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Today's Belize News: January 26, 2016 #511062
01/26/16 05:55 AM
01/26/16 05:55 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Belizean Breezes- Soaps, Scrubs and much more!
“Smelly People Wanted!” is the sign that greets you as you approach Belizean Breezes, the little artisan soap shop with a huge variety of hand poured soaps, body scrubs, and all sorts of good for your skin products! Lynda is amazing, not only is she charming and welcoming, she has genuine love for her chosen home, and proves to be very knowledgeable about her craft and is mindful to only use natural bases in her soap making.Today, in addition to the 150+ original yummy scents, Belizean Breezes now offers new favorites such as soap infused body sponges, cellulite scrubs, and an all new organic line of shampoos, conditioners and shower gels!

Blanca Velasquez shares her experience in Malaysia
From December 27th of 2015 to January 3rd of 2016, the International Sailing Federation Youth World Championship Regatta was held in Langkawi Malaysia. With 443 participants from 76 different countries in attendance, Belize was proudly represented by a two- member delegation that included 15-year-old Blanca Velasquez from San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Blanca had a remarkable performance participating among sailors from 54 other countries in the Laser Radial female’s division. She was happy to share with The San Pedro Sun how this experience has impacted her life. According to Blanca, the Malaysia trip is one of the most wonderful experiences of her life. “Malaysia was a wonderful experience as I start a career in sailing. It’s great that I had the opportunity to attend this event, and now that I am back, I am more knowledgeable and can teach others about the sport,” said an excited Blanca. She is satisfied with her performance in the sporting event and thanked her coach for guiding her as she prepared for the challenge. She said that hard work and dedication certainly paid off.

Letter to the Editor: Re: Blackadore Caye or Cayo Negro
On a recent consultation, part of the EIA for the development of this island never said or clarified that this island has never been a mangrove island. It has been a sand bar, and on one side coconut trees as well as plum trees grow. A small littoral forest is on the eastern side of the island, the middle has temporary watersheds that, when dry, become a salt bank, and the western side or most of the island contains strand vegetation. The San Pedro Tourist Guide Association has no objection to the development on the island, but we are in full objection to the proposed over the water structures. We feel that it will be damaging to the recently declared bajos around the Island. It has been a long 3years of lobbying to convince the authorities that we will benefit more by declaring it a protected area.

San Pedro Art Group hosts annual ‘Women in Need’ art show
On January 16th and 17th, The San Pedro Art Group hosted their annual ‘Women in Need’ art show on the Xanadu Resort’s grounds, with the purpose of benefiting the community. For several years, women who make up a local art group have been coming together to paint every week. A few years ago they came up with the idea of forming a charity called ‘Women in Need’ in San Pedro Town. At the annual art show, all monies collected from the sales of the paintings were marked for distribution among disadvantaged women on the island. The group of very generous and talented women artists this year included Rose Escalante, Judith Sheinbaum, Linda Kirk, Violet Henderson, Susan Lala, and Donna Richmond. Locals and tourists had the opportunity to shop through an array of beautiful water colors, beautiful tropical paintings, greeting cards and much more.Art Show Women in Need Xanadu Local Artists-6

Zika Virus spreading across the Americas
Zika is a virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, and causes fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis, and birth defects. Prior to 2015, Zika virus outbreaks had been identified only in countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands, but in recent months, the virus has spread throughout North and Central America, causing much alarm. While there are still no reported cases in Belize, the Ministry of Health (MOH) are already taking preventative steps for when the first case of Zika arises. Zika virus is transmitted to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, the same species which spread dengue and chikungunya viruses. Similar to the other illnesses spread by the Aedes mosquito, Zika can only be diagnosed through a blood test. No vaccine or medications are available to prevent or treat Zika infections and as such it has become relatively difficult to control the number of infections.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Needs More Consideration for Bicycle Tourists
Dear Editor, We love to bicycle ride while on vacation. This is the reason we only book vacation on low traffic vacation destinations and preferable on island's with predominantly golf carts. We thought that your island's traffic made bicycle riding unpleasant and even dangerous at times. You have too many cars, too much speeding causing too much dust, danger and health concerns. Neither bike riders nor tourists on a golf cart want to inhale dust while driving to town or inhale vehicle exhaust in San Pedro's caravan traffic. From a tourist point of view, the traffic on the island needs containment and speed regulations. International guests will not accept such speeding and high traffic during their vacation. Tourists need to relax and re-charge while vacationing and not fight with traffic. Everyone on the island but especially the hotel industry should have an interest in safe traffic to ensure tourist satisfaction.

World Cancer Day Selfie Campaign and Cancer Walk Announced
World Cancer Day is February 4th! This year's theme is "We Can. I Can. Understand that early detection saves lives”. World Cancer Day is a chance to reflect on what you can do, make a pledge and take action. Whatever you choose to do ‘We can. I can.’ make a difference to the fight against cancer. In an effort to raise awareness for HPV and early detection of cervical cancer, the Belize Family Life Association (BFLA) in partnership with the Belize Cancer Society is launching a #SmearForSmear campaign to get more people talking about the importance of attending their Pap Smear tests.

Prime Minister to Meet with US Government and Banking Officials
The Office of the Prime Minister informs the Belizean public that the Prime Minister, the Hon. Dean Barrow left the country on Saturday, January 23 for Washington, D.C., where scheduled meetings were held with key senior officials of the United States Federal Government and of the U.S. banking monitoring systems on the problems being faced by our Belizean banking sector as it relates to the issues affecting correspondent banking relationships and the recent de-risking moves taken by bigger US banks. The Prime Minister will be accompanied by the Financial Secretary, Mr. Joseph Waight, the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Glenford Ysaguirre, and Ambassadors Patrick Andrews and Mark Espat. Prime Minister Barrow returns to Belize on January 31st 2016. Following a ‘de-risking’ strategy forced on the United States of America’s (USA) banking industry by federal regulators the Belize Bank and Atlantic Bank, two of the largest banks in the country, lost correspondence with the Bank of America, the premier multinational banking and financial service provider. The ‘de-risking’ left banks in Belize searching for alternatives to continue providing offshore banking to their customers, but other banking issues also surfaced which include the lack of credit card transactions made between Belize and the USA.

Melida Perreira Crowned Miss Carnaval 2016
San Pedro has a new Carnaval Queen - Melida Perreira! Kicking off our traditional Carnaval celebrations was the popular third annual Mrs. Reina del Carnaval Pageant that took place Saturday, January 23, 2016, at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. Five lovely ladies took the stage and showcased their best pose down and talent performances. It was a full house as many cheered on their favorite conestant vying for the title of Carnaval Queen of San Pedro Town. The contestants participated in four segments that included an opening dance with outgoing Reina del Carnaval Mrs. Silvia Patricia Lopez, beachwear, talent and eveningwear. Performances by young singer Marthalicia and dances by the Black and White Garfuna Group filled up the entertainment lineup of the pageant. The talent segment was what everybody looked forward too as the contestants perform in the spirit of carnaval with humorous presentations.

