37 AM
12/09/15 05:37 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Fundraiser for Katerin Michel
Come out and support young Katerin Michel!

30 years of BTIA
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) was formed on April 26, 1985 when a group of individuals foresaw the importance of the industry and anticipated the need for a medium through which tourism concerns could be voiced. Led by the late Jean Shaw, the BTIA has become one of the largest non-profit organizations, linking private and public sector, and over the years, has seen the tourism industry grow by leaps and bounds. Its milestone 30th year was celebrated appropriately at a cocktail reception held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel on December 2nd, where outstanding members, pioneers and sponsors who were actively involved in the growth and development of the BTIA and the tourism industry of Belize were honored. The following day, Friday December 3rd, the BTIA hosted its 30th Annual General Meeting at the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel Queen’s Room. Beyond updating members on the BTIA’s accomplishments over the past year, the AGM was the official forum for dialoguing current issues, challenges and concerns. At the helm of the meeting were the BTIA President and Board, as well as Destination Chapters Chairpersons, Sector Stakeholders and invited guests from the private and public sector. Honorary guest speaker was Mr. Hugh Riley, Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer of the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

Youth Forum makes the voices of island students be heard
Upper division students from the various primary schools on the island, along with students from San Pedro High School (SPHS) gathered at the Angel Nunez Auditorium on Thursday, December 3rd for the annual Youth Forum program. Starting at 1PM, the forum saw the attendance of close to a thousand students and teachers celebrating the end of National Youth week 2015 by discussing ideas on how to make the island more child friendly. The 2015 Youth Forum was held under the theme “Youth, let’s make the dream work with team work” and was organized through a collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and local authorities. Moderator Greg Nunez announced the topics to be discussed as part of the forum, which included leisure activities for San Pedro youth, roles of leaders in society, crime and violence, drug and alcohol accessibility, education, opportunities for the future and civic pride. The presenters for the day were the students of SPHS who had been working on a given topic the week leading up to the forum. Each group discussed their topic at length, making recommendations on how to better the community. At the end of the seven presentations there was an open discussion where members of the audience could voice out their opinions on any of the topics discussed.

Presentation of Credentials to the Governor General of Belize
Five ambassadors presented their credentials to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young today, December 7, 2015 at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. H.E. Rabah Hadid, Ambassador of Algeria; H.E. Petros Panayotopolous, Ambassador of Greece; H.E. Alfonso Manuel Portables Vazquez, Ambassador of Spain; H.E. Vehbi Esgel Etensel, Ambassador of Turkey; and H.E. Valdrack Jaentschke, Ambassador of Nicaragua all expressed their pleasure in being a representative of their countries in Belize and extended warm greetings to Belize from their governments. Each ambassador conveyed to the Governor General that their country’s purpose is to continue to develop and maintain strong relations between their countries and Belize. The Governor General graciously received the credentials and welcomed the ambassadors to Belize.

Ministry of Health shuts down Oceanside Dental Clinic on opening day
Several days ago, residents reached out to The San Pedro Sun to voice their concerns about a dentist opening a new clinic in Ambergris Caye. Residents cited that in 2005 criminal charges were placed against the dentist for seven counts of injecting semen into his patients’ mouths. Upon hearing these concerns, The Sun commenced an intensive investigation which confirmed these allegations. The dentist in question is Dr. John Robert Hall of Oceanside Dental Clinic which was scheduled to commence operation on Monday, December 7th, but on that morning the Ministry of Health (MOH) halted the opening due to suspicious and unorthodox conduct on behalf of Dr. Hall. On Monday morning the 7th, concerned that the dentist in question would be free to examine patients in San Pedro, The San Pedro Sun editor Tamara Sniffin visited the police station in an effort to prevent the dental clinic from opening, and met with Deputy of the Coastal Executive Unit, Assistant Superintended, Henry Jemmott. This was the first the San Pedro Police learned of the situation and dialogue between the MOH and the San Pedro Police promptly began. “It was thanks to the diligence of The San Pedro Sun that this matter was brought to our attention that we were able to stop the opening of the clinic and ultimately charge Dr. Hall for his wrong doings. He was charged for providing false representation to the Belize Medical Council Board,” said Jemmott.

Ambergris Today

Pic of the Week - Chippy & Snowflake Take Over Ambergris Today
We can only wish to have Santa's helpers Chippy and Snowflake at the office of Ambergris Today and iTravel Belize; their assistance would be tremendous as the staff gets busier and busier with more news coverage and travel. Avid reader and follower of both websites, Tracy Eiley Gomez, paid tribute to us as her family counts down the days until Christmas Day with fun images of Chippy and Snowflake. We are honored with the homage and LOVE how the elves think so highly of Ambergris Today and iTravel Belize. We invite them to come vacation in Belize and help us out a bit, if they have the extra time. Thanks Chipp, Snowflake and Gomez Family all the way from Florida, USA.

Free Health Education Service in San Pedro
Did you know that 12% of deaths in Belize are due to cardiovascular disease? People living with diabetes, stroke and hypertension don't even realize they are silently suffering from these diseases. That's why we are here to help! Volunteers from abroad have come to San Pedro in order to help educate the public about various health conditions and how to prevent them. These individuals have experience in spreading public health awareness and are available to speak with at any time. They can visit your homes and have a personal talk with you if you would like to know more about a certain disease or if you have a friend/family member whose suffering from it, and would like to understand more about it or would know what to do and how to help them.

Letters To The Editor: Bravery That is Contagious (Belize/Guatemala Issues)
I want to congratulate the brave Belizeans who 'stopped the traffic on Coney drive'! The symbolism is so powerful! What were the elected leaders of Belize being paid for, even before Independence, when they came back with bags of cash from Guatemala? Why are Guatemalan fishermen and villagers compelled to cross into our waters so often? Why do they insist on access especially to 'islands'? Why do they make harvesting and exporting chate leaves that look like mermaid tails from our forests their business? Isn't there an island off the Big Apple called 'Coney Island'? Why entertain and exchange gifts with a foreign leader on that street? Ice cream treats are guaranteed? Treaties secured?

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Power interruption 5:30am to 7:00am, Friday, December 11, Cayo District:
Entire City of Belmopan, and area from Mile 31 to Mile 50 on the George Price Highway including La Democracia, Franks Eddy, Saint Matthews, Cotton Tree, Roaring Creek, Valley of Peace, Camalote, Teakettle, Arizona, Ontario, Buena Vista, Blackman Eddy, Unitedville and all that area from Belmopan to Armenia Village on the Hummingbird Highway. BEL to conduct upgrade works at the Belmopan Substation.

Pan and Bram
A Pandemonium Christmas, Dec. 13th at 6pm. House of Culture Belize City. In Orange Walk, Dec. 12th at 7:30pm, Queen Elizabeth Park. Mark the dates!

