Benque Viejo Zone 4 Neighborhood Watch Program

Samuel Bruce Captain

On 18-12-15 at 10:15am

A community policing initiative; by the Benque Viejo Sub-Formation & Neighborhood Watch Zone 4 Captain Samuel Bruce began today.

Listed police officers Cpl. Joshua McKoy community policing commander, other police which assisted; Wsgt. Thadine Martinez, Wpc. Cheyel Lanza, Pc Silas Lopez, Pc Sydney Agustine.

All of Benque Viejo Sub Formation.

Zone Captain Sam Bruce; visited various families in his zone to locate some of the most needy families, communicated this with Cpl. Joshua McKoy community Policing coordinator for the Sub-Formation.

Police provided and delivered 3-packaged food baskets, Captain Sam Bruce on his own initiative provided boxes of Toys for the children, clothing, Rice, Beans, snacks, and Whole Chicken.

Also; the Zone 4 neighborhood watch 2016 calendars’ were handed out to families, which have all the important emergency numbers; Intl. crime stoppers, local zone crime reporting number, clinic, fire department, police station, and Captain Sam Bruce’s phone number & email.

Morning Recipient’s - families were;

Maroquin Family; Cirile 34yrs., Isais 34, Kimberly 14, Damiel 2, Fernando 8, Sarai 4, Melesa 9, Wilford 7, Wilder 7, Canddelara 72, and Canstasio 80.

Enriquez Family; Marcos 10yrs., Samuel 16, Gilbert 18, Brian 8, Janini 15, Anabai 20, Evelin 6, and Leonel 48.

Escalante Family; Tomaza 67yrs., Evon 25, Arnaldo 6, Eduardo 4, Enríquez 2.

The families expressed how much they appreciated the effort; children were delighted with the clothing & toys & all the family enjoyed the rice and beans and chicken. They said it made their Christmas very special, it was unexpected gift that means so much.

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Maroquin family

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Enriquez family

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Escalante family