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The San Pedro Sun

Fisheries Department to implement Managed Access Program
Belize’s marine resources are some of the country’s best assets, but they have faced several challenges over the years. An income-producing activity that uses marine resources is fishing, and while many Belizean fishermen practice sustainable fishing methods, there are still concerns regarding the practice. As such, the Belize Fisheries Department has taken on the Fishing Managed Access Program which aims at ending open access to resources across Belize’s marine ecosystems by licensed commercial fishermen. Open access fishing allows licensed fishermen to harvest marine species (that are not protected by law) unrestrictedly, and this has resulted in overfishing, causing populations of certain species to decline over the years.

SHINE Graduates seven empowered young ladies
A second group of young ladies have completed the SHINE (Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment) youth enrichment program and are now equipped to face the world with confidence, strength and morale. They are Aaliyah Pilgrim, Nicole Dunn, Charity Palacio, Jayda Gongora, Samara Ayuso, Lorena Baustillo, and Alexandria Deshield who were honored on Sunday, December 20th during a short graduation ceremony. The girls had started the program led by founder Michelle Nuńez on Saturday, October 10th. The SHINE program consisted of the participants partaking in six lessons with the topics being self-esteem/ self-confidence, body image, sexual risk behavior, drugs and alcohol, decision making and communication skills and future goals and ambitions. As part of the program, the participants also took part in several extracurricular activities such as a photoshoot with Karen Brodie, Capoeira class with Marisa Tellez-Kohlman, Cardio Dance Club session with Gerry Badillo and a dinner banquet with On Eagles Wings Ministries. “It was a fantastic three months for the girls. I would like to extend a big thank you to Miss San Pedro Iris Salguero as she was an amazing help throughout the program. Finally, once again, I congratulate the girls and wish them the very best,” said Nuńez.

The ICJ rules in favor of Costa Rica in border dispute with Nicaragua. How this does reflect on Belize?
For five long years Costa Rica and Nicaragua have been engaged in negotiations regarding a territorial dispute along their borders. The case was taken to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), where its final ruling was heard on Wednesday, December 16th, with the verdict in favor of Costa Rica. The ruling is binding and final, and even though the ICJ cannot enforce its decision, both countries had previously agreed to respect the court’s ruling. It is certainly a subject of interest, as Belize and Guatemala have a long standing territorial dispute, two neighboring Central American countries as well. Both countries’ leaders have expressed a desire to take the territorial dispute to the ICJ for a solution. After the result between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, is Belize ready to gamble? In the case of our Central American neighbors, the dispute was centered on Costa Rica’s free navigation and Nicaragua’s sovereign control over the San Juan River. The dispute also extended to the area known as Calero Island as referred to by Costa Rica, or Harbor Head as known to Nicaraguans, which the ICJ officially declared belonging to Costa Rica.

Top Shatta are the champs of the Christmas 8-ball Pool Tournament
The first ever Christmas 8-ball Pool tournament on the island, held its finals on Sunday, December 20th at Average Joe’s Sports Bar. Four of the eight registered teams made it to the third round of games, competing for the coveted championship of the tournament. SandBar Ballers, Un-expected, AJ Shootaz, and Top Shatta gave their all in the last round of the competition. After a series of heated games, team Top Shatta emerged as the champion of the tournament, claiming the grand prize of $1,000 plus five cases of beer. The teams were challenged to win the best out of seven games in order to claim their prizes. Each team consisted of three players, and shortly after 3PM the first matches for the third place between SandBar Ballers and AJ’s Shootaz tipped off. SandBar Ballers began taking the lead in the first game and at some point, it looked like they were going to win the first four games required to win. However, AJ’s Shootaz rallied and walked away with the third place title, $300 and a case of beer. Following the third place championship, it was time for the first place title match, which was between Team Un-expected and Team Top Shatta! Fans for both teams cheered loudly for their players. Un-expected was no match for Top Shatta, however, as Top Shatta quickly won the best of out of seven games and was crowned as the champion for the Christmas 8-ball Pool Tournament for 2015. Team Un-expected graciously accepted their second place title with a prize of $500 and three cases of beer.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Patrick E. Jones diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis
Ok I just spoke to Patrick's Daughter Kimberly Locke she says Patrick E. Jones has been diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis and needs surgey ASAP. He checked himself out of loma Luz hospital today! Not Good! Please Please help with Donations if you can. Patrick E. Jones needs all the help he can get. We all know Patrick gives everything he has for his fellow man. -- #650-2-2-301597 Belize Bank. I just spoke to Patrick he is very weak! He is at home on a special diet awaiting SURGERY. The doctors say he needs to build up his strength before he has surgery. Jesus I hate our medical system and our basic lack of knowledge of our bodies. This man needs some proper care and fast!