Copa Airlines Inaugural flight launch
Photo gallery from BTB

Calendar of Events
Check out the NEW Calendar of Events on iTravel Belize. December is full of action. Inquire how to get your event listed [email protected]

Trivia Night on Caye Caulker!
Come join the fun every Sunday and Wednesday! Test your knowledge of useless facts, have a laugh, and win money towards your bar bill! Always a great time - Fun,…Location : Barrier Reef Sports Bar & GrillStart Date: December 9, 2015End Date: December 9, 2015Time: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Congratulations COPA AIRLINES! Welcome to Belize from all of us in Northern Belize.
Welcome to our home, Belize, Copa Airlines! Nonstop flights Panama (and connections to 74 other destinations) finally "es posible"

Full Moon Christmas Concert
The SISE House of Culture is having their Full Moon Christmas Concert on Saturday, December 19th, at the Cayo Welcome Center.  The Panerrifix Steel Band will be performing.

In related news, Saint Martin's Credit Union is having their big Christmas concert at the CWC on Friday the 18th, and Panerrifix and the Benque Marimba Academy will be there.

In other related news, the George Price Centre is having a Christmas show, 'Emmanuel, God with Us,' tomorrow night.

In still other related news, the Allegro School of Music is having their Christmas concert on December 14th in Belmopan.

Friends for Conservation and Development new board members
FCD is proud to present its Board members, who were elected during the AGM held on the 5th of December. Mrs. Susana Vanzie Canton is the 7th Board member.

FCCA & BTB's Annual "Children's Christmas Party"!
A fun-filled day for a few excited children in Belize City; with Ozzy the Clown, Santa Claus and a Calypso Tour of Belize City!

Channel 7

Dirty Dentist Slipped Right Past Medical Council
Tonight San Pedro Police are preparing to charge an American man for making a false representation under the dental act. John Robert Hall - a dentist who was convicted in the US, and sent to jail for injecting semen into at least seven of his patient's mouths - seems to have effortlessly manipulated the Medical Council of Belize and gotten a license to work as a dentist, using just a nickname. He did all this despite the well reported 2004 offence - all anyone had to do to find out about it was Google search his name and the quite revolting story would come up. And so, that's likely why Hall didn't use his proper name. And, it seems the council didn't even ask him to present an ID! He got his medical license under an assumed name: Robert Bob Hall - even though all his id's show his name as John Robert Hall. And those ID's include a Belizean work permit and a social security card - which were given both under his legal name.

Belize Won't Help With 4k Stranded Cubans
The Government of Belize will not accept as many as four thousand Cuban refugees who are currently stranded at the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border. As we reported, the Costa Rican Government has called it a humanitarian crisis - and has asked Belize to help - by receiving the Cubans and then sending them unto Mexico. But, as the Prime Minister hinted on Friday - many details in the proposal were not clear - and that's why Cabinet today gave it a thumbs down. The Cabinet Secretary Calros Perdomo told 7News that Government thought it was supposed to be just an in transit arrangement, but the Mexican government is not giving a clear answer as to whether they would receive the people or not. He said Cabinet did not have enough information to really make a decision. An official release says quote, "after careful consideration, Cabinet is of the view that this is a regional problem. As such the Government of Belize is prepared to participate in a regional discussion to identify the necessary mechanisms to address the Cuban immigrants transiting through the region. At this juncture, the Government of Belize is unable to make any commitments outside of a regional arrangement."

Port Operations Remain At Standstill
Operations at the Port of Belize remain at a standstill as the standoff continues between the Port Management and the Christian Workers Union. As we told you last night, the stevedores went on strike yesterday - shutting down all operations at the port. The stevedores claim that Port CEO Arturo Vasquez retracted what he had promised concerning their retirement and pension plan. According to the stevedores, the agreement was for a retroactive payment going back to 2004 but Vasquez says that wasn't what was agreed, and that the Port simply can't afford that. Today Vasquez told us what came out of their late evening meeting yesterday and what action he has taken going forward. Arturo "Tux" Vasquez, CEO, Port of Belize "There were separate meetings. I think when we had the first interview we had already met with the Christian Workers Union where we had tried every effort to get them back to work so we can continue with the ongoing negotiations. That was not successful and then as a result we had already advised the Labour Commissioner and the Port Commissioner and also the Police Commissioner as to the situation. So really what we had later on yesterday was a meeting with the Labour Commissioner and the Port Commissioner and the police. As you know the ship has sailed as they said. There were some discussions as to whether the ship was going to return, as to whether the police would have taken it on an illegal action, but the shipping agent had decided that it had gone. So that was it. They were not prepared to turn back. But I believe that in the future, there is quite a possibility that there has to be an alternative as to what would happen when we have a situation like this.

Could Port Strike Mean No Turkey On Your Plate?
And that old saying about the elephants fighting and only the grass getting trampled holds true in this case - except it's not the grass getting trampled, it's more like the turkey on your table. This year, tens of thousands of pounds of turkey will be imported - and that's because local turkey producers did not go into full production mode this year, because of the Avian Influenza scare. So, Quality Poultry Products for example has 5 refrigerated containers with two hundred thousand pounds of Butterball turkeys waiting at the port in Santo Tomas Guatemala. But the agent won't put it on the ship unless they get a guarantee that the Port of Belize will be operational and able to off load the ship. And, right now, that is not forthcoming. So, that means Quality Poultry's turkeys - which could end up being the turkey on your table - is held in the balance. We spoke to the general manager of quality Poultry about his costly dilemma: Raymond Barkman, GM - Quality Poultry Products "Well obviously there is a lot at stake here. We have imported turkeys on there. We have 40,000 broiler eggs on that ship and so yes it affects us severely. And this one even more so because we have turkeys on it which we are out of. There are so many people banking on these turkeys for giveaways and lunch and meals and everything." Jules Vasquez "How long can you all wait for this container?" Raymond Barkman, GM - Quality Poultry Products "Well we cant. I mean the damage has been done. There is almost 40,000 eggs that are going back to Miami. The damage is done as being on the ship and obviously the turkeys, it takes a little while to get everything going organized and obviously we want these turkeys out for Christmas right. We need it immediately. Everyone is crying for turkeys."

Ellis Meighan Complains About Cops
Last night, we showed you the 9 Belize City residents charged for the brutal home invasion of Lebanese Diplomat Sarkis Abou-Nehra's estate outside of Burrell Boom. 6 of these men are believed to be connected to the Police Street and Ghost Town Gangs. Tyrone Meighan of Banak Street is among those charged, and his family is accusing police of tying him to this crime out of malice. They say that the investigators have rushed to charge him with rape without taking a DNA specimen, which could exonerate him. His older brother, Ellis Meighan Jr., who is reputed to be one of the Ghost Town Gang leaders, was temporarily caught up with this crime as well. He was one of persons picked up in a police sweep, and officers from Eastern Division Rural accused him of threatening public safety. Police say that uttered threats of his intent to target and kill Chinese businessmen as soon as he was released. Frightening stuff, and so, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster told the press yesterday that he was going to be criminally charged.

