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The San Pedro Sun

True Blood star vacation in La Isla Bonita
2016 is definitely the year for celebrity vacationers to come to Belize, as yet another actor choose the Jewel as their vacation destination. Alexander Skarsgård, best known for his role in HBO series ‘True Blood’s vampire hottie, Eric Northman was spotted enjoying the first days of 2016 in Belize. The 39-year-old Swedish actor also had roles in movies such as Zoolander, 13, Battleship, The Giver, Hidden, The Diary of a Teenage Girl and War on Everyone, among others. His most recent performance is as the lead in the upcoming film ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ which is scheduled to premiere in July 2016. While in La Isla Bonita, Skarsgård enjoyed the best the island has to offer up at Mata Chica Resort on Northern Ambergris Caye. Skarsgård is an avid diver, and as such, came to Ambergris Caye to dive Belize’s top sites including the Great Blue Hole. The celeb driver enjoyed a great dive trip with Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop on Wednesday, January 6th.

Belizean Sailors perform with pride at ISAF Youth World Championship Regatta
The 2015 International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Youth World Championship Regatta took place in Langkawi, Malaysia from December 27th to January 3, 2016. 76 countries sent 443 sailors and 126 coaches to the event, which even saw the participation of a delegation from Belize. Sailboat manufacturers supplied race-ready boats in nine different classes, for a total of 311 vessels. Representing Belize at the regatta were 15-year-old Antonio Ricardez from Belize City who participated among sailors from 67 other countries in the Laser Radial male’s field, and 15-year-old Blanca Velasquez of San Pedro Town, who participated among sailors from 54 other countries in the Laser Radial female’s field. Events leading up to the big race commenced from Monday, December 28th, with the official registration, boat assignment and preparation of all sailors. A practice race was then scheduled for Tuesday, December 29th for the sailors to test the Malaysian waters.

Letter to the Editor: Bicycle riders disappointed with traffic conditions
Letters-to-the-EditorDear Editor, We are passionate bicycle riders and were dearly disappointed with the traffic conditions on this island. We thought bicycling was way too dangerous. We would have expected dedicated bike lanes which would be beneficial for locals and tourists for their safety. Supporting safe biking would improve the overall low road appeal on the island and reduce your bad and congested traffic situation. It would also make San Pedro more attractive to visit. We thought that traffic behavior by truck and taxi drivers was very dangerous. That also includes way too high dust development and exhaust from fast driven cars. This is not what we anticipated for an ecological and relaxing vacation. We came to recuperate but felt rather stressed. The island seems to be on a very misguided path to responsibly attract tourists.

David Nanes Schnitzer’s bail revoked after weeks on the run
David Nanes Schnitzer remains on the run after being granted bail in Belize’s Supreme Court. He is believed to have defrauded Mexican investors of millions of dollars through the Allen Stanford Ponzi Scheme and now the Director of Public Prosecutions in Belize has managed to have Nanes Schnitzer’s bail revoked. But this may have come too late as neither Belize nor Mexican authorities know anything on the whereabouts of the fugitive. Nane Schnitzer’s bail was revoked by Justice Herbert Lord on Thursday, December 31st. His bail was revoked on the ground that Nanes Schnitzer did not comply with the conditions set by Hamomansingh neither did he appear at the next court hearing which was scheduled for November 23rd. A $10,000 surety was forfeited to the state.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The UBAD Educational Foundation presents a dynamic evening of Belizean voices
With its monthly open mic poetry night fundraiser on Thursday 14 January from 6pm to 9pm at Spoonaz on North Front Street to raise funds for the Library of African and Indian Studies. Come for an exciting evening of the voice in verse! Come to share your writing! Come to the UBAD Educational Foundation open mic poetry night fundraiser for an exciting evening of blazing words! See you there!


Tragedy in Selena
As we go to press tonight, Belize police are still trying to piece together what transpired in the vicious stabbing murder of the famous Canadian filmmaker, Matthiew Klinck, 37, who had migrated to Belize in 2011. Two males from the Santa Elena/San Ignacio area have been detained, pending charges. Klinck was a film producer, and through his company, Make-Belize Films, he had produced a number of films and a soap opera. An article appearing in the Globe and Mail this week says that Klinck’s upcoming project was CBS’s new primetime drama, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, due to premiere March 2 in the US. Klinck, who had been living in the remote area of Selena, in the area of Spanish Lookout, Cayo, was found dead and decomposing near his home at about 8:30 Sunday night by friends who could not reach him on his phone. He had been stabbed 14 times in the upper part of his body, mostly his neck. Edwin Paz, the caretaker of the property, who is stationed at its entrance, told police that he last saw Klinck at about 4:00 Saturday evening, when Klinck drove up to the property in his vehicle. Klinck was alone at the time, he said.