Flashbacks - High School Students Build Their Town
You night have imagined that these kids are in detention serving time for some misconduct at school. Former Principal of San Pedro High School played no jokes with unruly students and raking streets was a form of disciplining those few. But no, these kids were not in detention. In fact, they were on a mission of love, raising funds for their high school by way of a work-a-ton. This picture was taken in 1977 when funds were being raised for the construction of their new building. Therefore far from being in detention, these early high school kids were willing volunteers on a mission of love to construct their high school building. In this Flashback picture you see the cleanup taking place on the north end section of Middle Street (now Pescador Drive) in downtown San Pedro. Below is a picture of how that same street scene looks today.

San Pedro BTIA to Assist with New Regulations for Taxi Drivers
Concerned with the troublesome excess traffic situation on the island of Ambergris Caye, the San Pedro chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association held a meeting on Thursday, January 22, 2016, with tourism stakeholders and the different taxi association to address new regulations for the taxi drivers that the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) is looking into. Having regulations for all the taxi associations on the island, the San Pedro BTIA believes, is the first step in tackling the traffic congestion that is haunting the tranquility of the community in downtown San Pedro. The BTIA sees it fit to assist the SPTC and be a liaison of sorts between the taxi associations and the traffic department/town council. But in talking with members of just two taxi associations that were represented at the meeting, the San Pedro BTIA discovered various shortcomings and inadequacies within the traffic department and San Pedro Town Council that can also be addressed during the restructuring of the taxi drivers regulations and traffic amendments.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Ms. Florintina Choco went to India
Big up Friday! here is a reason for celebration big up Plenty organization and Ms. Florintina Choco a year ago she had no passport and never been on a plane then before you know it she got a passport, plane tickets and was on her way to ‪‎Barefoot‬ University in ‪‎India‬!!!!! Roads were impossible when she was leaving her village she walked then her son chartered a motorcycle cross a flooded river then a James bus then Mark Miller took her in pickup to Belize International four planes and an eight hour ride days later she was in School learning solar repairs and installation. She returned five months later and last week she hooked up her village 99 percent of her village is now connected to ‪‎Solar‬ power. No more kerosene lamps and candles that can be dangerous, Kids can do their homework much better, this woman is a reason for celebration... once you chat with her she is even more amazing and humble

Newly-renovated Punta Gorda Market - now Maura Lopez Market
On Thursday, January 21st, the Government of Belize along with the European Union officially inaugurated the newly-renovated Punta Gorda Market - now Maura Lopez Market - and the rehabilitated Hopkins Road. Minister of Works and Transport Hon. Rene Montero was in attendance along with EU Ambassador H.E. Paola Amadei. This trip also marks the end of the Ambassador's tenure.

Galen Spring Graduation 2016
On Sunday, January 17th, Galen University graduated 56 students in our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in a charming and inspirational ceremony at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel... The top Master’s graduate was Mr. Hsun Chen who achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.92 (Summa Cum Laude) and the top Bachelor’s graduate was Ms. Nellie Moralez (Magna Cum Laude), who finished her studies with a total score of 3.809.

Read whats possible in a week of birding in Belize
Birds of prey are captivating creatures and in the tropics, the Harpy Eagle is probably one of the most fascinating ones. Collectively, Whitehawk founders have more than 25 years of experiences working for Harpy Eagle conservation in ‪Panama‬ and other countries of Central America. From tracking released birds in the forests of ‪‎Belize‬ to studying wild pairs in Darien National Park, these experiences have enriched our lives and we would like to share part of this with you. We are organizing a tour to Darien, Panama, the last stronghold for Harpy Eagles in Central America. Our trip will focus on many of the Darien specialties such as Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, Grey-cheeked Nunlet, Dusky-backed Jacamar, Spot-breasted Woodpecker, Red-throated Caracara, and if we are lucky we might have a chance to observe the majestic Harpy Eagle in its native habitat.

Seeking 20 images for Benque Holy Week & Sawdust Tapestries Collective Exhibition
Search into the vault of memories, make a submission and become a part of the Benque Holy Week & Sawdust Tapestries Collective Exhibition, submit any 2 high quality images from any year, and email us at [email protected] (please note the dot between benque and hoc). Seeking 20 images to highlight our traditional celebration, submissions can be made by anyone from any part of Belize via email, no age limits

Photos of Sharks from a dive today
Taken at Tres Cocos

Cayo Health & Fitness Expo
The Spring 2016 Health and Fitness Expo is coming. The date is set for Saturday, April 16th, starting at 9:00am. It'll be at the Cayo Welcome Center, and will be free for all. "Come out for a day of Fun and Fitness! Live yoga, tai-chi, Zumba and other demonstrations for all to join in! We will have a silent auction for fabulous packages from local resorts and tour guides. We will have raffles for gift baskets and packages from our health and fitness professionals ...and so much more! • Yoga • Meditation • Tai chi • Aerobics • Health care • Hair care • Skin care • Tattoos • Exercise • Massage"

El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro
Friday, February 5th: Opening of Carnaval Exhibition at the House of Culture Saturday, February 6th: Carnaval Fiesta Sunday, Monday & Tuesday (February 7th, 8th & 9th): Comparsas & Painting Wednesday, February 10th: Reading of the Will & Burning of Juan Carnabal.

Oscar de Lao at the Paradise Theater Feb 13

Channel 7

Swaney Suspect "Se Fue"
Tonight, police are no closer to finding Anne Swaney's killer and the only possible suspect they did have has left the country - reports tell us. On Thursday we reported that Guatemalan, 24 year-old Victor Manuel Franco Menjivar - who was found in the general area where she went missing was spending a 6-month prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to illegal entry into Belize. But, reliable information tells us that he's not in jail. Indeed he did plead guilty to illegal entry but he paid the fine of one thousand dollars, plus 5 dollars court cost. In default, he would have spent 6 months in jail, but since he paid the fine, he was taken to the western border and released into Guatemala. We take it the news is not sitting well with police who had handed him over to the Immigration Department. But that's the standard procedure and immigration had no reason to hold him any longer. So the only possible suspect in the Swaney murder is back home in his country - and investigators have no legitimate expectation that they'll see him again.

