The San Pedro Police Department has released the crime statistics for 2015. While the reports shows a spike in crime during the first few months of 2015, crime rates steadied as the year neared the end. Overall, 2015 saw eight murders and an increase in theft, robberies and burglaries.

In hopes of reducing crime and building a strong community relationship, the San Pedro Police implemented the Meet and Greet initiative in late 2015. This initiative proved to be extremely helpful at establishing police presence and reassuring to the community that they care. “The meet and greets we have held yielded great results. The community is voicing its opinions and concerns to us. This has strengthened our relationship with the community and they are now working along with us to reduce crime. The Meet and Greet initiative will continue in 2016. We also ask all the residents of San Pedro to continue working with us to keep the island safe by reporting incidents,” said Jemmott. Over a hundred homes and business have been visited as part of the Meet and Greet throughout the island.

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