COPA Airlines Cometh
At the end of July, the Belize Tourism Board held a ceremony to announce the launch of a new Direct Flight. COPA Airlines, based in Panama, was introduced as the newest air-carrier which would offer direct flights to Belize. It will open up Belize's tourism access to South and Central America. Well this afternoon, after 4 months of preparation, and 3 years of ground-work to build the connections , the first COPA aircraft, Flight #281, landed in at the PGIA. 92 Passengers coming from Hub de La Americas, in Panama City, were greeted by BTB staff, who were there for a ceremonial inauguration of this new flight. It was celebrated with pageantry, and 7News was front and center. Here's what the main speakers had to say to the gather on what is Copa's 7th Destination in Central America:

Southside Cops Snare City Robber
There was a big money robbery on the canal side near downtown Belize City today. It happened about a block from Public's store, near the corner of Bishop Street and west Canal. Reports say over ten thousand dollars in cash was nabbed from the driver of a cargo truck. But a quick response from Southside police has led to the recovery of most of the money and a firearm. Second in command of the Southside Alden Dawson told us more:... Alden Dawson, OC - Police Precinct 2 "Some time around 1:15pm today, an employee of Vega Distributors was on West Canal and Bishop Street collecting some money as pertaining to the business. Shortly after he got into his vehicle with the knapsack containing the cash and other personal items that he had collected and just before taking off a male person opened the passenger side of his black pickup truck and grab the bag from the seat. The said employee set chase at the culprit and was unable to catch up with him. He made a call to the police station. A quick response from the police lead the south side police to #28 Wagner's Lane and a search of that lead to the discovery of the bag containing most of the items reported stolen along with a fire arm and several rounds of ammunition at that residence."

BTB Says All Protocols Were Followed
The Belize Tourism Board maintains that all tour protocols were followed in the case of tourist Karl Simmons. 61 year old Karl Edwin Simmons died on an H2O Tierra Tour on November 17th. He was along with his wife on the tour at Shark Ray Alley in the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve. Simmons and his wife Esther were both in the water but a police report says the current caused Esther to drift away. Simmons went after his wife and that's when he disappeared. His body was later found floating face down. Now the last update on the case was that Tom Wilson, the owner of H2O Tierra , was seeking assistance from the US with the post mortem results because he didn't agree with Dr. Mario Estradabran's findings which showed the cause of death to be "Asphyxiation by Drowning, Incidental". So, have any other tests been done in the US? Is there still an ongoing investigation? We didn't get any official release or interview from Wilson nor the BTB on this case so when we caught up with Valdemar Andrade from the BTB at another event he told us that as far as he is concerned - everything was in place for the safety of the tourists on that tour and that it was just an unfortunate incident. "On that incident just to be clear - one of the reasons we don't give response right away is because we also have to wait on the autopsy and we also have to wait on the official police report. So until we receive that then we respond. But basically that there was an incident. We are still from the autopsy trying to ascertain whether it was drowning or whether there was any negligent. It doesn't seem that there was any negligence in this case. All the different aspects from the emergency response that the operator has to have in place was taken into account..."

Moving Forward With Forward Operating Base
You may remember that now infamous showdown on the Sarstoon River between the Belize Territorial Volunteers, with Wil Maheia and Orlando De La Fuente on one side and the Guatemalan Navy, led by Guat. Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas. It sparked outrage and a fierce discussion over Sarstoon Island being the latest flashpoint for the Belize Guatemala Territorial Dispute. The Barrow Government took a lot of criticism for the lack of a presence from the Coast Guard and BDF at the Mouth of the Sarstoon River, which the Guatemalans claim. Before the General Elections, Prime Minister Dean Barrow promised that the Forward Operating Base would be built, and 2 weeks ago, National Security Minister John Saldivar declared publicly that a groundbreaking ceremony would be held on December 9.

Making Reparations Real
The Belize Commission for Justice and Reparations continued its awareness raising campaigning today with a Press Conference and update to its civil society partners. We learned more from the Coordinator about the effort to mainstream the idea of reparations:.. Jules Vasquez "It's not something that will enter the main stream. Do you think you are making progress towards mainstreaming this idea?" Cesar Ross, VC, Initiative for Justice & Reparations "Yes, we are trying very hard. We are traveling across the country to bring it and you are right. It's not the discussion that occurs around the water bottles or around the street corners. It's not. It has become a little more. It's being discussed a little more, but it's far from mainstream as such and that's one of the first things we have to push. This needs to be sort of a roots movement. It needs to be a movement of the masses and we need to get in there before we can ever look at Europe and tell Europe that they have to do something. We have to make sure that the mass is the people are fully in understanding and fully in support of this movement as such." Reporter "The fact remains as I think I've said to you before, that we are depending on the very same people that are in charge of the system to change the system. Is that sort of contradictory? What do you think of that?"

Cruise Event For The Kids...
From the Radisson to the Fort Street Tourism Village: there was another Christmas party for city kids today - but this time it was at FSTV's terminal 2. It's BTB's annual Christmas Party for those kids who may not be getting much gifts or cheer for the holidays. Valdemar Andrade, BTB's Director of Destination Planning and Cruise told us that it's all about giving back to the community. There were 200 kids at the party.

The Queen's Nod For Belizean Youth
The Queen's Young Leaders Award: It's a program that highlights exceptional young people in the commonwealth and this year Diedra Smith is the recipient of that award. Smith will spend a week in the UK where she will officially receive her award at Buckingham Palace from the Queen. She will also receive training and mentoring from lectures and representatives from Cambridge University. Smith is being recognized for her involvement at her school - spearheading various programs for other young people to excel including a scholarship program. Smith is also the co-founder of business called Id SEVEN which again provides support and assistance to young people.

Belize Volleyballers, Vamos!
And some young people who need all the support they can get make up the female national under 20 volleyball team. They defeated Panama last night at the Central American Championship in Nicaragua in 3 straight sets, 25-18, 25-21, 25-15. Kori Diego scored 14 points while Kevanna Sebastian scored 9. Belize led the match from beginning to end. The volleyball association calls it an important win and confidence builder. Right now Belize is playing El Salvador and tomorrow Belize plays Honduras. (UPDATE: Belize lost that game.)

Channel 5

US Dentist Convicted of Heinous Crime Licensed By Belize Medical Council
How did a dentist from the U.S. charged and convicted for gross criminal abuse of office get a license from the Belize Medical Council to open a clinic and practice [...]

San Pedro Police Charge John Roberts Hall for License in False Name
Hall’s license has been revoked, but it seems quite clear that the council could not have done even the most cursory due diligence since that license to practice was issued [...]

