FECTAB also had a thing or two to say about the foreign owned Fort Street Tourism Village. As we've been reporting, the management of the village has been bringing down the hammer on tour operators and restaurant owners inside the village. Industry observers say it is a move by management to consolidate its operations with a single business partner - at the expense of other local companies.

Yohnny Rosado today told the press that he was invited inside the village - but he couldn't agree to their enforced code of silence:...

Yohnny Rosado - Cavetubing.com
"There are many tour operators inside that they cannot take it anymore. I am telling you they are calling me right now after this press conference "Yohnny, we need to do this, we need to do that." Jules, you should understand they signed a paper that if they see their face in this press conference - done. In fact I got the contract last year. I just needed to sign and pay and I was going to be a member inside. But they gave me the contract about 15 pages and one page alone is to keep silent. If you open your mouth there, you will be kicked out automatically. As soon as you make a phone call against the FSTV, if you do anything vocal, they will put you out. I know the type of person I am, so why would I sign something that I will put myself. So I can't advocate for my people? I can't open my mouth anymore? So I read the paper and I gave it back and I said I won't be able to go in there because you guys will put me out. But why? Because I will talk about the injustice inside or outside. So I reject the contract. But everybody wants to be inside and everybody want to be where the money is, so now the problem is getting bigger. If they don't make it inside Jules, outside how will we make it?"

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