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Today's Belize News: January 7, 2016 #510456
01/07/16 05:59 AM
01/07/16 05:59 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Wine and Dine at Mesa
Mesa, located on Tarpon Street at the Vilma Linda Plaza is the ideal spot to sit down to a fabulous breakfast, brunch or lunch and enjoy some fine wine. Enjoy their signature eats in a relaxed, air conditioned café or soak up some Caribbean sunshine with outdoor patio seating. Whichever you choose, you are sure to have a one of a kind dining experience! Janelle and I were invited over by owner Sheldon for a Wednesday afternoon lunch. We had the lobster special of the day which happened to be tacos, yum! And an apple pork burger, both complemented by a glass of Australian Chardonnay (of course he’d give us Aussie wine, we see you representing Sheldon. Now, let me be forward and admit that this isn’t your typical Belizean lunch, every now and again we like to switch it up, and Mesa definitely offers us a welcome change from rice and beans, and it’s taste is truly signature.

Commercial Fisher Folk License
The Belize Fisheries Department hereby informs the Public that it will commence the renewal of fisher folk licenses on January 4th, 2016. A grace period for renewals will be in place until January 31st, 2016. Starting January 2016, fishers will have access to their two main fishing areas. This process seeks to formalize the current fishing patterns and give fishers the opportunity to collaborate in the management of the resources in their respective areas. Fishers are advised to bring along all pertinent documents upon renewal to facilitate the process. Licensing will be carried out for the following communities at the Belize Fisheries Department Office in Belize City on the dates specified below:

Two time defending champs, San Pedro Tiger Sharks win NEBL opening
The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) hosted its opening marathon on Saturday, December 19th at the University of Belize gymnasium in Belmopan City. Five of the eight teams that will participate in the upcoming season attended the marathon. In the end it was defending NEBL Champions, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks who took top honors at the marathon. The third annual NEBL season will tip off on Saturday, January 16 at the Orange Walk Town Multi Purpose Complex. The San Pedro Tiger Sharks will be facing the Orange walk Running Rebels in the first match of the season starting at 9PM. On Saturday, January 9th, the other six teams will take the court, as Cayo Western Ballaz will host the new franchise, Independence Thunderbolts, at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium at 8PM; Dangriga Warriors will take on Belize City No Limit at Bird’s Isle, in Belize City, with tip-off time set for 8PM; and Belmopan Bandits will host Belize Hurricanes at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan at 8PM.

NICH Mourns the Untimely Passing of Filmmaker Matthiew Klinck
The National Institute of Culture and History, the Belize International Film Festival and the Belize Film Commission wish to offer our sincere condolences to the family, friends, colleagues and associates on the untimely death of resident Canadian filmmaker, Matthiew Klinck. Matthiew was a visionary with a passion to create Belizean films as the name of his production company MAKEBELIZE FILMS proclaimed. At times his extraordinary passion was incendiary, but the vision of strengthening Belize’s film industry was mutual. His enthusiasm and willingness to help to train young people facilitated a partnership with us to teach ANIMAGIC: the first Belizean clay animation workshop in April 2012 in Belize City shortly after his move to Belize and was also the genesis of 2012: THE CURSE OF THE XTABI, a Kriol language Belizean horror film he directed and produced with a vibrant group of budding Belizean filmmakers in the Cayo district. Though he continued to be based in Cayo, Matthiew also collaborated with similarly enthusiastic members of the San Pedro community to direct the first Spanish Language Belizean telenovela called LA ISLA BONITA which was one of the Opening Films for our 10th Anniversary Edition of the Belize International Film Festival in July 2015 and also the winner of our Best Dramatic TV Series award.

San Pedro Police Constable, Kyle Serano remanded for Sexual Assault
Former San Pedro Police Officer of the Month, 26-year-old Kyle Hubert Serano has been arrested, charged and remanded to the Belize Central Prison for the crime of “Sexual Assault”. On Wednesday, December 9th, San Pedro Police reported that following investigations of a 13-year-old female having been sexually assaulted, Police Constable #1661 was formally charged with three counts of “Sexual Assault”. According to the report, the minor reported to police that she was sexually assaulted by the officer on three occasions: November 27th, November 30th and December 3rd of 2015. With this information, San Pedro Police conducted a thorough investigation into the matter before pressing charges. It was not until police had gained enough evidence to support the matter in court that they proceeded to formally arrest and charge Serano on Wednesday, December 30th. Serano appeared before Senior Magis

American Actors Charles Michael Davis and Travis Van Winkle vacation in Belize
Each year, more and more visitors are attracted to Belize’s beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, where they can enjoy a unique travel and vacation experience. The great opportunities the island offers to all types of travelers has grown to even attract a few celebrities ever, now and then. The most recent celebrity vacationers touching down on La Isla Bonita’s shores were Charles Michael Davis and Travis Van Winkle, who were here enjoying a boys’ getaway. Of course, The San Pedro Sun had an exclusive opportunity to meet up with the American actors. 31-year-old Charles Michael Davis is an American actor and model. He’s best known for his role on The CW television drama, The Originals. Davis has also been featured in shows such as Battle Scars, Grey’s Anatomy, Switched at Birth, The Game, and Ur in Analyzis.

Ambergris Today

NICH Mourns The Untimely Passing Of Filmmaker Matthiew Klinck
The National Institute of Culture and History, the Belize International Film Festival and the Belize Film Commission wish to offer our sincere condolences to the family, friends, colleagues and associates on the untimely death of resident Canadian filmmaker, Matthiew Klinck. Matthiew was a visionary with a passion to create Belizean films as the name of his production company MAKEBELIZE FILMS proclaimed. At times his extraordinary passion was incendiary, but the vision of strengthening Belize’s film industry was mutual. His enthusiasm and willingness to help to train young people facilitated a partnership with us to teach ANIMAGIC: the first Belizean clay animation workshop in April 2012 in Belize City shortly after his move to Belize. He was also the genesis of 2012: THE CURSE OF THE XTABI, a Kriol language Belizean horror film he directed and produced with a vibrant group of budding Belizean filmmakers in the Cayo district.

