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Today's Belize News: December 30, 2015 #510251
12/30/15 05:41 AM
12/30/15 05:41 AM
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Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Crocodile Safety and ACES Updates
With Christmas comes the full on breeding season for the American crocodile, Crocodylus acutus, in Belize. For this reason the larger crocs are on the move. Males are seeking out females while females are searching for suitable nesting habitat. Just since this past October, the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES), Belize’s leading crocodile research and rescue organization, has received 41 calls from concerned residents about crocodiles in their area. After hundreds of volunteered hours to investigate each croc call, only nine crocodiles were deemed problematic and relocated for human, and croc, safety. Please keep in mind that crocodiles are primarily a shy, timid species; and, while the females are territorial over nesting grounds (March through August), large males are for the most part continually on the move, especially this time of the year. However, crocodiles will congregate in areas where there is an easy food source; so PLEASE… Do not directly feed crocodiles. It is illegal, extremely dangerous, and fed crocodiles start to look for people for food. Do not toss food scraps into the water or at the waters’ edge. This means all food waste, not just fish and chicken. While one may think that last night’s rice and beans will not attract a crocodile, it does attract fish and raccoons which are the crocodiles’ main sources of food. This also leads to pets being attacked by accident.

Ambergris Today

Have a Pineapple Boat at Pineapples Restaurant
You could say that Pineapples is somewhat of a themed restaurant, but it’s not tacky, by far. It blends very well with the earthy feel at Ramon’s Village, the resort in which it is located. It can be very elegant, upscale and at the same time very casual as it caters to both the resort’s guests and anybody who desires to indulge in sweet decadence. I say sweet because a lot of the restaurant’s dishes are centered around one main ingredient; you guessed it – the pineapple. The restaurant has established itself as one of the leading restaurants on the island, yet I still don’t think the local residents are aware of the goodness they are missing out on not having dined at Pinapples Restaurant. Take for example the Pineapple Boat and Pineapple Explosion on the menu. They scream originality and sweet goodness. The Pineapple Boat is the restaurants signature dish - scrumptious oriental fried rice loaded with chunks of sweet and delicious fresh pineapple and succulent grilled shrimp served in an authentic pineapple boat, topped with crispy fried rice noodles.

Belize Stands Up for Violence Against The Elderly After Recent Violent Attacks
Helpage Belize along with its sister organizations under the National Council on Ageing have sent out press releases expressing their condemnation of the recent home invasion and brutal assault inflicted on 93-year-old senior citizen of Belize City, Mr. Patrick Grant. Since October of this year there have been reports of violent crimes against older persons in different parts of the country. In each incident these heinous crimes have caused shock and disbelief among Belizeans. Last night’s coverage of the brutal and senseless attack of a 93-year-old man in his home in Belize City once again highlights the vulnerability of older persons across the country. Belize’s population of older persons continues to grow every year and with it challenges of care, security and safety remains an issue for many and their family. “Over the past months we have observed the growing trend of violence against the elderly in Belize,” stated Helpage Belize in their press release. “Those abuses range from what might clearly constitute a criminal offence, e.g. sexual or physical abuse, theft, etc., to acts that cause grievous harm. In 2014, brutal assaults perpetuated against senior citizens have resulted in deaths of Mrs. Coc of Colombia Village, Toledo District and Mrs. Augustine of Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District. In addition, the husband of Mrs. Augustine (Dudley Augustine) was grievously assaulted and left almost lifeless.”

Gas Prices Go Up as Belize Increases Import Duties on Fuel Products
World fuel prices are at an 11-year low, but why is it that fuel pump prices in Belize went up at midnight on Monday, December 28, 2015? Well it is not because Belize is purchasing fuel at higher prices, but government says it has increased on import duties on fuel products. In a press release issued at the beginning of the week, the Government said that it needs to increase taxes on fuel products in order to pay its bills. Premium went up by 8% - 72 cents per gallon. Regular went up by 13% - 97 cents. Diesel went up by 13% - 81 cents. A government release says "the Import Duties on Premium Gasoline and Diesel Oil increased by 65 cents Belize per U.S. Gallon while the Import Duty on Regular Gasoline increased by 57 cents Belize per U.S. Gallon."

25 Years Ago - The Coming of Radio in Belize
Long before the coming of television to Belize we had the radio. There was one national radio all the way back into the 1950's and it was the B H B C, the British Honduras Broadcasting Corporation of Belize. As you might already know, British Honduras was the name of our country because it was a British Colony. B H B C was a national radio station that transmitted to all parts of the country. Obviously there were favorite personalities and favorite programs. One of the favorite male personalities was Edison Seferino Coleman whose artistic name was Sefe. Coleman was a comedian and did El Retorno de Seferino. He was also a powerful news Anchor. A favorite female personality was Lidia Ramirez, who hosted a children's program, Rincon Infantil. She played the guitar, sang, did stories and riddles and also enabled children and parents to send their requests and greetings.

A Christmas Miracle for Baby Shamir Born with Incomplete Esophagus
“I would never have believed that this would be our Christmas miracle,” commented Milagro Garel, Belize representative for the World Pediatric Project. “This could never have happened without the support and collaboration of Immigration dept - officers complete with CEO on the ground, the U.S. Embassy and KHMH who all came together to ensure that Shamir's life could be saved! World pediatric project has been working in Belize for the past 10 years and this is the 8th case of this exact condition that we have had in our hands! It is important for our story to be shared because those in need NEED to know that we are here in Belize and that our assign is saving our children!” There was never a guarantee that a specialized medical center would take up baby Shamir, especially since it is on a charity basis and, in this case, during the busy Holiday season. But that is now a thing of the past with baby Shamir now in Virginia where he is getting special nutrition to gain weight in order for him to undergo the major surgery needed to save his life.