Woman Chops Man To Death In Dispute Over Mentally Ill Daughter
A man from Biscayne Village in Rural Belize district was fatally chopped this weekend, but as of right now, police are not treating it as murder. 54 year-old Arthur Wade, who is originally from Crooked Tree Village, reportedly attacked his mother-in-law, who told police that she injured him with the machete in self-defence. But, a man is dead, and his tragic end was the culmination of a strained relationship between him and his in-laws. There is an element of mental illness while play a prominent role in the conflict, which our news team encountered while following the story today. Daniel Ortiz reports: This morning, Biscayne Resident Moszetta Reyes walked up the steps of her home remembering vividly the dangerous encounter with her, son-in-law, on last week Friday night. 54 year-old Arthur Wade had allegedly attacked her with piece of wood, and Reyes says that she panicked and pulled a machete to defend herself. She chopped him once to the back of the neck, and once to the arm.

Gay Cruise Came To Belize, World Didn't End
Between November and March, hundreds of thousands of cruise visitors visit Belize. They spend the day in the city, go on tours and mingle with the locals. But today's cruise visitors on royal Caribbean - had a whole different kind of flavor! And that's because it was a gay cruise!! Over 3,000 gay couples and singles arrived on the Royal Caribbean Navigator Of the Seas today and they freely roamed the city streets - many of them hand in hand, even sharing kisses at the bridgefoot. Now, in Belize which is notoriously homophobic, and where sodomy laws are still on the books you might think that their stay was unpleasant. But, when we spoke to a few of them this afternoon they told us they are enjoying every minute of it and that for the most part, they feel welcomed. Phillip Baertschi, Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise: "It was very, we were seeing the shore, it was beautiful and the people were welcoming when we arrive - it was very nice. We enjoyed it very much. I cannot talk for the local gay community. Obviously I don't know how they are living. We haven't met any local gays here. But hopefully the country open up a bit - for the people to understand that we are just normal people."

Dennison Recovering In Guyana
The prognosis for Glenfield Dennison is improving tonight. As we reported on Friday, the 31 year old law student at the University of Guyana was shot multiple times in Demerara - which is in western Guyana. On Thursday evening, He had just dropped off his girlfriend and was about to ride off when a gunman approached, firing three shots at him. Two of the shots caught him, one on his stomach and one on his left arm. The shot to the stomach reportedly punctured lungs, and grazed his liver. He was placed in an induced coma and was on a ventilator, but tonight we are told that he is out of the coma, off the ventilator, and talking. A family friend tells us he has made it clear he wants to come home. But that might take a while as he remains in critical but stable condition.

Licensed Gun Owner Shot Gunman Who Barged Into House
There was a Sunday shooting in Belize City - but police think that the gunman may have acted in self defence. It happened at around 12:15 where 27 year old Kareem Smith was chasing a man who dashed into a house at the corner of Castle Street and Pitts Alley, which is just off Freetown Road. This is a part of a rivalry between the PIV gang and the cluster of gangs in the Victoria Street area. Smith chased the man into the house while allegedly carrying a gun. And that's where he came upon a visitor to the house who had a licensed firearm. Police have not released his name, the gun owner told police that Smith was pointing a gun, and fearing for his life - and those in the house, he fired several shots and hit the Smith both hands, back, chest and neck. Still Smith managed to run out of the house, where his brother - who was waiting in a vehicle tried to rescue him. But the GSU pulled up at the same time - and detained all suspects, while rushing Smith to the hospital. They also dusted the gunman's vehicle for fingerprints.

Last week we spoke to a few local tour operators after Bradley Paumen, the owner of Dark Night's Cave Tubing Adventures was charged for abetment to murder. They were outraged because - despite the very serious charges, and the fact that Dark Knight didn't have a valid license for the first 18 days of the year - Paumen's tour business continued to operate unhindered. The matter brought into sharper focus an issue of perceived prejudice in favor of Dark Night. Today FECTAB, the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations, held a press conference at the Radisson, to make official their outright discontent. Yohnny Rosado - "So we are here at the point whereby other cave tubing companies they are doing tours as they please. They open a zip line inside the caves and we are regulated as local Belizeans. The company was named Jaguar Paw. The entrance fee was $2. They change from Jaguar Paw to Cave Branch. The entrance fee change to $5. Now they name it Nohoch Cheen. The entrance fee is $10. How does they pay? They don't have a booth, so they don't pay anything. If they are paying something, it secretly because we don't know."

No Charge For Mentally Ill Scotland Half Moon Arsonist
Tonight, a family of 5, including a mother and her 4 children, are homeless after their home in Scotland Half-moon Village went up in flames on Saturday evening. 33 year-old Denise Lodge reported to police that she left her home for less than half hour, and when she returned, she found the building ablaze. She and other villagers strongly suspect that someone set it on fire, and police did detain the alleged arsonist. The problem is that he won't be charged because he has been certified as mentally ill. We spoke to police, and to the fire victim today, and here's what they told us: Denise Lodge, Fire Victim: "I left out of my house like 6:30. I went at my sister-in-law like 6:40 and I not even take five minutes from my sister-in-law and by the time I come back was because I saw my house on fire. And I know I never left anything light inside. I didn't have any candle and my stove didn't have butane gas and I don't have electricity in the house. Everything I loss. I didn't get anything out. The fire just blazed quickly. So I didn't get to save anything." Daniel Ortiz: "We were told that it may be because of someone who is considered to be mentally ill. That person supposedly set it on fire. Talk to us about that."

BDF Making MCC Manageable
The MCC Grounds - it's the premier football pitch in Belize - but as we told you a few weeks ago, it's been going through a rough stretch. Premier League games at the MCC grounds had to be temporarily postponed pending on going works on the field which have been held up since November of last year. The original plan was to replace the pipes and wires running along the field in time for the construction of better, more up to standard stadium lights. So what happened? The pipes were dug up but the works did not follow. Meanwhile the BDF football team was left without a home pitch for the PLB tournament and high school games continued, running the risk of injury. Now with a new National Sports Director, the National Sports Council hopes to make a temporary quick fix; at least until they can get the proper finances to work on the original plan. Emanuel Pech dropped by for day one of the MCC quick fix project. Today workers of the National Sports council along with members of the Belize Defense Force worked in unison to lay the foundation for the new wiring for the lights of the MCC stadium. They also filled in the trench around the field that had caused an injury during a high school match.

Sports Council Has New Leader
And when we met the new director of the National Sports Council, we took the chance to ask him about his vision for the National Sports Council - which, shall we say, is not universally loved? Ritchel Dominguez told us that he hopes to revive the Sports Council which he concedes has gone dormant for some time. But financing has always been an issue for a Ministry that is never placed at the top of the priority list. Dominguez told us he hopes to overcome this by building partnerships with investors and other members of the community. Ritchel Dominguez - Director of the National Sports Council: "Right now we are looking at all the facilities. I have just finish a tour. I am visiting each and every facility in the country. We visited Dangriga, Stann Creek and every district. But what happen is that we are focusing on Belize City and Cayo and Orange Walk, because those are the facilities that needs more upgrading and quicker fix so that we can get them up and running to a standard that is acceptable." Emanuel Pech: "What is the legacy you want to leave behind when you finish your term?" Ritchel Dominguez - Director of the National Sports Council: "My thing is to partnership with the public, to partnership with businesses out there. To get them to support sports and to support the facilities we have..."