25 Years Ago - Remembering When WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village No. 10
Dutch Cheese Was King: Today if your mom were to send you to the shop to buy some cheese, you would obviously have to ask her what kind since there are so many kinds to choose from. Depending on your day's menu, you might want cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan or Swiss cheese. However, I remember when Dutch Cheese USED TO BE the only cheese on the Island. We used to call it by different names- queso de calavera, queso colorado, queso de bola.
Fun with Tin Cans: Tin cans and some string can provide you with lots of fun. Try them; you won't regret: 1. Attach a price of string through the sides of the top of two tin cans of the same size. Place your feet on the tin cans and hold on firmly unto the strings. You have now made a pair of toys we called sancos, the Spanish word for stilts. Now you can walk about feeling 5 to 10 inches taller, sort of like wearing high heels. Trust me, children love to feel tall.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

MCCAP Consultation Dates for Southern Communities
The Belize Fisheries Department invites all commercial fishermen in the South that uses the South Water Caye Marine Reserve and Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve to attend an important community consultation to discuss the re-adjustment, the possible expansion and creation of zones within the two (2) targeted protected areas. The dates are as follows:

Corozal Internet Speeds on Smart
Here is a test we conducted today on the new SMART 4G LTE service on some of Smart LTE capable devices like the Samsung Galaxy(s) , etc. Upload speeds of up to 59 MEGS and downloads of up to 16 MEGS! Impressive.

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. I hate to be the bearer of bad news Belize acting like we’ve living in a cocoon We’ve been too long on a honeymoon We’re acting like a bunch of buffoons The entire world looking at us like bunch of cartoons Our PM is CARCOM’s Chairman, just watch the news If the rice is destroyed the entire country loose There is varies way that rice could be used School feeding program, Hostel, Prison you choose NEMO, CEMO hurricane relief and Ole folks homes, This dah maga season many have no food in their homes Weh happen to the CSME agreements, freedom of good management Destroy the rice will cause a major disagreement Not to mention God’s punishment

WCS, Belize is seeking to fill a position of Boat Captain at the Glovers Reef Research Station on Middle Caye, Glovers Reef
Requirements for this position are: Clean police record, Good communication skills, Ability to properly fill out log sheets, Boat Captain license, Dive certification (an asset), Training in First Aid (an asset), Minimum of 5 years boat handling experience, Experience in working in a remote island setting for extended periods of time, Extensive knowledge of the Glovers Reef atoll and southern waters of Belize. Candidate should be ready to assume duties on short notice. Application forms are available from the Belize City office at 1755 Coney Drive, 2nd Floor, Belize City; or via email from [email protected]

Discussion of Salt Water Caye & Turneffe Marine Reserves
The Belize Fisheries Department invites all commercial fishermen in the South that uses the South Water Caye Marine Reserve and Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve to attend an important community consultation to discuss the re-adjustment, the possible expansion and creation of zones within the two (2) targeted protected areas. The dates are as follows:

Dr. Aaron Lewis Awarded
Congratulations, Dr. Lewis! Dr. Lewis, who works at the University of Belize, was made a member of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Keep up the outstanding work! "UB's very own Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Science and Technology, Dr. Aaron Lewis, has received the distinction of being a member of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his contribution to science. Dr. Lewis has made many contributions to science including a proposal he wrote to the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) for the technical cooperation program for the 2014-2015 biennium, which was approved by the Board of Governors of the IAEA."

Channel 7

Kia Found Shot-Up Near Caledonia, Driver Missing
On Monday we told you about the major drug bust in Orange Walk where police nabbed 183 pounds of compressed marijuana. The drugs have a street value of more than a quarter million dollars, and the packages were imprinted with a “J” – which police believe is the sign of a Mexican cartel. Now, the historical trend is that whenever a large and valuable amount of drugs ends up in the wrong hands, that’s when people start disappearing. It’s happened plenty of times on San Pedro – and some are wondering whether that’s what happened this morning when a Caledonia villager disappeared. Luis Alcoser’s vehicle, a recently acquired Kia Sportage was found riddled with bullet holes on the road to his village this morning – and tonight – his family doesn’t know where he is. Emanuel Pech went looking for answers:….

Commish, Is The Cartel Running Weed Through Belize?
So, while that family worries about their loved one, the police are still trying to piece together this quite unusual bust. Unusual because cartel stamped weed being imported into Belize is not known to be a standard featured of the drug trade. We asked the Commissioner of Police whether the Mexican Cartel is now supplying the majority of Belize’s marijuana. "We are concerned because we know Belize has been a trans-shipment point for drugs for many many years and again we know that some portion of that drugs do stay in Belize and are consumed by the local population. I can't say where those drugs were heading because I have not been informed so if someone informed you of that then kudos to you and that person but I don't know where they were heading."

Commish: Klinck Investigation Like Any Other
Another case with regional implications that police have to investigate is the murder of 37 year-old Canadian Film Maker Matthiew Klinck. His body was discovered in the Cayo District on Monday afternoon, and an onsite post mortem certified that he was stabbed 14 times. The mysterious murder of the Canadian Filmmaker has made headline news outside of Belize. The international profile of his killing is already picking up traction and so, we asked Commissioner Whylie if that somehow gives it priority over the investigation of the murders of Belizeans. Here’s what he said: "We are concerned when any murder has occurred. One murder that occurs is one murder too much. I'm familiar with the case and I believe all crimes once it's reported it goes viral with the kind of technology we have. Today the investigators like all other investigations will be doing all they can to solve that case just as well as the other murders as well as the other cases of burglaries as well as the other cases of robberies. Once we are satisfied that we have done all that is humanly possible to solve the case and if we are unable to then I am satisfied. Where ever you are, you're in Belize crime will occur, you're in the US crime will occur, you're in Europe crime will occur, you're in the Caribbean crime will occur. Murders will occur it's a matter of how you deal with it and so we're dealing with it; as you know it's a remote area but the investigators are out trying to put the pieces together."

Snakeman Recovering, Prognosis Encouraging
Belize’s snakeman, Gilbert Usher is improving at the KHMH tonight. Officially, the hospital is saying that his condition has been upgraded from critical to stable, but we have learned that he is out of an induced coma and doctors expect a full recovery. Doctors expect to take him out of the intensive care unit tomorrow. As we reported to you yesterday, Usher, the famous snake man, was bitten on the wrist by a Tommy Goff. He had just caught the snake and took it to a friend's house to show off his latest catch. But when he slipped the snake out of the bag he was carrying it in, the Tommy Goff struck him. Seconds later the Usher was on the ground- the venom quickly spreading through his body. It happened on Sunday morning and he was rushed to the KHMH, where his condition was listed as “very critical.”

