Aside from the black fruit cake and rumpopo, a good turkey dinner is of course the highlight of the Christmas celebrations, but, it seems like some people might not be getting any this year.

That's because the only ones in stores right now are the Butterball turkeys which are too expensive and just too big for many consumers. We're talking all turkeys over 20 pounds, selling for between 150 and 180 dollars. It's a Christmas crisis if ever there was one, and one businesses are trying urgently to address. Today we spoke with the manager of Quality Poultry Products in Belize City and he explained why there is this shortage in smaller turkeys and when you all can expect to find them in stores.

Albert Hoy, Manager - Quality Poultry
"What happened is that we recently got in 4 container loads of turkeys. But the majority of the turkeys that came are large sized turkeys - Butterball Turkeys from the United States. The United States doesn't have very many small turkeys right now because they also had problems with Avian Flu. So they sent us just a few small turkeys which is finish. We got some today and everything got sold out. Now there is another ship that came in today that should bring a little bit turkeys of smaller sizes. However that container is going to Spanish Lookout first, then they will distribute it countrywide and I should have some small turkeys within the next day or two. What size I can't say because the container is on its way to Spanish Lookout right now."

"We will have turkeys definitely. But the small ones I can't guarantee as to how many small turkeys we will have. But I would advise the public to check with us within the next day or two to see how much we have and what sizes we have. I know lots of people have been calling in, especially business firms have been calling in for small turkeys because most of them want to give turkeys as Christmas gift to their employees right, but unfortunately because we don't have the local turkeys this year, it has been a bit of a problem."

Hoy told us that another shipment is coming in and that you - the consumers should check with them tomorrow or Thursday if you want to get the smaller Carolina Turkeys because they are going very fast. The Butterball Turkey's go for $5.10 per pound at Quality Poultry.

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