UNICEF Taking "Time Out" Campaign To Community
UNICEF is enhancing its awareness campaign on violence against children. You've surely seen the "Time Out" television advertisements during our commercials breaks, which show parents the alternatives to physical discipline. Well, UNICEF representative Ivan Yerovi says they will now extend their campaign to the community and they plan to do that through an EU grant. Today at a ceremony held at UNICEF's office, Yerovi and his team told us how this grant will further enhance their work and help them reach out to more families. Ivan Yevori, Country Representative, UNICEF: "Children in the country suffer from violence and sexual abuse etc. The idea here is to work with partners that - community to raise awareness of those issues that are affecting children. We just want to make sure children in the country have a voice and be able to present their cases of situations that are affecting them to the authorities. Working at the community level also is helping is to raise awareness, but at the same time we are working with national authorities, with the Supreme Court for instance. You need be aware of the figures, the statistics and you know that almost one girl is being raped or sexual abused in the country per day. It's not an easy task. It's not an issue we have to be proud of. To the contrary, that's something we all have to be aware of. The main goal at the end of the day is to reduce the level of violence, but also to increase the action of the national authorities. If we have a person that have committed a crime, we would like to see the legal system active on that and therefore we would like to reduce the level of impunity."

The Mystery Of Martin Muzikant
The name Martin Muzikant may not exactly ring a bell - but the Czech national made major news in June of 2015. That's when it emerged that his mother had lodged an ethical complaint against attorney Marcel Cardona. Her son, Martin Muzikant had been charged for unlawful possession of a passport and escaping from police - and was expelled from Belize. Well Muzikant has re-surfaced in Belize and tonight police say that they have handed the matter over to the Immigration Department. He was detained yesterday afternoon at around 3:00 in downtown Orange Walk Town. Now, the allegation is that Muzikant operates under multiple identities - and Petr Moneth is another one of his names. No one can say for sure what his business in Belize is but COLA has raised the alarm, saying, quote, "COLA believes that a proper investigation into this matter is being purposely blotched or damaged by the proper Authorities, in order to, like in the David Nanes matter…" end quote.

Lands Stalling With Santander Solution
It made major news last year June when the Santander Group settled their dispute with the 31 farmers of Valley of Peace for the crops which were destroyed in that incident in March 2014. The multinational company, handed over a piece land to them valued at 320 thousand dollars, and they went the extra mile to show goodwill by surveying it, clearing it, and creating an access to water for the farmers to grow their crops. The company even gave them 66 thousand dollars to relocate their crops, and committed to paying the stamp duties for the transfer of land titles to the farms. With such a generous donation, you'd think that these farmers had everything they could have asked for, right? Well, the problem is that the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Lands Department has created a bottleneck where these land titles haven't been finalized. PUP's Julius Espat discussed it in the House of Representatives on last week Friday's Meeting, and here's what he had to say:

NOLA Welcome Belize
The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is one of the biggest, most renowned, and most enduring Jazz festivals in all of North America - and this year Belize will be features prominently. The festival runs from Apail 22nd to May first and the Festival organizers have selected six Belziean acts to perform. They are The Garifuna Collective, Wageirale Drummers, Bredda David & Tribal Vibes, Sweet Pain with Chico Ramos and Supa G, Talla Walla vibrations and TR Shine. Today we spoke with the Music Ambassador about how they got selected and what it means: The selected performers will be showcased inside the Belize Pavilion and on two Festival stages outside the Pavilion. Now, as we said, the festival is a really big deal - it is one of the most prestigious and well attended Jazz festivals. This year's headliners include Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Lauryn Hill, Pearl Jam, Nick Jonas and Snoop Dogg and very many others.

Another GSU Complaint
Tonight, there's another complains against the GSU - except this time the family say they caught it on camera. It happened on Barrack Road on Friday afternoon, when a young man was arrested allegedly for pointing a gun at the GSU. His sister says she pulled up just on time to see the GSU putting a beating on him:.. None of the family wanted to appear on camera, but her brother was never charged for anything and only released on Sunday directly into the turf of a rival gang, he claims.

Ladyville Police are investigating what appears to be a bar fight which happened over the weekend. 5 men were picked up by police, who had been reportedly caught in the act. One villager, Kareem Arnold, was stabbed in the incident, and according to investigators, he's not cooperating with them. Here's what information police have at this time: Arnold was charged for a stabbing in the village which happened in April 2014.

Channel 5

Woman Kills Son-in-Law in Self Defence
A sixty-two-year-old resident of Biscayne, Belize District was released this morning by the police following a bizarre case of domestic violence with a fatal outcome. Moszetta Reyes provided today vivid [...]

1 Man Injured in Ladyville Scuffle
Also along the Phillip Goldson Highway, mayhem outside of a local bar in Ladyville left one person injured during a scuffle involving five men over the weekend.  On Saturday night, [...]

Family Loses Everything after Home is Set on Fire
A single mother and her five children lost everything when a fire gutted their house in Scotland Halfmoon, Belize District. As they try to pick up the pieces to restore [...]

Belizean Law Student in Guyana Recovering from Gunshot Wounds
Thirty-one-year-old Glenfield Dennison, a Belizean law student in Guyana, has been taken off life-support after being shot multiple times in Georgetown on Thursday night. Dennison, who is presently attending the [...]

FECTAB Calls for Punishment in Paumen Affair
Today, FECTAB called a press conference to air concerns which they are facing in the industry, and called on government to hear them and act on a number of issues. [...]

Yhony Rosado Says G.O.B. Over-regulates Small Tour Operators
FECTAB member and tour operator Yhony Rosado says they deliberately waited until after elections to come public, since they didn’t want to be tarred with a political brush. Still, he [...]

FECTAB Will Stand Behind Stake Bank Project
FECTAB also weighed in on the situation surrounding the now halted Stake Bank project. Developer Mike Feinstein has requested exclusivity from Government or at the very least a tangible show [...]

Woman Assaulted by Ex-boyfriend
Victims of domestic abuse don’t normally go public about the violence. But tonight, Shawna Gillett, a single mother of four children, has come to the media to expose what she [...]

Career Criminal Shot by Fearful Homeowner
Career criminal Kareem Smith is tonight at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital recovering from multiple gunshot wounds. Smith, twenty-seven, was shot in the back, chest, neck and both hands by [...]

Mennonites Busted With Weed at Checkpoint
Four persons, two Americans and two Mennonites, of the Spanish Lookout area were busted on Sunday, inside a Toyota Four-Runner. They were found to be in possession of twelve point [...]