"Ms Pou" Is Shaken But Physically "OK" After Robbery
Last night we told you about the brazen robbery on New Road. Yesterday around 2:00, one of the family owners of the very popular Pou Meatpie, Maria Pou went across the street to collect $500 dollars from a tenant. That’s when a man hugged her from behind and then grabbed on to the bag of money. But she put up a fight, and he threw her to ground and dragged her as she clutched unto the money. The robber then ran into the Jungle area off Pickstock Street where a getaway car was waiting. It was a very frightening experience for Pau and today she told us off camera that she is just grateful to be alive. Maria Pau - Owner, Pau Meatpie: "It never really happened during business time, it happened after 2. I went to do a small errand for someone and unfortunately I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I got robbed. The good thing of it, the police was right down the street and they picked me up and took me to the emergency. I am very grateful to both the police and the staff of the emergency and the x-ray department and I was out of there by 5 o'clock and I'm alive and well and for that I am very thankful. I thank all the customers who called in and I thank..."

Energy Workers Say Don't Destroy The Rice
Tonight, the three containers of Guyanese rice remain in place at the Big Creek Port. Customs got a forfeiture order from the Magistrate’s Court yesterday but Charles scrambled upstairs to the Supreme Court to get an injunction. That stops customs from doing anything until after a hearing next week Tuesday. But, as we reported yesterday, just a few hours after getting the order, Customs rolled down to Big Creek, ready to haul away the rice and destroy it, all 75 tonnes. Well, today the Belize Energy Workers Union got into the mix, urging them not to destroy the rice. A release says, quote, “we recommend that instead of the rice being destroyed that it be distributed to organizations around the country which help feed the children, the elderly and poor. It can also be given to those schools which already have in place a feeding program….we also believe the owner of the rice should at least be compensated for the cost price of the rice.” End quote.

Belize Murders Down Slightly, Amidst Regional Spike
Every year in the first week of January, we report on the country’s murder rate. It’s subject of nervous worry since, we imagine every Belizean dreads when we’re right there in the list of the top ten most murderous countries on earth. Well, there were plenty of murders this year, 119 of them but many more in other countries, so, early indications are that Belize will not make it unto that top ten. Of course, there’s nothing to celebrate in 119 murders – that’s dismal, but it is four less than last year’s 123. It also brings down Belize’s murder rate to 32, which is lower than our neighbors, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Those three countries are called the Northern Triangle and they comprise what is widely recognized as the most dangerous area on earth. The Triangle – just those three countries – reported a combined 17,422 murders in 2015. It was worst in El Salvador which reported 6,657 homicides, for a murder rate of 104 per hundred thousand citizens, which is a 67% increase from last year. The murder rate in Honduras went down from 68 to 57, while Guatemala went down only slightly. The murder rate also went up sharply in Jamaica where there were 1,192 slayings, 20% more than the previous year.

Some Areas Shone In Statistics
It’s also been a while since the Police Minister’s monthly awards made the news. These are given to the commanders of police jurisdictions who have the lowest number of crimes for that period. Well, the commanders of the different police regions were recognized today at the briefing, and the Commissioner explained that there were some encouraging decreases in crime during different parts of the year in the different jurisdictions. Here are the figures: Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police: "The southern regional command area had a total of 296 major crimes recorded compared to 328 recorded in 2014. This reflects a decrease of 32 major crimes recorded or 9.8% decrease in 2015 on the southern regional command area. The northern regional command area had a total of 200 major crimes recorded in 2015 compared to 327 in 2014. This shows a decrease of 127 major crimes or 38.8% in 2015. The northern regional command area had the greatest decrease in major crimes recorded in 2015.

Is Community Policing The New National Trend?
So, how do police explain the decrease in major crimes, and particularly murder? Well, as you’ve been seeing on the evening news, the department is pushing their community policing agenda, to improve their relationship with the general public. Well, the Northern Police Regions of Corozal and Orange Walk had the most noticeable decrease in crime of all the jurisdictions countrywide. The Commissioner told us that the meet and greet initiatives in the north have been paying off: Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police: "We recently did some shifting around with Mr. Arnold left from Orange Walk and went to Corozal. Mr. Tillet who was the deputy became the OC and both of them are committed to the community oriented policing programme. I know both of them have been beating the street with their officers on a weekly basis. They are the kind of officers who are open to the public, they are always assessable, and they can always be contacted.

City Major Crime Down Also
So, what about Belize City? Well, in the beginning of the 2015, there was a worrying spike in murders, especially, gang related killings, but as soon as Supercop Chester Williams was given command of the Belize City Southside, he hit to ground running with his community policing focused on conflict mediation between rival gangs. The Commissioner told us today that the Community Policing strategy has been embraced as best as could have been hoped for: Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police: "You could recall in the second half of 2015, first of July to be exact; we create 3 new divisions out of Belize district; eastern division rural which comprise the Hattieville Ladyville area. Eastern division south which was the Southside of the Belize City and eastern division north which is the North side of Belize City as well as San Pedro and Caulker. That allowed the divisional commanders our very senior officers, ACP/Senior Super Intendent to be able to more manage the smaller area and to be more flexible and adaptable to issues of crime. In the second half we were able to see a significant slowing down of crimes, especially in Belize City, Southside in particular in terms of the cases of murder."

COMPOL Bashes Bad Cops
But, while the police are managing a downturn in crime right now, they still have to deal with the bruising instances of alleged police wrongdoing. In just the past week, they’ve had to commence criminal prosecution against two of their own for allegations sex crimes, one of which reportedly happened right inside a police station. The commissioner commented on those cases saying that the criminal charges that these officers now face is an expression of the department’s no-nonsense approach to allegations of wrong doing by police: Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police: "As you know the department is a little over 2,000 strong, its 2,000 different individuals with different personalities. The incident that took place were 2 terrible incidents that should have never occurred. The officers both knew better not only as a police officer but as an individual. And they chose to do wrong and the department confronted it head on when it was reported to us. We did our investigation and where the evidence was found, we dealt with both officers. They have both been charged, they have both been interdicted. It is not the first time these incidents have occurred, it won't be the last because individual officers make choices and sometime they make the wrong choices. But once it reaches us, it is not condone and exhaust our investigation and if we are able to deal with it, we deal with them."

Will Law Enforcement Try To Curb Accidents?
It wasn’t a topic of discussion at today’s police briefing from the Police Top Brass, but 5 persons died in fatal traffic accidents in less than a week. So, while the media had the opportunity, the Commissioner was asked if he and his commanding officers are taking notice of the spike in traffic fatalities: "What can the department do to perhaps improve traffic safety? Yes in the past we went into schools, we can review that program to go back into schools and the meet and great sessions that the police were about again they can speak to persons in terms of the decision making and the perils of driving and drinking. We can try to increase in terms of our traffic enforcement and the various checkpoints. I'm certain that if they stop vehicles and the people are suspected of driving under the influence, they will call for some assistance to get them tested.

