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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Trivia
“Where is Glenn tonight?” I asked Melody. “I left him at home while I took Grayson and Davin out for ice cream.” “Hey, why don’t you get Glenn to watch the kids for awhile and you and I can go play Trivia at the bar? We haven’t done that in a while. Halfway through the first round of Trivia I said, “I’m hungry. I’m ordering a burger. Do you want one?” “No. I’m still full of ice cream,” she said. The burger was brought to me and I put mustard on it. “What is the highest lake in the world?” the Trivia master asked. “Lake Titicaca,” I told Melody. “Are you sure? That sounds like a name you would make up.” “Of course I’m sure. It’s a lake in Bolivia.” “Lake Titicaca!” Melody sang out.

Increase in the Control Price for Plantation White Sugar
The Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, hereby informs the general public that effective January 1, 2016, Plantation White Sugar will retail at a maximum price of 75 cents per pound countrywide. A Statutory Instrument has been signed by the Minister responsible for Supplies Control dated December 4th, 2015 to give effect to this increase. While the GOB has maintained the controlled prices for sugar for more than a decade, this increase of 25 cents per pound is to allow the industry to earn a fair price in comparison to other producers in the region.

Mayor Guerrero speaks on plans for artisans’ relocation
At the end of November, The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) informed the artisans who had been doing business at the Central Park for years that they needed to relocate. Their new location, the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex (HLSSC), was declared unfit by the artisans. They refused to relocate, and on Tuesday, December 1st, after a compromise with the SPTC, it was arranged for them to move to the beach, right in front of the park. However, in an interview with Mayor Daniel Guerrero, he stated that the artisans must move from the beach before the end of 2015. The community was informed through a press release from the SPTC that the vendors/artisans were to be relocated to the HLSSC on the first working day of 2016, but that date has now been changed. “The vendors on the beach will be there for a month, they can stay there until the 30th of December. On the 31st they can be there but to celebrate New Year’s Eve, the only ones that will be there will be the food vendors, but no artisans. They need to move to the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex area as previously planned, however, it will be temporary as we are speeding up on the plans we had envisioned for them regarding the facilities,” said Guerrero. At the moment temporary booths are being built for the artisans adjacent to the House of Culture.

San Pedro Police begin Anti-drugs operation
On Thursday, December 3rd between 5AM and 6:30AM, acting on Special Branch Intelligence, a joint team of San Pedro Criminal Investigation Branch, Special Branch and Quick Response Team personnel conducted a joint anti-drugs operation within San Pedro Town. The operation yielded the following results: *A search was conducted at the apartment of 53-year-old Anthony Montes and 43-year-old Clarina August both residents of the Bayside Area, San Pedro Town. A thorough search led to the discovery of a black plastic bag containing three small transparent plastic bags with a combined 67 grams of suspected Cannabis. An officer who was posted near the bedroom window prior to gaining entrance, observed that a small black pouch was thrown outside. The pouch was retrieved and was observed to contain 12 small wrapped transparent parcels containing a combined 45.4 grams of suspected Cannabis. Both accused were jointly arrested and charged for “Drug Trafficking” and “Possession of a Controlled Drug”.

Doctor Love: Dating and Insecurities
Dear Doctor Love, I am dating a man who is a very well paid professional. He has a great lifestyle and makes a lot of money. I’m not sure how much money he makes but whatever it is it is a lot more than I make. I am in my last year at college and I live on money from my parents and what I earn from a part-time job. My boyfriend likes to take me to expensive places and he always pays the bill. I have never offered to pay because I usually don’t have enough to pay it. I know that he would turn down an offer anyway and this makes it feel silly to ask him. Knowing all of this what should I do to make myself (and maybe him) feel more comfortable? /s/ Great Date

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

BPP signs symbolic Anti-Corruption Act in front of PM’s office
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP), on International Anti-Corruption Day December 9th, fulfilling a mandate of its campaign manifesto to sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), made a symbolic signing of the Act in front of the Prime Minister’s Coney Drive office. The event took place on the 12th commemoration of the UNCAC, which has been ratified by 177 countries, with Belize and Suriname being the only two in the Western hemisphere who haven’t done so. BPP Campaign Manager Robert Lopez, Party Chairman Paco Smith and BPP Leader Patrick Rogers staged the symbolic signing in front of the Prime Minister’s office. Although it was only symbolic, Lopez said , it shows how easy, “with the stroke of a pen”, Belize could show locally and internationally that the government is serious about fighting corruption.