Belize Fisheries Department Announces Fisher Folk License Renewal Dates 2016
The Belize Fisheries Department hereby informs the Public that it will commence the renewal of fisher folk licenses on January 4th, 2016. A grace period for renewals will be in place until January 31st, 2016. Starting January 2016, fishers will have access to their two main fishing areas. This process seeks to formalize the current fishing patterns and give fishers the opportunity to collaborate in the management of the resources in their respective areas. Fishers are advised to bring along all pertinent documents upon renewal to facilitate the process. Licensing will be carried out for the following communities at the Belize Fisheries Department Office in Belize City on the dates specified below:

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Bullet Tree Animal Health Clinic
CELA is doing another FREE vet clinic in Bullet Tree Falls, on January 2nd. Keep that feral animal population down, and neuter. "Our Large Animal Vet Practices class will be supporting a community animal health clinic in Bullet Tree Falls on Saturday, 2 January. The clinic will open at 9 am. Come early if your animal needs a spay or neuter. See flier for more details."

Saga Night Fever!
January 16th, Saga Night Fever at the Casa. 7PM until 11Pm, $70BZ includes, 3 hours of passed apps, cash bar, 70's DJ, prizes for best 70's dressup, dance competition, instructional hustle dancing, raffles and even a mirrored ball. Come support Saga Humane Society and have a Groovy Time....Can You Dig It? For tickets, please call Sandie at 620-1124 or purchase tickets at Casa Picasso or Pampered Paws. Limited to 80 persons.

Wildtracks Twelve Days of Christmas
Still counting down the twelve days of Christmas, and our milk pile is growing. With each manatee calf drinking between a litre and two litres of milk a day, we are extremely grateful to all those who have already either bought milk formula directly, or have donated towards milk purchase through the Wildtracks web page. There is still a long way to go, please donate and / or share the appeal, and encourage others to contribute!!

Channel 7

Cayo Cop Accused Of Rape Criminally Arraigned
In last night's newscast you heard Vanessa Evans' chilling story. She alleges that while she was detained at the San Ignacio police station - a police officer took her out of her cell, guided her to a dark room, handcuffed her and raped her. It's rare that a rape victim speaks out publicly, but Evans told us she went through too much to be silent any longer. And she told us she is so happy she did because not the officer she claims raped her has been charged. Today we traveled to Cayo to find out more about the police investigation and also to capture Evan's reaction to the rape charges. Here is that story. Calm, respectful and committed. Those are just a few words used to describe Constable Luke Moriera. He was officer of the month for November of this year and his picture was among the other model officers on this wall. But today, instead of proudly walking out of the police station as he usually does, he walked out with his head hung low to court for his bail hearing. Moriera was charged for the rape of female detainee Vanessa Evans -and it happened right inside the police station. Insp. Reymundo Reyes, Deputy OC, San Ignacio Police: "It was shocking news, especially when the officer who was being accused named was called. Because he is a person that we do not have any sorts of irregularities - a calm person." But regardless of how surprising the news was, an investigation was done and statements from other police officers and prisoners were documented and surveillance footage was reviewed. Inspector Reyes told us this case was no different from any other.

Jailed For Allegedly Assaulting A 93 Year-old
93-year-old beating victim Patrick Grant is showing signs of recovery today. The Fern Lane resident was attacked in his home at dawn on Sunday, December 27th. The culprit was a robber who took his 21 inch TV. Grant's daughter Gilda Diaz told us today that he began to mumble today - and the first thing he did was pray:... Gilda Diaz, daughter "You know what is the condition from Sunday to now. Today with everybody's prayers he actually - I was pinching him and twisting his skin so he would respond. I know that hurts, but I had to do something for him to feel and open his eyes. I open his eyes with my fingers. I did him all sorts of stuff and then he started to groan and starting saying a couple little things and I told him and I said lets pray and he started to pray. But instead of praying for himself, he was praying for me and I told him we were praying for him. But anyway he said his prayers, which made me feel good because he likes to pray." Reporter: "Have the doctors indicated any need for a surgery or something like that?" Gilda Diaz, daughter: "That is what they are looking at. Does he need a surgery at this time? I hope not. I hope he is strong enough to heal himself. But I hope not, because people his age don't do very well I think with surgeries. Because there would be too many complications. But at least he wasn't talking very clearly, but he was mumbling and what eased my pain today was him saying his prayers. And that made a lot of difference to me."

Alleged Drunk Driver Arraigned For Killing Baby Genesis
Yesterday we told you about the tragic incident involving 1 year old Genesis Medina, who was knocked down and killed in the village of San Estevan in Orange Walk. It happened on Sunday night and today Orange Walk Police formally arraigned the man responsible for her death. He is 28th year old Eliseo Israel Larios. Larios was slapped with six traffic related charges when he appeared before the Magistrate's court in Orange Walk. His charges include: manslaughter by negligence, driving a vehicle with an alcohol concentration above prescribed limit, failure to report an accident, failure to stop and render aid, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention. In Court Larios was granted $5,000 dollars bail which he met. He has to surrender all his travel documents and was ordered to return to court on February 4th 2016.

Accused Child Molester Arraigned And Remanded
Today Orange Walk Police also made another arrest. On Monday we told you about the case of a 5 year old boy who was allegedly sexually molested by a man who was known to the family. It turns out it was the boy's uncle. For the protection of the child we will not broadcast neither the name nor photograph of the alleged perpetrator. What we can say however is that the man was today charged with sexual assault. Original reports were that sometime around 2 pm on December 26th, the mother was alerted by the screams of her mother in law who had just caught a man in the process of sexually assaulting the 5-year-old boy. The perpetrator was remanded to prison and is to return to court at a later date.