Jack Charles fights Customs’ attempt to seize and destroy $70,000 worth of rice
The three containers of Guyanese rice that were brought to Belize by businessman Jitendra Chawla, aka Jack Charles, and which have been sitting at the port in Big Creek for the past three weeks, while Charles makes the legal rounds in the courts to get clearance, were almost wrestled out of his control today, when the Customs Department obtained an ex parte order from the Magistrate’s Court to seize the imported rice, presumably to destroy it—amid public outcry against what many deem to be a wasteful, senseless, almost obscene act. On Monday, Supreme Court Justice Sonya Young denied Charles’ request for judicial review of the refusal by the Belize Agriculture and Health Authority (BAHA) to allow him to unload the rice for sale on the Belizean market. The court ruled that Charles was in violation of the BAHA Act when he brought the rice into the country without first getting the necessary permit. The Customs Department’s legal advisor, attorney Tracy Sosa, made representation before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser this morning, without notifying Charles or his attorney; and by the time Sosa left court, the Customs Department was armed with a court order to seize the rice.

Gus Tabony, Belize businessman, nabbed with US$16,490 in Honduras
August Henry Tabony, popularly known as “Gus,” a well-connected American businessman who operates in several Central American countries, including Belize, is reportedly under investigation in neighboring Honduras after he was allegedly detained there today with a stash of cash at the country’s international airport in the Bay Islands. Multiple news sources in Honduras reported that Tabony, 65, was detained at the Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport, of Roatán, Islas de la Bahía on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 with US dollars in various denominations which together exceed the US$10,000 limit beyond which which travelers are required to file a declaration with the relevant local authorities. At the time of his detention, Tabony was traveling with a Belizean passport, P0291601, the reports said. According to La Prensa, Tabony was detained in the area of the airport where departure flights are inspected and he was taken into custody by police investigators there.

Rita Maehetibel Flowers, Belizean icon, dead at 75
The well-loved Belizean personality, Rita Maehetibel Flowers, died on Tuesday, January 5, at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, four days after she celebrated her 75th birthday. Flowers had been ailing for some time, a family member told Amandala tonight. In life, Miss Rita, as she was affectionately known, wore many hats and she will be remembered for her dedication, charisma, vigor and virtuosity as the mistress of the Minorettes Marching Band. In the mid-1970s, Flowers was an active member of the Square Peg Players, but her love for music and the arts did not stop there. She was also involved in choreographing square dance and she was also involved with the D-Revelation Gospel Band. Her working career began in 1963 when she was first hired at the National Library Service, and for many years, as a library assistant, she was the face of the Children’s Library on North Front Street in Belize City, where she presided over all children who frequented the library, instituting her own brand of discipline in her silent zone.

CARICOM Secretary-General on rice importation dispute
CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, arrived in Belize this Tuesday, January 5, to meet with Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who assumed the rotating chairmanship of CARICOM on January 1, and to discuss with him plans for the CARICOM Heads of Government meeting due to be held in Placencia, Stann Creek, on February 16 and 17. Upon his arrival, LaRocque found that there had been a legal dispute between the Customs Department and Jitendra Chawla, a Belizean importer whose three containers of Guyanese rice valued at roughly BZ$70,000, had been blocked at the port of entry, on the claim that he had not obtained the requisite importer’s permit. Speaking with journalists today outside the headquarters of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), where LaRocque had paid a courtesy call on the regional organization, the CARICOM Secretary-General was very cautious about passing judgment on the situation. He was adamant, though, that sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) issues, which govern the safety and health standards of food imports “cannot and ought not to be used as a protective mechanism and [permits] ought not to be withheld based on protecting a particular sector…”

Amandala’s Year in Review, 2015
There were many important stories that captured the headlines in 2015, but the year’s biggest story is the one that had the greatest national importance and the one which also incidentally captured the most headlines in 2015: the controversy between Belize and Guatemala over the construction of a law enforcement base at the Sarstoon. That story began to unfold in June, 2015, when Guatemala naval officers ordered a senior Coast Guard and his crew off Sarstoon Island while the Belizean team was doing reconnaissance in the area for the construction of a forward operating base. That trip was cut short, on orders from Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who is also the head honcho for the National Security Council. In the weeks leading up to the nation’s 34th Independence Day celebrations, the Belize Territorial Volunteers led an expedition to the island, and similarly met resistance from the Guatemalans, who challenged Belize’s longstanding jurisdiction over the island. On Independence Day, September 21, Barrow announced that the base would be built.