Court Reports Bad Bailiff
In April of 2014, we reported on Magistrate’s Court Bailiff, Gabriel Casey who was accused of pocketing money from persons who thought they were paying the court. At least 7 cases of serious irregularities were taken before the public services commission, and today – almost two years later the court sent out a press release saying, quote, “Gabriel Alphonso Casey, former Bailiff employed with the Belize City Magistrates’ Court is no longer an employee with the Government of Belize…he is not authorized to conduct any business on behalf of the Belize City Magistrates Court or the Government of Belize with effect from 28 th December, 2015.” Casey was accused of pocketing thousands of dollars which individuals and institutions paid toward the court, but the monies were never accounted for.

Baker Says New Price Does Not Go Down Like A Spoonful of Sugar
Last night you heard from two pastry makers in the city who say the 50% increase in the price of sugar won’t affect them at all. But today the owner of Casa Pan Dulce with branches in San Pedro, Santa Elena and Belmopan told us that’s not the case for him at all. Owner Andre Perez told us via telephone from San Pedro that with this increase he has no other choice but to raise his prices. "Obviously it's not the same with me because of the amount of consumption I do. Especially white sugar is a key component in my bakery and I've been doing those figures since they announced the increase of white sugar and that definitely curves in knocks out on the operating cost for me for the year 2016 and I have the figures here to show you as proof. We're talking about an increase of 30 dollars and 30 cents to be more or less precise on the increase in the sack of white sugar. I am one of those bakeries that are consuming approximately something between 90 to 100 sacks monthly for consumption. If you do the math on that figure it is approximately 2,800 dollars more or less increase in my cost, the cost of goods.

93 Year Old Patrick Grant Embraces New (Large!) Weed Whacker
As promised, today we handed over the donated weed whacker to Patrick Grant – the 93 year old who was badly beaten inside his own home a few weeks ago. On Monday night, Superintendent Howell Gillett saw Grant on the news lamenting the loss of his weed whacker – which had been stolen when his house was burglarized. And so with assistance from business man Paul Guerra, they donated a new one to the senior citizen who cuts his own grass and keeps a spotless lawn. Now, we’ll be honest, it’s a big unit – the kind that comes with a handlebar, and we did have doubts that the old man would be able to hold it up, let alone trim his yard with it. But after some masterful adjusting of the strap, the old man left us with open jaws. Here’s how we did it.

Is Chester's "Man Of the Year" Good For The Department?
A week ago, we told you that the Amandala Newspaper chose the Eastern Division South Commander, Chester Williams, as its Man of the Year for 2015. So, what does his police boss, Commissioner Whylie, think of that recognition? Does it put the achievements of the one above the many? Well, we asked Chester’s boss today, and here’s what he had to say:

Watching The Community Watch
We usually report on Meet and Greet sessions on the Southside – officers going door-to-door trying to mend relations after years of neglect and abuse. But, it’s not just the southside, the officers from the north side are doing it too. This evening about 24 officers were out on Eve Street and Jail Lane talking with the residents and trying to set up a neighbourhood watch. The Neighbourhood watch Coordinator told us why they are reaching out to residents: Pitts expects to have his first meeting for the neighbourhood watch next week.

Channel 5

A Caledonia Resident is Missing, Is His Disappearance Drug-related?
A father of two from Caledonia, Corozal is at the center of a police investigation that could be related to an Orange Walk drug bust late last week in which [...]

ComPol Whylie: Klinck Murder Case Handled Competently and Comprehensively
Canadian film-maker Matthiew Klinck was murdered at his home near Spanish Lookout sometime over the weekend. He was last seen alive on Saturday at around four, and on Monday night [...]

Commissioner of Police Condemns Officers Committing Sex Crimes
On December twenty-nine, Police Constable Luke Moreira, assigned to the San Ignacio Police Formation, was arraigned on two counts of rape. He was accused of taking a woman prisoner out [...]

A New Social Media Policy for Police Officers
From allegations of rape and sexual assault by Police Officers to glaring footage of nude Police Officers on social media…the Police Commissioner has his share of headaches. Just around Christmas, [...]

Has Gun License of Election Night Shooter Been Revoked?
More than two months ago on election night, a close affiliate and supporter of Minister of Police John Saldivar allegedly fired his weapon into the air in celebration. The man [...]

Police Brass Meets to Discuss Crime Reduction in 2015
The Police Department is generally reticent with statistics and only too happy to keep the media in the relative dark. Of course that’s only when crime statistics don’t look good [...]

Rice Wars: Attorney Eamon Courtenay Weighs in on Jack Charles’ Injunction
On Tuesday afternoon, businessman Jack Charles hastily applied for and was granted an injunction by the Supreme Court, restraining the Customs and Excise Department from taking possession of his shipment [...]

Eamon Courtenay Says Court Order was Avoidable
According to Courtenay, the proprietor of Xtra House had been given the option previously to seek damages once the cargo is turned over to customs.  Why that alternative has not [...]

Patrick Grant Recounts Horrific Home Invasion Experience
Ninety-three-year-old Patrick Grant, a Belize City victim of a brutal home invasion that left him comatose over the Christmas weekend, is on the road to recovery after being badly beaten [...]

A Workshop on Domestic Violence Sensitization
Violence against the elderly is cause for deep concern and so is violence against women. A two-day symposium aimed at preparing organizations, as well as other agencies, to deal with [...]

Former Bailiff Accused of Still Doing Business on Behalf of Magistrate’s Court
A former bailiff is being accused of continuing with business as usual even though he was released from the government service at the end of last December. Chief Magistrate Ann [...]

ASR Rep Says Mud and Water Affecting Cane Crop
The 2015-2016 sugar crop season started on schedule back in December 2015, but all is not well in the industry. Inclement weather has been affecting the crop in the sugar [...]

Long-term Sugar Industry Strategic Plan being Developed by Stakeholders
The main stakeholders of the sugar industry in the north; that is representatives from ASR/B.S.I. and the three sugar cane farmers associations met today inside the conference room of the [...]

Is the Belize Police Department Adequately Resourced?
There has been a constant cry from Police formations countrywide for resources. It’s no closely held secret that the Department is strapped for vehicles and equipment and even financial resources. [...]

ComPol Whylie on Community Policing and Use of Necessary Force
Much attention has been given to the efficacy of community policing – not only today when statistics were released, but through the second half of 2015. Traditionally when crime has [...]