ADU Made A Huge Bust, Could Be Millions of Dollars In Heroine
The Police Anti-Drug Unit made what is believed to be a major drug bust last night in Belize City. Acting on intelligence, they stopped a vehicle at the Bel China Bridge, and when they searched it, they found 11 kilos of suspected heroine. They detained the driver, and transported the drugs to the police station. This driver remains in custody, and he may be criminally charged with drug trafficking. We say "may" because sources tell us that police have still not verified that it is heroin. Heroin busts are rare in Belize, and in all cases that we've reported on, it was found in the north, presumably on the way to Mexico. If verified, this would be the first major find in the city. Heroin has a far greater street value than cocaine, so 11 kilos could be worth more than a million US dollars. Again, though, they still have to determine whether it is heroine.

Rural Cops Caught A Big Gun, Says Criminals Were Going Equipped
For most of this month, Eastern Police Rural have been on the news giving updates on the eight armed thieves who burglarized the home of Lebanese Diplomat Sarkis Abou Nehra in Burrell Boom. A part of that narrative, was the attempt by police to prevent this crime, but the criminals were one step ahead. Well tonight, police are reporting that they are the ones who were a step ahead - and it allowed them foil a major robbery which was planned for a business place in Ladyville. Daniel Ortiz reports: This rusty looking gun looks like its definitely seen better days but the metal bar sitting on top of it, which also appears worse for wear, is an extended magazine clip, which was loaded with 30 bullets. It's a submachine gun, and police research says that it's most likely, a CZ 25 model, which are originate from Czechoslovakia. It's capable of rapid bursts of fire for a barrage of bullets at a chosen target.

Teenager Charged For Allegedly Stabbing Lennox To Death
Last night, we told you about 18 year-old Lennox Flowers, who was stabbed to death on Boxing Day at an after party at the Castleton Horse Racing Track in Burrell Boom. Well, police have charged one of the men who they believe was his attacker. He's 19 year-old Cecil Ramirez, a 6th Form Student who lives on Jasmine Street in Belize City. Today, Ladyville Police outlined what evidence and what motive they have so far: Insp. Juanito Cocom, OC - Ladyville Police "I want to update you in respect to the murder that occurred in Burrell Boom. We will be laying charges of murder to Cecil Ramirez this morning. He will be charged for murder." Reporter "We understand that they may have been 3 individuals involved." Insp. Juanito Cocom, OC - Ladyville Police "The evidence we have is pinpointing to only one person doing the stab wounds." Reporter "Yesterday I had asked no charges contemplated or conspiracy to commit murder?"

15 Year-old Kurk Still Hospitalized
Last night, we told you about 15 year-old Kurk Broaster. He was the young man who was shot yesterday near the Pickstock jungle area. Well, he remains at the KHMH tonight, recovering from gunshot injuries the chest. We approached his family today for comment but they declined. They did tell us that his status has improved since yesterday when he was first rushed to the hospital. They say that he is in a "critical but stable condition". As we told you he was standing at the corner of Pickstock Street and New Road when shooters passed by and fired at him. Street sources tell us that he was targeted as part of an ongoing gang rivalry.

Evaristo's Accused Murder Will Be Charged Soon
Punta Gorda Police continue to investigate the murder of 55 year-old Evaristo Bul, the Toledo Resident who was chopped and shot death on Boxing Day just outside his home village of San Pedro Colombia. The investigating officer from Punta Gorda expects to lay charges against one of the suspects tomorrow. As we had reported, police found Bul's lifeless body on the Jalacte Road between the San Pedro Colombia and San Miguel. His killer, police believe, chopped Bull several times to the head and face, and then shot him in the chest. Police say that his life was taken from him over a land dispute, while others suggest that there could be another motive.

Truck Driver Shot By Mexican Robbers Recuperating In Belize
On our Christmas Eve Newscast, we told you about Belizean Albert Gentle, a truck driver from Georgeville Village in Cayo. He was shot in the head on December 24 during a robbery while he was at a gas station in Villahermosa, Mexico. Well, we have confirmed that he's at home recuperating from that gunshot to the head. We spoke with him very briefly via telephone this evening, and he told us that his doctors say that he suffering from swelling in the brain caused by the bullet. He told us that as part of the bed rest regiment, he's not allowed to talk very much because it is taxing on his health at this time. Gentle was driving an 18-wheeler truck which was towing a container, and he was part of a convoy of 10 vehicles traveling to Belize. He briefly separated from the rest of the convoy, and stopped at a gas station in Villahermosa, the largest City in the Mexican State of Tabasco.

10 Years For Stabbing A Man 14 Times
3 weeks ago, we told you about Rafael Mencias, the Corozal resident who was convicted of manslaughter. That's after he stood trial before a jury who heard evidence that he stabbed a man 14 times. Well, Justice Herbert Lord heard his mitigation plea today, and after taking all factors in to consideration, he handed Mencias a Prison sentence of 10 years. But, because he had been on remand for 5 years while he awaited trial, the judge subtracted that from his sentence, and so, he will only, spend 5 more years in jail. As we reported, Mencias stood trial where the crown counsel called 11 witnesses to testify against him. The evidence outlined for the jury that on July 26, 2010, he stabbed Phillip Moses Hall 14 times while they were inside his apartment in Carolina Village, Corozal. In his defence, he told the court that he had just finished taking a bath when he heard his front door slam. He said that he panicked and started calling out and asking who was there.

The Power Jostling Before PUP's Big Convention
The PUP National Convention to elect a new executive is set for January 31st in Belmopan - and the race is expected to get a lot more interesting in the next four and a half weeks. That's because today was the deadline for each constituent and each unit of the party to submit the names of their delegates. It's a total of over 2,700 delegates - the most that have ever voted for an executive in either the UDP or the PUP. And that large number, in a three way race is what sets the stage for all kinds of craziness in the next few weeks. And here's why. Each constituency chairman is trying to deliver his block of delegates for one of the leadership candidates: Cordel Hyde, Francis Fonseca or John Briceno. So, that constituency chair only includes on his delegates list the most loyal party supporters he can find. But, it's virtually impossible to assure that these delegates do just what they are told to do - and there's the rub. Each candidate for leader has his constituency pledged, but holding together, say, a hundred delegates is no small task.