Guatemalan Questioned by Police in Swaney Murder Released
The Guatemalan fisherman found in the immediate vicinity when American Anne Swaney was killed is back in his home country, out of the reach of Belizean investigators. The executive producer [...]

COLA Calls on G.O.B. To Step Up in Czech National’s Detention
Martin Muzikant, a Czech national who also goes by the name Petr Maneth, is in trouble with the law tonight. Muzikant gained prominence when he was accused of an alleged [...]

Sports Council and B.D.F. Repairing Damaged MCC Football Field
A year and a half ago, the MCC Grounds in Belize City was closed to facilitate a much needed upgrade. The works were contracted out and scheduled to be completed [...]

New NSC Director Says Marion Jones Complex is a Priority
While we had the Sports Director in the hot seat, we also asked about the white elephant Marion Jones Sporting Complex. About the only thing sports-related at the facility are [...]

Julius Espat Says G.O.B. Slipping Down on Santander Land Situation
More than six months ago Santander and thirty-one farmers who had been involved in a lengthy dispute came to an agreement on a settlement. The farmers had no title to [...]

NCL Received 25 Year Exclusive Deal in the South
The Prime Minister and a delegation are now in Washington DC where they will be meeting high level officials of the U.S. Government on the correspondent banking issue. On Friday [...]

EU Donates to Fight to Preserve and Promote Children’s Rights
Creating an Enabling Environment at Community Level…It’s a project of the European Union and the United Nations Children’s Fund that promotes the rights, survival, development and protection of children. This [...]

RED Cops Meet and Greet in Neighborhood Chapel
Ladyville police took time off the streets briefly on Sunday and instead turned up mass this weekend at Our Lady of the Way Roman Catholic Church.  Officers attached to that [...]

Basketball, Football and Cycling Stats with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The PLB closing season kicked off over the weekend with only 1 of the matches scheduled being staged. We [...]

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Danilo Navarette Walks Free Of Murder Charge
Tonight twenty seven year old Danilo Navarette who was accused of murdering fifty nine year old security guard, Thomas Antonio Moguel back in October of the year 2011, is a free man as his case was thrown out today at the Northern Session of the Supreme Court due to lack of evidence. Viewers might recall that Moguel was killed on Saturday October 15th, 2011 at his workplace at Shell One Stop Gas Station. At the time of the incident, Moguel was sitting down on a chair near the gas pumps when two men approached him from behind and fired a shot to the back of his head resulting in immediate death. The individuals responsible for Moguel’s death managed to flee from the scene; however, a surveillance camera captured the horrific incident but unfortunately was unable to show the assailants’ faces clearly.

Three Persons Injured In Traffic Mishap
Three vehicles were involved in a traffic mishap yesterday on the Philip Goldson International Highway. The mishap occurred around 6:30p.m when 38 year old Guinea Grass Village resident Maximo Jimenez was heading towards Corozal Town from the Santa Elena Border in his Red and White Ford Ranger Pick-up, when upon reaching between miles 84 and 85 on the Phillip Goldson Highway he collided with a Red Chrysler Van travelling in the opposite direction. Accompanying Jimenez at the time of the incident was 25 year old Marla Quetzal and two other passengers. As for the van, it was being driven by 27 year old Belizean labourer of San Narciso Village Corozal, Artemio Patt. According to Jimenez, the van drifted into his lane and to avoid a head on collision he swerved to the right side of the highway but still did not manage to prevent the impact.

Prime Minister, Dean Barrow Travels To Washington To Discuss Banking Issues In Belize
Prime Minister Dean Borrow left the country on Saturday to attend special meetings with Government and banking officials in Washington D.C concerning the problem being faced by the Belizean banking sector as it relates to the correspondent relationships and the recent de-risking moves taken by bigger US banks. Prime Minister Borrow accompanied by financial secretary, Mr. Joseph Waight, the Governor of the Central Bank of Belize, Mr. Glenford Ysaguirre and Ambassadors Patrick Andrews and Mark Espat are scheduled to have meetings with key Senior officials of the United States Federal Government and with the U.S. banking monitoring systems to discuss possible solutions for the dilemma faced by the banking sector. For some months the banking sector in Belize has been facing a difficult process where big US banks are cutting off their correspondent banking relationship with Belizean banks. Bank of America and many of the larger banks are undergoing what is called de-risking which is when they close off ties from clients perceived as high risk for money laundering or terrorist financing in small countries like Belize. Banks like the Belize Bank, Belize Bank International, Atlantic International Bank and Heritage Bank have seen themselves affected by this occurrence.

UDP Prepares For National Convention
While the much anticipated PUP National Convention is set for Sunday January 31, the United Democratic Party also has a national convention looming in the near future as they are preparing for a convention in March. On Friday after the first sitting of the House of Representatives for 2016, we spoke to Prime Minister Dean Borrow who told the Media that there are no official candidates for any of the positions that are up for re-election. Hon. Dean Borrow- Prime Minister: “The dateline for the submissions and applications I believe it is next Friday I don’t know who is actually formally applied what is up for the election party leadership, deputy party leadership, chairman and vice-chairman am really not aware at this point who all may have applied of course there is still a week to go so even if I knew what names have been submitted so far that will be conclusive.” We also spoke to Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega who conformed to the media that he is not contemplating to run for the position of Party leader at the time.

BEL Request Another Increase
In December of last year the Belize Electricity Limited made a submission to the Public Utilities Commission requesting for an eleven percent increase in the Mean Electricity Rate from $0.35 per kWh to $0.3885 per kWh. Today we can tell you that BEL is requesting for another increase of 39 cents in an effort to cover the Full Tariff Review Proceeding (FTRP) which covers a time period of five years. In a public notice that was issued of Friday, BEL stated that the reason behind the request is to Ensure that the true cost of power can be reflected That the electricity rates are stabilized in the long term and In order for BEL to expand on its services and improve service reliability.

Orange Walk Police Detained Several Persons For Drug Trafficking
An Anti-Drug and drunk driving operation that was organized by the Orange Walk Police Quick Response Team along with Traffic Personnel, resulted in a number of arrests over the weekend. The first arrest was made on Friday at about 8:00 p.m. when Orange Walk Police visited the home of Gloriole Sosa, Belizean laborer of Trinidad Village. After a search was conducted, police found 45.5 grams of Cannabis in the house. Sosa was then arrested and charged for ‘possession of controlled drugs’. The following morning as the operation continued, Hector August, a laborer of Santa Familia Street, was arrested and charged after he was found in possession of 1.5 grams of Cannabis.