Buffalo Wing Monday
Buffalo Monday... $1 wings at the Lazy Lizard, all day, every Monday. Chef Rey says come and get messy at the Split!!!Location : Lazy Lizard at the Split. Start Date: December 14, 2015 End Date: December 14, 2015 Time: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Only a few Belizeans appeared to have been playing some serious jazz music in the 1960's, 70's and 80's in Belize, and it can be said that the legendary Pete Mattews was one of them. We hear the names like Checka, the late Bill Belisle, Melvin 'Mageli' McGregor, and Dickie Straughan, but none was mentioned as much a Pete Mattews with credible respect for the African-American musical art form. When Belizean Legends asked the legendary Melvin 'Majeli' McGregor at a recent Caribbean Gospel show at the Hollywood Park & Casino about whether Belizean musicians like Pete Mattews and others were playing jazz, he replied, "Absolutely!" Belizean Legends honors the life and memory of the late Belizean musician and jazz saxophonist, the late Pete Mattews. May his style and passion for the art form resurface in future Belizean musicians.

The Belize Times

Pervert dentist given license in Belize – Dr. John Hall was convicted of injected semen into patients’ mouths in the U.S.
The Belize Medical Council led by Chairman George Gough is under heavy pressure to come clear after the board easily granted a license to practice to an American dentist who was criminally prosecuted for the highly unethical practice of injecting semen into his patients’ mouths. Dr. John Hall has been residing in Belize for an indefinite period under the alias Dr. John Roberts Hall. He was issued a Work Permit and Social Security Card under that name. It appears that no one conducted checks on his background, but an easy and quick internet search reveals Dr. John Hall’s truly twisted medical history in the United States. In June 2005, Dr. Hall pleaded guilty to the criminal charges that he injected semen into his patients’ mouths while operating a dental clinic in Cornelius, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Dr. Hall had been under investigation since late 2004 after his employees became suspicious of his activities in the clinic and discovered five syringes containing semen in his room. They reported the matter to the Police. Court testimonies from seven patients confirmed that he misled them to believe that he was injecting cleansing liquid into their mouths, when it was actually his semen.

Beware of Sugar Price Gouging!! – Bureau of Standards sleeping at the wheels
The Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture have passed new legislation which has approved a 50% percent increase in the price of locally-produced sugar to take effect on January 1, 2016, but consumers ought to watch out for attempts by greedy businessmen who have already illegally hiked sugar prices. The price of sugar on store shelves should be not more than 50 cents per pound, at least for the next 20 days. The Government released a press release in which it issued a warning to merchants to “desist from adjusting retail prices” before the announced commencement date. But this warning has not been heard far and wide. There are already reports that at several stores countrywide, store owners are already adding the additional 25 cents, and selling sugar at 75 cents per pound. This is done so that they could make a few extra dollars in these hard business times.

House of Rep. & Senate question spending of $44M weeks before Nov 4th elections
The Barrow Administration has exposed some of its dirty election deeds. The UDP Government spent $44 million dollars from the dwindling Petro-Caribe loan funds in the weeks leading to the November 4th general elections. The revelation came via a supplementary budget which Prime Minister Dean Barrow took to the House of Representatives on Friday, December 4th for approval. Only in Belize does a leader of a country spend millions loosely, then seeks official permission for the spending. There could not be a proper debate on the spending because the non-transparent Government did its best to provide the least of details on how the millions were actually spent. It offered a general account that would not even pass the most basic of accounting tests, only indicating that some millions went towards infrastructure works, more millions to BIL operations, and some millions more towards flooding alleviation.