Cuban Humanitarian Crisis Resolution?
Earlier this month the Belize Government got a call of distress from the Costa Rican Government who asked if Belize would take in the 4 thousand Cuban migrants who found themselves stranded at the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The Belize Cabinet turned the request down on the basis that they did not have sufficient evidence to make a proper decision. Today the Guatemalan Government issued a statement saying that after a successful meeting with parties including officials from the Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, and Guatemala, they got a commitment that the parties will work together on to see through this humanitarian crisis. Reports coming out of the meeting held in Guatemala were that a decision was made to airlift the stranded Cubans to El Salvador and put them on buses to cross from Guatemala into Mexico and ultimately cross the border in the US. When we spoke to personnel from Belize's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this matter, we were told that the Cabinet position to not accept the migrants has not changed. [END]

Single Mother's Home Goes Up In A Blaze
A fire last night in the antelope street extension in Belize City destroyed the belongings of a single mother and her two children. 24 year old Geneve Armstrong lived in a one bedroom apartment with her two children. Armstong says that the raging fire burnt down the little she had. Now she is appealing to the public for financial assistant to help her send her kids to school on Monday, when classes resume. "I just want help with a little finance so I can buy back some of my things at least and for when school opens on Monday, so I can send my children to school the correct way. Right now they don't know what is happening. They are still happy. But it's me who is feeling everything when it's time to send them to school. I don't like to burden myself on people and that is what I am doing right now and I don't want to do that. So I am asking for a little help, so maybe I can rent a room because I don't really have a family that I can go to. It's just this sister that I am close to. I really can't to anyone. You can't burden people with your stress. So I just want to ask for help so that my children can feel like nothing didn't happen - rent a room and continue with my life. I really don't want a lot of things, just to buy back my bed and a fan for my children and the little of clothes that we lost."

Venezuelan Opposition Party Wants To Shut Down Petrocaribe
Three weeks ago we asked what will happen to Petrocaribe. That's after the opposition was elected in the Venezuelan parliament. They have a commanding supermajority - and plan to shake up the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Well, tonight we have the first indication that they are looking at Petrocaribe. Fox News Latino ran a story today headlined, quote, "Reckless giveaway of Venezuela's oil needs to stop, opposition says." The article says, quotes congressman Henrique Marquez, whos aid quote, "[State-owned oil company] P(e)d(e)v(e)sa, its whole operations, and those oil agreements with Cuba and Petrocaribe, that we should really look into." The article adds, quote, "the newly elected majority is threatening to cut the flow of cheap oil - especially given the current oil prices." It continues, "Fox News Latino spoke to several members of the upcoming supermajority opposition, all of whom said they wanted the oil agreements reviewed, if not altogether annulled."

Channel 5

Police Foil Planned Robbery in Ladyville, Find Powerful Firearm
A conspiracy to rob a business in Ladyville, Belize District has been thwarted and a very powerful submachine gun was recovered in the process. Police pursued fugitives in a high [...]

San Ignacio Police Charge One of Their Own for Rape
Twenty-one year old Police Constable Luke Moreira was charged late Monday evening with two counts of rape, and formally arraigned this afternoon at the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court. Moreira is [...]

PC Luke Moreira Denied Bail, Remanded to Belize Central Prison
While there was no question that Moreira would be charged today, there was some question as to whether he would be granted bail. This afternoon, the young police constable appeared [...]

Noralez Charged For Brutal Attack on Elderly Man
Ninety-three-year-old Patrick Grant is recovering tonight, following a brutal attack over the weekend in which he was badly beaten by his neighbor during a home invasion.  The elderly man regained [...]

Student Remanded for Boxing Day Murder
A sixth form student is on remand tonight at the Belize Central Prison, following an arraignment for the weekend murder of eighteen-year-old Lennox Pierez Flowers.  The fatal stabbing incident occurred [...]

Flowers Family Says His Murder Not Gang Related
The issue of gang involvement was raised yet again, despite Flowers’ mother vehemently denying any affiliation between her son and any of the various rival groups in Belize City.   [...]

Should G.O.B. Allow Consumers to Benefit from Low Fuel Prices Worldwide?
And our question for tonight is: Do you think G.O.B. should have allowed consumers to benefit from low fuel prices worldwide? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones [...]

A Major Heroin Bust by the ADU on the BelChina Bridge
While police foiled a robbery in Ladyville on Monday night, the Anti Drug Unit also made a major bust in the city. There is a report tonight that around ten [...]

Minor Remains in Critical Condition after Shooting
A fifteen year old youth was shot on Monday afternoon on Pickstock Street in the City by two men who rode up to him and opened fire. The student remains [...]

Eliseo Larios Charged for Death of Baby Genesis in Fatal RTA
In San Estevan Village, Orange Walk, one year old Genesis Teresa Medina was killed in a fatal hit and run on Sunday afternoon. The alleged driver who knocked down the [...]

Uncle Accused in Sexual Assault of 5 Year Old Boy
Also on Monday, we reported that a five year old boy from Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk Town had been sexually abused over the weekend at his home. While we [...]

Mencias Gets 10 Years for Manslaughter
On December tenth, 2015, a jury of twelve deliberated for over five hours, found Rafael Mencias not guilty of murder but guilty of the manslaughter of Phillip Hall which occurred [...]

Council of Ageing Condemns Violence Against Elderly Persons
The vicious attack of ninety-three year old Patrick Grant over the Christmas holiday weekend has sparked outrage. Several organizations including HelpAge Belize along with its sister N.G.O.s under the National [...]