The Future of the Belize’s Banking Sector – Part 1
Prime Minister Dean Barrow led a delegation over the weekend to look at how and if the current banking situation in Belize can be remedied as it relates to Corresponding Banking Relations. While PM Barrow stated that we are not in crisis mode, I took a more in-depth look into the situation as it relates […]

Woman Wants An End to Abuse Against Her
Belize City resident, Shauna Gillett has had enough of her ex common law husband. She says he has been threatening her. Gillett has taken out a restraining order against him but it seems that even that will not stop him from abusing her. Just recently, she says he attacked her in public. Gillett decided to […]

Fight Turns Fatal B/ween Mother-In-Law (61) and Son-In-Law (54)
On Friday night, sixty one year old Moszetta Reyes went through a life threatening experience. She was at her home in Biscayne Village when her daughter’s boyfriend attacked her. Fearing for her life, Reyes attempted to flee but 54 year old Arthur Wade ran after her hitting her with a large piece of stick. Reyes […]

Mentally Ill Man Escapes Charges Following Suspected Arson
A fire in Scotland Half Moon Village this past weekend left a family of seven homeless. The house in which thirty three year old Denise Lodge and her family were living in, burnt to the ground and authorities suspect foul play. Reporter Hipolito Novelo has more in this report. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING “Fortunately, 33-year-old, Denise […]

Bar Brawl in Ladyville Injures Five
Ladyville police are preparing charge sheets for five persons for the crime of disorderly conducted after participating in an all out brawl in front of a bar on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Oficer in Command for the Ladyville Police, Juanito Cocom shared more. JUANITO COCOM “At 12:30am on the January 23, Police responded to a […]

Church Pastor Needs Aid to Get Medical Treatment
The family of Pastor Mark Armstrong is asking the public for your assistance. Armstrong was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his head. Last Wednesday Armstrong fell ill and was taken to the La Loma Luz Hospital when he started to suffer from seizures and vomiting. Armstrong’s family has been advised by a neurosurgeon to […]

Placencia Incident Turns Fatal
One person is dead and another hospitalized following motorcycle accident on the Placencia Road. On Sunday, police visited an area about half mile from the junction of Riversdale and the road leading to the Sagitun Banana Farm, where they saw a red and black motor-cycle in a drain, with damages to the front portion. Initial […]

Elderly Man Not Recovering From A Bad Beating in Southern Belize
An elderly man from the Toledo District is hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being badly beaten. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG “60-year-old, Orlin Sabal remains hospitalized as a result of a Saturday night incident in his home community of Jacintoville. Sabal’s wife, Elena spoke to Love News of what she knows […]

Cabbage Street Resident Charged with Drug Trafficking
43-year-old Sergio Valdez of Cabbage Street in Orange Walk Town has been charged with drug trafficking. Police say they visited a house in the Pasadita area of that municipality where they saw Valdez of standing at the back door of the house. Police say when he saw them, he threw away a black plastic bag. […]


Belizean studying in Guyana shot; critical
Belizean student Garfield Dennison, studying in Guyana, was shot 2 times, once to chest and once to the hand. 30 year old Dennison is said to be in critical condition at the Georgetown Hospital in Guyana. He was shot by a gunman in Cummingslodge, East Coast Demerara sometime around 10:30 p.m just ...

Police investigating hit and run in south
Police in the south are investigating a hit and run accident that left one man in critical condition. The incident occurred sometime around 8 o’clock on Thursday January 21, 2016 between miles 44 and 45 on the Southern Highway. Police say that Estevan Juarez of San Isidro Village was walki...

PUP says no to Lionel Arzu as ombudsman
The House of representative met this morning at the National Assembly. At today’s sitting, it was resolved that the Development Finance Corporation will be borrowing 8 million Euros, equivalent to ……..Belize dollars, from the EIB with whom Government will enter into a guarantee agreement. It was al...

Cruise Port and issue of Exclusivity discussed at National Assembly
Bills presented for 2nd and 3rd readings at today’s Sitting of the House of representatives, included the private pensions bill to make provision for the registration and supervision of private pensions, the Treasury Bills Amendment Act, the Belize National Coast Guard Service Amendment Bill, and t...

GOB says it continues to lobby regarding Belize’s de-risking position
Another matter raised by the opposition at today’s house meeting is the matter of bank de-risking. The matter was raised by the area representative for Caribbean shores Prime Minister Dean Barrow also responded to those statements saying that Government has been addressing the issue and said that Ho...

Finding the evidence
Yesterday Plusnews reported on the story where 18 year old Jonathan Zetina of Ladyville was maimed by three young men to whom he offered a ride to Belmopan. His vehicle was taken from him and later was burnt in a feeder road near Belmopan. Last night we showed you shots of the vehicle but today Loui...

Gun found in Belmopan neighborhood
The Special Patrol Unit of the Belmopan Police department has been hard at work apprehending criminals, making drug busts and removing dangerous weapons from the streets of Belmopan and surrounding villages. Last night, Thursday 21st January, just before 9 pm, as the SPU was conducting a mobile patr...

The Reporter

Vega denies giving directive to take away businessman’s land to accommodate another
Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Natural Resources (lands), Gaspar Vega, has denied giving instructions for the Lands Department to compulsorily take land from one businessman to accommodate another who is now charged with plotting four murders. Vega told reporters that, contrary to a court testimony by Commissioner of Lands Wilbert Vallejos, he did not instruct the Lands Department in 2013 to acquire land from businessman, Michael Modiri to accommodate the owner of Dark Night tours, Bradley Paumen, now accused of plotting the murders of Modiri and three other persons. While Vallejos had informed the court in 2015 that it was Vega who gave the orders to acquire Modiri’s land, Vega flatly denied the allegation. “I don’t know if Mr. Vallejos said that, but I did not give such – if that’s where you’re going to I did not give such a directive. … I remember that there was – not a real dispute, but I think the man wanted an access to his land and government had acquired a piece of land from someone else for him to be able to have access to his land.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Weekend sport winners celebrate close victories
A series of sporting games were played across the country this weekend starting with Belize Premier Football League’s season opener, which saw Police United FC take on Belmopan Bandits in a tight game that ultimately ended in a 1-1 draw. Goal scorer for the Police […]

COLA hits Government as Czech fugitive surfaces in Belize again
One Martin Muzikant, whose name first surfaced last year when he was the subject of an alleged bribery allegation made against local attorney Marcel Cardona which landed him in front of the General Legal Council, is back in the news and in apparent trouble with […]

Locals have concerns over DiCaprio’s Blackadore Caye project
There was a public consultation held last week in San Pedro to discuss the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Leonardo DiCaprio’s proposed eco-resort at Blackadore Caye, however, quite a number of concerns were raised and experts have chimed in, offering professional opinions about the project. […]

Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize (FECTAB) renews complaints about regulation of tour operators
Executive members of the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize (FECTAB) have stated that the local regulatory institutions continue to treat them differently, and in their view more unfairly, than foreign-owned rivals Chukka and Dark Night Adventure. It has been a regular complaint of […]

