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Essential Oils Class
Join us January 7th at Om Shanti, Belize a center for Yoga and Healing Arts and learn the benefits of Essential Oils! Only $25 call us at 610-0882 to secure your space. We are limiting the attendees to 15 people only!

Helpage New Years Party
The older generation had a great time at this year's Helpage Benque Party, and they even got live marimba music. Are they beating up Santa Claus? "The Annual Helpage Party was celebrated on December 30th, at the Helpage Activities Center, a luncheon, games, and live marimba music was offered for this grand celebration. The Helpage Committee is extremely grateful for all the community support and collaboration to bring forth this event."

The Reporter

PM says 2016 will not be as robust as 2015
The year 2016 will not be as robust as 2015 as loss of revenues in various sectors has caused the government to take certain measures. Prime Minister Dean Barrow highlighted the fiscal challenges in his New Year’s address: “I say at once that the landscape is changed and the dynamics will be different… “Among the challenges that we will confront, the reduction in PetroCaribe flows is perhaps the most pronounced. With the dizzying fall in oil prices, we expect to get much less from these Venezuela loan funds than we did in 2015. And already 2015′s intake was only half of 2014,” Barrow said. But there will also be other areas where we will lose earnings, such as from our own petroleum exports, and an upcoming payment for the SuperBond and the BTL Compensation Award. These were what prompted the increase the duty on fuel imports, the Prime Minister stated. But he added that “this is the only tax measure we will take”, and that the government will be able to meet its debt obligations and pay for expansion in services in national security issues. Infrastructure development will also continue, he said, “though now there will be a mix of funding sources. There is enough that we have set aside from the PetroCaribe days of plenty, to complete the countrywide BIL sporting projects (such as the Belize City Center) and the tourism road network improvements that we began in the last quarter of 2015.”

Loan shark dies in road traffic accident
Well-known “loan shark”, Pamela Garnett Bennett, of Caesar Ridge Road in Belize City was one of two persons killed on Sunday morning in a road traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson highway. The accident occurred at around 9:00 and involved four vehicles. Bennett was in a white car heading towards Belize City when the incident occurred near mile six. The other person who died was Alfredo Navarette, a resident of Burrell Boom village. He was reportedly involved in one of the other vehicles. Reports are that there was another traffic accident at the same location earlier the same morning and that there had been a heavy downpour at the time, causing poor visibility on the slick road.

Two men knocked down and killed while walking home from wedding
Two men were knocked down and killed while walking home from a wedding in Carmelita village, Orange Walk on Saturday night. The men, Leo Crawford and Adrian Wade, were walking on the Phillip Goldson highway at around 8:30 p.m. when a black 4 Runner SUV struck them. Crawford died on the spot, while Wade died at the Northern Regional hospital. Police believe the driver of the vehicle, Perry Gibson, owner of a lending agency, was under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred.

Mexican mayor shot dead hours after taking office
A newly-elected Mexican mayor has been shot dead on her second day in office. Gisela Mota was killed at her home in the city of Temixco, 85km (52 miles) south of the capital Mexico City, hours after taking her oath of office on Friday, police said. Reports said she was attacked by four gunmen. Police shot two of the attackers dead and arrested the others. A motive for the killing is unclear. Several Mexican mayors were killed last year by alleged drug traffickers. The left-of-centre former federal congresswoman, who was in her early 30s, had promised to try to clean up Temixco, an industrial city where problems associated with drugs and organised crime are rife.

The Caribbean Community’s 2016 Plan
Prime minister Dean Barrow outlines plans as he begins his chairmanship of Caricom. Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow has assumed the chairmanship of CARICOM, succeeding Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. The six-month chairmanship began Jan. 1. “Our resolution is to continue to strengthen our integration movement to deliver ever-increasing benefits to the people of our Community,” Barrow said in a statement. “We will continue our quest to improve our standard of living through providing a safe, viable and prosperous Caribbean Community. In so doing we will build on our successes and will be moving forward with a number of initiatives to achieve that aim.” Barrow said that push comes “in the face of the sternest economic test that our Member States have had to face in recent memory.”