G.O.B. Takes Hands-Off Stance With Cubans Seeking Transit
There is no significant news on the fate of more than four thousand Cubans stuck in Costa Rica because they cannot access a transit point to the US. Late last [...]

Stevedores’ Strike Results in Cargo Vessel Returning to Miami
For the first time in history on Monday, a vessel, the Caribe Navigator from Miami, sailed away from the Belize Port without offloading its cargo following a seven-hour strike taken [...]

Industrial Action Allegedly Caused By Discrepancy in Pension Plan
Vasquez says that they have been having good negotiations with the CWU on the Collective Bargaining Agreement, but that the stevedores cannot hold the Port hostage when they disagree on [...]

Belize Chamber Condemns Strike By Stevedores
But what are the implications of the ship leaving the port with cargo destined for Belize? Well late this evening, The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry issued a release [...]

D.P.P. Appeals Acquittal of Infamous Trio on Murder Charge
A trio of Belize City men, including twenty-two-year-old Orel Leslie, thirty-year-old Brandon Baptist and Tyrone Meighan was recently acquitted of the November 2012 murder of B.D.F. soldier James Noralez.  While [...]

Attorney Says Success of the Appeal is Unlikely
Leslie, Baptist and Meighan have since been served with a notice of appeal.  According to Senior Counsel Dickie Bradley, the possibility of a successful appeal seems unlikely since there is [...]

2 Men Will Stand Trial for Separate Fatal RTAs
Two men, who were charged in connection with separate traffic accidents, were today committed to stand trial at the Supreme Court for Manslaughter by Negligence.  Sixty-one-year-old Errol Belisle and twenty-four-year-old [...]

B.S.I. Announces Revised First Payment for Farmers
There is a bit of good news for caneros tonight as the first cane payment will increase to thirty-six dollars and sixty-five cents based on a revised first cane price [...]

Panama’s Flagship Airline Makes Inaugural Flight to Belize
The arrival of COPA Airlines’ maiden voyage to Belize at midday heralded the beginning of air traffic to and from Belize and Panama City.  It has been a little over [...]

PM Says Addressing Corruption in Immigration Will be an Ongoing Fight
There will be a Senate meeting on Wednesday when a request will be made to conduct an inquiry into allegations of corruption at the Immigration Department. Those allegations have resurrected [...]

HRCU Opens New Branch In Independence
The Holy Redeemer Credit Union is the largest credit union in Belize.  With over fifty-one thousand member-owners the HRCU ranks third in the region with assets amounting to a little [...]

B.T.B. Says Tour Operator Not Responsible for Death of Tourist
In November of this year, sixty-one year old American tourist Edwin Simmons drowned trying to save his wife’s life. Edwin and Esther Simmons were on a tour at Shark Ray [...]

Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund Donates to Two Feeding Programs
This morning, representatives of the Kareem Clarke Memorial fund presented just over two thousand six, hundred dollars each to two separate feeding programs in Belize City. The money was collected [...]

FCCA Hosts Christmas Party at Tourism Village
Some two hundred primary school students from Belize City were hosted at the Fort Street Tourism Village for an annual Christmas party organized by the Belize Tourism Board and the [...]


James Lindsey Exhibits Opens In Corozal House Of Culture
James Lindsey is a Canadian collector from Toronto Canada who has been travelling to Belize for about 20 years now. Lindsey has a passion for collecting stamps from all over the world and one day he stumbled on a British Honduras stamp which immediately caught his attention. Since then Lindsey has been studying the history of Belize through currency stamps or from items that sell on Ebay regarding British Honduras. Today Lindsey’s private collection is featured at the Corozal House of Culture and it includes coins dating back to 1894 as well as Spanish coin stamped with the British seal for use as legal coin in the Belize Settlement before the first British Honduran/Belizean coins were made.

SICB Concern About Over Production Of Sugar Cane
Yesterday the 2015/2016 crop season was officially declared open by BSI/ASR. The season saw a slow start mainly due to the weather and the conditions of the sugar roads. While that is of concern there is also the worry that the last survey conducted reveled an estimated production of 1.7 million tons of cane on the fields. That is more than the 1.3 million tons that the factory can mill. This means that there is high probability that cane will once again remain on the fields at the end of the crop. And this is after cane farmers were asked to increase productivity.So, while there is cane, the factory is not equipped to mill it and this is one of the biggest concern the industry faces.

Bursting And Selling Of Firecrackers Against The Law
During the Christmas season residents of Orange Walk Town are used to hearing the loud sound of firecrackers bursting. And behind that sound there is always a child. While many might say there is nothing wrong with bursting firecrackers, it does pose a risk for children especially if they are not supervised. And it also poses a legal risk for business owners because according to Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation, Selvin Tillett, while lighting firecrackers is something children enjoy and the sale generates high profits for business owners, it is also against the law. “Anyone caught with firecrackers, you can get permit from the ministry if you have an event you can write to that and you can get it but if you had without a license for discharging firecrackers or possession of firecrackers without a license or permit why we get heavy and serious on these things, many people might not distinguish between a burst of a fire cracker and that sound of a gun so many times the next day you wake up you find that a person is dead so as a precautionary measure we try to go down hard on these things.”

Medical Council of Belize Issues License To US Dentist Accused Of Injecting Semen In Patients Mouth
He was accused in the United States for violating dentistry’s standard of care, engaging in immoral conduct and committing sexual assault or battery and according to international news article posted on July 1st, 2005, Dr. John Hall pleaded guilty to seven counts of injecting semen into his patients' mouths and choose to go to jail, rather than spend years on probation. It seems that after his fiasco in the US Dr. John Hall made his way to Belize and planned to open a clinic in San Pedro Ambergris Caye. But on the day the Oceanside Dental Clinic located at the Four Sisters Plaza on Pescador Drive was scheduled to open, it was shut down by the San Pedro Police Department. According to reports from the Ambergris Today, police received a tip about Hall’s past charges in the US and on Monday December 7th he was detained pending investigation.

Belize/Corozal Road Records Another Traffic Accident
Another traffic accident has left a fifty four year old man in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. At around 11:30 yesterday morning, Jesus Belito Moreno, a resident of 52 Cristock Street Orange Walk Town, was riding his bicycle on the Belize Corozal Road when he was knocked down by a motorcycle right in front of M&M Fast Food. Moreno, who had just left his house, was heading to the Fort Cairns Market Plaza to pick up his wife who was coming out of work. But Moreno never made it to his destination as he was knocked down and to make it worst, instead of stopping to render aid, the driver of the motorcycle fled the scene.

