The trash situation on Ambergris Caye is an ongoing battle, extending beyond our streets and into the islandís waterways. One resident in particular reported the repeated dumping of garbage in the lagoon behind the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) plant in the San Juan area to the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). After noticing that nothing was being done, he took it upon himself to clear the waterway, taking out all the garbage that had accumulated. He then notified the SPTC about the garbage, and according to the SPTC, they quickly responded and picked up the reported pile of trash.

In an interview with Deputy Mayor Gary Greif, he explained that sometimes there are delays when it comes to picking up garbage in certain areas of the island, specially heading up north. According to him, the sanitation personnel hired to deal with garbage is mainly for the town; however the areas in the northern part of the island and the waterways have now been added to the system in order to address the issues. ďAt the moment we are dealing with the situation by making our personnel work over time. Usually, this is done on weekends, when our staff cleans the shrubs along the northern part of the island and now we will be having them taking care of anything that washes ashore and gets into our waterways. We are working aggressively on the garbage situation, and if having our personnel working overtime is not enough we will get more manpower. At the moment, we have two groups which normally deal with the trash in town, but we are looking into having a group assigned to deal with the northern part of the island, including the shrubs along the inlets that lead into our waterways so as to make sure that those situations do not repeat again and again,Ē said Greif.

Another initiative that the SPTC plans to do is begin at least four major cleaning campaigns of the waterways during the year. ďThis will give us more control of the situation and be able to find the source of the trash. We donít want to be cleaning, and cleaning and then later there is more trash."

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