The January 6, 2016 issue of The Capital Weekly is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

    Thankful, Truthful, Realistic, Reassuring and Optimistic – that is how we must summarize and characterize Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s New Year’s Message for 2016. The Prime Minister starts out recounting the nation’s blessings in 2015, having been spared from hurricanes and social upheaval, and having as he puts it, “steered our way through the complexities of the relationship with Guatemala; and politically we capped everything with the peaceful and historic general elections of November.” Turning to economics, the Prime Minister notes that despite the challenges presented by disease and the long drought, which played havoc with shrimp and grains, and an earlier than expected decrease in the export price of sugar, the productive sector performed respectably well overall, as tourism saw record advances, cost of living fell markedly, and there was an overall spurt in the rate of employment.
    The physical transformation that has been occurring nationwide, which has become a hallmark of the UDP administration under the leadership of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was certainly a central cause of the party’s unprecedented political success which came to a climax in 2015 with four election victories in one single year. Politics aside, for the sake of the nation and development, most Belizeans are certainly hoping this transformation will continue into the New Year. And while there are financial challenges that have arisen and others that are anticipated, all indications are that the Government will be able to continue its transformation drive, even if a little less vigorous, in 2016. As Prime Minister Dean Barrow acknowledged in his New Year’s Message, there have been, and will likely continue to be, significant reductions in flows from Petrocaribe, even as revenues from local petroleum exports are drying up. The Prime Minister was also candid about the fact that stepped-up payments on the Superbond and the Compensation Award for public acquisition of essential utilities will further increase the demand on government’s finances.
  • Transformation: Highways and Bridges:
    In 2015 the Government’s Transformation agenda gathered full momentum, and the pace of development should continue in 2016. High on the list of important projects slated for 2016 is the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Phillip Goldson (Northern) Highway from the Airport Junction to Belize City, a necessity underscored by the deadly traffic accidents in that area over the New Year’s weekend. Construction also proceeds apace on the Lamanai Road, the Cristo Rey/San Antonio Road, and the North Ambergris Road to the new Efrain Guerrero International Airport. Also on the list of ground-breaking projects is the new Macal River crossing, linking the highway at Santa Elena, through Loma Luz Boulevard and Joseph Andrews Drive, reconnecting with the San Ignacio - Benque Viejo Road.
    We note the passing of a former Speaker of the House of Representatives and former Attorney General, Bernard Quentin Augustus Pitts, affectionately known as BQ Pitts. Pitts passed way over the Christmas Holidays as a result of complications resulting from a stroke and cardiac arrest. BQ Pitts served as Attorney General from 2010 to 2012, in accordance with an amendment which allows for the Cabinet position to be held by an official who is neither a member of the House of Representative nor the Senate. Pitts had previously served as Speaker of House during the UDP Manuel Esquivel Administration of 1993 to 1998.
    Senior Superintendent of Police Chester Williams, back from legal studies and now a full attorney at law, was posted as the new officer commanding Eastern Division South, which is characteristically the most violent, crime-ridden part of the Country. Williams adopted a style of law enforcement with a heavy emphasis on community policing. It seems to be earning early dividends as the major crime rate in Belize City overall and Southside specifically has plummeted dramatically since Williams took charge. In fact, for the last two months of 2015, not even a single case of murder was reported in Southside Belize City.
  • THE FUTURE OF THE UDP: Who Will Preserve and Advance The Party’s Legacy?:
    The outcome of the 2015 general elections wasn’t any shocking news, at least not the overall results. There were a few surprises in specific constituencies, but that the UDP won a majority of seats to once again form the government was certainly no riveting head line. For both political parties, the real news of these elections is yet to come. It’s about who will emerge as the new leaders. For the PUP, it’s quite impending, Francis Fonseca having already announced his resignation after leading his party to a second consecutive general election defeat (although he has since indicated he will once again seek to become the leader). In the case of the UDP, Dean Barrow is riding the wave of his unprecedented accomplishment as the only Prime Minister to lead his party to three consecutive victories, a luxury he has already indicated he has no intention of bringing to an early end.
