A very rare sighting of 30+ft long humpback whale just a couple of miles offshore from Placencia. Possibly the whale became disorientated and lost, finding its way into the deep water channel leading to Big Creek port. It will be important to monitor its location and see if it is able to find its way back out to deep water and outside the reef.

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Okay, here it is. We saw this Humpback Whale inside the reef yesterday. Alfred Williams was guiding us and we spent an unbelievable 15 or 20 minutes with this gentle giant. A very rare sighting in these waters. Can't put into words how lucky we were.

Recent newscasts have included the slaying of sharks and other marine life when it comes to the use of gill nets. It is viewed by many as being cruel and insensitive to our ecosystem and there is currently a petition circulating to ban the use of gill nets and long lines. Tonight, however, we bring to you a video footage captured by Ron Fell when he was in the area of Scipio Caye, located about five miles east of Placencia. His video captured the movements of a humpback whale in Belize waters just before four o’clock yesterday evening. Ron Fell is a Canadian expat who now lives on the Placencia peninsula. Fell was out fishing for the day and was returning from Ranguana Caye when they sighted the mammal. The adult humpback whales range in length from thirty nine to fifty two feet and can weigh as much as seventy nine thousand pounds. They are known for breaching and other distinctive surface behaviours, making it popular with whale watchers. Humpbacks feed only in summer, in polar waters, and migrate to tropical or subtropical waters to breed and give birth in the winter when they fast and live off their fat reserves. Fell shared his video on Facebook and got as much as four hundred and fifty nine shares and many comments expressing awe at the footage.