The San Pedro Police formation held a business watch meeting on Tuesday, February 9th at the Lions Den. The purpose of the meeting was to have businesses of Southern Ambergris Caye sign up with the Police Department so they can be visited on a regular basis to help prevent and reduce crime. This will also enhance the level of security for the employees, residents and patrons of that area. Various members of the business community were invited to find out more about the program the police are doing for the island. Plans for the northern side of the island were also announced.

Superintendent Sandra Bodden began the meeting explaining the importance of the security watch program in the southern part of the island. “There are a lot of businesses in Southern San Pedro and it is important to have them sign up to the program. Once we start working with the establishments, the presence of police will increase in those areas, hence providing more assistance and security to anyone living in that respective part of the island. It will also mean that there will be a direct means of contact between the businesses and the police,” said Bodden. She indicated that the rate of crime incidents as of press time has been reduced to 29%, which is significant, and it reveals the close relationship between the police and the community.

A similar program is been designed for the northern part of the island, with the difference being it will focus more on the cops and the special constables. “Due to the limited resources that we have and not being able to have steady patrols on the north side, we plan to work along with the security guard personnel from the different establishments up north. Training will be provided from time to time to their security staff, so they are more prepared and know what to do in any situation and provide the police with information,” said Jemmott. A meeting with members of the business sector in Northern Ambergris Caye is scheduled to take place in the coming days to further discuss the program.

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