  • Prime Minister’s New Year’s Message 2016:
    My Fellow Belizeans: There were many things to be grateful for in 2015. We were spared from hurricanes; there were no social upheavals; we steered our way through the complexities of the relationship with Guatemala; and politically we capped everything with the peaceful and historic general elections of November. Economically it was also a good year. Disease and the long drought played havoc with shrimp and grains. And an earlier than expected decrease in the export price was unwelcome news for our sugar cane farmers. But tourism saw continuing record advances, cost of living fell markedly, and there was an overall spurt in the rate of employment.
  • Setting New Pace For National Transportation:
    As highlighted in our last edition, Minister of State Edmond Castro, having been assigned the additional responsibility for National Emergency Management, had hit the ground running, as he was pressed into active duty in response to flooding in his own constituency and other parts of the country, especially the southern districts. In that respect, it is generally accepted, he passed the first test with flying colours. With the floods having subsided, the focus now shifts to The Ministry of Transport, which also falls under Castro’s portfolio. It is an area which the Dean Barrow Administration intends to place great focus on in its third term, as signalled in the UDP 2015-2020 Manifesto, in which the government promises to “develop and implement a National Transportation Master Plan to address the need for efficient and cost effective movement of people and goods.”
  • 2,000 Strong and Growing, Belize Police Force Adds 167 New Recruits to its Ranks:
    When the Belize Police Department held its newest passing out parade on December 18, 2015, it was adding another 167 recruits to its national ranks, thereby doubling its size in less than three years. Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar highlighted this fact when he spoke at the graduation ceremonies for the new intake, Squad # 92, held at the Belize Police Training Academy in Belmopan: “Even though this is the sixth recruiting squad that I have had the privilege of addressing as Minister of National Security since my appointment in 2012, each ceremony, including this one, has been of great importance and significance to me. Important because every new squad we send out carries the collective responsibility of the entire Department.
    The year just passed could be described in various ways, but for Belize there is perhaps no better way to characterize 2015 than ‘The Year of Elections’. For the UDP that meant a year of unprecedented political success. It started off early in January with the bye-election in Cayo North which had become necessary after the PUP area representative in that constituency, Joesph Mahmoud, resigned, leaving the seat vacant. The political machines of both national parties, the PUP and UDP, faced off on January 5, the day of the bye election. But the PUP was clearly lacking in organization and motivation, proving to be no match for the UDP which was highly motivated and well organized.
  • Foward Operating Base In The South:
    Ground-breaking ceremonies were held on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 for the construction of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) at the mouth of the Sarstoon River which forms the natural boundary between the territories of Belize and Guatemala in the south. A delegation headed by Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar travelled to the location in a miliCoast Guard Commander Rear Admiral John Borland. They were accompanied by a group of police officers and two observers from the Organization of American States. This was the official ground-breaking contingent. In addition, the Belize Coast Guard transported members of the media in one of their Boston Whalers boats.
  • Belize Heads Caricom:
    Prime Minister of Belize Hon. Dean Barrow has just taken up chairmanship of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Mr. Barrow chairs the regional organization for a period of six months starting January 1, 2016. Taking over from Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart of Barbados, Mr Barrow promises to improve the quest of the regional organization to improve the standard of living and to provide a “safe, viable, and prosperous Caribbean Community”. In his message to start the new year, Barrow said he looks forward to increasing the pace both of the reform process and the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan 2015-2019.“The plan, which is designed to build Caricom’s economic, environmental, social and technological resilience, has the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) as an important vehicle in that drive for greater resilience,” he said.
    The Sugar-Cane Crop Season is well underway. It began an entire month ago on Monday December 7, 2015 and quickly picked up pace. We had the privilege of witnessing first-hand some of the harvesting taking place in the Santa Marta area of Orange Walk, these farmers making their invaluable contribution to this essential local industry which is a major component of the Belize Economy. Speaking to the media at the launch of the season in early December, Chairman of the Sugar Cane Production Committee, Jose Novelo, commented, “It is a function of the wet period; we’re having a slow start, so to speak, in terms of delivery, but we expect that this will improve.