CSSSA football tournament kicks off at MCC
This afternoon at 4:00 p.m. at the MCC Grounds, the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) kicked off its 2016 football tournament with one game only, a male match-up between Gwen Lizarraga High and Wesley College. Due to the lack of lights at the MCC, only one game can be played after school in the evenings. There are 4 female teams and 7 male teams registered in this year’s tournament, and both females and males are playing a single round-robin regular season, after which the 4-team playoffs will be held according to teams seeding. Female (F) school teams are: Gwen Lizarraga High School (GLH), Ladyville Technical High School (LTH), St. Catherine Academy (SCA), and Wesley College (WES).

Mike’s 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan – Special Effects champs!!!
The Mike’s 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan concluded with a bang, as Special Effects showed they are special and effective, as they defeated Las Flores team; but it was not as easy as 1,2,3, with the championship game going into a tie-breaker in the best-of-two matches. Here’s more. Match #1: Special Effects won Las Flores, 2-1. For Special Effects, it was Wayne Wiltshire over Ernest Borland, 4-1; then Erwin Woodye, Jr. won Oscar Avelar, 4-2. Las Flores got their only win in the first match, as Salvador Orellana edged David Fernandez, 4-3. The MVP award was won by Wayne “Mangis” Wiltshire of Special Effects. He received a unique and special trophy donated by Pelayo’s and Associate, owned by Mr. Arturo “Bruce” Pelayo, to whom we say thanks. Much and big thanks to Mike’s Cue Club for donating $2,000.00 cash, Bowen and Bowen for 5 cases of Belikin beer, Hon. John Saldivar for individual trophies, the umpires – Mr. Dean Flowers, Mr. Danilo Rivera, Mr. Jose Alvarenga, Mr. Moises Aguirre and Mr. Victor Orellana. Thanks also to Amandala for always publishing our results, and to Love FM sports update.

Burger or Leechi?
It was a tough choice for the Premier League of Belize (PLB) awards committee members on Sunday evening, December 27, at the FFB Stadium, after Police United clinched the 2015-2016 PLB Opening Season championship with a nil-nil draw against defending champions, Verdes FC. (Police had taken game 1 by a 1-nil score the previous week at the Norman Broaster Stadium.) Would it be Leechi or Burger who would be chosen as the Playoff MVP? All regular season awards had been decided a few days before, most from votes cast by the six coaches of teams in the PLB Opening Season 2015-2016 tournament, while some were decided by game statistics, like goals allowed (Golden Glove), goals scored (Golden Booth), and least cards received (Fair Play). But the Playoff MVP was to be decided right after the championship game; and, in keeping with tradition, it would have to be from the championship team.

Rice and r_ss
The world has changed since the end of World War II in 1945. There have been native leaders in the non-European areas who managed to achieve some socio-economic progress for their peoples. These included Mahatma Gandhi in India, Mao Tse-tung in China, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Nelson Mandela in South Africa, Julius Nyerere in Tanzania, Robert Mugabe in Rhodesia, and so on. On the other hand, there have been many dictatorial leaders who have betrayed their native peoples and accumulated obscene wealth for themselves in Western banks. These included Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, the Shah (Pahlavi) in Iran, Mobutu Sese-Seko in Zaire, Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Anastacio Somoza in Nicaragua, Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier in Haiti, and so on. Still, by and large the financial wealth and military power configurations of planet earth have remained basically the same. Europe, the United States, Canada, and what we call the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations still control planet earth, although challenged by Russia and China in different instances.