HelpAge Executive Director Says Elderly Person Must Be Protected
According to Bulwer, only a small percentage of the elderly population in Belize currently receives direct support services from organizations such as HelpAge; the others, in most cases, have been [...]

Deal Brokered In Cuban Migrant Crisis
There is tentatively good news for Cuban migrants stuck in Costa Rica following a SICA meeting held in Guatemala on Monday. According to reports, an agreement has been reached for [...]

6th Annual Habinahan Wanaragua Held in Dangriga
For years, there have been efforts to preserve all aspects of the Garifuna culture. In 2010, a trio of Garifuna activists, including Roy Cayetano, Canon Jerris Valentine and Cassian Nuñez, [...]

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12/30/15 05:42 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Candidates For PUP Leadership Submit Delegate List
The race for PUP leadership is on and there are three confirmed candidates for party leader namely Cordel Hyde, Francis Fonseca and John Briceno for the convention scheduled to be held in Belmopan on January 31st, 2016.The deadline to submit the delegate list to Chairman of the PUP was today. According to Myrtle Palacio, Secretary General of the party, each division will get to have one out of every 25 votes that each candidate received in the last general election. From all indications John Briceno has the support of eight constituency chairmen in the Northern Caucus. The breakdown is as follows: In his constituency Briceno received a total of 2710 votes. He will be sending a total of 108 delegates to the convention. Orange Walk South’s Jose Abelardo Mai, who received a total of 2,920, has 117 delegates to vote at the convention. Orange Walk North, Ramon Cervantes Jr., who received 3062 votes, will send a total of 123 delegates.

Trial Farm Resident Charge For Sexual Assault Of Five Year Old Boy
On last night’s newscast, we reported about a case of an alleged sexual assault involving a five year old boy. On Saturday December 26th, police received reports from the child’s mother who told them that at about 2:00 p.m. she was awaken by the screams of her mother-in-law, who alerted that she had caught a male person in the process of sexually harassing the five year old. Today police have arrested and charged a resident of Trial Farm Village who is responsible for this assault. However, we are unable to air the person’s name or picture in order to protect the identity of the child. The individual was remanded to prison until the next court hearing in January.

Alleged Arson Committed In Corozal
On the 24th of December while many families were carrying out last minute preparations to welcome the 25th, a resident of Concepcion Village lost her home. According to Wendy Mendez, a mother of two, she was out with family and friends when at around 11:30pm she got a call that her room was on fire. Today she believes her jealous ex-boyfriend committed the act. “Lo que paso es que el 24 en la noche Daniel Esperanza Cano vino aquí en mi casa en Concepción, domicilio de don Celestino Méndez y yo soy Wendy Méndez y el agarro y se metió y quebró las persianas y se metió y saco todo las cosas de mi gaveta sin saber que era lo que estaba buscando talvez dinero y se llevó trescientos dólares de mi gaveta, saco todo mi ropa y lo quemo las cortinas y el colchón y la cama, acá estaba mi mama y mi papa y claro que si ya lo reporte y ayer fui a dar todos los detalles y vinieron a tomar fotos de todo lo que paso y lo vinieron a restar y corrió porque sabe lo que hizo y ya se fue a Chetumal de por Ramonal y ay me llamo y me mando text de lado Mexicano y dice que si acá no le pudieron agarran haya menos dice y que cuando regrese va hacer venganza porque él no sabe lo que yo estoy haciendo dice y si me da un poco de miedo por mis niños porque yo no quiero que nada les pase a ellos por eso ya lo reporte a la policía y espero que lo agarren pronto y muchas gracias a las policías que me vinieron a asistir pero corrió y eso paso el 24 en la noche como las once y media y vino hacerle bulla a mi mama y le tiro un block a mi mama solo que mi mama se lo quito porque si no mi mama no estuviera viva, mis danos son como cuatro mil dólares.”

Man Charged For Manslaughter Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison But Will Serve Only Five
Rafael Mencias, the Corozal resident who was convicted of manslaughter instead of murder three weeks ago, after he was accused of stabbing Phillip Moses Hall 14 times back on July 26th 2010 in Carolina Village, Corozal, was sentenced today to ten years in prison. Today, Justice Herbert Lord heard Mencias’ mitigation plea and after taking all factors into consideration, he handed Mencias a Prison sentence of 10 years, but since Mencias had been on remand for 5 years while he awaited trial, he will only spend 5 more years in jail.

Driver Accused Of Fatally Knocking Down 1 Year Old Baby Released On Bail
Yesterday we told you about the tragic traffic accident that claimed the life of one year old Genesis Teresa Medina from the Village of San Estevan in Orange Walk. Today, 28 year old Eliseo Israel Larios, the man who was behind the steering wheel of the vehicle that knocked down baby Genesis was dragged into court to answer to the charges of: manslaughter by negligence, driving a vehicle with an alcohol concentration above prescribed limit, failure to report an accident, failure to stop and render aid, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention. He was offered bail to the sum of $5,000 which he met and then ordered to render all his travel documents. Larios is due back in court on February 4th 2016.


