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The San Pedro Sun

Ambergris Caye Elementary School proudly presents their Ball Gowns & BBQ Charity Gala & Art Auction!
At this, our first Charity Gala & Art Auction, we hope to raise both awareness and much-needed operating and scholarship funds for Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES). Because it is a nonprofit organization, all donations to the school are tax deductible, and all proceeds will directly benefit ACES and its students. We also hope to bring attention to the incredible art of San Pedro, along with the talented local artists and artisans who generously donated pieces to this worthy cause. Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) is a non-denominational community-based private school on Ambergris Caye. Since its establishment in 2009, ACES has enthusiastically embraced the amazing cultural and ethnic diversity that makes up our wonderful island and promotes awareness and respect among our students.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Goldfish Funeral
“Hey, it’s late,” Sherry called. “Time to get up.” “What time is it?” I asked. “It’s almost 8:30.” “Leave me alone for now,” I said. “We’re playing music at Melt Café tonight and I don’t have to be anywhere until then. I’m sleeping in.” “Suit yourself.” Just then my phone rang and Sherry picked it up and said, “Hi, Melody. No; he’s asleep.” “I’ll take it,” I said. “What’s up sweetheart?” “Davin’s goldfish died and he wants you to come to the funeral.” “What time do I have to be there?” “Any time this morning.” When I got to his house Davin told me, “Goldy’s dead, Grandpa,” Sure enough, the little outside goldfish pond was empty. Davin was digging a hole next to it with a beach shovel.

Letter to the Editor: Unacceptable Traffic Conditions
Dear Editor, We are past time fan of the island, repeat vacation guests and online reader. Two ladies who have recently defended the island’s unacceptable traffic situation (“Tourists should accept a smile instead”) and also by pointing out that, on the positive side, road conditions have improved. Tourists should therefore be very happy. Yes, roads might have improved but also: “Please, my dear ladies, don’t be naive”. Roads on Ambergris Caye had improved in order to better accommodate local transportation, mainly to accommodate excessive heavy sand trucking. These heavy trucks are also the foremost reason that these roads (sand, cobble stone and concrete) are damaged in the first place. Tourists and their golf carts do not damage roads, neither do bicycles. Even light vehicles will do just little damages to roads. All studies show that one single heavy truck will do road damage equally to 10,000 light vehicles/cars. The damage caused by heavy trucks is exponentially greater.

Doctor Love: Second Chance
Dear Doctor Love, Four years ago I met the man of my dreams. Three years ago we got married. A year ago something in him changed and he became a different man. He started drinking heavily and then he became verbally abusive, then physically abusive and at one point I had to go to the doctor. At this time I split up with, him. He begged and pleaded with me to give him one more chance to prove that he is not that kind of man. According to him he has some serious problems that are causing him to drink and change his behavior. I asked him to tell me about the problems so we could solve them together but he refused, saying he could handle it. Three months ago he began drinking again and a few weeks ago he hit me. I filed a restraining order on him and had him removed from my house. Now he is begging and pleading again.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

South Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch January Meeting:
See you there!

On January 6th at about 6:20a.m., 15-year-old Seily Jozeline AGUILAR, left from her home in her Belmopan Comprehensive High School uniform and has not returned home. Seily is about 5ft in height, slim built, weighs about 110lbs, long brown hair and has dimples. Police are investigating.

Help replace their stolen boat!
Hi, my name is Joanna and I have started this campaign on behalf of Art and Kat, who are two of the kindest and hardest working people out there. They have recently had their boat stolen. A boat that was imperative for the survival of their Snorkel business. It was a sad day for everyone in our community when this happened, however, even sadder for Art who struggled for 16 years to get this boat, which also had great personal significance to him. Without this boat their business and the jobs of their workers will be hugely affected. Belize unfortunately does not have a reliable or affordable theft insurance policy so they need YOU to help them get back on their feet. A small donation could make a big difference in their lives and in the lives of their staff.