From the Publisher
On New Year’s Day 1969, there would have been, at most, 30 or 35 native university graduates in British Honduras. At least five of these graduates participated in an unprecedented demonstration that New Year’s night in front of the Eden Theater on North Front Street. The graduates were demonstrating against the Vietnam War, which had reached Belize by way of a John Wayne propaganda film extolling the American war effort in Southeast Asia. The university graduates I remember from that New Year’s night would have been Assad Shoman, an attorney who led the internationalization of Belize’s independence campaign in the 1970s and later became a doctoral scholar; Said Musa, an attorney who served as Belize’s Prime Minister for two terms, between 1998 and 2008; yours truly; Derek Courtenay, one of Belize’s highest ranking attorneys; and Lionel Del Valle, an economist who was trained at the University of the West Indies (UWI). Shoman, Musa, and Courtenay had been trained in the United Kingdom, and myself in the United States.

Two young burn victims find hope in tragedy
In the April 12, 2015 edition of Amandala, we told you of the April 3, 2015 tragedy suffered by Katerin Michel Perez, 9 at the time, who was severely burnt after the flammable gasoline used to kill lice in her hair was set ablaze when she passed in front of a lit stove in her family’s kitchen. Perez, who had received burns to 53% of her body and injuries to her arm, hand and face, was rushed to the San Pedro Polyclinic and then transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for urgent treatment. On April 5, Perez was flown out to Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, for specialist care. She also received several reconstructive surgeries, and today, we are happy to report that her prognosis is much better. On October 17, Perez returned to Belize; however, she will be making frequent visits to Shriners Hospital for Children for medical check-ups until she is 21 years old, Yvette Burkes of the Burn Victims Unit Belize told Amandala.

2016 newborns receive special packages
The New Year brought special blessings to the mothers and babies who were the first to be born in 2016. It is customary that Santiago Castillo Limited (San Cas) gives a gift package to the mother of the first new born for the year, and this year, they continued with that tradition. Aisha Trapp-Rudon, San Cas brand manager, told Amandala that for the second year in a row they have extended their generosity to the districts and all newborns from each district get the same package, which includes items such as Huggies wipes and diapers, Seven Seas multivitamins for mother and baby, Kotex pads and ginger tea. The first newborn in Belize for 2016 was Nathan David Casanova, born at 1:23 a.m. with 6 pounds and 4 ounces to Jonathan and Carla Casanova. He was born at a private hospital, Correa Clinin, in Orange Walk Town.

Rural Eastern Division also employing community approach to combat crime
It has long been said that the police need the participation of the community to tackle the crime problem, and this community-based approach, which has apparently helped to drastically reduce the murder rate in Belize City, is also being employed in other parts of the district, namely the suburban environs of Ladyville, which had in the past seen a spill-over of crimes into that jurisdiction. Senior Superintendent of Police, Edward Broaster, who was appointed to serve as the commanding officer of the Police Department’s Rural Eastern Division on July 1, 2015, told Amandala that 12 murders were committed in the area in 2015; however, he and his officers aim to decrease that figure in 2016. The Rural Eastern Division encompasses the area outside of Belize City and beyond Haulover Bridge and Burton Canal, covering 22,000 square miles and 32 villages. It borders Orange Walk at Mile 38 and the Cayo District at approximately Mile 31. It is one of three units within the Eastern Division. The other two are North Eastern Division and South Eastern Division.

Belizean inventor, Andre Gray, launches new invention for 2016
Noted Belizean inventor Andre Gray—the man who is credited for the invention of mobile ringtones and ring-backs as well as the iBelizean social media site—is “turning the tables again” with the introduction of three world-class vinyl record formats: Microgrooves HD, Microgrooves Digital and Microgrooves Green T vinyl record formats nomenclature, launched exactly at 12:00 a.m. on Friday, January 1, 2016, eastern standard time, said a press release issued by his publicist this week. Casual vinyl fans, serious record collectors or the elitist audiophiles would enjoy the invention, the release, published by American Banking and Marketing News out of New York, added. “These three formats join Microgrooves Electronic, or Microgrooves-E, the world’s very first mobile phone music player that was invented by Andre Gray and introduced to the public on July 16, 1998 at the Jupiter Communications Plug In, Digital Music conference in New York City,” it said.