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O/W Police Released Persons Initially Detained For Drug Bust
On Monday we told you about the 183 pounds of compressed cannabis worth more than $300,000 that was confiscated by the Orange Walk Police formation. The nine parcels of suspected drugs, weighing 23 pound each, were found in the outskirts of Carmelita Village. All parcels came with the marking J symbolizing the name of a Mexican Cartel, according to authorities. Two persons who were found in the area were detained in connection with the incident pending investigations and were expected to be charged.

Sugar Industry Stakeholders Meet To Discuss Strategic Development Plan
At the moment if we take a look at all the major industries in Belize we can safely say that the only one not on life support but still suffering from a bad cold is the Sugar Industry. Recently cane farmers saw a drastic reduction in the estimated price of the first payment and in 2017 when the price of sugar reduces even more in the preferential market the industry is not expected to be as sweet as other years. With tough times ahead stakeholders of the industry must prepare to compete in the European Market where Belize’s Sugar is sold and this is where the Strategic Development Plan comes in. In a nutshell the Strategic Development Plan seeks to improve the viability of the Sugar Industry that contributes to the economic and social stability of the North.

High Percentage Of Mud Continues To Affect Factory Efficiency
A few weeks ago we told you about the high quantity of mud that was being delivered to the factory thus affecting the quality of cane, the steam generation and the milling capacity. Contributing to the factor was weather conditions and the bad state of the sugar roads. Today, the high quantity of mud delivered to the factory continues to pose a problem for the Sugar Industry and the matter must be addressed instantly, says Mac MacLachlan, Vice President for International Relations for ASR. Mac MacLachlan, Vice President, International Relations, ASR: “Sadly it is and just to give you an insight of that obviously that factory is built to mill sugar cane and it is milling a lot of water and mud and that has an impact on the quality on the amount of sugar coming from that cane but also the cost of actually milling it and this all contribute to increasing the cost of production of sugar and we stand today still very high on that level coming in which is a pity but we are hoping with a little more dry weather and by conscious efforts by everyone involved we can reduce that.” This week mud level passed 4.5 percent.

Well Known Actors Visit La Isla Bonita, San Pedro
It is no secret that Ambergris Caye is an island that captures the attention of many people both locally and internationally due to its beauty and the vast amount of recreational activities available. The island has been visited by many celebrities from time to time; and the most recent celebrities who were vacationing at San Pedro were well known actors, 31 year old Charles Michael Davis and 33 year old Travis Van Winkle known actor of the movies Transformers, Friday the 13th, Accepted and Meet the Spartans. According to the San Pedro Sun, both celebrities arrived in Belize on December 26th along with 3 other friends on a boy’s getaway vacation. Upon their arrival, they had the opportunity to visit the Archaeological sites, jungles and caves located in San Ignacio Town. On the 30th of December, they made their way to San Pedro Town where they went scuba diving and participated in other activities. The group were no exception to the New Year countdown celebration that took place on the island and are very pleased with their visit, especially with the hospitality of the Belizeans.

PAHO Alerts The Caribbean Region About Zika Virus
The Pan American Health Organization is alerting everyone in the Caribbean region that there are reported cases of the mosquito-borne zika virus which is a virus transmitted by the same vector that spreads both dengue and chikingunya known as the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. The zika virus can presently be found in the OECS, Martinique and in Puerto Rico and is raising many concerns due to the fact that these islands are in close proximity to the British Virgin Islands. Dr. Ronald Georges, medical officer of Health in British Virgin Islands, believes that this is a matter that needs to be looked into with much care and scrutiny so that the public can become aware about the impact that this virus has on their health. Georges further stated that, quote “The ministry is encouraging persons to take better control of the environment by eliminating mosquito breeding sites in households and common areas. Personal prevention should be heightened by using mosquito bed nets which can also be treated with insecticide; wearing clothing that does not expose the skin, using mosquito repellents as well as installing wire mesh screens at windows and doors.”

BEWU Calls On GOB Not To Destroy Guyanese Rice
Belize Energy Workers Union is calling on the Government of Belize not to proceed with the apparent decision to destroy the Guyanese rice now under custody of B.A.H.A, imported by Jack Charles. In a release issued late this evening BEWU states that the destruction of more than one hundred thousand pounds of Guyanese rice currently sitting at the port in Big Creek would not sit well in the eyes of the International Community. BEWU believes that after B.A.H.A. ensures that the rice is safe for consumption, the product should be distributed to organizations around the country which help feed the children, the elderly and poor and to schools which already have in place a feeding program instead of being destroyed.

Pleasant View Missionary Church Assist Chapel School
Today members of the Pleasant View Missionary Church from Ohio visited Chapels School where they hosted a feeding program for all of the students who were present this morning. Our news team visited the school where we were able to speak to some of the organizers. Elizabeth – member of Thirst missions: “This week with this group, they are working with the school and then working with ECC church with pastor Chi who is also the Principal here and so we are doing women’s’ ministry and a pastor ministry at the church and then we are helping the kids today we are feeding lunch.” The main purpose of travelling to Belize and organizing these events is to allow the people to experience the love of God as well as to provide them with the assistance that they are in need of.

Police Figures Show Crime Is Down
While it seems like crime was very rampant throughout 2015, the Belize Police Department is reporting that crime rate for 2015 was slightly less than in 2014. A total of one hundred twenty three murders were recorded in 2014 countrywide and in 2015 one hundred nineteen murders were recorded. The district with the highest number of murders for 2015 is Belize City with a total of sixty six and Toledo had the lowest with 5 murders. Here in the North Corozal and Orange Walk saw a total recorded amount of six and seven murders respectively. The statistics for other crimes in Belize stands slightly lower in 2015 compared to 2014 as well. The figures for rape in 2015 stands at 40 while in 2014 it was 43, robbery 214 compared to 2014’s 291, burglary 742 while in 2014 it was 835, theft 1,027 and 1,123 in 2014 and Carnal Knowledge 74 for 2015 and 79 in 2014.