**Second** Friday of January Tres Cocos Trash Pick Up
Friday, January 8, 2016at 9 AM - 11 AM. This January ONLY, we'll be doing our monthly roadside and beach clean up on the 2nd Friday of the month. Please join us at the Paradise Theatre (just north of the bridge) as we start the new year off by cleaning up our neighborhood! Locals, expats and tourists are all invited to help out and show some Isla Love! Please be there by 9:00 am :-)

Trivia Night!
Come join the fun every Sunday and Wednesday! Test your knowledge of useless facts, have a laugh, and win money towards your bar bill! Always a great time - Fun,…Location : Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill, Date: December 27, 2015, Time: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Dec. 13th – Dec. 19th, 2015 Belize Fishing Report
While the weather was all over the place with winds sometimes challenging the anglers, the fish were there and showed. Bonefish in good numbers, some nice permit and even a duo for a father and son team, and some smaller tarpon that put on airial acrobatic shows and challenge you to do everything right. With a nice slam to top it off. What fun!

The Reporter

Inflation down, says SIB
The latest data from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) shows that the average prices for goods and services in Belize had decreased for the month of November. The SIB’s Consumer Price Index, released this past week, showed that prices were 1.2 percent, or an average or $1.20 cheaper than they were last year. The All-Items Consumer Price Index fell to 102.6 in November 2015 from 103.9. The “Transport” category, contributed the most to the overall of the price drops, showing a decrease of almost 10 percent. The costs per gallon of premium and regular gasoline were down by 25 percent and 27 percent, respectively, while diesel declined by 24 percent in comparison to 2014. International airfares were 37 percent lower than during the same month last year. The SIB attributed the decrease to falling world oil prices coupled with the recent increase in the number of carriers and flights travelling to and from Belize.

“Lifestyle choices, not bad luck, greatest cause of cancer”, new study says
A new study suggests that lifestyle choices are more responsible for people developing cancer than random genetic mutation. The study, done by researchers at the Stony Brook Cancer Center in New York, U.S.A., was released this month in the online journal Nature. Researchers employed several techniques to gather data including: computer modelling, population data and genetic approaches, to conclude that between 70-90 percent of the risk was due to external factors. Dr Yusuf Hannun, the director of Stony Brook explained to the international media that the research results put greater responsibility in the hands of people to mitigate their risk factors by making necessary lifestyle changes. “They can’t smoke and say its bad luck if they have cancer. It is like a revolver, intrinsic risk is one bullet. And if playing Russian roulette, then maybe one in six will get cancer – that’s the intrinsic bad luck.“Now, what a smoker does is add two or three more bullets to that revolver. And now, they pull the trigger”, Hannun said.

Veteran journalist needs public’s assistance
The family and friends of veteran journalist, Patrick E. Jones are asking the public to help him with financial donations, in order that he may be able to undergo an urgent surgery for Acute Pancreatitis. A fellow media colleague, Kent Pandy wrote on his Facebook page over the Christmas holidays that Jones, known for keeping Facebook members updated with the latest news, has been ill and was hospitalized for five days in the La Loma Luz hospital in Santa Elena, Cayo, awaiting operation. Pandy informed that the hospital required $1,500 in advance so that Jones can undergo the surgery. While Jones had received some help, he needs more money to cover the entire medical expense. “Today is Patrick Jones, tomorrow it could be one of us”, Pandy wrote. Jones has spent over 30 years in the media, and has worked at the now defunct Radio Belize and Friends FM, before moving on to Love FM and Channel 5. He shares news via his Facebook page called “Breaking News – News at the Speed of Live”.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Author, playwright John Alexander Watler dies in United States
Belizean author and playwright John Alexander Watler passed this week in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 75. Watler, author of “Cry Among the Rain Clouds”, “Sea Lotto”, “The Bomba Codex” and most recently “Weggy’s Rumour,” was a prolific writer of short stories and […]