COPA Airlines Introduces Flight From Panama To Belize
The main objective of the Belize Tourism Board is to build tourism in the most economically and environmentally sustainable manner and to promote Belize as a primary tourist destination both locally and internationally. Today the BTB issued a press release announcing COPA Airlines’ first flight to Belize City which arrived at 12:49 pm via Hub de la Americas in Panama City with a total number of ninety two passengers on board. The official inauguration ceremony began at 1:15 pm and included the Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation as a guest speaker. Heredia stated that Belize’s alliance with COPA will attract South American tourists to Belize, therefore, resulting in an expansion of Belize’s tourism industry. Executive President for COPA Airlines, Said Heilbron stated, quote “With our flight to Belize we expect to amplify the opportunities of development in the business and tourism sectors in this city, while improving in an important manner the connectivity of the country to Latin America.” End quote.

OW Police Sends Out Advice Against Acid Bombs
Homemade chemical bombs also known as acid bombs, are explosive devices that can be made easily from household items, for example muriatic acid and aluminum foil which can be purchased at a grocery store. When these ingredients are combined and shaken in a capped container, the internal gas pressure generated from the chemical reaction causes the container to expand and explode. The explosion can cause injuries or death to persons in the immediate area of the detonation. Over the past week our news room has received several reports from concerned residents about children making these acid bombs and detonating them. The Orange Walk Police Department has also received reports from concerned residents and today when we spoke to Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation, Selvin Tillett, he told us about the risk the chemical bombs pose.

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Police make arrests in Burrell Boom home invasion
On Friday 4th December, there was a home invasion at the Honorary Consul to Lebanon in Burrell Boom Village, Belize District. One of the workers at the residence reported that they were held up at gunpoint by eight individuals of dark complexion with their faces covered. One of the workers was tie...

Fatal Traffic Accident in Stann Creek
A traffic accident has claimed the life of a man in the Stann Creek District. On Saturday the 5th of December at around 7:45p.m, a traffic accident took place at the Santa Cruz Junction and Placencia Road in Stann Creek, where a male person was “knocked down”. Initial investigations revealed that at...

Land obtained by Deception
On Friday December 4th, 29 year old Mark Antonio Rosales, a Belizean Farmer of Cristo Rey Village, was arrested and charged for 24 counts of obtaining property by deception. Rosales was arraigned before the Magistrate’s Court where Judge Ladona John remanded him to Central Prison until February 10t...

Two Chopping incidents in Belmopan
Over the weekend, two Belmopan residents were chopped in different altercations. The victims are 16 year old Carlos Jacob, a student of Belmopan Comprehensive School and 23 year old Andoni Harrison of Belmopan. Jacob was chopped to his left foot and his knee, while Harrison was chopped to the forehe...

Sugar prices being jacked up illegally before set date
We have heard the news that as of January 1, 2016, Plantation White Sugar will retail at a maximum price of 75 cents per pound countrywide. A Statutory Instrument was signed by the Minister responsible for Supplies Control dated December 4th, 2015 to give effect to this increase. This represents an...

VIP to refile election redistricting case
The case of Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) and the Southern Belize Coalition for Equal Political Representation and Development versus the Election and Boundaries Commission was scheduled to have been heard this afternoon before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin in the Supreme Court. But it was no...

Early this afternoon, about 30 stevedores who are members of the Christian Workers’ Union (CWU) initiated their latest industrial action against the Port of Belize Limited. This follows on from their last action a few weeks ago which started in the night and was averted the following day by an agree...


9 remanded for Lebanon consul’s home invasion
The scene around the Belize City Magistrate’s Court this morning appeared almost cinematic, as family members and friends of six men crowded in front of the court building, waiting all morning for police to bring them to court, while inside the court’s holding area, three women who were charged with the men sat down waiting. Around the perimeter of the court, heavily armed police officers from the Rural Rapid Response Team took up positions, but when the morning ended, there was no arrival of the men accused of the brutal home invasion in Burrell Boom of Lebanese Honorary Consul, Sarkis Abou Nehra, 77. The incident reportedly occurred between last Thursday night and early Friday morning. Nehra was not in the country, but his caretaker and his caretaker’s wife were at the residence. The caretaker was severely beaten and his wife raped by one of the eight intruders, who all wore masks, police initially reported.

Ham and turkey scarce for Christmas?
Stevedores were to report to work at 10:30 a.m. today to unload a ship that had docked at the Port of Belize Ltd., which contained Christmas goodies such as hams and turkeys, but instead of showing up to work this morning, the stevedores converged in front of the Port, where they held a demonstration. Guy Neal, a foreman for the stevedores, who is on the negotiation team, told Amandala that their ire, which prompted the demonstration, arose from concerns over their retirement benefits. Indeed, today’s industrial action by the stevedores was a part of their ongoing fight for fair benefits from their employer, they say. They took a stand and were not moved, even after learning that the ship was scheduled to return to Miami today, and it would depart even if it was not unloaded. Our information is that the ship did depart at 6:00 p.m. today without being unloaded. On Thursday, October 1, 2015, the stevedores of the Port of Belize Limited held a press briefing at the Christian Workers Union (CWU) Secretariat at 107B Cemetery Road; there, it was revealed that with the stevedores’ input, they have put together a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). With the CBA in place, it seemed that progress would be made with the Port of Belize’s management.

Costa Rica asks Belize to rescue 4,000 Cubans
An official response is expected from the Government of Belize today, Tuesday, on whether it will allow 3,000 to 4,000 Cuban migrants who are determined to land on US soil, to take advantage of that country’s “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy, which provides special privileges for Cubans to legitimize their status in the US, even if they arrive without papers, but which turns them back to Cuba if they are detained at sea. The migrants are currently stuck in Costa Rica after Nicaragua, last month, deployed its military to stop their passage through that country. Last week, Guatemala denied a request from Costa Rica to have the migrants pass through that territory, and now they have turned to Belize. After Friday’s sitting of Parliament, Prime Minister Dean Barrow told journalists that he had requested written documentation from Costa Rica, which would include expectations of the Mexicans, as well as the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

$44.7 mil PetroCaribe “bounty”: UDP and PUP debate
This morning, at the first business session of the House of Representatives that has been convened since the November 4 general elections, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) accused the Barrow administration of “vote-buying” with PetroCaribe funds, favoritism towards Belize City residents and neglect of farmers in the north who have been hard hit by what local authorities have said is a severe drought. In March 2015, Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca had said that the PUP “will not be accepting a single copper” of those PetroCaribe funds, “whether it be the Mother’s Day, the X-Mas or any other cheer,” because, he said, the PUP, cannot and will not be a party to any such criminality. At today’s sitting of Parliament, though, the PUP, after abandoning its legal challenge to the PetroCaribe program last week, was demanding “equitable sharing” of PetroCaribe funds. Parliament has approved in one sitting the spending of $44.7 million for the months October to December 2015, which includes $4.378 million in flood relief, mostly for flood assistance after torrential rains washed through several homes in the Belize City area in October.