GOB refuses to hoist flag near Sarstoon River
The Minister of National Security John Saldivar is trying his best to gain political mileage from an “official ground breaking” of a Coast Guard/Police outpost at the south-end of mainland Belize on Wednesday, December 9th, claiming that it is an act asserting Belize’s territorial sovereignty. But reports from several persons who attended the ceremony are that Saldivar and other senior Government officials in attendance kept looking above their shoulders, towards the sea nervously, as if to check if a Guatemalan military fleet led by Captain Tomas was heading their way. The Ministry broke ground on the mainland, far away from Sarstoon Island and the southern channel of the Sarstoon River, which are the actual areas which the Guatemalan military has effectively occupied with a permanent military vessel led by the arrogant Colonel Tomas. Colonel Tomas was the military officer who blocked and threatened over 150 Belizeans who travelled to Sarstoon Island as part of a Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) on August 16th. Colonel Tomas told the BTV expedition that they were encroaching on Guatemalan territory.

Think About It
Government lied to Belizeans by saying it will build the Forward Operating Base on the Sarstoon. They tried to give the impression that a base would be built on the Sarstoon Island. We were later told there were too many mosquitoes. The Government held a ground-breaking ceremony on Wednesday 9th December for the base. The site chosen is not Sarstoon Island, but on the mainland of Toledo, at the mouth of the Sarstoon River. We are surprised, but should not be, by the coverage of Channel 7, which has allowed itself to be duped. They should have left that kind of propaganda to Love FM. Guatemala has made it abundantly clear, and in writing as well, that the Sarstoon Island is part of Guatemala and they will enforce Guatemala’s rights and laws regarding it. They have also, by words written and by their deeds, taken full control of the whole of the Sarstoon River. They told the Belize Government in writing they will enforce their laws and that they only allow BDF to use the river as a matter of courtesy.

The Petro Caribe Party is Over!
Sometime in 2012, the United Democratic Party was able to revive the Petro Caribe Program that had become dormant just a couple of years after it first began. The initial agreement which provided cheaper fuel to Belize was signed back in June of 2005 but there were problems from the very outset. The first fuel shipment, which arrived in November of that same year, remained offshore for some time before a few businessmen were able to construct storage facilities down south to accommodate the precious cargo. Esso, which at the time was the chief importer of our fuel, had refused to cooperate and give any ground since they were beholden to their suppliers up north. Sometime in 2011, Puma Energy bought out Esso’s interest in Belize and most of Central America and this paved the way for Venezuelan oil to enter Belize. The socialist regime of Venezuela has long been in the black books of the United States and our decision to turn our backs on the US in favour of Venezuelan oil might yet come back to haunt us. We shall see what we shall see. Petro Caribe was the brainchild of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez whose motives were not altogether altruistic. Chavez was determined to forge a formidable alliance with other Latin American countries in order to provide a counterweight to traditional American influence in the region. Chavez’s leftist socialist policies put him at odds with the US and their plans for Latin America. Petro Caribe proved a way of avoiding international isolation.

It was a revelation when Prime Minister Barrow confiscated BTL and there was not a protest coming from the British Government. Confiscation of private property is considered a no, no in today’s modern democracy, in particular for small, developing country and especially when it involves the profits and property of American and British businesses. Prime Minister Barrow’s draconian move against the Belize Telecommunication Company was accompanied by personal, malicious attacks against the purported owner, one Lord Michael Ashcroft. Lord Ashcroft, it must be mentioned, is considered a highly-connected business magnate in Britain. He has close ties to the conservative government and extensive business holdings. Indeed, he played a major part in ensuring victory in the last general elections that saw his party become the government in the UK. Lord Ashcroft did not, apparently, seek the British government’s intervention in his little spot with PM Barrow in tiny Belize. Nor did the then British government summon, as they are obliged to do, the PM to assure him he had overstepped his tiny little power against the might of the British. There exists between Belize and the British government a signed treaty which protects British investment against the type of action Barrow had instituted.