Punta Gorda police seize drugs and illegal shotgun
Acting on information received last week Friday, January 22nd, Punta Gorda (PG) Police conducted a search in an open lot on Far West Street of that municipality, where officers found a black plastic bag containing more than a pound of cannabis (600 grams) and […]

San Ignacio police investigate apparent suicide of 15-year-old girl
San Ignacio police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the apparent suicide of a 15-year-old female student. Early this morning police were informed that the student was discovered lifeless. She allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself. Information is still sketchy at the moment and […]

Succotz resident charged for carrying weed
27-year-old Javier Itza was arrested and charged for drug trafficking in Succotz village, Cayo District, yesterday morning around 8:45 when police on mobile patrol searched a bag he was carrying, leading to the discovery of 81 grams of cannabis inside. © 2016, This […]

Motorcycle rider dies in accident on Placencia road
On Sunday morning, Dangriga police responded to a traffic accident on the Placencia Road about half a mile from the junction of Riversdale and the road leading to Sagitun Banana farm, where they observed a red and black motor cycle in a drain with damages. Police […]

Orange Walk man busted with half-pound of weed
An Orange Walk man was arrested and charged for drug trafficking on Saturday afternoon, when he was found with 260 grams of cannabis, which is just a little more than half a pound. Police visited Luis Cardenas’ residence in the Pasadita area of Orange […]

Belize City cops find half-pound of weed in empty lot
Belize City Police’s North Side Strike Team, working off information received, conducted a search in an empty lot located on Rhaburn’s Alley Saturday afternoon, which led to the discovery of more than half a pound of weed. Around 1:15 p.m., officers searched the lot […]

Police detain one person for arson in Scotland Half-moon
One man has been detained by police for a case of arson that destroyed a wooden structure in Scotland Half-moon village, Belize District, late Saturday evening. Denise Lodge, the 33-year-old owner of a two bedroom bungalow house, reported to police that around 6:45 p.m., […]

Tourism Industry reports mixed results in 2015
The statistics for arrivals in the tourism industry in 2015 are out and according to the Belize Tourism Board, these saw a strong growth of six point two percent over 2014 for overnight arrivals and a slight decrease for cruise ship arrivals. Nearly 20 thousand […]


The Beach Basket is Now Open! (and they have bacon!)
Living north of the bridge we are always excited when new businesses open. Sure we love all the new bars and restaurant choices we now have up here, but the thing we are the most excited about having is the new Beach Basket grocery store. That’s right, you read correctly. There is a brand new, fully stocked grocery store north of the bridge! Where you ask? The Beach Basket is located on the Grand Caribe property on the first floor of the building where Rain Restaurant is located (approximately 2 miles north of town). Why are we so excited to have a grocery store? Because it’s not just your typical grocery store…..this store is jam packed with all kinds of goodies….. it’s super clean and the staff is always very friendly. Craving some snacks? They’ve got you covered with chips, dips, nuts, cheese and crackers……

WHAT A VIEW: Parasailing over the Reef and Ambergris Caye
Last Friday was a GORGEOUS DAY. Let’s go parasailing. At 10am, I went to meet Eric, the new business owner, and his crew at the Fido’s Courtyard dock. Right in the center of town. Let’s go! We got onto the boat – Monty made himself comfy on a front cushion – and headed out towards the reef. One of the guys helped me into a sling. It’s all on piece, so you just slip it on. No tying and adjusting and squeezing. It all feels very safe. Then my favorite part…when the parachute first goes up. A little dance between the guy lifting the ‘chute and the captain…she must remain dry.

How to make Hummus from Scratch
7 min. video

Caracol Mayan Ruins
Mayans settling Caracol in several waves bestowed two names upon the community: “Three Water Hill” and then “Three Hills Lord,” though its current name wasn’t chosen by Mayan settlers, but by Belize’s Archaeological Commissioner A. H. Anderson in 1938. The largest Mayan site in Belize, Caracol sprawls across 75 square miles, an area greater than Belize City. Of course, that much room was necessary to house a huge population that, at one time, boasted almost 200,000 residents! Learn more about this fascinating epicenter when you visit. Tour the central core of three plaza grounds bounded by two ball courts, an acropolis, buildings, temples, palaces and sacred sites that include altars and places for ceremonial worship. Perhaps the most often written about attraction at Caracol is the Sky Palace (Caana), the tallest man-made structure in Belize. It towers above the settlement at a height of 136-feet, but for those eager to get a complete picture of this ancient world, the stele, tombs, hieroglyphic inscriptions and intricate architectural details will fill in the voids. Reach the Caracol site by starting in the Cayo District and traveling around 25 miles south of San Ignacio to the Maya Mountains foothills where the Chiquibul Forest Reserve welcomes travelers to the former Mayan stronghold. Prepare for a slog. Caracol is situated amid tropical rain and pine forests that could require an arduous trek to reach the site. As recently as 2009, 3D maps taken of Caracol reveal much more to be unearthed about agricultural terraces and paved causeways, reason enough to return in the future.

Belize: One of the world’s best places to invest in real estate
Ever heard the phrase “Timing is everything?” This advice was given by Greek poet Hesiod in 800 BC when he wrote: “Observe due measure, for right timing is, in all things, the most important factor.” Fast forward nearly three thousand years and this message is likely to resonate if you’re thinking of retiring to Belize where your money has the potential to stretch as far as Greece if properly invested. The Belize government is primed to do what it can to help you continue to accumulate wealth, even after retiring to this laid-back Caribbean utopia. -Credible sources like Forbes, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, CBS News and a long list of others have named Belize one of the planet’s best places to buy real estate, because valuations are climbing, property is affordable and where can you find this much beauty in a land with such a low cost of living? -It’s easy to invest in Belize properties. Affiliate with a realtor and the hard part is done. Legal transactions are conducted in English so paperwork is understandable, and frankly, if you’ve ever run the gauntlet of real estate transactions back home, you’ll be in for a surprise in Belize: all parties make the process easy and relaxing.

Sweet Potato Pancakes
Mix all ingredients together except coconut oil. In a pan heat coconut oil over medium-low heat. Drop spoonful of sweet potato mixture and cook for 3-5 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

Crab Cakes with Pineapple-Mango Salsa
For the crab cakes, combine the bell peppers and green onions in a large bowl. Add the egg, panko, lemon juice, mayonnaise, mustard, Old Bay, salt, and Worcestershire sauce and stir until well-combined. Add the crab and gently mix until ingredients are just incorporated. Using a 1/4-cup measuring cup or spring-form ice cream scoop, form the mixture into patties with your hands. Dredge each patty in additional panko crumbs until well coated. Arrange the cakes on a sheet pan and chill for a minimum of one hour, or until ready to cook. Put a little Coconut Oil into your pan. Heat over medium-high heat until hot. Add crab cakes, working in two batches if necessary, and cook until crisp and light golden brown, approximately 3 to 4 minutes per side. (To bake the crab cakes, preheat the oven to 425°F. Line a sheet pan with aluminum foil and add a little Coconut Oil. Top each crab cake with a small pat of butter and bake until warmed through, about 10 minutes. Finish under the broiler until golden, if necessary.)

