An Anthropological discovery of the past

Voices of the Maya: an anthropological discovery’ is a short film set in Belize, Central America. It focuses on the small community of Aguacate , their opinions about their Maya heritage and the archaeological sites the ancient Maya left behind.

The film opens in a dark mysterious cave before moving into the tranquil rain-forests of Belize. Louis, the Alicante of Aguacate introduces the main concept of the film, which then goes on to look at daily life in the community. Four people with differing opinions are interviewed throughout and discuss their attitudes towards archaeology and the role of archaeologists. A story is told about an ancient Jade Bell and the Alicante suggests that a 'missing chain' needs to be fixed in order to rekindle the relationship with their ancestors. The film concludes with a young girl showing her enthusiasm about her heritage, symbolising the answer to the ‘missing chain’.