Dangerous prisoner remains at large
Dangerous prisoner Lawrence Bernadez, 28, of Dangriga, remains at large after he escaped from police while he was being taken to the Belize Central Prison to be remanded. Police reported that a team of police officers were transporting three prisoners – Lawrence Bernardez, Eden Guzman and Daniel Mckenzie – to the Belize Central Prison from Dangriga. The three prisoners were put in the open back of a police pickup and handcuffed to each other, and Bernardez was additionally cuffed at the feet. Upon approaching the pedestrian ramp, however, which is about 50 yards from the Hattieville Police Station, two of the three prisoners – Eden Guzman and Lawrence Bernardez – jumped out of the police mobile unit and sprinted away.

SCA girls, Gwen Liz boys are CSSSA basketball champs
The Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) 2015-2016 basketball competition climaxed last week at Bird’s Isle with both female and male championships being determined in 2 games of a best-of-3 games Finals series. In game 1 of the female Finals on Thursday, December 3, St. Catherine Academy (SCA) crushed Maude Williams High (MWH), 45-12. SCA was led by Tricia Jefferies 16 pts and Indie Dixon 12 pts; while MWH was led by Ashley Bailey 6 pts. The male Finals game 1 on the same day saw Gwen Lizarraga High (GLH) prevailing in overtime over Sadie Vernon Technical (SVT) by a 100-93 final score. Top scorers for Gwen Liz were Keyvon Evans 51 pts and Aaron Young 23 pts; while Sadie Vernon was led by Glency Lopez 50 pts, and Darnel Galvez and Everal Tablada, Jr. with 15 pts apiece.

FFB holds 2nd Extraordinary Congress
The best-of-2 games semifinal series in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2015-2016 Opening Season tournament is halfway completed, as game 1 of both semifinals were held over the weekend. On Saturday night at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence, #3 seed Placencia Texmar Assassins turned back the very confident #2 seed Police United by a 2-1 margin. The Assassins jumped to a 2-nil first half lead, with goals from Alexander “Pleck” Peters (11’) and Luis “Baaca” Torres (39’), before Harrison “Cafu” Roches (83’) cut the lead in half for Police. And on Sunday afternoon at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio, it was #4 seed Verdes FC delivering a shocking 2-nil blow to #1 seed Belmopan Bandits in a much anticipated encounter, following the late reversal of a protest decision in favor of the Bandits, after the final regular season game had already been completed.

FFB holds 2nd Extraordinary Congress
The Football Federation of Belize held its 2nd Extraordinary Congress on Saturday, December 5. On the agenda were: 1. Presentation and approval of the 2014 audited and financial report. 2. Presentation and approval of the 2016 budget. 3. Rule of foreign players in our league competitions (5&3). 4. Election of the FFB Electoral Committee and Electoral Appeal Committee. Those elected will serve a term of four (4) years. In attendance were the Members of the Congress, members of the PLB Board, FFB Executive, FFB Management Team, Special Guest the President Emeritus and representative from the National Sports Council.

BECOL basketball season ends
The BECOL basketball tournament came to a close this past weekend, as 4 other teams joined Western Queens as 2015 BECOL champions. On Friday night, game 1 of the Under 19 division finals tipped off, as Christian Ambassadors (#1) narrowly edged SHC (#2), 45-44. Shaquille Crawford was the leading scorer for Christian Ambassadors with 14 points, while Antuane McFadzen sank 13 pts. SHC was led by Jovanne Zetina, who had the game high with 19 pts, while Orel Neal finished with 12 pts, and Raheem Crawford chipped in 10 pts. With the win, Christian Ambassadors took a 1-0 lead in the Under 19 finals series. In game 2, Light and Peace (#1) swept the two-game series, 52-42, in the Under 23 category, defeating Spartans (#2). Light and Peace top scorer was Ian Augustine, Jr. with the game-high 21 pts, while Luis Barcelona tallied 13 pts. Spartans were led by Khalil Banner and Kevin Brown with 13 each. With the win, Light and Peace are the 2015 BECOL U23 champions. In the nightcap, the number 1 seed in the Senior division, Panthers, fell to Benque Power (#3), 58-51. Brandon Flowers was the top scorer for Benque Power with 18 pts, while Roberto “Mosho” Castellanos and Ivan Flowers netted 11 pts apiece. In a losing effort, Panthers were led by Garrett Bermudez with 12 pts, Johann “Cutto” Bermudez with 9 pts, and Zamir Usher and Daniel Nolberto with 8 pts each. With the win, Benque Power was able to extend the series to a third and deciding game 3.

Editorial: Five years, three months??
One observer has suggested that Prime Minister, Right Hon. Dean O. Barrow’s threat in the House of Representatives last Friday to take his United Democratic Party’s (UDP) third consecutive term to its constitutional limit of five years and three months, was directed towards the twelve Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) House members seated on the other side, and was not a statement of defiance intended for the masses of the Belizean people. Well, the Prime Minister said it in public and on national radio and television. If this was some kind of a joke on the PM’s part, there was no laughter amongst the Belizean people. There may have been smirks amongst the UDP faithful, for sure, but “five years and three months” reminds Belizeans of the unhappy UDP term of June 30, 1993 to August 27, 1998. During that unhappy and vindictive term, the Prime Minister was Right Hon. Dr. Manuel Esquivel, but his Deputy Prime Minister, often referred to during the latter part of that term as the “Minister of Everything,” was Mr. Dean O. Barrow.

From the Publisher
I guess the British Honduras Broadcasting Service (BHBS) must have become Radio Belize by the time British Honduras achieved self-government in 1964. (When I was about 7 years old [1954?] Miss Helen Craig sent me to play piano at the old BHBS, and when I was about 11 [1958?] I represented Holy Redeemer Boys School [HRBS], along with Carlson Gough, the late Neil Garbutt, and Errol Cattouse in the primary schools quiz competition. This was organized by the Education Department and broadcast from BHBS. The BHBS studio was then located in the old Paslow Building.) I think the man Jerry Ybarra (a white American?) played recorded jazz music on BHBS, and for sure Clifton Hall had a jazz show on Radio Belize for many years. As far as I remember, these guys played serious jazz music in the late nights (9,10) on the government monopoly radio station, and I didn’t really pay attention. For many people, jazz is an acquired taste, and acquiring the taste begins with paying attention, and listening. Jazz is not repetitive, simplistic, or mindless. There is jazz music that I don’t understand. And then, there is jazz music that is hidden within straight up ballads, such as the organ player’s riff in Byron Lee’s version of Stranger on the Shore, which would have been 1962, 1963.

Victor Recinos, 54, takes over Customs
Victor Recinos, 54, is the new Controller of the Customs & Excise department; he officially takes over on Monday from Emil Grinage, his predecessor, who has reached the retirement age of 55. Recinos will be in charge of 217 employees and he takes the helm at a crucial time in Belize, when it seems that contraband activity is on the increase. There have been recent incidents such as the latest one in which a truck from Corozal that contained 500 boxes of cigars was seized by Mexican police: How did this manage to pass our borders undetected? Indeed, Recinos has his job cut out for him; however, he brings to the position 36 years of experience and he has held every position there is in the Custom’s Department, and worked at every station. Recinos told Amandala, “We are the frontline or premier agency of anything being imported or exported.”