MicRoe Light & Peace wins U-23 basketball champs
MicRoe Light & Peace of Belize City won the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Basketball Association Under-23 championship sponsored by BECOL, by a 52-42 win in Game 2 at the Falcon Field court in San Ignacio Town over the weekend. Ian Rene Augustine Jr. led with 21 pts, Luis Barcelona added 13pts and Jay Palacio added 8pts, while Sherwin Garcia had 6pts. Spartans’ Khalil Bennett led with 15pts, Kevin Brown scored 13pts and Bryton Young added 6pts. Luis Barcelona won the MVP award for the regular season; and Ian Augustine Jr. was MVP for the finals.

Panthers win Cayo senior basketball champs
The San Ignacio Panthers won the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Basketball Association senior basketball championships sponsored by BECOL 56-38 against Benque Power in Game 3 of the finals at the Falcon Field court on Saturday night. MVP Daniel “Buddy” Nolberto led with 13pts, Johann “Cutto” Bermudez added 9pts, while Gareth Bermudez had 8pts and Vandel Fuller hit 2 long treys to add 6pts. Benque Power’s Brandon Flowers topscored with 11pts for his team. Daniel Nolberto won the MVP award for the regular season and finals.

National Champs crowned at Sr. Table Tennis Championships
The Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) held its annual Belize Natural Energy Senior table tennis championships at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Sunday, with Zhi Chen, Samira Pott, Latrell Solis and Tyrone Tun, and Tyola Casimiro and Arturo “Tux” Vasquez coming out as national champs. Zhi Chen won the Men’s championship 3-2 against SJC’s Latrell Solis who took 2nd place, while Yasser Musa and Tyrone Tun won 3rd place. Samira Pott won the Women’s championship 3-2 against Belize Elementary’s Kelly Liu, who took 2nd place, while Tyola Casimiro and Kayla Arnold each won 3rd place.

Barrow leaves on 6-day vacation
Prime Minister Dean Barrow once again departed the country today to attend a medical appointment and to go on personal leave with his family, according to a release from the Belize Press Office. The release did not say where the Prime Minister went, but our best guess is that is one of his favourite vacation spots, Miami or Savannah, Georgia. No Prime Minister has taken as many vacations as Prime Minister Barrow has. No Prime Minister has been to Miami and other glitz and glamour destinations on personal vacation as Prime Minister Barrow. No Prime Minister has ever dared to leave the country behind in times of hardship and economic crises as we are currently facing. Only Barrow.

Youth hostel deaths were avoidable tragedies
On Saturday November 28, 2015 three teenage girls: Elizabeth McKoy, 14, Ana Carlos, 16, Shadisha Arnold, 16, met a horrible death when they were trapped in a raging inferno at the Youth Hostel at Mile 21 ½ on the George Price Highway. The Youth Hostel was built to provide rehabilitation service for young persons, especially teenagers who have problems with discipline or are the victims of emotional, social, physical, or sexual abuse in their homes. This requires that those at the helm of the Ministry of Human Development, starting with the Minister Anthony Boots Martinez and the employees at the hostel who enjoy working with teenagers and who realize that they must put the best interest of the persons under their care first 24 hours per day throughout the year. Achieving that goal has been severely undermined with the hiring of a number of persons due to their political connection rather than qualification. One of the buildings was burnt down seven months earlier by a teenager to protest treatment at the facility. The incident should have made it obvious to the management of the hostel that the institution needed a fire extinguisher; nevertheless, like many other needs such important equipment was never obtained.

Maya Leaders Alliance Receive Prestigious UN Award
In September of this year, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announced that the Maya Leaders Alliance of Belize had been selected to receive the prestigious Equator Award, in recognition of their community and sustainable development efforts to protect nature and strengthen the planet’s resilience in the face of climate change. Last week, leaders of the MLA Cristina Coc and Alfonso Caal joined 20 other winners from around the world in a special trip to Paris, France where the United Nations Climate Change Conference was taking place. The conference called for the involvement of indigenous peoples and local communities to assist the world reach its collective climate goals. On December December 7th, the Maya leaders stepped onto the stage at the Mogador Theatre to receive their award and applauses for their work in Belize.