UBAD Educational Foundation open mic poetry night fundraiser
The UBAD Educational Foundation presents a dynamic evening of Belizean voices with its monthly open mic poetry night fundraiser on Thursday 14 January from 6pm to 9pm at Spoonaz on North Front Street to raise funds for the Library of African and Indian Studies. Come for an exciting evening of the voice in verse! Come to share your writing! Come to the UBAD Educational Foundation open mic poetry night fundraiser for an exciting evening of blazing words! See you there!

New Year's Eve 2015
Happy New Year one last time! The NYE celebrations downtown at the Cayo Welcome Center were phenomenal once again. Fire spinning and fireworks are a great way to welcome in a new year. Have a wonderful 2016. "The Cayo Welcome Center was the place to be on NYE! Miss Deb's food truck was there, and Bamboo Bar was jamming with some great live music. There was some amazing fire spinning between the 2."

The Reporter

Teenager detained for setting three fires in PG
A teenager who burnt part of a restaurant and set two cars on fire in Punta Gorda has been arrested by Punta Gorda police pending charges. The young man, believed to be from Hopeville village, Toledo, set fire to ‘Gomiers’ Restaurant in Punta Gorda and […]

New CARICOM Chair, PM Dean Barrow shares plan
Prime Minister Dean Barrow took over the chairmanship of CARICOM this week, emphasizing on the major issues facing the Caribbean in the year to come. Barrow expressed optimistism over the prospects the Caribbean has, amidst the economic crisis most Caribbean countries face. He stated the […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

One gunned down in Hattieville
Belize Media Group has received confirmed information that one person has been gunned down in Hattieville a short while ago. Hattieville police are currently at the scene. This is a developing story. More will be posted as the information is made available. […]

Cold front approaching
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is forecasting a cold front that will support an increase of moisture across the country later today. The 24 hour forecast is for skies becoming increasingly cloudy this evening and later tonight with a few showers mainly inland […]

Decomposed body found in Punta Gorda well
The lifeless and badly decomposed body of an unidentified male person was found early this morning, face down in a water well in the New Site area of Punta Gorda (PG) town, near a house occupied by Allen Nunez who made the discovery. Nunez […]

Punta Gorda arsonist goes on fiery rampage
A string of arsons in Punta Gorda (PG) town early this morning has left one restaurant owner picking up the pieces after suffering thousands of dollars in losses and several other residents in distress, supposedly caused by one male person on a devious mission. […]

Belmopan police seek two missing persons
Two missing persons have been reported near Belmopan City since Wednesday, January 6th, when the first incident was reported by 33-year-old Sonia Reyes who resides in the Valley of Peace village and told police that her 15-year-old daughter, Seily Jozeline Aguilar left home on […]

Taxi driver murdered in Belmopan
The lifeless body of 28-year-old Belmopan City taxi driver, Isidro Suar, was found with gunshot wounds to the head, right side and back at around 11:00 on Friday night in the Piccini area of that municipality. Police arrived on the scene around 11:15 p.m. […]


Gorgeous Villa Margarita in Hopkins, Belize and Beyond….
Hopkins, Belize time. I had spent two nights at amazing Sleeping Giant Jungle Lodge – enjoying the view, the staff, the food and the amazing suite. But like many who stay in the jungle, I was doing a two-part trip to Belize. Half jungle and half beach. I was headed south, next, to unique and beautiful Hopkins, Belize. The resort (also a part of Viva Belize with Sleeping Giant) sent a van and 1 hour and a bit over the Maya Mountains, down into the valleys filled with citrus and over the bird filled savannah (spotted Jabiru storks!), we pulled into Hopkins Village. I have MANY pictures – and will show you those tomorrow.