Rice Saga Continues
The fate of the three containers of Guyanese rice brought into the Big Creek Port is now in the hands of the Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin. Renee Trujillo has the story. Renee Trujillo, Love Fm: Thursday December 17th 2015 saw the arrival of three containers of Guyanese rice coming into the Big Creek port in […]

Taiwan Seeks Scholarship Awardees
The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is accepting applications for its 2016 Taiwan ICDF Scholarship and Taiwan (MOFA) Scholarship programs. There will be 20 programs applicants can chose from for the Taiwan ICDF Scholarship. Both scholarships are full scholarships and will provide round trip economy class air tickets, housing, tuition fees, credit fees, […]

Rita Flowers Passes at 75 Years
She made her mark in the local communities and in the local arts …. And tonight, many are mourning the passing of seventy five year-old, Rita Mae Flowers. Her nephew, Paul Flowers spent most of his formative years with Miss Rita Mae and recalls his aunt’s passion for music, the arts and discipline as well […]

Belmopan Police Fulfills Wish of Recently Assaulted Patrick Grant
Most may remember the story of ninety three year old Patrick Grant as the elderly man that was savagely attacked in his home in Belize City on December 28. Grant ended up in the hospital in a critical condition. Grant is now recovering at home. Other good news for Grant is that the Belmopan Police […]

Woman Fined for Slipping Boyfriend Weed Outside Courtroom
A 21 year old woman who gave her boyfriend, 31 year old prison inmate Ryan Alvarez, two point nine grams of cannabis yesterday morning while he was being escorted from Magistrates’ Court back to the holding cell, was fined ten thousand dollars today by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza after she pled guilty to drug trafficking. She […]

A Look Into the ICU of KHMH
Love News made a visit today to the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City and had the opportunity to speak with Dr Pedro Arriaga, who manages the ICU along with Dr Jorge Hidalgo. DR PEDRO ARRIAGA: “This is a general ICU. We handle trauma, we have a lot of car […]


Canadian Filmaker found dead near Spanish Lookout
Another Canadian national has been murdered in the Cayo district and police are trying to piece together what happened in the last few moments that 37 year old Matthiew Klinck was alive. Klinck was a movie maker who had recently taken up residence in Belize. The partially decomposed body of Klinck w...

Decrease in pump prices for diesel oil
The Ministry of Finance has announced another decrease in fuel prices as a result of lower CIF Prices on a recent shipment of fuels. Last week, regular gas and kerosene saw a decrease and effective midnight on January 4 2016, Diesel Oil prices saw a decrease as well. The new Pump Price for Diesel Oi...

Belize City Mechanic Charged with unlawful sexual conduct
A Belize City mechanic of Evergreen Street has been slapped with four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and one count of grievous harm upon a 15 year old girl. 37 year old Denfield Davis is accused of having sex on four different occasions with a 15 year old girl. The minor accuses him of initia...

San Pedro man granted bail on attempted rape, wounding charges
A San Pedro laborer accused of trying to rape his ex-girlfriend and wounding her appeared in court last week and was granted bail of $2,500 by Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. He is Allen Martinez, a resident of San Pedro Town, who was read two indictable offenses of attempted rape and wounding of ...

Murder accused’s girlfriend in trouble over marijuana
A 21 year old woman tried to smuggle marijuana to her boyfriend, accused of murder, in court, after she was not allowed to see him when she visited the Magistrate’s Court today. Meagan Leslie, partner to 25 year old Ryan Alvarez, who is on remand on accusation of murder and other charges, is now in ...

Boat stolen from Caye Caulker
A boat was stolen in Caye Caulker. 36-year-old Artemio Marin, owner of Anda De Wata Tours, located in Caye Caulker Village reported that between the hours of 5:30 p.m. on Sunday the 3rd of January, and 8:00 a.m. on Monday the 4th January, someone stole his Baby Dax Boat. The boat is white with red v...

Fire burns down business establishment
A fire in the Stann Creek District destroyed a business establishment. 38-year-old Aurora Lisbey, Belizean business woman of Stann Creek District reported that on Thursday the 31st of December, her business place –“Bertha Tamales” which is located at mile 25 on the Hummingbird Highway was destroye...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Crime is down, say Police’s official statistics
Belize Police Department statistics recorded 278 less major crimes across Belize in 2015, but over 2,200 Belizeans were still victims, whether of murder, robbery, burglary and theft, or rape and carnal knowledge. Murder is down only slightly, from 123 in 2014 to 119 in 2015, […]

Another chance for Jack Charles after Chief Justice stops Customs’ confiscation
The Customs and Excise Department wants to destroy the 75 tonnes of Guyanese rice currently stored at the Big Creek Port but they must await another court decision. Following Supreme Court Justice Sonia Young’s denying importer Jack Charles application for leave to file for judicial review […]

Ex-Court bailiff disowned
Former Government employee Gabriel Casey, who was a bailiff with the Magistrate’s Court in Belize City until he was dismissed on December 28, 2015, has been accused of allegedly still using the name of the court to “do business” though he is officially no longer […]

Mother of 3 year old girl must pay $10,000 for supplying her boyfriend with cannabis
A 21 year old woman who gave her boyfriend, 31 year old prison inmate Ryan Alvarez, 2.9 grams of cannabis yesterday morning while he was being escorted from magistrate court # 2 back to the holding cell, was fined $10,000 today by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza […]

San Ignacio police find 4 pounds of weed
San Ignacio Police acting upon information received, searched an abandoned lot yesterday morning and made the discovery of 19 black plastic bags containing cannabis. The lot located on Dalia Street, was searched around 7:40 a.m. and yielded a total of four pounds of weed […]

Belize City man arrested for crossing border with weed
26-year-old Denmark Dougal of Belize City was busted yesterday afternoon with just over two pounds of weed in yellow plastic bags as he walked from the Guatemalan side of Arenal Village, Cayo District, into Belize. Officers on foot patrol spotted Dougal around 2:00 p.m. […]

Elderly woman robbed in Belize City
Yesterday afternoon on New Road in Belize City, 56-year-old businesswoman Maria Pau had just collected $500 in cash from a tenant when she was attacked and robbed of her earnings by a male person who then escaped. Police responded to the scene at around […]

Sugar price gouging reported in Punta Gorda
Reports have surfaced in Punta Gorda (PG) town of price gouging being done at a certain Chinese owned store, which is currently selling sugar for $1.00 per pound, although a government press release issued late last year, stated that effective on January 1st of […]

Southern fishermen consultations to begin this month
A press release issued by the Fisheries Department this morning, served to notify fishermen who use the South Water Caye Marine Reserve and Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve, of community consultation dates to discuss the re-adjustment, possible expansion and creation of zones. These consultations already […]

Corozal Police find abandoned vehicle riddled with bullet holes
Corozal Police are investigating the circumstances of an abandoned vehicle found with apparent bullet holes to the windshield and the door on the driver’s side. The vehicle, a blue Kia Sportage, was found about five to six feet off the road between the Buena […]