Ladyville Police Foils Robbery Attempt in Rural Belize
Last night Ladyville Police was able to foil a robbery thanks to its Rural Rapid Response Team and community participation. Hipolito Novelo has the story. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING “At around ten o’clock last night, Ladyville’s Highway Patrol Rural Rapid Response Team was set to intercept a vehicle coming from the Burrell Boom junction. However, when […]

Police Officer Charged for Rape
It has been a week since a 25-year-old woman from San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, reported to police that she was raped whilst in custody at the police station in that municipality on December 20. Ordinarily charges would have been levied almost immediately against the accused, but in this case it took over one week […]

15-Month-Old Child Knocked Down in Northern Belize
A 15-month-old little girl, Genesis Medina, was knocked down in San Estevan Village, Orange Walk District on Sunday evening, December 27 at around five o’clock. According to Superintendent Selvin Tillett commanding the Orange Walk Police Station, the man driving the Mazda pickup truck, Eliseo Larios, has been slapped with several charges. SELVIN TILLETT “Orange Walk […]

Helpage and NCA Condemn Assault of Older Persons
In our evening news yesterday we told you of the 93-year-old man that was brutally assaulted in his home in the early hours of Sunday morning. As a result of that violent attack, Patrick Grant remains hospitalized with severe head injuries. Also over the Christmas weekend holiday, there was the report of a senior citizen […]

Voters Named for Upcoming PUP Convention
A list of delegates that will be on the voting list for the upcoming National Convention for the People’s United Party has been finalized today as various groups of the party including the thirty one constituencies, the Belize Youth Movement, the United Women’s Group submitted their lists of delegates along with alternative voters. According to […]

ADU Sweeps In and Finds 10+ Kilos Heroin
Last night the Anti Drug Unit made a big bust in Belize City. We are told that about ten pounds of heroin was confiscated after ADU officers successfully intercepted a vehicle on the Bel-China Bridge. We are not certain how many people were in the vehicle when it was intercepted but we understand that authorities […]

Neighbour Gets Charged for Assaulting Elderly Man
35-year-old, Chester Noralez, a resident of Fern Lane who allegedly beat his 93-year-old neighbour and stole his television, was charged with dangerous harm and burglary when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Noralez admitted that he had the television at his house but he claimed that he bought it from a young man […]

61-Year-Old Man Assaulted by Son
Belmopan police are investigating an incident in which a 20-year-old man chopped his 61-year-old father. Reports are that just before six o’clock on Sunday evening police responded to a call from Armenia Village, Cayo District where they found the father, Pedro Cruz Orellano with a cut to his left hand. The elderly man was taken […]


Belize City teenager fatally stabbed in Burrell Boom
Lennox Flowers, just 18-years-old, was targeted for murder at an entertainment event at Castleton Park just after the annual Boxing Day horse racing meet, in Burrell Boom. Here is Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster speaking about the progress of their in...

Man chopped up then shot up
There was another murder; this one in the south of the country. 55-year-old Evaristo Bul of San Pedro Columbia Village was chopped multiple times and then shot multiple times. It happened sometime on Saturday night, December 26. According to police, Bul was involved in a land dispute case at the Al...

Stabbing in front of Punta Gorda Sports Bar
There was another incident in the south of the country that has left one man in critical condition. 23 year old Robert Foreman of Punta Gorda was stabbed twice; once to abdomen and another to his back. According to police, the incident happened sometime around 2 o’clock on Christmas morning o...

Around 4:30 this evening in Belize City a teenager was shot.
The 15 year old, whose name we will withhold for the time being, was injured while standing at the corner of Pickstock Street and New Road. Eyewitnesses and residents of the area say his attackers were two young men coming from the direction of the Pink Jungle area, who made no attempt to cover thei...

Fatal Traffic Accident in Stann Creek District
A traffic accident on the Southern Highway claimed the life of one man over the weekend. On Thursday the 24th of December at around 8:40 a.m, near the outskirts of Bella Vista Village, in the Stann Creek District, a traffic accident claimed the life of on Mynor Cruz, a Belizean revenue collector. Cr...

93 year old badly beaten in home invasion
There was a home invasion in Belize City which has left an elderly man in critical condition at the KHMH. Early Sunday morning, 2 men entered the home of 93 year old Patrick Grant. The elderly man lived alone at his Lake Independence home and was reportedly sleeping when the men broke in. Before le...

Roaring Creek teen escapes barrage of bullets
A Roaring Creek teenager escaped a barrage of bullets aimed at him on Sunday night around 8 pm.. According to reports, as many as ten shots were fired at the 19 year old who was riding his bicycle on Progress Avenue in Hatieville area of Roaring Ceek village. Two armed masked men dressed in full bla...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Guatemalan woman goes missing while visiting family
A 22 year old Guatemalan student residing in Ladyville has had no contact with her fiancé since December 11 after arriving in her native Guatemala to visit family. Mindy Jordan Espino, also known as Miley Jordan, has been living with American businessman 68 year old David […]

Police foil major planned robbery in Ladyville
Intelligence and timely intervention by Ladyville Police stopped plans for a major robbery expected to have taken place in the next two days in the village. The operation involved a hot pursuit by the Rural Rapid Response team of a dark Hyundai Santa Fe vehicle with no license […]

Teenager charged for Lennox Flowers murder
Police have arrested 19-year-old Cecil Ramirez for the Boxing Day murder of 18-year-old Lennox Flowers in Burrell Boom Village. The student at St. John’s Junior College was formally charged with the murder of Lennox Flowers when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. She […]

10 years for Rafael Mencias who was found guilty of manslaughter in stabbing death of Phillip Hall
Supreme Court Justice Herbert Lord has sentenced convicted prisoner, Rafael Mencias, who was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter in the stabbing death of Phillip Hall, a man who he claim crept up on him in his bedroom to ten years’ imprisonment. […]

Police have hands full with string of sexual crimes
A 28-year-old man from Trial Farm Village in Orange Walk has been remanded after being accused of sexually assaulting a five year old boy. The 28-year-old was arrested and charged for the crime after a woman reported that her mother-in-law caught him in the act […]

Man who knocked down and killed a one year old baby out on bail
28-year-old Eliseo Israel Larios was given bail in court today which he has met. Larios was arrested and charged for ‘manslaughter by negligence’, ‘causing death by careless conduct’, ‘driving without due care and attention’, ‘driving under the influence of alcohol’, ‘failure to stop and render […]

Police try to contain gun violence in Belize City
Two separate shooting incidents in the old capital yesterday has left two teenagers hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), one of them in a critical but stable condition. The first teen, 15-year-old Kirk Broaster, was walking on Pickstock Street around 4:09 p.m. […]