  • “Belize Feels So Much Like Home To M,e” National Geographic Filmmaker Warmly Welcomed By DPM Gaspar Vega:
    Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment & Sustainable Development met with Alexandra Costeau, National Geographic filmmaker, ocean explorer, Oceana Senior Advisor and granddaughter of the legendary Jacques Costeau. Jacques Costeau explored Belize's marine environment in the 1970's, becoming the first person to document and reveal the mysteries of our Great Blue Hole. Her week-long trip included a visit with the Deputy Prime Minister to discuss sustainability in management and greater protection for Belize's marine resources. Costeau said of Belize, “My husband and I fell in love in Belize and with Belize. This is where he and I took our first trip together. This is also where I taught him how to dive. Later, our daughter touched the ocean for the first time in Belize. Now, we’re looking forward to bringing our newborn son to Belize.
  • ANOTHER VITAL ROAD PROJECT, Upgrading The Highway From Haulover Bridge to Airport Road:
    The Government of Belize secured a Loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for the Fifth Road (Phillip S.W. Goldson Highway Upgrading) Project. This project, located in Belize City and Ladyville, is divided into several components, two of which directly address road infrastructure: Section A (Airport Road Junction to Haulover Bridge) and Section B (Haulover Bridge to Buttonwood Bay Boulevard Roundabout). Section A of the project involves the upgrading of Phillip Goldson Highway from its intersection with the Airport Road to the northern approach of the Haulover Bridge. Included in the scope of works is the construction of retaining walls in areas where there is the threat of erosion on the road foundation, the installation of erosion protection baskets and rock rip-rap, widening of the road cross section to include paved road shoulders, pavement restoration and re-surfacing. The project also includes installation of road lighting and safety features, such as signs, reflectors, road marking and improved visibility through the clearing of the road reserve.
  • Belize Appoints Ambassador to Cuba:
    On Tuesday, December 22nd, Belize’s Ambassador to Cuba, H.E. Annie Burns Martinez, participated in a ceremony at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana where she presented her credentials to Vice President and Comptroller General of the Republic of Cuba, H.E. Mrs. Gladys Bejerano Portela and First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Marcelino Medina González. Both parties discussed new areas for cooperation in Trade, Culture and Tourism. Ambassador Burns Martinez also recognized the contribution of the Cuban Medical Brigade and the general medicine and specialization scholarships that have helped to further develop Belize’s public health sector.
  • Queen’s New Year’s Honours:
    The Office of the Governor-General announces that Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to make the following appointments to THE MOST EXCELLENT ORDER BRITISH EMPIRE on the occasion of NEW YEAR HONOURS 2016. To be a Companion of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George (C.M.G.), Michael Harwell Manfield Bowen, for Contribution to Business and Industry; to be Ordinary Officers of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.), Mrs Eleanor Rubina Herrera Hulse, for Contribution to Education; Mrs Dilcia Christina Feinstein, for Contribution to Business and the Community; to be an Ordinary Member of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (M.B.E.), Ms Emelda Leticia August, for Contribution to Nursing; Mrs Sarita Elena Westby JP, for Contribution to Education and the Community; Mr. Juan Cansillo Nunez, for Contribution to Education and Sports; Dr. Aaron Paul Lewis, for Contribution to Science; and Mrs Janet Patricia Gibson, for Contribution to Environmental Protection. The Date for the presentation of awards will be announced later.
  • Five New Ambassdors To Belize, Credentials Presented To The Governor General:
    Five ambassadors presented their credentials to Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young on December 7, 2015 at Belize House in the City of Belmopan. H.E. Rabah Hadid, Ambassador of Algeria; H.E. Petros Panayotopolous, Ambassador of Greece; H.E. Alfonso Manuel Portables Vazquez, Ambassador of Spain; H.E. Vehbi Esgel Etensel, Ambassador of Turkey; and H.E. Valdrack Jaentschke, Ambassador of Nicaragua expressed pleasure at being representatives of their respective countries in Belize and extended warm greetings to Belize from their governments. Each ambassador conveyed to the Governor General that his country’s purpose is to continue to develop and maintain strong relations with the Nation of Belize. The Governor General graciously received their credentials and welcomed the ambassadors to Belize.