Do black lives really matter, Belize?
In the last fourteen days more than fourteen men have been dragged before the courts and incarcerated. Of these fourteen men, all of them look like me, young and black. Interestingly there has been no outcry from society and not a single modicum of discussion on this phenomenon. Today I hope that my concern will spark relevant discussions in homes, offices and schools. I do not know who is to be held responsible. It is not my objective to place the blame on anyone. I am simply trying to understand what is happening in our communities and within the Belizean Criminal Justice System. I am simply trying to understand what is exactly happening to the men that look like me. The charges laid on these men range from the possession of drugs to the possession of unlicensed firearms, murder and rape. I am in no way sympathetic to anyone that has violated the laws of our land. Though I will agree that the structure of our Juvenile Justice System and by extension our Criminal Justice System is in need of urgent attention. There are many innocent men in prison and even more guilty men roaming our streets. However, I am not naïve to presume that each and every single person in prison is a saint.

MY PERSPECTIVE – The Women’s Agenda
I am now not a Woman in the House, and so I am renaming my jottings “My Perspective.” Several friends and family members have encouraged me to continue writing. I am very happy to do so. Congratulations are in order to the two women in the House, Tracy Taeger Panton and Beverly Castillo, and as well to the women in the Senate and to Vanessa Retreage, the Attorney General. I do think that they all have their work cut out for them. And of course my commitment and efforts for women and children, as well as for persons living with HIV/AIDS and other vital social issues will not cease. Even in the mighty United States of America the work for equal opportunity and gender equality is far from over. I read recently that women in the USA are still being paid less for work of equal value to that of their male counterparts. Women are still last hired and first fired. Women get less for pay raises than men. Women still bear a disproportionate share of family and social responsibilities, while men get the majority of positions of power and influence. This is glaringly so in our Belize.

Bark but no Bite! – GOB’s press release warning
The Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, hereby informs the general public that effective January 1, 2016, Plantation White Sugar will retail at a maximum price of 75 cents per pound countrywide. A Statutory Instrument has been signed by the Minister responsible for Supplies Control dated December 4th, 2015 to give effect to this increase. The Ministry reiterates that this price change becomes effective on January 1, 2016 and merchants are hereby warned to desist from adjusting retail prices before the above mentioned date. Furthermore, Sections 15 and 16 of the Supplies Control Regulations requires every retailer of any priced controlled goods to display for public viewing a list of approved maximum retail prices as well as clearly mark the retail price on the packaging of such price controlled goods offered for sale. The public is also advised that there is sufficient sugar in stock and all parties along the distribution chain are warned not to hoard sugar in an attempt to earn a price windfall from consumers.

UDP Senators derail Immigration corruption investigation
The David Nanes Schnitzer scandal has caused a major international black-eye for Belize, as another case of immigration fraud and corruption involving an international criminal has reared its ugly head under the Barrow Administration. Unlike the first case involving South Korean national Kim Won Hong, much less is known about the Schnitzer case because there has been an apparent blockage of information from authorities on the investigations. Schnitzer, an American wanted in Mexico for defrauding investors of millions of dollars, was hiding in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. He had obtained every type of Belizean documentation including nationality, passport, social security card, driver’s license, and even a voter’s I.D. under the false name “David Banes”. The incident points to serious corruption in the Government system, and once more places the microscope over the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality, where it is becoming clear that there are many major hidden skeletons. One of the critical questions in relation to the Schnitzer case is who signed his nationality certificate dated November 2012 that allowed him to obtain a passport and other identification documents. Was it Elvin Penner, who was a Minister of State illegally signing Immigration documents?