Four arrested in Corozal for two pounds of weed
The search of a Kia Sportage vehicle on the San Andres Road in the Corozal District yesterday, resulted in the arrest of four persons for more than two pounds of weed namely: 38-year-old Emily Howard and 36-year-old George Denfield Young of Iguana Street, Belize […]

One arrested for burglary and brutal assault of 93-year-old man
On Sunday around 5:52 a.m., as 93-year-old Patrick Grant slept in his Fern Lane, Belize City home, he was awakened by a loud bang on his front door and then beaten before a lone intruder stole his television. Upon arrival at the scene, police […]

National Council of Ageing address violence against older citizens
Recent aggression towards older persons in Belize has prompted the National Council of Aging to issue a press release condemning the issue. The most recent is the attack of a 93-year-old man in Belize City and the release notes that since October reports of […]


Holiday downtime and finding an Apartment on Ambergris Caye
I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some downtime over the Holidays but for many businesses, high season is keeping everyone sliding full speed into the New Year. I know a few Cart rental companies and some hotels are fully booked. There has also been a recent restaurant demand to open on a day off due to a high request in bookings. Sadly for some, the wind is playing havoc with work and there are many tour cancellations right now due to wind and choppy waters. Strong winds are not only blowing on Ambergris Caye, they blowing in my life on a personal level. It is odd, but for about two weeks now I have been typing 2016 by accident. Usually I (like many) go through a short period of not remembering to put the new year instead of the old. I take the fact that my brain is jumping ahead as a sign it is going to be a good new year.

The Best Fried Fish EVER In San Pedro, Belize…Oh and A Gorgeous Day
The wind died down slightly yesterday and doesn’t seem to be ending until the strike of midnight 2016. TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For this Generation X’er (Which Generation are you?) – that date sounds insane. Yesterday, December 28th, winter in Belize, was a beauty. A great day to go sit beachside at Lily’s and enjoy two of the tastiest, deceivingly simplest dishes this island has to offer. We ordered conch ceviche, fried fish with french fries and coleslaw and soda water. Despite the crowd…the wait wasn’t long. And the lovely manager came out to see if we’d mind getting out ceviche first. MIND?!?!? And then the fried fish. Grouper. So fresh and just slightly SLIGHTLY undercooked when it arrives…perfectly seasoned battered. It is just so ridiculously tasty. I’ve had it 4 or 5 times at Lily’s for lunch and it is never cooked differently. I don’t know how they do it.

A Couple of Maya Making Magic
There’s a tiny little room “a bean-throw away from downtown San Ignacio”, in the Cayo district, where you smell the magic walking in. Ok, for those of you that don’t know I’m a chocoholic that sounded strange. No, I am not talking puffs of smoke and incantations; I’m talking the transformation of the artfully roasted cacao bean into the rich velvety goodness that is authentic Mayan chocolate. That’s right, I know the People On Our Map making it! Adrian and Elida Choco, believe their family name marked their destiny on this chocolate making journey. He was a bartender at Chaa Creek when he met Elida who was the receptionist at the same resort at the time. The bartender in him still believes it was his cocktails that won her over. They are now married with three children, a couple of six-year-old twins and a three-year-old, all girls! They are on a mission to share their culture’s traditional chocolate making techniques with their visitors. The respect for their culture is evident and starts with the first crop of the Cacao tree being buried as an offering to Earth, Rain and Sun in thanksgiving for the crop. It is with the second crop that they begin using the pods, roasting the seeds and making the widely desired masterpiece. I was not fortunate enough to visit the farm where the cacao is grown, harvested and roasted, but it is now at the top of my bucket list.

A Humble Home with a Million Dollar View
There are some People On Our Map outside of the public eye, tucked away in what would seem to be forgotten little corners of our country. You meet them by chance and exchange a wave or a smile and if you’re lucky, you get a little more. Luck was on our side the day we walked by the Maldonado home. The iTravel Belize team and I admired it’s rustic charm and immediately took our cameras out to capture the little wooden house. Mr. Maldonado appeared greeting us cheerfully and hurried to get his granddaughter Vanessa who invited us in to see something bigger than the home itself. As we walked through their home we were greeted by beautiful tiny faces, probably wondering what a trio of strangers was doing walking through their home. Avianie and her sister stayed cautious, but curious enough to follow and peek at us as we made our way to the back veranda where Vanessa insisted we step out to see the view. What a view it was indeed! Suddenly all of San Ignacio was visible from the little deck hanging off the side of a hill. It was fascinating and perhaps made even more so by the warmth of the people sharing it with us.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM Cave)
Even to the untrained eye, a peek inside a cave that was once home to an ancient civilization holds plenty of fascination. Rock walls. Strange ceiling and floor projectiles formed as water and minerals dripped and solidified for centuries. Spiders, bats and even fish coexist nicely, yet for the purist, no cavern is created equal—especially if that cave happens to be Belize’s Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, otherwise known as the ATM Cave. This stronghold of ancient Mayan secrets and rituals will keep you spellbound from the moment you arrive. Once your eyes are accustomed to varying shades of black to grey that fill the ATM’s interior and you turn on your helmet light, you’ll spot the interiors of chamber after chamber until you arrive at The Cathedral. The cave’s most dramatic finds are here, including calcified skeletal remains of “The Crystal Maiden” whose bones sparkle like jewels due to centuries of mineral buildup. She’s not alone. Scan shelves and nooks to discover bones, relics, pottery and other ancient treasures in the dark silence of this inner chamber. Your journey begins in the Cayo District—specifically, the town of San Ignacio. You’ll need a guide to find your way, so check with the concierge at your resort or seek help in town. Once you’ve secured a guide, you’ll be driven to the banks of the Tapir Mountain Reserve, at which point, expect to hike about 45-minutes through jungle and streams to reach the entrance. It’s a tight fit and not for the claustrophobic, but once you reach your goal, the ATM Cave will reward you with sights and ambiance that has no equal.