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Government of Belize discusses proposal to facilitate Cuban immigrants
Earlier today the Government of Belize’s (GOB) Cabinet met to discuss the proposal from Costa Rica’s Government to facilitate the mobility of Cuban immigrants stranded at the border of that country and Nicaragua. A release from the Government Press Office this evening, served to inform […]

Two to be tried in separate traffic accidents
Both cases garnered significant headlines and today Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith committed Errol Belisle, 61, and Boyd Lopez, 19, to trial for separate charges of manslaughter by negligence. Belisle is accused of knocking down and killing 11 year old Austin Olivera. The Stella Maris […]

Murder accused face appeal
Tyrone Meighan and Brandon Baptist were charged just yesterday in the home invasion and rape at the residence of Sarkis Abou-Nehra in Burrell Boom last week, among a group of nine. But we have received confirmed reports that they may face another set of charges […]

Belizean bodybuilders travel to El Salvador for world championship
Later this week a trio of popular Belizean body-builders are travelling to El Salvador for a world championship in their respective classes. We caught up with the group in training on Monday and spoke with president of the Belize Body-building and Fitness Federation (BBBFF), Mirna Paul-Greenidge. Belize will […]

Tour company found not negligent in tourist’s death
Karl Edwin Simmons from Texas drowned last month while trying to rescue his wife Esther, who was drifting away from their snorkelling group touring off Caye Caulker. The cause of death offered by the local examiner was asphyxiation due to drowning, incidental. But according to the […]

Cruise lines host Christmas party for kids
The spirit of Christmas is in the air, and those most under its spell are the children, who dream of their favorite toys under the Christmas tree at home, deposited by Santa Claus himself. But the reality is that many of those children’s parents […]

COPA Airlines launches inaugural flight to Panama
Eighty passengers today boarded flight 281, the first direct flight from Belize City to Tucuman Airport, Panama. The service is being provided by COPA Airlines. The flight costs 600 Belize dollars round trip and is scheduled twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays, departing […]

Port of Belize turns to Labour Department in stevedore dispute
In October we reported that the Port of Belize limited and the Christian Workers’ Union – on behalf of the stevedores – agreed that they would continue to negotiate to get a Collective Bargaining Agreement finalized. Well the promise of an amicable negotiation was railroaded […]

New travel series promotes Belize like nothing before
There are a lot of travel series on television and the Internet promoting Belize’s adventure tours, luxury resorts, beaches and Mayan ruins, but few of them, if any, have told the story of Belize like the newly produced World of Wild, created, directed, and produced […]

Five detained after police recover gun and trove of ammunition from robbery suspect
Shortly after 1:00 this afternoon, Belize City police in pursuit of a robbery suspect, retrieved stolen items and a 9 millimeter pistol along with three magazines and 26 live rounds of ammunition, after they searched a residence to which the thief was followed. Reports […]

Stann Creek police looks for hit and run taxi driver
Honduran Manuel “Chanchero” Sanchez is being sought by Dangriga Police for being the alleged driver behind the wheel of the vehicle that knocked down 29-year-old Guatemalan Margarita Ical from Bella Vista Village. According to Ical, on November 19th, around 6:00 p.m., she was walking on the Southern Highway pushing her bicycle that was carrying firewood. Ical reported to police that as she walked the highway, a green van taxi knocked her down from behind.

Belize Bank and Radisson partner to spread Christmas joy
The month of December is the month of sharing and caring and The Belize Bank is good at it. With that said, yesterday at the Radisson Fort Gorge, 110 students from Stella Maris School in Belize City lived the joy of the season. For the seventh year in a row the Belize Bank Limited sponsored the event, providing the children with the full trimmings of a Christmas meal while also engaging them in various games, face painting and even dance competitions.


My Eight Craziest Adventure Tours In Belize
Belize is full of adventure. Such a small country, you can be at the 2nd largest reef in the world on one day and then deep within an inland cave the next. It was my trip to the “Black Hole” that got me thinking about this list so I’ll start with that. Adventure? Me? Yes indeed. 1. Rappelling The “Black Hole” Drop 2. Night Snorkeling 3. Natural Watersliding At Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve 4. Ziplining Belize’s Longest Zip Line and Waterfall Rappelling at Bocawina Park 5. Climbing to The Top of The Tallest Building at Lamanai and then Coming Down 6. The Belize Zoo 7. Diving or Snorkeling the Great Blue Hole 8. THE ATM CAVE

5 of Belize’s Most Fascinating Mayan Ruins
From 2500 BCE to 1697 CE, Mesoamerica was home to an advanced civilization known as the Maya. Constructors of pyramids that rival those of even Egypt, this civilization flourished up until a combination of disease, drought and colonization caused them to vanish. Luckily, traces of their culture still survive in the form of the architectural marvels they left behind. Here are 5 of these ancient wonders we recommend you visit on your Belize vacation: Xunantunich Mayan Ruins, Caracol Mayan Ruins, Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins, Altun Ha Mayan Ruins, Lamanai Mayan Ruins.

Copa flies its inaugural flight to Belize
Copa Airlines will be flying its inaugural flight to Belize Tuesday, marking the start of a partnership between Belize and Panama that will see potentially hundreds of thousands of visitors from Central and South America to the country over the next few years, propelling the tourism industry to even greater heights. Copa Airlines will be offering two weekly flights to Belize City from Hub de la Americas, Panama City. With this new addition, Copa Airlines will now expand its route to 75 cities and 31 countries in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean with Belize being the seventh in Central America. The addition of Belize to Copa’s route now means that the airline covers all of Central America and strengthens their regional leadership. “The connectivity will open enormous opportunities for tourism and commercial development for this interesting Caribbean country, as well as allowing for tourists from the same region to have the opportunity to enjoy all the tourism and commercial strengths Belize has to offer,” Copa Airlines Executive President Pedro Heilbron said.