The Government gets what it pays for
Dear Editor, You must understand that what your government pays for it gets. If you are paid to do something for the government, they will extract from you exactly what they have paid for. They have ordered 5 more years of absolute power. They have paid handsomely for that power by paying you for your votes. They have gotten what they paid for on November 4th, 2015 When we understand that, then we look at our education system, our health system, government financed institutions. Let us focus on our education system and see the kind of education that is being turned out. Logic will tell you that if what is being turned out in those schools was not in accord with what the government wanted, then it would change it. The bottom line is, the government is getting what they have ordered, they are getting what they paid for. They do not want your children to be educated. They do not want you to think too much. That is why our country has become so proliferated with drugs, alcohol, entertainment, and all other types of amusement that you can think of, to keep you entertained, so that you don’t get in the way of important people by doing too much thinking.

A letter to the Shyne Barrow from the Bronx
Dear Editor, As a Belizean-American living in the Bronx Borough of New York City for almost three decades now, I am a part of one of the three largest Belizean emigrant populations here in the United States of America. The other two Belizean emigrant populations reside in the cities of Chicago on the East Coast and Los Angeles on the West Coast. Unlike some of my Belizean compatriots, I pay very keen and regular attention to and interest in what goes on back home in my beloved Belize. I am an avid reader of the newspapers and viewer of the television news. Admittedly, there are times when I want to just turn my eyes and ears away from the news because, by and large, the sounds and images are sad and depressing. This is perhaps the reason why some of the Belizeans here in New York and elsewhere don’t care much to tune in to the happenings back home. I, however, go back home to Belize frequently and must stay abreast of what’s going on, especially given the fact that most of my family members live there. And so it was that, as I do religiously every night before I retire to bed, I pulled up the web transcript of 7NEWS and happened upon a news story that featured the washed up/wannabe rapper and pseudo-Jew Shyne Barrow, who now calls himself “Moses Levi Barrow”.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Breaking: Murder in Paraiso Village, Corozal
Reports reaching our newsroom are that there was a murder last night in the village of Paraiso in the Corozal District. The incident happened at a village dance around mid-night and details are still sketchy. This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.


Snapshot Sunday: The Week ALL Over Belize
Instead of losing interesting in Instagram, I become more and more enamored. Despite the fact that of the 400 million users, 90% are estimated to be below 35 years old. I…miss that demographic by a few years. But it’s such an easy, fun, fast way to share your pictures and follow what others are doing around…say…Belize. Here are some pictures of my week – and others’ around the country. In case you wanted to catch up with what the reef sharks are up to in the Blue Hole. WOW. Isn’t it gorgeous? Or if somehow you escaped my campaign to go to India on a blogging trip. INDIA! Please vote for me. It takes a facebook account and about 4 seconds.

Placencia Belize: Best Place to Travel in 2016
Placencia, a small peninsula on Belize’s south-east coast best known for its white sandy beaches and proximity to pristine rain forests and the world’s second largest barrier reef, was recently named as one of Travel and Leisure’s top destinations for the upcoming year. The recognition, though it comes as no surprise since the destination has been known for its award winning luxury resorts and premium guest satisfaction for many years, still holds significant weight. Travel and Leisure is an award winning magazine owned by Time Inc. and to be chosen as a destination of the year is a very distinguished honor. Destinations must live up to high standards and must be among the most elite spots, not only in natural beauty, but also in terms of tourism infrastructure, accommodation availability, guest satisfaction and every aspect that goes into creating an unforgettable travel experience.


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  • Voices From The Diaspora (PT 3): Belize's Minister Patrick Faber On Sarstoon Island Crisis!, 4min. So far this year 2015, the Honorable Patrick Faber, Belize MInister elect of Education & Sports has been the only Belizean Minister to have visited the Belizean Diaspora in the Los Angeles Belizean Community and have voiced his government's position on the Belize / Guatemalan Dispute in regards to the Sarstoon Island Crisis that continues to unfold one month after the Belize general elections where his government, the United Democratic Party (UDP) won a third consecutive term on November 5, 2015.