Anyone who’s travelled to Chetumal – especially on a long weekend or a holiday knows how long and time consuming the lines can be. But for those willing to pay ten dollars a head – they also know about the so-called “express fee”. That’s 75 pesos, for which you get a stamped paper which you put in your passport, and you simply whiz past all those stuck in the immigration line – by the time they get out, you’re in Chedraui stocking up on groceries. Today at the press luncheon, one journalist asked if that fee is legal:


"Is this legal entry into Mexico because this is a big concern for people who cross regularly, would want to get across the border as quickly as possible, you're being solicited to pay an express fee. Is this considered legal entry into Mexico?"

H.E. Carlos Quesnel Melendez - Mexican Ambassador to Belize

"What you have expressed to me, that’s certainly illegal. And we are totally against these practices. And I beg you in any case that you know something about like this, do send the information to the embassy and I guarantee that we will convey this information to the authorities of the immigration in Mexico city because we are totally against these practices."

Channel 7