Here’s my wish from Belize for you in 2016
At some time in your life, when you need it most, may you gaze out from a comfortable chair upon a lone palm tree. There are two types of palm trees that I like best. One is the solitary palm hugging close to the shore with its lapping waves, bent into the wind from a lifetime of resistance. These palms show the scars of battle and every twice records their resilience. They are inspirational. And relaxing. You just know that if you are string at a palm tree, you are already in a good place. The other kind of palms are the ones that grow up in the middle of dense tropical forests, fighting for supremacy among the competing growth. These really stick out among the Seagrape trees, Black Poison Woods, Banyans, deciduous this and that, pines and vines. Everything else is a muted green backdrop to their supermodel litheness and posture. They’ve got style. So do you. Go find a palm tree and make it your friend and role model.

The Palapa Bar & Grill and the Original Palapa Bar & Grill? Now Both Are Open
It’s all a bit confusing – even for those who have lived here a while, like me. 1. The palapa bar is a place – a physical location, a raised, two story palapa structure in the Tres Cocos area about 1 mile north of town and 2. a business – The Palapa Bar & Grill, registered to Scott and Jody, who ran #2 at #1 for years. And made the building bigger, better, UBER-popular, and just gorgeous. A landmark on Ambergris Caye. So #1 Great Building and Location Plus #2 Great Owners and Staff = Palapa Happiness in San Pedro. But then someone bought the land – the condo building – and the dock/bar was part of the deal. He cancelled the lease on Scott and Jodie…and gave them until the end of the year, Dec 31st to vacate. And then…as the time came closer for Scott and Jodie to vacate – these signs went up. I’m quite sure they were inspired by a kindergarten playground. Nanny nanny boo boo. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. And so the end date came – and Scott and Jodie packed up EVERYTHING…and moved to a new location that they had spent months scouting. The huge and very popular bar/restaurant at the end of the Wet Willy’s Dock – at the north end of town.

International Sourcesizz

With sustainable efforts in mind, Leonardo is restoring his private island and opening it to the public. One of our favorite celebrity men has decided to build his own “eco-conscious” resort in Belize. If you're a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, or just flat-out in love with him, make sure to keep an eye on this spot that is set to open in 2018. Its been speculated that bookings for this new venture might open up as early as 2017. Back in 2005, as per the New York Times, Leonardo DiCaprio bought 104 acres of unpopulated land in the country of Belize, named Blackadore Caye for $1.75 million. His restoration of this island and creation of the resort is costing him millions at the moment - and for a very good cause. These 104 acres in Blackadore Cay include plush greens, mangrove trees, secluded beaches, and total privacy, as it's located off the mainland on a private slice of paradise. It essentially is DiCaprio's own private island, and he will be sharing it with the world as it transforms and is rebuilt. There are to be 68 villas (estimated as per Carib Journal) available for guests to book at Leonardo's new eco-resort. The soon-to-be resort sits along the second greatest barrier reef in the world - the MesoAmerican Reef - there are infinity pools to be built within the resort to maximize views of the beauty of Belize.

Incoming CARICOM chair prioritises benefits for people in 2016
Dean Barrow, prime minister of Belize, assumed the six-month chairmanship of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) from January 1, 2016, succeeding Freundel Stuart, prime minister of Barbados. In a message to usher in the New Year, Barrow pointed out that there was a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to. “People of the Caribbean Community, we have a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to. Let us strive to make 2016 one to remember as a landmark year for our integration movement,” he said. “Our resolution is to continue to strengthen our integration movement to deliver ever-increasing benefits to the people of our Community. We will continue our quest to improve our standard of living through providing a safe, viable and prosperous Caribbean Community. In so doing we will build on our successes and will be moving forward with a number of initiatives to achieve that aim,” he continued.