Mexican Tripe Soup - Menudo Soup
Wash the calves’ feet well and place in a large pot or cast iron Dutch oven. Cover with water and cook over medium-low heat for 1 hour. Wash tripe thoroughly and cut into 1 to 2-inch square pieces. Add these to the calves feet after the hour has passed; add onions and garlic. Place the oregano and coriander seeds in a cheesecloth bag and tie loosely; add the bag to the pot. Add the red chile powder. Simmer the mixture over a low to medium heat for approximately 6 to 7 hours, or until the tripe is tender. Add the hominy and cook for another hour; remove from heat. Ladle hot menudo into bowls. Garnish with diced onion, cilantro, lemon wedges, and/or green onions as garnish.

Don a gown, dance disco, devour BBQ — there’s a San Pedro fundraiser soon to suit you
The fund raiser is a way of life when you live on a tropical island that is marked by severe poverty and great wealth, and a government that has limited ability to help its own people. Here on Ambergris Caye it is a common sight to see locals in the street with money buckets, collecting coins and dollars for fire victims, cancer victims, accident victims. Last year a tour guide whose boat was torn up on the reef as he attempted to rescue some tourists was the beneficiary of a fund raiser to get him back on his feet. It is the island form of insurance, which otherwise does not exist or is out of the reach of ordinary residents. There are monthly fund raisers for our version of the Saga, our version of the Humane Society, as well as fundraisers for the local food bank, athletic teams and individual competitors, AIDS groups, self-improvement groups, and, most certainly, our schools.


  • George Waight police officer da Caye Caulker, 1/2min. Drunk and gaan home fu ih gun, put awn wa hoodie and gaan lay wait me and Kevin by CCRC school caz he seh he wa shoot we! Wat d hell up with dis lee rookie? We need fu get he outa police caz he wa kill somebody soon. I wa mek sure i report dis ya one caz dis d goh too far now!!

  • Yeartography 2015 - “The Year Underwater”, 13min. Every year, for the last 12 years, I take all the photos that I have shot for the year, and lay them into a video timeline. One picture = one frame of video = 24 pictures per second. The result is seeing my entire year in a relatively short time. This year I shot over 20,000 photos. Yes I take too many photos, I know, it's a problem. The good thing is as my brain dissolves from old age, I'll be able to use these Yeartography videos to look back and quickly remember the years. This year I've been on a quest to fix my bad ears. Most of my life I've avoided the ocean because of my ears, but recently discovered warm salt water seems to be one of the things that actually helps open up my inner ear and station tubes. I bought an underwater camera that as you will quickly see I have become obsessed with documenting my new quest.

  • Garifuna Settlement Day Parade 2015 (Dangriga, Belize), 7min. Hope you enjoy this video of the Garifuna Settlement Day Parade filmed in Dangriga, Belize 2015!

  • Belize Diving, 3min.

  • Belize Slideshow w/ Turneffe Island Resort (mostly UW) Nov 2015, 4min. This is a summary of most of the UW pics and video clips from a Nov 2015 dive trip. You will see a lot of the Best Diving in Belize w/ Turneffe Island Resort including The Great Blue Hole, The Elbow, Half Moon Caye, Long Caye Wall and Fabians Roost. Also included are some snorkeling and feeding of the local crocodiles. Enjoy & Happy Diving

  • Belize Trip, 16min.

  • A tour of Belize City 1, 3min. A quick tour of Belize City in late 2015.

  • Belize Aggressor March 2015, 15min. Our week aboard the Aggressor Belize.

  • Panoramic from 300 foot Mayan pyramid in Belize, 1/2min.

  • San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize 4K Drone Footage 2016 - Awesome, 6min. 2016 - See San Pedro Town, Belize in true 4k video. This low elevation drone footage will show you views of San Pedro that only the birds have enjoyed. Admire the beautiful, blue, Caribbean waters as you fly over white sandy beaches and into the streets of downtown.

  • Belize Vacation January 2016 GoPro, 13min. We stayed at Coco Plum Island Resort December/January 2015/2016.