Dennis Morrison, former Belize Court of Appeal judge, sworn in as president of Jamaica Court of Appeal
Justice Cecil Dennis Morrison, who served on the Belize Court of Appeal for roughly 11 years, from 2004 to 2015, was this week Monday, January 4, formally sworn in at the King’s House in Jamaica, to head the Court of Appeal in his native country. Information published by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) announced that Morrison had been sworn in by Jamaica’s Governor-General, His Excellency, the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, who simultaneously presented Morrison with the fifth highest national honor, the Order of Jamaica. “Although Justice, you would have seen, studied and admired the work of your predecessors, you are standing alone in the limelight now, starting January 4, 2016… to make your mark on that dash, and that will be largely defined by your qualities, character and scholarship,” Allen told Morrison. “The wonderful thing about that is that you have a supporting team of very sharp judges who are not just ‘reflectors of others thoughts’ but are original, passionate thinkers who will make your journey a rich and rewarding one,” he added.

Family fears the worst for missing Caledonia man, Luis Alcoser, 32
Luis Alcoser, 32, of Caledonia Village, Corozal, who left home at about 6:00 Tuesday morning in his KIA Sportage, reportedly to buy goods for the shop he operates out of his home, has still not returned, his family has told police. Alcoser’s loved ones now fear for the worst, after his vehicle was found on Wednesday morning, abandoned on the road to the village and riddled with bullets. At around 6:00 yesterday morning, a man known to the family visited the home and alerted them that Alcoser’s vehicle had been spotted riddled with bullets and abandoned, relatives said. Alcoser’s father immediately went to see what was happening, and saw the vehicle in the bushes, about 10 feet off the road, at the junction of the roads leading to Buena Vista and Caledonia Village. In the abandoned vehicle, he found his son’s driver license.

Joy Grant replaces Eric Eusey as FIU director
Amandala has been reliably informed that former Minister of Energy, Science and Technology, and Public Utilities, Joy Grant, is the new director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, replacing former director, Eric Eusey, who assumed the post in January 2014. Grant, the fifth person and third woman to have been assigned to that post, was unavailable when we called her office today. Apart from having served as Senator and Minister under the Barrow administration beginning in 2012, Grant was also appointed to serve as chair of the National Bank of Belize. In November 2008, she was appointed as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belize in Brussels, Belgium, accredited to the European Communities.

Mechanic, 37, remanded for unlawful sexual intercourse with minor, 15
A Belize City mechanic and resident of Evergreen Street in the Lake Independence area was remanded to prison this morning after he appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court, where he was arraigned on four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with an underage girl, 15. Enfield Davis, 37, could not enter a plea when Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser read the four charges of unlawful sexual intercourse to him, because the offence is indictable and will be heard in the Supreme Court. In addition to the four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with which he was charged, Davis was also charged with grievous harm upon the minor. Police are alleging that in the first count, Davis had sex with the minor between July 22 and July 31, 2015. The second incident allegedly occurred between September 1 and September 30, 2015, when Davis again had sex with the minor.

Diesel down by 42 cents on the gallon
As of midnight on Monday, January 4, 2015, the controlled price for a gallon of diesel was down by 42 cents, with Belize City prices falling from $7.00 a gallon to $6.58. Prices will vary by municipality, because of varied distribution costs, with the cost for diesel being the highest in Toledo, where it fell from $7.25 to $6.83. According to a release from the Ministry of Finance, the price fall on diesel was due a reduction in the cost of importing fuel into Belize. Diesel prices held around $7 to $8 in 2015 but further price falls are expected, due to the continuing dip in world market crude prices.

What will it take?
The Belize City high school (CSSSA) football tournament kicked off this evening at the MCC Grounds, where, since the weekend of October 4, 2015, there has been a three-feet deep, and a foot and a half wide trench around the field, just about three to five feet from the sidelines. In a city where gang turf tension is a stark reality, the well fenced MCC remains the most secure venue for young men from all parts of the city to congregate for supervised sports competition. The Premier League of Belize team, Belize Defence Force FC decided to cancel its home games at the MCC after the trench was dug one Friday evening, so city fans got to see no more PLB games at the MCC since October of last year. But amateur football continues to be played at the MCC, with the Smart 13 & Under, CYDP Peace Cup, the BDFA Interim U-15, and now the high schools have started their CSSSA football tournament. There have been a few incidents where players have fallen into the trench; but, as far as reports received, there has not been any serious injury.