Cool weather to prevail
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies today and clear skies tonight. Little or no rainfall is expected. Winds will be blowing from the North-Northeast at 5-15 knots and the sea state will be choppy. High temperatures today are expected […]


Does Becoming more Resilient Improve Sustainability?
A reflection on how making society more resilient may be worse than doing nothing at all. In Greek mythology, Icarus is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth. Often depicted in art, Icarus and his father attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. Icarus’s father warns him first of complacency and then of hubris, asking that he fly neither too low nor too high, so the sea’s dampness would not clog his wings or the sun’s heat melt them. Icarus ignored his father’s instructions not to fly too close to the sun, whereupon the wax in his wings melted and he fell into the sea. What if Icarus’ father —knowing his son would fly too close to the sun — had made the wings he designed more resilient? What if he had used bone and string and not just wax to bind them? Would this ancient myth have turned out any differently? Probably not. Icarus would have simply flown closer to the sun before the sun destroyed his wings — perhaps igniting them on fire rather than just melting the wax. And so the boy would have fallen even further and have been crushed even more brutally by the onrushing wall of ocean below. Let’s apply that question to today. What if we make our globalized consumer society more resilient? That is to say, what if — as more people in the sustainability community are advocating — we make our economic and social systems more able to withstand the inevitable shocks that come with an ever larger human population living within a destabilizing Earth system. What if we build future coastal homes on stilts? And invest billions of dollars and massive amounts of natural capital (in the form of cement and embodied fossil fuel energy) in sea walls around cities like New York and New Orleans. And we even genetically modify crops — even livestock — to withstand drought and heat.

The deafening noise of the Police and Judiciary sytem in Belize
There is a large community of Immigrants in Belize and many have given and keep giving lots to Belize. There has been case after case of crime against visitors and immigrants in Belize with nothing much to nothing at all done by the Police or the Judiciary; all while the embassies of their home nation sit by quietly twiddling their thumbs. I know it’s bad enough that the Government of Belize refuses to invest the money to empower our Belize Police Department and to allow the Judiciary to be independent of political games and abuse; but wrong is wrong no matter who does it and something must be said and hopefully done to fix the issues we face in Belize for Belizeans, visitors and immigrants that choose to reside in Belize.

Three Kings Bread
preparation: 30min> cooking: 25min> overtime: 1hour 20min leavening> ready in: 2hours15min dissolve the yeast in a little warm water. add 2 to 3 tablespoons of flour. mix well and let the dough stand in a warm place until doubled in size. about 30 to 40 minutes. while on a table heap flour and form a kind of volcano hole in the center. add in the hole the rest of the ingredients except the chopped fruit. with your hands and kneading, incorporate everything. then again let the dough rest to rise to double in size. once ready, you'll work it on a flat surface. extend to form a rectangle. in the center place chopped fruit and make into a roll. place on baking sheet on parchment paper if desired. using a scissor cut into middle at certain parts to place a few infant christ and close the areas.varnish with egg and decorate to your taste with the ingredients you have such as cherries and fruits listed above. bake at 180 ° c for 25 minutes.

I want to move to Belize, what do I need to know . . .
Found this question on a Belize expat site to be absolutely adorable: “I am seriously wanting to make the move by the end of the year…what do I need to know?…” It took me back to those very early days when we crossed that invisible line, too. “We’re going to make the move. My, god, I don’t know a thing about Belize!” What do you need to know? In all sincerity, how to use the search mode on the Internet. There is a huge amount of information out there and yes, a lot of it is scattered all over the place and a lot of it is misleading. But it is a good start. When seeking information about Belize, the best thing you can do is read the readers’ comments and other replies to any statement. Chances are, for every statement of “fact” there will be a half-dozen replies taking exception — in a half-dozen different ways. One of my favorite observations about Belize: “For every story, there are three stories.” Which is probably why the gossip is so good. You hear one salacious rumor and then you quietly tell yourself “Wait for it … wait for it …” Then, boom. A whole other version or two or three emerges, completely upending the juicy morsel you were first fed. Rumors, gossip, diatribes, suspicions, conspiracies — these make up a rich diet in some expats’ lives. Sometimes mine.

Spiral Ham and Cheese (Espirales de Jamón y Queso)
We leave open a pastry tin so that it now be set at room temperature before unrolling it. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Unroll the pastry dough and cover the entire surface with slices of ham without overlapping them. We cover the layer of ham with slices of cheese, avoiding overlapping them. Roll all the pastry with filling to stay with a thick, elongated loop that you will cut into a few slices approximately two fingers thick. Then put the slices we cut in a baking tray. Paint all over slices with beaten egg and bake for a quarter of an hour. Make sure to watch because you know that every oven is different.

And the Belize wise men said, ‘Behold we bring you gifts, from Dunkin’ Donuts’
So I was in downtown San Pedro on my bicycle, running around doing errands when all of a sudden . . . I got hungry. And wouldn’t you know that Estel’s was closed for repairs. I was thinking of pedaling down south to the Coconut Cafe, mainly because I haven’t been there since they moved to Exotic Caye Beach Resort and I always liked the owners — and their food. But as I pedaled down Middle Street, the Lord took control of my bicycle and steered me to Pupuseria Salvadoreno. Good choice, Lord. But, why? I wondered. As the good Lord was guiding my hands to chain up my bicycle to a power pole the answer hit me like Paul on the road to Damascus: I love their four beef pupusas for $15 BZD. With an orange Fanta, the Lord reminded me. My eyes had no sooner adjusted to the darkness inside than the true answer revealed itself. Holy, cripes! That’s a Dunkin’ Donuts dozen box! “Salvadorean donuts,” said one woman proudly with a big smile.

The Central American yogurt oracle has some bad news, Charger fans
I have to walk into my local supermarket in San Pedro, Belize, to find the answer to a question that is tearing up my friends back in San Diego: Will the Chargers be moving to Los Angeles? And there it was, the answer. Right in the dairy section. Yogurt containers were screaming it out to me:”L.A.! L.A.!” — or, more like “LALA” — but you can see where this is headed. Yogurt never lies. The dairy section also confirmed the long-standing rumor that the Oakland Raiders will also moving back to Los Angeles and that the Raiders and Chargers will indeed be sharing a shelf . . . erm . . . a stadium. Further, the expiration date on these containers is Feb. 16, 2016. I can only say, watch for a significant announcement on that day from the NFL. Why is there a San Francisco 49ers yogurt container lurking on the edge of this oracle? I can only surmise that it is San Francisco’s compulsive need to be at the center of every discussion in California, whether its presence is relevant or not.