14 Years for robbery of tortilla factory
23 year-old Joseph O’Brien began a 14 year prison sentence for robbery and aggravated assault after being found guilty of robbing the Golden Corn Tortilla Factory on Central American Boulevard in September of this year. Three men, one of them armed with a .38 […]

Belizean car dealer shot in Mexico
A car dealer from Georgeville, Cayo, is reportedly recovering in hospital after being shot in the head by a group of robbers in the state of Tabasco in Mexico. The dealer, who was said to be in an 18-wheeler truck towing a container that […]

Fuel prices shooting up
There was a reported increase in the price of regular gasoline a few weeks ago. Now, we understand that prices for all types of gasoline are shooting up as of Monday morning at midnight. Diesel rises by 81 cents, from six dollars 41 cents to seven dollars 22 cents; […]

Belize City man shot on Christmas night
One Harrison Crawford was shot around 10 Christmas night at the corner of Jasmine Street and Croton Lane in Belize City. Reports to us say that Crawford was walking down Croton Lane and met two men on bicycles. One of them produced a firearm and […]

Gusty airflow will dominate weather next few days
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny skies with a few cloudy spells during the day and partly cloudy skies tonight. Showers, if any, will be isolated. Winds will be blowing from the East – Southeast at 10-25 knots with occasional higher […]


Rose's Famous Caramel Cake
Heat oven to 350°. Making sure all ingredients are at room temperature, grease two 9" round cake pans with 1 tbsp. unsalted butter; dust with 1˝ tbsp. flour, tap out excess, and set aside. Sift flour, baking powder, and salt together; set aside. Beat remaining unsalted butter and 2˝ cups sugar in a bowl with an electric mixer until fluffy. Add vanilla and eggs one at a time, beating after each addition. Add flour mixture and milk alternately in 3 batches, beating smooth after each addition. Divide batter between pans. Bake until golden, 30–35 minutes. Let cool on a rack for 10 minutes; remove cakes; let cool completely. Slice tops off cakes to level them.

The Best Places for Snorkeling and Diving in Belize
Snorkeling and diving in Belize is one of the best experiences in this country. Know the best sites to head to and make your Belize scuba diving vacations worth your while. Going on a Belize trip exposes you to lush jungles, interesting Mayan ruins and diverse wildlife. Yet, this Central American gem is best known for its snorkeling and diving sites along hundreds of atolls and cayes, including a 185-mile reef, which is second in size to that of Australia’s. Abundant sea life and stunning corals fill its clear waters, and are easily accessible to snorkelers and divers of any experience level. From the busy north of Belize to the sleepy south, below are out top choices for the best snorkeling and diving in Belize sites.

International Sourcesizz

Survey Reveals It's Cheaper to Live in Central America
We're often told that it is cheaper to live in places such as Panama, Nicaragua or Belize than in North America, but is it true? And if so, how much cheaper? A survey titled "Expat Report: Is It Cheaper to Live Abroad?" recently released by Best Places in the World to Retire provides the answers from nearly 400 expatriate respondents. (The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 5%.) Participants (mostly from the U.S. and Canada) were asked to compare the cost of living in Central America with the cost of living in their home country. Among them, 43.1% reported that the cost of living in Central America was 25% to 50% less than in their home country, and 34% said that for every $100 they would have to spend in their home country, they would have to spend only $50 or less in their new expat home.

Amid the ancient ruins
Lamanai is the Mayan word for “submerged crocodile,” a pretty apt description of the ruins site. Most of the city, dating back to 4 B.C., still is underground and covered in jungle, save for a few temples and a ball court. A two-hour bus ride from Belize City and a 45-minute boat ride down the New River Lagoon will take you right to Lamanai. There is nothing around but ruins and jungle, which creates a beautiful canopy of vines, and tropical birds and monkeys chatter endlessly overhead.


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