We are looking for a 2 bd/1ba apartment/house/condo for a minimum of 24 months preferred. AC & Internet required, fully furnished is fine by us. Pet Friendly please because just have adopt a dog from SAGA.
We just moved here in the near of police station but the house is to big for us and to expensive..we rent it overseas before we checked and the pictures we saw looked small..however..now we have to find very fast a smaller property, please help..we are a friendly german family.
mail@uwejankowiak.de mail@michaelajankowiak.de Budget max is 1000/month.But please with working washing machine and dryer and Internet because for working online.
Location near High school or La Isla bonita or beach from Boca del rio parc down to post office is possible. (Yes, we know a lot is available at a certain Reef locale, but we don like it after the bridge.
If anybody has any good leads it would be deeply appreciated.
Thank you very much!!!

Many thanks!