International Sourcesizz

Belize: doppio riconoscimento al World travel awards 2015
La Grande Barriera Corallina, considerata “Destinazione leader del Messico e Centroamerica”, e Placencia, riconosciuta come “Spiaggia leader in Messico e in Centroamerica”, hanno trionfato al World Travel Awards, consolidando il Belize come una delle mete turistiche più attraenti al mondo. La cerimonia di premiazione della 22esima edizione della manifestazione si è tenuta quest’anno a Bogotà, in Colombia. Einer Gómez, Vice Presidente del CDA del Belize Tourism Board, è stato incaricato di ritirare il premio e ha ringraziato il popolo del Belize e «tutti coloro che giorno dopo giorno si impegnano per offrire qualità del servizio e accogliere i viaggiatori nel nostro Paese a braccia aperte». Lucy Fleming, co-proprietaria e direttrice del Lodge at Chaa Creek, uno dei primi eco-resort in Belize, ha detto che questa è la prima volta che il Belize è apparso nella lista dei vincitori, «e il fatto che hanno vinto ben 2 attrazioni della regione è un risultato significativo di cui tutto il Paese può essere orgoglioso».

A Taste Test of Chocolate Bars Made From Scratch
In a blind tasting of 14 bean-to-bar chocolates made in the United States, these were the most impressive. The list was arbitrarily capped at eight. Given how different these bars are, comparisons are difficult and the order is approximate. Sampled on another day, any item might rise or fall a notch or more. Prices were paid in New York stores for two-ounce bars unless otherwise noted. 4. Dick Taylor: 72 percent Toledo from Belize ($9.50). A crisp bar that flexes into toffee and green bananas, with a hint of lemon on the long, bright finish.

Uncertain external economic outlook for Caribbean
Developing countries, including those in the Caribbean, will face an uncertain global economic situation in 2016, based on the weakening of the global economy during this year. A new study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has identified the critical explanatory factor as being the substantial decline in commodity prices during the past 18 months. A very important development which has had both negative and positive implications has been the drop in the price of oil. Oil-importing economies have benefited from lower import bills but oil-exporting countries have been adversely affected. Commodity-dependent exporting countries, many of which are least developed countries, have also suffered from the declines in commodity demand and prices. Only the more diversified economies have continued to experience robust growth.

CRFM and IOI sign 5-year MoU to build the Caribbean’s capacity in Ocean Governance
The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) and the International Ocean Institute (IOI) this month signed a new 5-year memorandum of understanding (MoU) to extend their longstanding cooperation towards building the capacity of Caribbean fisheries and marine resource management professionals in ocean governance. The partnership between the CRFM and IOI started in 2004 and it has provided nearly 40 Caribbean nationals access to high-level, specialized training and capacity-building support at IOI-Dalhousie University every year since then. The renewed cooperation agreement, signed for the CRFM by Executive Director Milton Haughton and for IOI by Managing Director of its Malta headquarters, Antonella Vassallo, ensures that Caribbean nationals will continue to receive expert training on Ocean Governance: Policy, Law and Management at the Canada-based institute. Commenting on the agreement, the CRFM’s Executive Director, said: “We are very pleased to have concluded this new MoU with IOI, one of our key international development partners. The specialized training provided by IOI in marine policy, law and marine management is very important for the Small Island Developing States of the Caribbean that depend heavily on the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean for economic development.


  • Lydia De Ramirez-El Indito, 4min. Rincon Infantil, Radio Belize, 1965

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  • Belize 2015 Part 1 of 5: Caye Caulker, 3min. Belize 2015, between sea and jungle. Part 1 of 5 : Caye Caulker, the island, the reggae and big fish ;-)

  • Carnival Magic Cruise To Honduras, Belize, Cozumel 2015 Day 1 720p, 25min.

  • Noakes Family Cruise Belize Destination, 6min. Cruising around Belize with my wife, siblings and mom. Had a great time on the tube ride, hiking around, and learning about an amazing culture.

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  • WHEN NELSON FULLER PLAYED THE MUSIC BEFORE IT STOPPED: A BELIZEAN LEGEND REFLECTS!, 45min. The 1970's Lord Rhaburn Combo's outstanding drummer, Nelson Fuller, could be dubbed as Belize's most rhythmic drummer of all times throughout the years of Belize's professional entertainment scene of the 1970's and 1980's. Not only was he a class act within his own musical spectrum, but he taught many upcoming Belizean drummers how to play all different genres of music----from R&B to the Funk, and from reggae to calypso. Fuller who was versed in all forms of music, was also respected by American as well as Caribbean musicians who had come to play music in Belize in the 1970's and 80's. The legendary Belizean drummer who now has been living in Los Angeles for many years now, spoke with Belizean Legends about his brilliant career as a Belizean musician, and his life as a drummer for Belize's most populist band, the Lord Rhaburn Combo.

  • Coral snake, 15sec. Here is a beautiful coral snake that was in the garden in Sarteneja. Gillian Kirkwood an I was taking a close look on it.

  • iTravel Belize Invited into Family Home in Cayo, 1min. "Luck was on our side the day we walked by the Maldonado home. The iTravel Belize team and I admired it’s rustic charm and immediately took our cameras out to capture the little wooden house. Mr. Maldonado appeared greeting us cheerfully and hurried to get his granddaughter Vanessa who invited us in to see something bigger than the home itself." - Amber Edwards, People on Our Map

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  • CAMP OAKLEY - PHANTOM 3 Shots, 3min. Welcome to Camp Oakley - Belize National Scout Camp Grounds.

  • Belize Navidad 2015, 4min. Feliz Navidad Christmas Trip to Belize and Roatan, Honduras for Christmas 2015 with The Machuca Jrs

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