The World's Best Retirement Havens In 2016
Retiring abroad is easier and more affordable than ever before. These days it really is possible to spend your days relaxing beneath palm fronds on a Caribbean beach, enjoying farm-fresh produce in a mountain haven with year-round spring weather, or wandering the storied streets of a historic and cultured European city ... or all of the above. But with so many choices available, finding the right one can seem daunting. Enter International Living's Annual Global Retirement Index. Researched over months with the help of our ever-growing team of correspondents, editors, and contributors all over the world, this Retirement Index is the ultimate resource for helping you find your ideal retirement haven. Belize, with its English-speaking population and established expat communities also makes it easy for new arrivals to fit in. Lynn Ann Snellman and Tony DiPiazza, from Michigan, found this out when they moved to Placencia. "We socialize with both expats and native Belizeans. We have many more acquaintances than we did in the States. In Belize it is easy for neighbors to become friends.


  • I've been everywhere!, 2min.

  • Xanadu Island Resort., 1/2min. Few seconds from my morning walk.

  • Belize Cayes and Mainland 2015, 53min. A quick peak into our 2015 trip to Belize. This video shows us exploring Belize for the first time. We spent time checking out the cayes and the mainland of Belize. We found great snorkeling at both Hol Chan and shark ray alley via an amazing 8 hour sailing trip through Blue Tang Inn. On the mainland we really enjoyed hiking to Xunatunich, Cahal Pech, and Barton creek cave. These spots showed an excellent peak into the past.

  • Love is… a journey of a lifetime with you, 2min. Altun Ha (Mayan pyramids), Belize

  • Aquarium, Belize - Scuba Diving with Cowfish – by Kendrick Kaufman, 1/4min.

  • Aquarium, Belize - Scuba Diving with Scorpion Fish – by Kendrick Kaufman, 1/4min.

  • Landing on Caye Caulker in Belize, 1min.

  • Mike Miller GoPro Belize 2015, 7min. Diving in San Pedro, Belize 2015.

  • San Pedro, Belize-New Years Day 2016, 4min.

  • Caribbean Christmas Episode 4: Belize, 7min.

  • Eagle Rays near the Wall, diving Belize, 1min. From a December 2013 dive trip. There were two eagle rays gliding along in the distance, close to the reef wall near the Great Blue Hole, which is about 70km off the mainland of Belize, Central America

  • Secret Beach on Ambergris Bay Belize, 2min. This video shows drone footage of the Secret Beach area on the island of Ambergris Caye Belize.

  • Snorkeling with sharks in Belize, 1min.

  • Belmopan and Ambergris Caye, Belize 2009, 3.5min.

  • Honduras & Belize 2015, 3.5min. iving in Roatan, Honduras and Isabela in Belize.

  • Southern Belize butterfly, 1min. Made from a distance using still photos and slide show.

  • Molly & Grant Belize 2015, 7.5min.

  • HOPKINS, BELIZE Where Commerce Bight Lagoon and Hopkins Sea meet., 2min.

  • Scuba Diving - Belize, 5.5min. Animal Planet, this is not. I took these bits of video on several different dives in Belize. The depth was between 60 and 80 feet and since this isn't Animal Planet and I was using a point and shoot camera the color is more blue than it was to the eye.

  • Belize Prime Minster New Year Address 2016, 11min. With a reduction in Pedrocaribe funds for the New Year, Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow acknowledged that 2016 will be significantly different than the previous year. He says that spending will decrease but that construction of infrastructural projects like the Lamanai Road, the Cristo Rey/San Antonio Road, and the North Ambergris Road to the new Efrain Guerrero International Airport will proceed. Below is Belize Prime Minister’s New Year’s message to the country.

  • highlights of our trip to Belize Dec 2015, 6min.

  • Snorkeling off the coast of Belize, 21min.

  • 2016 Mayan Village Project in Belize, 6.5min. When we admire the ancient culture of the Mayan people, we often forget the action steps to make sure that culture lives on through the people of the now. 'Can You BELIZE IT' Road Tour in Search of the Promise Land... has found a very needy and worthy cause to initiate and promote. We have decided to adopt the people of the San Antonio Village in Corozal Bay, Belize.