International Sourcesizz

Region warned to be on alert for zika virus
An alert has been issued by the Pan American Health Organisation for the Caribbean region as a result of cases of the mosquito-borne zika virus that have occurred. The zika virus is transmitted by the same Aedes aegypti mosquito that is also the insect vector for dengue and chikungunya and the symptoms are also very similar. It is also suspected to carry the risk of microcephaly, which causes smaller than expected head sizes to occur in infants of affected mothers. British Virgin Islands medical officer of health, Dr Ronald Georges, said, “The zika virus is now present in the OECS, Martinique and Puerto Rico and considering the volume of travel between the BVI and these islands, there is a need for increased surveillance and heightened awareness of this virus and its impact on human health.” Acute symptoms can last from four to seven days and includes fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, eyeball pain, weakness, red rash consisting of small bumps, swelling in the lower limbs, anorexia, vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal pain and conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is mainly an inflammation of the outermost layer of the eye and inner surface of the eyelids with no pus production.

Following tragedy in Belize, a look back at the career of Quebec filmmaker Matthiew Klinck
On Monday, police found the body of Canadian filmmaker Matthiew Klinck, 37, near his home in Selena Village, Belize. According to the San Pedro Sun, Klinck was stabbed to death during an apparent burglary. As officials begin to investigate the killing, and Canadian consular officials provide assistance to Klinck’s family, a picture has emerged of a talented filmmaker whose career was just about to enter an exciting new stage. Klinck was from the former city of Aylmer, Que. (the city became a sector of the city of Gatineau in 2002). Along with fellow Aylmer natives Thomas Michael and Paolo Mancini, Klinck created the half-hour sketch comedy series Y B Normal?, which aired on the local Rogers Cable channel before being sold to the Comedy Network in 1998, where it lasted two seasons.

Canadian filmmaker reported killed in robbery at Belize home
A 37-year-old Canadian has reportedly been killed in an apparent burglary at his home in Selena Village in Belize. The online edition of the San Pedro Sun says Matthiew Klinck — a producer and filmmaker from Quebec — was found stabbed to death near his home on Monday. The report quoted police reports as saying Klinck’s home had been ransacked and valuables were missing. The San Pedro Sun says police have contacted the Canadian consulate in Belize to inform Klinck’s family. A spokesman for Global Affairs says Canadian consular officials in Belize are in contact with local authorities and are providing consular assistance to the family. The report says Klinck had been living in Belize for about five years and was the producer of San Pedro’s first Spanish soap-opera “La Isla Bonita Telenovela.”

Québécois sauvagement poignardé au Belize: une culture de bain de sang
Le meurtre sanglant du réalisateur québécois Matthiew Klinck au Belize est le résultat d’une «culture de bain de sang» qui règne dans ce pays d’Amérique centrale depuis plusieurs années, selon ses amis locaux. «Je souhaite tellement que les responsables soient traînés en justice, mais tristement, tellement de crimes demeurent non résolus au Belize à cause du manque de formation et de ressources», a indiqué sur Facebook Lilia Leslie, une jeune femme originaire du pays. Selon une étude faite en 2014 par les Nations unies et l’Organisation mondiale de la santé, le Belize se hisse tristement au 4e rang des pays les plus meurtriers au monde. Sur 100 000 personnes, 44,7 d’entre elles ont été victimes d’un meurtre en 2014. «Tellement de meurtres et de braquages à domicile ne sont pas résolus, a écrit Richard Young, lui aussi originaire du Belize. Trop de personnes traversent la frontière pour commettre ces crimes et retournent se cacher ensuite.»

Marine protected areas are helping the Mesoamerican Reef recover
An assessment of ecosystem health in the Mesoamerican Reef found that marine protected areas (MPAs) are aiding greatly in its recovery as coral cover slowly expanding. Coral cover in the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR), which extends across 1,000 kilometers (over 620 miles) of the coasts of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras and supports the local economies relied on by nearly two million people, is up 10 to 16 percent since 2006, a new report by the Healthy Reef Initiative says. Coral reefs are some of Earth’s most diverse ecosystems, and the Mesoamerican Reef is the largest in the Western hemisphere — but overfishing, both for commercial and subsistence purposes, as well as increased tourism and economic development have put such great pressures on the reef that experts once predicted it might disappear within the next couple decades.


  • US and Belize students discuss their collaboration across international borders, 1min. Katy Nahodyl of Georgia State University and Robert Hernandez of University of Belize offer their thoughts on international community geography and GIS

  • Diving in Cozumel & Belize, 7.5min.

  • Guest Video: Belize Family Vacation, 2min. Guest video from Wildland Adventures' Jungle Tree House and Reef Adventure in Belize.

  • Dolphins en route to Rio Dulce, 1/2min. Dolphins playing in the wake of s/v Zora, Mariner 39 center cockpit sloop. Neil, Stacey and Olivia Collins.

  • Belize 2015, 3.5min. Christmas in Belize 2015.

  • Flying over Belize beautiful ocean, 3min.

  • A Comprehensive Look at the Rice Wars of Belize, 6min.

  • Unite Campaign to End Violence Against Women, min. Last month U.S. Embassy Belize joined the Unite Campaign to End Violence Against Women by highlighting important topics surrounding this issue for 16 Days. Check out the culmination of our efforts in this video highlighting the entire campaign:

  • Central America 2015, 15min. Started this trip on Oct. 15th. Places I've been to: Costa Rica : San José, La Fortuna, Monteverde, Tamarindo. Nicaragua : San Juan Del Sur, Isla de Ometepe, Granada, El Tansito, León, Somoto, Esteli. El Salvador : El Cuco, El Tunco. Guatemala : Antigua, Panajachel, Chichicastenango, Lanquín, Flores Belize : Caye Caulker. Mexico : Bacalar, Playa Del Carmen. Ended this trip on Dec. 17th

  • NYFA (documentary proj.3) Belize, 4.5min. New York Film Academy 12 week digital editing course. Project #3 - documentary.

  • Grace and You Cooking show with Open Your Eyes - Grace Kennedy Belize, 18min. "Grace and You Cooking" show with Open Your Eyes - Grace Kennedy Belize. September 11th, 2015.

  • Tasha's Presentation on her 2015 Mission Trip to Belize, 27min.




  • Belize 2015 Billy Hawk Caye from Hopkins, 3min.

  • Du Belize au Perou, 9min.

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