CARICOM Secretary-General on rice importation dispute
CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, arrived in Belize this Tuesday, January 5, to meet with Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who assumed the rotating chairmanship of CARICOM on January 1, and to discuss with him plans for the CARICOM Heads of Government meeting due to be held in Placencia, Stann Creek, on February 16 and 17. Upon his arrival, LaRocque found that there had been a legal dispute between the Customs Department and Jitendra Chawla, a Belizean importer whose three containers of Guyanese rice valued at roughly BZ$70,000, had been blocked at the port of entry, on the claim that he had not obtained the requisite importer’s permit. Speaking with journalists today outside the headquarters of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), where LaRocque had paid a courtesy call on the regional organization, the CARICOM Secretary-General was very cautious about passing judgment on the situation.

The Reporter

Two teens charged with murder of Canadian film maker
A 16 year-old high school student and another, aged 19, were remanded to the Hattieville Prison on Friday, for the murder of Canadian film maker, Mathiew Klink. Officer Commanding the San Ignacio police formation, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez confirmed that the two teenagers appeared before Magistrate […]

Ministry of Agriculture regrets loss of production to small farmers
The Ministry of Agriculture released a statement on Saturday, stating that they regret the loss of production, especially to small farmers. Following the wastage of carrot production in the north of Belize surfacing last week, the Ministry explains the cause of the wastage as an […]

Stabbing on Antelope Street Extension leaves man critical
A man is critically wounded after he was stabbed on Antelope Street Extension on Saturday night. Sketchy information is that the man, yet unidentified, was attacked ay around 8:30 p.m. and left at the scene for several minutes before he was taken to the Karl […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Lucky Strike “snakeman” gives up on poisonous pets
Lucky Strike’s Gilbert Usher says he is giving up handling poisonous snakes for a living. That is to be expected, after he landed in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for the fourth time in several years this week to be treated for bites from […]

As National Party Council meets, People’s United Party supporters warned over infighting
The People’s United Party’s (PUP) National Party Council met today in Belize City to ratify the decisions of the National Executive made in December, following the nomination of candidates to contest open posts on the Executive at a special convention slated for January 31 […]

Feinstein: I’ll stop Stake Bank without Gov’t support
According to developer Michael Feinstein, if the Government of Belize cannot assure him of its exclusive support for his hundred-million dollar investment in the Stake Bank cruise port project, then it will remain on indefinite hold. Feinstein won a case last year against his […]

Why no Senator for trade unions, civil society?
The Senate has met twice since the new government took office last November, but there is still no senator representing the trade unions and civil society. The grouping has been unable to name its senator because they have been unable to put in motion […]

Former Minister now leads Financial Intelligence Unit
Joy Grant most recently served as a Senator and Minister of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities between 2012 and 2015. But we understand that she has accepted the post of Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), succeeding Eric Eusey, who assumed the […]

Student, Belmopan man reported missing
Police are investigating the disappearance of two persons from the Cayo District. 33-year-old Sonia Reyes of Valley of Peace Village reported that on Wednesday about 6:20a.m., her 15-year-old daughter Seily Jozeline Aguilar, a third form student of Belmopan Comprehensive School, left home for school […]

Police recover firearm from suspects in vehicle
On Friday personnel from the Police Quick Response Team were conducting a vehicle check point in Ontario Village, when a maroon Toyota Rav4 SUV with Belmopan license plates ran the checkpoint with three occupants. Police pursued the vehicle and it came to a stop […]

Taxi driver murdered in Belmopan
Police are investigating a reported murder in Belmopan. On Friday night at about 11:15, police visited George Price Boulevard and found 28-year-old Isidro Suar, taxi driver of Peru Street, Salvapan area, Belmopan lying on the side of the street, fatally shot multiple times. Suar […]

Moist weather expected as cold front settles in
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies with little or no rainfall this afternoon, then partly cloudy skies tonight and tomorrow morning with only isolated showers. Winds will be blowing from the Southeast at 5-15 knots, becoming easterly tonight and […]


Flying to Belize in 2016
Traveling from the United States to almost any country has never been easier, and with additions of even more airlines flying to Belize last year, so many more folks are sure to discover this little slice of paradise in 2016.

2015: What a Year to Be in Belize! Part Three
But since it is a Saturday, I won’t tell you about my recent trip just yet…Saturday is one slow day for blog reading. So I’ll continue my recap of 2015 – One Great Year to Be in Belize. Or…in Rhode Island…where I left off. I usually go to the states to visit my nephews once (and if I’m lucky, twice) and May is the perfect time to do it. It almost assures great weather. And then I wrote a post about things that I bring back from the states. Ugh…reminds me that I JUST broke the Bodum three days ago.

