As The San Pedro Sun has been reporting, traffic in San Pedro is a major issue. Residents and visitors alike are complaining about traffic congestion, lack of parking, speeding and the constant influx of more, larger private vehicles and additional rentals. This has prompted the question: ‘Where is the traffic board?’ According to records, a Traffic Board has not been active since June of 2014. The San Pedro Town Council has responded, indicating that indeed, a board needs to be put in place to keep things in order.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero agrees that it is vital to re-establish a traffic board in order to maximize the control of the vehicular influx to the island. The board will once again provide information to residents via the media houses through a report that will detail what vehicle permits have been approved. “At the moment we have a Traffic Board that has been submitted to me and which will be gazetted anytime soon. We are looking into reviving the board in like two weeks, but first we need to sit down with the respective Councilors before it is official again,” said Guerrero. He has seen the need for this initiative to come into effect to address the traffic situation.

Guerrero indicated that regarding the same topic, he has received a letter from the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) and he is excited to starting working with them. However, he wants to clarify certain things to the BTIA. “I have been very clear to them, that the traffic department is run by the Town Council and not by the BTIA. I have no problem working with them, and I welcome all their suggestions, but they must realize that not everything that they ask can be accomplished. We want to work together with them, and I am sure we will work well, but they cannot get 100% of what they want,” said Guerrero.

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