Costs of Budget Travel in Belize in 2016
It’s still also quite easy to explore Belize on a backpacker’s budget. While Belize is certainly more expensive than neighboring Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, it’s not nearly as expensive as most sources would have budget travelers believe. I know because I’ve been exploring Belize for one whole month. During that time I’ve seen half the country and visited several of the most famous/best destinations. I’ve lounged on gorgeous beaches in three major destinations, stayed on Belize’s most famous island for three weeks (Caye Caulker), camped and hiked in interior jungles and visited towns close to the Guatemalan border. I’ve slept in hostels, private rooms at small guest houses and in a tent. I’ve eaten a great variety of tasty local foods. I’ve taken many local buses, hitch-hiked, ridden bicycles and caught the ferry to/from Caye Caulker. In short, I’ve been traveling the same way in Belize that I do in other countries. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive. But it’s still much cheaper than the US, Europe, UK, Australia or New Zealand. It’s also much less expensive than Singapore, SE Asia’s most expensive country.

International Sourcesizz

Belice aspira a diversificar su oferta turística a España y Europa
Manuel Heredia Jr. : I am very proud to be representing Belize in FITUR 2016! El objetivo es diversificar el mercado, tradicionalmente volcado en Norteamérica, declaró a Efe el ministro su Turismo de Belice, Manuel Heredia, que participa por segundo año consecutivo en la Feria Internacional de Turismo (Fitur) que se celebra en Madrid. El ministro destacó como un “particular atractivo ” de su país que sea el único anglófono de Centroamérica y a la vez más del 80 % de su población hable inglés. Esta circunstancia le facilita diversificar su oferta hacia América Latina y Europa, además de sus tradicionales clientes norteamericanos, que copan el 60 % del mercado. Con la nueva estrategia de diversificar los mercados, Belice espera doblar en los próximos cinco años los 1,3 millones de turistas que reciben actualmente.

Caribbean Prepares for Zika Virus
Caribbean authorities have begun preparations to contain the spread of the Zika virus in the region through an increase in public education campaigns and adoption of detection and treatment protocols. “In most countries in the region there is a high probability, as Zika can and will spread,” said Joy St. John, director of Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control for the Caribbean Public Health Agency, or CARPHA. Four CARPHA member-states have confirmed Zika cases: Guyana, Barbados, Suriname and Haiti, she said during a live-streamed press conference. In response to fears the virus will spread to other islands, St. John said Trinidad-based CARPHA will strengthen testing efforts and urged member-states to send blood samples as early as possible for confirmation.

US, EU Banks 'Cutting Ties To Belize'
Belize Bank has expressed concerns about the impact on the territory's banking sector of recent efforts by international banks to 'de-risk' and shed operations in some territories due to fears of incurring regulatory fines for infractions. The bank said that this is as a result of perceived risk after regulatory changes following the global financial crisis and concerns about ensuring compliance with geopolitical embargoes. Several large American and European banks have recently decided to cut ties with Belize Bank Limited and Belize Bank International Limited, meaning the loss of foreign correspondent banking relationships, as a result of such policies, it said. Belizean authorities have said they are engaging in diplomatic efforts with US authorities and financial institutions to draw attention to the potentially disruptive effects of the de-risking strategy of large banks on small, trade dependent economies. The statement follows warnings last month by Antigua and Barbuda's Prime Minister of "potentially devastating threats" to the Caribbean's banking sector because of perceptions that investing in Caribbean financial services is more risky. He said that international banks are cutting ties with the Caribbean because of what he termed "an arbitrary and unsubstantiated claim that the Caribbean is a high risk area for financial services" and called for a unified approach from the Caribbean banking sector to promote its good standing and reputation.

Arizona Archaeology Society Meeting To Focus On Belize Caves
Dr. Jaime Awe will be the featured presenter at the next Arizona Archaeology Society – Desert Foothills Chapter meeting, happening Feb. 10. Awe will present ‘Tales from the Dark Side: Cave Archaeology in Western Belize and its Implications for the Decline of Maya Civilization.’ In Maya cosmology, few locations were (and are) considered more sacred or ritually charged than caves. Representing portals to the netherworld and places of origin, these dark subterranean sites also served as the abode for important, powerful, and often capricious deities. The Maya further believed that the spirits of deceased ancestors descended to the watery underworld where they could eventually be reborn. Caves were thus places of death and creation. Both the ancient Maya and their descendants visited and visit these sites to conduct rituals. Until recently, intensive scientific investigations of cave sites were rare. The Western Belize Regional Cave Project embarked on a multi-year research program designed to ascertain the nature of Maya cave utilization. By combining ethnographic and ethnohistoric information with data from archaeological investigations, this presentation provides evidence which suggests that the Maya visited caves in an effort to communicate with particular gods or ancestral spirits and the primary focus of their ritual activities were directed toward sustenance and agricultural fertility, and that intensified cave ritual in the ninth century A.D. was intrinsically related to factors that led to the decline of Maya civilization.


  • Correspondent banking relationships with U.S. banks in Belize, 7.5min. Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow explains the issue of correspondent banking relationships with U.S. banks in Belize and what the Government of Belize is doing to resolve it. "No bank in Belize, currently, is absolutely without a corresponding banking relationship." -Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow

  • Zamar to Caye Caulker!, 2min.

  • Scuba diving Belize,, 16min. San Pedro and Coco Plum

  • ZAMAR Tour Reveal 2016!, 5.5min. The ZAMAR Student Choir will sing and minister in the country of BELIZE, summer 2016!

  • Belize Trip, 5.5min.

  • The Great Blue Hole January 14th, 1min. From San Pedro with Amigos del Mar

  • Scuba Belize, 1.5min.

  • trip to belize zoo (snakes), 3min.

  • Sunrise San Pedro Belize, 4min.

  • The Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Program in the North, 5min. The Dolly Parton's Imagination Library was developed in 1995 by Dolly Parton herself, a famous American singer-songwriter, actress, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian, known primarily for her work in country music.

  • Marcos Story GFG Belize 2015, 8min.

  • ROWKIDS Belize 2015 Caye Calker, 4.5min.

  • From Sweden to Belize, 5min.

  • Ben and Mariel Belize Honeymoon 2015, 9min.

  • Belize Snorkel Trip 1/16, 7.5min.


  • Belize Monkey Feeding, 3min.

  • Better Belize it Study Abroad 2016, 4.5min.

  • Belize to Nola Jazzfest, 3min.

  • Belize River Run to Bomba, 5min.


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