The Caribbean is America’s Balkans for Jihadist Migrant Flow
Just as the Balkans have served as Europe’s «soft underbelly» for the largest mass migration of refugees since World War II, the Caribbean, coupled with Central America, is proving to be America’s own «Balkans» when it comes to Syrian and other migrants flowing into the United States. In the cases of both Europe and America, the flows of migrants, including non-vetted military draft-age men from Syria, Iraq, and other Muslim countries, is being facilitated by the huge network of non-governmental and quasi-governmental organizations influenced by and linked to the international hedge fund tycoon and all-around global troublemaker George Soros. As revelations spread through the news media in Europe that among the refugees who streamed into Europe from Syria were some of the suicide bombers who launched the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, America was faced with reports that the Obama administration was preparing to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees. This resulted in calls for a moratorium from 31 state governors, including 30 Republicans and one Democrat, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire; the governor of Guam; and former Ohio Democratic Governor Ted Strickland. Hassan and Strickland are candidates for the U.S. Senate in 2016. Many governors and other elected officials, including mayors and Republican and Democratic legislators, were unconvinced that the Obama administration, which has been under pressure from the Soros machine to lift all border restrictions, could or would adequately screen the migrants. The Obama administration insisted that vetting was conducted by the Department of Homeland Security, a department rife with incompetence, misbehavior by agents and officials, financial fraud, and bureaucratic turf battles.

Stalactites and Skeletons in Belize’s Mayan Underworld
If you’ve ever yearned for your own Indiana Jones-style adventure, be sure to add Belize’s most infamous cave to your bucket list. ATM—full name Actun Tunichil Muknal—is your ticket to the ancient Maya underworld, or Xibalba. Also known as the “cave of the stone sepulcher,” it’s near San Ignacio in the Cayo District, and it’s where the Mayas of old performed their sacred rituals long before Europeans came. Within, you’ll find scattered the skeletal remains of sacrificial victims, which calcification has cemented to the cave’s floor. The skeletons range in age from one-year-olds to adults. The famous crystal maiden, the skeleton of an 18-year-old girl, has been there 1,100 years. Her bones have a sparkling, slightly plump look. There is a physical price to pay to visit this natural sepulcher. You’ll hike for an hour to reach the mouth of the cave and cross three streams. There’s a short swim through the pool at the cave’s entrance. Then, for several hours, you’ll wade through a subterranean stream and climb ladders to reach the sacred chambers. But the trip is worth it. Each cave chamber is exquisitely adorned with crystalline stalactite and stalagmite formations. Along the way you’ll pass thousands of pottery shards. The Mayas used these pots during their sacred rituals: Note the “kill holes,” a hole made in the pottery that allowed the spirits to escape.

Weight Watchers Mexican Bagels
Ingredients 1 bagel 1/2 ripe avocado, thickly sliced 2 slices of your favorite cheese 4 teaspoons salsa Preparation 1. Split the bagel in half. 2. Spread salsa over each half. 3. Top each with avocado slices, a slice of cheese and two teaspoons salsa. 5. Place under the grill for 5 minutes or until the cheese melts.

International Sourcesizz

Belize Rejects Costa Rican Proposal to Move Cubans
The government of Belize on Tuesday rejected a proposal from Costa Rica to move nearly 3,000 Cuban migrants stranded at that country's border with Nicaragua through Belize. In a statement, Prime Minister Dean Barrow's government said the proposal was considered in a meeting with his Cabinet, but they decided it is a regional problem and should be handled as such. "At this juncture, the government of Belize is unable to make any commitments outside of a regional arrangement," the statement said. Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez expressed disappointment. "We feel deeply disillusioned with Belize's decision," Gonzalez said in a statement. "Without a doubt, this decision complicates significantly the situation of the migrants in Costa Rica and delays their exit from the country."

Copa Launches Belize Flights
Panama-based air carrier Copa Airlines has officially begun service between Panama and Belize. The airline’s first flight from Panama to Belize arrived on Tuesday carrying 92 passengers. Belize becomes Copa’s seventh destination in Central America. “For COPA Airlines this is a very proud moment for us to begin operations in this new destination with which we consolidate our leadership in the region, flying to all the countries in Central America and in this fortifying the connection that Hub de Las Americas in Panama City offers,” said Pedro Heilbron, executive president for Copa Airlines. “”With our flight to Belize we expect to amplify the opportunities of development in the business and tourism sectors in this city, while improving in an important manner the connectivity of the country to Latin America.” The Panama-Belize flights will operate on Tuesdays and Fridays, taking about 2 hours and 20 minutes each way.

There's no place like this home
Think globally, build locally. That’s what renowned architect Jason Mclennan, who created the Living Building Challenge sustainability standards, is doing on Bainbridge Island’s south shore. And the way he’s building the walls of his family’s new home is as old as dirt. In fact, he’s using dirt. “Some of the soil is from my site, from the excavation, and the rest is from a very short drive away. So there’s almost no impacts,” Mclennan said. Mclennan Design will be working on projects worldwide, and one of the more high-profile developments in the works is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Blackadore Caye, which will be the first Living Building resort. The famed actor asked Mclennan to work on designing the ambitious eco-conscious resort, with the intent to regenerate the damaged ecosystem of a narrow 104-acre island off the coast of Belize. Mclennan’s firm also launched an initiative called the Green Warrior Society, which will donate planning and design services for charitable organizations that want to use sustainable construction in building needed facilities.

Caribbean gets sustainable tourism money
Dr James Hospedales, Executive director, Caribbean Public Health Agency has announced that the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved funding of US$800,000 for to address health, safety and environmental threats that challenge the sustainability of tourism in the Caribbean. CARPHA, which has direct responsibility for the project, will work with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and the Caribbean Hotel Association (CTA) to execute the project. Hospedales said that the Caribbean is the most tourism-dependent region in the world; therefore, the health of Caribbean economies is closely related to the health of its tourism industry. He added that there is currently no regional or national, tourism health information, monitoring and response (THMR) system in the Caribbean and that this initiative to improve countries' capacities to support health monitoring efforts can reduce tourism HSE incidents, and provide a healthier, safer, better quality tourism product for visitors and residents alike.


  • Empowerment Show Spiritual Restoration Dec 8th 2015, 33min.

  • Interview with a Principal - Jane Martinez, 4.5min. David sits down with the new principal of St. Hilda's school Jane Martinez to talk about her ministry with the students and teachers in Georgeville.

  • Artistes Aaron Silk, Jamaica (left) and Adrian Martinez, Belize, at COP 21, France, 1min.

  • Belizean Adventure!, 33.5min. Did 5 days in Ambergris Caye Belize. Hope you enjoy!

  • CABO Youth Summit 2015, 16min. CABO 11th International Youth Summit 2015,, 3 days Aug/06-Aug/09 --UWI Open Campus ,Belize City,Belize -Delegates Representing Costa Rica,Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, ,USA...UBUNTU

  • MW2015 : BELIZE, Jasmin Jael Rhamdas - Contestant Profile, 1/2min.

  • Snorkeling at Silk Cayes, Belize, 5.5min.

  • Belize 2015, 4min. Jamie's birthday trip to Belize with Jen in November 2015. Our first scuba dive

  • Southern Belize by the BTB, 1min.

  • GO PRO video - Backpacking through Belize & Guatemala, 6min. Backpacking through Belize and Guatemala with an amazing crew. PS if you can't tell what is going on it the bat cave at the end... Its a bat flying at me just missing my head. Wew fun.

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