Belize YoGert and all local tenants of food & beverage establishments were given 30 days notice on September 15, 2015 to pick up and leave Belize Tourist Village. A foriegn Israeli company owned by Max Vaknin and his brother Koby Vaknin (owners of Jungle Gift Shop) were brought in by their silent partner Elad Aharon (GM of Belize Tourist Village) to take over all F&B. There is no hard evidence of Elad Aharon taking a bribe, nor part of this foreign company but it is known amongst locals and friends that he is involved. It is also rumored that GM Elad Aharon is the silent partner of "Easy Tours", a new tour company in Belize Tourist Village and "Port Wifi company".

We wanted to share this information to inform the public and buisness investors to be cautious of unfair/back end dealings in the Belize Tourist Village. If Mr Aharon could lie to Belize YoGert and terminate their lease 1 year early without justified cause, he will not hesitate to do so to other local businesses. Belize YoGert was a reputable business providing a superior product and service. It was ranked the #1 restaurant in Belize by TripAdvisor and had many loyal customers. The company trusted Mr Aharons words, business advice and expansion ideas to better the customer experience to no effect.

Some future plans voiced by Max Vaknin and Elad Aharon are to put a casino in terminal 4 of Tourist Village, which will then displace all local venders. A hotel in the old Mirab building will support the casino laws (which has been bought by Tourist Village already). Mr Aharon is also rumored to be planning the move of all independent tour companies outside the Tourist Village. This move will make way for one tour company to run all tours out of Tourist Village, possibly Chukka (another foreign company). Unfortunately, these people/companies do not live in Belize so the money made will most likely be taken out of the country to better themselves.

Please be cautious of these fabricators and realize their only intentions are to deepen their own pockets with money. At the end of the day, its not about Belize and the people.