Chunky Mexican Pork Stew
Trim off unwanted fat from pork, then cut into generous bite-size pieces. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together flour, seasoned salt and pepper. Add pork chunks to a large mixing bowl. Coat with flour mixture by adding a little flour mixture at a time while moving the pork pieces around. Heat oil in a Dutch oven (or large soup pot). When oil is hot, add pork and cook on medium-high until browned, stirring occasionally. Add chicken broth, stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, salt, cumin and chili powder to pork. Cut onion into 8 wedges and add to stew. Heat stew to boiling, then reduce heat. Cover and simmer on a gentle boil for 1 1/2 hours, or until meat is almost tender.

A legacy of the rainy season on Ambergris Caye yields an avian wonderland
When the rains came, starting in November, they filled the front lawn of our condo complex with water that has never gone away. As with any standing water it quickly became an aquatic microcosm. Algae, larvae, little tiny fish all exploded on the “pond.” Not far behind were the mosquitoes and little frogs that sprang from the various larvae and they were soon followed by the birds. They all feed on each other. The rains have abated and the pond has begun to shrink, though it doesn’t look like it will entirely go away. As you pedal north, the amount of standing water beside the road is really noticeable. Stagnant pools of dark orange-reddish water are everywhere. Over-saturated vegetation is dying and the oxygen starved ponds are eutrophicating.

International Sourcesizz

Underwater hunting safari in Belize
A school of shimmering silver jack had just glided by overhead as I crested the reef, where a trio of tall orange sponges rose toward an outcropping of coral and a pair of purple sea fans framed the opening of a dark nook. My heart raced and my breath quickened, a rush of bubbles streaming upward as I caught sight of my prey. The billowy fins, the showy spikes shooting from its spine, the majestic stripes flowing into the distinctive mane. The lionfish. It hovered carelessly in the pristine, bath-warm waters, this sea creature of local legend. I raised an arm, stretched a small piece of elastic cord, and sent a spear through the back of its head. Success! Death at 60 feet below the surface. I was now more than just a scuba diver. I was a trained killer. Diving, in its common form, is a gentle adventure. I've heard many experienced divers liken it to an underwater hike or safari. Thrills come from spotting a rare fish, marveling at a soaring ray or spying a reef shark as it slips by. One of the main tenets of scuba diving is that you are to look and not touch. Leave the ocean and all its inhabitants as you found them. Visit and admire their world, let them live in it. That is, except for the lionfish.

Friends of Matthiew Klinck gather to remember murdered Gatineau filmmaker
Friends of Matthiew Klinck gathered on the Ottawa River shoreline Saturday to remember the Gatineau filmmaker, six days after he was found stabbed to death outside his home in Central America. "His mother, his dad, and his brother are in Belize — they're having the funeral this afternoon," said Howard Powels, Klinck's friend and neighbour. "And we thought it would be appropriate to do a memorial thing by the river here [today], which he loved." Klinck, 37, was found lying face-up outside his home in the Belizean village of Selena, in the west part of the country, on Jan. 4. "Matthiew was up for anything. That was one of his strong points. He was just up for any adventure — any crazy thing you could think of, he would be up for it." Christiane Charest knew Klinck's mother Louise well, and said she'd spent the past few days trying to find out more about what happened to the son of her friend. She hoped Saturday's ceremony would give her and those who knew Klinck some comfort. "It's important to be here, to be present, to give love and energy and courage," Charest said. "I pray that he's okay, somewhere, in the universe."

Local Teacher Worried About Security for International Flights After Major Mistake During Holidays
A Kennewick substitute teacher retold to us what can only be described as a horror story when she tried to get back to the Tri-Cities after an adventurous trip to Belize during the holidays. What she had to say will make you cringe just for what she had to go through, and will also leave you wondering just how safe and secure our international flights are. It wasn't Krista Williams' 10-day backpacking trip to Belize that was the problem. "Overall an amazing experience, and I also went to Guatemala," Williams said. The problem was the trip home. "My mom wanted me to be home for Christmas," Williams said. Krista's long, strange story started on December 23rd. "I went to check in and I didn't have my debit card with me," Williams told us.


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